Valentine’s Day Chocolate(s)

“As always, you pick the best place to have dinner on our little date nights,” my holstaur wife says as I slide our hotel room keycard through the reader, opening the door for her after the lock clicks open.

“And yet I always manage to pick the most expensive place too,” I retort, hanging up my jacket on the hook just inside the doorway.

“Are you trying to impress me mister?” Lilya pouts, putting her hands on her rather wide hips. “I’ll have you know it isn’t working,” she says, feigning disappointment while looking at me with a frown on her face before breaking into a smile and pulling me in for a squishy hug. “You don’t have to impress me sweetie, I’ll love you no matter what.”

“I know, dear, I know,” I say, reciprocating my spouse’s hug while giving her a deep kiss. “I love you,” I whisper before pulling her back in for another hug, holding her head against my torso. “Happy Valentine’s Day Lilya.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” my wife mumbles into my chest as we continue the embrace.

A few minutes later, my wife finally breaks the silence to look up at me. “Can you let go, I kinda want to freshen up a little bit before bed.”

“Of course,” I respond, giving her another quick kiss on the lips before unwrapping my arms from around her shoulders.

Lilya gives me her own chaste peck before turning around to make her way towards the suite’s bathroom with a little sashay of her curvaceous hips. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I reach out and slap my monstergirl wife on the ass, eliciting a sharp yelp from the startled cowgirl.

“No peaking!” she cries, rubbing the spot where I hit her before turning around again, clearly trying to hide the fact that she rather enjoyed what I just did.


What seems like an eternity later, eventually Lilya finally finishes ‘freshening up’ and joins me in bed, having forgone most of her clothing for more or less the same thing I chose: little more than a bathrobe and presumably some undergarments underneath.

“Happy now?” my wife asks as she snuggles up to me half under the covers.

“After being nearly bored to death for like half an hour, yes,” I say, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Meanie,” Lilya pouts, crossing her arms underneath her immense bust and causing her bathrobe to bunch up, revealing just a hint of her deep, chocolatey cleavage. “Dear, you’re staring again.”

“Oh, uh, right,” I say, coughing into a fist. “Sorry.”

“Hey, doesn’t mean I don’t want you to,” my wife whispers suggestively. “Besides, you know I like it when I catch you staring at me like that,” she giggles before pulling me in for a deep kiss.

“I love you Lilya.”

“I love you too dear,” she responds after releasing me from her death grip. “So, what did you bring for this year’s after-dinner-cuddle-session-dessert-and-movie?”

“Let’s see here,” I say, leaning over to grab the bag resting on the floor next to where I’m sitting in bed. “I got a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, and some chocolate-covered strawberries. As for the movie,” I start, pulling the last item out of the goodie bag, “I brought this.”

“Oh god, that old thing?” Lilya groans, noticing the cover of the 1980’s action movie we watched together on our first ever date. “How many times have we watched this now?”

“Not enough,” I say as I grab the remote and start up the DVD player, already having preloaded the disc in while my wife was doing her thing earlier.

“Sweetie, we watch this every year,” Lilya says, looking up at me just as the main menu music starts up. “But that doesn’t mean I think any less of it. Every time we watch this, I always remember how nervous you were while I was sitting next to you on the couch in your apartment. How you tried so hard to impress me with that homemade pizza we had while watching this. I’m sure I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but after being married to you for fifteen years, moving twice, four beautiful children, and everything else, the moment you put your arm around me on that couch in that tiny apartment, we were going to end up together forever,” my wife says, looking at me with tears in her eyes. “Everything you’ve done for me, h-how loved you make me feel, I-I just, I c-can–“ Lilya struggles to say, chocking back joyful sobs before I pull her in for a hug, sharing a deep, passionate kiss with her.

“Lilya,” I start, gently pushing her away so I can look into her deep, ocean blue eyes, “you don’t have to ever say it.”

“I-I know, b-but I want to,” she sniffles, looking back at me. “I love you. I love you so, so much.”

“I know Lilya, I know,” I reply before we embrace each other again. “Shall we?” I ask, motioning towards the television mounted on the wall opposite our hotel room bed.

“Let’s,” my cowgirl spouse responds, pouring the two of us a glass of wine and readying the strawberries to hoard for herself. “To dumb action movies,” she says, raising her wine glass.

“To dumb action movies,” I chuckle, making Lilya giggle slightly before she gives me a quick kiss and lightly taps the rim of her glass against mine, and I start the movie and dim the lights as we both dig in to our snacks.


“To think, almost seventeen years ago we watched this movie together for the first time,” I sat, pulling my holstaur wife a bit closer to me after I turn the television off.

“Yeah,” Lilya sighs wistfully, resting her head on my shoulder. “I think my favorite part about that night all those years ago was either when you put your arm around me and pulled me close, or the hug you gave me when I left.

“I think my favorite part about that night was that I met my future wife,” I tease, reaching over and pulling Lilya in for a loving smooch.

“Oh you tease,” my wife says, playfully pushing me off her. “But yeah, that part was nice too. I still find it a little hard to believe that it’s been that long though. Fifteen years of being married to the love of my life, being given four beautiful children from him, what more could a girl ask for?” she says.

“Not a whole lot I suppose,” I reply, and the two of us share yet another loving kiss. “It’s just nice to get away and out of the house again after so long, y’know? Just the two of us. No kids, no bills, no work, any of that. All we have to think about is each other.”

“Mmm, yeah…,” Lilya sighs as she trails off, looking at nothing in particular.

“Hey Lilya.”

“Yes sweetie,” she says, looking up at me.

“Happy anniversary,” I chuckle, giving my monstergirl spouse a soft peck on the lips.

Just as I break the kiss, she reaches up and pulls me tightly against her massive breasts, forcefully locking lips with me. Returning her sudden and intense affection, I reach up and cup one of her colossal melons in my hand, groping her soft, jiggly flesh through her bathrobe as she climbs into my lap. Moaning softly in between bouts of furious kissing, Lilya starts to grind her incredibly voluptuous hips and impossibly large butt into my lap as I knead and play with her warm, supple flesh. Almost reluctantly, Lilya pushes me away from her momentarily and undoes her bathrobe, letting the fuzzy fabric fall off her shoulders and bunch up around her flared waist, revealing the frilly, satin black bra and panties with small flowers embossed all over.

“Like what you see?” she teases.

“Very much so,” I respond, struggling to not stare directly at my wife’s bosom.

“My eyes are up here sweetie,” Lilya giggles before kissing me again, undoing my bathrobe for me as we start to make out with each other.

Pressing herself against me, my wife locks lips with me over and over again, grinding herself into my lap harder and harder as her moans become more and more intense. We warp our arms around each other, causing her titanic boobs to compress between us even more and threaten to spill out of her bra as we slowly start to rock back and forth, each other being the only thing on either of our minds.

“I love you,” Lilya whispers huskily after what seems like an eternity of us passionately kissing each other.

“I love you too,” I respond, reaching forward to pull my wife in for yet another deep smooch, but she stops me short.

Instead, she gives me the softest of kisses, backing off ever so slightly to look in my eyes before moving back, and she reaches around behind her and unfastens the clasp on her titanic bra. The straps on my wife’s bra fall off her shoulders, causing her to blush furiously as her enormous breasts finally swing free. I stretch forward, gently caressing Lilya’s face before kissing her deeply, and she instinctively wraps her arms around my shoulders as my own hands slide down to her shapely, curvy hips. Moaning softly, my cowgirl lover presses herself against me as much as she can, grinding her ass into my lap harder and harder as I struggle to shimmy the snug undergarment from around her waist and off her monumental rear end.

Just as I’m about to get her underwear past her cow-like tail, she somehow manages to slip and fall off my lap while still embracing me, pulling me with her. Lilya gasps in shock and surprise before blushing even harder when I end up on top of her. Assuaging her nervousness, I give her another tender, loving smooch as I steady myself above her with one arm while moving my other back down to her motherly hips and continue to tug her lacy undergarment down her digitigrade lower body. Tossing her panties off to the side, I begin to work on my own underwear, pulling my boxers off quickly and tossing them off as well to be found later before looking my absolutely gorgeous wife in the eye.

“I love you Lilya,” I whisper.

“Make love to me,” she responds in kind, a single tear rolling down her cheek as I lean forward to lock lips with her, aligning my rock-hard member with her womanhood before carefully sliding in.

Lilya shudders ever so slightly as I slide more and more of myself into her warm, fertile body before our hips meet with an almost inaudible squish, and my wife gently entangles her fuzzy legs with my own appendages. She fails to suppress a quiet moan as I gently pull back, and we embrace each other tightly, sharing kiss after loving kiss as I slowly start to rock my hips back and forth. Soon, the only sounds in the room are our passionate love-making, my wife moaning almost constantly as I pump my manhood in and out of her hot confines. Lilya’s gargantuan boobs wobble ever so slightly as the mattress creaks and groans in time with my thrusts, my wife’s breathing getting more labored as we continue to make love.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Y-yes! M-more! I-I want more! I-oh! I l-lo-oooh-ove you sweetie! P-please, I-hah, I-I can’t take anymo-o-o-o-ore! I think I’m getting clo-ah! I’m getting closer! O-oh god I’m getting clo-oooh-oooh-ser!” My wife moans in between our kisses as I speed up my thrusts just a little bit.

Spurred on by her voracious moans, I grab Lilya’s wide hips and pull her waist up, giving me a better angle to fill her up completely. Pumping myself a little bit harder and faster, I bottom out in my wife’s pussy over and over again, the head of my manhood kissing the entrance to her fertile womb as she shivers and moans in time with my thrusts. Leaning forward, I grab onto one of her quaking breasts, gently squeezing and kneading the soft, warm flesh in my hand as I latch on to her other one with my mouth, tenderly nibbling and sucking on her nipple as she hisses through her teeth, moaning fervently as I start to nurse from her.

“Yeeesssss! M-more! Har-ah! H-harder! Oh god! Oh god! Oooh gooood! Yeah! Yeah! Right there! Th-there! Deeper! More! I want mo-o-o-ore! Ooh! Ooh yes! Yes! Ye-hah! Ah! Ah! Oooh! Ooh! Ooh god! Oh go-ah! Ah! Ah!” Lilya moans loudly, our bodies meeting together with crude, wet slaps.

Sucking on her breast a bit harder, I’m rewarded with my wife’s sweet milk that I’m all too familiar with. The sugary, almost vanilla-like liquid flows across my tongue and down my throat as I swallow mouthful after mouthful of sweet ambrosia. Pumping my hips harder, I’m rewarded with even more of her bosom’s sugary nectar, and I struggle to drink all that she’s giving me as runnels of it flow out of the corners of my mouth and down to my chin. Thrusting even faster, I bottom out in Lilya’s pussy, going balls deep into her quivering pussy before pulling back and leaving just the head of my manhood inside her, filling her over and over again as much as humanly possible.

Filled with an intense, unexplainable need, I grab my wife’s tremendous backside and pull her body against me, holding on to her extremely curvaceous hips for dear life as I pound her into the bed, her juices splattering out in all directions whenever I bottom out inside her hot confines. Unable to nurse from her bountiful chest, I pop off her breast and roughly grope her obscenely jiggly ass as I batter her cervix, giving in to the throes of passion as she cries out sharply.

“I’m gonna cu-ah! I’m gonna cuu-oooh! I’m gonn-ah! Ah! Hah! Hah! Ooooh yes! M-more, please give me mo-ooh-ore! Mo-o-o-o-re! Oh god! Oh go-od! I’m cu-hah! I’m gonn-ah! I-I-I’m g-gonna c-cu-uuuuooooooh! I’m cu-u-ah! I’m cu-aah! I’m cuuu-aaah! Aaah! Aaah! C-cu-u-u-uuoooooh,” Lilya moans out in bliss as her pussy clamps down on my throbbing shaft, orgasming in sweet bliss as she brings me over the edge with her.

“Oh god, Lilya!” I moan out as I start cumming inside her. “L-Lilya!”

“S-sweetie! S-sweet-ooh! Oooh! Yes! Yeeeesss! More! More! Mo-o-o-o-o-re I lo-o-o-ve you! I l-lo-oooh! I LO-OOOOH! I LO-O-O-OVE YO-“ my holstaur wife cries out before I silence her with a hard kiss, sending her mind reeling as I pump her spasming tunnel full with my seed.

Lilya fully locks her legs behind me, preventing me from moving or pulling out even if I wanted to, our tongues dancing with each other as we kiss each other over and over again and ride out our shared climax together. We moan in each other’s mouths as I pump her full of my seed, nearly inaudible squelches greeting our ears as I instinctively push my hips forward, my body trying to get as far into my wife’s fertile womanhood as possible as I shoot rope after rope of my cum into her. Her body reacts in kind, her pussy squeezing and massaging my throbbing shaft as her powerful legs bring me closer to her, unashamedly humping me as we slowly come down from our orgasmic highs.

“O-oh god, Lilya,” I gasp, collapsing on top of my wife after what seemed like a minute-long orgasm. “Th-that was incredible.”

“I lo-oooh,” my spouse moans as my manhood twitches inside her, a few more spurts of my cum shooting out to coat her inner walls even further. “I love you,” she whispers, looking at me with a tired yet warm smile on her face. “I love you so, so, mu-ooooooh,” Lilya moans, blushing incredibly hard as her still sensitive body reels from the lingering pleasure.

Shuddering slightly, my wife sniffles a little bit before looking up at me, extremely embarrassed before we burst out laughing. Reaching forward, Lilya wraps her arms around my neck, holding me close for a few moments before giving me a quick kiss.

“Hey dear?” she whispers, looking up at me.

“Yes Lilya?”

“Hold me,” my wife asks, and I happily oblige as we embrace yet again and pass out in each other’s arms.


Warm rays of sunshine pour through the hotel room window, caressing my face as I stir, blinking away the previous evening’s slumber. Grimacing, I look away from the window and to the person in bed next to me. My wife Lilya quietly snoozes, her chest gently rising and falling as she sleeps while her ample backside is nestled up against my groin. She instinctively snuggles up against me tighter when I reach around and gently cup her huge boobs, hugging her softly as she slowly wakes up.

“Mmm, good morning dear,” my cowgirl partner yawns, looking over her shoulder at me.” Sleep well?”

“A little bit, yes,” I reply, leaning forward to give my wife a good morning kiss. “How about you?”

“I suppose. I can’t remember the last time I slept that hard, except for, hmm, when was it? Oh, fourteen or fifteen years ago, was it?” she giggles before giving me a tender smooch. “I love you. Happy anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary Lilya. I love you too,” I say, helping her roll over to face me before pulling her closer and entangling my legs with hers.

Looking at my wife’s half-awake smile sends my heart fluttering, and I can’t help but hug her tighter, embracing her as much as I can and cherishing her soft, warm body pressed up against me.

“Hey Lilya?” I ask.

“Yes dear?”

“Why don’t we do this more often? Wake up in the morning like this, I mean. All tangled up in each other’s arms and legs, pressed up against each other like we are now. I-it’s nice.”

“Yeah, it is,” Lilya says, sighing wistfully. “Getting a good morning hug as soon as I wake up, feeling my lover’s bare skin against my own, it makes me feel incredibly wanted,” she says, rolling over to at me. As if reading each other’s minds, we slowly move toward each other, kissing each other deeply as we wrap our arms around one another.

“I love you Lilya,” I whisper after we finally break the tender embrace.

“I love you too dear, I love you too,” my wife responds, pulling me in for another passionate smooch.

Breaking off, I look at my wife’s twinkling eyes, and she blushes slightly before smiling a bit, and we move in for another kiss as Lilya struggles to roll me on to my back and climb into my lap. Her soft, flushed face is framed by her creamy white hair cascading around her shoulders, her bovine ears twitching every now and then. Leaning forward, Lilya presses her gargantuan bosom onto my chest and presses her lips against mine, kissing me deeply as she slowly gyrates her hips against mine. She moans softly when I reach around and grab on to her unbelievably large ass, gently squeezing the doughy flesh in my fingers as she makes out with me. Already half-hard, my stiffening manhood is forcefully pressed down against my groin by my wife’s thick, powerful thighs as she grinds herself into my lap harder and harder.

Not even bothering to stop kissing me passioantely, Lilya raises her fertile hips up and grabs the base of my shaft with her soft fingers and aligns the crown of my manhood with her slick sex before gingerly lowering herself onto it, a quiet gasp escaping past her lips as I bottom out inside her.

“Oooh yeeesss, right there,” my wife hisses, stopping momentarily to enjoy the feeling of being utterly filled by my throbbing cock. “Don’t you worry about a thing,” she whispers seductively while caressing her chest before holding her breasts up, as if offering them to me. “Let me take care of all the work, dear.”

Taking the hint, I reach up and grab one of her enormous melons and latch on, gently nursing from my wife’s bosom as she wraps her arms around my neck, tenderly holding me in place as she slowly starts to bounce in my lap. Almost immediately, I’m rewarded once again with Lilya’s sweet, warm milk, and I eagerly drink it down as she coos softly in my ear, raising herself up a scant few inches off of my manhood before lowering herself back down with a quiet squelch.

“Mmm, yes, right there sweetie,” she whispers, tickling my ear with her hot breath. “Drink as much as you want, my love. I have plenty left to give you. Don’t worry, just let yourself go and enjoy the moment.”

Still half-tired from waking up only a few minutes beforehand, I let my eyes flutter closed as I reach up and grab on to my wife’s jiggling breasts, lovingly caressing the soft, chocolatey flesh in my hands as she starts to ride me a little bit faster. Her sweet words of encouragement soon turn to soft moans of pleasure, keeping her face close to my ear so I can hear every vocalization of her love and every hot breath she takes as we make love to each other once more.

“Ooh! Ooh yes! More! Mooore!” Lilya moans deeply right in my ear. “Hah! H-hah! I-I can’t take much mo-ooh! Yes! Yesss! Grab my ass sweetie! Grab it and hold o-o-o-on!” she cries out as I reach around and hold onto her giant, slappable ass and raise my hips up to meet her halfway, our bodies clapping wetly against each other.

Groping her plush derriere with my hands, I continue to suckle from my wife’s breast as she rides me into the mattress, the bed creaking and groaning in protest as we start to go a little more roughly. Her milk flows across my tongue almost constantly, forcing me to chug down the sugary liquid in order to keep up, but even that’s not enough for the sheer amount my wife’s capable of putting out as runnels of her milk start flowing down my chin.

“Yes! Yes! Harder! H-harder! Give it to me har-r-r-r-derrr! Oooh! Oooh! Oh god, I think I’m gonna cu-um soon! I’m g-gonna cu-oooh! G-gonna c-ah! Ah! Ah! Sweetie! S-sweetie! I’m c-c-cu-u-m-ooooh! Oooh! Ah! Ah! Ah! AAAH! C-U-U-AAAAH!” Lilya cries out as she bottoms out on my throbbing shaft, her pussy clamping down around me, shuddering in bliss as she goes over the edge.

Somehow, I manage to continue on instead of joining my wife, and I squeeze her ass as hard as I can and go to town, going absolutely wild and prolonging her orgasm to an obscene degree. I finally manage to fail to hold on to her monumental breast, and it pops free from my lips to swing about with its twin as I grunt with the effort of pulling my wife’s voluptuous body down on my cock over and over again.

Still not quite finished with her first climax, one particularly hard, deep thrust sends Lilya over again, and she cries out in bliss as I ride her through her second orgasm in only minutes.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I-I can’t, I-I can’t take any mor-ah! Ah! Yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck me harder! I want you! Oh god I want you so-o-o badly! Please! G-give it to me! Oooh! Oooh god! I’m gonna cum again! Sweetie, I’m gonna cu-hah-um again! S-sweetie, p-please! Give it to meee! Give it to me mo-o-o-o-ooooh! Ooooh! Oh god! Sweetie! Sweetie! I’m cu-u-u-u-ming aga-ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! Yes! Yeeeessssssss!” she shouts as I finally join her, slamming her generously wide hips against my own and pushing myself as deep into her quivering pussy as I can.

Grabbing me by the shoulders, Lilya pulls me in for a hard kiss, humping me wildly as I fill her fluttering quim up with my hot seed, the head of my manhood pressed directly against the entrance to her fertile womb. Her womanhood squeezes my throbbing shaft almost painfully hard each time I shoot another load into her hot confines, and she moans throatily in between gasps of breath as we furiously make out while our hands roam over and caress each other’s bodies. Wanting more, Lilya gyrates her hips, grinding her soft, supple flesh into my lap as I fill her up to the brim and then some, runnels of my seed leaking out from around my trembling shaft to stain the bedsheets.

Wet squelches greet our ears as my wife affectionately bounces in my lap, a slurry of sexual fluids leaking onto the bed as she slowly comes down from her orgasmic high. What seems like several minutes later I finally feel myself slowing down as well, and I give my wife one last push, the head of my manhood pressing up against the deepest part of her sex and making her let out a long, low groan as we fall back down on to the bed.

“Oh-oh god,” Lilya gasps, struggling to prop herself up on my chest. “Holy shit dear, I didn’t know you still had it in you like that.”

“Me neither,” I pant, nearly out of breath from the intense sex I just had with my wife. “Now I know why we don’t do this anymore.”

“Y-yeah. We do get a little carried away, don’t we?” Lilya responds, giving me a tired smooch.

“Mhm,” I mumble, wrapping my arms around my holstaur lover as we simply bask in the afterglow.

“Hey dear?” Lilya asks after several minutes of silence.

“Yes Lilya?”

“Thank you. For this morning, a-and last night. For- for everything over the last seventeen years we’ve known each other. I never thought I’d meet a guy that’d love me for me, and not just for my body. But you proved me wrong. You’ve given me everything I’ve wanted, and even some things I didn’t even know I wanted until you came along. I can’t express how happy and thankful I am to be married to you, except,” my wife says, looking at me with twinkling blue eyes, “I love you.”

“I know Lilya, I know. I love you too,” I whisper, holding her head against my chest as I quietly stroke her hair. “Hey Lilya,” I say, meeting my wife’s gaze.


“Wanna go take a shower?” I grin, squeezing her huge rear end to emphasize my point and making her blush beet red.

“I-if you insist,” she stutters as I help her sit up.

“Ladies first,” I add, causing my wife to smile softly before she leans in to give me a quick peck on the lips, taking her time to crawl out of bed and bend over to gather her clothing, showing off her impossible curves and flawless, chocolate-colored to me before walking towards the bathroom.

“Well, are you going to join me or not?” she teases, leaning back around the corner to look at me before continuing on.


Hot steam billows out from over the curtain rod, my cowgirl wife Lilya having discarded her undergarments on the floor in favor of starting the shower for us. Pulling the curtain back, I step into the hot stream flowing from the shower head before Lilya grabs me, pinning me against the tile wall and kissing me deeply.

“Took you long enough,” she teases, pressing her naked, wet body against mine.

“I got distracted,” I reply, reaching around to grab my wife’s soft behind.

“Mmm, I bet you did,” she whispers, giving me another passionate smooch as we stand under the hot water, hugging each other lovingly.

Growing hard already, and so soon after our previous tryst, my manhood starts prodding my wife in the stomach, making her pause momentarily as she looks down at my crotch.

“Ready to go already?” she coos, pressing her massive tits against my chest, giving me a quick peck on the lips in the process. “God, you’re such an animal,” she teases, giving me another deep kiss. “Let’s take care of this though, shall we?” Lilya adds, gently grasping my throbbing cock in her hands as she lowers herself down to her knees.

Now fully erect, my throbbing shaft points directly at eye level with my wife, and she bites her lip before looking up at me. With a lewd grin and a seductive wink, Lilya holds the base of my shaft steady as she inches forward, taking the first few inches of me into her warm and waiting mouth. Humming throatily, she backs off for but a moment before diving back in again and again, each time taking a little bit more of my cock in her mouth as she bobs up and down on it. She places one hand on my hips to brace herself while she busies herself with her other hand by groping her own chest, and I gently reach forward to place a hand on the back of her head as I steady myself against the shower wall.

“Mmm, someone wants more, do they?” Lilya says with a wet pop as she pulls off of my manhood. “I hope you’re ready then dear, because I’m not going to hold back,” she huskily declares before going down on me again.

With a wet gurgle, my wife takes my entire length into her mouth, deepthroating me effortlessly as the first few inches of my cock slips past her tonsils. Groaning in appreciation, I push against her head as she pulls back, and she looks up at me with a cock-filled smile before returning her gaze back to the prize at hand. Lilya moans around my twitching shaft whenever her face presses against my groin, giving her breast a rough squeeze to heighten her own pleasure as she goes down on me. Unable to help myself, I let out a low groan as my wife presses her tits against my legs, taking as much of my length into her mouth as possible before slowly pulling back and sucking on my cock as if it were a piece of candy.

Reaching forward, I change my grip on her and grasp onto her horns, controlling exactly how fast and how hard I want my wife to go, and she simply gurgles happily around my manhood as she holds onto either side of my waist. Taking the hint, I pull Lilya nearly all the way off of my throbbing shaft before pressing her against my groin, forcing her to take my entire length over and over again. Feeling myself rapidly approaching an orgasm, I shove Lilya down onto my cock and explode against the back of her throat, my manhood throbbing almost painfully as I shoot load after load into her stomach.

Sensing my release, my wife hums happily around my shaft, one of her hands snaking its way down to play with my trembling balls while her other hand moves to the delta between her own legs. Pulling back slightly, I fill her mouth up with a few more spurts of jizz before she backs off of her own accord, moaning in bliss as she plays with herself, gasping in delight whenever I shoot another load of sticky cum onto her face or heaving breasts before the water washes it away. With a hungry look in her eyes, Lilya leans forward and sucks on my sensitive manhood, eager to drink up the last bits of my seed still left.

“Mmm, you taste amazing dear,” Lilya coos, looking up at me with a little bit of cum still left on her face, hot water cascading down her large breasts. “But you and I both know that we’re not done yet. Oh no. Not. Even. Close,” she says, getting up and turning around, bending over and bracing herself against the shower wall. “Well, come on then,” she says, looking over her shoulder at me and shaking her hips back and forth enticingly. “Fuck me.”

Grabbing either side of my wife’s tremendous ass, I shove my cock into her pussy, hilting myself in one quick thrust and causing her to shudder in delight as her inner walls clamp down on my shaft, a low moan escaping past her lips.

“Did you just…?” I ask, looking at her, just barely a hint of a red tinge on her cheeks.

“J-just shut up and keep go-oooh,” Lilya retorts, moaning again as I pull out of her.

Squeezing her butt just a little bit harder, I push myself back into her warm folds, our bodies wetly slapping together as my groin meets her jiggling cheeks. Moaning in bliss, Lilya cries out nearly every time I bottom out inside her, her breath catching in her throat when I thrust particularly hard.

“Oh god! Oh god, yes! Harder! Fuck me harder! Harder! Yeah! Yeah! More! Give me more! I want more!” Lilya cries out, encouraging me to fuck her without restraint.

Shifting my grip, I grab onto her wide, womanly hips and thrust my cock in and out of her quivering pussy as fast and as hard as I can, grunting with the effort of pleasing my wife and giving her exactly what she wants.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oooh gooood! Ah! Ah! Aaaah! Ah! Yes! YES! There! Right there! Oh god! Oh god! F-f-fuck! S-sweetie! Oh god, sweetie! I-I’m cumming again! Sweetie, I’m c-cumming agai-aaaah!” Lilya cries out as her womanhood clamps down around my pistoning shaft, her inner walls rippling along my entire length as I ride her through her intense orgasm. “D-don’t sto-o-op! P-please, don’t sto-ah! Ah! Yes! Yes! Keep go-o-o-oingggaaaah! Ah! AAH!”

Spurred on by her shrieks of pleasure, I squeeze my wife’s hips and go absolutely nuts, pounding her snatch over and over again as I start to feel myself nearing the edge. Stepping forward, I reach around to Lilya’s chest, grabbing on to her pendulous bosom and fondling the wobbly orbs as I press myself against her back. Returning my affection, my wife pushes back against me, her ginormous ass encompassing my crotch as I explode inside her.

“Yes! YES! Give it to me! Fill me up with your cum! Oh god! Oh god! O-o-o-o-o-oh go-o-o-o-od! Sweetie! Sweetie! I love you! Oh god I love you! Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh god! Oh god! Ooooooooh goooo-aah!” my wife cries out as I hump her from behind, filling her spasming tunnel up to the brim almost immediately with my hot seed.

I try to hold myself steady as I climax inside my holstaur wife, but my hips instinctively move forward every time I shoot out another thick load of jizz from my manhood. Soon I give up on trying to stop myself from pressing my hips against Lilya’s perfectly shaped ass, and I ride her through both of our orgasms. Small spurts of my cum shoot out from around my shaft, my wife’s inner sex completely full of my seed even as I continue thrusting into her, squirting more and more of my cum into her pussy to fill it right back up again. Moaning voraciously, my wife pushes her well-rounded hips back against me, clearly eager for more. With a low growl, I grab her giant ass, squeezing it roughly as I pull back out, slamming myself balls deep into her pussy once again.

Lilya moans throatily, unable to form any sort of coherent sentence as I pound her from behind, her ass jiggling obscenely every single time I bottom out inside her quivering womanhood. Crude, wet slaps fill the bathroom as I roughly fuck my wife, sawing my throbbing cock in and out of her wet quim and grunting with the effort of constantly shoving myself in to the hilt.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Fuck! F-fuck! Y-yeah! Yeah! Harder! Har-ah! H-harder! F-fuck me harder! Fuck my pussy harder sweetie! Oh god! O-o-o-o-o-o-oh go-ooooooh! Ooooh! Oh go-o-ooood! I’m cumming again! Sweetie! S-sweetie, I-I’m cu-u-u-ooooh god! Oh god! OH GOD! SWEETIE! I-I’m cu-hah! I’m cu-ah! I’m cu-ooooh! I’m cu-u-u-aaaah! I’m cuuummmiiiiiinnngggaaaAAAHH!” Lilya screams, throwing her head back as she nearly seizes from the sensation.

Already quite tight, her fluttering inner walls constrict around my shaft, causing me to gasp out in shock as I thrust into her again. Completely devoid of any rational thought, I squeeze Lilya’s wide, motherly hips and hold on for dear life as I utterly pound her, joining her in moaning out in bliss in between grunts of effort. Reaching up, I let go of my wife’s tremendous ass only to bring my hand back down on her jiggling cheek hard, leaving a faint handprint on her chocolatey skin and making her gasp out in shock before letting out yet another low moan. I slap her ass again, her already tight inner walls contracting even further as I push myself balls deep into her body, almost struggling to thrust my throbbing cock into her eager pussy with how tight she’s become.

Reaching forward, I grab a fistful of her creamy white hair and pull her head back, forcing her to look at me with heavily lidded eyes as her mouth hangs agape, ravenous moans escaping her lips as I push her up against the shower wall. Wrapping my arms around her pudgy midriff, I push myself as deep into her undulating pussy as I can, my balls slapping wetly against her ass as I cum incredibly hard, unable to suppress a deep moan as I finally climax.


“L-LILYA!” I shout, still thrusting my manhood into her pussy. “LILYA! I’M CU-NGH! I’M C-CUMMING!”

“OH GOD SWEETIE! I’M CU-AAAAH! AAAAAAH! CUU-AAAAH! AAAH! SWEETIE!” Lilya replies, shouting with me as we nearly blackout from the shock and pleasure.

Effectively on autopilot, we push our bodies against each other, sharing an orgasm that lasts for what seems like several minutes as we shout and scream our love for each other. Thick runnels of my seed pour from Lilya’s battered pussy, her quivering insides utterly stuffed with my hot seed as we struggle to catch our breath, chests heaving every time we inhale the warm, humid air.

“Hah,” Lilya gasps breathlessly, looking over her shoulder at me several minutes later. “Y-you’re an animal, you know that?”

“You-hah-, you were louder than me dear,” I reply, helping my wife up and turning her around. With a tired smile on her face, Lilya reaches forward and hugs me softly, too tired to do anything other than weakly wrap her arms around me.

“I love you,” she whispers after a few minutes, looking up at me with sparkling eyes. Rather than respond in kind, I simply pull her closer to me, kissing the top of her head as we share a tender embrace.

“So, ready to actually take a shower now?” I ask, placing my hands on my wife’s shoulders.

“Let’s,” Lilya giggles, giving me a quick peck on the cheek before turning around to grab the bottle of bodywash. “Mind helping a girl out?” she asks, looking over her shoulder at me seductively.

“Only for you, Lilya. Only for you,” I reply, squirting a generous portion into my hands before reaching around to lather up my cowgirl lover’s tremendous bosom.

With my chest pressed up against her back, I gently caress Lilya’s chest, nibbling on one of her ears as I cover her torso with an obscene amount of suds. Working the soap into her chocolatey skin, I rub away the sweat and grime of our previous trysts, spending way more time than necessary on ensuring her breasts are squeaky clean. Lilya leans her head back slightly, quietly moaning as I play with her boobs before spinning her around and pulling her against me. Using the bodywash again, I squirt another generous portion into my hands and begin working on her back, massaging her sore shoulders before moving down to the small of her back. With a soft grin, my wife reaches back and grabs my hands, lowering them down to her fat ass before looking at me expectantly. Getting the clue, I grope and caress her wide ass as she presses herself against me, cooing soft words of encouragement into my ear.

A few minutes later, Lilya gently pushes me off her and reaches for the soap herself, lathering up her enormous breasts before pressing them against me. She caresses every inch of my front, using her supple flesh to clean me off, occasionally putting more soap onto her soft brown skin. Grabbing my shoulders, she turns me around and repeats the process, pressing her squishy bosom against my back and shoulders, reaching around with sud-covered hands to fondle my genitals while letting the occasional moan escape past her lips. Finally satisfied several minutes later, Lilya and I help each other wash off the last of the soap, holding each other close for a minute or two before one of use finally shuts the water off. We step out of the shower and spend several more minutes drying off, occasionally groping one another through the warm, fluffy towels.

“That was nice,” I say, drying my hair off as Lilya finishes brushing her teeth.

“Yefth it wath,” she replies with a mouth full of toothpaste before spitting it out into the sink. “When do you think we can do this again?”

“Having wild, raucous sex, snuggling together in our underwear while watching a shitty movie, or taking a shower together?”

“You know which one I mean you perv,” my wife teases as she reaches for her mouthwash.

“Well, option A is off the table since we only get the house to ourselves for all of half an hour. B is doable, but only late at night, and C could be done, but we’d have to do it early or when the girls won’t be home until the afternoon,” I reply, counting off on my fingers.

“I meant spend time together, silly,” Lilya says, walking over to give me a soft hug. “Just the two of us.”

“We can do that anytime you want, Lilya,” I say, surprising her with a deep kiss while reaching around to grab a handful of her expansive rear.

My wife moans softly into my mouth, instinctively pressing her naked body against me as we share a passionate embrace, Lilya wrapping her arms around my neck as I hold her close.

“I love you Lilya,” I whisper after breaking off the kiss.

“I love you too dear,” she replies, giving me a smooch of her own, gasping in surprise when I grab onto her fat ass again. “Oh for fu- alright, you’re coming with me mister,” Lilya says, grabbing my hand and leading me back to our hotel room bed, our bath towels unceremoniously falling off of our bodies along the way.

Pushing me on to the bed, Lilya climbs in after me, straddling my hips as she furiously kisses me over and over again, softly moaning in between deep breaths as she grinds her body against mine.

“I love you,” she whispers after an eternity of making out with me.

“I love you too Lilya, I love you too,” I reply holding her close to me for several seconds before helping her off my lap, turning her around so she can get onto her hands and knees.

“You ready Lilya?” I ask, my manhood stiffening rapidly.

“Just shut up and fuck me already you big lug,” she replies, looking over her shoulder at me and shaking her enormous ass in my face, letting out a low moan as I slowly part her netherlips with my throbbing shaft.


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