Visitante Americano

Jeff couldn’t help but look nervously out the window as the plane reached its destination in San Juan airport. “Hun it’s going to be ok” Valentina, a latin skinned dark haired manticore consoles him. “I know, it’s just flying freaks me out. You sure we couldn’t have taken a boat or something?” he replied only to get a nasty look “right, mersharks…. You know? You never told me what it is you have against them”. With a peck on the cheek she answers, “maybe later”. The jolt of the plane landing on the tarmac makes Jeff practically jump into his fiancée’s lap yelping causing the other passenger to look at the couple much to her embarrassment. “ok note to self, give you a prick on the flight back” “what?” “nothing dear. Come on we need to get going and see la familia” she said with a convincing smile.

An elderly couple standing outside in the pickup zone holding a sign saying Valentina. ”so what kind of man do you think my little Valentina managed to get?” an older cocoa skinned busty manticore with long wavy hair and hips that give an arousing hour glass shape asks. “no clue but he better be able to treat mi niñita right. Or I swear he will never be able to leave Puerto Rico in one piece” the older burly Danny Trejo looking (though with shorter hair and no mustache) man says while cracking his knuckles “Papi!” “Si?” “No chasing off another boy, she is still upset about the Gomez incident” she replies with a scary smile “yes dear” he replied in slight defeat. “MAMA!!! PAPA!!!” Valentina yelled waving running over to hug her family almost leaving her fiancée behind to carry all the luggage. “Valentina! How’s my preciosa hija” the father says hugging her daughter dearly. “So? Who is this young man you are to wed? Where is he” the mother asks peeking out looking across the pickup area. “Right here ma’am. oof” Jeff says almost dropping the luggage only to catch it with his leg. “Tan flaco que casi no puede con las malestas” the father huffed as his daughter runs to help her love. “Papi!” The mother replied in a scolding tone. “I know. I know. Here let me help with the bags” he said helping to get the bags in the trunk.

Once in the car and on the way to Valentina’s parents place, she and her parents start talking to each other catching up on lost time. “”Veo que conseguiste un buen hombre del continente . Pues? Cuando voy a ver mis nietos?” The motherly manticore askes her daughter “MOM!” she answers in a shocked tone, blushing. “huh? What’s wrong hun? What did she say” Jeff asks looking confused. “oh nothing. Just thought I’d ask if dark chocolate covered bananas would be good for desert” the mother asks before her daughter could interrupt. “uhhh sure that would be a nice. Thank you, Mrs. Rosa.” Jeff answers unaware to what she really said. “please call me Acindina or mom if you like” Acindina says with a smile ignoring her husband lets out a very light growl. “Hija mia, estas segura que este es el hombre que quieres con tigo? Yo Conosco un buen muchacho- Perfecto para ti. Y el vive muy cerc-hrng” the father says stopping mid-sentence when Acindina lightly pokes him with her venomous spine paralyzing him “Mr. Rosa? George? you ok” Jeff asks leaning over to get a better look. “oh dearie me. Im sorry hun I seem to have pricked you by mistake. My how my tail wanders in my old age” Acindina says acting innocent of her deeds and making up for embarrassing her daughter earlier.

By the time they get home the venom seems to have worn off enough for George to be able to walk, albeit with help from his wife some. “why don’t the two of you get your stuff and take it to Valentina’s old room? I need to help my husband get settled till the venom wears off fully” Acindina says keeping her husband upright and leading him inside. “ok mom” Valentina says lifting some of her suitcases. “hey hun? Oof. For some reason I get the feeling your dad might not like me. Should I be worried?” Jeff asks hefting the last of the bags before closing the trunk. “oh, don’t worry papa is just very protective. Im sure he won’t do anything to you. I hope.” “you hope?” “c’mon let’s get this stuff put up, then we can have some fun” She interrupts lightly brushing her tail along his leg purring some. “yes ma’am” he says enthusiastically.


Writers notes:Not sure how or if I will continue the story. Sorry for the poor quality.

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  1. You need to work on capitolizing the beginning of your sentences. Also, break this up into paragraphs. It’s hard to read as is.

    1. Ok got the paragraphs broken up. Yeah for some reason when I transferred it from my writing software to here it clumped it together.
      Later I’ll fix the capitalizing. Thank you for the help

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