Wight Night Lover

> After a week living with your new woman, she has made herself completely comfortable in your home away from that tomb

> She called herself Raven, which it fits due the color of her hair

> You would come home every day to her relaxing on the couch waiting for you to bring home dinner or cook.

> Tonight you come home to not seeing Raven relaxing on the couch.

> You call out her name while walking into the kitchen only to find her stretched out on the table like a pin-up doll in only a cooking apron completely nude underneath

> You drop your bag from work to the floor seeing your marble white woman lay barely dressed before you

> “Now dear, I have prepared a meal for you tonight.” she says standing up walking over to you.

> You stand stunned, because normally when she desires something of the sort, she kinda just takes it instead of going through some form of prep work.

> She runs her ghostly hand through your hair siphoning a bit of your soul weakening you to your knees.

> “Eat up because I do have dessert planned as well.” she said guiding your head between her legs

> You lean in slowly and begin to lick and kiss her undead clit causing her to moan slightly

> “Y-You have been learning since I have been here, good boy.” she moaned a bit louder as she pushed your face into her pussy

> You continue your dive into her cold depths licking and kissing her most sensitive area as you please not being able to do much else with her playing with your soul as she very much liked to do

> “Time for the main course now.” she said releasing your head and placing your soul back into your body causing you to gasp and cough a bit

> You nod gently before standing up.

> “You better not disappoint, I don’t want to have to hold your soul hostage for a bit.” she said to you leading you to the bedroom.

> You speak slowly still slightly coming back to reality “I haven’t been a disappointment yet.”

> “That you have not.” she replied pushing you to the bed before tossing the apron to the side.

> You start to undress before she stops you by guiding her foot up your thigh

> “I didn’t tell you to undress little necrophile, I just want to see how depraved you are for me.” she said giggling while massaging your sensitive area’s with the sole of her foot

> You cannot help but start to get an erection from her smooth cold touch

> She snickers at you before saying “Heh you really are a mess, well I suppose you want me to take care of that huh?”

> You nod gently at her as she strokes the shaft of your cock through your slacks with her toes

> “Beg me.” she said chuckling at you while she manages to unzip your pants with her foot.

> “P-Please you want it just as much as I do.” you say watching her breasts sway gently

> She stops the tease with her foot before leaning down and pulling off your pants freeing your length from your cloth cage

> “As much as I don’t want to admit it, but yes I am quite hungry and you are looking extra tasty today.” she said tearing your shirt off and climbing onto your lap

> You decide to gently grind your shaft against her cold pussy before sliding it right inside of her

> Raven tosses her head back in pleasure which is something she has never done before.

> “T-That was unexpected my little degenerate, you better have a nice hot load for me.” she says to you starting to bounce up and down on your cock

> You smile up at her before reaching up and squeezing her soft breasts and teasing her nipples with your thumbs

> Raven moans again before saying “Y-You are getting bold my little toy.”

> You gently start to thrust under her inching further into her icy dead walls

> “Ugh f-fuck.” she gasps a bit before running her nails down your chest

> You lean up and start sucking on her breasts gently swirling your tongue around her nipples

> She wraps her arms around you as you continue to please her cold pussy and marble white body

> Eventually you and her both cannot take it anymore before she gasps your name and you flood her womb with semen

> After you empty your supply inside of her she. She looks you in the eye before kissing you on the lips. Which is something she has never done

> “You might be a degenerate necrophile, but you are my degenerate necrophile.” she says to you taking your hand and kissing you once more…

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2 thoughts on “Wight Night Lover”

  1. Hmm…not terrible, as far as greentexts go. The dialogue was pretty basic, though. The Wight sounded less formal/classy than I would have expected.

    I would recommend using commas and ellipses to break up the speech in the future. Some of the sentences were awkward, either too long or too short.

    Examples: “Ugh f-fuck.” she gasps a bit before running her nails down your chest

    “Ugh f-fuck” sounds very strange in that order. Try:

    “Ugh!” she gasps. “F-fuck!”

    Second example: > “T-That was unexpected my little degenerate, you better have a nice hot load for me.” she says to you starting to bounce up and down on your cock

    The flow of this sentence is very awkward – she speaks too quickly. What about:

    “That was unexpected,” she giggles. “I hope you have a nice, hot load for me, my little degenerate…”

    Hope this helps.

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