To Join

Theo immediately regretted her decision.

Not because of the forty minute cab ride, but rather the thirty percent gratuity tip she had just given to the cab driver.

It was way too much, she thought to herself.

But then again she felt bad that she essentially forced the cab driver to take her outside the bustling city and into the quiet suburbs.

Hopefully, she wouldn’t have the same cab driver on the way back.

She made her way to the front door of the house, her heels clacking loudly on the stone pavement as she tried to contain the rising excitement she felt before stopping at the threshold.

She quickly fixed her hair, making sure nothing was out of place.

Even her clothes were carefully selected.

A modest yet fashionable graphic t -shirt , a leather jacket that showed off her figure, and to finish off the ensemble, a short tight fitting skirt that showed plenty of leg to draw the wandering eye.

She had worn the exact same outfit for her last job interview.

Considering she was about to get laid, her outfit was considerably more successful this time around.

She ran down her mental check list.

Phone. Fully charged.

Breath. Minty.

Underwear.  The best she had.

Condoms. Plenty, just in case.

She took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself before realizing she had no idea what to say when she saw him.

‘Hi, remember me? We met at a book store a couple days ago, hit it off, and then you invited me over for some coffee even though we both know it’s just a socially acceptable small talk excuse to bone like rabbits? Well here I am!’

She shook her head, clearing her mind before going over several cheesy one liners until eventually deciding that it was just perhaps bit too strange that a woman was silently standing at someone’s threshold.

She knocked on the door and waited.

She had no idea whether to be excited or to panic as the sound of foot steeps coming from inside became louder and louder.

A heavy deadbolt unlocked and Theo flashed a wry grin as the door swung open.

“Hello. Do you need something?”

Theo instantly froze, her breath caught in her throat.

Instead of the hunk of a man she had been expecting to see, the last thing she could have ever possibly expected was standing there.

A woman.

“Sorry, I was looking for-I think I have the wrong house,” Theo stammered in a panic, her mind blanking.

Was this the wrong address?

Did she get ghosted?

Maybe this person was just a roommate.

The woman standing there, as if suddenly recognizing her, smiled.

“Ah, you must be Theo,” the stranger said in an all too familiar manner.  “We’ve been expecting you.”

All blood drained from Theo’s face.

“Sorry, I gotta- I gotta go.”

Theo turned to leave, but felt a hand wrap around her wrist, causeing her to nearly trip over in her heels.

“Nonsense, you just got here. It’d be a shame if you left now.”

Theo tried to resist but happened next was a blur.

She remembered being pulled inside.

The door slamming shut and locking behind her.

She lost count of how many times she tried apologizing to the crazy woman that dragged her further and further inside the mazelike home.

To her continued horror, she caught glimpses of family pictures hanging in the hallways, each one acting like a knife steeped in pure refined guilt that stabbed deep into her.

The next thing she knew, she was sitting in what looked like an office.

Or at least it was the best word she could use to describe it.

It was an antiquated mess.

Bookshelves lined the room, each one filled haphazardly with various books and piles of papers with no sense of care taken in their placement. Piles of notes were strewn about and oddly shaped flasks of various sizes containing strange colored liquids surrounded her.

She had classified the room as an office because she felt like she was back in school, being chastised by the head mistress for skipping class again.

Except now it was for adultery.

She couldn’t remember the last time she felt such a mixture of shame, panic, and sheer utter terror.

All the while, the crazy woman sitting across from her sat calm and collected, smiling that unnerving smile that shook her to the core.

Theo gulped and attempted to tug her skirt down, only now realizing how revealing it was.

“First off, I just want to begin my three part apology by saying that I had no idea the guy I was seeing had a wife,” Theo blurted out. “He never told me I was the other girl. I never wanted this. It was never my intention to disrupt your family life and this was all one huge, total mistake on my part and for that I totally apologize.”

To her surprise, the woman sitting across from her laughed.

“A wife,” She said, tilting her head to the side thoughtfully. “Though I suppose you wouldn’t be wrong calling me that.”

The woman sitting across leaned forward and reached out a hand.

“I’m Calliach by the way. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Her voice devoid of hint or malice, Theo stared in disbelief at the stretched out hand before she remembered the basics of courtesy.

She awkwardly leaned forward and gently grasped and shook the hand.

It was only now that Theo regarded the actual person sitting in front of her.

A purple haired woman with incredibly long floppy bunny-like ears that draped behind her bare shoulders. If Theo thought her outfit was revealing, the corset Calliach wore made her own look far more conservative by comparison. Strangely, it was only now she noticed of the massive floppy hat that adorned her head.

Theo found it difficult to know where to look.

The weird floppy witch hat, or the curvaceous valley nestled in that outfit.

“And there’s no mistake,” Calliach continued, leaning back in her chair. “I know exactly why you’re here.”

“You…you do?” Theo said sheepishly, wringing her hands.

“Of course,” she grinned. “You’re here for Akai.”

Theo watched as Calliach’s gaze shifted behind her.

“Could you be a dear and bring some tea for our guest?”

Before Theo could wonder who she was referring to, the sound of a door closing behind her made her jump in her seat.

She didn’t even know someone was behind her.

“Look this is just a whole misunderstanding. Yes, I came here to see Akai, but I didn’t know he’d lie and have a –“

“You’re Theo Gavshaw, correct?” Calliach interrupted, peering over a sheet of paper.

“You moved here three months ago, met Akai at a book store where the two of you discovered a shared interest in historical novels. You frequent the nearby coffee shop where you both complain about the type of chairs they use. And now you’re here for a romantic liaison with him.”

Calliach looked up at her.

“Did I get that right?”

Theo squirmed in her chair.

“I believe…that is the gist of it,” she admitted.

Calliach smiled.

“Good, then we can proceed.”

Theo watched as she pulled out one of the drawers of the desk. She had half expected it to be a gun, but was more surprised to see a packet of papers placed in front of her.

Theo carefully picked it up.

She looked at it awkwardly in her hand.

“What’s this supposed to be?” she asked.

Calliach leaned forward and rested her chin on her tented fingers.

“It’s an application.”

“An application for what?”

Calliach shrugged.

“To join the harem, of course.”

Theo blinked several times over, trying to process the word she had just heard.

He jaw hung open for several seconds.

“The what now?” she asked, stupefied.

“A harem. You know that that is, right?” Calliach asked innocently, obviously enjoying her reaction.

Theo dropped the packet of papers back on the desk as if it had just spontaneously caught on fire in her hand.

“Woah woah woah this is…not where I thought this was going– You can’t be…are you serious!?” Theo barked in disbelief tone.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

The moment she arrived and the front door opened she had thought she had just became irredeemable homewrecker, but this…was something completely out of left field.

“What? Big strapping demon. Nice build, gentle, kind, courteous. Not too hard on the eyes. Hm? You thought you were the first?”

Theo could only stare in disbelief.

She sat back in her chair trying to process what was happening.

“So you want me to join your little sex club?”

“It’s not a sex club, it’s a harem,” Calliach replied defensively. “And technically it’s not a harem because Akai doesn’t know about it.”

“He doesn’t know about – how could he not know about it?”

“He’s got a big heart…and a big dick,” Calliach smirked devilishly. “So we came up with this little system to share him without smothering him or each other. Though needless to say it hasn’t stopped the occasional orgy or two.”

She pointed a finger at the packet in front of her.

“It’s all explained inside.”

Theo shook her head.

“Why would anyone want to join this? It’s crazy.”

“Is it? It actually sounds quite reasonable when you think about it.” Calliach countered.

Calliach began counting off her fingers.

“You’ll get your own days to see him, romantic outings, dates, all the usual stuff. It’d be like you had him all to yourself. And of course, he’s a demon. And if you know anything about demons is that they have quite the amount of…stamina.”

Theo prepared to counter, but stopped at the sound of the door opening behind her. She watched as a much smaller demon, equipped with trademark ethereal horns adorning her head, maneuvered around her and place two cans on the desk between them.

Calliach picked up one of the massive teal green cans and sighed.

“Thank you Aiko,” She replied in a deadpan manner as the young female demon left just as briskly as she entered.

Theo turned her attention back to Calliach.

“Is she…”

“Adopted child, yes.” Calliach replied cooly, sipping from her can. “A cute little thing.”

Theo rested her head in the palm of her hand, suddenly exhausted.

“I still don’t see how this all pertains to me.”

Calliach leaned forward once more, setting her can aside.

“Have you ever been fucked so satisfyingly that the memory of it kept you awake for days on end? Have you ever woken up in a lover’s embrace whished you never had to leave? To have all your sexual needs and met? To discover things about yourself that you thought impossible?”

Calliach smirked.

“He can do all of that and more.”

Theo reared back, suddenly aware of how close their faces were.

“That’s not me,” Theo replied shamefully, looking away.

“Really? You’re history says otherwise.”

Calliach held up another piece of paper.

“You were the one to approach him first. And that hand job you gave to Akai in the bookstore when no one was looking was quite daring.  Oh, and that business in the local park- ”

“Okay okay, shut up, I get it!” Theo shot back, the heat instantly rushing to her face.

This witch knew too much, Theo thought to herself. She didn’t want to imagine what else she could dig up.

But the more Theo thought about it…

Akai was smart.


He actually challenged.

She couldn’t remember the last time a man had been so…interesting. There was something about him that just made him irresistible. She did want to see him again. And she had already done things with him that she would have never have done otherwise.

Theo nibbled on her lip, deep in thought.

“Lets say hypothetically…and only hypothetically speaking…I was…interested. Then what happens.”

Theo couldn’t believe the words had even left her mouth.

She looked up Calliach.

Already she was beginning to dislike that self-satisfied grin that Calliach wore.

“Well read over the packet for now and if you decide you want to join, sign some things here and there, set up availability days and such. There’s an opt in for orgies if that’s your thing. Oh, and a yearly group photo. Just sign on the dotted line and you’ll be an OC in no time.”

“An OC?” Theo asked.

“Occasional Consort,” Calliach explained. “It’s what we call ourselves.”

“How many are there?” Theo asked.

“Hmm, at least twelve at last count. Some see Akai more than others; it’s all based on preference.”

Theo raised an inquisitive eyebrow at Calliach.

“And I’m guessing you’re….”

Calliach grinned.

“Number one, obviously. I keep the system in check, ensuring everyone gets their fair share.”

“Does Akai know about all this?”

“Nope. It’s our little secret. Oh, and also to make sure that Akai doesn’t find out about our little system too.”

Theo thought back to the smaller demon.

“Does Aiko know about all this?”

Calliach shook her head.

“She’s young. We try not to sexualize her.”

Theo nodded as if understanding it all.

She suddenly found herself lost in thought, her fingers rapping on the arm of the chair incessantly as she weighed her options over and over again.

It was some time before she finally reached out and grabbed the packet in front of her.

Only now she realized how heavy it felt in her hands.

She stared at it for several seconds before finally tucking it into her purse.

“I’ll…think about it,” Theo finally decided, not giving a definite answer.

“Excellent!” Calliach chirped. “We look forward to seeing more of you.”

Theo looked around unassured.

“Does this mean I can leave?”

“Of course,” Calliach said, reaching for a pen. “Akai is waiting for you in the living room. Just out to the right and down the hall.”

Theo quickly got up.

She didn’t want to be with this conniving witch any longer, she decided. Who knows how much more dirt she had on her. At least she would be able to finally see Akai and finally get some semblance of normalcy out of this day.

“Oh and one more thing,” Calliach called out, stopping Theo in her tracks. “I have to admit that I couldn’t help but wonder why Akai was so interested in you in the first place.”

“Excuse me?” Theo remarked, unsure whether to be amused or insulted. “And why would you think that?”

“Akai does have a predilection towards a certain type, and quite frankly speaking…you don’t fit it. Do you mind showing me?”

Theo raised an eyebrow.


Calliach nodded.

“Strip, if you would.”

Theo scoffed.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“You’re not serious.”

“Since when in our conversation have I not been serious?” Calliach replied coolly.

Theo stared back at Calliach, matching her gaze. All the while, Calliach wore the same self-satisfied smile she always wore since the entire conversation had started.

But now Theo knew something that she didn’t.

It was clear to Theo why Akai liked her so much.

If Calliach didn’t know why, then it would be her own pleasure watching that damn smirk disappear from her face and call her bluff.

Theo set her purse aside on the ground and shrugged off her leather jacket and folded it once over before placing it on the chair. It one swift motion, she pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it on the chair as well. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in black lace underwear that amplified her already impressive features.

She didn’t bother to take off her heels as she wrapped her arms behind her back and quickly unhooked her bra, freeing her pert sizable breasts. She flung her bra to the chair with a twirl of her finger before leaning forward and hooking her laced hemmed cheeky underwear. The slightest tug caused them to drop to her ankles, leaving her completely nude as she carefully stepped out of her last piece of garment.

She made a show of twisting sideways and kneeling down to grab the lacy piece before balling it up and letting it drop onto the pile of clothes with dramatic flair.

“Satisfied?” Theo replied sarcastically.

Theo watched as Calliach tilted her head to the side, seemingly unimpressed.

“Not bad. But I’m left to think there has to be something more.”

Now it was Theo’s turn to smirk.

She closed her eyes and concentrated. Her body glowed in iridescent white and a rising heat enveloped around her. In a flash of light, her auburn hair had turned stark white, and from her left shoulder a bone like structure materialized from nothing, stylized in the shape of a wing.  It hovered mere inches from her body. Even her eyes were affected by the transition, her left pupil now glowing gold while her right stayed it’s natural hue.

“My real name is Theodorus Cirillicia. And I’m a half-angel, on my mother’s side.” Theo replied confidentially, expecting to see the smug expression disappear from Calliach’s face.

But instead of disappearing, Theo watched as Calliach seemed to double over, before suddenly bursting out loud, laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Theo demanded to know.

Calliach wiped a tear from her eye and only smiled.

“Nothing at all,” she replied. “My apologies, now I know what Akai sees in you.”

Indignant, Theo began to grab her clothes in a huff.

“Actually, while you’re like that, there’s one more thing,” Calliach called out, as she dove into a drawer in her desk.

Theo’s eyes widened as she watched Calliach pull out a brown leather collar, sized just appropriately for her neck.

“The official uniform for the harem. Something to think about for your decision,” Calliach replied. “Oh, and I think Akai will like you more when if you go out there just like that and see him.”

Theo didn’t say anything as she continued grabbing her clothes.

Nor did she remark on seeing the collar or the bright golden pendant name tag that dangled from it.

But faintly, just faintly, Theo could see her name already etched onto it.

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