The Maker: Chapter two

I’ve been working endlessly for the past three hours, trying to hack my way into this site, but so far I’ve had no luck. Whatever is protecting this site is somehow better than mine, and I’ve got the best protection money can buy. I sigh and put my head in my hands

“Didn’t think this kind of thing would happen”

I get out of my chair, and head towards the kitchen to make myself a snack. I turn on the T.V and it looks like it’s whatever station it’s on is a news channel. I open my fridge and look inside to see there isn’t much left, better go to the store soon.

“In other news it seems that the terrorist group known as “The saviours ” still has a tight grip on the city of Iqaluit”

Oh yeah I forgot about them, out of all the extremist groups it seems that “The saviours ” are the only ones that were able to get off the ground, about two months after the Mamono came to our world that terrorist group came out of nowhere, almost as if that was what they were waiting for and they took control of the city. Anyone who didn’t flee the city were killed, enslaved or joined their ranks, somehow they still have a hold on the city, they even successfully defended against three Lilim. If you ask me they sound like a cult.

Oh well, nothing that I can do about it, they’ll probably get flushed out sooner or later. For now I might as well see how production is doing. I leave the kitchen and approach an iron door with three separate locks hidden behind a large shelving unit, I take off all the locks and walk inside. The room is fairly big, about 400 square feet.

This room is where all my products are made, from my simple sprays to the small weapons I’ve been working on, and around the room are various machines that actually produce everything. Some machines create the sprays and bottle them and some machines are part of long assembly lines that make the more complex products. Then there’s my workbench, with an endless amount of specialized tools and complicated blueprints scattered all across it.

Although there is a square piece of tech that is on the bench which is roughly the size of a Rubix cube, it’s a prototype and is still in its early stages, I call it the canceler. Now aside from its terrible name, the purpose of this machine is to stop Mamono from using their supernatural abilities. Of course it would only be temporary, and there’s no way to know how long it would last. But this machine is revolutionary because it’s made from both technology and magic.

Without getting into the specifics it uses various cancellation magics that typically only work on humans that are merged with magics that affect Mamono, and these magics are condensed into a crystal. The technology taps into the crystal and with the press of a button and it amplifies the magic which then disables a Mamonos abilities. I’m sure the military or some corporation is making something similar, but so far nothing has been made public.

This tech exploits a Mamonos weakness in their brain. When Mamono first came and people saw their abilities everyone thought their powers were simply a part of who they were. This idea isn’t wrong, it’s just that there’s more to it. Mamono can access their abilities through a special connection in their cerebellum which has developed over thousands of years, the canceler exploits this connection and breaks it. For example if I tried this on a Cheshire cat, she wouldn’t be able to teleport. Although this wouldn’t work on Mamono with superhuman strength like an Oni, because that strength isn’t part of the connection but rather a direct part of them, can’t really erase muscle mass.

Of course this is all theory, it’s still in its infancy and I have yet to do any testing with it. I should tinker with it, but i’ll put that on hold for now since I want to get some shopping done. I put on some jeans and a T-shirt, grab my wallet, keys and some Mamono spray and head out towards the parking lot. I enter the elevator and head down towards the lobby, I live on the top floor so it takes a minute to get to the lobby.

“Hello Mr Seasons” I’m greeted by the head maid of the building, Mary. Mary is a Kikimora, and as expected she always greet everyone with a cheerful smile, broom in hand.

“Hey Mary, how’s the day going so far” I ask

“Oh I just started, although I get to clean every room on the seventeenth floor” She says with a smile

I will never understand how someone can love cleaning so much, if you ask me it’s a pain.

“Oh Mr Seasons, I almost forgot to mention, you got a package” She reaches for something behind the counter

“Don’t worry, i’m going out anyways so i’ll pick it up when I get back”

“Oh, okay, but it came with-”

“Later Mary”

I exit the building and head towards the the parking lot. I get into my 2002 Honda CR-V and put it into drive. While I could get something way nicer than this, like a Mercedes or a BMW I figured that would attract too much attention, you never know when a Tanuki is watching. Luckily there’s a grocery store that’s close by so it only takes about ten minutes to get there. When I get there the parking lot it packed, so it takes me several minutes to find a spot.

I quickly get into the store and get a cart, unfortunately there seem to be a lot of Mamono around, so i’ll make this as quick as possible. I quickly get all the vegetables, fruits and the like. I look around and see if there’s anything else to pick up, it’s then that I spot the deli. Might as well pick up some meat while i’m here. I go up to the desk and grab a number, it’s not long before i’m called up. I order some chicken, steaks and pork tenderloin, the butcher goes to grab the food.

I absentmindedly look around the store, looks like there’s an argument going on at the other end of the deli station between a Hellhound and a Wererabbit, that can’t end well.

The Wererabbit is about the same height as me with blond hair and white fur, she’s wearing a simple blue sundress. The Hellhound of the other hand is quite short actually, she can’t be more than 5’2 she’s definitely the shortest Hellhound I’ve ever seen. Her “clothes” are really just an oversized sports bra and short shorts, it really doesn’t leave

much to the imagination.

“H-how could you eat the little bunnies” the Wererabbit cries out. Upon further inspection it looks like the Hellhound has a dozen or so rabbits in her cart.

The Hellhound gives the rabbit a sadistic smile “Oh it’s easy, let me show you” she then takes one the the rabbits out of the packaging and takes a bite out of it, a butcher gives her a dirty look.

“Oh calm down, i’ll still pay for it” she says with a chuckle. The Wererabbit looks mortified.

“C’mon little rabbit, if you don’t like it, then stop me”.

The rabbit looks around frantically, probably hoping someone will come to her aid. It’s then that our eyes meet and her eyes light up.

“Shit” I whisper. Wererabbits have a bad habit of becoming attached to people too quickly and I’ve got a bad feeling that i’m gonna get roped into this, where the hell is that butcher.

The Wererabbit slower makes her way towards me, and then stares at me intently.

“Please Please go away” I think

She pouts “Excuse me sir” she says timidly

I try to ignore her but she pulls on my sleeve and tries again.

“S-Sir I need your help” She looks

Maybe if I say no she’ll go away “I appreciate the offer bu-”

“Oh thank you thank you” she screams as she cuts me off.

She grabs me by the arm as she drags me towards the Hellhound.

“Wait wait I never said i’d help you” I cry out

“Of course you did and i’m so glad you’re so nice”

“I’m not nice, i’m an asshole, just ask anyone”

It doesn’t take long before she’s dragged me over to the Hellhound, I forgot just how strong Mamono are.

“Well what do we have here? The Hellhound asks “Need a weak man to fight your battles for you?”

“N-No, he offered to help me”

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did”

“No I didn’t” it looks like she’s on the verge of tears.

“J-Just please” she looks up at me with big teary eyes.

God damnit “fine” she smiles brightly at me “Thank you”

The Hellhound just looks on “Oh fuck this” she grabs me by the neck

“I’m tired of this boring conversation, i’ve got something better in mind” her eyes flare up.

Now usually i’d be scared, but her “grip” is really more of an attempt than anything, since she’s so short she can’t even put her whole hand around my neck.

“Shit” she says “Just give me a second” she stands on the toes in an attempt to put her whole paw around my neck.

“I’ve got a better idea” I say as I grab a small canister out of my pocket and I spray her in the eyes. She grabs her eyes, clearly in pain.

Now i’m no sadist, but I do find it funny that someone whose eyes are literally on fire cry out about how their eyes are burning.

“You son of a bitch” she screams, her words slightly slurred, but the spray blinded her and she ends up stumbling into a fish tank, breaking it. At that very moment the butcher came back with my meat and I quickly took it and left for another part of the store.

Before I leave I might as well get some junk food as well, I quickly find the aisle and start picking out what I want. As i’m deciding on what to get I can’t help but feel that i’m being watched, I look around but no one’s around. I go back to looking at the various chips they have when I hear some shuffling behind me, I turn around to see a cardboard cutout of captain america holding some kind of cereal. Although I can see white tufts of fur sticking out from behind the cutout.

I sigh and move it to reveal the bunny girl from earlier, who would have guessed?

“What are you doing?” I ask

“Oh I Uh…looking for cereal?” she says unconvincingly

“What do you want?”

“Um..I wanted to say thank you” she whispers something that I can’t quite hear

“Come again?”

She fidgets for a few seconds “I um….wanted to thank you, for saving me”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise “I don’t think she was gonna hurt you, intimidate you maybe, but I doubt she’d do anything to truly hurt you”

“I know that, but it didn’t make it any less scary” she suddenly brightens up “Oh what am I doing, my name’s Layla, you?” She extends her hand

“…Tony” I cautiously shake her hand

“Hmm Tony” she says as if she’s appraising my name “I like it, wanna get lunch sometime?”

“No” I say flatly as I leave

Layla stands there slightly stunned as she pulls out a notebook “Hmm mom said that should have worked” she closely looks at various notes before closing it and putting on a determined smile “On to plan B then”.

I should probably get out of here before that bunny follows me.

“Ohhhh Tonyyyyy” Layla calls out

Who did I piss of to deserve this? I just wanna pay for my food and go home. Just ignore her and she’ll go away. Layla quickly catches up to me and stands in front of my cart.

“How about a Movie?”





“Get out of my way”

I try to move my cart around her, but every time I move she just moves herself in front of my cart again.

“Oh come on, you helped me” She looks me up and down, i’m pretty sure she drooled a bit “So let me help you, i’ll do anything, just say the word”

I sigh “How about you leave me alone?’

She puffs out her cheeks “Fine then, you’ve left me no choice then, time to show you my master plan”

She quickly hops behind me and hugs my back. At first I thought she was gonna rape me, but she’s just standing there, hugging my back.

“What are you doing?”

“My master plan”

I sigh again “Care to explain your master plan?” i say, slightly annoyed.

“I won’t let go until you agree to go out with me”


“You bet” she says quite happily

I try to shake her off but her inhuman strength coupled with that fact that she’s almost impossible to reach makes it difficult. After ten minutes I finally give in.

“Fuck it, fine, we can go out for coffee or something”

She squeals with delight “Really?”

“I already said yes, don’t make me say it again”

She eagerly shakes her head “Lets exchange phone numbers, oh and no fakes, i’ll make sure to verify it while we’re here”

“Alright” I say as I pull out my phone as she pulls hers out from inside her cleavage, which leaves me staring at her.

“What? It’s convenient” “whatever” I say as we exchange phone numbers and she does in fact makes sure that I didn’t give her a fake number.

“Can I go now?”

“I mean, you don’t have to”

“Awesome, bye”

I quickly leave to bunny girl to her own devices while I head for the checkouts, and unknown to me, she was doing her own little happy dance, which consisted of little hops.

I go over to the checkout and pay for everything. Once everything is bagged I quickly get to my car and drive back home. I’ve had enough excitement for one day. It take me a ten more minutes to get back to my apartment and Mary is there to greet me.

“Hello Mr Seasons, would you like help with those bags?”

“No thanks Mary, but could you get the elevator for me please?

“Of course, oh and by the way I had that mail from earlier sent up to your apartment.”

“Thanks Mary”

I get into the elevator and from the 30th button. When I finally get into my apartment i lock the door and let myself fall to the ground. Well now I’ve got a Wererabbit chasing me around, just great, oh well I can think of what to do next, for now i’ll put away the food and i’ll open up that mail.

As I enter the kitchen I see that there is a package and a letter on the table, must be the mail Mary was talking about. I quickly put away the food and sit down at the table. I pick up the letter and my heart drops, it’s from the Human Mamono Relations Bureau (H.M.R.B), what could they possibly want. I nervously open the letter and read it

“Hello Mr Seasons, the Human Mamono Relations Bureau has recently opened a file on you, and we are requesting that you come in on July 23rd for questioning. Before you panic we must inform you that you are not in trouble and that we require your assistance in a particular matter, while we are “requesting” you come in this interview is actually mandatory and if you to not attend it there will be repercussions.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you.

-Sincerely Andrea Mcknight.

Well that was uninformative, did they find me out? Shit, and I’ve only got two days to prepare for it. Why do bad things happen to good people? Oh well time to open the package,. The package isn’t very big, about the size of a phone box. What’s really weird is that there’s no return address and there’s no indication that any company shipped it.

I open the package to find a small white crystal inside no bigger than a bottle cap, I play with it in my hand for a few minutes, wondering what it is or what it might mean. Then suddenly it gets hot, so hot that it burns my hand and I have to throw it onto the table. That’s when a projection comes out of the crystal, it’s the silhouette of a man, his voice is distorted.

“Good evening Mr Seasons, or perhaps I should call you…the Maker. Now I’m sure you have many question as to who I am and how I found you out, all of which will be answered in time but for now let me be brief. I call myself “The Giver”, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your handle. Now as my name would suggest I give things but I only will be giving things to you and “The catcher”. Now I have to stake in this, I don’t care who wins this little game of cat in mouse, but I do love to watch these things unfold. Ever so often you will find a package like this one waiting for you, it will contain something that will aid you, whether or not you use it and how you use it is up to you.

This crystal Is your only way of connecting with me, once a week starting next week you can hold the crystal and for five minutes you can ask me questions, the only questions you cannot ask are my own identity and things about me and things about your counterpart The Catcher. The Catcher has also received the same crystal and offer, I do look forward to seeing how you move forward”.

…..I have to admit, i’m speechless someone knows who I am, they also supposedly know the identity of The Catcher. This guy will help me and them with “Gifts” that will apparently give me an edge of sort. I should be going to work, thinking up a plan of attack but i’m far too tired and surprised to care. I put the crystal back in the back and make my way to my room, I just have to rest for a big. Between Layla, the H.M.R.B and this giver guy I just need to get some rest, and i’ll think of something tomorrow.

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  1. Good story, I never thought you would continue it. It’s been so long since the part one.

    ‘ “On to plan B then” she says as she hops off towards Tony.’
    Look like you mixed your narrator here, your narrator is Tony himself in the story, but you refer to him at the third person in this sentence. :/

  2. Pretty interesting dynamic you got there, a man just trying to build things in a Monster Girl world. Also, the Order actually being a threat and traveling along with the MGs totally caught me off guard!

  3. The “saviours”? Can we expect a Negan-like character in the future? Nice you picked were-rabbits since they seem under-represented in stories.

    1. I actually forgot that the “Saviours” was a thing in TWD, although a Negan like character might be cool. Also i’m going to try to put in mg’s that aren’t usually added in stories.

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