Ms. Scales Department

The story of a chronic job-hopper falling into another job. Follow Cole Rush navigate the hiring process, the intricacies of working in the modern day alongside monster girls, and meeting his manager while figuring out the best way to avoid doing anything. More stories set in the Mythfolk universe to come!

Second Place in the 2019 Christmas long story entry

Dungeon Delver

A knight’s work is never done. When his Queen is taken, a brave warrior must enter a dungeon full of dangerous monsters in order to rescue her. Along the way, he will have to defend himself against vicious foes such as a Hellhound, a Minotaur, and an Echidna, but what awaits him at the end might not be what he expects. Written for the Winter Writing Event.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 14)

“I know she might be a little…clingy, but honestly she’ll calm down after a while! She’s just been so lonely for so long you can’t blame her” Katy tried to defend one of her orphans.

“…Hm~ well I suppose my partner did try to lead her on…how are you doing in there sweetie?” A newly wedded wife asked her husband in a rather troubling situation.

“…All I said was that her fire looked cool, and we were thinking about adopting someone” The recently hitched husband replied.

He was left squatting in a small cage with a little Will-O-Wisp cuddling him, the flames dissipating enough displaying the young girl’s satisfaction.

“W-we can take him out of the cage soon! Sweetie, maybe we talk about this first-” Katy began.

“No! My dad!” The Will-O-Wisp was rather defiant.

“Mizari taught you better than this you know” Katy reminded her.

“B-but…no one loves me~” the Will-O-Wisp started to cry.

“Aw, don’t feel too bad…you kind of reminded me of when I was young, and dressed up all goth, and stuff, it’s cool” the man assured.

“No~” Katy groaned under her breath while the wife sighed to herself.

“MY DAD!” The Will-O-Wisp cheered up right away, and squeezed him with new vigor.

Debts of a Danuki

A lone danuki silently watches the camera feed from her monitors as she awaits for her guest to arrive. She had only just received word that they would be arriving, simply not enough time to prepare. Not enough to escape. By now, eyes would be set on her and her location, ensuring that if anything were to occur that they would be informed of it. It was too late… there was only one thing that could be done.

She waited.

And waited.

And waited… until finally they cars began to appear… it was time.

Bachelorsville, Texas- Chapter 4: Arm Candy and Six Tails

“My- this has certainly turned into a most eventful evening.” Mari tittered. “According to my father, it was quite common for adventurers, mercenaries and heroes to have a rowdy night like this before embarking on some sort of quest….”

“Yeah- but I’m none of those. And I don’t really think I’ll be embarking on any kind of quest anytime soon.”

“You’d be surprised, Jacob. Never say ‘never’. Besides, weren’t you a soldier?”

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 7)

“Oh? It’s rare to see you topside like this. I hope this is good news” Katy began seeing one of her star employees enter her office.

“Katy…I-I had heard rumors that you have hired a b-b-boy here?” The Oomukade asked.

“Hm? Oh! You’re talking about our Anon. Yes he is the new employee, in fact he’s going to be showing up any moment now. If you want to you can stay and say hello. I’m sure he’d love to meet-” Katy began.

“He’s coming here! Now!? B-b-but I-I’m not ready! I-I don’t even have a topic of conversation! I-I’m sorry! I-I have to go!” She quickly began to panic.

“Please you need to calm down, I bet you two could actually click if you just-and you’re already running away…” Katy said watching her employee run away.