The Sword’s Purpose

What makes a purpose so important? Why does life have to have a meaning? One doesn’t want life to be empty, now do they? Some try to ignore this question by indulging in distractions, trying to drown out their despair with things like work, drinking, or gambling. Others just wallow up in their pain and try to hang onto what they have to make themselves happy. Then there are those that simply don’t care and go on with life. Who’re they to let life keep them down and meaningless? They choose what is important to them, not fate. One would hope anyway.

Unfortunately, hope wasn’t the first thing on the awakening man’s mind. Those words were dirty, dry, and hard, which described the ground he laid on. A very uncomfortable place to be woken up. He slowly arose from his slumber with a long groan, finding himself in what could be described as an abandoned medieval bunkroom. Plants covered the cracked forsaken walls and floors, while darkness filled the empty room.

The human had no idea where he was. None of this looked familiar to him. He tried to think of how he got here, only for a headache and hazy memories to fill his mind. The same result came, again and again, his searches for memory only resulting in more pain and foggy thoughts. He only gave up when it felt like his head was going to split apart. Upon recovery, the only thing that seemed to be clear was his name: Mael. He didn’t know if it was short for something longer, but he didn’t care. He had a name and that was much better than knowing nothing.

While his eyes weren’t fully used to the dark, he could see the exit out of the room. Where this led, he had no idea, but the only other choice from leaving was staying here and starve to death. Upon leaving the little prison, he entered into a hallway filled with darkness. God, this was going to be a pain. He needed a light badly, but where was he going to find something in this abandoned wreck. It was then, instinct began to call out.

Fear and need overtaking Mael, he slowly moved an arm outward, his hand appearing to be clutching something. A soft, tingling sensation began to overtake him, spreading from the back of his head into his fingertips. There was a bright flash of light, and to his sheer surprise, a fist-sized ball of cackling, spitting electricity materialized into his palm.

How he was able to do this, he didn’t know. But now wasn’t the time to think about that. He had a light and he could see clearly. What he saw was a similar situation to the bunker, plant life having grown to cover the cracked walls and floor of the hallway. The hall seemed to go on forever, but not having a choice, Mael began to walk. Despite not having a clue about who or where he was, walking through this hall was pretty calming. Gave him time to relax and think about the situation in which he was in, as well as gave him time to look at what he was wearing. White button-up under a long black overcoat, sleeves decorated with what could be described as dark blue lightning clouds, while his bottom attire was a simple combo of black baggy pants and boots. Not bad-looking at all, but the markings were a little showy. Mael didn’t mind them that much, though. In fact, he thought they looked cool.

As for his current route, it seemed like he was walking for a long time. That’s what it felt like to him, anyway. He could’ve been walking for two minutes, but it felt like he was going for two hours. The worst part was that it didn’t seem like he was going anywhere. Everywhere he looked, there was a door that led to a desolate room of plant-covered walls or the place being ravaged of anything at all. Each time, the feelings of hopelessness continued to grow within him. It wasn’t until he began to approach a staircase that those feelings changed. Could this be a ticket out? Before his mind could come up with an answer, Mael quickly sprinted to and up the stairs, seeing what seemed to be a faint light beyond a door.

Instinct took over as Mael reached the barrier to freedom, the young man smashing his orb of lightning into the frame, breaking down both the orb and the door. What it revealed was a shrine room with a candle lit next to each side of the door. The room, like the corridor and bunk rooms, looked pretty weathered and beaten up. There was a tattered rug on the floor, the candles were halfway spent, a large altar in the middle of the room, and other such things. There was another hallway at the back of the room, which hopefully lead to the outside. But, there had to be someone here, at least recently. Candles don’t light themselves.

“…. Hello?” Mael called out. The sound echoed all throughout the empty room. “Anyone?!” he called with no answer. Absolutely nothing. He let out a long disappointed sigh but continued onward, thoughts drifting to try and find reasons why the candles were lit. Said thoughts stopped when he reached the altar and heard the sounds of something hard scraping against the floor and soft shuffling coming from the hallway. “Hello?” the words flew out of Mael’s mouth before he realized it. No answer, but he could see sparks coming from the hallway. They were armed. Fear took over once more as the orb rematerialized in his hand, Mael pointing it towards the hall. What he saw… he didn’t know if he was extremely frightened or extremely turned on.

A woman stood in the middle of the hallway, completely naked. Her long, messy, beautiful, black hair fell down to her back, the left side of her face being covered by it. She had a fair skin tone that seemed to not have seen sunlight in a long time, and while her body seemed malnourished, it didn’t stop her figure from being absolutely gorgeous. Holding an hourglass figure with luscious breasts and thighs, Mael didn’t know where to look without seeing something that caught his eye. As for the weapon she carried, she didn’t just wield a weapon. She was the weapon. Her right arm was covered in some kind of black and red metal, a demonic looking leaf-bladed sword where her hand would be with a blood red eye at its hilt. That same metal covered her right leg, starting at her thigh and stopping at her foot, while another portion wrapped around her neck, another red eye propped right above her breasts. Her left arm and leg were mostly human, a single band of the metal wrapped around her wrist and ankle, respectively. When their eyes finally met, Mael stared into what seemed to be eyes that lacked humanity, yet looked upon him with deadly interest. Even the eyes in her armor were staring directly at him. He couldn’t tell if she was staring at him like he was a giant slab of meat or her newest thing to cut up.

While afraid of what she might do, he wasn’t… disgusted. Rather he was feeling conflicted and sympathetic. There was something in him that wanted to try and help her. He could tell her mind wasn’t entirely there, but he couldn’t just leave her here. Well, he could. He did some heavy damage onto that door and she had a human body with a metal coating. A good shock could give him time to escape. But he didn’t know what to do. His body was telling him to leave her, but his heart told him to help her.

“A-are y-” were the first words to leave his mouth, before the woman suddenly charged at him with impressive speed. Caught off guard and unprepared, Mael had little time to react to the massive swing that struck his chest and sent him staggering backward to lean against the wall. It took him a few seconds to recover from the impact and shock, while he clutched his chest in reflex. Yet for some reason, he felt no pain, instead, a heavy warmth suddenly erupted across his upper body and he felt considerably weaker. He looked upon his attacker to see a wide smile across her face and what seemed to be a heart reflected in her human eye. She was getting off on this. Kin- oh no. It was starting to affect his mind as well. He couldn’t afford another massive blow or it was over.

It wasn’t long before she charged at him again, the tip of her blade scraping against the floor. This time, he was ready for the incoming attack, managing to roll away from the next giant swing aimed at his chest, the blade barely grazing his back and deeply embedding itself into the wall. As soon as he recovered, his mind had cooked up an examination of her style. She had better range, speed, and power than him, but her mental state, slumped stance, and attacks showed that her style lacked precision, just being wild swings in an attempt to hit him. Dodging would be a pain, but essential to him getting out. As he began to run to the hallway Mael started to charge a small orb of electricity in his palm. She caught up to him quickly after pulling her blade from the wall, but he was ready for the next big attack of hers. This time he managed to sidestep the attack and continued to move onward. She immediately reacted by turning and giving another powerful swing, to which he quickly reacted to and ducked under. He then counter-attacked at her vulnerable body, thrusting the orb at her back and badly shocking her. Just as he thought, the woman’s body convulsing wildly as electricity covered her, the armor working against her. His mind then stopped thinking and forced Mael to immediately start running down the hall to the door.

As he ran down the hall, he noticed his vision growing blurry. He needed to get out now. That plan had a big obstacle when he came to the door and found it heavily barred. Immediately, he began to focus and charge another orb to try and burst down the door. He had gotten to a light before he felt the sudden powerful slamming of metal striking his back over and over and over again. Mael quickly slumped against the door, the intoxicating warmth spreading all over his body, then turned to face his attacker as he slowly slid to the floor, the blood red eyes piercing through the darkness to gaze upon her prize. So, this is how it ends. He knew he was done. His strength was gone, and he had no more will to fight. He was afraid, but he accepted his fate. There was nothing for him to lose, so why be sad about it? So Mael closed his eyes and waited for his end. But, he didn’t feel the blade pierce through his body, just the feeling of his body being dragged by the collar across the floor by a gentle hand.

He got an idea of what was going to happen when she stopped at the altar and placed him on top of it. Was she going to sacrifice him to whatever gave her that sword? Even in the face of death, Mael’s mind couldn’t stop asking questions. Yet, his expectations were quite different from what actually happened. His attacker proceeded to straddle his waist and her sword slowly began to convulse and change its shape. Not to a knife for an easier sacrifice, but rather a scary looking gauntlet. Mael’s mind filled with curiosity but was soon replaced with embarrassment as her human hand began to unbutton his shirt and feel up his chest. Said embarrassment increased when he noticed the warm and wet juices that started to gather around his crotch.

He tried to think of why she was doing this, but his mind quickly shut down when his attacker leaned down to nibble on his neck and pinned him down to the altar. He shouldn’t have liked it, but he could feel his body calling out for more as it was kissed and fondled. Her gauntlet proceeded to pull down his pants, revealing his length which was already starting to swell in arousal. He started to moan softly as she began to lick up his neck and grind her moist womanhood against his rod, the sweet stimulation bringing him to full mast quickly. He began to pant, but his pleasured noises were muffled by his attacker’s mouth clamping upon his own, her tongue invading his mouth to go and suck on his tongue lustfully. All the while, her hips rose up and her human hand moved to grip his rock hard member, lining him up with her drenched netherlips, then slowly moved her hips down until their genitals were touching. Their kiss broke at the need to breathe, pants turning into screams of ecstasy as she suddenly slammed her hips down and hilted his cock all the way inside her.

This was technically rape, but Mael didn’t care. He could feel his mind melting at this… drug. The mere feeling of being inside her sent a shock throughout his body. Her hot insides coiled around his cock, holding onto the pulsing invader like life itself. Her wet sweet touch kissed and sucked every spot on his length, twisting and spasming at the pleasure of being stuffed with dick. God, he felt like he was about to explode and she hadn’t even started moving. He then found the blurriness in his eyes had grown tremendously. He could see nothing, but her. The pleasure filled smile, the throbbing hearts in her eyes, the cute blush painted across her face, the sweat that covered her wanting body. He was afraid but wanted to see more.

Looking down upon Mael with lust-filled eyes, the woman abandoned any sense of restraint and started to move her hips like a wild beast. Wet slaps of love juice and flesh slowly began to fill the empty shrine, accompanied by the loud groans and cries. Each time, she would bring her hips up so that only his tip rested in her pussy, then slam her ass down with a loud smack, and both would shiver when his cock kissed her womb with every deep hilting. Loud moans became muffled again as the woman sealed Mael’s lips with her own, her tongue thoroughly excavating the man’s mouth. It only took a few good more pumps to send the man off the edge, both howling into their kiss as hot ropes of seed were pumped straight into the woman’s uterus. He could feel her insides constricting around his length, milking him for all he could give and more.

When the two finally came down from their orgasmic high, they both kept still, upper and lower lips glued together as the first of many loads was drained from Mael. The woman was the first to move again, swirling her hips slowly from side to side. His cock hadn’t gotten soft and the stimulation kept it solid inside of her depths. It wasn’t long before their kiss was slowly broken, but their closeness hadn’t changed a bit. They gazed deeply into each other’s eyes, the sounds of their hot labored breathing and the slow wet slaps of their colliding hips filling their ears. Mael then got a closer look at her face. She was indeed very beautiful, face on the fine line between youthful and mature. The eye that was covered by her hair was a cute obsidian black. What they held was a big change from earlier. There was no carnivorous or harmful look, but one of… love. A mixture of both immense love and lust. She was staring at him like he was a blessed treasure that should be given the utmost care. He didn’t even notice she had released his hands until her own started caressing and stroking his face.

Mael could’ve started struggling again, but he didn’t. There was something telling him not to fight it, which overpowered the voice of fighting back. He was still scared and confused, but the pleasure put both feelings in the corner. Said pleasure increased when her hips had stopped their swirling and changed to slow gentle pumps, the sensitivity from the recent climax adding another factor to their lustful act.

“X-X…” she suddenly started to mutter, still focused on the man beneath her. “X-X-Xa…”
Her name. She was trying to say her name. There truly was a part of her mind left in this state. Mael kept his focus on her, putting each letter deep into his memory. Next came an n, t, h, then finally an e.

“… Xanthe…” she whispered into his ear, over and over again.

“Xanthe…” Mael quietly repeated. He would’ve repeated it, but his words were muffled again as he was brought into another love-filled kiss. Unlike last time, his tongue wasn’t as resistant, instead allowing Xanthe’s own to come, caress, and taste his. He could feel her insides begin to tighten up, eager to receive another load while her hips began to pick up speed. Their muffled moans grew louder and louder as they came close to another sweet climax. The kiss was then broken and Mael heard four words whispered into his ear.

“Don’t waste a drop…”

Xanthe immediately brought him back into their liplock, hilted him deep inside, and tightened her folds even more. His body responded back in full, balls throbbing rapidly as they gave everything stored within them. Her insides tightened like a vice, draining his cock for all it could give. Their liplock hadn’t wavered in the slightest, muffled moans of enjoyment mixed in with the wrestling of tongues as they reveled in mutual climax. The air was filled with the scents of sweat and love juice. This…. This was pure bliss.

Their kiss slowly broke when they started to come down from their climax, while their eyes remained glued. Both panted like they’d run a marathon. Xanthe’s hands hadn’t stopped caressing his face, as if memorizing every part of his appearance. Her hips had gone back to their gentle swirling, but she started to lick and kiss up and down his neck. God, how much energy did she have? He couldn’t take much more of this. Too much pleasure. Too little energy. He could feel the darkness settling in…


Sore. Everything felt sore. It didn’t hurt but felt fatigued. Like one’s senses became overloaded and were slowly returning to normal levels. What hit the man’s recovering senses was a million different things. The feeling of his chest being scratched up, the presence resting on-top of him, the sound of someone else breathing, the warm pleasure around his crotch, among other things. The haziness that filled his awakening mind didn’t help either.

His eyes slowly opened to see the dry, black, decrepit ceiling. He let out a little groan as his body felt the impact of sleeping on whatever he was on, currently. He then looked over on his chest to see a woman laying there, staring at him with curious eyes and a gentle smile. Before he had the time to say something, a metal covered hand was placed over his mouth.

“No need to yell,” she said quietly. “It’s just us two here.”

That’s when the memories started to flow. His name, Mael. Awakening to this abandoned place. And finally… Xanthe. How she had attacked him and violated him, yet, it seemed that this was a different her. She had somehow regained her rationality, but that look in her eyes hadn’t changed. Her gaze still focused on him and him alone, filled with love and care. Might as well try to talk to her. He tried to give her a look to signify that he would keep calm, to which she slowly removed her hand from his mouth. Mael then took a deep breath, his mind slowly filling up with tons of questions that he knew weren’t appropriate for their current situation.

“H-Hey there,” he stammered out. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “What about you? I know I.. put your body through quite a lot.”

“Pretty sore,” Mael answered truthfully. “You have quite the stamina.”

Her gaze shifted downward, almost as if she were ashamed. “I’m sorry if I hurt you…

I couldn’t control myself when I saw you. I’ve been here for a long time and was so hungry…”

Hungry? He didn’t lose any body parts. No, now wasn’t the time to think about that. There was a person right in front of him. He quickly brought up her slumped face so that their eyes were in contact again. His hands then began to gently stroke her face and head, just like she had for him.

“I’m fine,” Mael said as he tried to calm her. “You seem to be in a weird place like I am. But, we’ll get through this together.”

That seemed to do the trick, though it was mostly the stroking, as Xanthe immediately reacted to it by nuzzling his hands. “I’m Mael. Do you know where or what this place is?”

She nodded slowly, continuing to nuzzle his hands as if in a trance. “This was an Order outpost that was abandoned after Mamono had overrun the land. I came here because of..” she looked at parts of her covered in the black metal. “I didn’t want to hurt people. But, I… don’t know how long I’ve been here. It’s been so long since then…”

Order. Mamono. Didn’t ring any bells in his head. He wanted to ask more questions, but he could tell that she was going through some rough memories. So, he reached up and kissed her forehead, which somehow stabilized her.

“You aren’t going to be alone anymore, Xanthe,” Mael smiled to her, before bringing her into a hug. “I’ll be here with you.”

She immediately wrapped her own arms around him, pulling the mage tightly into her embrace while nuzzling him. “No… I don’t need… nor want you to stay with here with me. I want to get out of here. With you.”

He planted a little kiss on her shoulder. “If that is what you wish, then gladly.”

Their hug partially broke so that their eyes could come back to gazing into one another’s. They began to gently nuzzle their heads together, eyes never breaking contact. What he saw in Xanthe’s were safety and love. There was no more need to fear, no more worry. She’d never hurt him and he wouldn’t even think of doing it either. Their mouths continued to move closer and closer together, before finally embracing in a kiss.

It started off chaste but slowly grew in lustful desire. Their tongues went out to dance with one another, while their arms continued to keep their chests pressed against each other. Mael felt the familiar hot tightness coiling around his growing length, their hips still intimately joined. Slowly, the lovers began to indulge themselves in their ecstasy, Mael starting it off by pumping his hips up and down. Xanthe soon followed suit, finding a nice rhythm with his thrusts as they made love.

It wasn’t fast and wild, like last time. Instead, it was methodical and passionate. They took the time to enjoy all of their pleasure. The comfort and security of their sweet embrace. The lovely taste of each other’s saliva and the feeling of their connecting tongues. The sensation of Mael’s hot length repeatedly hitting Xanthe’s womb, while she coiled tightly around every single ridge and vein of his cock. When their kiss broke, the lovers went on to pepper the other’s neck and cheek with kisses.

Yet like last time, the feeling of pleasure was overwhelming. This intimacy, this love, this desire. It was intoxicating, yet so pure.

“P-Please fill me up again, Mael,” Xanthe whispered into his ear as she felt his cock throb, signaling his arriving orgasm.

“Of cour-mmphh!” Was all the young man could manage before Xanthe brought him into another passionate kiss and pushed him down onto the altar. Their hips continued to move and collide, loud wet slaps filling the shrine along with moans of bliss. It was finally after a few good more collisions that they finally received what they wanted. Pressing his cock right next to Xanthe’s womb, Mael pumped his hot cum inside of her. Each time his cock throbbed inside, her folds would milk out another stream of seed instinctively. Their kiss was intact for a few more seconds before the couple broke it to breathe and pant. Xanthe continued to lay on Mael’s chest, gazing into his eyes as he did for her, while they recovered from their orgasm. The milking went on for another good thirty seconds, before Mael’s length was finally drained.

As the couple slowly returned from their high, they gave each other a final gentle kiss. It was time to leave this place. Both mewled as Xanthe slowly removed him from her folds, her armor moving along her body to cover her nether lips, so Mael’s seed could be kept inside. The mage got up soon after, giving a final look around at the shrine as he got dressed. How’d he get here, he didn’t know. What was his life before now, he didn’t know. But, he knew that he was going to have a great life with Xanthe.

It was then that he realized that Xanthe was basically naked, having nothing aside from the armor to cover her naughty bits. He walked over to her and put his cloak over her, to which she smiled and gave him a grateful kiss on the cheek. It also donned on him that his lover had a couple inches of height over him, though he didn’t mind it. Xanthe then took his hand into her gauntlet, their fingers wrapping tightly together. They gazed into each other’s eyes once again before briefly snuggling.

“Husband,” Xanthe whispered. “My sweet sweet husband.”

Husband? He liked the sound of that. It felt so right. “For now and forever, my wife.”

They walked down the hall, leaving the shrine behind. When the couple reached the armored door, Xanthe kindly brought it down. With a playful kick. God, how strong is she? Well, he could find out later. Now, it was time to go into the world. They slowly walked out to see the bright, blue, and cloudless sky above them and the remains of the beaten down, plant-covered outpost around them. The smell of fresh air filled their lungs, while the sounds of bugs buzzing and wind breached their eardrums.

The couple kept close to one another as they walked towards what was once the gate. Upon reaching the end, they found the lovely forest that obscured their prison. On the ground, there were two paths, one going left and the other going right.

“We should go north from here,” Xanthe pointed to the path heading to the right. “The northern path leads to more Mamono friendly parts.”

“Sounds good,” Mael responded, after taking a couple seconds to think. He put the pieces together that humans and Mamono were separate species. That meant that there were humans that got along with Mamono and others that didn’t. So, it was in their best interest to go where people accepted beings like Xanthe.

“No matter what happens, Mael,” Xanthe said as she somehow tightened her grip on his hand. “Know that I am your sword and I will protect you.”

The young man then planted a kiss on the armor around her neck, right next to her eye. “And know that I will take good care of my sword.”

After some gentle nuzzling, they started upon their journey. Where it truly lead, they didn’t know. But both knew their purpose: to love each other. Everything else was meaningless if they weren’t together. Sword and sheath, they would love each other and stay together till death parted them. No…. Even in death, they would find each other again. For he was hers and she was his. Nothing would separate their love, for now, and forever.

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