Light in the Darkness

Orphaned at the age of 11, Feihuo transitioned through the remainder of her childhood in the home of the Toriyama family as one of their own. Now, ten years later, she has decided to seek out the source of her little brother’s nightmares…


This story was written for the Mouse Girl contest, and also serves as a prequel story in my series, Darkness Prevails, and takes place approximately ten years before the events of Eyes in the Dark. It, like my other contest entry (Uncertain Hearts) was written without any outside proofreading, in the interest of fairness. It may read rougher than my others as a result.

As this story is a prequel, it can be read out of sequence of the other stories. A followup sequel is planned as well.  Enjoy!

#Darkness Prevails


A Connecticut Yankee… Pages 86-100

More! More drama, more violence, more smut, more references, more singing, more traveling, more profanity and so much more! Bonus: Rudolf Origin story! It may just be better than that crappy Wolverine one. Because your Uncle Bono loves you all. Kinda… Not really but anyway click the story.

Fire Lake: Part 3

“Say, how are you able to sense demonic energy anyway?” Star asked. Dain looked up, seeing the Salamander standing nude in front of a polished piece of steel that adorned their cavern wall. She was modeling her new hair-ribbon with an excited grin, her rather formidable posterior thrust out and her back arched. It had…

The Tiny Swordsman Chapter 4

The boy rose out of the water, soon joined by two others. Their skin was grey and bloated, boiled on the bone. They grabbed at me with their slimy hands. Despite the heat of their flesh, spikes of ice pierced at their touch. The boiled boys held my gaze. I felt the power of their hatred tearing at my soul. My strength left me as if being drained. They started to pull me downwards, towards the boiling water. I couldn’t resist, no matter how hard I fucking tried to tell my body to move.

I fell to one knee, hands braced on either side of the large pot. Waterlogged hands gripped my collar, pulling me closer to the murky broth. Somehow, I knew it was over. I knew that was fucking it. It sounds nuts, but I don’t care. I don’t care if it was just a dream. I knew if I touched that fetid water, I was done. The heat of the broth seared my face as I stood inches above it.