Tonguejobs Are A Real Job

The person standing next to you looked like a little girl. She was wearing a simple robe which revealed a petite, girlish body, though her face was extremely cute. It made your heart wrench with the power of kawaii. She kneeled next to you, her eyes fixed on the mucus toad’s slimy tongue throttling your member.

‘I’m sorry I interrupted,’ she said, flicking out a long tongue very similar to the mucus toad’s, though without any slime. ‘I tasted the scent of male energy and followed it here. Do you mind if I join?’

‘I caught him first, akaname-chan,’ sighed the mucus toad. ‘Why do you always have to try and insert yourself in a threesome? You chased away the last guy I caught and I couldn’t even rip off his pants! Shame on you. Even if you can’t help get a man, or be a wingmamono, at least let the others have their fun.’