The Twin Cubs

It was almost gratifying on a primal level, Mike Hanson thought to himself as he thrust his hips forward.

Beneath him, the Manticore had her wings and tail bound together to prevent her from maneuvering. She was on her knees, and moaning into the ball gag the retainers had fit her with, saliva dripping from her mouth.

Swollen breasts swung heavily as he continued to pound into the moist wetness of her vagina, her plump ass bouncing back into his hips as his shaft drug up sparks of pleasure. In the months that he’d been assisting with the program, she’d gone from a lean and arrogant lioness to an almost docile cat.

Her stomach was swollen with his children and he laughed half-heartedly when she squirmed at his touch. It’d been an amazing opportunity, to be selected as a breeding stud for a Big Cats Project like this. In every room on the ranch there were men fucking feline monsters like the lion-woman beneath the twenty year old, all of them tended to daily by their studs to ensure maximum chances of conception.

The pay was good, but the sex was even better. He grunted as her vaginal muscles contracted in her second orgasm for the day, spewing strands of semen into her grasping sheath. The room smelled of sex and sweat as Mike leaned forward, burying his face into her velvety mane. It smelled musky, almost like a sort of ‘fuck me’ perfume.

Dismounting, he smiled, watching the Manticore lay down on her side. She glared at him with twin golden orbs, her tanned skin in contrast to his fairer stock. He wasn’t sure she even understood his language, but he still got a kick out of trying to talk with her.

“You were great as always, #120. They never did tell me what your real name is due to confidentiality issues, but hey. At least you get a nice cock to fuck, right?” Putting his briefs and jeans back on. Lost in post-rapture bliss, the Manticore only growled weakly as he stroked her stomach again. “Can’t wait to meet the kids.”

But Mike never did get to meet the daughters he’d fathered. The Ranch had lost its funding from the magnanimous hearts of the masses, and had consequently been shut down from its mission to save the feline monsters from extinction.

The last he’d heard in the thirteen years since the administrators had been arrested is that they’d set fire to the entire place rather than let their own shortfalls in money get the better of them, so might as well try to go for the tried and true insurance fraud. Yeah, right. What happened to the monsters that’d been captured by the volunteers? There had been speculation they’d gone up with the fires of course, and that had brought a heavy weight onto his chest.

He’d spiraled into a half-year excursion into alcoholism and drug abuse, thinking about #120 and his daughters roasting alive while he was off enjoying shitty micro-brews with some of the other studs he’d become friends with outside of their ‘work’. Hell, he hadn’t had any sex in the past seven years, the last woman he’d been with having been a down-on-her-luck Elf who had used him as a simple fuck buddy, not looking for a long term commitment. The several centuries age difference between them didn’t help things either.

So there he sat, a thirty-three-year-old single man with a dead end job in data entry in the great city of Washington, DC. Pigeons and people crowded the streets near Farragut Square as he watched the clouds pass overhead. But it wasn’t always bad.

There was always a pair of young Manticores who came to the park around 12-o’-clock. They were fair skinned, but their fur was a more ruddy red color than the deeper violet of the northern prides. Every day they’d come, purposefully wearing daisy dukes and other assorted coquettish clothes to attract the attention of older men.

Hell, he’d seen them pan handling a fat, ostentatious prick just the other day, one of them sitting in his lap as the other petted him as one would a cat or dog. He’d melted like butter under their affections as all horny buggers do, and they’d flew off a few hundred bucks richer.

They were play-fighting in the grass nearby, giggling girlishly as they wrestled with their tails when they noticed Mike watching them. Both the Manticores grinned and flapped their wings, padding over to him, the sashay of their wide hips almost making him believe they were members of the Her Lady’s Sabbath near the Bethesda side of town.

“Like the show, Old Man?” One of them quipped as she sidled next to him on the bench. “Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody else you were staring at a couple of sisters enjoying themselves in the greenery.”

“Not much else going on.” Mike replied, keeping a close eye on both the feral girls and their tails. Keratin spines loomed precariously overhead. “That and you were raising quite a commotion.”

Both Manticores looked to each other and back at Mike before sharing a round of laughter with each other. Their tails swung back and forth as several passerby saw them cuddling up onto him and gave Mike a disgusted look. He wasn’t a kiddy fiddler, and the girls looked nearly old enough to be barely jailbait.

“Did you hear that, Nasrin? The old man thinks we were ‘raising a commotion’!” The one on his left giggled out. “Next thing you know he’ll be yelling at us to get off his lawn!”

“Now now, Vered. Be nice to our host. After all, he’s quite the strapping subject isn’t he?” She cooed, stroking his shirt with one of her paws. “We weren’t making too much of a scene, now were we?”

No, but you sure as hell are now, he thought.

He knew all of their tricks. First they’d play the ‘we’re-just-a-pair-of-cute-little-cubs’ routine to try and butter him up. But why they were being so oddly affectionate over their usually capricious and aloof behavior was alluding him. Nasrin giggled and gave his ear lobe a playful bite.

“Don’t worry, old man. Vered and I know how to make you forget all about the worries of the day. If you’d let us.” She purred, the vibration echoing through her and into his arm. Vered followed suit and joined her sister. “Don’t you want to play with us for a little longer?”

Mike looked around, wondering if his boss would even notice one of the cubicle drones was missing. More than likely not, that fat fuck didn’t even know the simplest Excel document from IT calling him about websites people were visiting. Well, maybe a vague idea. He barely talked to the porcine faced asshole outside of a “Good work Hanson” on occasion.

“Alright, girls. I only have about an hour before people start asking questions. Where did you want to go?” Rising up, dusting himself off of the small dander they’d left on his suit jacket. “And don’t say something ridiculous like Ives S and 23rd in Crystal City. I may be an ‘old man’. But I’m not nearly as stupid as you seem to think I am.”

They smiled. A kind of smile that reminded him more of predatory cunning than simple cutesy antics, making Mike’s heart skip a beat. “Don’t worry, we’ll bring you back in… mostly one piece.”

It wasn’t until they were on the road that Mike decided to drop the big question on them.

“So, ugh… you two do have a mom, right? Won’t she be worried if you girls don’t meet her back after your mid-day activities?” Trying to keep his focus on the hustle and bustle of M Street, pedestrians crossing without a care to the traffic signals like a bunch of bumpkins. “She won’t try to eat me, will she?”

Nasrin gave a small groan while Vered spoke.

“Our mom… isn’t in our life anymore.” She said, her eyes looking downcast as she scratched at just beneath the car window. “I mean, that’s life, isn’t it?”

Ah, shit, he thought to himself. Touchy subject.

“I’m sorry for your loss…” He started before Nasrin spoke up.

“Don’t try to blow smoke in his face, Sis. Mom’s not dead. She just didn’t want to be around us anymore, said we looked too much like Dad.” She growled out from gritted teeth as her tail moved back and forth agitatedly.

“Not that we’d know what HE looks like.”

“Nasrin!” Vered said, glaring into the backseat where her sister sat. “You’re making Mister…”

“Hanson” Mike replied groggily. He almost felt sleepy as he pulled into the hotel’s front parking. It was the address they’d told him to go to. A nice Hilton that he was sure they paid for with money from their escapades.

“Are you okay Mister Hanson?” They both asked, offering paws to keep him steady. His world was spinning on its axis as he slumped forward. He didn’t remember having anything strange to drink today, or to eat. Hell, he’d felt fine right up until…
Nasrin giggled softly.

“Geez, Sis. We really over-did the poor guy’s dose.” Gently gliding one digit of her paw down the nape of his neck. Pieces began to click into place within the fog of Mike’s mind. Their overly affectionate behavior at the park. The bite on his ear. What had they done to him?

“Well, it’d be inconvenient if he’d counted were-sheep in his office, now wouldn’t it? Now help me move him.”

He should’ve known better than to trust Manticores. Even after all this time. Trying to recollect his addled nerves, he willed his limbs to move. They didn’t respond, feeling like they were made of lead. He was a prisoner in his own body as each of the cubs took one arm and hoisted him onto their shoulders.

They’d played him like a fiddle and he fell right for it.

When Mike awoke, the first thing that struck him was being tied to the twin sized bed on one side of the hotel’s bedroom. Strong lines of rope bound him by the wrists and ankles as he tested the efficiency of either of the cubs’ skills. They held strong when he tensed his muscles and tried to move his arms farther than just a few inches.

Dammit, the little minxes were better than they appeared.

He vaguely remembered the car ride to the Sheraton, and the nip on his ear from Nasrin, but the rest was lost in a dense fog. How in the hell did they get him past the receptionist in that half-drunken state from whatever narcotic they’d dosed him with? His mind was racing as he tried to compute the drug in itself. You don’t fall asleep from an ear bite like that, there’s no blood flow to make it a quick affair. So where…

There was a giggle as Nasrin entered the room, stark naked, letting him see everything from her apple bottom to the shaved slit of her sex. She gave him that same predatory grin as she climbed onto the bed and laid on his arm, breathing dreamily. Vered soon padded in as well and took her place on his other arm, both of the cubs smiling at him while smelling him. They rubbed their cheeks along his bare chest and laughed.

“He smells just like Mom, doesn’t he?”

“Absolutely. Even after all those years, he’s still Daddy.”

His eyes widened as he moved his head back and forth. They had to be delusional. He didn’t have any kids, he’d never married. The only time he could’ve had any children was… was…

The fire.

120 had survived, and now her daughters were going to reap their bloody vengeance on him. Probably use one of his ribs as a toothpick. His chest heaved in strained breath as he strained against his bindings. Both the cubs gave an elated giggle of surprise as the ropes held fast.

“Don’t worry Daddy, we’re not going to eat you!” They both said in unison.

“At least, not in that way.”

“How… how much do you know?” Mike stammered out.

“We know everything. How you fucked Mom like a beast in rut on a daily basis. How you, mmm, how did she put it? ‘Huffed my mane’ every time you had sex?” Vered sighed. “She never forgave you, you know. Said she was going to drain you to the last drop and make you into a slut for her tail if she ever got her paws on you.”

“Not that you’d know how good our tails feel, Daddy.” Nasrin purred, tracing along his chest with a single claw, giving his nipple a painful pinch. “They’re so pleasant and warm. But we only save them for special men. Like pervert-dads who watch their daughters grappling in the park.”

“It excited you, didn’t it? We could feel your eyes on us like a wolf looking at two lambs.” Vered sighed.

“You’re being absolutely absurd!” Mike roared back, hardening his expression as best as he could. He’d found it strangely amusing to see two Manticores even playing out in the open given the stigma against their species as a whole. “And if you’re really my daughters you’ll undo these bindings. Father’s word overrides your own.”

Vered and Nasrin looked at each other, then grinned wider.

“No can do, Daddy. We’re going to make sure you’re payed in full for your ‘royalties’. Besides, your little man down here doesn’t seem to agree with you.” Two paws gently fondling his testes, the first stirrings of arousal beginning in his loins. “Don’t worry, the day is young and so are we. We’re going to do everything that you’ve denied yourself for all these years.”

“All you have to do is say the words.”

Let me go and let’s talk this over like reasonable people, he thought. “Show me what you got, girls.” His arousal and full-mast erection winning out over his reasoning brain.

They stood up on the bed and moved towards his throbbing member, their full hips and derrieres swishing in their confident stride. Had they really been this alluring before, or was that just his dick taking control of him?

He got his answer when they sat on either end of his shaft, effectively smothering him in the supple and soft flesh of their buttocks. He couldn’t help himself, he moaned as they gave a small bounce, rubbing his length in-between four docking marshmallow-y buttocks.

“Oho! The first moan!”

“He must’ve really been backed up, Sis, if he’s going to moan like that.”

“We’ll just have to make sure we savor this, then.” Vered purred, shifting her hips with Nasrin and engulfing even more of his flesh in the softness of their backsides. For a moment he could’ve sworn he felt his cock press against the rosebud of one of the girl’s anuses, but they held him in rapt attention with their golden eyes.

“Do you like it, Daddy? It’s all about finding the right… rhythm!” Nasrin said, increasing the speed of her bounces, popping his cock in and out between her cheeks. It felt good, really good. He was going to…

“Uhn!” Mike grunted, his cock pulsing as thick strands of semen jetted into the air. Both of the cubs squealed in elation as it splattered onto the underside of their segmented tails, painting them a muddy white. His chest was heaving now, his erection
slumping down as he tried to get himself back together.

“What happened to savoring it?” Vered asked, almost feigning disappointment. “You have no sense of pacing or restraint, Nas. Now we’re going to have to get him back up instead of just edging him on to that sweet, sweet release.”

“What can I say? I got that from Mom.”

Rolling her eyes, Vered bit her lower lip as she forcefully plucked one of the spines from her tail’s bulbous end. There was a sting of a pin prick as she jabbed his inner thigh with it. More blood flowed into his penis as it surged back into full arousal, twitching expectantly. Nasrin touched it like a kid approaching a wild animal and giggled when it twitched back.

“Using your venom on him, are you sure, Vered?”

“It’s how mom would’ve done it.” Vered replied back, the opening of her and the sisters’ tail bulbs reminding him of super imposed mouths, dripping with saliva. “So, who gets the first taste?”

“Age before beauty, dear sister.”

Vered gave a mock bow in surtsy to her sister before her tail descended towards Mike’s waiting shaft, pulsating painfully in the
want of release. “I’ve always wondered what man-flesh tasted like. But now we’ll see, won’t we Daddy?”

The petals of the bulb opened farther, swallowing him whole as the fluids within offered little to no resistance. Hot and sticky walls of flesh contracted around him, the ribbed interiors pulsing upwards, dragging up pleasure until he hit a brick wall. It was soft, like a kiss, the first suck.

Pre leaked from his cock’s head as Vered found a pleasant undulating rhythm, sucking him deeper and deeper into her tail. The wet noises of their conjunction increased as she toyed with him, never allowing him the bliss of release.

“Too tight? Maybe Nasrin can take your mind off of this.” She cooed to him, her tail’s walls twisting around his shaft pleasantly like gloved fingers titillating him. “Though I doubt you’d want to play with her. After all, her tail is all crusty and disgusting. No manners, that girl.”

“Hey!” Nasrin shouted back to her sister, who stared back with an almost bored look. “If you don’t want him to enjoy my tail, then he’ll just have to make do with THIS!”

Before he could object, the slit of Nasrin’s sex collided with his face. The warm flesh between her legs nestled on top of his nose and lips, eliciting a soft moan from her. “S-see, if he can’t have my tail then I’ll just have to give him something else.”

“Nasrin!” Vered shouted to her, fully awake now. “You know he can’t use that until after we’ve molded ourselves to him!”

“What’s wrong, Sis? Jealous that Dad gets the first –mnh! Taste?” She purred back sultrily, grinding the lips of her labia against Mike’s face, slathering him in her feminine juices. “Don’t tell me you were thinking of fucking him after you got him off. Mother would not approve.”

“Oh!? You’re one to talk, you cheeky little bitch.” The pulsations speeding up from the tail. “You’re acting all high and mighty now because you have your pussy in his face but what’ll you do if you take him in and the fit isn’t right?”

Nasrin chuckled.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to fuck him more and more until he’s chosen me as his bride.” She said, grinding her hips down onto his face harder as Mike tried to moan beneath her. “After all, you’re far too much like Mom to be good enough for him. Too old-fashioned and business-like when it comes to the tailpussy.”

He had to hold on as the pressure increased from the sucking on his cock. Vered was letting her sister fluster her, and it made him afraid to find out what kind of strength their tails were capable of. Vered let out a moan as she pumped her tail up and down on his penis.

“Any moment now.”

She let out an orgasmic moan, engulfing the entirety of his member in her tail’s bulb, the walls melting all around him and giving one final full-bodied suck. Mike erupted into her, filling the bulb of her tail with everything he had. Semen leaked out of the sealed petals of her tail’s end, the wet squelching intensifying.

He could barely think anymore, his heart hammering in his chest. Nasrin mewled on top of him as her body began to convulse in an orgasm, splattering his face in her warm fluids. She folded her body on top of his and mewled.

“Since you’re so eager to show off, how about this!” Vered yelled, her tail surging forward, catching Nasrin off guard as the bulb knocked her off of Mike’s upper torso, engulfing her face. “Go ahead and drink all the semen you want now, you little demon!”

The fight had shifted off the bed as both the manticores toppled to the carpeted space in between the two beds, moaning and grunting as Vered fought for dominance, keeping her tail locked in place while Nasrin tried to pull it off. “N-not so cheeky now, are you?”

Her sister grinned, eyes narrowing. Realization dawned on Vered’s face just as two auburn red paws pulled her down and kept her there. Vered’s back arched as Nasrin began to lick and slurp hungrily at the manna and semen inside of her sister’s bulb, like a babe at its mother’s teat. She moaned in pleasure as the licking sounds intensified, Mike’s addled nerves struggling to recollect themselves.

He had to get free. Free before they remembered what they were trying to do to him.

Mike’s train of thought was erupted by the sonic scream of Vered as she collapsed backward, Nasrin pinning her to the floor and voraciously licking at the tips of her petals. Small droplets of semen cascaded down a corner of her mouth as she chuckled hoarsely.

“You were always such a little whore for getting your tail teased, Sis. You may be two minutes older but I’m the one who has the skills.” Turning to stare at her panicking father. “Now then, onto the main event since you’ve had your hors d’ouerve.”

Straddling his abdomen, she grinned, gripping the full girth and length of his cock.

“Oh my, you may be too big.”

“Or you mean you may just be a tad too small, sweetie.” Mike quipped back, trying to regain some of his previous candor. It wasn’t easy with the venom coursing through his veins and turning his sensitivity to touch to the near limits. Just from her mild ministrations with her paw he already felt like he was going to cum again.

“Don’t try to be funny, Daddy. I can already feel you getting ready to let out your third shot today.” She replied, giving him a forceful pump. Mike’s eyelids fluttered. “But you’re not going to get off with just a simple sandwich and tail service. Oh no no no. You’re going to spoil me just like I’ve always dreamed my father would.”

It’s true. He’d have spoiled his girls rotten. But not like this. Never like this.

“Nasrin, please. You don’t have to do thi—“

“Shut up! Don’t you dare try to father me now!” She yelled at him, lifting herself above him and pressing his ever-tingling glans to the slit of her waiting pussy. “You were never there, you don’t know what it was like!”

Before he could object, Nasrin sat down on top of him, plunging her hips fully onto his eager cock. The moist and warm walls of her pussy were slick with her juices and offered some resistance at first as she adjusted to the almost claustrophobic snugness.

She winced in pain slightly before letting out a weak laugh.

“I… I did it. I gave you my first.” Nasrin smiled. “Even before Vered.”

The tight warmth of her pussy didn’t want to let him go with each upstroke as Nasrin bounced on top of him, letting out soft whimpers of pleasure. “Ooh… Daddy.”


He grunted, thrusting his hips upwards into her, surprising Nasrin for a second. She yipped in surprise, cocking her head at him inquisitively. “Trying to take back control, so soon? Or are you trying to express some fatherly love.”

“Please… I didn’t know. I thought you all had died.” He rasped in response, wincing in pleasure as Nasrin hilted him inside of her. She continued to ride him with smooth grace, her technique far above somebody of her age, as if she’d seen through his body.

“Just tell me, why are you two doing this?”

“Because we love you.” Vered responded, pulling herself weakly up the side of the bed. Beads of sweat were rolling down here face as she grimaced at seeing his shaft thrusting in and out of her sister. Nasrin ignored her and sped up her bouncing, even going
so far as to bend forward and lick Mike’s nipples.

“That’s right.” Nasrin cooed. “Ever since we were old enough to remember we wanted to meet our daddy. But mom would never let us see you. She said you’d be a bad influence on us. But I, Ooh—don’t agree. You’re far more resilient than we thought.”
Her thrusts became less practiced and more erratic, vaginal juices coating the full length of his cock as she sped up, clawing at his chest. Tiny rivulets of blood began to flow freely, and Vered took no time to begin lapping at them with her tongue.

“Go ahead, give it to me.”

“Uhhh!” Mike groaned, feeling his hips involuntarily jerk upwards as the orgasm rocked his body. Nasrin screamed as her own body was caught in the joyous rapture, her pussy gripping him tightly and never softening its vise grip as he twitched and throbbed inside of her, his hot passion jettisoned into her like a tidal wave.

“Ehehe… you’re so warm.” Nasrin said, falling on top of him, her wings splayed outwards from her petite body. His cock, finally spent popped out of her wetly and quickly shriveled to its pre-arousal state, the venom wearing off. Nasrin rolled to the side, feeling Vered’s body join them on the bed.

Both of his daughters planted almost sweetly innocent pecks on his cheeks as their manes rested on his shoulders, all three of them drifting off the sleep.

“So, you’re sure you’re not mad at us?” Vered asked, watching Mike dress himself at the foot of the bed. He hadn’t said a word since the ‘bonding’ the day before, having quietly ordered room service of pancakes for both the girls that’d made sure to make him into a walking scandal. “Or are you expecting a little more fun?”

“Don’t.” He replied, looking back at her with a face that seemed as if his age had finally caught up to him. His phone had no less than fifteen missed calls from the office, and he was sure he was going to get an ass chewing from the higher ups when he showed up late for work today. Hell, he’d be lucky if he still had a job. “Just, don’t.”

“But daddy…” Nasrin started before she was cut short by his hand being held up.

“How long did you two know?” He asked. “Did you just happen on me, or were you planning on having a little bit of innocent mischief at my expense all along?”

Both of them looked to each other and smiled.

“With mom’s scent on you and your own manna having been slathered all over her, we knew it was you since we first came to America. They relocated us back to the east, you know. When we were still drinking her milk.” Vered started, her tail coiling around her midriff. “But we really needed to see if you were as much of a bastard as mom made you out to be.”

“But you didn’t disappoint, not one bit. You weren’t a vagrant, to be sure. But you weren’t an evil man either. I like to think you were just as much a victim of circumstance as we were. But you did look like such a tasty meal.”

“Oh, he most definitely was.” Nasrin murmured, laying on her side. She’d claimed earlier in the morning the thrashing she’d given his pelvis had done her more harm than good. “Like a fine steak after you tenderized him.”

“Tact, sister.” Vered said, a flush rising in her face.

“You’re just jealous I got the first fuck.” Nasrin cooed back, giggling as Vered rose a paw to swat at her.

“Girls. FOCUS.” Mike said in an unfamiliarly commanding voice, echoing in the small hotel room. “Now that you’ve found me, what exactly was your plan outside of having an illicit relationship, hm? Did you think it was going to be all sunshine and puppies and all those other fairy tales they tell young ones? That we’d go back to being a happy little family?”

“But…” The twins started.

“No buts.” Massaging his temples as he though it out. The paperwork was going to be a massive pain in the ass to sort out for two illegal monster transients, Manticores, no less. Why couldn’t he have knocked up an Orc or something less of a threat like a Wight? “If you’re going to be living with me, we need to set up some ground rules.”

“First, we’re not going to have these little escapes of pleasure of yours until you’re at least a little older.”

“But daddy!”

“What did I say!?” Mike yelled at them.

“If you’re going to be trying to become my ‘brides’ like you said earlier, you’re going to have to wait a few years, and that means no more kids either, so don’t try to assault me in my sleep in hopes of putting buns in the oven.” He paused to consider what he had just said, a shiver of revulsion going up his spine. “Christ, I’m really negotiating sex with the fruit of my loins.”

“That’s what makes you humans so amusing.” Nasrin whispered into his ear. “You’re so pre-occupied with your relationship to your lovers that you deny yourself pleasure because of social standards.”

“It’s okay, Daddy.” Vered followed up. “When we’re older we can all be a happy family together. You, us… and Mom.”
Wait, what? He thought to himself.

“When did you…?” He stammered out.

“Why would we tell you what we were planning if you were able to stop us?” Nasrin giggled as Vered held up his cell phone. She’d dialed an international number that was unfamiliar to him. “We did it right before you woke up. Mom said she’ll be here within the week, and that she’s more than ready to give you your… just desserts!”

Playfully nipping as his neck, both of Mike’s daughters planted kisses that he eventually reciprocated, a growing sense of dread swelling up in his gut. If their mother truly hated him as much as they claimed she did, he had no faith that he was going to walk away from their eventual encounter unscathed.

Oh God, please forgive me of my trespasses, and don’t let me walk away from this a eunuch, he thought to himself as he closed his eyes.


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