Ushi-Oni Gym sex

For Aishafan

>An Ushi-Oni looks at you with hungry eyes as she lifts, sweat dripping off of her body.

>You look at her and smile, she just stares.

>You finish up on your bike and decide to call it a day

>You think you hear something behind you, but you’re probably hearing things because you’re tired.

>You walk to the change room, get naked, and walk into the shower.

>You turn the tap on and turn around, all you can see are her brown, glistening abs.

>She looks down and calls out. “HUSBAND.”

>She keeps rubs her abs against your face, your nostrils are filled with her musky scent.

>You look up with a worried look on your face, she looks down at you with hearts for pupils.

>”You can lick me if you want” she giggles.

>You are completely intoxicated by her smell and start losing focus, all you can think of right now is fucking her.

>Your tongue slowly leaves your mouth, like your rationality.

>Her body taste of sweet delicious sweat.

>You roll your tongue over and around her abs as she moans out.

>Her abs feel good on your tongue.

>Soon you find yourself trying to lick all the beads of sweat that roll down her magnificent body.

>Your hands touch her soft sides, feeling their way up to her pert breasts and begin to knead the flesh.

>At this point all she can do is moan out “HUSBAN!”

>The more you lick and touch her beautiful brown body, the harder you get.

>Soon you are so hard that it hurts

>She picks you up and sinks your dick into her stomach.

>You immediately lose control and begin to buck your hips into her abs.

>A breast taunts you as you take the hard, brown nub into your mouth and start to nibble.

>Your other hand overflows with her other breast as you squeeze it in time with your thrusts.

>She starts to flex her stomach, her abs milking you.

>You paint her entire tummy with your precum, she looks at you and giggles.

>”H-Husband your c-cock is throbbing….C-Cum soon.”

>You pick up the pace, bucking even more wildly than before into the brown delight.

>The pressure in your loins builds until you explode, coating her abs and breasts in your seed.

>She lifts you up again, as the nipple pops out of your mouth it is quickly replaced with her tongue.

>She pulls away, a string of saliva still connecting you.


>She sets you down on the bench and inserts your cum covered cock all the way to the hilt.

>You cry out as her claws grab your hands.

>She slowly starts to pound you, her brown body picking up speed as she rises and falls.

>You look up at her with pleading eyes.


>She starts to pick up the pace as the bench creaks.

>All you can do is moan as her walls suck and milk you for all your worth.

>She bends over you and starts to rock harder, her breast dangling in front of your face.

>You raise your head, taking the tit into your mouth once more.

>She continues to moan husband over and over as you suck on it and roll it around in your mouth.

>The bench feels like it about to give away as she rams down.

>The sweat from her body drips down on you, mixing with your own in an intoxicating scent.

>She tightens up, clamping down on your cock as she shudders.

>Hers screams of love, along with your muffled moans fill the air.

>You feel her hot juices run over you dick as you explode, your mixed love juices overflowing from where you both are connected.

>She keeps your head on her heaving chest, your head resting between her breasts

>After the two of you catch your breath, she picks up up and hugs you.

>Unbeknownst to the two of you is a man and a Cheshire standing in the entryway.

>The man is frozen in shock as the catgirl giggles.


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