The March of Nauka (Quest 1)

“Yes-*ha~h-mm~* yes~, almost there~” A woman cries out in bliss, her moans cry out even through the stone walls of her small manor.

“My lady is everything-” a young woman with large butterfly wings, and eyes of warm blue colors pokes her head from the open wooden door.

A flash of electricity interrupted her, and a shock-wave caused the manor to rumble, the ground to tremble, and the Polimana to hop off the floor almost hitting her head on the ceiling before flapping her wings and landing softly on her feet.

What came next was a white mist that enveloped the room before descending down the floor and rolling through any openings it can move through.

“The building is shaking again, I take it another project is finished?” A second winged, young woman with soft green wings and eyes approaches her twin.

Both girls were rather identical, creamy pale skin, with long straight hair that match their respective eyes, and wing colors, though the blue winged Polimana covered her right eye with her hair whilst the green haired one had her left eye covered. They were dressed as maids with a sleeveless black bustier with white frills on the edges complimenting their C-cup bosoms, and thigh length black mini-skirt with a long white apron keeping their outfit clean and fashionable. Both girls also wore frilly white maid-caps on their heads, and white chokers with a gold amulet in the shape of diamond.

“Come on~ Come on~” the woman they were checking up on encouraged what appeared to be a square metal box with wheels.

The girl in question, now a budding adult who could make her own decisions, with locks of black hair ending in curls just above her waist. A silver hairband keeping her her hair from covering her eyes, but after staying up all night, few rogue strands still got in the way. Dark purple pointed horns with barely a curl on them adorned her head as well. Her eyes dazzled like purple gems, her lips glossed with her own tongue as she waited impatiently for results.

She wore a deep purple formal dress with an exposed back, and V-neck stretched just below her breasts and flowing loosely as her body shook with anticipation, her D-cup breasts almost visible at the right angle. Her ‘formal’ wear was less formal, and more casual; a plain magenta blouse with a plain skirt that reached her knees, high heel black slippers, and black see-through pantyhose. With it she wore a thin, white open coat with several pockets carrying among other things a note-pad, and writing material. Her thin, dark purple tail ending with a heart shape tip swished and swayed like an excited dog waiting to play.

Strange clinking noises could be heard inside the metal box, and to everyone’s surprise it began moving on it’s own.

“Success! Look-look! It’s moving~ Whoo~ho-ho~” She squealed in delight before turning to her maids simply staring at her. “I-*ahem*-I mean of course it’s moving! The march of science moves onward!” She declared pointing at the sky.

Her two Polimana maids gave her a less than enthusiastic round of applause, though she took every little praise she was given; bowing, and thanking her audience.

“Lady Nauka, we have several letters addressed to you, one being of the utmost importance,” the blue Polimana stated.

“Can it wait Serenity? I want to see how far my little friend here can go! I finally accomplished the impossible and made it move without magic!” Nauka refused.

“It is very urgent, this letter. It’s from your mother” the green haired Polimana insisted.

“…Fine, I shall browse these collective letters, don’t you go anywhere my little buddy-oh who am I kidding? I’m a genius, of course you’re not gonna sit still. Well give them here Trinity” Nauka turned to her Green Polimana maid carrying the letters.

She began by reading her mother’s letter first stamped with the family seal in red wax, and written in paper woven from a tapestry.

“Let’s see here…’Dear my precious little one’-ugh I’m a little too old to be called by such a pet name don’t you think?” She began, then stopped, looking at her maids to agree with her.

Both maids shrug their shoulders unsure of how to properly answer her.

“Oh whatever! Let’s see…mrm-hm-‘wise beyond your years’-oh~ that’s sweet…’I regret to do this but’…hm-hm? What is this!? No longer reimburse me! What on earth!? Oh mother you-you-UGH~!” She cried out crumpling the paper and throwing it out the window.

“Bad news?” Both maids replied.

“Unfortunately so! We are…oh how do the commoners put it? ‘Quite screwed’, yes that seems to be accurate. Mother in all her infinite wisdom has decided to cut me out of my allowance and will no longer fund my projects! The nerve of them to undermine all that I can achieve!” Nauka was on the verge of a temper tantrum.

“Perhaps she is learning from Lady Jeiralelle?” Trinity tried to explain.

“Yes, how much was her latest party that we weren’t invited? One hundred? Two hundred thousand Cyrunes” Serenity added.

“This…sucks…so~ much!” She gasped stomping around the room in her high heels.

“Perhaps it is best to refrain from vulgar swears typically associated by the lower class my Lady?” Serenity advised.

“May I remind you that I speak however I wish to speak? Censoring myself because of a few imaginary traditions and customs that have no effect on reality is the very definition of stupidity!” Nauka excused herself.

Serenity, and Trinity stare at each other, once more unsure of how to answer, and simply shrug it off.

“Perhaps reading the other letters will cheer you up my Lady” Trinity suggested.

Nauka paused, and remembered she was still holding letters in her hand, and glanced at them.

“…This one is from Cleramelle; let’s see here…” Nauka began reading her letter.

“Any good news?” Serenity asked.

“Well, not so much, just consolidation for my bad luck. Oh? She also shares in some of my theories as well, and wishes to discuss them over tea!? Finally an equal worthy to discuss my findings with, I’m glad at least someone in the family cares about me!” Nauka exclaimed.

“But without an allowance you won’t even be able to afford to host her visit, we only have so much tea and snacks to provide” Serenity calmly explained.

“And once again I am reminded of my terrible state” Nauka turned gloomy again.

As if fate itself wished to make Nauka’s life go from bad to worse; the sound of something crashing on the floor alerted the three girls.

They saw the metal cube now broken into pieces as it had just rolled off the table and fell.

“Wah~-haha~my invention! No~!” Nauka cried out as she crouched to her little toy.

She craddled the bits, and pieces like it was her dying infant, her lips quivering, her tears streaming as the rush of recent bad news, and hours of late work were now crumbled on her hands.

“It’s-it’s gonna be okay! W-we’ll put you together again, a-and you’ll be my best friend forever again~” Nauka wailed as her tears stain her make-up leaving her looking like quite a mess.

It took a large matter of time, but her maids have finally managed to consoled her, and she had taken a refreshing bath. Nauka returned to her normal state feeling less moody and downtrodden than she was before.

“Well, that sucked terribly” Nauka replied resting on her couch and crossing her arms as her maids prepared her tea and biscuits.

“It also did not resolve the predicament we are facing” Serenity reminded.

“I am well aware of that! Trinity, what did you find?” Nauka turned to her second maid.

“I have gathered a few ideas in which we can acquire more gold to keep us sustained. If your sisters can do it, than so can we” Trinity declared.

“Excellent! What are your suggestions?” Nauka asked.

“We can try to sell the inventions you have perfected thus far?” Trinity began.

“That will simply not do! I refuse to let the common folk get their hands on my treasured inventions just so that they can break it” Nauka refused.

“Isn’t it because many of them are still unfinished, and heavily flawed?” Serenity once again shoved reality hard in Nauka’s face.

Nauka merely grumbled, gritting her teeth as her fists clenched tightly begging to squeeze something for relief.

“…We can offer our services as escorts to gentlemen who are lonely, and wish to share a bed with us,” Trinity said.

“Are you implying that we sell our bodies for perverts looking to pay for sexual favors? Absolutely not! That is Salaceasa’s department and I will refuse to share in her hobbies! I am my own woman!” Nauka refused that as well.

“It will be good practice considering the lack of male attention we have been receiving,” Serenity said.

“And are you implying I cannot find a mate? I have already deduced that no one in this town I’m sharing my space with is worthy of my attention and that is it! Do not lump me down to Ater’s level,” Nauka’s creamy white skin began to flush.

“I was hired to clean your abode my Lady, but so far the worst stains in your bedchamber’s mattress were some chocolate you were eating after reading a romantic novel, and crying to yourself about why no one bothers to visit and-” Serenity began.

“Don’t make me deduct your pay” Nauka warned.

“You don’t pay us-” Serenity began.

“If the next thing out of your mouth is another back-handed comment about my lifestyle and choices, then I will make sure you’ll be cleaning any future stains in this manor even if it’s your own bodily fluids…with your tongue!” Nauka was growing impatient.

Despite the threat Serenity remained composed, and almost uncaring to teasing her employer, and answered with practiced grace.

“I suggest we head to town, and attempt to accomplish a quest the neighboring guild has posted on their bulletin board, and collect rewards” Serenity explained.

“That’s…that is not a bad idea at all. I have been cooped up in my room for some time now, it would be nice to do some actual field studies in the open. Serenity I take back my comments about you! Ladies…we are going on a quest!” Nauka declared.

“If that is what you wish we shall assist in your endeavor,” Trinity agreed.

“Then it’s settled, we grab our stuff and complete a quest! As a soon to be renowned genius this task will be finished in a matter of moments with the power of science!” Nauka declared.

“Perhaps one more comment my lady? I am still not entirely sure of the name you call your method with,” Serenity said.

“Well, I’m not gonna name it after myself, I know I’m amazing, but even I’m not so narcissistic as to name my methods after me!” Nauka declared.

The village was relatively small, humble, and at relative peace. This small part of the world was known as; Initium.

The village was used mostly as a pit-stop for merchants to rest. Only recently did a guild deem this place worthy of setting a base of operations, though members were few in numbers and thus they allowed the populace to accept whatever tasks needed to be completed.

Along the main stone road Nauku, and her two maids the Blue Polimana Serenity, and the Green Polimana Trinity walk towards the bulletin board outside the guild hall, and inspect it’s requests.

“Now then, we are looking for a quest with high reward, and low maintenance work” Nauka declared pointing at the bulletin board.

“…This flier wishes for us to exterminate a being by the title, ‘Gilgorg the Bloodthirsty’” Trinity pointed out.

“…Maybe something a little less violent…” Nauka murmured, her finger shrinking back a bit.

“Hm~ ‘Single man looking for partner in feeling good, must not mind touching a male body, and has experience rubbing oil in all the right places’…Lady Nauka-” Serenity began.

“No!” Nauka refused.

“This quest seems interesting, apparently a man is long overdue to pay his rent money on a house he is borrowing, but refuses to leave, and is supposedly armed” Trinity said.

“Interesting, any more details?” Nauka asked.

“Simply that the resident is a male wielding magic, and reports say he has been meddling with strange artifacts. On several nights eye-witnesses have reported a strange glow emanating from the house, and his loud grunts echoing inside” Trinity finished.

“You’ve got me curious, you know what that means don’t you?” Nauka smiled.

“I believe our lady has chosen her first quest” Serenity answered.

“Correct! Let us assist in kicking out a freeloader, and collect our reward” Nauka declared grabbing the quest paper and entering the guild hall with her twin maids behind her.

The guild was relatively small and unimpressive, the wood floor needed a good sweeping, and only a small number of actual adventurers sat in the round tables discussing their journeys. All eyes now focused on Nauka’s attractive figure as her heels clicked away at the wood before reaching the counter and slamming the quest paper in front of the young red-headed woman manning the hall.

“I wish to complete this quest, make haste and give me permission to do so!” Nauka declared.

“…Okay…” the long wavy-red headed girl replied backing away a bit before reaching under the table and pulling out a piece of paper.

“J-just sign this; basically what it means is, if the job is complete regardless of how it’s done, then the reward will go to whoever signed this…also it means that we won’t be held accountable for any injuries or death while attempting said quest” the Ginger girl replied.

“Death? Lady Nauka, perhaps we should take a second look at the lonely, oil obsessed man’s quest instead?” Trinity tried to convince.

“No need I had already signed! This task will be completed before the end of the day. Let this mark the day that I Nauka, daughter of Seretique, and genius will complete this feat and save your puny nondescript village!” She heroically declared to the guild.

The room was silent, not a single cheer, or even a raised eyebrow as Nauka’s heroic stance was slowly sinking and she shrunk back hunched over herself as if having done something rather embarrassing. Not even the assuring applause from her two maids can save her from the sinking feeling of being ignored yet again as she left the building.

“I simply do not understand, I recall Clemaense being given a standing ovation whenever she enters a room, and even a parade in her honor…why is my presence so…nonchalant and uninteresting to these peasants?” Nauka murmured.

“Perhaps her accomplishments far surpass your own-” Trinity began until she saw the gloomy face of her employer. “…But if it makes you feel any better Lady Nauka, I highly doubt she can accomplish half of the inventions you have created” Trinity tried to assure.

“…You have been locked in your manor for some time now lady Nauka, perhaps the world has forgotten about you” Serenity explained.

“If that’s the case then it would appear as if it would take more than just my order to persuade our culprit to leave his residence” Nauka murmured.

“Life is a cruel mistress” Serenity declared.

“…But if my title and power are so weak, then why do you two still follow me?” Nauka was confused.

“Because you hired us” Serenity began.

“Because we’re your maids” Trinity added.

“…That’s right…” Nauka murmured feeling down before letting her maids finish their declaration.

“And because we’re also your friends” Serenity, and Trinity both declared with smiles of their own.

Nauka paused taking in their words before her lips quivered into a wide smile, and her eyes shone with tears.

“That’s*sniffle*-that’s right! My resolve has returned, let us finish this quest post-haste and show the world, and mother our scientific might!” Nauka cheered.

“We’re with you all the way Lady Nauka” Trinity said.

“To the ends of the world and back Lady Nauka” Serenity assured.

Knowing she has the support of good people by her side, Nauka regained her vigor and the three wasted no time hurrying to the man’s abode to turn him homeless.

“So~ is this the place?” Nauka asked staring at a one story wooden house on top of a small hill.

At that point they noticed a faint glow from behind the windows.

“I believe this meets all the criteria” Serenity explained.

“Well then, I shall go in alone, I want you two to set up my emergency exit, I believe it is time to test it should the worse case scenario occurs” Nauka explained.

“Please refrain from doing anything drastic Lady Nauka, your powers are not as strong as-” Trinity began.

“I am well aware of my strengths and weaknesses Trinity, I shan’t be needed a reminder, now then I’m off” Nauka quickly replied as she headed towards the house.

Serenity and Trinity wasted no time setting the equipment they had brought and went to work installing the bits and pieces together as they had done so in several practice runs.

Nauka knocked on the door, waiting for it to open her ears pick up a faint cackling sound coming from the other side before the door swung open revealing a lanky man in his early thirties; though poor hygiene, and healthy habits have aged him to something akin to late forties. His eyes were blood-shot, thick black unkempt beard, and he wore a soft brown shirt, slacks, and shoes stained in several areas.

“(Good heavens he reeks of self love, and sweat)” Nauka gasped in her thoughts.

The man stared wide-eyed at Nauka but quickly glared at her.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Oh! W-well I am Nauka! Daughter of Seretique, and renowned genius” Nauka introduced herself.

“Never heard of you” the man replied.

“Ignoring that…in any case I have come to either collect your rent money, or to evict you from your home, and I will not take no for an answer” Nauka explained.

“…Would you like to come in?” The man eyes leered at her.

Normally any sane person would look at his suspicious glare and turn the other way. While Nauka knew that better than anyone, she did still have a job to do, and she wasn’t about to abort her first quest and make a fool out of herself.

“…You are too kind” Nauka replied with practice grace and a forced smile.

The smell was a mix of nausea and nostalgia, the smell this man carried was all over the single room, but there was also another smell she can recall. The smell of discovery, all around the room were tubes, and chemical of various liquids, and a strange metal machine attached to it all with an oval glass in the center glowing a bright white.

“Good heavens this is quite the sight!” Nauka exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand, or anyone for that matter” the man murmured.

“On the contrary I am a woman who fancies these sorts of hobbies, may I ask for a little tour?” Nauka asked.

The man paused, as he was about to reach for a hidden knife under his pants he decided against it, and humor her request. After all, it has been many, many nights since he’s had the company of someone who shows genuine interests in his hobbies, and as he sees Nauka’s bouncing black hair, her pleasant fragrance stroking his nose like a soft cloth. Her ample bosom, her wide hips, and her long legs wrapped in the softest of silk with a pair of very attractive shoes that help accentuate her back side.

“…This machine, my creation has been an idea of mine for nearly a decade” the man began.

“Oh? Do tell, I’m all ears…” Nauka assured finding a wooden chair and sitting on it, her legs crossed and exposed showing off her pantyhose covered legs.

The man gulped, but quickly recovered, Nauka’s eyes flashed with a knowing stare, but continued to play dumb for the time being.

“…I-I am Daren I have been studying magic for years now, everyone laughed at me, ‘why would a man study magic when they will never surpass a magical girl, or sorceress?’ They said over and over again” Daren began.

Nauka’s eyes which were once narrow from dealing with the stench were now fully open, her attention now drawn to him.

“I have explained a way to sustain, maintain and later absorb spirit energy and manipulate it to the owner’s whim. Don’t you see? The weak can become strong! My invention will put us at equal level with the magical girls, and even the demon lord’s daughters with enough energy stored” Daren explained.

“Interesting, so your machine keeps it all locked in, and in pristine condition until you need it, and then you absorb it all at once? What about the repercussions? Can the body truly withstand such power all at once?” Nauka was genuinely interested.

“Ah~ so you’re not as dim-witted as I suspected. I must apologize, I had underestimated your intelligence. As of yet I haven’t tested it…anyways no one would fund my project, so I had to build it on my own, and use my own spiritus for this machine to store” Daren said.

“(That would explain the smell)” Nauka thought.

“My machine has been storing my spiritus. For weeks I have been feeding it my seed, and now it seems like I must put it to use…your coming here is no mere coincidence” Daren said.

“(Oh boy~ he’s gonna involve me isn’t he?)” Nauka thought with dread.

“For you see, a woman of your status if they are accurate must have incredible power. With your help, and my invention we can rule this world! We can overthrow the Demon Lord and rule as king and queen” Daren invited.

Nauka took in his words, the thought of overthrowing her mother, and showing her sisters what she’s truly capable of was enticing to say the least.

“Mmm~ I do love a man with power~” she purred as she stood up, and sauntered over to him.

Even closed off to society her natural charms gifted to her by her mother and sisters were still strong.

“W-well I-I uh~ have a lot of power to give” Daren replied growing red.

“Ah~mmm~yeah” She heavily emphasized her approval with a loud purr, her tongue licking her lips, sending the man into a brief shiver as she sauntered closer, letting the clicking of her heels entice Daren further. “I know this is your first time~ but~ that’s not all bad” she whispered close to his ear as she circled him, her dainty finger sliding along his chest, and traveling along his back causing him to shiver even more.

“S-so you agree? Once I absorb enough I can have powers rivaling a god!” Daren was growing confident, and growing something else in his pants.

“Ohh~yes~ and I’d be more than happy to help you release even more spiritus than you could ever excrete on your own” Nauka moaned as her hands moved all across her waist, her tummy and gliding across her breasts before she crossing her arms and hugging herself.

The man gulped, his body sweating, his erection at full mast, he wanted nothing more than to ravish Nauka right then and there.

“And this machine…Oh~ this machine is~is~” Nauka purred, her voice growing louder and higher in pitch as she seemed to be reaching her own conclusion.

“Is a giant hunk of shit” she suddenly declared with a deadpan tone.

Daren’s world was suddenly crushed, and all that was left was darkness.

“I mean, did you draw the schematics yourself on crayon in some drunken dare…or did you have some kind of ‘super important’ dream, or vision you had, and in that mind-state you thought ‘I’ll just slap together a bunch of stuff, bind it all with rope or whatever, and just hope for the best?” Nauka replied.

“I knew it! You’re just like the rest of them!” Daren wailed.

“You made shit! And you know it you undergraduate! This thing is never going to work! And there is no way you’ll ever be able to hold onto that power!” Nauka cried out.

“I’ll show you! I’ll show you all!” Daren cried out.

He punched the oval glass and in a moment’s notice all the power stored in the machine suddenly entangled itself like glowing white tendrils, and sinking into his system.

His muscles rippled, his veins jutted out, and he cried out to the heavens glowing brightly as his hair stood upright and spiky.

“Oh dear, he looks truly angry” Nauka realized.

“Witness my power! The power of a god!” Daren’s voice echoed across time and space.

“Oh darling…how the mighty have fallen” Nauka sighed.

“You still undermine my power!” Daren cried out his voice shaking the earth itself.

“Unfortunately I do, I’m already seeing the repercussions as we speak” Nauka replied taking a step back to prepare.

“You shall be my first experiment to test the power of my-my…what-” Daren began to groan as his body began to shake.

“And here I thought you were a genius, boy did I get my hopes up” Nauka sighed.

“The power! It-it’s-” Daren cried out.

“Sounds like my theory is correct, I was always curious to see my study of ‘entropy’ face-to-face” Nauka said.

“Wh-entropy!? What is this!?” Daren cried out as his body shook and glow even brighter.

“Your body is a closed space, and much like real life, powerful energy such as the one you acquired can only sustain itself for so long sweetie. That’s what I call entropy. Power in a closed space as feeble as your body can only stay stable for a brief moment before chaos ensues” Nauka realized.

“No! No-no-no! My power! My body!” Daren cried out.

“Oh dear this is gonna hurt isn’t it? if I don’t do something…oh right! Emergency plan. Well Daren it was a pleasure meeting your acquaintance, but I must be off! Ta-ta~” Nauka declared before pulling out a small orb, and focusing her power on it.

Daren’s body now nothing more than a large ball of energy quickly began to expand, and reached critical mass.

Outside, Serenity, and Trinity watch as the building glows brighter and brighter before exploding in a beam of light rendering the building and area around it to ash and fire.

“Lady Nauka~!” The twins shouted to their lady, and friend.

They quickly turned to the metal pad they had set up, waiting. Seconds lasting minutes and nothing happened, the girls were ready to panic until the machine began to vibrate uncontrollably and in strands of light and energy came Nauka’s form, and then herself entirely falling and being caught by her two maids.

“WHAAAHAA~! OH! Oh! I’m alive-I-I’m alive! By the gods it worked…And look! My internal organs are still inside me and intact~ yay~ me!” Nauka cheered though sounded rather exhausted.

“Lady Nauka! Are you injured?” Serenity asked.

“Only emotionally…for a moment, I had met a kindred spirit…but it was all for naught I’m afraid” Nauka sighed.

“Lady Nauka, you had us worried you know” Trinity replied.

“Oh dear, am I truly so weak that even a feeble human opponent would cause distraught among my peers?” Nauka smiled.

“Maybe, but no human, or mammone alive can match your wit Lady Nauka” Serenity praised.

“Oh? A compliment from you? Did my body traverse an alternate dimension were a Serenity exist solely to praise me?” Nauka smirked.

“That theory of yours is nothing more than a theory still my lady, now let us return to the guild and collect our fee” Serenity grinned back.

“Well I do declare this quest, and my invention a rousing success! I shall call it! The ‘Respawn’!” Nauka declared.

“As you wish Lady Nauka” Trinity agreed.

Practically dragging her body half-way before she was capable of walking on her own, she reports that she had to cheat a bit, and use what little magical energy she had to power her device.

“Next time, my invention will work solely on it’s own, without the use of magic” Nauka assured.

“And we look forward to the day it becomes a reality…I see the guild hall now” Trinity declared.

They reached the building and Nauka reported her findings to the ginger girl still running the counter.

“Yes, we saw the explosion from here, it appears as if you had no choice in the matter. We hope the land owner will not be too discouraged, but a deal is a deal. Here is the gold for accomplishing your quest.

Nauka acquired 100 cyrunes

“…That’s it? That barely covers the delicacies I need to entertain my sister who wishes to visit!” Nauka exclaimed.

“W-we’re terribly sorry, but it was a low ranking mission…p-perhaps if you slay ‘Gilgorg the Bloodthirsty’ then your reward will be greater” the little ginger girl squeaked.

Nauka and her team left with their money disappointed.

“Well…at least we can have the snack needed for one day. Tomorrow we’ll try something else” Nauka assured.

“Of course Lady Nauka” Trinity said.

“We did say we will follow you wherever, the first time is always the most frustrating after all” Serenity said.

“Correct! Now then, I’m gonna need a bath before I slumber, I still smell a little bit of his sweat and seed on me-ugh~” Nauka was disgusted as their day had ended, and a new one was on the horizon.

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