Waking up late for school one morning, you leave your home in a rush, already thinking that your day couldn’t possibly get much worse. But once you take a shortcut down a rural road, you quickly find out how wrong you are.

Bachelorsville, Texas- Chapter 4: Arm Candy and Six Tails

“My- this has certainly turned into a most eventful evening.” Mari tittered. “According to my father, it was quite common for adventurers, mercenaries and heroes to have a rowdy night like this before embarking on some sort of quest….”

“Yeah- but I’m none of those. And I don’t really think I’ll be embarking on any kind of quest anytime soon.”

“You’d be surprised, Jacob. Never say ‘never’. Besides, weren’t you a soldier?”

Bachelorsville, Texas- Introduction: Beer And Loathing

There’s no shortage of people out there who complain how boring life in their little town can get. I’m one of those seemingly rare people who happens to like it that way. Yet the solace and tranquility I found in small town life was doomed to come crashing down around me one scorching west Texas summer night.

I was making good time back from Odessa after dropping off a load of gravel for a customer and crossed the El Portal County line with a few hours to go before sunset that particular summer afternoon. Almost immediately after crossing the county line, I noticed a plume of smoke off in the distant hills.