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Panty Thief Short – Kikimora

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Glasses sat in the passenger addon as the Vice President was manning the motorcycle. They slowed to a stop as they arrived in front of the dormitory of their target. Glasses took out a megaphone. The air around was warm enough that he was only wearing a short-sleeved shirt. There were several of the Kikimora in the lawn conversing with each other.

“The President was right. It is a very nice day outside. I might even go outside of the dorms after this and walk a little.” Glasses said to the Vice President. “It certainly is. I might even make some tea.”

“Your tea is the best! I can’t wait.”

“We have a job to do. Are you ready?” Glasses nodded and stood up in his seat, facing the dormitory. He set the megaphone on it’s highest setting. The nearby Kikimoras looked at Glasses in curiosity as they heard the megaphone being set.

He took a deep breath before he shouted into the megaphone, his voice echoing through the dormitory as he said the following. “I require a servant to have full devotion to me, your master!” Silence. The plan had failed. None of the Kikimoras were exiting the dorm. Suddenly, the ground shook as a large wave of Kikimoras break open the main doors and headed straight towards Glasses and the Vice President. The Vice President floored the accelerator, and they ran off as a stampede of Kikimoras followed them. The dormitory was empty, with it’s doors wide open. Not one Kikimora had stayed behind.


Twilight of the Gods: Handmaiden (2)

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Twenty Years has passed since the Apophean Eclipse, where the world once again was thrown into chaos by a confluence of realities. Locked in an interminable stand-off, Gods, Humans, and Mamono can do little more than hold the tenuous balance of the cold war which has gripped the known world since the Fall of The Raven and murder of Nagarani Lyssa, and the assumption of the Thrones of Hamunapt, Heliopolis and Memphis by Apophis, now styling herself as God-Queen, the Serpent of Midnight. In Caladon, the Taurean Jelena, only daughter of Horus and Hathor prepares to undergo the rites which will anoint her as a Handmaiden in service to her mother, making her a Priestess of Ammit in her own right. And amongst it all, still as inscrutiable as ever, the mysterious form of the girl Reitia drifts, orphaned daughter of Lyssa and Corvus, now ward of the leaders of the Ammitian faith. But peace so tenuously won cannot last forever, and the Agents of Apophis stand ready to strike. But even their guile must wait upon the Will of Ammit, who holds the very keys of death in her taloned hand, and history shows that she is not shy about unleashing the teeming dead when an irritant becomes too annoying…