Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 17: Surprise Sensations

Sammy couldn’t stop thinking about her little talk with Jackie and decided to give the mall another visit.
With a present for Nica in hand, she returns home to show her how much she means to her.
They both have their fun, spending the day together before speaking about the future of their relationship.

Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 15: Reunion

Sammy hated to be apart from Nica, and didn’t sleep easy at all.
After a grueling day at school and an unfortunate misunderstanding with Saskia, she decided on how to deal with this sudden emptyness.
Meanwhile, Nica had to fight with her loneliness as well. She however, was not as composed as Sammy was.

Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 13: Longing

Sammy and Nica settled down for a nice soak in the bathtub, reveling in the memories of the last few days.
Sammy felt bad for not being able to return the pleasure that Nica gave her, and decided to take a further step forward.
Entwined in Nica’s gigantic tub, the pair explored each other like never before.

Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 12: Dinner for Four

Sammy and Nica headed for a Greek restaurant to enjoy the rest of the evening.
They met some old friends there, however, and it quickly turned into a double date.
Sammy still had many questions, but managed to ask the one that burned most in her mind.
Nica gave her an answer, befor rewarding Sammy for her bravery.