The Tiger’s Boyfriend

Art paced around his apartment, thinking about the recent events that happened over the past 3 weeks. “I’m dating a monster…” Art thought back to that fateful morning. Something about the look she gave him, a look of sadness and abandonment, one that made him want to stay with her and help her forget those feelings. “But do I really like her? Does she really like me?!” Art held his head and sat down on the couch “What do I do? Tell her that I might just be riding an adrenaline high and that I don’t really like her? Yeah… That’s a good way to get my face ripped off.” Art bit his lip and though some more. “Maybe I could subtly ask her how she feels about me? See if she has the same doubts? Then none too subtly steer the conversation towards breaking up. That might work, yeah either that or move to a different state.”

There was a knock on the door, Art gulped. “That must be her…” Art took a deep breath and got up from the couch. He rested his hand on the handle, another knock came through the door. Art bit his tongue and twisted the handle slowly. He gradually opened the door and revealed the jinko standing in front of it, she was clad in her exercise shorts and black sports bra, her hair was done up in a pony and she was holding a duffle bag

“Hey!” She said excitedly. Art looked at her for a moment.

“Uhh, hey, Why are you wearing that?”

“I just got done at the gym silly! I told you I’d come by tonight after I finished up there, remember?” Truthfully Art had only half listened when he was on the phone with her earlier that day. His mind had been preoccupied by doubts and worries. Vanessa waved her paw in front of his face, bringing Art back to the present. “Sooo are you gonna let me in?”

“Oh! Uhh, yeah come in.” Vanessa grinned and grabbed Art by the wrist.

“What are you doing?” He asked nervously. Vanessa looked back at him

“I didn’t get a chance to shower before I left the gym, I was thinking that you could help get me clean.”

She shot him a wink and dragged him to the bathroom. Vanessa flicked on the light then turned on the water. She undid her pony and let her hair fall onto her shoulders. She raked her fingers through her flowing locks and let them rest behind her shoulders. She then moved on to her sports bra and slipped it over her head, letting her sizable bust hang freely. Vanessa sighed and massaged her chest. “Ahhh, I can finally let my girl’s breath a bit.” She stripped off her shorts and cast them to the side. Vanessa looked at Art and gave him a disapproving look. Wordlessly she walked up to him and helped him strip down. “Why do you still have your clothes on?!” She giggled as she slipped off his shirt. “I need you to wash my back!” Vanessa slipped off his pants and boxers. “As well as some sensitive areas.” She gave him a wink and pulled him into the shower.

Vanessa let the water run down her body before she handed Art a bottle of body wash and a loofah. “Why don’t you start with the top first?” Art silently nodded and applied a small drop of body wash to the loofah and began to gently scrub her glistening abs.


Art thought “Not what I expected to happen but I can still salvage this, I just gotta do this quickly and as un-erotically as possible.” Vanessa tapped his shoulder and pointed to her boobs.

“You can move on now.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard.”

Art thought as he gulped a bit. He was about to start washing her chest when Vanessa swatted the sponge from his hand.

“Oh come on! Use your hands! It’ll be better for both of us.” Vanessa smiled mischievously as Art lathered up his hands. He held them out and looked at Vanessa’s chest for a moment before continuing.

“Yep not hard at all…”

Art thought as he massaged his girlfriend’s breasts. Vanessa moaned and hummed as his soapy hands caressed the soft and bountiful flesh, shuddering as his palms massaged the sensitive pink skin that topped each mound. Art fought every urge to sink his fingers deeper into her supple chest. Instead he let go and picked the loofah off the shower floor. “Umm, I-I think I’ll do your back now…” Vanessa gave him a disappointed look and turned around. She placed her paws on the shower wall, she looked back at Art and wiggled her hips a little.

“Be sure to scrub me really well.~”

Art tried to maintain a poker face as he washed her smooth back.

“Don’t look at her butt, don’t look at her butt, don’t look at her butt…”

He thought to himself as he moved lower and lower, reaching the small of her back and beyond. He kept his gaze high as he scrubbed her muscular ass, both around and between her cheeks. Art shuddered a little “O-okay I think I can mo-move back to the front again.” Vanessa pouted a little

“I don’t think you did a very good job.” She placed her paw on top of his head and pushed him down so that he was directly in front of her ass. Vanessa gently pushed his face against it. “Does it smell clean to you?” A mixture of body wash, sweat and her own aroma filled Art’s nostrils as she mashed his face against her butt.

“Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong!” He thought

“Ye-yeah smells fine to me!” Vanessa puffed out her cheek.

“You’re a bad liar.”

Art sighed and scrubbed her butt more, being sure to get every spot he missed. Art took a quick sniff. All that remained was body wash and the scent wafting from her crotch. Art felt the heat radiating from her behind as she took her paw off his head. He didn’t move. Vanessa smiled smugly, she had broken his resolve. The jinko wiggled her hips again. “You can have a taste if you’d like…” Art gave in and buried his face in the jinko’s ass. His face pressed through the soft skin and was met with a layer of firm solid muscle. He felt her anus pucker against the tip of his nose as he extended his tongue and started to lap greedily at her slit. Vanessa shuddered at the sudden sensation teasing her nethers. She pressed his face further in and rocked his head up and down with her paw “Hmmm, you like my ass don’t you?”

Art drug his tongue down Vanessa’s pussy and up between her butt cheeks. He pulled back and took a great handful of each muscular cheek. He spread her ass and looked into her eye before he shoved his tongue inside. Vanessa giggled at the feeling. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Art caressed his girlfriends insides with his tongue and gave her rear a firm smack, holding his hand on the cheek and giving it a shake. Vanessa guided his other hand to her front entrance. “I appreciate the enthusiasm but I’m not too into butt stuff.” Vanessa guided his fingers in and placed his thumb over her clit. “If you wanna make some progress try moving your hand up here.” Art started to move his fingers and rocked her bud up and down “Ahh-ha-hha! Yeah! Juuust like that!”

Vanessa held a tight grip on his wrist. Ensuring he couldn’t move his hand anywhere else. Art continued to move his tongue and fingers. Completely forgetting any doubts he had going in and instead focusing on making this stunning creature reach climax. Vanessa pinched her nipple with her free paw and rolled it between her fingers, trying to heighten the experience as much as possible. “Y-yesss! Keep g-g-ooh! My god! Haaaaa! Hoooo! F-Fuck!” Art pulled his face out of Vanessa’s ass only for it to press him against the shower wall. “Just because I said I wasn’t too into it doesn’t mean I didn’t like what you were doing!” Art continued to tease his girlfriend anally and pleasure her vaginally. He was enjoying himself, more than he ever thought possible. While Art was never the most proactive when it came to finding companionship, he had had a few girl friends. All of them paled in comparison to the jinko he was currently showering with.

He felt his confidence soar as he listened to he moans and gasps. He decided then and there to get her to the peak. In a sudden motion Art pushed Vanessa off of his face and wrapped his arms around her toned thighs. “Hey?! What are-” Vanessa flinched as he shoved his face back into her ass and went wild. Art held on for dear life as he ate her out and rolled her clit around with the tip of his tongue. Her scent and flavor was intoxicating, spurring him on and keeping his erection throbbing and stiff. He felt Vanessa’s pussy contract harder and harder as he continued with his vigorous routine. Eventually with one final flick of his tongue, Vanessa had reached her tipping point. The jinko pressed his face into her ass and threw her head back, crying out in ecstasy as she came. Fluids ran down her leg and hit the shower wall as her knees buckled. Art helped heighten each wave, licking her clit as she came and slowing in between. Each orgasm became less and less intense as she gradually emptied. The jinko dropped to her knees and faced her boyfriend, a look of surprise on her face. “W-where di-did you learn to d-do that?” She said panting. Art looked at her, still surprised by his own actions.

“I-I don’t know really… That sort of just happened.” He said with a little laugh. Vanessa quickly closed the distance between them and went in for a kiss. The jinko pushed Art against the back of the tub and spread his legs. She broke the kiss and looked down at his crotch with excitement.

“You deserve a reward.”

Vanessa lowered her head in front of his dick. She took a few appraising sniffs before extending her tongue and licking the front of his tip. Art shuddered and Vanessa took his tip into her mouth. The jinko slowly dragged her tongue across his urethra, coaxing some pre to leak out. She giggled and began to make a circle around it. Teasing the sides and making Art shudder. Vanessa slowly raised herself off of him and looked into his eyes with a mischievous grin on her face. “Hmmmm, delicious. You’ll be a fine snack indeed.” Without another word Vanessa took him back into her mouth. Art felt his tip pass her teeth and go deeper than before. Art felt Vanessa’s lips stop just before his base. The jinko began to suck and bob up and down at an agonizingly slow pace. Her mouth was incredibly slick and extremely warm, no doubt a product of her excitement. Art leaned his head back and moaned, feeling more pre leak out as his arousal grew. Art placed his hand on Vanessa’s head and tried to hurry the pace along. The jinko resisted the force pressing down and growled. She looked up at Art with an angry look in her eyes. She set the speed and she was going to stick with it until the end. Art panicked a little and instead of pressing down on it he started to rub her head, gently brushing her ears as his hand moved side to side.

“Uhhh, y-you’re doing an amazing job.”

Vanessa smiled a little and resumed her movements. To ensure she wouldn’t be interrupted again Vanessa gently bit down on Art’s shaft. Letting him know that she was in control. Art pat her head and scratched her ear, giving her a small reward before the main one. He was experiencing a mixture of emotions, namely fear and arousal. Feeling her teeth rub against his shaft was both terrifying and electrifying all at the same time. Vanessa gently squeezed his balls and pressed his cock against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, preparing for the final act. Art grit his teeth and tried to make it somewhat challenging for her. The jinko began to bob faster and suck harder. The heat of her mouth, the roughness of her tongue and her beautiful face were more than enough to make him cum. Art bucked his hips up and squeezed Vanessa’s paw, giving her the spirit energy she had worked so hard for. It came in hot, thick streams of white. Vanessa greedily sucked down her reward, tightening her lips around his base to ensure that none would leak out.

“Fuck!” Art cried out as he continued to shoot down to a pitiful dribble. With a loud slurp, Vanessa swallowed the last of his load and raised herself off of his now flaccid penis. The jinko opened her mouth, showing that none of it had escaped. She turned off the water with her foot and hugged Art. She rested her head against his chest and smiled as her boyfriend wrapped his arms around around her. Art lay immobilized under the jinko head still spinning from his mind blowing orgasm. Their wet and warm bodies staying in close contact to one another. Vanessa started to chuff and Art giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Vanessa asked.

“Ohhh, nothing, it’s just that sound you make.”

“You mean chuffing?” Art rubbed her muscular back

“Yeah, chuffing, it’s adorable.” Vanessa hugged Art tighter

“Well us jinkos do it whenever we’re happy, so you’re going to be hearing me chuff a lot when we’re together.” Art blushed a little at her words.

“Do I really make you that happy?” Vanessa kissed his neck and sat up.

“Of course you do, you are my boyfriend after all.” Vanessa blushed and smiled sweetly. “I know it sounds kinda stupid, given how we met and all that but I really do like you.” Vanessa laid her paw on his chest and brought his hand up to hers. Art could feel her heartbeat through her breast. “I don’t know exactly what it is about you but you’re different from other guys I’ve been with. You’re just so understanding and kind. I know we’ve only been dating for 3 weeks but the time we’ve spent together has made me happier then you could ever believe.” Art looked up at her and Vanessa realized all she had said. The jinko laughed “Sorry to dump all that on you! To put it simply, I’m uhhhh, just really happy I met you.”

Vanessa hopped out of the shower and began to dry off. Art followed and did the same. He took lingering glances at his girlfriend as she dried off, especially taking notice when she bent over to dry her legs. Vanessa turned her head and caught him in the act. Art blushed and averted his gaze. Vanessa giggled and slung her towel over her shoulder. “What? You don’t need to be so secretive. We just got done showering together, I surely don’t mind you taking a little peek at me.” Vanessa stood confidently and placed her paw on her hip. “Take it all in.”

Art draped his towel around his neck and looked up at his girlfriend, her tail was slowly swinging side to side and she had a tender look on her face. Art took a moment to admire her muscular body. Rock solid and defined abs, buff arms covered in beautiful fur that ended in massive paws that could kill a man as well as embrace him, muscular legs complete with two massive paws of their own and soft thighs that Art could rest his head on whenever he wanted and to top it all off a lovely face complete with adorable markings on her cheeks and two exotic cat like eyes that were looking at him lovingly. Art smiled at the giant tigress before him.

“So? What do you want to do now?” Vanessa stooped down and embraced him.

“How about we go cuddle.”

She took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom. Vanessa opened the door and laid on the bed, presenting her naked body to him. She extended a finger and beckoned Art over. He hopped on the bed and crawled up to her face. He looked into her eyes and Vanessa pulled him down onto her. She caressed his back with her paws and started to chuff. Art closed his eyes and nuzzled his face into her mane. Vanessa flicked off the light and rolled on her side, wrapping her legs around his and squeezing him tightly, ensuring she was as close to him as possible. Art gave her collarbone a small kiss. Vanessa continued to chuff and rubbed her cheek against the top of his head.

“Maybe I won’t break up with her…” Art thought to himself.

Art awoke to a sweaty face and a throbbing erection. He tried to move but found Vanessa’s grip impossible to escape from “Jeez she’s warm, I’ll save a lot on heating when it gets cold.” With one mystery solved he moved on to his morning wood. “It’s never this bad. Why’s it like this?” Art moved his hips and felt his cock press against Vanessa’s abs. “Ohhh, that’s why… I never would’ve thought I’d have a thing for muscles.” Art thrust his hips a few more times but stopped himself. “No, no don’t cum on the ladies abs. Mamono hate it when you waste spirit energy.”

Vanessa moaned softly and yawned, she gave Art a little squeeze.

“Good morning my dear, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, you’re like a big heated blanket that hugs back.” The jinko chuckled.

“That’s one way of putting it.” Art shifted a little bit

“Speaking of heat, could you let me go? I’m feeling pretty sweaty right now.”

“Awww, but you’re so huggable.” Vanessa loosened her grip and Art scootched away, freeing his erection from its muscly confines. Vanessa’s eyes widened. “Ohhhh! So that’s what was poking me in the stomach.” She licked her lips and kept her eyes fixated on Art’s crotch. “Is that for me?” She asked excitedly. Art knew there was no escaping this. He timidly nodded his his head. In a blur of motion Vanessa was on top of him and lining up his member with her pussy. The jinko looked down at her boyfriend. “Spirit energy before coffee, that’s what I always say.” Art gulped

“You make her happier than you could ever imagine. Be a man and show her some love! She won’t do this every morning… Hopefully…”

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    The most thinly-veiled attempts to get laid are usually the best, props to the big tuff chuff

  2. Could use sprucing up in some places with different words or the addition of punctuation marks, plus you forgot the second ‘t’ in ‘thought’ in the first paragraph, but overall a nicely done bit of smut Noizy.

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