Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 5

After talking through their issues like the normal persons they don’t even pretend to be, Ezraphel and Stanley’s relationship has blossomed somewhat. Ezraphel no longer feels the need to excess in her seductive ways and Stanley no longer felt the need to put his guard up. Their relationship is as healthy as one can be…except for one problem, a problem Stanley realizes he can no longer afford to ignore given the turn in his circumstances.

Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 2

After a nice nap, some shenanigans in the bedroom and further aggravation on both sides Stanley and Ezraphel finally sit down to clear the air and hopefully put the misunderstandings of their first meeting behind as they begin the process of fostering their relationship so as to move forward.

At least that’s supposed to be the plan.

Into Another World (part 1?)

A lot of people dream about waking up in a different world, leaving behind old troubles for an adventure in a land of mystery and promise. For Blake, he never expected for that to become reality. Now he has to take what little he knows and use it to survive on a mysterious island with a curiously frisky Dark Elf. (short story exchange with an artist on /monster/)