Sojourn’s End, Chapter 1

Somehow, somewhere in the depths of the Multiverse a true Lord of Chaos had gotten ahold of my Covenant Artifact- and was preparing to summon me back into thralldom.
Feeling utterly helpless at my realization of the situation, I felt myself sliding to the floor of the bathing room, its cold tiles chilling my legs and buttocks.
I realized in shock that my Sojourn had come to an end. I did not know what the circumstances of the Chaos Lord who had ahold of my artifact was. But I did know that because of that Covenant I had signed with Chaos untold millenia ago, I would have to obey whatever they commanded of me.
A few minutes ago, I was afraid of hurting one or two innocents because of my lack of control. Now I was in mortal terror of how many more innocent lives would be extinguished because of the folly of my youth. A long time ago a world died because of me. I could not, would not countenance that again.