The Maker: Chapter Three


I wake up just as tired as when I went to bed, I couldn’t sleep since I was too busy thinking about everything that had happened. The worst being that someone knows who I am, and that I have to play along with whatever game they’re playing.

I sign as I get out of bed, might as well get into the shower and start my day. I walk into the bathroom and lock the door, there’s no reason to it, just a habit. I quickly get into the shower and turn on the water, it’s then that I hear a voice, it sounds like a young girl is giggling. Must be my imagination or something. It takes me a few minutes to get washed up, and when I get out of the shower.

“Hey Mister”

Huh? I swear someone just heard someone, I look around but I don’t see anyone.

“Over here” The voice calls out again

I look towards the source of the voice and end up seeing something I didn’t expect. There’s a tiny fairy sitting on top of my sinks faucet, she’s about eight inches tall. She has purple hair with a tiny flower on the right side of her head and pink wings, she’s also wearing a green floral dress.

At first I was dumbfounded, unable to really do anything. That was until I saw her gaze was centered around my exposed crotch, so I should probably cover up first. I quickly grab my towel and the fairy pouts.

“I wasn’t done looking”

“Who gives a damn, get out of my home” I finally speak up to the intruder  

“I don’t have to, I live here now” She says with a smile

“What? Says who?”

“My boss”

“Your boss?, who’s your boss?”

“He’s the boss” the tiny intruder replies

Oh forget it, this conversation isn’t going anywhere, I’ve got a better idea. I tell the fairy to stay put as I go out of the bathroom and go into the kitchen. It takes me a minute but I find an old fly swatter, this should help.

I quickly go into my room to get some pants and then I go back into the bathroom with the flyswatter hidden behind my back. As I go into the bathroom i see that the fairy has closed the sink drain and is filling it with water, she’s also squirting soap into the sink.

“Are you trying to take a bath in my sink” I ask, slightly annoyed.

“Yeah, your sink is super pretty” She replies with a toothy smile

I’ll give her one chance “Listen, you’ve got one chance to leave willingly” I slowly pull out the flyswatter from behind my back”

“What’re you gonna do? I’ll jus-” She quickly stops talking, I think she saw the flyswatter through the mirrors reflection.

She turns around and looks at me “Y-You wouldn’t hurt some one as cute as me, would you?” she asks nervously.

I give her a menacing smile “Actually, I would” I quickly bring down the flyswatter

“EEEKKK” She screams as she quickly darts away and out of the bathroom. Shit, why didn’t I close the door. I get out of the bathroom and close the door, great now I’ve got to look for a tiny fairy that could be hiding anywhere, why do bad things always happen to good people?

“Come out come out little fairy, I swear I won’t hurt you….much” I say as I comb through my house. I go from room to room, checking everywhere and then closing the door behind me, for some reason every door was open and I don’t remember leaving any of them open.

After ten minutes I’ve checked everywhere but the living room and kitchen, luckily there’s no walls separating the two rooms so if anything moves I should be able to see it. I start with the living room, I look through the couch, armchairs and through all various bins and the like, but she’s nowhere. I make my way to the kitchen and start looking around. I look through the drawers, the cabinets and every nook and cranny you can think of, but she’s just gone.

There’s no way she just left after the hassle she gave me, where could she be? It’s then that I hear more giggling, so she is here, but where is she hiding? Hmmm, fairies are overly energetic, they can’t stay still for long, if I remember correctly they’ve got a sweet tooth, maybe I can use that to my advantage. I go over the the counter and grab a box of chocolate chip cookies and put them into a bowl. I leave the bowl on the counter then go over to the couch and close my eyes, but I leave my left eye open just enough so that I can see the bowl and everything around it.

It takes a few minutes but eventually I see the fairy phase through the fridge, they can do that?  She quickly takes notice of the cookies, and of me but she probably thinks i’m sleeping since she’s slowly making her way towards the cookies. I’ll have to wait for the right time to strike, she’s small and quick so if she gets away again it’s unlikely that i’ll find her again.

The fairy starts to pick up a cookie, but it looks like she’s struggling to pick it up, i guess the cookie is too heavy for her. Perfect, she’s got her back to me, now’s the time to strike. I slowly get off of the couch and make my way toward her all while she’s struggling with the cookie. Slowly….slowly getting closer, just so long as she doesn’t turn around then I should be good. The fairy finally picks up the cookie and tries to fly off with it, but not before I grab her out of the air.

“EEEEEEK” The fairy skreeks “Let go of me, meanie!”

“Of course not, I’ve got something planned for you” I smirk

The fairy begins to panic “Uhhh…BOSS HELP ME, GET THE BIG MEANIE”

“Really? Begging for your boss to come? As if that…will…help?”

For some reason the crystal from yesterday is on the countertop, I could have sworn that I left it on the kitchen table. Then a familiar silhouette appears along with the distorted voice.

“Mr Seasons please put my associate down this instant!” The giver says sternly

“…..What? Your associate? she works for you?”

“This is correct”

“Why the hell is she here?” I ask

“She lives here now, did she not tell you”

“SEE, I was telling the truth” The fairy sticks her tounge out at me

“She did tell me, but I never agreed to this”

“Oh but you did” The giver replies “I told you that you’d be getting gifts, you never opposed this idea, and this fairy is one of those gifts. Her name is Sasha by the way.”

“She’s a gift?” I look up at Sasha “Can I return this ‘gift’ cause I really don’t want it”

“No you can’t, I know she doesn’t look like much but she has her uses, now she’s staying and that’s final” With that final statement he disappears

“Sooooo, what’s for breakfast” Sasha asks “Cause all that flying made me really hungry”

“Just go grab a cookie” I say in defeat

“No, I want bacon and eggs, french toast too”

I just stare at her, half in awe half in annoyance “How much can one fairy eat, you’re asking for more food than I usually have”

She huffs “Just make me food”

“No, the way I see it you’re still an intruder, your boss said I have to let you live here but he never said I have to feed you” I was about to go back to my room to sleep but an envelope caught my eye first. I picked it up and it read “Go out and get you and Sasha something for breakfast -The giver”. I open the envelope and there’s a hundred dollars inside, well that helps.

“Alright Sasha, I’ve got a better idea, wanna go out for breakfast”

“OH yes yes yes, that’s a great Idea, I’ll go get my bag” She seems excited

She goes off into the apartment for a minute and comes back with a small blue handbag and phases through the front door, I get the feeling like that ability of hers is going to cause a lot of trouble. I quickly get my phone, wallet and keys before I head out the door. We make out way to the elevator and I hit the ground floor button.

“Soooo, where are all your gadgets?” Sasha asks

Shit “What gadgets” Maybe if I play dumb she’ll drop it.

“Your gadgets, I know what you do, and who you are” she says with a smile

God damnit “Listen, if you agree to never talk about who i am in public i’ll show you some of my ‘gadgets’, sound good?”

“Yep, that’s fine by me” she says as we reach the ground floor. I just want to get out of the lobby as quick as possible, I don’t want anyone to see me with a fairy and get the wrong idea.

‘Oh, good morning Mr Seasons, off to do some shopping?” Mary calls out. Damnit Mary, you’re a nice woman but please fuck off.

“Morning Mary, i’m just going to get some breakfast, nothing to fancy, bye” Please let that be the end of- wait, where did Sasha go?

“Hi i’m Sasha, nice to meet you” Sasha greets Mary with a friendly smile

Mary smiles back “Likewise, are you new here? I haven’t seen you before”

“Yeah i’m new, i’m also living with Tony, we’re kind of a thing” She grins mischievously

NO NO NO, I quickly run up to them and grab Sasha with both hands only for her to phase through them “We are NOT a thing, she’s a pest who won’t leave me alone”

Mary only blushes and looks away “I-I never knew you were into that kind of thing…uh I think there’s something over there that needs cleaning” She quickly walks away

“So where are we going for breakfast, babe” Sasha says mockingly

I thought Fairies were supposed to be nice “We’re going to a breakfast grill, it’s close by so we can walk”

“Sounds good, do you mind if I sit on your shoulder?”

“….Go ahead” I think she was going to do it anyways

“Thanks” She says as she sits on my right shoulder. I quickly leave the lobby before my reputation is further ruined and I start walking in the direction of the grill. It takes about 5 minutes but we arrive at the ‘Sunny side up’ breakfast grill, we go inside and luckily it’s not to busy, so we are quickly seated.

“Ummm, where am I supposed to sit?” Oh yeah, there aren’t any chairs or tables that would fit Sasha.

“Oh don’t worry, that’s why I brought these” The receptionist Placed a small chair and table on the table for Sasha with its own plate and cutlery.

“Your waitress will be here soon” she says as she hands us out menus and walks away. Thankfully Sasha seems isn’t talking to me, she’s probably to focused on deciding on what to order.

“T-Tony?” A familiar voice speaks up from behind me. Oh no, god no not now. I turn around and see Layla wearing a tight fitting T-shirt, a skirt and a name tag.

“You work here” This was the last thing I needed

“Yeah, I started working here last week”

I really didn’t need this “So what can i get you and your-” she stops talking and her eyes meet Sasha’s.

“Roommate, she’s my Roommate” I tell her as I give Sasha an intense glare

“Yeah…i’m him roommate” she says with a sigh

Layla grabs a notepad and writes something down, odd, considering she hasn’t taken our order yet “So what can I get you two?” she asks with a smile

“I’ll just have eggs and bacon with some chocolate milk”

“Great, and you?” she motions to Sasha

“I’ll have eggs and bacon and french toast and toast and home style fries ” she says quickly

Layla looks shocked “Uh ok, I assume all those will be Fairy sized, right?”

“Nope, I want them full sized, like what you would give Tony”

Both me and Layla give her an incredulous look “Yeah, no, that’s not happening” I say

“But I want it, I swear i’ll eat it all” She whines

Layla looks at me “Just give it to her” I say “She’ll learn not to order too much food” Maybe a good stomach ache will calm her down for awhile

“Thanks you” She says with a smile.

Layla writes our order in her notepad, although it looks different than the one before, weird “Great, your orders will be ready soon”

Me and Sasha make small talk before our food arrives, nothing special other than what else we might have to do today. It takes about 25 minutes but Layla returns back with our food, she also brings Sasha some milk since she forgot to order some.

“Here you are…enjoy” She says as she walks away

Sasha gets out of her seat and hovers around her food, she looks worried



“…I can’t finish all this”

I almost choke on my eggs “Seriously? You said you could”

She looks slightly scared “I-I know but I can’t, help me out?”

“I’ve got my own food, I warned you and now you have to deal with the consequences”

She pouts “Look, just try to eat the bacon and toast for starters, ok?”

“Fine” She floats over to the bacon and toast and begins eating

She somehow manages to finish the toast and bacon before collapsing on the table “Tonyyyyyy, help meeee, my tummy hurts” She groans and starts rolling around the table

“You’ve still got your french toast and eggs to finish”

“I promise i’ll eat them at home, I’ll have them for breakfast tomorrow” Is this what it feels like to be a parent, because I think it is.

“How about this, I’ve already eaten my food so if you start eating your eggs i’ll eat your french toast, deal?”

She grumbles for a moment “Ok” she says as she starts to eat her eggs. I grab her french toast and start eating as well but by the time i’m done Sasha has barely eaten a quarter of the eggs.

“This should be considered abuse” she complains “This is cruel and unusual punishment” She starts rolling around the table again.

Layla comes back to check up on us “So how’s the food?” she asks

“It’s good” I reply “But someone ordered a little too much food” I gesture to Sasha who is dangling one arm off the table.

“So I guess you want the bill then?”

“Yes please, oh and no box for the eggs, she won’t eat them anyways”

“Alright, give me one second” She hops away and quickly comes back with the bill, the total is 91 dollars, not bad.

“Here, take this” I give her the hundred dollar bill “and keep the change”

“Thanks Tony, oh and one more thing, you remember how you agreed to go out with me?”

“Yeah?” I don’t like where this is going

“Well I’m cashing in, I know this great cafe and we’re going tomorrow since i’m off work”

That’s the day i’m going to the H.M.R.B “Listen tomorrow doesn’t work for me, how about another day”

“Nope i’m not taking no for an answer, and i’m sure you don’t want to make a scene in for of so many people, right?” She just smiles

I look around and find that everyone has their eyes on me, fucking peer pressure “Fine, tomorrow but i’ve got something to do in the morning so i’ll meet you at whatever place around 2:00pm, just text me the details later”

“Thank you” She quickly gives me a kiss on the cheek and darts into the kitchen, giggling all the way

“So you’ve got a girlfriend then?” Sasha gives me a smug grin

“I’ll carry you home by your wings”

“Alright alright, sensitive topic, I get it, can we go home?”

“Yeah the sooner we get out of her the better”

“Great, also do you mind if I lay on your shoulder, i’m too full to fly”


“Pretty please”

“Fine” I pick her up and put her on my shoulder

“Thanks” she says as she grabs my shirt so that she doesn’t fall off

I quickly make my way back home with little no trouble, although some people did give me looks, probably wondering why there was a Fairy on my shoulder holding on for dear life. I make my way into the lobby and towards the elevator, it looks like Mary is sweeping behind the counter and it’s sounds like she’s muttering something

“Stupid living fleshlights making messes making noise taking things causing chaos can never please a master never never never never” I’m pretty sure I just heard the broomstick break, I should probably just leave her to do her thing.

I get into the elevator, get off on my floor and get inside. I take Sasha off my shoulder and put her on the kitchen table, although i’m greeted by the oddest sight. On the table there are two vials of blood, a book and a pair of glasses. At first i’m I don’t know what to do but then the crystal appears and the giver shows himself again.

“Hello Mr Seasons, I assume breakfast was good?” He asks

“Yeah, it was nice, now what are these things on my table”

“Right to the point I see, good. I have decided to give you one more thing for the day, you could say i’m feeling generous today”

“But that’s not the only reason right?” I ask

He pauses “Things will be happening soon, any three of these items will help you moving forward”

“I can only choose one?”

“Yes, I have said before that to me this is a game and in all games decisions must be made to help further the player”

“Alright, can you tell me what them items are?”

“Of course, now bear with me because at first you won’t believe the first one”


“These two vials contain the blood of the demon lord’s husband”

“What? You expect me to believe that crock of shit? He’s dead, how can you get a dead man’s blood?”

“I understand your doubts, but let me explain this blood. Throughout his life the demon lords husband magically augmented himself with special crystals and potions that overtime seeped into his bloodstream. I don’t expect you to drink the blood since it would most likely turn you into an incubus or something worse but I assure you that you could find different ways to use the blood”

“…..What about the book” lets just drop the blood subject for now. It’s an average sized book, leatherback with runic symbols on the front.

“This book is the personal journal of a man only known as ‘The wandering scholar” he made a book called the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, this book has not arrived here however.”

“Go on”

“The difference between his journal and the MGE is that this book contains the weaknesses of every mamono, even the Lilim. It also might give you some clues to some secrets, among other things”

“And the glasses?”

“Put them on”

These glasses don’t look special, they look like a regular pair of reading glasses. I put them on and nothing happens. “What gives? These things are useless, they don’t do anything”

“Look at Sasha”

“What? Why?” He doesn’t respond

I take a look at Sasha, whom looks like has fallen asleep on the table. At first I don’t see any difference but then I see it, a small trail of black smoke coming out of her head. I look at myself in the mirror and there’s nothing coming out from my head.

“So this thing detects demonic energy?” I ask

“Well done, that is correct”

“But why would I need these? I would say most if not all mamono are easy to spot” 

“That is correct, but many mamono can disguise themselves to appear human, but they can’t hide their energy and since humans can’t normally detect energy that’s why these items exist”

Fair enough “So I can pick one of the three items?”

“Yes, I would recommend you take a few minutes to think”

So i’m just going to choose between the glasses and the book, the blood is…interesting I suppose but I don’t think I could do much with a dead guy’s blood, even if it’s magically enhanced.

“Can I look through the book?” Let’s just make sure he’s not lying or giving me a blank book

“For a few moments”

I Pick up the book and open it. The first page is about the Akaname, so it’s alphabetized then. One page is some kind of language I can’t read and the other side of the page is the english translation. It has a quick explanation of the mamono along with strengths, weaknesses and personal tips but somehow the book closes itself before I can actually read anything.

“That is enough” he says “Now you know the book is not a fake”

Well for all I know he wrote it and made some story for it but it does seem to have information. It might be useful if it does in fact have accurate information on most mamono but there’s only one way to find out. The glasses work and they’re not suspicious in the slightest but.

“So a quick question about the glasses”


They’re magically enhanced or something right?”


“Then would they not give off some kind of energy as well and could that energy be detected by a mamono?”

“Well uh well I…give me a moment” He stays silent for about 20 seconds “It would seem you are correct, any magically enhanced item does in fact give off a detectable aura, that had completely slipped my mind”

So the glasses are detectable, and should any mamono notice it then i’d immediately become a target, while they are useful it has a lot of potential to backfire on me. The book however shouldn’t any kind of magic attached to it, i’m also curious as to why it has runic symbols on it.

“I’ll take the book”

“Are you sure?”


“Alright then” Suddenly the blood vials and glasses disappear in a puff of smoke “Good luck Mr Seasons” he says as he disappears.

I pick up the book and quickly flip over to the Fairy section.

Fairies have always been an anomaly for me, while they are usually childish and innocent most if not all of them have a devious and deceptive side to them. There are primarily two kinds of Fairies, regular Fairies with no lust within them and those that I call succubus fairies which are just fairies that have become affected by the demon lords influence. The Order will send out normal fairies to do recon and scouting missions, mainly because no one questions a Fairy. However should one of their Fairies come back with even a tiny amount of demonic energy they will be killed on the spot, a shame honestly. They supposedly have their own pocket dimension akin to wonderland, however this has not be confirmed because no one who ever went to this place has ever come back.

Fairies are strongest in large numbers and can quickly overwhelmed a single man. They are quick witted and can escape almost any dangerous situation. They can also fly incredibly fast and have been known to be able to use small amounts of magic.

Fairies for all their strengths have just as many weaknesses. They are quick to act and easy to provoke, so they don’t typically think things through. Alone they are incredibly weak I’ve seen them caught in large spider webs before, unable to get out. Physically they are among the weakest of all mamono races and their intellect is like that of a child so most of them are gullible.

A fairy world? The very thought sends chills up my spine. Also what is ‘The Order’ that he spoke of? Possibly the mamono’s main enemy from whatever world they came from. I should spend some time to read all of this. I put the book down and go to wake Sasha

“Sasha wake up”

She grumbles “Five more minutes, it’s just getting good” she says with a stupid grin on her face

“Do you want to see the stuff i’m working on or not?”

Her eyes instantly light up “Oh yes yes yes let’s go”

I go up the the shelving unit, move it and unlock the door. Sasha seems amazed “Wow, why all the security?”

“To keep pests out” Is all I reply with. We walk in and she begins looking around

“Don’t touch anything, I don’t want you breaking things”

“I won’t I wont, OH what’s that” She points to the canceller

“It’s a magic machine that in theory would disable a mamono’s abilities such as teleportation”

“COOL, how does it work?” I’m kind of surprised she wants to know, I suppose it couldn’t hurt

I get a screwdriver and walk over to the Canceller and unscrew the top which reveals two stones with wires coming out of them. One of the stones is a deep purple while the other one is a bright white.

“Now i’m going to be simple as possible. Basically the purple stone is the magic stone, used normally it only dampens a mamono’s ability as in it makes it less effective. The technology boosts the magic stone and allows it to completely block their powers for a short period of time. However these stone do in fact give off demonic energy and while it would take years it could turn you into an incubus, understand?”

Sasha gives me a blank stare “uh, yeah, continue”

Alright then “Given my clientele, they probably wouldn’t appreciate me selling something that gives off demonic energy, hence why I have the holy stone”

After the mamono popped up holy stones became a thing, some priests around the world found a way to create them and taught people how to make them. But after a few months these priests disappeared, never to be seen again and after an investigation it was found out they never were registered priests to begin with.

“ The holy stone counteracts the demonic energy and the technology stops the holy stone from completely negating the magic stone, if it did the device wouldn’t be able to its job. However there needs to be a balance, their power has to be exactly the same. If the holy stone was stronger it would slowly purify and destroy the magic stone. On the other hand if the magic stone was stronger it would slowly corrupt the holy stone and would then strengthen the demonic energy flowing from the device, you get all that?” I ask as I close it up

“I…uh…sort of, what’s that thing” Sasha points to a revolver like weapon, it kind of looks like a Smith & Wesson model 60. It’s another invention of mine that’s also nearing completion

“I call that the ‘Bruiser’, don’t touch it”

“What does it do” She says as she hovers over the gun

“Basically you put a holy stone in the chamber and it fires concentrated holy energy, however since it takes so much energy to fire most stones only give off two or three shots before their energy is depleted”

“Does it hurt people?”

“Not in the normal sense, it’s mainly meant for mamono with large amounts of demonic energy, like demons or succubi. Basically the holy energy robs them of their energy and makes them weaker for a time. It’s meant to be a last resort and to be used as a way to get away from a potential rapist”

Sasha just gives me a questioning look “Where’d you learn how to do all this? If i remember correctly you never went to college or anything”

“I learned it from my parents, they were both engineers. My dad was a mechanical engineer while my mom was an electrical engineer, they taught me everything I know. Anyways we’re done here, lets go”

Sasha just nods her head, probably already knows what happened. I shut and lock the door behind us and put the shelving unit back in place.

“So what now?” Sasha asks

“Nothing, the rest of my day is going to be spent preparing for tomorrow”

“But whyyyy, I wanna do something else”

“Well to bad, I’ve got an appointment tomorrow with the H.M.R.B and I’ve got to go out with Layla. I’ve got to be prepared for anything and that includes whipping up some stuff, if you get bored out outside and fly around”

She just sighs and flies over to the couch. Tomorrow will be interesting, Layla will probably have some schemes or something and who knows what will happen at the H.M.R.B but for the rest of the day i’ll have to do research on the Bureau, it’s leadership and what might be their reason for wanting me.

At any rate, tomorrow will be one hell of a day.

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