Wormhole Ch.8 (Updated)

With his outlook on mamono improving, Jason prepares for his next challenge. But with Veina dead-set on being in his life, Jason contemplates his need to constantly push Veina away. Is it simply the instincts a survivor trying to return home, or perhaps something else…

Wormhole Ch.6 (Updated)

After traveling to the festival in Gamberton, Jason hopes to take a vacation from his troubles and let loose. With Veina as his tour guide in a mamono’s version of an amusement park, Jason won’t soon forget this little “day of fun”. Deviously clever Veina will make sure of that…

Wormhole Ch.5 (Updated)

More problems arise for Jason after finding out Veina’s little secret. With a Demon now setting her sights on him, Jason tries to keep his wits together and his pants on. But a Demon like Veina just loves a challenge. Can Jason keep Veina from driving him nuts, or will she crack his stubborn will?

Wormhole Ch.3 (Updated)

Finding out that more portals will open in the not to distant future, Jason must make a decision: drink away his problems or face them head-on. But maybe going a few rounds with a bigger adversary may help him clear his head, or just lose it.