The Life of a Human Ch. 1

I groaned as I was suddenly awoken by a bell of an alarm clock.

I blindly trash around – my face still submerged in my pillow, attempting to blind myself against the streaking beams of sunlight peeking through my window. After a good while, my body finally subdues to my mind and I sit upright. Today is my first day as a transferred student at my new school; Prodigium Academy. As enthusiastic and ecstatic as I am, I feel an overwhelming wave of sorrow and anxiety. In my old school, I was to put it bluntly; a delinquent.

I managed to get myself into fights every other day, even  resulting in people getting seriously injured. And seeing as I had no friends, the higher-ups decided it was a good choice to transfer me to a monster/human split school instead of the humanoid specific schools  I was used to. And as alarm clock to my side ticks, I can’t help but think of all the mischief I’ve caused, all the flaws I’ve adapted.

Despite my uncertainty about this new school and their  monster/human split policy, hopefully I can isolate myself and dwell  in the background, far away from any drama. The last thing i’d want is another dreadful experience, as I’ve got plenty of those already.

I head downstairs to the kitchen, where I can’t help notice the  pre-made meal with an enchanted note beside it.

Good luck on your first day! I’ll be working all day so take care of the house. Don’t forget to practice runes and spells! -Moman automated, mythical voice read.

My mother’s bloodline consists of powerful mages, and so forth my  mother is a powerful mage herself. I, myself possess magical  properties. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just telekinesis and  basic shields I learnt at a young age. And despite my high magic  potential, my mana hasn’t fully developed thus making it pretty frail in comparison to other mages. Though it might be considered  impressive, when in reality most of the population doesn’t even have magic.

Because of my bloodlines fame, she works as a teacher of advanced magic and can barely spend any time at home. At this point I practically live alone with how much she travels.

Finishing up my breakfast, I begin to head out hastily. It just now hit me I was going to be exceptionally late for my first  day, and first impressions are going to be important to me if i’m  trying to start anew. I hopped on what would be my daily transit from now on, and closed my eyes dubiously.

After I heard the monotone robotic tone of the name of my stop, I scurried off the train and walked directly in front of hat would be my high school from this day forward.

As I walked closer to the school there seemed to be more and more monsters wearing the school uniform by the minute, and before long it felt as if it was a monster specific female school that I attended by accident. I look around desperately for another person, let alone a male. But alas, it’s pointless. I ponder to myself, Surely this has to be some sort of mistake, right?

I walk into the school at my own pace; awkwardly. Referencing the glares and curious peers I was getting. I remembered I was told beforehand in a meeting with the principal to enter classroom 303, the same interview I nearly dozed off from exhaustion and boredom. As I stroll around the corridors looking at the classrooms,

I can’t help but avoid muttering and gossip around every corner. At this point it was beginning to irk me. It felt irritable at the center of attention.

As I finally reach my destination I poke my head in and knock on the opened door frame to make sure. Making eye contact with what I assumed was the teacher. I gave her a weary smile, as if I didn’t know  where I was headed and needed to be reassured. The teacher’s soft voice spoke,

“Ah right! Today we have a new student joining us,” she partially stopped to look at me, “Go ahead.”

Twiddling with my thumbs as I walked into the classroom, I look around observantly. Noticing the absence of other males in the classroom, I can’t help but softly sigh in disbelief. The girls in the classroom were whispering quietly, and I was quite embarrassed of what I made out.

“I-Isn’t he that delinquent?” a silver-haired bunyip muttered. She seemed to be the head of this class, as she had a red band on her uniform arm. Her friend, a shirohebi, whispered back to her, “My my… He’s totally cute!”

They and a few others chatted among themselves but were shortly cut off by the teacher clearing her throat deliberately. She simply smiled, guiding her hand to put me directly in front of the class. I bowed as the whole class stared dead at me, as if they were picking me apart to figure out who I was. I decided to get it over with and begin my introduction,

“My name is Leo Pendragon, pleasure to meet you.”



After 1st period, we were assigned gym class. Because this whole school were manamo that are much stronger than me, this class was what I was least looking forward to. Our instructor, Ms.Takayuki, immediately intimidated my insides; a high orc that was at least twice my size. Her cute face and ears were a complete contrast to her abs and strong, muscular thighs.

I caught myself getting caught up in her bosom before she saw me and giggled to herself. “You’re that delinquent that the misfortune of being transferred here, correct?” She spoke, looking me up and down analytically.

“Yes,” I said, my hand grazing the back of my head in shame whilst trying to avoid direct eye contact.

She smiled to herself once again, as she glanced around the room for a suitable partner for me. As Ms.Takayuki scanned the room multiple times, she slowed her gaze as she reached a hellhound in the corner, and patted me on the back. “See that irresistible cute little hellhound girl in the corner? She’s gonna be your partner in this class from now on.”

Even among the various girls, she stood out. Her fiery red irises were a deep contrast compared to her dark onyx skin and short, boyish, hair. She was around the same size as me, but with way more lean muscles. She had a warmth that radiated from her, even from afar.

Don’t get me wrong though, she still had a very motherly-esque curvy figure. It seemed most manamo’s proportions were much more enticing than many human girls.

She looked like she was ready to snap at somebody if she didn’t get her way. Her school uniform was  defiled according to the school dress code. For she had adorned it with various patches and pins, a mini-skirt few centimeters short, and not to mention that her under-shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way.

She marched over to the gym coach and immediately raised her voice at her, “The hell do ya wanna pair him wit’ me?” She said while continually emphasizing how weak I looked. “He’s a fragile n’ miserable human,” she smirked, “Probably can’t even tame a kobold! Fuck’s sake!”

The crowd gasped and shrieked in excitement and fear for me. Some even started to record with their phones.

“Argh… are you serious, director? In the middle of my class?” Ms.Takayuki whispered to her two-way radio, “I’ll be there in a second.”

Suddenly gaining her voice again, Ms.Takayuki proclaimed that she would be leaving for a few minutes and class would be delayed until then. She proposed the class leader to take lead if anything were to happen.

I stay silent. I glanced at the hellhound, and the high orc, and then back at the hellhound. The surrounding manamo had gathered around the small group, and had already began conversing, with a few bold girls yelling out.

“Look at that poor frail boy! Please don’t go too hard on him Mia!” 

Upon hearing this Mia responded by blushing deeply and barked back,
“Shut your mouths! I’m Going hard as I damn please, thank ya very much!”

And in response, the crowd quieted down and apologies murmured around aimlessly. Did this hellhound really have that much influence over the other students?

I pondered to myself, This is what this school has already come down to, has it? But I know that I must not back down, I can’t end up looking like a weak ass on my first day being transferred can I? No, the best option is just to avoid a fight regardless, I have no reason to get a bad reputation on the first day.

I decided to just let it boil over, but Mia had other plans. Due to the rising chants of how she was being a weakling and not making me submit to her, as the instructor left to handle another fight outside.

Effectively relying on the head of the class to handle this situation on her own.

Mia decided she would pin me to the ground and straddle my hips.The loud cheering only encouraged her more, as she softly ran a single protruding claw on my cheek. I was trying my hardest to struggle to get free, but she was having none of it. I could feel her hot breath reach my neck as she hovered over me.  

She smiled as she softly lowered her chest closer to my face, hugging my face with her extended wrapped arms and breasts. Her skin was very warm to the touch, making me break into a light sweat.

“Aren’t cha’ a cute little pathetic boy who wandered ya’ way right into momma’s arms?” She cood, in a mother or big sister-like fashion.

The crowd called out in rather awkward noises, as everyone was thoroughly confused from Mia’s out of character behavior. Usually being used to her being super arrogant and boisterous. Our instructor was still gone, so I had to bare through this awkwardly pleasant positioning and her womanhood grazing my crotch. She continually whispered to me before I got caught up from somebody in the crowd.

“H-Hey can you please get off him?” A bunyip girl gasped as she attempted to get through the wave of people. As I see her in my peripheral vision, I can’t help but recognize her from earlier at the classroom from her silver hair. She was desperately trying to beat the crowd, pushing and shoving her way through. At this pace, eminently she’ll get through.

So I bide my time.

Passionately, Mia was getting to the point of kissing my neck and nudging my cheek with her palm. Though it was very awkward for the both of us, the crowd didn’t seem to die down. Encouraging Mia’s odd behavior out of respect.

“Don’t you just loooove when I do this to ya? Aww, you’re shivering ya poor lil’ thing!”

The bunyip girl, looking determined, resorted to shouting as a final attempt to garner attention.

“Umm, p-please get off him!” she stuttered. The fiery hellhound turned around and faced the bunyip. Acknowledging her sudden gain of spotlight, she continued,

“As head of our class, I must ask you to p-please get off him…” the bunyip mumbled, “Plus! Y-You can tell he doesn’t even like you, he doesn’t even have a b-boner!”

The crowd fell to a silence. Challenging Mia head on was a rare occurrence, as she had multiple followers who call themselves “The Hellborn”. A bunch of self-proclaimed fighters who are known to trouble the school. Mia turned around, defeated,  

“W-What do you mean?” she whispered on the verge of tears, “I-I just… I just tried everything we were taught,” Mia muttered in distraught.

About to see her tears fall along with her reputation as I can relate to that situation myself as a delinquent, I nudge my lips against hers as she fiercely takes the lead. My crotch stiffened up due to her light grinding and tongue-kissing, and she softly giggled.

“H-He just did that to protect you! It’s not his fault he’s tensing up, you’re practically f-forcing yourself all over him!”

Mia got up and dusted herself off, as she looked dead at the bunyip girl.
“‘Is that all ya gotta say?!”

The door swung open, and the instructor peeked her head through.

“Mia and Alice. My office. Now,” An unrecognizable, menacing voice merely grumbled. Upon looking, it was just the instructor who happened to finish dealing with the fight outside.

Both of the girls stormed out as the high orc just attempted to keep them from butting heads. How have I already gotten myself into so much?! I thought to myself as I headed out of 2nd period. My head began to throb as I recollected the events of today in my head. What a way to start my year.

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4 thoughts on “The Life of a Human Ch. 1”

  1. That’s… Pretty bad in my opinion I guess…

    The first thing is, it’s kind of badly written, and my english is not that good, so it’s normally hard for met to tell, there is a lot of actions which are not brought naturally.
    For example, the way everyone suddently ‘panic’ when the Hellhound is talking to Leon. Then she suddently is on top of him, I don’t know why, I don’t know how, and I had a really hard to keep up with wathever was happening, she suddently shed in tear and all…
    But it’s your first story, and I don’t think I would be good at wriing neither, so I’m not going to jusge you too hard on that, and I still feel like I should let you know.

    Where I have a real big problem, it’s with the scenario : I’m going to be staighforward, it’s the mmost uninteressing beginning of a story I ever read on this website, it’s cliché as possible :
    – The MC is transferred to a new school
    – The MC is an ex-delinquant and hope for a better beginning in the new school.
    – The MC is potentially OP.
    – Is parent is never at home.
    – There is only girls in the school.
    – One of the strongest girl in the school attack him the first day.

    Add this the fact it’s badly written, the MC don’t ask the teacher or anyone why it seem there is only girl, everyting happend so suddently, it’s hardly readable.

    But this is the kind of cliché story people love I guess, judging by the number of copy of that same story I could find in manga or manwha.

    Finally, I guess all that is just my opinion, I know it’s your first story and all, but I’m not going to pretend it was a good story. But again, having feedbacks from more qualified people than me would be better, I’m just an opnion among others. i am very good spellar

    1. Yeah, that’s fair.
      Mc isn’t op at all lol, it says in the story that he was with people that were much stronger than him. It’s made evident that’s he’s pretty weak. His mom is going to show up in a few chapters, so he still has parents, kinda. But I definitely understand not liking the cliché aspect of it.

  2. While Lorialet did point out that there does need to be some editing, I rather like the cliche. It has a good start and hopefully you’ll lead us to some interesting school scenes. Keep it up!

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