To Be a Rock and Not to Roll

In the last city, Mammon, the sins of past lives are inked onto the skin of every man, woman, and child with tattoo-like birthmarks. The more skin the markings cover, the deeper their sins, and the less trust they’re given. Trust that Dias Drake, a young man with 24% of his body covered in markings, will need if he wants to realize his dream of becoming an explorer. However, in Mammon, someone that heavily marked will find gaining trust near impossible, and so, a storm rolls over the city when the marked underclass organize.

Shouts and raised fists call for every heart to be counted. Will Dias be counted among the marked in rebelling against the tyrannical SAFE Act, join the unmarked who hold his dream in their hands, or with everything to gain and nothing to lose, will he be able to keep a distant promise to not be blown away with everyone else?

To Begin Anew: Journal Entry 1

2405-02-14 11:21:14.002 Phase 0 : Startup initializing
2405-02-14 11:21:14.105 Phase 0 : Loading Config…
2405-02-14 11:21:14.199 Phase 0 : Pre initialization events.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.253 Phase 0 : Creating dynamic key list.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.725 Phase 0 : Subset systems initialization.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.775 Phase 0 : Finished.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.900 Phase 1 : Initialize components …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.102 Phase 1 : Starting reactor …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.102 Phase 1 : Starting components …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.201 Phase 1 : Starting internal subsystems …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.230 Phase 1 : Starting channel commands …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.239 Phase 1 : Starting command channels …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.245 Phase 1 : Starting external subsystems …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.250 Phase 1 : Finished.

Birth of a Wish

“There is no salvation for you,” the demon smirks from behind a gilded skull goblet.
Casey Logan fights to prove her wrong inside the salt strewn hellscape of the Akna Montes colony, alone. He clings to the hope of finding a ship in the last of the colony’s hangar bays. With a ship he can radio his separated men. With a ship they can escape together.
At the moment when the world ceases to make sense and the pillars that holding him up crumble into salt, will Casey feel the death of despair or the birth of a wish?

Debts of a Danuki

A lone danuki silently watches the camera feed from her monitors as she awaits for her guest to arrive. She had only just received word that they would be arriving, simply not enough time to prepare. Not enough to escape. By now, eyes would be set on her and her location, ensuring that if anything were to occur that they would be informed of it. It was too late… there was only one thing that could be done.

She waited.

And waited.

And waited… until finally they cars began to appear… it was time.