Wizardquest 3 Part 21 (End): Happily Ever After

Chapter 56

                While you got suckered into the moment and said something sappy and uplifting, you’re still in a fairly bad place.

                In the surreal series of events that occurred, you forgot to ask if maybe Solos might consider healing you. Or any of your friends beyond Veronica, who still seems shell-shocked by what happened. In fact, now that you’re thinking about it again, it’s only now hitting you that two of your friends died here today. Will any more of you do the same before you get back home?

                Selene explains to you that during the moments of chaos where all of Monsterkind lost their minds, there had been a fair amount of destruction in Carthos. She’s in the middle of trying to restore order, but of course she wanted to check on you. According to her, she was almost pulled toward the sigil that she’d kept clenched so hard in her hand, even while going berserk, as if by some divine force.

                Speaking of divine force, when you explain what exactly happened with the Gods, she barely believes you.

                {You… you’re saying Dollora…? But that’s… that’s wonderful! I need to tell everyone and-}

                {Uh, Love? Can we restore some order first before we do that? Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve broken multiple bones.}

                {You’re still a smartass, so you’ll be fine. Though are you going to be able to get out of there on your own? Do you need me to pick you up?}

                {No, you have important things to do. I’ll talk with Blake and Harmony and figure out what to from here.}

                {Well stay safe, you said you were coming home and I expect you to!}

                {Yes dear, I’ll see you at home. I love you.}

                {I know. You’ll show me in person.}

                Chuckling, you pocket the sigil and look back to the drab scene before you. Veronica has picked herself up and has walked toward Tabitha, who is already being tended to by the broken Rommel. The two bicker at each other as they take health potions and poke at each other’s wounds. The sight is heartwarming, if nothing else. And in these times, you need something heartwarming.

                “Well now.” Franklin says, looking at the tree grown around Maya’s corpse. “That was something, at least. Is this the shit you get into all the time?”

                “At least three times.” You mutter to yourself. “More if you count individual adventures.”

                “Fucking Solos, that’s intense shit.” The Wizard says, shaking his head. “I don’t want to do this shit again.”

                “Me either.” You sigh as you pull out a [Health Potion] and chug it down like it isn’t strawberry flavored jizz. “And hopefully we won’t have to. But we need to get home first.”

                “Ah, right.” Franklin says as he looks around the room. “We’re in the heart of the Cradle… I don’t think anyone is going to look too kindly on us killing both their Queen and their Goddess.”

                “Well, they haven’t come for us yet so that’s nice.”

                “Most of them are literally rooted on the spot.”

                “Good, because I’m about to root myself into a coma.” You sigh, using a little bit of your fading magic to construct a chair out of plant material before collapsing into it. This is, of course, painful, but what are you going to do, bitch? Yes, but later.

                With potions administered, Veronica brings Tabitha over for you to reactivate her legs. Thankfully the process is fairly smooth and mostly involves replacing a small mana capacitor that you kept on hand for repairs for Harmony and Chaika, and she’s back to operation soon enough. Franklin brings Alice, who had passed out from her injuries, over while Erwin pulls himself up from where Maya had thrown him off, the poor little fox’s forelimb swollen but otherwise uninjured.

                “Let’s see, looks like no major harm thankfully, looks like that impalment went better for you than just about anyone else who had similar treatment.” You say as you [Fast Scan] Tabitha. Veronica and Rommel trade glances and look away, both of them rather unlucky in that regard. “Although something is a little irregular in your uter-“ You cut off as you realize just what it is. Tabitha and Rommel give you worried looks, but you do your best to cover it up, at least for now.

                “It’s nothing. Just take it easy for awhile. We’ll do a more thorough health check with the Hospitaliers back in Sanctifrond.”

                “Alright, thanks.” Rommel says, squeezing his wife’s shoulder with his good hand.

                “As for you.” You say, pointing at him with your only working hand also. “That’s probably going to heal, but we need to get it splinted until they get the bone juice back in Sanctifrond.”

                “They don’t have bone juice in Sanctifrond.”

                “Well then it’ll have to be splinted longer then.”

                “What about you? You’re falling apart?”

                “Yes.” You say, basically flopping about. “I want to cry and huddle in a ball of pain, but I don’t have time for that. I’ll just get implants or something.”

                “Hmm.” Tabitha says, looking forlorn at such a prospect. “I hope you don’t need them.”

                “Oh, me too.” You say, turning your attention to Alice, who is awake, healed, and morose. “You going to mope all day?”

                “I barely know what happened.” She says. “But my head feels funny and I almost recall going into a haze. I see that everything is resolved but… Once again, I failed to help.”

                You’re not certain how to respond to that. Yes, she did suffer quickly through this, her blade causing more harm than help but you know how useful she is. Summoning up the thoughts to say to her, you’re interrupted before you can speak by Tabitha, who slaps the woman on the back.

                “Idiot. I thought we went over this before? You’re a damn fine blade and you managed to keep yourself alive again. Do I have to beat it in you again?”

                The woman blinks her eyes before chuckling and shaking her head. “We know how that goes. Oh very well. I’m just happy that everything ended well, though I can’t exactly understand all of it, at least not right now.” She brushes her hand through her hair. “But I suppose I have a little Monster in me eh? I wondered what this was all about. Either way, I’m still me, and that’s good enough.”

                Your assembled group chuckles at that, only able to laugh because you’re still alive. With all your injuries healed, including Erwin who spends his time as you clean up beside Maya’s tree, curled up in the roots.

                As far as Bardam goes, Franklin retrieves his corpse to find it relatively intact. The plants crushed his body to a degree, but not enough to make it macabre. Veronica performs a last rites for him, tears falling down her cheeks as she does so. Rommel buries him with his magic next to Maya while Franklin fashions him a coffin using his biomancy. He’s laid to rest with the pieces of his sword, something you’re sure Blake won’t mind even if it is an Order relic.

 Perhaps she actually did love the man, though now is not the time to ask her about it. With the day dragging on and evening approaching, causing more strife is the farthest thing from your mind. You do pass his final words on to her, however, which perhaps has the same effect. Still, it has to be said and she seems appreciative, if nothing else.

                You resolve to stay the evening in the flowerbed, and a check on the guards outside show that Maya had killed them before entering. Guess they might have attempted to bar her entry? It doesn’t matter much at the moment anyway. While the others get rest, you contact Tobias, Harmony, and Blake via your sigil network to get a scope of what’s happened in Deleor.

                As with the Monster Nation, all the Monsters went berserk at the same time. Large parts of Sanctrifrond were damaged and many Monsters were outright killed by panicked soldiers. Thankfully due to your intervention, you managed to mitigate this, but it will take time for the relationships between man and Monster to recover again. Blake is doing his best to keep this under control, using the Order to stop violence against Monsters, but he can only do so much. Thankfully none of his family was hurt, and he plans to go with Hala and prove to the King that this was a limited event, and with the leyways and Communion Matrix back, they can try to slow disinformation.

                Of course, he says, you’ll have to talk with the King when you return. Just fucking peachy.

                On Tobias’s end, he says his head is a little more clear and that the Galmathorian forces still within Cair showed their hands when they were affected and were swiftly rooted out, while other Monsters have returned to normal. The Galmathorian forces out in the countryside have scattered, their leadship apparently in disarray. On one hand, this makes the entire situation worse with their raiding parties, but on the other hand, a cohesive invasion is now an impossibility. With the army mobilized, it’s only a matter of time before they’re pushed back to their borders.

                Hopefully with a new Goddess in charge, they won’t feel the need to invade again ever… and can finally rejoin Deleor peacefully in future generations.

                No retribution comes for you through the night and in the morning you get more word from Blake. Due to containment issues and the panic caused by the Monsters, you’re on your own getting out of the Cradle. The rest take this about as well as expected, but after meeting all the Gods, you’re thankful just to be alive at this moment.

                With the dead buried and your last goodbyes given, you head out from the Queen’s flowerbed and down the main road of the domain. Plant Monsters be damned, you’re not in the mood for their fuckery.

                You push yourself forward in a newly constructed [Wizardmobile], mobility basically trashed after everything. Of course, any bump in the road causes you distress, but even sigils don’t help much to make it a smooth ride. Mores the pity.

                It doesn’t take very long before you run into your first appearance of living Plant Monsters, an Alarune to be precise, but when you run into her, she seems more confused than angry. If she attacks, at least, she appears alone and Franklin is in decent shape to counter her.

                “W-who are you?” She asks, rooted in place alongside the road. “Did you come from the Queen? What’s been happening? All of a sudden I blacked out, and when I came to, I couldn’t hear the Queen any longer. But now… now all I feel is a gentle peace. I don’t know what’s happening!”

                “Uh… aren’t you worried we might have killed her?” Alice asks, hand on her sword.

                “Huh? Oh… you’re those intruders.” She says, as if just realizing the fact. “Did you?”

                “Yeah, a little.” She says, much to your look to amazement at her bluntness.

                “Oh.” The Alarune says, looking down as if her world was crushed. “I… should be upset about this but I can’t seem to summon the energy to do so. It’s like a weight was lifted off me…”

                She looks back up at you. “What’s going to happen now? Are you going to kill the rest of us?”

                “No, not if you don’t cause trouble any longer.” You sigh. “The world has changed, but hopefully for the better. In time, I think the people of the Cradle will realize this too.”

                “I hope so.” She says. “Please let Phallia make it so.”

                You don’t have the heart to tell her that her Goddess is dead too. It would probably cause more trouble than it’s worth to do so anyway, and so you continue your way out. Every Alarune and other Plant Monster you meet along the way say the same thing, though you’re a little more coy about the details. No one seems to be in the mood to fight and some even seem a little happy, as if they’ve been angry for longer than they cared to remember and now such anger has been lifted.

                The true concern is the town. The main road is easy to traverse, but at the same time you know you’ll end up in the town proper. Going around it will be a mess in it’s own right and Franklin convinces you to do there anyway- he’s confident you can handle it if needed, though you wonder if you have it in you to fight anymore.

                When you arrive near the end of the day, however, you find this to be unnecessary.

                Only a few people mill about outside the town, looking dazed. They look at you, confused, when you come from the Queen’s domain, but they don’t seem to know what to do about you. While you can easily go out of the town and head back toward the outside of the Cradle, you find yourself drawn to talking to a man who sits on a bench, looking despondent.

                “Huh?” He asks, looking up at you as you arrive. “You’re not… familiar. Are you merchants?”

                “Sure. Merchants.” You say, looking over your obvious group of warriors, some even wearing order regalia. “What’s going on around here?”

                “I don’t know.” He says, shaking his head. “It’s like I was in a haze for a long time. Like I was drunk for months. All of us were the same way. We just remember Lady Lisette giving us something and then feeling… good. Powerful in a way. A euphoria but then it went away and we’re… confused.”

                You place hand on the man’s arm and blink in surprise as you find him clean of any plant life. Franklin himself is surprised by this revelation and you find this to be the case with everyone in the town you meet. It’s like they’re waking up collectively from a coma and finding their lives a confusing place without any leadership. Some recognize Franklin and ask him for advice, as if they wouldn’t have killed him on sight beforehand.

                Unable to keep it much of a secret, he tells the populace that the Queen Alarune is dead and that Lady Lisette had been experimenting on them. The few that dared enter the City Hall found the collection of macabre items and research, growing horrified by what they saw. While scared, no one attacks you at least, all of them looking for someone to give them guidance, even the Plant Monsters in the town.

                This allows you at least the ability to sleep in a bed, as the townsfolk allow you to sleep in an inn without issue, though you keep watch, just to make sure. When morning comes, even more townsfolk have found their way to Franklin, asking him for advice on what to do. It reminds you of Varruck all those years ago, and just like then, you leave it to someone else to talk.

                “Well.” Franklin says, entering the room where you’re eating breakfast. “They’d like me to stay here and help them figure shit out. Why me? I want to go home and fuck my wiiiiiffffeee!”

                “You and me both, buddy.” You say, Rommel nodding as well (to Tabitha’s approval).

                “But I guess I’ll stay. I’ll get a message out to Charles somehow and let the wife know I’m okay. Just get some Order people here eventually, will you?”

                “Of course.” Veronica says, nodding. “We’ll be in touch once we can get people out here. We need to shore up the border anyway.”

                Franklin takes your hand and shakes it. “Well, this has been a shitty ass trip, but I’m kind of sad I wasn’t there from the beginning.”

                “Nah, you don’t seem the kind to like being mind-raped.”

                “That’s fucked up but I concede the point. But really… thank you.” He says, bowing his head. “Thank you for saving me and letting me help. I just hope this all brings us closer together.”

                “Heh, we’ve both changed a lot, haven’t we?’

                “Sure, whatever you say you faggot with bad tastes.”

                “Or maybe not.” The two of you shake hands and that next day you continue out of the Cradle, in much better spirits.

                The Ents have stopped roaming the forests thankfully, and your trip outside of the Cradle is uneventful beyond one event. You take a moment to provide last rites to the farmhouse you burned, wondering if anything would have changed with the people inside if you hadn’t burned them to death. You’re assured that it wouldn’t, however, by those who saw them, but you’ll never know.

                Your wagon is still where you left it and you manage to find your horses as well. With a method of transportation secured, you throw your gimpy ass into the wagon and make the slow, inexorable trip back to Sanctifrond.

                Due to the success of the Loveura campaign, you actually run into Order forces securing the area before you reach the city, a blessing you count as you explain the situation in the Cradle. Using the magitek devices made by the Illomas and Port-o-Glass technology, they relay with other units to secure the Cradle while ferrying you to an operational Leyway station that moves you back to the city in quick order and security.

                In total, since leaving the Cradle it took you about five days to make it to Sanctifrond. When you arrive, you’re immediately escorted to the Hero’s Hall, with your injured being taken to the Hospitaliers for more involved treatment, yourself included, though you can tell Blake is on edge to speak with you.

As expected, your magic and potions only kept the pain at bay but didn’t do much for the underlying bone. The Head Hospitalier, who had changed in the past twenty years, believes she can stabilize them, but regrowing your bones is unlikely to be effective. When you tell her you’ll just chop them off anyway, she seems shocked, at least until she sees Tabitha’s legs.

                “So this is the Lizardman who managed to walk again, incredible.” She says as she goes over Tabitha’s exam. “And to think, even after suffering so much, you’re still pregnant.”

                “I’m sorry, what?” Tabitha asks, shocked.

                “I’m sorry, what?” Rommel asks, shocked.

                “Well that’s one way to tell them.” You say, not shocked.

                “Oh, you didn’t know?” She says, blushing. “I thought you might. However given your trauma, it’s surprising the baby is still intact. You’re not very far along but good luck to the both of you!”

                Tears form in Tabitha’s eyes at this and you leave the couple alone (plus Erwin, who also got a clean bill of health) as they celebrate, such as it is. Outside the exam area, you see Veronica there, a smile on her face. She must have suspected as well, the cheeky girl.

                “Oh, Ascendant!” The Head Hospitalier says. “You need an examination also.”

                “I am quite hale actually.” She says, profeering her arm when asked anyway.

                “I’m sure you are, however I’d like to-“ The Head Hospitalier cuts off, confused. She reaches forward and lifts Veronica’s shirt suddenly and reveals her muscled abdomen and… lack of scar. Surprise colors her expression as she whispers, “It’s a miracle.”

                “I know.” Veronica says, sad smile on her face. “And yet, perhaps it’s also a curse. A reminder of what I’d lost for so long and what I’d told myself I’d given up.”

                “But with this you can-“

                “We’ll see.” Veronica says, gently removing the woman’s hand. “Let us be joyful for the new parents, for now.”

                The Hospitalier nods her head and leaves the two of you be. Veronica has her eyes closed, that sad smile still on her face. Feeling a little awkward, you ask,

                “Are you going to be okay?”

                “No. But I’ve had over twenty years to come to terms with this. Having a little monthly reminder again won’t be enough to break me from the course I’ve taken.”

                “About Bardam…”

                “I know.” She says. “It had only been a short time with us working together, but I know. I’m just glad to know his soul made it to Nerg, and I know he will be treated well. For myself, I just need some time.”

                She chuckles, “And you need to see Blake. I’ll check in on Alice, though she seems rather chipper despite her wounds.”

                “I’m sure she’ll have a lot of debriefing as well.” You say, nodding to her before getting into a more “regulation” wheelchair. “Let’s get this over with.”


                “Thank the Gods you’re alive.” Blake says as you wheel yourself into his solar. “Though you’ve looked better.”

                “I can say the same to you. Have you slept?”

                “No time for sleep.” He says, running his hand through his hair, which still looks immaculate. Even with some stubble, he’s still a stupidly attractive man. Fuck if the stubble doesn’t actually make him just seem rugged more than anything. “We have stalled the King from doing anything crazy now that we have communications back. As we discussed before, I’m sending people to the Cradle, though I’m glad Franklin is keeping things under control. I was worried they might still be hostile.”

                “They didn’t seem to completely be in their right mind beforehand. I suspect there’s a lot of people like this after the plants were removed.”

                “But how? You didn’t explain very well what happened.”

                “Because I didn’t want everyone to know it on the sigil network.” You sigh. “I’d like everyone to be here when I explain it, but you deserve to know…”

                When you finish the story of what happened with Phallia and Dollora, you leave Blake contemplative. Well, anyone else would say he’s contemplative, but you know he’s just stunned by the news.

                “This… changes everything.” He says. “I need to arrange a meeting with the King and the High Priest of Solos…” He laughs, “Damn you, you just gave me more work.”

                “Well, yeah.” You say, shrugging. “But it’s good work.”

                “Of sorts.” He sighs. “But once we have this controlled does that mean this is over?”

                “Maybe.” You say, shrugging. “There will always be strife, always be conflict. But if we can just keep with our families, maybe there won’t be as much as before.”

                “Yeah.” Blake says, laughing like a man who hasn’t been happy in days. “Yeah, you’re right. As long as we’re alive, we’ll keep on striving for peace and happy existences.” With those symbolic words hanging in the air, he lets out another laugh, this one tinged with a little stress.

                “Gods, I’m over forty but if Hala knows she can have a son, she’s not going to let me sleep for a month.”

                “Hey, that’s your problem, not mine.” You say, laughing with him as both of you let off a little bit of the stress that clings to you. The days ahead will be stressful, but you know you’ll make it through as long as you can laugh.


                You wheel yourself out of the Lord Commander’s Solar a little later feeling much lighter in the chest and a little lighter in the head. Seems the tradition of the Lord Commander keeping alcohol in his desk is one that Blake kept and well, you just can’t say no to tradition, right?

                “There you are!”

                As soon as the door is opened an insistent voice assaults you, making you blink in surprise as Sylphie stands there, arms crossed, tails out behind her in a menacing gesture you’ve only really seen on Selene when she’s upset. She is her mother’s daughter, after all…

                “Dad!” She says, waving an arm at you. “You arrive back in Sanctifrond looking like a leyway hit you multiple times and you don’t even come see me first?”

                “Well, to be fair, Blake shuffled me off to the infirmary as soon as he could-“

                “Ugh!” She huffs as she dives in to hug you. Sure, it’s painful, but you wrap your good arm around her back and give her a tight squeeze. Gods it’s good to see your little girl again.

                “Sorry I made you worry.”

                “You better be!” She says, sniffing back a few tears. “I’m not the only one who wants to know you’re doing okay you know.”

                “Oh? Mr. Ed wants to see me?”

                “Him? Oh no he couldn’t care less about you, but Chaika is being a pest.”

                “Ow, that actually hurts a lot more than I expected.”

                She chuckles, a sound you’re glad to hear from her again. “I’m just being silly. He’s happy you’re back too. We both are.” Her smile slips a little, but she covers it quickly and pulls out Chaika’s core, which she thrusts at you. “Here!”

                “Ack!” You say, juggling the core before sighing and letting Chaika’s emotions wash over you.

                {You utter buffoon! You barely say anything to me before going off and doing who knows what, and now you’ve got broken bones and you look like a mess, Gods your beard is troublesome and for the love of Dollora I bet you smell like a rat that died in a briar patch-}

                {Hey, it’s good to see you again too, Chaika.}

                She pauses before sighing. {Yes, yes you sappy idiot. Now how about a new body, hmm?}

                {You’ll have to be patient about that. I need to fix myself first after all and I’m afraid I might need to ask a favor of the Illomas.}

                {Eww, gross.} She sends. {I’d never be caught dead with Illoma tech.}

                {Don’t say that to Harmony.}

                {Oh you can’t possibly mean-}

                {I can. But we’ll let that slide. For now, I have something important to tell you. Keep it a secret for now, but I figure you should be the first to know…}

                When you finish telling her about Dollora’s ascension, she’s quiet, her core a mix of emotions you can’t quite piece together. Eventually she sends but a single whisper of a thought,

                {Thank you.}

                “Are you two done chatting?” Sylphie asks, walking ahead of you.

                “Yeah, I think- hey wait what the hells?” You ask, realizing you’re no longer in front of the Lord Commander’s chambers. In fact, you’re closer to the guest rooms than that, a fact that takes you a moment to recognize just how it occurred.

                “Did you wheel me while I was preoccupied?”

                “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how you’re getting around, and I was getting bored.” She says, shrugging. “Besides, I want to hear about your adventure.”

                “Well.” You say, letting her wheel you around like you’re a Gods damned invalid. Which you are. “I need to explain a few things to some rather important people, but for you, I guess we’ll start from where we last saw each other…”


                “You’re telling me that not only did you stop a plot by the Queen Alarune to drive the Monsters of the world into a frenzy in order to goad us into a genocide, but you also ended a millennia old quarrel between Goddesses, bringing Dollora to become the Goddess of Life while Phallia was cast into the Hells?”

                “Yeah, that’s basically the gist of it.”

                The King of Deleor stares at you with an expression that could spot bullshit in a pile of horses feces. He scans you, confined still to your [Wizardmobile] before his eyes drift to the beautiful creature beside you that you affectionately call, “wife.” He narrows his eyes and sits back in his throne, resplendent in his full regalia of office.

                “That is a very tall tale. However I have the word of the Ascendant to back it up, as well as confirmation that the taint within the leylines is gone.” He waves toward the man standing next to him, who wears the robes of a priest of Solos. “What do you say, High Priest?”

                “This sounds like blasphemy.” He says. “As the High Priest of Solos, I cannot allow such words to be spoken aloud. If there were onlookers in this room, we would have incited a riot!”

                True to his word, the throne room is empty save for yourselves, a black-clad Cat Girl who kneels next to Selene, and the King’s Royal Guard. Still, given the presence of the two monarchs in the room, you find it rather stifling in here.

                Selene raises her head, her tiara of office glittering as she looks to the crowned man sitting across from her. He does not look afraid, merely annoyed, which sums up most interactions he’s had with the Monster Lady to be fair.

                “I believe the Grand Wizard’s account of affairs without question. I personally saw the havok this event caused in the Monster Nation and it took far longer to restore order and travel down here than I would have liked, despite the brief nature of it. I believe your own cities have suffered much because of all this- Cair and Loveura more than others.”

“It is difficult to trust everything in this day and age.”

“Do you really have to be so suspicious all the time?” Selene sighs. “This will take getting used to for everyone. Millenia of doctrine, overturned in a day, will take much longer to set the truth in place. We have books recovered from an ancient HUMAN library which are being translated and have confirmed certain facts about Dollora pre-transformation.”

She holds out a furred hand toward the King. “Isn’t it about time we come together? Put our generations of strife behind ourselves and realize that we can be one people now, thanks to the blessings of the Gods.”

The King grips the rests of his chair hard for a long moment before sighing and slumping back in his chair. He looks to the High Priest and shakes his head, then turns back to Selene. “We’ll have to watch the situation as it unfolds. If Monsters begin to give birth to human males then… I suppose I’ll have no choice but to believe the situation. For now, keep your forces behind your border while we sort out this Galmathorian mess.”

“You know, we would be willing to help bring them into the fold-“

“We will discuss this later.” He says, waving her away as if she couldn’t obliterate him with the barest utterance of magic. Or just impale him with her tails. “You are dismissed.”

You perform a bow to the man while Selene stands firm, one monarch refusing to bow to another. He smirks at her and then goes stone cold again as you’re escorted out of the castle.

When you reach the outside, Selene dons a cloak provided by her attendant, who slips into the shadows soon after, watching after her lady from afar. This leaves you, the silver-blonde haired invalid and the cloaked Cat Girl together outside in the summer air.

“Well, that went better than expected.” She says, pretending to push you forward, though in reality she’s just using a little bit of magic to do so.

“Isn’t it usually more a special occasion to visit the King? Like, a procession of your retainers and whatever?”

“Yes, but he didn’t want it, I didn’t want it, and I know for a fact you don’t want it.”

“I mean, fair.” You say, shrugging. You hold out your hand to her and she takes it, squeezing with her firm, yet gentle touch. “Of course, when dropped in on breakfast and said you needed to see the King with me, I kind of figured you’d made another pet name for my cock.”

“Oh heavens no, I would never rename Klutzy.”

“You’ll never let me down fucking you in the ass on accident will you.”

“Sure won’t!~”

You both laugh, enjoying the sun as she wheels you back to the Hero’s Hall. It had only been a few days since returning to the Hero’s Hall when Selene crashed in on you, saying she had set up an appointment with the King that not even Blake could get due to all the confusion. Her Chat Noir certainly could deliver a message you suspect.

Though you’d kept in communication with her via the sigil, she didn’t leave any indication that she was coming down here. While some other of your friends and family, such as Tobias and his group from Loveura, returning to the city via the operational leyways, had returned, you didn’t expect her to be here. In truth, you suspected it would be months before you’d be able to see each other, the thought of which made your heart break.

But now that she’s here…

“Hey tall, dark, and sexy. Want to go behind that mansion and break another few of my bones?”

“Wow, is that the best pick-up line you can come up with after not seeing me for this long?”

“… I’m horny and tired.”

“Same.” She says, sniffing and wheeling you forward. “However, we must wait.”


“Because, dear, geopolitics.”

“I hate geopolitics.”

“Yes dear.”

The two of you joke like this until you reach the Hero’s Hall, smiles on both of your faces. She wheels you to the large meeting you’ve used far too many times in the past, where you expect to meet with Blake and some of the other members of the Order to discuss how best to approach, ugh, geopolitics.

What you find when you enter the room, however, is a completely different scene.

A lavish spread of foods adorns the table, as if it were a banquet. More importantly, around the room you see your friends again, Blake, Hala, Veronica, Tabitha, and Harmony. Rommel is there too, along with Erwin and Alice, while even Tobias and his friends are present, including that Crow Girl, Clarissa, though she looks exhausted. The two Order warriors he had with him are also present, both looking like they could also use a nap, but at the same time seem happy to be here.

But that’s not all, not by a longshot. Your eyes widen as you see a familiar sight of Patricia bickering with none other than Saya, little Erica in her arms. And standing beside her, a bemused look on her face is Sylphie. But you’re more surprised to see the other figure who turns as you enter the room, her face splitting into a grin.


Sophie runs forward and gives you hug, Sylphie only a few steps behind her. The two hug you tight, even though one had only just seen you a few hours earlier. When they pull away, you look about, confused.

“How did you get all of this organized in such a short amount of time? And when did you get here, Saya, Sophie?”

“Oh, I came with Mother and Clarissa.” Sophie says, tail pointing toward the Crow Girl. “She’s really quite the sweet girl, I can’t believe Tobias hasn’t found her a boyfriend yet.”

“I swear to the Gods…” Your son-in-law mutters, his wife patting him gently on the head in reassurance.

“Tobias asked Ophelia using her new magitek to send me a message and I boarded the first leyway I could take. I hear very important things are happening and I couldn’t resist being part of the group to chide my father for being reckless.”

“Hehe.” Ophelia says, giving you a smug look. “Seems like everyone likes the Illoma magitek, hmm? Maybe you saved the world just to come back to one where we’re the best magitek engineers!”

“Yeah, when you can successfully graft magitek prosthetics, let me know.”

Ophelia huffs at your response, but you chuckle and hold your hand up. “I kid, I kid. We’ll talk. But for now, what’s with the occasion? I’m pretty sure we have some serious things to work out in order to fix the world.”

“Oh, we do.” Blake says, flashing you his million-gold smile. “But that doesn’t have to be decided today. Today, everyone is here together, to celebrate a hard won victory and to look to a prosperous future for not just Deleor, but the world.”

His expression becomes somber as he looks to Veronica, who closes her eyes. “It is also a time to reflect upon the past and those who are no longer with us. A time to contemplate everything that we’ve suffered in order to achieve this victory, and what trials may await us in the future.”

Finally, an expression somewhere in between plays on his face, a gentle warmth that makes you feel calm. “More than anything, this is an excuse to gather everyone we’ve fought with together, whether to reminisce or shoot the shit, it makes no difference. We’ll hear the tale in time and make of it what we will. But for now, let’s not make my chef’s work go to waste! Plenty of hungry people in Deleor would want this food you know.”

“Geez.” Hala says, nudging his ribs with her elbow. “You sound like you’re lecturing the kids at the dinner table. Although if what you say is true maybe we should work on having more~”

“AND LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!” Blake says, cutting her off to the laughter of the entire room.

Perhaps it’s not the most grandiose ending to such an adventure, perhaps it leaves a few too many things unsaid, too many wounds still fresh. But Blake is right, now is not the time to dwell too deep, though of course such sacrifices should not be forgotten either.

Sophie hands you a heated bread pouch, which you take a bite of, savoring the sweet, delicious flavor that reminds you of what it is to be alive. Even though you drip some onto your beard, much to the amusement of the other assembled guests, you just take it in stride, unable to do much else but smile. And smile you do, feeling a sense of contentment you haven’t felt in Gods know how long.

Perhaps this marks the end of your adventures, but with any good ending, there’s always a new beginning around the corner.

The End.



>1 year later      



                “And that should just about wrap up this meeting.” The councilwoman says, neatly tidying a stack of papers in her clawed hands. “Anything else to add, acting mayor?”

                You sigh and uncross your arms as you look over the paper in front of you. An audible grunt comes from you as you point at a spot on the list circled in red.

                “I think we’ve made good strides in expanding our agriculture production and we should reach a net gain next harvest. Given the influx of new citizens from Ectria and Deleor, we’ll need to start expanding some of the housing past what was built beforehand. We’re expecting a fair number of births which, in a few decades, will only further expand the need for land.”

                “I see.” Another councilor, a Salamander says. “I’ll look into our financial situation and make the adjustments in changing the labor to that degree. Do you believe you’ll be able to come back to the position of foreman soon? I suspect the mayor is itching to return to her position.”

                “Hah!” You bark. “She’s quite capable of juggling her current demands and making sure I have plenty to bring up at the meetings. However, I’ll bring it up with her again. I’d be more worried if the current foreman was slacking but frankly I wonder if she’s doing a better job than I am.”

                The councilors chuckle amongst themselves, knowing exactly what you mean. With that, you take the gavel next to you and bang it on the table before calling a close to the city council meeting.

                As usual, the councilors discuss amongst themselves in a more casual fashion after the meeting, chatting about their life, pet projects for the city, etc. Doing this for the past few months, you’ve made a closer relationship with many of the Monsters of Blackfire Reach’s council, but today you need to say your farewells quickly and head on home.

                “Well, well, you look excited to go.” An older Lizardman remarks as you gather up your papers.

                “Of course. Plans you know.”

                “Oh ho, I’m well aware. Ah, youth.” She pats you on the back. “Say hello to Tabitha for me, will you? Let her know we’re missing her.”

                “Of course.” You say, holding out your hand to her. She smiles and grabs it, only a small fraction of pain passing across your face as her firm grip squeezes upon you. If she noticed, she doesn’t say anything, but merely waves you away as you head back home.

                The past year has been amazing for the growth of Blackfire Reach. While many cities had suffered during “The rage,” or the following discrimination afterward, Blackfire Reach had weathered much of the carnage without issue. Perhaps due to the natural stubbornness of Lizardmen, or by sheer luck, the damage was minimal and the fallout was negligible- this is a city by Monsters, for Monsters, after all. They’d come together quickly under the leadership of the council and an unlikely Dragon to restore order. Which meant when you returned from Sanctifrond, you were quite surprised to find the place flourishing.

                With the rumors of the Reach doing well, many other varieties of Monsters and their families arrived to settle, both from Ectria and Deleor. In some cases, even Monsters from the Monster Nation! And when the first male children were born to a Monster, couplings only increased…

                Which, of course, made a lot of work for the mayor. Or, in your case, the acting mayor, as the current mayor is a little indisposed.

                As you walk through the streets of the bustling city, you’re greeted by all manner of citizens, who warmly speak with you as if they’d known you all their lives. At first you found it strange to be the center of such attention, but these past years have made you both receptive, and longing for such recognition. Having a place where everyone knows your name and is genuinely happy to see you… is a much better feeling than you ever expected.

                Something moves behind you, catching your attention. Your left hand slips into your pocket, where a blue-tinged knife rests, but you make no immediate moves beyond stopping. A moment later you say in a calm, clear voice.

                “Do you really have to do that every time you wish to talk?”

                From behind the corner of an alleyway, a woman clad in black and purple appears, as if from the shadows.

                “One must always keep their skills honed, mayor.”

                “I’m just the acting mayor.” You sigh to the Kunoichi. “If you had something official to report, you could have done it at the meeting you know. All of you are welcome to join after all you’ve done.”

                “We prefer to stick to the shadows.” She says, nodding her head.

                “Uh huh, is that what you tell your husband?”

                “On occasion. He enjoys the thrill of it.” She says, not missing a beat, though from the glimmer in her eyes, you suspect she’s smiling behind her mask. “And what I bring is not official business, but word from Kunoichi in Ectria.” She slips her hand between her breasts and pulls out a letter that she passes to you. A cursory glance reveals the royal seal of Ectria on it. Also, lipstick?

                “Tch, damnit Ako, do you have to do this every time?” You mutter, pocketing the letter. “I don’t see why he couldn’t have just sent this via Harpy mail.”

                “Clearly, it is sensitive information. Carried through our networks is best.”

                “Yes, yes, I suppose.” You sigh. “Anyway, I need to be getting home. Thank you for your work, and try to relax from time to time.”

                “I am headed to my domicile now.” She says, eyes twinkling. “Your Deleorian men are quite impressive. Perhaps the circumstances of my living here were not ideal, but I again humbly appreciate all you’ve done.” Her eyes look down then.

                “Forgive me for speaking out of turn.”

                Rolling your eyes, you place your hand on her head and give short headpat. It’s still enough to make her eyes open wide, curse this power of yours. “You’re a citizen here too now. You have a right to be happy too.”

                “You’re far too forgiving, mayor.”

                “Yeah, well, don’t tell my wife.” You chuckle before waving to her as she vanishes back into the shadows. Flipping over the letter again, you consider opening it now, but decide to shove it in your pocket. Damn Sultan can wait for later.

                Hop back in your step, you make your way through town, doing your best to get through any chit chat until you walk by one of the local taverns. As soon as you pass by the door, a large, scaled hand reaches out and grabs you by the back of the neck. You yelp and ready your magic, but you’re pulled inside the room before you can cast much of anything.

                Staggering a few steps, you ready yourself to fight, but pause as a cheer goes up from the assembled patrons inside. Confused, you blink your eyes in surprise as you recognize many of the miners off duty and drinking to their hearts content. If they’re here, then that means the person who pulls you in is-

                “Hey, when you are going to take your damn job back?” Valeria growls, tongues of flame appearing in her mouth. The miners around laugh at her before going back to their drinking, merely watching as you’re cornered by the red Dragon.

                “Look, my hand isn’t fully healed yet and with Tabitha indisposed-“

                “Excuses!” She growls. “It’s a pain dealing with all these miscreants every day! I just want to go back to mining but I have to ensure safety, plan routes, and oversee expansion!”

                “Aww lighten up, chief.” One of the Wurm miners says. “You’re doing a great job!”

                “Valeria.” You say, placing a hand on her shoulder before speaking in a voice too low to be heard far in the loud room. “Do you want to have a moment alone with the gold again?”

                If she was capable of blushing, you believe she would. Instead, she grips her draconic hand tight, scales clinking. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear she was about to deck you. But indeed, you do know better, and eventually she sighs and sags her shoulders.

                “How did Valinthia ever manage to rule an entire nation? It’s exhausting.”

                “She did it very poorly, and that’s why she’s dead. You, on the other hand, are good at your job.” Sighing, you say, “Look, I’ll be back at it soon enough. But I’ll still need your help with Vesta every now and then.”

                “Oh, speaking of which, hey Galatea.” She says, nodding to the Earth Elemental who walks by, holding an overladen tray of drinks in one hand. It’s weird to see a creature made of minerals wearing a barmaid’s outfit, but somehow she makes it work. Guess that’s what a statuesque figure will do for you.

                “Ah, acting mayor.” She says, bowing to you. “Do you care for a drink?”

                “No, I’m headed home here, but thank you. I still don’t understand why you chose to work in tavern.”

                “It is interesting to see so many different people. I enjoy it.” She says, nodding to you. “I am thankful for you speaking on our behalf to Lady Vesta.”

                “Ah, no problem. I’m glad you and your sisters can make a life here. We’re very glad to have your help around the city and in the mines. Thank Vesta for me for helping with the fields as well, that volcanic soil is amazing.”

                “I will do so.” Galatea says, turning away from you. Confused, you cock your head and follow her as she just breaks off from the conversation until your eyes fall upon a surprising form in the corner of the room wearing a cloak, but unable to hide her rocky tail completely.

                “Wait, Vesta is in a tavern?” You ask, surprised.

                “Yes, she’s been a little less tense recently. It’s actually been less of a chore to work with her.”

                Galatea returns a moment later. “She says that I was not supposed to reveal her presence, but that your thanks is appreciate-“

                “Yeah, yeah I’ll just tell her myself.” You sigh, nodding to the Elemental before heading over to the corner where Vesta is sitting.

                As you approach, she looks up at you with her molten eyes and says, “I will have to be more strict with the Elementals as not to reveal my presence so casually.”

                “You have a tail made of rock and the temperature of the room rises near you. To anyone with any kind of magical sense, you’re pretty obvious as well.”

                “I see.” She says, hardened fingers playing with the full mug in front of her.

                “Not that I’m complaining, but you don’t come down very often except when summoned. Valeria says you’re acting a little differently too.”

                The ancient Monster chuckles. “Am I so transparent to you young beings? Perhaps I am.” She sighs. “I have felt a certain degree of calmness recently. Though I seek only repentance, I feel a certain sense of accomplishment in helping this settlement grow. Seeing and feeling the joy of the Elementals as they live and in some cases form families, is also rewarding in a manner I cannot describe. It is different than before, before the transformation, but I do not know how to describe it. Perhaps Dollora’s ascension has done something to me again that I cannot explain.”

                “Well, I think I can explain it.” You chuckle. “You’re happy.”

                “Happy?” She says, cocking her head. “I have no right to be happy. Not after all I’ve done.”

                “Perhaps. But you’ve made earnest changes to yourself and the city. You’ve taken to guarding the [Heart of the Crags] and you’ve allowed your Elementals to live a life they deserve.” You chuckle and hold up a finger. “You know, you and Dollora are not that much different in the way you love your children.”

                “I-“ She begins before cutting off and looking down, not sure how to process that. Her hand tightens around the mug and she brings it to her lips, the wine inside steaming as it flows into her. She puts it back down and shakes her head. “I do not see the appeal of alcohol.”

                “Eh, well drink with the miners and eventually you might. Though frankly I doubt you can even get drunk.”

                “Seeing how they cavort, I do not believe I wish to.” The Monster leans back her head and gives a genuine smile. “You should have killed me, by all rights, Rommel. But every day I try to do my best to make you not regret that action. And these days, I thank you for it.”

                “Well.” You say, not entirely certain how to react. “Some would say I acted very out of character but… I guess all’s well that ends well.”

                “Indeed.” She says. “Ah, but I could overhear you when you were asking the Dragon about her fornication habits with gold. You need to return home, yes?”

                “Ack!” You say, remembering. “Yes, I have to go! I’ll have a drink with you later!”

                “I don’t understand why, but very well. I look forward to it.” She say to you as you leave and head past Valeria, who crosses her arms and rolls her eyes at you.

                “You’re in a hurry to leave. Something special planned?”

                “Yes, Helene said she’ll watch the house for a few days and Tabitha finally agreed to it.”

                “Ahhh.” Valeria says, smirking. “I understand. Well, I’ll let you off the hook this time. You show her a good time after all the stress, hmm?” She nudges you, which is more of a shove due to her strength. The other miners let out cheers of encouragement to you as well.

                “Oh, that’s the plan. Although, when are you going to find man? I hear Heinrich’s farm is starting up well and he’s been trying to chat you up recently…”

                Valeria seethes as the miners turn their jabs onto her. She huffs and pushes you away. “Get out of here before I get angry!”

                “Don’t have to tell me twice, just invite me to the wedding!” You say, waving to everyone as you leave out the tavern and make your way home without further interruption.

                You arrive before you home, a little tired from the walk, but happy. Sure, you’d love to chat with some of the citizens of the Reach, maybe tie one off with Valeria and the other miners, but you have something far more important to do today. Taking in a breath and standing up straight, you open the door to your home and say, “Honey, I’m-“

                The rest of your words die out in your throat as you see the scene before you. Nestled in your living room, amongst the Ectrian rugs and pillows, is your wife, eyes closed, arms cradling something at her waist. Her tail swishes gently behind her, and even though her hair isn’t fully done, there are bags under her eyes, and her clothing is rumpled, the gentle smile on her face makes her the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen.

                It takes you a moment then to realize what else is making the scene so idyllic- an Ectrian lullaby sung with a voice so delicate you’d think a Goddess was in the very room. Your eyes drift away from your wife to the Harpy sitting next to her, her coppery skin framed by her golden hair as she sings.

                They take no notice of you and you close the door quietly behind you as you slink in, slowly sitting down on the cushions before your wife. She opens one eye and makes a “shhh” gesture before going back to rocking her head and arms along with the song. When it is finished, she lets out a sigh and looks to the singer, smiling.

                “Thank you, Ebe. It’s always wonderful to hear your voice.”

                “Of course.” The Gandharva says, beaming. “I wouldn’t miss a chance to sing for such a special guest.”

                “It seems like she liked it too.” You say, nodding toward Tabitha, who looks down at the bundle in her arms with joy.

                Cradled in a blanket is a small child, barely a few months old. Her skin is pale and the little hair on her head is brown, just like her mother’s. She stretches and reaches a hand up, which glitters with scales the color of Tabitha’s as well.

                You reach out and touch your daughter’s hand, feeling the coolness of her Lizardman scales and wondering just how both of you made something so precious. She lowers her hand a moment later and snuggles back to sleep, lulled to it by Ebe’s singing.

                “She’s just adorable.” Ebe says, putting her red-gold feathered wing hands together. “Looks every bit like her mother.”

                “Probably for the best.” Tabitha says, looking at you with a smirk.

                “Ouch, hey, defend me Erwin.”

You nudge the fox sleeping on Ebe’s lap. The familiar yawns and raises his head before giving you, “What, she’s right,” look.

“Tch, some familiar you are.” You sigh. “Anyway, sorry for being late, I got waylaid in town.”

                “Just like every day. It’s almost like people like you.”

                “I still find it amazing myself.” Ebe says, nodding her head with false sagacity. “I’ve only been here a few days and I can tell that everyone loves both of you. It’s so lovely here.”

                “Oh please.” You say. “You could always move here you know. Plenty of Ectrians moving in and the ‘Alqidiys of Ectria’ would attract people here.”

                “You know I can’t do that.” She sighs. “Still a lot to do in Ectria. The leylines are coming together and within the next year or two I suspect we’ll look into building leyways through the country. Male children being born to Monsters too is going to change everything and ahhhh.” She ruffles her hair. “It’s a lot to deal with.”

                “And yet you take a vacation to Deleor, hmm? I’m surprised Amon let you away.”

                “I’m going to visit Sophie and Sylphie, but I wanted to stop and say congratulations to the two of you as well. Of course, letting me stay here a few days is also nice.” She beams. “And besides, it’s not like I’m married to Amon or anything.”

                “Oh? So this isn’t a wedding invitation?” You say, pulling out the letter with the Sultan’s seal. Ebe looks tired upon seeing it.

                “The Kunoichi?”

                “You know it.”

                “I see lipstick…” Tabitha says, raising an eyebrow.


                “I’m going to gut her someday.”

                “Not in front of Tanya.”

                “I’ll have to teach her swordplay someday.” Your wife says, rolling her eyes. “Or perhaps she’ll take after her father, and be a spellblade.”

                “She has plenty of time before then.” You say, opening the letter. “She can choose whatever future she wants, just like all of u- the fuck, Zoras?”

                “Eh?” Ebe asks, looking over your shoulder at the letter. She scans for a few moments before whistling. “I mean, I knew she was on retainer to him, but I didn’t know they were like that.”

                “What does it say?” Tabitha asks.

                “Well, I was joking about it being a wedding invitation, but it looks like it really is. Apparently Amon has decided to marry Zoras of all people. Looks like it’ll be in a few months a they prepare the royal wedding and… aghh what a pain.”

                “What the-“ Ebe says, scanning the letter. “The letter is asking me to sing at the wedding? How did he know I’d, ahhh that conniving fox.” She sighs, looking down at Erwin in her lap.

                “Not to insult foxes, of course.”

                Erwin merely shrugs before getting up and stretching. {No offense taken. We foxes are a proud race, after all. Please tell her this.} He walks over to Tanya and licks her face before running up your shoulder to look at the letter, not that he does much reading.

                “He says he’s insulted you would say something so- ack, hey!” You bat him away with your right hand as he nibbles on your ear before wincing.

                “Rommel, the hand hasn’t fully healed yet?” Tabitha asks. “It was a nasty break but… maybe you should take the Wizard’s offer. It’s not so bad having prosthetics.”

                “No.” You say, voice firm but gentle. “We’ve talked about this already. I work okay without it being too painful. Besides…” You caress your daughter’s cheek. “I don’t want to miss this sensation.”

                Tabitha sighs and shakes her head, not exactly giving up on the argument. “Well, we’ll have to see if we can make arrangements out there. I’m a little hesitant to go with Tanya so young but if things go well with Helene I might consider it.”

                “Oh, I hope you can come.” Ebe says, beaming. “Polah would like to see you too, I’d imagine.”

                “Is she still living in a small house with a bunch of exotic animals?”

                “Yes, though it took even Amon ages to find her. She’s still the same as ever, but she’s in good spirits and I come to visit her from time to time. Maybe she’ll come out someday.”

                “Wouldn’t that be a sight.” You muse. “Well maybe-“

                You’re cut off as the door to your house opens without preamble to admit your sister. She hoists a large bag down onto your table as she slithers in before looking about and smiling.

                “Sorry about that, wanted to make sure I had everything in hand.”

                “It’s just a few days looking after an infant, not a trip across the world to kill a Goddess.” You say, looking at the bulging sack. “Gods, it’s like you’re going to Nep Nepion with all that.”

                “No, but I’d like to visit.” She huffs. “And I’m sure, dear brother, that your wife agrees that excessive planning is warranted with a first born child.”

                You turn to see Erwin, Ebe, and Tabitha nodding at you like you’re an idiot. Sighing, you hold up a hand in defeat. “Alright, alright… I understand. I’d hate for anything to be missing for my baby girl too.”

                “Ohhh you’re so cute.” Helene says, pinching your cheek. “To think that my little brother would have a kid before me. I could accept everything I knew about religion being a lie, but this? It’s a crime I tell you.”

                “Well then you need to push that man to propose.” Tabitha says, rising from the ground, her magitek legs shimmering. “And put an egg in you.”

                “I’m still having difficulty with the concept of pushing that out but such is the fate of the monsterized.” She says before clapping her hands together. “Well, you two better get ready to go then before it gets too dark.”

                “It’s not that far away.” You say, though both Ebe and Helene give you the side eye.

                “Ahem, but certainly I’ll wait as long as it takes, dear.”

                Tabitha chuckles and hands you your child, who squirms in your arms, her little tail swishing behind her. What kind of world will she make? Hopefully a better one than you grew up in, one where she doesn’t have to worry about the strife between human and Monster, nor the callous whims of the Gods. One where if she chooses the sword, it will be to defend others and not make war. Sure, this is pie in the sky dreaming- conflict is inevitable- but if you can mitigate this even a little bit, it’s worth it.

                “I’m happy for you.” Helene says, breaking you away from your thoughts. “All of the suffering you went through, it was worth it in the end, right?”

                “Yeah.” You say, looking down at your daughter’s sleeping form. “I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t want this. That the thought of living like this was repugnant to me. Now I can’t imagine life any other way.”

                {Awww, you’re starting to sound like that shit Wizard.} Erwin sends, looking down at Tanya from your shoulder. He pauses for a moment before sending, {I’m sure Maya would have adored her.}

                {Yeah. Bardam too.} You send back, thinking of the friends you’d lost back in that final battle. {I can only hope they’re getting good treatment from Nerg. I know Maya’s grove has.}

                {I’d like to visit again, someday.} Erwin sends.

                {Yeah, of course buddy. We’ll visit Valinthia’s grave too.}

                {Thanks, Rommel, you rock-collecting weirdo.}

                You touch heads with Erwin, who bounds off your shoulder as Tabitha returns to the room. Her hair combed and tied up and her clothing is replaced with traveling clothes while she carries a backpack filled with pre-packed gear. And of course, at her side is her sword. It’s like she too is ready to travel across the world and fight. Gods, she’s attractive.

                Rising to walk toward her, she goes straight past you to Helene and says, “Alright, so just to make sure, he’s a list of what to feed Tanya, when to feed her, and where to find the healers in town if anything goes wrong. Do not hesitate to have Erwin contact us and find that Dragon and force her to fly us back to here if anything happens.”

                “Tabitha, relax.” Helene sighs. “I take care of children all day for my job. I know a little more than you do who to contact if anything happens, but I assure you that nothing will.” She squeezes her sister-in-law’s arm.

                “Go and enjoy yourselves.”

                Tabitha hesitates and looks to you before slowly nodding her head and relenting. You walk forward and pass off your daughter to your sister, feeling that same anxiety that Tabitha does. As you do, Tanya’s eyes flutter open and she looks to the both of you before uttering a simple, “Googa?”

                Your wife leans forward and kisses her daughter on the forehead, then takes your hand to keep from grabbing her back. You kiss Tabitha on the forehead to reassure her and then look to Erwin and send, {Hold down the fort, okay?}

                {Operation, safety blanket is a go.} He sends back. {Though did you have to make your golems hide around the house too?}

                {They’re friends and they’re going to protect my baby, so yes.} You send, eyeing the form of a golem hiding behind some dried garlic hanging in your kitchen.

                {Okay, weirdo.}

                “Hehe, it’s adorable to see you two like this.” Ebe says. “Makes me want a family too… ahhh but what am I saying!” She pats her cheeks. “I’ll stay for a little longer, then head off. I hope to see you at least on my return trip!”

                “You’re always welcome in our home.” Tabitha says. “Any of our friends are.”

                “And with that, it’s time for us to go.” You say, taking your beautiful wife with you. Though you wave goodbye, you know it’s nothing of the sort. You’ll be back soon enough and everyone will be waiting for you. This is the future you’ve built with your actions.

                As the door closes behind you and the two of you begin walking, Tabitha looks behind her and bites her lip. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

                “Honey, we talked about this.”

                “I know, I know-“ You cut her off but giving her a deep kiss. She melts into it a moment later, placing her arms around you and holding you tight. When you pull away, she’s breathing a little heavy, a smile on her face.

                “Well, you make a convincing argument.” She sighs, contented.


                Wiping your hair with a towel, you sigh as you enter your room after getting out of the hot springs. Unable to keep the place much of a secret, you helped with the council build a resort of sorts to help attract people to the city as well as give the residents, many of whom being Lizardmen adore such things, a place to relax. Certainly it’s no secluded hideaway now, but having other amenities is quite nice.

                They also built the walls very thick. You made certain that was part of the building plan.

                “Are you feeling okay, you got out early?” You ask, finishing wiping your face and drawing the towel down. As you do, you raise an eyebrow at the sight before you.

                Laying on the plush bed before you is your wife, wearing not a scrap of clothing. She rests with her head propped up on one arm, clawed finger tracing a delicate line across the curves of her body. As you enter she gives you a languid smile and says, “Took you long enough.”

                “Have you been hitting the pipe?”

                “Oh, not yet, but I have it with me.” She chuckles as she beckons you forward. You helped best a Goddess, and yet as if entrapped by a spell you cannot unbind, you’re drawn toward her, sliding along the bed and running your hand over her hips up to her face, making her shiver as you pull her in for a kiss.

                “Do you know also by I don’t want prosthetics? Why the pain is worth it?” You ask Tabitha as you pull away from the kiss. She shakes her head so you take her hand with yours. “Because I want to feel you and have you feel this warmth also.”

                “Rommel…” She says, soft smile on her face. “You have two hands…”

                “I. Listen, that’s not the point. I was trying to be emotional and-“

                She cuts you off with a kiss. “Shut up and take the towel off.”

                Without hesitation, you do so, freeing up your member, which stands at attention after being denied your wife’s attentions for so long. Having to look after a young child has made such things a little difficult, even though you know she’s wanted it also.

                Tabitha pushes you on your back and leans over you, embarassement of all things on her face. “You’re sure you’re still attracted to me, right? My body must be a mess after not training as much for a few months due to the pregnancy and the injury…”

                “I’m sorry, but do you see how hard my boner is? Do you know how much I want to put another child in you?”

                “Ha! As if I’m going through that again!” She chuckles, then leans in and kisses you. “Though I’m sure if you try hard enough, I might change my mind.”

                You smile wide as she turns around and presents her dripping pussy in front of your face while she takes your cock in her soft, scaled hands. You let out a sigh of pleasure as she strokes you, then takes your member in her mouth as if it were the most delicious food and she was starving.

                Though you’d like to lay back and exult in the pleasure of her actions, you can’t leave the present she’s given to you go unattended. Your poor wife has clearly been waiting for this as much as you, given how moist she is. With her tail lifted in the air, she’s practically begging you to dive in. And so you do, with gusto.

                Tabitha lets out pleased moans which cascade over your dick as you begin your tongue assault. She goes at your dick with greater ferocity and you reciprocate in kind, tasting the sweetness of her folds. As she sucks, you feel yourself coming close to the edge, your backed-up balls aching for release.

                She feels it too and squeezes upon your sac, causing you to gasp and lose your control, spilling yourself into an orgasm that explodes a torrent of your seed into her mouth. She laps it up hungrily, holding your cock halfway down her throat as it splashes your semen into her belly. After what seems an eternity, she wraps her tongue around the edges of your edge, sending shudders down your spine before releasing your member to the air and licking her lips.

                You feel drained yourself, yet your cock is still at full mast, as it if senses that its job is unfinished. That’s right little buddy, you got this!

                Tabitha stares hungrily at your dick, but you grab her ass cheeks and push yourself back into her snatch, pressing on with your tongue lashing. She gasps and tries to pull away, but relents, little sounds escaping her as you bring her closer and closer to climax. Eventually she shudders and slumps forward on the bed, panting with pleasure as she reaches down to massage her pussy.

                You push yourself up and to the side of her, kissing her on mouth before running your hands down her breasts. They’d grown, of course, after she gave birth, an odd thing given she’s a reptile, but you’re not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Praise be to Dollora for your confusing, yet boner inducing biological transformations.

                She lets out a small, pleased noise as you fondle her breasts, a much more gentle process than breast-feeding. Her eyes turn to you, filled with lust, and she breathes out, “Put it in, hurry.”

                You don’t have to be told twice. With her on her side, you lift one of her legs and hold it as you position your throbbing member to her dripping snatch. It only takes one thrust to glide into her lubricated opening and you feel a familiar tightness that not even childbirth could remove.

                Tabitha buries her face into the pillow as you push yourself in and pull out, a piston action that you can barely control from being denied for so long. But you want to give her pleasure, let her feel appreciated for everything she’s done and make sure she knows how you feel about her. Given her expression and the way she tightens up around you, you think she gets the message.

                Your bury your cock into her deepest place and she lets out a deep cry, her face turning to you as you thrust. You lean forward and kiss her deep, continuing your rhythm into her, the two of you intertwined in the deepest, most passionate way possible.

                She wraps her arms around you, pushing you atop her as your cock throbs, ready for another release. And yet, she doesn’t break the kiss the entire time, eagerly stealing your breath in anticipation for what’s to come. Oh, and cum it does, her warm folds bringing you over the edge as you ram yourself as deep as you can possibly go, kissing her very womb in an effort to once again plant your seed.

                Waves of pleasure wash over you and into your wife, thick, white semen shooting forth and filling her up, each shot causing her to gasp until finally, you finish. Collapsing onto her, you both pant and laugh in equal measures, your emotions spilling forth in the purest, most raw form.

                “Rommel… I love you more than anything.”

                “I feel the same way Tabitha. I love you so much.”

                “Enough to fight another Goddess?”

                “I hope to the Gods we never have to do that again. I’d rather we close that chapter in our life and focus on the next one.”

                “Yeah.” She says, touching her belly, filled again with your seed. “I’m ready for a new story too. One we’ll write together, as a family.”

                You lean forward and kiss your wife, cock already hardening and ready to make this a very, very long night.

                >The end Rommel’s adventures

Epilogue 2

                >Tobias Shady

                The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re stuck inside doing paperwork. The most menial, most degrading, most agonizing paperwork in Deleor, perhaps the entire world. And there never seems to be an end to it. Perhaps you never really escaped the destruction of this world, perhaps you’re in a special designed Hell, just for you, a horrific prank pulled by Jackor, even in Nerg’s realm.

                “Cheer up, Mr. Shady.” Agent Anderson says from the desk next to you. “You’re doing important work for the good of the Kingdom.”

                “How in the name of the Gods is…” You pick up a file in front of you. “’Intelligence report on the length of wheat grass in the north-western sectors of Islebag’ happen to be important work for the Kingdom, exactly?”

                “Islebag is a small town that was hit hard by the raiding forces of Galmathoria and has only recently been able to return to a more natural state. They’ve been submitting crop reports which are off key from what they’ve done in the past, even before the invasion. If you’d read any of what you were working on, you might understand why that’s important.”

                “Uggh.” You say, putting your head on the table. “I thought when you sent for me to come to Loveura, that it would be some kind of important mission.”

                “Yes, and important mission where I allowed you to bring your entire family. No, this is merely a convenient location to work for an extended period.” He says, tapping his glasses. “Besides, such things haven’t been as necessary since relations with Galmathoria have been improving.”

                “Ah, right, the male child thing.” You say. “I’m a little sad I missed out on that, to be fair. Instead I had to have a chat with Jackor while Cair was falling apart around me. Again.”

                “Yes, I read that report too.” Anderson says, as if bored. “He cured you of some of your insanity?”

                “Just enough where I can still hear him laughing at me every now and then LIKE RIGHT NOW!” You say, flipping about and looking for the smug asshole. He’s not there, of course. He’s never there. But you’ll catch him someday, oh you’ll catch him someday that smug piece of shit.

                “Illusionists.” Anderson sighs. “Useful assets, yet entirely unpredictable. Mr. Denner was wise to go into retirement.”

                “Bah, I bet he’d love to have something to do other than have sex with his wife just about anywhere in the city.” You grumble. “Though I bet Ulala can probably hear that too.”

                “The Dryad has been rather occupied recently. A year is not enough time to put this city back together entirely and her help has been quite gracious, even after her recovery. It was a boon that she wasn’t harmed, even if she did end up destroying City Hall. And most of the main district.”

                “If it means anything, she’s really sorry about that.”

                “It does not, but I’ll take what I can get. The less we have to devote to rebuilding, the more we can devote to growth.”

                “Oh, Mom- err, The Monster Lady’s treaty with the King.”

                “Indeed. It will be a different world as we know it soon. The borders will be more porous as man and Monster co-mingle. For now, our work is minimal, but I expect in time the need for our services will increase.”

                “Then we should be enjoying our time now instead of wasting it on wheat grass!”

                Anderson sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Mr. Shady, while I understand your zeal in wishing to return to your friends and family, I must insist that you stay here until no earlier than 5:00pm.”

                Your eyes narrow. “Wait a minute… they aren’t planning something, are they?”

                “No, Mr. Shady. You’re partially insane and paranoid.” He says, going back to his work. “And that is also the ending time of a normal workday.”


                “Alright!” You say, stretching as you finish your last report on the sightings of Ectrian blight grubs to the Black Forest. “That’s it for today and it’s time to go!”

                “Very well, Mr. Shady.” Agent Anderson says, looking over your work. “You are free to leave. Have a pleasant evening.”

                “Oh I will indeed.” You say, smirking as you put on your suit coat. Anderson turns about and prepares to work on more files, causing you to pause. “You’re staying?”

                “The safety of the Kingdom is quite important, Mr. Shady.”

                “I know you don’t live in Loveura, but surely you have somewhere to be, someone to be with?”

                “I’ve never divulged any of my personal life, Mr. Shady.” Anderson says. “And now does not seem like an appropriate time to do so either.”

                “Hrrmm.” You say, tapping your chin. “That’s actually kind of sad. I get devoting yourself to your country but-“



                “Three children.” He says, flipping through a report you hadn’t seen earlier. “Scattered around the country. They’re all safe, if you were wondering. And a wife in Sanctifrond.”

                “Uh… huh.” You say, surprised. “Then this job…”

                “I’m not a fighter, Mr. Shady.” He says, hand resting on the file, one with a faded tag that you can read saying, “Anderson.” The man takes off his spectacles and looks at you with tired eyes. “But I’ll do anything it takes to keep them and this country safe. Anything.”

                You look into his eyes for a long time before nodding your head and tapping the reports on your desk. “I’ll be in at 9:00am.”

                “I expect no less. Oh, and if you would.” He holds out an envelope for you. “Can you bring this to the Order outpost?”

                Smirking at him, you take the envelope, turn about, and head out the door of the DSS provisional office and into the late afternoon sun.

                Loveura is still a city that bears scars from its battle. The proclamation from both the Monster Lady and the King of Deleor declaring Phallia’s crimes and Dollora’s ascension also hit this town, traditionally a home to Plant Monsters, very hard. Trust was difficult to earn back, especially when the true horrors of the Princess Alarune came to light, but with the work of the Queen Bee Girl and Heroes under the command of Captain Finn, a sense of order has been restored and animal Monsters, who had either been driven out or slaughtered, have begun to return to the city.

                It’ll take time for the region to fully recover, but witnessing one of the women transformed into the walking Plant Monsters nuzzling up next to a man, her belly swollen with child, does put your mind somewhat at ease. As long as people are willing to give the unexpected a try, they’ll find a way to make things work.

                “Speaking of which…” You mutter, looking at your magitek watch, a gift from Saya for your birthday recently. “I need to drop this off so I can get back to the inn.”

                Putting a pep in your step, you head off to the Order outpost. In truth, it’s just the buildings that were commandeered during the liberation of the city, but since the previous occupants were some of those killed, it became a great place to set up shop for the Order. The citizens didn’t mind either, given the role they played in retaking the city. In fact, certain members of the Order essentially became celebrities here, a fact you’re reminded of every time you come on by.

                “Captain Fiiiiinnn! Take me!” A woman shouts outside. “I’ll let you do anything to me!”

                “No, take me, take me!” Another woman shouts, holding up a sign proclaiming her love for the man.

                You sigh as you walk up to the tired guards, who are forced to keep the Loveuran Liberator’s outpost safe. Waving at them, you thumb to the crowd, “Same shit, different day?”

                “If only it weren’t the case.” The man sighs. “What brings you this way, Mr. Shady?”

                “Running errands for the venerable Agent Anderson, as usual.”

                “Heh, same shit?”

                “Different day, yep.” You say, walking past the guards, who shore up the line as the adoring fans try to break through behind you.

                The familiar setting greets you as you walk up the stairs to Finn’s office. As you approach, you hear banging followed by a flair of magic being used. Worried, you throw up the door and prepare your illusions, only to find Rayleigh hanging halfway out the window, fireballs in her hands as she screams,


                “Rayleigh!” Finn shouts at his desk, snapping his fingers.

                “Ack!” Rayleigh says, flames winking out as she slams closed to the window and turns about, smiling innocently. “S-Sorry Captain.”

                “You shouldn’t be so rude when we have guests.” He says, motioning to you.

                “Weh.” She says before noticing you. “Oh! It’s just Tobias.”

                “Excuse me madam, that’s special Agent Tobias Shady of the Deleorian Secret Service to you, and I do believe I outrank you.”

                “Okay, special Agent Tobias Shady of the Deleorian Secret Service, if you say so.”

                “Rayleigh, please…” Finn sighs. He waves you to a chair. “Would you like to take a seat?”

                “Oh, afraid not. I’m just here to deliver something from Anderson.” You say, pulling out the envelope and handing it to Finn. The man opens it up and scans the letter before sighing and placing it into a stack with other paper.

                “More work for us, it seems.”

                “Can’t be that bad, you get to work in a nice, cushy office with plenty of ambient music.” You look to the window where you can still hear women cheering for him. “And you have a lap dog, ready at your beck and call.”

                “Ah, but if only she was house broken.”

                “Hey!” Rayleigh says, walking up to the man, who is still taller than her, despite sitting down. She puff out her chest at him and he sighs before leaning over and placing a peck on her lips. She blushes and crosses her arms before huffing.

                “You really should tell them out there that you’re together.” You chuckle. “It’ll make things a lot easier, for the both of you.”

                “Perhaps, but at the same time it might complicate our work here. The Lord Commander already had his marriage partner in hand when he began to rise in popularity with the populace and didn’t have to suffer this, but I am not as fortunate.”

                “Besides, the danger of being caught makes it all the more fun.” Rayleigh chuckles, nuzzling up to the man.

                “Geez, and here I thought Clint and Ginelle were the Blake and Hala characters.” You say, rolling your eyes.

                “Eh?” Rayleigh asks before shaking her head. “Nevermind. Speaking of which, didn’t I see Ginelle here recently?”

                “Yes, I believe Lord and Lady Fullvora were visiting Loveura, I’d received a report about them denying guards after entering town…” Finn says, rooting around his desk.

                “Really? What could they be doing here?” You ask, confused. “Maybe they’re here to invest in one of Ophelia’s projects or something. I’ll have to say hi to them though.”

                “Indeed. Are you headed off then?”

                “Yeah, gotta get back to Saya and the kids. Don’t have too much fun you two.”

                “Hah, you wish you knew how much fun we have.” Rayleigh says before looking down. “And hey… thanks again Tobias. For everything.” She rests her head against Finn’s arm. “I mean it.”

                “Who knows where we’d be if not for your crazy adventure.” The man says, using his other hand to pat her head. “But I certainly know I’m too old to be doing that again.”

                “Hah, you and me both. You and me both! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be a family man.”

                “Yes, that should have been enough time anyway.”

                “I’m sorry, what?”

                “Oh, just thinking about a progress report.” He says, tapping the stack on his desk. “Say hi to your wife for me.”

                “Uh, yeah, I will. Thanks.” You wave to the two of them goodbye, wheels turning in your head the whole way back to the inn.

                The residential areas of Loveura were some of the first to be restored, and they brim with the energy of people trying to get back to their daily lives. Workers from other parts of the country and new arrivals from all over have come to fill the vacancies, transforming the place into a vibrant mixture of peoples that contrast with the pure white stone of the city.

                A familiar inn comes into view and you chuckle as you see two other familiar faces kicking a ball between each other.

                “Akela! Kick it far!”

                “I got it!”

                A little black furred Anubis runs forward and kicks the ball rolling toward her with her padded feet. It flies through the air, directly toward you. If you weren’t used to making life or death decisions, it probably would have hit you square in the chest and made you stagger backward, coughing. As it stands, you were distracted and it ends up hitting you square in the face, dropping you to the ground.

                “Oh no! M-Mr. Shady!” A little Wolf Girl cries, running up to you as you lie on your back, dazed.

                “Dad! Oh no, I’m so sorry!” Akela says, crouching next to you. “Crap, did I kill him?”

                “L-Language, young lady.” You whisper as things come back into focus.

                “Oh, thank the Gods, you’re alive.” Akela sighs out with relief. “I thought I’d killed you with that kick. I’m so sorry.”

                “Good at sports, another thing you’re great at.” You groan, picking yourself up from the ground and checking your face for blood. None, thankfully. “But you should be a little more careful how hard you’re playing in the street when people are around.”

                “Sorry Mr. Shady.” Jeanie, the little grey furred Wolf Girl says. “It was my fault, I told her to do it.”

                “No, I should have known better.” Akela says, looking downcast.

                “Hey, hey, the two of you, cut it out.” You say, shaking your head. “You’re still kids, so you make mistakes from time to time. Just learn from them and try not to do it again.” A groan escapes you.

                “But I might need some ice. I’ll see if your mother has any I can use, Jeanie.”

                “U-uhm!” The two wolves (one being of the desert, of course) say, looking between each other with worry. Akela coughs into her furred hand,

                “I think you should wait a little longer. There’s uhm… some cool bugs we want to show you!”

                “Y-yeah!” Jeanie says, covering for her.

                “Uh huh… and since when have you liked bugs?” You ask Akela, eyes narrowed.

                “Uhm… since we came here for the summer and I met Jeanie!” She says, smiling. “She knows a lot of fun things in town.”

                “Yeah! And Akela is super smart!” Jeanie says, nodding her head. “Everyone things she’s super cool and pretty too!”

                “Haha, well you’re both adorable.” You say, remembering how not too long ago, little Jeanie was making fun of you and only started treating you like a real adult when you became a parent.

                “Ah, I remember Saya telling me about her best friend when she was growing up. Although they hated each other, but it was a friendly rivalry in truth. I’m glad to see the two of you having a much more stable relationship. Did you know that she’s a Wolf Girl too? Daughter of the Lord Commander himself!”

                “Oh, miss Patricia? She’s he-“ Hanna begins before her eyes go wide and she cuts off, looking to Akela for help.

Your expression goes neutral and you ask in a slow voice,

                “What is Saya planning?”

                “N-Nothing!” They say in unison. Worry creeps into both of their expressions as they back away from you.

                “I-I gotta help dad with dinner!” Jeanie says, eyes darting back to the inn.

                “A-and I have some homework I still need to do!” Akela says, turning tail and running away with Jeanie behind the stables and presumably back inside the inn.

                “Hmph.” You say, shaking your head. “Akela never leaves homework undone.”

                Gaze turning back to the inn, you dust yourself off and stand up straight, walking toward the door with purpose. When you reach the thick oaken door, you pull on it as you have done multiple times before… to find it locked.

                “What.” You say, looking down at the handle. Curses, to be foiled by the simplest of anti-burglary mechanisms. While you could go through the back, you end up rolling your eyes and knocking on the door. A few moments later a slot on the door opens to reveal a pair of yellow, lupine eyes.

                “Tobias! You’re back early!” Hannah, the innkeeper says.

                “I get off work at 5:00pm, why is everyone acting weird?” You sigh, tired of this.

                “What do you mean, weird?”

                “Hanna, please, I could easily go through one of the windows if I had the true inclination to get inside.”

                “Saya said you’d try that so we locked all the windows.”

                “Curse her…” You mutter. “Okay then, WHEN can I come inside?”

                “Now, I’d wager.” A voice says behind you.

                Surprised, you turn about to see the familiar faces of Ginelle and Clint.

                The man waves to you in his suit, which fits the man much better than your own, damn him,  though you’re surprised to see Ginelle wearing such a nice dress. It’s long and free flowing on her, covering her muscled abdomen well while showing off her powerful arms- not that many dresses could really contain them.

                “Clint! Ginelle! I’d heard the two of you were in town. We really haven’t seen each other much in the past year what with how crazy things have been.”

                “I understand.” He says, nodding his head. “It’s been difficult for us as well, but with the peace between the Monster Nation and Deleor, my house has been far more amenable to our relationship.”

                You turn to Ginelle, who places a hand over her belly and looks off to the side. “Tobias.”

                “Ah… is it still…?” You ask, worry coming to your face. “Well… anyway, what brings you over here? I figured you wouldn’t come seek me out?”

                “Well, since there’s no real way around it, we received a nicely worded letter from your wife asking us to come.”

                “Eh? Weren’t you in town for something more business related?”

                “Well, that can happen too, but I convinced Ginelle to come visit. It’ll do her good to see some old friends.”

                She sighs and looks at the door. “Why are you standing out here anyway?”

                “Because you two were supposed to have arrived already.” Hannah sighs from the other side. “Well I guess everyone can come on in.”

                The door opens and you hold out your arm for them to enter before you, eliciting a bow from Clint and a grunt from Ginelle. Adjusting your coat, you follow after them to find yourself in what looks like a festival day celebration.

                “What’s all this?” You ask, looking around in wonder.

                “Surprise!” A chorus of voices shout from all around. You shrink back, thinking it’s your insanity creeping in again when a group of your friends and family emerge from the stairs and kitchen.

                “Oh!” You say, looking around in panic. “Crap, did I forget our anniversary?”

                “Language, Dad!” Akela says, to the laughter of everyone present.

                “Not this time, dear, though you did come dangerously close last time.” Saya says, walking down the stairs, wearing a lovely red dress that compliments her pale skin. She holds in her arms a little girl with black hair and a complexion as pale as hers, wearing a little yellow dress.

                Turning about in the room, you see of course Saya, Akela, Clint, and Ginelle, but also your mentor Richard, Clarissa, and Ophelia. Surprisingly, you also see Patricia, who stands next to a scholarly looking man with spectacles on his face. Adding in Hannah, Jeanie, and her husband, it’s an all-star cast of all the people you know and love.

                “Is this some kind of prank? Am I being pranked right now?”

                “Gods Tobias, it’s a party.” Ginelle sighs. “A surprise one.”

                “Ginelle…” Clint says, putting a hand on her shoulder before smiling at you. “Well, she’s right! Saya wanted to have a little reunion of sorts and gathered everyone in secret.”

                “This isn’t something that necessitates secrecy though…” You mutter, though you still bow your head and say, “But it is quite the surprise. Well met everyone!”

                The gathered guests move about to the food and speak amongst themselves, eager to reconnect with themselves as much as with you. For your part, you move toward Saya and give her a kiss on the lips before looking down to little girl in her arms. She holds out her hands upon seeing you and says, her face melting into black sludge, “Papa!”

                “There’s my little Erica.” You say, taking her hands with yours. She giggles and smiles, a sight that many would find horrific, but you find adorable.

                “Well isn’t that a sight.” Clarissa says as she walks up next to you, the Crow Girl wearing a sleeveless dress as well, one which accentuates her lithe body built for flying. “I’ve seen her a few times, but this is the best she’s gotten at holding her form.”

                “She’s growing fast.” Saya says, smiling at Clarissa. “I’m happy you could make it.”

                “Of course I’d make it. I won’t pass up a chance for some good food and to embarrass this clown.” She says, patting you on the back with her wing-arm.

                “Yes, the clown who helped you find your boyfriend.”

                “T-That’s just coincidence.” She says, crossing her arms.

                “Coincidences don’t make the cute military courier have a suspiciously similar route to your own for months at a time.” You say back, sly smile on your face.

                “W-Well.” She says, puffing out her cheeks. “Okay fine, thank you. Quentin is wonderful. He’s going to take leave soon and we’re going to Hudson for the beach.”

                “Oh ho, you in a swimsuit? I’d like to see that.” Saya says, smirking.

                “I’m sure he does too.” You say. “Invite us to the wedding, alright?”

                “Of course.” She says, “You’re my oldest friend Tobias, I would never dream of letting you miss it. Just as I would never dream of missing Hannah’s husband’s cooking, if you’ll excuse me…”

                She slips away, allowing Ophelia to walk up, shaking her head as she holds a glass of wine. She’s wearing a lovely blue dress with less frills that the one she normally wears, instead choosing something more alluring and trendy now that Monster Nation fashion is making its way into the culture. Thankfully the “not wearing clothing at all” hasn’t been a phase yet, but you wonder…

                “I’m surprised they had wine glasses here at all.” You say, nodding at her drink. “I figured Hannah only had flagons.”

                “I heard that!” The Innkeeper says.

                “Well, I have to act refined every now and then now that I’m the head of the Illoma Manufactorum.” Ophelia says, sniffing. “A little too dignified to be at a party like this.”

                “Yes, too dignified to be at a party graced by the son of a High Lord of Deleor, an agent of the DSS, and the daughters of the Grand Wizard and the Lord Commander. I guess all that’s missing is the King himself, hmm?”

                “Well, it would be a start.” She says. A moment later a smirk cracks her lips and she chuckles, “Ahhh I can’t keep such sarcasm up around you.”

                “It’s okay, you tried.” You say, taking a wine glass from Hannah as she walks around the room and clinking it on Ophelia’s before taking a sip.

                “Tobias!” Saya says, a look of hurt on her expression.

                “What? You would have refused the drink anyway.”

                “Yes, but it’s proper to ask me if I wanted one!”

                “Saya, do you want a drink?”

                “No, I have a small child in my arms.”

                “Okay then.” You say, turning back to Ophelia. The Rabbit Girl looks between the two of you with her ears up straight, as if she’s getting ready to bolt away from danger. You merely chuckle and hold out your other hand, taking a glass from Hannah without even looking and handing it to Saya.

                “It’s non-alcoholic.”

                “Hmph.” She says, taking it with one hand and sipping. “This guy. I swear, sometimes I think Mom was right.”

                “Right about what?” You ask, confused. Turning to Ophelia, she just looks away and whistles. “Right about what?”

                “Anyway, how’s the factory?” Saya asks the Rabbit Girl.

                “Oh, it’s going great. Now that your father has his head out of his ass and we have a partnership, we’re manufacturing a lot of prosthetics which are helping those affected by the war. The government has the contract at the moment, but we’re looking to expand out of it via a loophole with the Order hospitaliers. We’re doing great things.”

                She chuckles, “And to think, all it cost your father was an arm and a leg.”

                “See, a year ago, that wouldn’t have been funny.” Saya says. “But if he were here right now he’d be laughing along with you.”

                “Speaking of which.” You ask, looking about. “Where is the rest of the family?”

                “Sanctifrond, I’d imagine. Same as with Alice and Abigail, who also declined unfortunately.”

                “Ah, well, I’m sure it’s important.” You say. “We’ll have to visit sometime once Anderson stops riding my ass.”

                “I’m surprised he’s not here too. I sent him an invitation.” Saya mutters.

                “What was that?”

                “Nothing, nothing.” She says, sipping her drink.

                “You two… the more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?” Ophelia says, looking between the two of you. “I’m glad for you, seriously. That you have something so beautiful together. I just wish some of the suitors that mother brings along were worth a damn, but at this rate I feel I’ll be forever alone with my magitek.”

                “Ophelia, you didn’t make a magitek dil-“

                “Yes and no, I’m not talking about it.” She says, holding up a hand. “But I’ve been having good relations with a start-up magitek foundry out of Port Dorning, so maybe it’ll lead to something?”

                “Well, here’s to you then.” You say, all three of you holding up your glasses to a toast. “To Ophelia. She’s cheated death more times than she can count, and soon enough, she’ll cheat right into this man’s pants.”

                “Tobias, that sounds awful!” She says, horrified. “But I hope so.”

                The three of you laugh and drink to that. The Rabbit Girl sighs and says, “Well, I’ve taken enough of your time. You come by to visit any time, VIP access! I’d give nothing less to some of my best friends. Although hopefully you don’t rope me into any adventures again? Next time I’ll outright refuse!”

                “Okay, okay.” You say. “No more near death experiences.”

                “Oh, we’re talking about near death experiences are we?” Patricia says, joining the conversation. “Are more of those taking place.”

                “I hope not!” Ophelia says before bowing to the Wolf Girl. “Oh, I need to talk with you later about some of the information you’ve translated. I have some great ideas on how to use that for better magitek flight units that can be as powerful as a Dragon.”

                “Certainly.” Patricia says, waving to the Rabbit Girl as she bounds away. She watches her go for a moment before turning back to you, her surprisingly risqué purple dress fluttering. “Apologies if you were still speaking with her.”

                “No, I think she needed to use the toilet.” Saya says, watching Ophelia go. “How polite of her.”

                “Yes, well.” You say, coughing onto your arm. “Patricia! So good to see you! No one’s been able to contact you until recently. I hear you’ve been in the Monster Nation all this time?”

                “Indeed.” She says, bowing her head. “Myself and Daniel have been exploring the ruins of that observatory after I returned home.” A blush comes to her face. “Ah, but I forgot to introduce him! Daniel, these are my friends, Saya and Tobias.”

                “A pleasure.” He says, nodding his head. “And you have a lovely child there. She’s quite the… uh…” His words trail off as Erica’s skin begins to pop like it’s boiling.

                “Oh, it just means she’s hungry.” Saya says. “I’ll be right back.”

                “Alright, take your time.” You say as she heads upstairs to feed your daughter. “Children, am I right?”

                “Fascinating.” The man says, watching her leave.

                “Ahem.” Patricia says, nudging his arm.

                “Oh! Yes, I’m sorry. My name is Daniel, a student at the University in Sanctifrond and Patricia’s significant other.”

                “Ohhh, you’re the guy fucking her in the study halls.”

                “Yes, I guess that’s one way to put it.”

                “Oh my Gods.” Patricia says, putting a furred hand to her face. “Daniel, this is a nice party, please don’t act like my mother.”

                “Were you two getting freaky up in the Monster Nation?”

                “Of course. Did you know the ancient humans had a book describing various forms of erotica? Certainly it’s different with a Monster, but the general gist is the same.”

                “Oh really? I’d like to see a translated copy of that. My wife can pretty much adapt to anything.”

                “Stop.” Patricia says, fuming. “Just stop. Gods, I wish I could contact Hevensferth to bring some order to this mess.”

                You watch as she rubs the gemstone Hevensferth enchanted between her fingers, it being returned to her after the battle a year ago. With a chuckle, you say, “The only Gods keeping tabs on us at the moment is Jackor. Not ideal, but it’s better than things were before.” You continue to laugh, eyes sliding around the room. He’s here, you can feel it.

                “I… see.” She says. “Well, I am glad to be back to polite civilization, although the work the Monster Lady has done certainly is reinvigorating the Monster Nation. I look forward to seeing how things are when the leyway system opens up there.”

                “Aye, me too. I’d like to visit every now and then. With Saya, of course.”

                “Of course.” She says. “Oh, and by the way, we ran into Simone again. Seems she’s learning to enjoy her new body a little. Ended up ah, trying out sex a little and found it to her liking. She was very gratuitous with the details.”

                Daniel looks uncomfortable as she says that. You could potentially empathize.

                “Anyway, she’s gone off on her journey again. I suspect we might find her again in the Observatory in the future. We plan to go back for another expedition soon after a trip back to Sanctifrond.”

                “I’ll be nice to sleep in our own bed again.” He says, squeezing her shoulder. “Now then, let’s go get some food, hmm?”

                “Well, I’ll rub things into Saya’s face more later.” Patricia sniffs. “Anyway, it’s great to see you again Tobias. I hope you and your stay well.”

                “You too Patricia, it’s always a pleasure.”

                The two bow and walk away, leaving you with a wine glass and no one to talk to. Which means it’s a great time to get some grub. Though as you sneak away to get some of Hannah’s husband’s cooking before it’s all gone, you’re accosted by vines that wrap around your arm, holding you in place. Normally, you’d freak out and attack, but you calmly take a breath, sip your wine, and say,

                “Ulala, you can just say hi.”

                “Ohh but that’s no fun.” She says, vines retracting as a simulacrum of her form rises from between the floorboards. “It’s more enjoyable to frighten you.”

                “Please, the only thing he’s frightened of is his own shadow.” Richard says, walking up to his wife. He’s wearing a dapper suit of his own, though Ulala is… well, she didn’t form naughty bits, so close enough to fashionable.  

                “Look, I’m just saying it’s always following me, okay?” You chuckle as two of you pull in for a deep hug. He still has the strength to break your back if he wanted to, the damn ox.

                “I know we see each other a fair amount since you’re staying here for awhile, but it’s nicer when it’s a party like this. Saya asked and I couldn’t say no.”

                “And since I can manifest myself out here, I figured I might as well come along!” Ulala chuckles. “Who knew I could move my roots out this far? What a terrible way to find out, but it’s something.”

                “I’m still glad both of you are okay. I was scared there for abit.”

                “Well, without your help it could have ended badly.” Richard says. “But we’re together and that’s what matters.”

                “Oh, did you tell him yet?” Ulala says.

                “Ah, no, I guess I forgot.” He says, coughing into his hand. “Tobias, ah, Ulala and I… have formed a seedpod.”

                You blink for a moment before your eyes go wide. “Wait a minute. You… you’ve-?”

                “Yep!” Ulala says, eyes shining. “Even in all my years I never thought someone would be able to do it. But Richard’s seed is still strong despite his age and so are mine! So… I guess we’ll have to find a place to plant her!”

                “I’ll talk with the city council and see what they’d want to do.” Richard says.

                “I figure it would be an easy task for the mayor to make space, especially since the arboreteum is trashed.”

                “First off, that’s an abuse of power, and second off, I will not raise a child in that place.” He huffs, much to Ulala’s amusement.

                “Haha… what a strange world we live in. Dollora now the Goddess of life and Phallia gone, Monsters and humanity coming together… I look forward to what your generation achieves next, young Tobias.”

                “Aye.” Richard says, ruffling your hair. “Me too. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done, Tobias. I hope my child grows up like you.”

                “Are you really sure about that?” You ask, though a smile is on your face.

                “Well, maybe not exactly like you and your strange attachment to fantasy novels.”

                “It’s non-fiction!” You say, huffing. “Besides, I hear he’s writing more. I wonder if I’ll be in one this time.”

                “Maybe.” Richard says, clasping your shoulder and nodding. “But hey, come on by next time you get the chance. I think someone else is waiting to talk with you.”

                You cock your head and turn around to see Ginelle and Clint walk up, the former looking less inclined than the latter. The man nods his head to you while the Badger Girl continues to look away.

                Clint sighs and tries to put in a happy face. “This is a lovely little get together that Saya organized. I’m glad we could come, though I would like to speak with her as well.”

                “Yes, I think it would be good if she was here also.” You say, feeling awkward. To reinforce this point, a silence stretches between you and you punctuate by coughing.

                “Let’s just go.” Ginelle says. “There’s no real point in being here, is there?”

                “Come on, we talked about this…” He whispers to her. Watching the scene breaks your heart, but what can you really say? All you can do is hold your glass and stand there, awkward and broken as two of your closest friends bicker.

                “Oh, it’s Clint and Ginelle! How wonderful!” The voice of an angel says from behind you.

                Saya returns down the stairs, carrying Erica again. When she reaches you, she places the little girl on the ground, where she trembles for a moment before standing upright and holding her mother’s hand. She beams and says, “It’s good to see the both of you again. It’s been too long.”

                Ginelle watches the little goo girl as her form fluctuates slightly, but holds mostly in place. Erica waves at her and gives a goofy smile, which makes the Badger Girl smile back in turn.

                “Yes, it has been awhile. Look at how big Erica has gotten. She’ll be running around in all sorts of forms here soon I imagine.” Clint says, waving to the little girl as well.

                “Oh what a headache that will be.” Saya laughs. “Maybe I’ll get to move this old bag of bones to try and keep up with her, hmm?”

                “Haha, ah Saya, you are far too harsh on yourself, you’re as attractive as the day we met.”

                As the two talk, you inch forward to Ginelle and ask in a low voice, “Ginelle, are you upset over what happened here in Loveura last year? I tried back at the party in Sanctifrond the Lord Commander hosted to make amends but-“

                “Tobias, I know I said we’d forgive it the one time, but then again our lives were endangered in the Arboretum. Yes, it wasn’t a direct illusion but it made it hard to trust you.” She says, digging her claws into her arm. “I asked Clint not to accept because I didn’t want to have this conversation.”

                “Ginelle… I don’t know what I could say to try to make what happened any better, but I’ve always regarded you as a close friend. This city was where we bonded and I hate that it’s where we fell apart too. Maybe we could come full circle though?”

                She looks pained, and you attention is brought back to the others as Saya tugs on your arm while Clint puts an arm around Ginelle. His eyes are tinged with sadness as he says, “I was hoping maybe seeing everyone again would make Ginelle feel a little easier, but I guess not. I didn’t mean to hurt anything but I’d hoped…”

                “We understand.” Saya says. “But I have to stand by my husband. He’s an idiot who does some really stupid things, but I still love him, even though I also love both of you and I’ll always consider you a friend, Ginelle.”

                The Badger Girl places one hand her belly and the other to her face as tears begin to pour down her cheeks. “I’m not… good with complicated matters like this. And my emotions are all over the place as it is. I want to forgive Tobias, but I also want to rip his head off! I don’t know what to do!”

                “Oh.” Saya gasps. “Ginelle… that dress and… oh my goodness.”

                She hands Erica to you and walks over to comfort the crying Badger Girl. You blink in surprise and look to Clint, who is a mixture of sad and happy. It triggers in you a moment later.

                “Oh! Clint, you’re-?”

                “Yeah, well, I’d rather you learned in happier circumstances, but Ginelle is pregnant. The house has officiated us being together too and we’re set to be married. We’ve been holding back the date though because I was hoping…” He gulps and looks to his fiancé.

                “Ginelle.” You say, looking between her and your daughter. Taking a deep breath, you pick your child up and walk over to her as Saya comforts her. Standing firm, you say, “I’m sorry. I know the words might be hollow at times, but know in my heart and before my very child that I’m so sorry for that happened. I want to be in your lives, I want to do everything I can to help with anything you’re going through and to support your union with Clint. Even if you don’t want to see me, I want to help because you’re my friend damnit. And that’s what being friends means.”

                Saya gives you a soft smile while Ginelle sniffles and wipes at her tears.

                “You’re a piece of shit, Tobias Shady. But damnit, I can’t just flush you away.”

                Clint embraces her and she pulls into his chest before looking up at him. She nods softly before turning back to you, a look of worry on her face. Clint takes a deep breath before asking,

                “Tobias, we did think long and hard about this, and truthfully coming here was mostly to convince ourselves of what we already knew and had trouble admitting. We want you and Saya to be our child’s Godparents.”

                “Oh… oh wow.” You say, blinking in surprise. Saya looks surprised too, but she recovers first, smiling with joy.

                “Of course we will. You’re still for taking this long to ask us, right Tobias?”

                “Uh, yeah. Yeah!” You say nodding with enthusiasm. “It would be an honor.”

                Clint smiles and kisses Ginelle on the forehead. “See, that wasn’t so hard.”

                “Says you, you’re not the one who’s got mood swings.” She takes a deep breath and exhales slowly before looking at you with a steely resolve, which is somewhat ruined by her puffy eyes from crying. Her finger pokes you in the chest, which hurts because of her nails. “Alright, I’m done crying about this. You better prove yourself to be a damn good father so if anything happens to us I won’t feel guilty about this decision. And… and…”

                She pulls forward and hugs you tighter than even Richard did. “And you better not do anything to leave our lives again, okay?”

                “Y-yeah.” You wheeze. “You got it!”

                She pulls away and wipes at her eyes. Clint takes her hand and says, “We’ll step outside for a moment and be back in, okay?”

                “Of course, take your time.” Saya says, smiling. “And congratulations. You better get married soon so your dress still fits!”

                “Bite me!” Ginelle says back, smile on her face as she goes.

                “We have an interesting assortment of friends.” Saya says, looking down at Erica as she holds up her hand to you as well.

                “We suuuuurrreee do.” You say, taking the proffered hand. “But I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.”


                “Goodnight, sweetie.” You say to Akela as you kiss her forehead. She groans and shifts under the blankets.

                “But I’m not tired… I want to eat more cake…”

                “You can have more later. You’ll upset your stomach if you eat more.”

                “Okay… fine.” She sighs before going quiet for a moment. “Hey Dad?”


                “When are we going home?”

                “Once I’m done with this work. Don’t worry, you’ll be back in time for school.”

                “Do you think you’ll have to go away again for awhile? Like before?”

                You close your eyes and sigh out. “If I do, it won’t be for long. Not like last time and never as dangerous. I’m going to be there for both you and your sister as much as I can.”

                “I know, I just wanted to hear you say it.” She says, snuggling up with a smile on her face.

                “Cheeky little rascal.” You say, ruffling her hair as she giggles. “Go to bed, alright.”

                “Alright dad…” She yawns. “I love you…”

                “I love you too.” You say, leaving the room and closing the door gently behind you. Letting out a deep sigh, you head toward your room when you hear laughter.

                Spinning about as fast as you can, you prepare to see nothing, so it surprises you to see two figures standing there in the hallway. One is a well groomed man in a suit while the other is a small fairy with multicolored butterfly wings and long, purple hair.

                “What the… Jackor? Abigail? Wait wait, why are you two together, you hate each other.”

                “We HATED each other.” He says, wagging a finger. “While you’ve been gallivanting around the world exiling my sister to eternal torture, I’ve been trying to reconnect with my children.”

                “Tip, he’s still an asshole.” Abigail says. “But he did convince me to come out here.”

                “Were you not going to?”

                “Listen, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other and with the mess last year I wasn’t doing the art classes and… uhm…”

                “Basically she’s still a coward.” Jackor says. “That fear of crowds never really goes away, even after being a Titania for a brief period.”

                “Hey, watch it fuck-face.” She growls. “Anyway… I wanted to say hi to everyone but… I was too late to join the party. At the very least I wanted to thank you for everything.”

                “It’s no problem.” You say, smiling at her. “And we love to see you. We were sad to hear the art classes were off the table, but if you feel up to doing them again, Akela is ready to learn.”

                “Of course.” She says, smiling bright. “I’d love that.”

                “Oh how sweet and sappy.” Jackor says. “Beautiful, touching really. Now then, are you ready to go?”

                “Yes, geez.” Abigail says. “Never agree to hitch a ride with your asshole of a God.”

                “Duly noted.”

                “Hmph.” Jackor says. “Well I’ll be. Anyway, a pleasure to see you again Tobias, though I don’t plan to make a habit of it. Continue to live your life with the gift you’ve been given, and try not to go utterly insane. You’re still one of my favorite playthings, after all.”

                “And you can go fuck yourself too, Jackor.” You say, flipping him the bird as he fades away, taking a waving Abigail with him.

                “I hate that guy so much.” You mutter, walking into your room where you wife gives you an odd look.

                “Where you cursing the Gods again?”

                “One God in particular.” You sigh, removing your jacket and sitting on the bed. Saya slides up behind you and begins to massage your back, making your sigh in pleasure at the taut muscles there loosening up.

                “You know.” She whispers in your ear. “Erica is fast asleep in her crib.”

                “You mean that bathtub?”

                “She’s made of slime, what do you want from me?” She hisses. “Anyway… she sleeps pretty hard, and Akela’s room isn’t right next to ours…”

                “Ohhh.” You say, clapping your hands together. “You’re propositioning me for sex!”

                “Gods, why did I marry you again?”

                “You like the taste of my lips?”

                “A little high up, but good enough.” She says as she turns your head to the side and kisses you. Her tongue melts (not literally) in your mouth as the two of you collapse to the bed, hands exploring each other. It’s been awhile since you’ve done it, what with Erica being so young. Both of you are filled to the brim with desire as you pull each other’s clothes off, dropping them to the floor in heaps, never breaking the kiss.

                “So… ha… what will it be tonight?” Saya says, eyes flashing. “I brought my cat o’ninetails skeleton, my manticore skeleton, oh… how about that Anubis skeleton so we can pretend we’re giving Akela an Anubis sister, hmm?”

                “None of them.” You say, straddled above her, cock at full mast. “The only one I want right now is you.”

                “Well… you have her.” She says, waving her hand over her lithe, attractive body.

                “No, not this you. You, you.”

                “Oh.” She says, blushing before giving you a big smile. Her pale skin shudders and turns black and almost gelatinous while her eyes become red and arachnid. She chuckles as you only grow harder looking at her. “I’ll never understand why this turns you on so much.”

                “Because, it’s who you are at your core.” You say, leaning down and kissing her slick mouth. “And it’s the person I love more than anything else.”

                She laughs as she pushes herself up and pushes her spine in a away that should not be physically possible in order to suck your dick as you straddle her. The warm, gooey wetness of her mouth smothers your dick and slides around it, forming almost a mold that tickles every sensitive part of your penis. When she begins the suction, you can’t help but let out a gasp of pleasure.

                Her eyes glitter with glee as she continues her blowjob, slurping and sucking with noises that would disgust most but make you rock solid. When you throb and come close to climax, you hold up your hand and say, “Stop!”

                She looks at you, confused as she slides off, the inky simulacrum of a woman, cocking her head in confusion.

                “You’re going to taste this anywhere it goes, so let’s go for the main course.” You say, sweat dripping off your brow from the intensity of the blowjob.

                “Haha… whatever you say.” She says, shifting her bones about in her body in order to flip on her back. One hand pulls back the flaps of her dripping pussy as she says, “Do you need more of an invitation?”

                “No ma’am.” You say, grabbing hold of her buttocks, hands sinking into her slime body as you plunge yourself even deeper into her with your cock.

                The folds of her body contort around you, having long ago memorized the shape and structure of your penis. There’s no way you could get this kind of pleasure from any other kind of woman or Monster, not that you’d want to. Her body is literally made to adapt to yours, and from her moans, you know she’s pleasured by it as well. Without much further ado, you begin to thrust inside of her with intensity that makes the bed rock and creak.

                Though you wonder in the back of your mind if anyone will interrupt, you push those thoughts away, focusing only on the task in front of you- pleasuring your wife. Of course, she grips the bedsheets tight, pushing and churning her insides in time with your thrusts, brining a harmony between you and her. It’s enough to bring you over the edge faster than you’d have liked, your backed up seed flowing into her in rich spurts.

                She makes a pleased sigh as she (literally) drinks it all up, your cock being drained for all it’s worth. When your finished with your orgasm, you sigh and make to slump forward to rest for a moment.

                “Where do you think you’re going?” She asks, sliding her body up to straddle you as you sit up. Her slime genitals wrap around your cock tight, sliding against your sensitive organ until it begins to harden again.

                “Damn, this is kinky.” You say, feeling the urge build up within you again.

                “Well, you wanted the real me.” She says, wrapping her arms around your back as her body oozes over yours, coating her in her slime. “And I want all of you.”

                “I can’t tell if you want to eat me or if that’s a euphemism for sex, so I’m going to start thrusting.”

                She gasps as you begin to thrust upward into her, the bones in her arms pressing against your back as she tightens up. Unprepared for your assault, her pussy is a loose, sloppy mess, but you find it amusing as you probe within her, until she reforms around you, pressure returning until the normal motions of sex reappear.

                “N-Not fair!” She says between gasps.

                “Says the slime who can eat people with the barest touch.”

                “Watch it mister, you’re wearing me like a coat already.”

                “Yeah, and it’s the sexy coat in town.”

                “Ahhhh fuck I love you, you big idiot!” She says as she kisses you passionately, her sloppy mouth sliding along with yours as her tight mouth below accepts your cock. Both kisses increase in intensity, faster and faster, and you feel your cock twitch, cum rising.

                With a final thrust, you unleash the torrent into her, coating her black body with your white sperm, drowning your cock in your secretions as they’re suctioned up by Saya’s body, a look of ecstasy on her partially formed face. When you finish, she collapses upon you, body barely coherent as that of a human’s.

                “Well?” You ask, panting as she congeals atop you. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

                “You bet your ass… when Erica is old enough to sleep in her own room, we’re going to be doing this more often again.”

                “Hah… I look forward to it… but for now… another round?”

                As you ask, Erica begins to cry from her bath- err, bed. The two of you look at each other and Saya sighs as her body snaps taut and her skin color becomes human again. She pushes herself up and off the bed, pausing only to turn and give you a long, deep kiss.

                “Why did I marry you again, Tobias Shady?”

                “Because you love me more than anyone in the world?”

                “Oh yeah, that’s right.”

                >The end of Tobias’s adventures.

Epilogue 3


                >Grand Wizard

                “Alright, how does that feel?”

                “Well, I don’t feel much of anything, to be honest. I am a construct, beep boop.”

                Selene sighs and flicks your head, which actually hurts quite a bit. You chuckle as you rub the spot she flicked before holding up your right arm in a gesture of surrender.

                “Alright, alright. It’s fine, I think everything is in place, my little magitek assistant.”

                “Do you want me to dismantle it?”

                “Is that code for sex?”

                “Later.” She huffs, crossing her arms under her breasts and pouting.

                “Aww, don’t take it so personally. I really appreciate the help.” You reach forward with your left hand as you say this, touching her cheek delicately. She eyes your hand before sighing and placing one of her own over it.

                “I know. It’s just taking some getting used to still.” She pulls your hand away and holds it in both of hers, a look of guilt on her face. “If I was there then maybe it wouldn’t have had to come to this.”

                You sigh and pull your hand away, holding it up to the light. It glitters in the magitek lantern light of your workshop, the unadorned silver of the metal polished to a sheen. Your previous arm never looked so good, and yet there’s something forlorn about replacing such an important part of yourself with something so cold and metallic.

                “You had your place and I had mine.” You say, taking her hands with both your magitek, and regular hands. “I would make the same trades again, if it meant protecting the future we’ve built together.”

                “It still seems wrong. I can accept losing tails, but an arm and a leg? I’m still in shock over it.”

                “Well, the bones were basically shattered and I was a shambling mass of pain and agony. All things considered, I think I got the better end of the bargain.”

                “I suppose.” She says, sliding her chair in the workshop around to lean her head on your shoulder. Her tails wrap around you as well, giving you extra warmth and comfort, despite the day being so hot. You don’t complain, of course, and merely enjoy your wife’s presence before she inevitably has to go back to Carthos.

                The door bursts open, admitting a chipper construct in a sundress who says, “Hey! I have the parts you ask for!”

                “Chaika…” Selene hisses as the construct walks in and places a small box on the work bench.

                “Oh ho, made some adjustments to your arm, hmm?” Chaika says, walking forward and picking your arm up to inspect it. “Hmm, seems good, seems good. How’s the touch receptors?”

                “I’m working on them, still taking some fine tuning and- what the hells are you doing?”

                She’s taken your hand and placed it upon her chest, your metallic fingers sinking into the semi-soft orb there. When you were well enough to work on Chaika’s new body, she made quite a few requests- some of which you were loathe to grant for this very reason. Of course, given your partnership with the Illomas and that old hag’s endless drive to beat you, some of your designs got changed. While her main body was essentially the same as her old one, that arrangement meant that Chaika, bless her psychotic snake heart, got the simulacrum of breasts.

                A series of bladed tails whip forward and grab Chaika’s arms and legs, lifting her in the air. A moment later, Selene’s hand is on her neck, a look of fury on your wife’s face.

                “Chaika… I have no qualms about tearing out your core and digging a hole so deep that no one will ever discover it, before dropping you in there and forgetting about you.”

                “Geez.” The construct says. “It’s just a joke. Why are you trying to choke me anyway? I don’t breathe.”

                Selene sighs and unceremoniously drops Chaika to the floor, where she collapses in a heap of blue metal. Chuckling, the construct picks herself up and dusts her frame off before waving a hand at you. “Well? How did they feel?”

                “Chaika, I swear to Dollora-“ Selene says, but you cut her off.

                “Not bad for sacks of lard stapled to your chest.” You say.

                “Excuse me?” Selene says, turning to you.

                “EXCUSE ME?” Chaika says, emotionless faceplate radiating anger.

                “What? Your sacks of lard are the best in the world and I’d love to squeeze them all day, Selene, while Chaika, they aren’t literally sacks of lard, but more like rubber with a few modifications.”

                The two of them seem unamused at your words, but you just smile and wave, to which they groan and look to each other before sighing. Nothing unites women like being upset at an idiot man. And gosh, if you’re not a fucking retard.


                “And no, Chaika, I’m not going to inspect your other modification. I trust you haven’t overused it, right?”

                “Of course I have.” She chuckles. “You said such a thing couldn’t be done, but Ophelia was more daring. Not bad for a weapons maker, because this thing is weapons grade.”

                “Mmm, maybe it’s because he doesn’t know what the inner contours should even be like. He doesn’t get his face down in there very often.” Selene sighs.

                “Now that is rude.” Chaika says, shaking her head. “Just terrible.”

                “Oh my, would you look at the time.” You say, taping your arm to reveal an inbuilt watch. “We should be going.”

                “I suppose.” Selene says, nudging your shoulder. “Can’t very well leave them waiting for us.”

                “Eh? Who?” Chaika says. “Are you going somewhere?”

                “Chaika, please.” Selene sighs. “You know very well that we have guests.”

                She chuckles. “Of course I do. I was just testing you.”


                “Sheesh, yes I have the picnic supplies ready. Let’s go.”

                You offer your arm to Selene, who takes it with a smirk and a bow, the two of you leaving your personal magitek workshop and heading outside into the bright sunlight.

                The workshop is a little removed from your house, which has expanded quite a lot over the years. You remember when it was just a little house filled with your magical implements and communion matrix, a lonely place thinking back on it. But since getting married, your wife had made multiple changes, adding extra rooms, a second floor, an outdoor bath in the nep nepion style. Honestly it’s become something of a manor in it’s own right and a spectacle of Havenforth.

                Every so often you get people coming by to see the architecture and carvings made personally by the Monster Lady, more so in recent days. Of course, your lovely constructs keep people from bothering the two of you too much, especially now that you’re home more often. A shame the house does seem emptier though…

                Selene’s ears twitch and a smile comes across her face as she turns to the right. A few moments later you hear the faint sound as well, that of hoofbeats in the grass approaching you. The two of you turn as Sylphie rides into view, Mr. Ed under her looking resplendent. He rears back, waving his magitek forelimbs, and brings them crashing down, making craters in the ground underneath.

                “Oh come on, do you have to do that every time?” Sylphie sighs, patting the horse’s neck. He snorts and prances toward you, as if he owns the place, the cheeky bastard.

                “He’s just showing off.” You say, holding up your magitek hand. Mr. Ed raises a magitek hoof and clinks it against your hand. “I think he likes being half machine.”

                “Yeah well, he keeps sending me beeps and boops.”

                “He really was your horse.” Selene sighs. “Are you coming to the picnic?”

                “Of course I am! Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ll see you there.”

                “Then why don’t you come- hey!”

                As if on cue, Mr. Ed turns and heads down the road toward the nearby forest, where the three of you were heading. Selene sighs and puts her hand on her head. “I swear, I wanted them to grow up, but they can at least indulge their mother when she’s around.”

                “Ah, don’t take it personally. She’s just been so excited to have Mr. Ed back to normal. Besides, you’ll see her soon.”

                “I suppose.” She says, rolling her eyes.

                “Come on, this stuff is going to get cold.” Chaika says, walking down the path without you.

                Your walk together down the path in this idyllic day reminds you just how fortunate you are to be here with your family. Though Saya is off with her husband, you have Selene present, something that you thought you wouldn’t have much of in the current climate. But ever since you returned from your adventure and the treaty was signed between the Monster Nation and Deleor, she’s been striving to stay at home, with you.

                “I’m a lucky guy.”


                “Nothing.” You hum, much to your wife’s confusion.

                The path leads through the forest into a small clearing by a small stream that flows through it. Laughter comes to your ears as multiple people come into view, having already beaten you there. You and Selene just watch at first as Chaika goes ahead, taking it all in.

                Harmony, in a modified body similar of Chaika’s, spreads out a large blanket over the ground while Sylphie helps. Mr. Ed lays down in the grass as small, gray haired Wolf Girls play on him. Sitting down next to the river are two more, older Wolf Girls who chat amiably with Sophie about who knows what. Chaika walks forward, carrying the food she brought and is helped by Blake, while Hala watches, a bundle held in her arms and a smile on her face.

                “Ah, took you long enough.” Alice says, walking up in a rather lovely sundress that compliments her silver blonde hair, though her sword is still clipped to her side. “I thought you two decided to ditch us.”

                “And here I thought the same.” You say, to her amusement.

                “Oh please. I have my urges, but I’m a changed woman! Look, I’m even wearing undergarments.” She holds up a hand and chuckles when Selene frowns. “I’m joking, I’m joking. I’m stationed in Sanctifrond again, doing whatever the Order needs. And it just so happens that the Order decided the Lord Commander and the Ascendant needed a bodyguard if they were coming out here, so I offered my services.”

                “You mean, they invited you because you’ve been through life or death situations with them.”

                “It was an official invitation, yes.”

                Selene shakes her head and looks about. “Where is Veronica anyway?”

                “Ah hells, did I lose my charge already? Some bodyguard I am.”

                “No, it’s quite alright.” Veronica says, walking up behind the two of you, surprising even the keen sense of Selene. You’re surprised to see her in a dress that accentuates her lean, tough body. Honestly, you’re surprised she’s still single looking like that, though after Bardam…

                She holds up a bottle of wine. “I forgot to get something and made a dash for the town.”

                “Well let me know next time!” Alice sighs as she gives a thumbs up. Clearly, she was never worried, but formalities are formalities.

                “Wizard!” Blake shouts, waving you over. You chuckle and move on in with Selene as the picnic spread is set up by the constructs and Sylphie. The man holds out a hand and you take it, surprise on your face when he pulls you in for a hug. “You haven’t been to Sanctifrond in a few months. I was beginning to think you were avoiding me again.”

                “Plenty to do in the magitek realm here since we’ve been changing production more toward medical applications. Our normal construct facilities are being upgraded too as well as working with the King to build the leyway system into the Monster Nation while negotiating with Ectria about how to handle leyway networks through the mountains.”

                You sigh, “It’s a lot to do.”

                “Yes, but at least you can spend more time with your wife and kids.” Blake says, chuckling. “I’m glad we could make it out here for a breather. I’ve been trapped in Sanctifrond trying to organize the expansion of the Order with all the new recruits thinking we’re the greatest and the new Monster recruits. It’s more difficult than expected to keep them from breaking regulations in the barracks, let me tell you.”

                “I’m sure the King is making life difficult for you as well.” Selene adds. .

                “Not so much, thanks to you. Galmathoria has begun to quiet down and we’re on the verge of nearing an agreement with them too. I hope by this time next year, any thoughts of war will be over and we can have a stronger society again.”

                “Ah, there’s the idealist. Just like the day I met him.” Hala chuckles, walking up with a bundle in her arms.

                “Eh? Did you two pump out another one?” You ask, amused. Normally this would be in very, very poor taste, but everyone here knows you’re full of shit and at child number six, the Boudreaux’s really could care less.

                “Yes, I was quite insistent.” Hala sniffs.

                “She was quite insistent.” Blake agrees.

                “Hasn’t Hala always been insistent?” Selene asks as she leans over to look at this baby. “Oh! My goodness, is this?”

                “Yeah.” Blake says, proud smile on his face. “A boy born to my wife.”

                “And you’re sure there’s no fangs, or tail, or anything like that?”

                “100% human as far as we can tell.” Blake says. “Guess Dollora was true to her word. I forgot how awful having a newborn was, but I’ll do my best to raise him right… I just hope his sisters don’t pick on him too much.”

                “Daaaaad!” One of the younger Wolf Girls playing with Mr. Ed says. “We’d never bully Bardam! He’s our cute little brother!”

                “Bardam, huh?” You say, looking at the little boy. “A good name.”

                “I agree.” Veronica says as she returns. “A strong name. He’s got a bright future ahead of him, considering his parents.”

                “Well I hope he doesn’t go through what we did.” Blake says. “Speaking of which, Veronica have you started-?”

                “No, no yet.” She says, holding up a hand. “It’s still a little fresh for me.”

                “I understand.” Hala says. “But you better not squander Dollora’s gift. It’s a precious one.”

                “Gift, was it?” Veronica says, sad smile on her face. “Well, it’s something anyway. But enough of this sad affairs, come on, we’re ready to get started.”

                Everyone takes their seat around the blanket as the two constructs finish putting out the food and drinks. It’s a lovely spread of everything you’d expect to find at a picnic, including sandwiches, potato salad, juices… “

                “Oh hells.” You groan, to the confusion of those around you.

                “Forget something, father?” Sophie asks, proper girl she is.

                “Yeah, I’ll be right back.” You say, standing up and channeling magic. Your wife and daughters cock their heads as you do until Sylphie says with a flat voice as you vanish from this plane of reality,

                “He’s going to El Dorito…”


                You raise your hand to the sky, three triangles shining up above. All around you, the lush, candy green grass sways as Mountain Elixir rivers churn and forests of edible trees stand behind you. In the distance, the ruins of a large tower sit present while figures move about, cleaning pieces up or doing fuck all.

                “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

                “You’re the second person today to think that.” You say, turning about with a smile on your face.

                Standing behind you is the tall form of Hardinclouse, baker of legend. His outfit is immaculate, but his face seems tired, as if he’s aged immensely. It gives him almost a grandfatherly look as he looks at you with twinkling eyes.

                “I have your order here, right and ready for you.” He says, holding up a large, paper sack with both hands. “It was getting cold, you know.”

                “I know, I know, I forgot because my wife and I were having a idyllic scene walking to a picnic and that’s kind of nice, you kno-“ You cut off, wincing.

                “It’s fine.” He says, chuckling. “I had my time with that. I make no regrets for what I do now. Infact, I should be quite happy, all things considered.”

                “This place still hasn’t recovered, not entirely.” You say, noticing that, upon closer inspection, the grass is not a green as it should be, the river not flowing as wide.

                “No, and it may never be the paradise Solos first created again. My fate is inexorably tied to this place, and only by your actions did you delay this enough for it to survive until the plants were removed.”

                “Delay… ah right, the nexus hub. But even then, I didn’t think you’d make it.”

                “Well, part of it was willpower. A belief that you’d come through.”

                You look off toward the ruins of the Wizard’s Tower and ask, “Did you really have that much faith in Wizards to fight against that for so long?”

                “Of course.” He says. “Wizards are impulsive, crude, idiotic men driven by a purpose of isolation. When they achieve the powers of Wizardhood, some even go and misuse the power in ways not at all intended. In truth, the time of Wizards ended long ago. Perhaps this place should have faded away after all.”

                As you look down, he chuckles and nudges your shoulder. “And yet, you’ve proven that even the crudest, most impulsive, most idiotic Wizard of them all can do amazing things when his drive is to protect something. In the end, that was all Solos really wanted from you. To be protectors.”

                “Hardinclouse…” You say, not sure what else to say.

                “So, as long as such ideals exist within the hearts of at least one Wizard, I’ll remain here, baking them delicious treats. I believe your little Wizard’s union was a failure, but they’re slowly understanding why and what they can do going forward. I hope that when they return, they’ll have something that makes it worth baking for.”

                With that, he shoves the bag into your hands. “Now then, you have a picnic to get to, hmm? Oh, and do invite the family to come along again. I did enjoy seeing little Sylphie grow up.”

                “Yeah, of course. I’ll make time to bring us all together.”

                “Certainly, though they could come alone if they wished.”

                “Huh? [Destination Dorito] is a spell for Wizards.”

                He merely smiles at you and says, “You best be off. Until next we meet!”

                You cock your head, wondering that he was talking about as you breach the doors between reality and appear back into the sunny clearing, where you family and friends are chatting and eating.

                “Took you long enough.” Chaika says. “Were you and Hardinclouse having a sappy, emotional discussion?”

                “So what if we were?” You sniff, putting the bag down on the blanket and opening it. A rush of delicious aromas fills the air causing small, excited sounds to come from the assembled guests. “Besides,” You say, picking through the bag and pulling out a heated bread pouch. “I was worth it.”

                “Geez, of course they’d be heated bread pouches.” Sylphie sighs, despite reaching forward and grabbing one. “Despite being all over the world, and having sampled fantastic cuisines from five-star Sanctifrond restaurants, you still prefer these things.”

                She munches on one, making a pleased sound as a string of cheese connects between her lips and the pouch. You just shake your head and say, “Well, once you find something you really enjoy, you want to have it forever. Speaking of which, have you found a boyfriend yet?”

                “Nope.” She says, munching on the pouch. “I’m going back to Ectria with Ebe and I’m going to help them establish schools of magic now that mana crystals are more abundant. Maybe I’ll find a cute boy there.”

                “Or perhaps you’ll go adventuring again.” Sophie sighs as she nibbles on a pouch as well. “Can’t you see that mother and father would like us closer to home? When we start having families, I’m sure they would like to visit in an easier fashion.”

                “Speaking of which.” Selene says, biting into her own pouch like a rabid cat rather than the ruler of an entire nation. “Haven’t you been spotted in Carthos with a boy recently?”

                “I assure you, those are merely rumors.”

                “Does he have a nice package?”

                “Rumors would say it’s quite large, but those are merely rumors.”

                “Aww, your little girls are growing up.” Hala says, flashing you a wolfish grin. “Soon enough, you’ll be grandparents.”

                “You think?” Selene asks, eyes sparkling.

                “Not any time soon.” Sophie says. “I wouldn’t want anyone to believe I am lewd, after all. It’s poor image.”

                “You’re living in the Monster Nation, it’s poor image not to be railed all day.” Sylphie mutters.

                “Daddy, what’s ‘being railed?’” The youngest of Blake’s daughters asks.

                “Well, let me tell you little Lily it’s-“ Alice is cut off as Veronica raps her knuckles on the woman’s head, making her wince and pout.

                “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” Blake says. “For now, let’s just enjoy being together, as family and friends. Through everything, all the peril and the dangers, the life changing events that have defined everything, we still have each other, and I think that’s an amazing-“

                “Blake, please.” Harmony sighs. “Do you have to give a motivational speech everywhere you go?”

                The man looks about, surprised as everyone, including his children laugh. He takes it in good faith and grabs a bread pouch himself, taking a big bite and saying, “Alright, alright, let’s just enjoy the picnic.”

                The assembled guests laugh and return to their enjoyment of good food, good friends, and good family.


                “Are you sure you can’t stay?” You ask Blake as he helps his daughters up into the wagon in the early evening light.

                “Unfortunately not. I got a call on magitek phone or whatever they’re calling it. They need me back in Sanctifrond immediately.”

                “Always something, huh?”

                “Haha, don’t I know it.” He holds out a hand to you and gives you one of his million gold smiles. “Wizard, thank you for today. It reminded me a lot of your birthday back then, when we met in Feldgergrod.”

                “Ah, but only Saya was here.”

                “Well then, we’ll have to get everyone back together next time, even Tabitha, Rommel, and your son-in-law’s friends. We’ll make a whole party of it.”

                You smirk and take his hand, shaking it firm. “I’d like that.”          

                “It’s been a long road since we first met.” Blake says, eyes wandering his memories. “I never would have guessed over twenty years ago, when I came knocking on some random Wizard’s door, that we’d be here like this. It’s a tale too unbelievable, even for fiction.”

                “Well, the truth does happen to be stranger than fiction.” You say. “But I know what you’re saying. All things being equal, I’m glad you sat on my Communion Glass back then. I thought my world was shattered like all the shards in your ass, but I never would have guessed the world I’d put back together would have been this fulfilling.”

                Blake turns to see Hala trying to calm down her pack of little Wolf Girls while Alice laughs at her and Veronica shakes her head. He turns back to you, eyes closed.

                “Me either, Wizard. My dearest friend.”

                The two of you embrace again and he waves to you as he departs, his wagon trailing away into the distance. You watch them go for some time before turning about and heading back into your home.

                “Oh geez, I’m sleepy.” Sylphie says, head down on the kitchen table. “Those heated bread pouches really take it out of you.”

                “Or maybe it was all the wine you drank.” Sophie says, patting her sister’s back. “I didn’t know you were such a drunkard.”

                “I’m not drunk, I just like grape juice. That’s alcoholic.” Sylphie groans.

                “Well, I better bring her to bed.” Sophie sighs, picking her sister up as you enter.

                “Alright, you two sleep well.” You say.

                “Hey dad.” Sylphie says, looking up at you. “I love you, you know?”

                “Yeah, I know. I love you and your sister so very much.” You pull both of them into a tight hug, eliciting a chuckle from Sylphie and a mild protest from Sophie.

                “Dad… come on, you don’t have to- ahh, my hair!”

                “Oh pshaw, just say you love him too Sophie.”

                You pull back and Sophie sighs, running a hand through her hair. “Of course I love him. He’s our one and only father.”

                Your two daughters beam at you, filling your chest with pride and bringing a little tear to your eyes. You choke up for a moment before take a breath to stabile and saying, “Even though you’re both going to be leaving again, know that there’s always a home for you here.”

                “We know.” Sophie says, smiling. “Though I suspect if mother comes back to the Monster Nation, you’ll be going with her?”

                “Most of the time.” You mutter. “Geez, you’re ruining the scene.”

                “Says the master scene ruiner.” Sylphie chuckles.

                “Bah, get to bed, both of you!” You say, waving them away.

                “Night! Love you!” They say in unison, giggling as they go away to their rooms.

                “Well that was heartwarming.” Harmony says, walking up with a glass of wine.

                “Harmony, you don’t drink.”

                “But you do from time to time. Just relax for abit.”

                You sigh and look at the alcohol before shrugging and taking a drink, savoring the rich, dry flavors of it. It makes you think for a moment, a lonely thought.

                “Are you leaving too?”

                “To the Thunderbirds, for a time again. Longer than before I’d imagine. But I’ll come now and then to clean up.”

                “And Chaika is going to follow Sophie back to the Monster Nation to try and become a priestess of Dollora again.”

                “Which means it will just be you two.” Harmony says, patting your back. “A happiness well deserved, Wizard. Everyone there knows that they wouldn’t be here today to share in this joy if not for you. So even if everyone goes their separate ways, we’ll always be there for you.”


                “Which is why.” She says, pushing you forward before walking away. “You should enjoy your happiness to its fullest extent.”

                You cock your head at her before sensing someone else in the room. Turning your head toward the hallway leading to your room, you see a bladed tail beckoning you forward. Raising an eyebrow, you walk toward the tail, which slides back the closer your approach.

                “Last time I followed a tail like this, I ended up getting my face smashed into a panel.”

                The tail vanishes into your room as you turn the corner. Rolling your eyes, you follow it into your room, where you freeze in place at what you see.

                Lain out across your bed is your wife, dressed in black lingerie that accents her fur. While she normally wears next to nothing, something about the nearly transparent fabric she wears now titillates you. Licking your lips, you close the door behind you and ask, “Oh my, did I walk into a trap laid by the Monster Lady herself?”

                “I’m afraid you have.” She says, running a hand across her lithe body, her tails swaying behind her. “You’ll find yourself quite unable to leave.”

                “It’s as if some force is compelling me.” You say as you move closer. “I’m afraid if I don’t do anything now, I’ll be raped and made powerless!”

                “Powerless, yes.” She whispers as you lean in close to her. “All your power will flow into me, binding you to my will, forever.”

                “Whatever will I do?”


                You press close to her, touching your lips to hers. The two of you embrace as your kiss becomes deeper, more passionate. Her tails slide along your body, removing your robes with expert precision, a task they’ve done on more than one occasion until you’re naked before her, clinging to her body as the two of your speak words of passion with your tongues and lips.

                She pulls back first, panting, a smile on her face. You take the chance to take her breasts in your hands, fondling them with both your natural and magitek hand, the touch sensors doing their best to replicate the feel of your wife’s soft, supple skin. Unable to take it, you lean forward and part the lingerie, sucking on her breasts as if they were the sweetest nectar in the world.  

                A soft, fluffy tail wraps around your erect cock, coiling it with unglating pressure as she holds her with her furred arms, your mouth suckling her breasts. Soft sounds of pleasure issue from her as you do, while pulses of the same run through your cock.

                You pull yourself off her and push yourself down, placing your face before her moist slit. She raises an eyebrow and says, “I was joking earlier, you know.”

                “And I was hurt, earlier. Let me show you how much of a pussy I’m familiar with.”

                She lets out a pleased gasp as you begin licking her nethers, your tongue reaching familiar spaces that you know send her into a world of pleasure. As you do so, her tails wrap themselves around you, coursing across your body, while the one on your cock continues to squeeze, trying to roll out the delicious cream stored within.

                The pressure within you wells up from the stroking and you grunt as her tails push you away from her and position your cock in the air. A spray of white flies from your penis, showering your beautiful wife’s tanned skin with flecks of your semen. She chuckles and runs her hand across her body, gathering up the fluid and licking her hand clean.

                “There’s better ways to do that, you know.”

                “Didn’t you submit to me? Besides, I’m not finished yet.” She purrs, pushing herself up and crawling toward your cock as you’re wrapped in her tails. Lowering her head to your groin, she takes your member in her mouth and begins sucking, the gentle pressure lapping up the remaining sperm from around your cock and inside your urethra.

                Her expert use of her mouth, hands, and tails, quickly brings you back to top shape, cock throbbing and hard. She chuckles and says, “I’d expect no less from the consort of the Monster Lady.”

                “Are we still acting here?” You ask as she lays you on your back, straddling you with her taut body, dripping snatch grinding against your cock.

                “Of course not, dear. You’ve already been bound to me for over twenty years, just as I’m bound to you. However, I will have your power flow into me.”

                “Ah, right, Monsters get power from semen, of course, that’s the joke you’re-“

                “Shush.” She says, putting a tail to your lips before plunging herself onto your cock, all in one thrust.

                Selene is an ancient Monster, but her pussy feels as tight as it always has, threatening to bring you over the edge in one go. But you have years of experience with her body, and as she rides you, you move in time, making her moan as your member reaches her deepest places, which send pleasure back to you.

                She places her hands on your chest, her breasts bouncing, while her tails pin in you place, blades drawing a fragment of blood from your right arm while sliding off your left, magitek arm. Normally she’d have you in place, just as she’d want you, but with a free arm…

                A gasp of surprise comes from her as you place a hand on her waist and push yourself up, causing her to fall on her back, your cock still inside her. A furious grin comes over her face as you push her legs fully backward and lay atop her.

                “I thought we were done having kids.”

                “I’m so horny, whatever happens next is in the God’s hands.” You say before kissing her and driving yourself balls deep into her pussy.

                Her tails dig into your back, driving you as deep as you can possible go into her as you press down upon her, over and over again, each thrust containing your love, passion, and lust for your wife and the life you two share. Each and every sound she makes, the feel of her body shaking, and the tightness of her snatch all culminate within you until, finally, you release yourself into her, filling her body with your thick semen.

                The two of you stay like that for a long while, panting after going at it so intense, and also because she has tails impaled into your back. When she releases them, you let out a grunt of both pain and pleasure, having long ago become accustomed to her species’ practice in the bedroom. You pull out of her, and she rubs at her snatch, which oozes some of your seed. She smiles and snuggles up next to you, her naked body hot against yours.

                “Do you think things will continue on like this? Is this peace really something we can grow comfortable with? Or will something come to tear us apart again?”

                “No matter what happens from here on out, we’ll always be together.” You say, holding her close. “We’ve fought Dragons, demi-Gods, and the Gods themselves. What else can the world throw our way that we can’t overcome? But personally, I’d rather it didn’t. I’d rather the world just be like this moment forever.”

                “Sweaty and smelling like cum?”


                “Ah Gods.” Selene says, pushing herself up to kiss you. “You’re a crude, shit-slinging, idiot of a Wizard. If we had to do this all again, I’d choose you every time. I love you, you idiot.”

                “I know.” You say, kissing her back. “I’d always choose you too. Because everyone else’s waifu is a shit.”

                “Gods Damnit.”

                >The end of the Wizard’s adventures

                >The end of Wizardquest


Thank you for reading! If you’ve made it this far then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a long adventure with these characters in this world, but a rewarding one. I’ll continue to work on getting Illusionistquest and the other stories in shape for publishing as well! 


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  1. Where do I even begin? This series got me hooked on this site and it’s both sad and satisfying to see it come to a close.
    I actually started with Wizard quest 2 back when it started I think 2017… as a way to pass time at work on breaks. I basically read the whole series out of order and enjoyed it regardless. As unlikely the idea that the Serires will continue I can always go back and reread them or get around to reading the tales from Deleor stories. Here’s to you Ace you magnificent bastard

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