Umbra, Chapter 32

The city of Ellsworth seemed all too distant to Aaron, although it was realistically only a walk of about three or four hours on foot. Still, it was almost hard for him to believe he had been there that very morning. His short little misadventure there seemed cemented in his mind like it was a distant childhood memory.

At the very edge of the city, he saw pillars of gray smoke rising to meet the twinkling stars. Nariko’s lightning must’ve sparked a fire in Otha’s garden, as he had figured. Although he knew Otha would be ordering around the remainder of her guard to put it out, the mental image of the fat woman waddling around with a bucket full of water and throwing it into a blaze made him smile a bit.

He, along with the rest of Otha’s freed captives, were holed up within the crumbling walls of an abandoned military fort. It was a humble thing constructed more or less as a lookout for bandits and marauders instead of a presentation of any real line of defense. Evidently, it had outlived its usefulness a decade ago, but Aaron and Reese gave it a new purpose as a temporary hideout. At the center yard burned a bright campfire, working with the moon to provide a suitable source of light for the squatters.

Having had enough sight-seeing, Aaron moved down a set of crumbling stone steps, waltzed past the blazing firepit and retreated to a creaky wooden chair. He held a large strip of salted jerky in one hand and a mug of ale in the other. Still brewing on the day’s events, he switched between taking deep gulps and large bites.

A loud thwack caught his attention. He looked to the right, seeing a rather unsettling sight. Chained up in a long line were the remainder of Otha’s maids. Each one was pushed forward by a muscled minotaur, then quickly whacked in the neck by the manticore’s barbed tail. The maid instantly collapsed to her knees, beginning to morph into a purple, slimy being called a shoggoth.

And down fell another one, her flesh melting into violet as the transformation had already taken a hold of her.

Such an act might’ve seemed cruel and unwarranted, but Aaron figured it was the only option for them. Their minds were too far gone to continue life as humans any longer, and they still harbored aggressive loyalty to Otha. Monsterization seemed to be the only immediate cure it.

If there was a solution that allowed them to retain their humanity, Aaron would have fought for it tooth and nail. But as it stood, they did nothing but present a danger to themselves and others. It would be hard enough smuggling so many monsters out of the Legion as it stood, having a gaggle of brainwashed maids would tip that difficulty into the realm of improbability.

As the last maid was converted, the collection of twenty purple slime girls giggled and laughed as they chatted with one another. Some seemed concerned with beginning life anew as a monster, but seemed glad nonetheless as they were freed from Otha’s control.

Apparently, Wes had used a narcotic drug in the process of filling them with demon energy. While that sick fact made Aaron’s blood boil, he supposed it all turned out well enough in the end. Although their minds were altered, the shoggoths were now free to do as they pleased.

Turning his attention away, it dawned on Aaron there was almost an orgy going on around him. The few choice guards that the monsters had brought with them had quite the duty on their hands, most having the bulk of their leather armor ripped off before a group of monsters ranging from three to five dragged them into the walls of the fort for a bit of fun.

Looking to his right, Aaron saw the scrawny teen with the cypress stick he had intimidated just a few hours ago. He was being carried between a grinning shoggoth and blushing weresheep, each gingerly rubbing his naked chest as they moved forward.

“Hey, kid.” Aaron called between chews of his jerky, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, ya know. I told Reese not to let anyone kidnap any of Otha’s guard, but he didn’t listen to me.”

“Hahaha! Are you fucking kidding? This is great!” the boy laughed, letting the monsters at each of his sides hold him in the air as he merrily kicked both feet out. Smiling all the wider, the trio continued on and slinked into the fort, no doubt with lewd intentions in mind.

Aaron sighed before taking another chug of his ale. Perhaps they were so enamored they forgot they had little room to do anything but accept the monster’s advances. Although, he supposed he could be suffering the same affliction. None of the guards seemed particularly unhappy about their predicament, so there was nothing he really could’ve done, even if he wanted to.

“Yo, Aaron!”

Out of the corner of his eye, the swordsman watched Reese approach, that shy cockatrice following right behind like a loyal puppy. The incubus had changed back into his fancy clothing that had been kept in the acquisition room.

Aaron had to admit, the incubus looked almost like a different man back in his old duds. With the addition of a fresh shave, combed hair, and gilded rapier at his side, he looked like a dark, dashing prince from a monster girl’s storybook.

“So, do I look sharp, or what?” the incubus laughed, his playful violet eyes glinting in the pale moonlight and flickering campfire.

“Hey, Reese.” Aaron replied, “So, what do we now? We can’t keep all the monsters here for very long.”

“Of course we can’t, kiddo.” the incubus chuckled, seeming to find Aaron’s input humorously self-evident, “But don’t worry. Look, you’re no fool, are ya? You’ve seen my clothes and weapon- I’m no bumpkin. And even though I’ve become an incubus, I still have some deep connections. I can get a trading convoy up here to sneak them away to Lusitania in a few days.”

Aaron nearly choked on his jerky, “Seriously? Just who the hell are you, Reese?”

“An incredibly stylish, talented, and dashing devil?” the incubus laughed, striking a marvelous pose that his cockatrice companion seemed to marvel at. But Aaron remained unimpressed.

“More like a pompous dickhead who can’t give the guy who saved his ass a straight answer.”

Seeing the sour look on the swordsman’s face, Reese sighed and slumped down, “Look, kid, I really appreciate what you’ve done for me… hell, for all the girls here. But I’d be putting more than myself at risk if I let my identity get out. Trust me, if we ever meet again, and the time is right… I’d be happy to let you know.”

With an annoyed groan, Aaron stuffed the last bit of his jerky into his mouth and washed it down with the remainder of his ale.

“Fine.” the swordsman said after he swallowed, pointing a finger at Reese’s chest, “If you don’t want to tell me, I won’t make you… but if you’re hoping to meet me again, I wouldn’t hold my breath.”

“I wouldn’t say that, Aaron.” Reese laughed, “The world’s a smaller place than you think. Anyway… adios. Enjoy the rest of your night~!”

And with that, the incubus scooped up the blushing cockatrice in his arms and danced off to parts unknown. Deciding to turn in for the night, Aaron lifted himself from his creaky chair and departed, weaving between the clumps of partying monsters and entering the abandoned fortress.

It was old and dusty inside, but Aaron supposed the fort was serviceable enough. Even as he watched a mouse scurry around a corner, he thought back to the dank dungeon he found himself locked in that very same morning and thanked his lucky stars he was free.

Following the same bend in the path as the mouse, Aaron looked to his right and saw two shoggoths atop a wooden table. Both had discarded their maid outfits, and one was wildly riding an ex-guard’s cock while the other sat atop his face to be eaten out.

“What the fuck are you looking at, punk?” growled the lucky man, lifting the shoggoth from his lips and glaring at Aaron. Looking a bit closer at the man’s purple-stained face, Aaron realized it was the same stern jailer that had been keeping watch over he and Reese.

“Erh… nothing.” Aaron groaned, shielding his gaze and hurrying past, “Yeesh, and after I spared your sorry ass? Some thanks…”

The man seemed far too busy fucking his new girlfriends to take notice of that last bit. Jogging up a stairway to the second and final floor, Aaron continued past the sparsely decorated, cob-web coated hallway until he reached the room he was looking for.

It must’ve been the living space of a higher ranking officer’s children, as the room he stepped into was painted a soft peach, and held a cracking wood box filled with dilapidated toys. There were two beds tucked into each corner, with a monster laying in each.

Valerie and Kiera. Each bed was far too small for the girls, especially for Kiera, but Aaron supposed it was better than cramming both onto a single bed or leaving them on the floor. Both were still blacked out, but seemed to be softly stirring in their sleep.

“Ahh… thank the gods.” Aaron breathed out, carefully shutting the door behind him. He was far too tired to explain the events of the last two days before bed, so he decided to just let them sleep until the next morning.

Heading a few doors down, Aaron entered a new room. If he had to hazard a guess to who the room’s previous occupant was, he’d have to say it was a low-ranking officer. It was free of any expensive furnishing, but did contain a wooden table and chair and a small bunk that might’ve squeezed in two on a good day.

Like the rest of the rooms, they had replaced the dust-caked, moth-eaten pillows and sheets with the ones the monsters had nicked from Otha’s supply. Collapsing down atop the mattress, Aaron tossed off his bag, weapons and boots and settled into the silken sheets. Folding his hands under his head, the whooping and moans softly echoing throughout the fort seemed to fade away as he drifted off into slumber…

“Long day, huh sweetie?”

Aaron slowly peeled his eyes open the instant the eastern woman’s voice tickled his eardrums.

“Nariko? Hey. I had a feeling you’d show back up.” the vagabond yawned, rising from the mattress. Peering forward, he took note of the raiju seated on the very edge of his bed, excitedly swinging her tail to and fro.

“Sorry I went and vanished back there. I just needed some alone time.” the weasel mumbled, “And some time to think about what to do next.”

“That right? Well, before I forget, go ahead and take these. I bought ‘em before we left town.” said Aaron, pulling a few choice items from his bag. First, he dropped a small white cloth into the monster’s hands.

Undoing the red string keeping the cloth together, Nariko unfolded it to find several little sugar-coated balls of golden-brown batter.

“What are these…?” she marveled at the small little nuggets. Reaching down, she pinched one and lifted it before her eyes, giving it a few squeezes and coating her fingers in sugar.

“Apple fritters.” Aaron explained, “Thought you might like ‘em, and I did say I’d buy you some more sweets after we escaped…”

With a wide grin, Nariko wasted no time and popped the fritter into her mouth. She seemed to go as rigid as a statue the instant it hit her tongue. Her face crinkled up, and she clenched her eyes shut.

Left sitting on the bed, Aaron slowly leaned forward and tapped the raiju’s shoulder, “Uhrm, Nariko…? Are you…?”


The swordsman hopped back as the raiju squealed in bliss, electric sparks widely exploding around her. With the most ecstatic look Aaron had ever seen on a woman planted onto her face, Nariko began wildly shoveling the fritters into her mouth until there were none left. The aghast Aaron could only sit and stare as the raiju finished her feeding frenzy.

“Ah… so good…” the electric weasel sighed, licking away the leftover sugar from the cloth, “So, so good…”

“Err… I also got you this…”

Nariko looked down as she tongued away the remaining sugar, seeing a strip of fine ebony cloth in the iron-haired vagabond’s hand.

“It’s a scarf… I thought you might want it to… you know… hide your burn.”

The raiju snickered as she lifted her chin up, giving Aaron a good view of that nasty burn scar that encircled her entire neck, “I appreciate the thought, Aaron, I really do… but, I have to decline.”

“Any particular reason why?”

“My father told me we should be proud of our scars.” she explained, her usual snide tone going grimly somber, “He told me the night before he died in battle.”

“Died in battle? You said you were a noble, right? Was he a duke, or a knight-commander or something?” Aaron asked. Before she answered, Nariko hopped onto his stomach.

As the air forced out of his lungs, Aaron’s focus was shifted so he was forced to gaze up at the azure weasel looming over him.

“No. My father was a shogun.” she said rather whimsically as she stared down at the surprised human.

“I’m… I’m not sure I know what that is.” Aaron wheezed as the raiju shifted more of her weight onto his diaphragm, leaning forward to meet him eye-to-eye.

“It’s more or less what you’d call a general here in the west.” she explained, scooting a bit lower and leaning onto his chest, “Anyway… I was just a little girl then, but I remember all so vividly. He held me close in his arms, and traced two fingers across the scar on the bridge of his nose…”

As if to emphasize her point, she ran her delicate fingers across the burn on her otherwise perfect skin.

“…he said we need to be proud of our scars. They don’t make us who we are, but each one is a stone in the grand palace of who we can become.”

With a wicked chuckle, Nariko snaked her hand under Aaron’s shirt, tracing her fingers down the scar running across his stomach and chest.

Aaron began laughing nervously, “Well, that was a bit cryptic, but… he sounds like he was a real badass.”

“Oh, he was. He was one of the greatest warriors Zipangu had ever seen. His name was Tokugawa Mashiro.”

A sinister smirk arced across the weasel’s face before she rested her head against Aaron’s chest, leaving her twitching ears to tickle his nose, “But enough about me. Tell me about you.”

“Oh, I’m actually pretty boring. I’m just traveling to Misr to find a huge library that may or may not exist.”

“That so? Any particular passage you’re interested in?”

“Ah, just something that’ll help me counter a legendary weapon. It was also wielded by the guys who fought back an army of monsters and founded the most powerful empire to ever exist. Who knows? Maybe I’ll pick up a new recipe for pumpkin pie while I’m there.”

“Hehehe~ you don’t seem like the type to bake to me.”

“Looks can be deceiving…”

Nariko laughed once more, the static electricity dancing around her body tickling Aaron’s skin and making his body hairs stand on end. He was left tensed as the monster scooted up, tangling their legs together and snuggling her head into his neck.

He simply laid there, listening to the rhythmic sounds of her breathing and the soft creaking of their mattress. The distant hoots and hollers from the monsters outside seemed to grow all the more distant as they cuddled together in silence.

Aaron had a mind to demand her to get off, but he doubted she would listen. And while he didn’t like to admit it, a small part of him enjoyed the tingling sensation that came with her touch.

“Aaron? Can you do something for me?” she nearly whispered.

The swordsman peered down at the raiju, who stared back up with a sparkle in her eyes that made his heart melt.

“Sure, Nariko. What is it?” he replied immediately without thinking.

A mischievous grin spread across her face. Creeping up, she parted her lips and whispered into his ear.

Fuck me.”

Aaron shuddered under her grasp.

“W-wait, hold on!”

Before the swordsman could resist, Nariko hopped atop his groin, grabbing two fistfuls of his shirt as she ground against his groin. Clenching his teeth, Aaron mustered up every bit of self-control he had and grabbed Nariko’s waist. But as strong as he was, he couldn’t pry Nariko off.

“N-Nariko! Cut it out!” he begged. Even with the multiple layers of clothing between them, he could still feel the moistening lips of her pussy rubbing up and down the shaft of his swiftly hardening cock.

“Whats wrong? I thought you said you didn’t have anything against casual sex?” the raiju laughed, “Just sit back and enjoy, sweetie~”

“Nariko, look, I know you’ve been pent up, but don’t you think is a bit sudden? Why don’t you-”

“I’m not waiting any longer!” she hissed, ripping his shirt open. Aaron was left helpless as she dove in, running her tongue along his neck and collarbone, deftly avoiding his seashell necklace as she went.

“Stop it!” Aaron gasped, feeling a static charge passing through her saliva to stimulate his skin.

To his surprise, she did. Letting her tongue slip back into her mouth, Nariko grabbed Aaron by the ears and forced their gazes together. Trying to calm his racing breath, the human asked her but one question.

“Are… are you sure about this, Nariko?”

The weasel answered by slinging open her kimono and letting her shapely breasts bounce free.

“Do I look like I’m not ready…?” she mewled, rubbing two fingers in a circular motion across each hardening nipple. 

Aaron’s breath slowed. His frantic heart rate steadied, but it thumped just as hard. His head felt like it was swimming in a sea of clouds, and he found his tingling body moving on his own. Hardly knowing what he was doing himself, he wrapped his arms around the raiju’s waist and pulled her close.


Before he knew it, he had one hand on the small of Nariko’s back and the other gripping at her silky azure locks, pressing her lips onto his own. Their tongues danced together in a sloppy, ungraceful mess, but the pleasant static tingle between them grew all the stronger.

As their lips came apart with a loud pop, Nariko scooted back and looped a finger under Aaron’s trousers and underwear. Wasting another second, she yanked them back and let his cock spring free.

A look mixed with disappointment, arousal, and amusement crossed her face, “Ah… I’ve only got you at half-mast? Don’t worry, I’ve got a quick fix…” 

Aaron, his head still in the clouds, barely registered Nariko’s words. Noting he was a bit out of it, Nariko slowly wrapped each of her fingers around his cock, causing him to spring to attention. With an evil grin on her face, she torturously dragged her right hand down his shaft while using the thumb of her left to stroke his head. As his crown began leaking pre, the raiju increased her speed and smeared the clear substance all over his dick.

Aaron’s fortitude buckled and collapsed under the raiju’s handjob, and he quickly cocked his knees up and unconsciously lifted his hips.

“Oh, you like that? Then you’ll love this~”

Sending a surge of bioelectricity out from her palms, it quickly enveloped the human’s cock and the skin around his groin. His face scrunching up from the over-stimulation, Aaron grit his teeth and held a back a long moan.

But looking back down, he was surprised to find his penis fully erect and rearing to go. It seemed to throb alongside the sweet static tingle tickling his groin. In fact, he was sure that it might’ve even extended just a bit beyond its usual length.

“There we go…” the raiju chuckled. Propping herself onto her knees, she suddenly had the wicked idea of putting on a show for him. She twirled around, sticking out her pert bum and hooking her thumbs under each side of her black panties. Mischievously sticking out her tongue, she leaned forward just a bit and dragged them halfway down.

“Mhm~ you like what you see, sweetie?” giggled the raiju, shamelessly presenting her bootom to him, her wagging tail being a clear show of her excitement.

“Y-yeah…” Aaron muttered dumbly, admiring her creamy cheeks of her rear. It didn’t quite top Valerie’s, but Nariko still had a taut, shapely ass that only could’ve been obtained through a lifetime of dancing.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally slid down her underwear. Her little cunt was already soaking wet, and dripped onto his tightened sack and thighs as she positioned the head at her entrance.

“I don’t have the patience for any more foreplay…” she playfully growled, squaring her knees and planting her hands on his shoulders. With a final shuddering moan, she recklessly slammed herself down.

Aaron’s breath hitched once again, and his spine arched off the old mattress. The nerves of his cock were already stimulated by the raiju’s electricity. Now with the tight walls of her snatch sucking him in, he felt his mind go fuzzy.

It was tight. Too damned tight, and her slick walls coursed with the same pleasant bioelectricity as the rest of her body. That, in combination with her lusty expression gazing down at him, was just about enough to drive Aaron up the wall.

“Fuckin’… damn!” the human cursed through his teeth, slamming his fists down into the mattress and digging his calloused fingers into the sheets. As he tossed his head back into the pillow, Nariko only lowered herself lower and lower, squeezing down all the harder on his cock.

Letting out sweet pants as she went, Nariko bottomed out and pushed Aaron all the way inside of her. Biting down on her bottom lip, the raiju swiveled her hips as if to push him in even further.

The old mattress creaked and whined as she bounced, but it was a familiar sound in the fort by that point in the night. Not paying it a bit of mind, the raiju elected to focus her attention on the mind-numbing pleasure that went surging through her body every time their privates lewdly slapped together.

Unable to keep face any longer, the raiju’s naked chest heaved and jiggled. Unable to take anymore, she pushed out several gasping breaths for air and leaned forward, azure sparks shooting off her flushed body.

“Shit… shit, you’re lucky I’m so sensitive from not doing this for so long…” Nariko heaved, but continued to lazily grind their hips together. As his cock rubbed up against a sensitive spot inside of her, she sharply inhaled and ceased her movements.

“Argh! Fuck…  alright, give me second…” she whimpered as she pulled out his cock. Flipping around, she sat on his stomach, swinging her blue tail over his pectorals, “Until then… let’s try this…”

“Try wha-”

His question was answered before it left his mouth. Squeezing her legs together, Nariko trapped Aaron’s angry cock between both her creamy thighs. Feeling his reaction as he shivered under her, Nariko chuckled and ground her legs together, making him squirm all the more.

“Does it feel good…?” she mewled, scooting up a bit further. As she pressed her clit and sobbing lips up to his shaft, yet another electric charge seeped from her skin and ran up and down his dick.

Aaron wanted to scream out. Question why having his cock zapped somehow felt marvelous in the stead of searing pain… but he held his tongue. He had some modicum of pride left. Deciding to roll with the punches, he simply kept his view trained on her rump and wagging tail as she rubbed her thighs and pussy on his cock.

She would grind it between her creamy thighs, then lift herself up and down. As she did it, her sobbing labia ran up his length, spearheaded by her sensitive clitoris. It coated his cock in even more liquid from her drooling slit, letting her slid it between her thighs even faster.

“N-Nariko!” Aaron gasped, finally hitting his limit.

To Nariko, his release couldn’t have been any more spectacular. Twitching almost three times as he tried to hold it back, Aaron blew his load.

It released in three long, thick shots. Aweing and laughing as it arced through the air add spattered on her belly and thighs, Nariko watched and let it cling to her skin for a few moments. A perverted smile gracing her lips, Nariko scooped a bit of the mess from her belly with one finger and slowly licked it off.

And to her great joy, his dick hadn’t seemed to calm in the slightest.

“Alright… round two, sweetie!” she chuckled almost manically. Wasting no time, Nariko shoved it back into the tight confines of her snatch.

“Damn! Give me a fuckin’ second!” Aaron gasped out. The white-stars hadn’t stopped flashing in his eyes before Nariko was riding him once more. The human had little choice but to brace himself and sit back as the raiju swiveled her hips around in a mad dance.

A loud, wet squelch sounded with her every plunge. Her cunt was absolutely soaking and took in the full body of the girthy dick with every drop. Losing the small remainder of self-control she had left, azure sparks popped into the air around her every few moments.

Aaron had no idea how much longer it went on. Even when Nariko leaned forward, propping her hands on his knees and resting on her own.

It didn’t even rightly register with him when he slapped his own hands over her bum, making the raiju squeal and increase her speed. Gritting his teeth, the human ran on his instincts and aided her. He slammed her down onto his erection with every movement, soaking the fresh sheets with sweat and cum.

With a barbaric grunt, Aaron kept Nariko rammed down on his cock for the final thrust. Taken by surprise, the raiju was helpless as he pulled her down from behind and hilted himself inside her, squealing as even more of his jizz pumped inside her womb. He wildly rammed his hips deep inside her, firing strand after strand with every thrust.

“S-sweetie… Aaron…” she slurred dumbly, her tongue hanging from her mouth. He kept his muscular arms gripped firmly around her stomach, squeezing her tighter with each sticky shot.

And like that, he was spent. Groaning from sheer exhaustion, he uncorked his cock from her insides, letting Nariko roll off his chest as he panted for breath, her overstuffed cunt leaking jizz. The two basked in the afterglow for a few silent moments, attempting to catch their bearings.

“Aaron… thank you… but… c-can you do one more thing for me?” the raiju asked, scooting up to meet him. As he looked over, he saw her face flushing a nice cherry color.

“Yeah, Nariko?”

“Could you… could you pat my head?”

Aaron blinked in surprise, “Excuse me?”

Going even redder, the raiju placed her hands on her cheeks and and spread her ears apart, “Pat my head~”

Smirking at the odd request, Aaron found no harm in it and placed his hand atop her noggin.

Another few waves of that strangely nice electric stimuli shot through Aaron’s arm, rushing up to his bicep and sending a tingling pleasure throughout his entire body.

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff~” she purred more like a housecat than a weasel.

Aaron finally laid back and sighed, whether it was from irritation or exhaustion he couldn’t rightly tell. Nariko hadn’t exactly been subtle about what she wanted from him, but she got it all the same. Now, only a single question remained.

“So, what’re you going to do now?” Aaron asked almost rhetorically, already expecting the most likely answer, “Don’t think that you owe me just cuz I freed you.”

“I’m going with you, silly~”

“Yeah. I figured… this same kinda thing happened with Valerie and Kiera, too… ah, I don’t mean to sound so nonchalant about it. I ain’t going around to pick up girls for my own private army.”

“Hmm, is that right? Well, it doesn’t matter to me. It might be fun traveling with those two cuties…” the raiju snickered, sparks popping around her noggin. No doubt a devious plan was already boiling around in that skull of hers.

“Oh. So, you don’t mind?”

“Not a bit.” she cooed, “Besides, you said you’d buy me as many sweets as I could eat! I’m holding you to that promise, sweetie~!”

Nariko let out a sweet purr, snuggling up to Aaron’s naked chest. With a final exhausted breath, Aaron snaked his arm around the raiju’s waist and held her closer. As his eyes fluttered shut, he floated off into a pleasant dream…

Right up until he was ripped from his slumber by the steady creak of an old door’s hinges. As his bagged eyes snapped open, he was met by the stunned faces of a hellhound and griffon. The only one who wasn’t shocked silent was Nariko, who awoke with a soft yawn and waved towards the other monsters.

“Oh my! It looks like my seconds have arrived.”

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  1. A 5 star, for the cheerful concept (alone) of having a spare Shoggoth on hand. In case of the first one ‘conking’ out on you.
    I continue to look forward to more of Aaron’s exploits, (and ever enlarging harem).

    1. Thanks! I’m still trying to improve, though. I personally think they’re way too short, but I can’t seem to find a way to extend them without choking it full of unnecessary and superficial details.

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