The Dragon and the New Toy

The glistening golden piercings shimmered in the light as her cock throbbed, its crown pulsing hard. Its smell wafted through the air, a thick rope of precum swayed with every pulse, inches from the girl’s face.

“You’ve been a naughty girl” the dragon cooed, looking down at the woman lying on her back. “Stealing my toys, you’re lucky I got you on a bed.” Licking her lips, the dragon eyed her new prize, “You’re all mine now, my personal cock sleeve.” She said as gravity pulled the glistening drop down, it smearing her cheek.

The girl’s eyes opened wide, eyeing all nine inches of dragon cock. The woman writhed on the ground trying to get away. The dragon slammed her arms to the ground, pinning the girl and pressing the drooling tip against the girl’s lips. The girl’s muffled protests gave the dragon an opening to slide her thick head in. Its girth and incredible heat mixed with the salty taste of pre-filled the girl’s mouth. She found her tongue wandering around the dragon’s textured head, her mind filled with impure thoughts as it slipped into the malleable foreskin.

“What a fast learning cock sleeve!” the dragon teased as she forced more and more of her meat into her mouth, the girl’s tongue slipping out and dragging along. The girl eyed the dragon’s testicles, as the first metal bar passed her upper lip. The tip of the dragon’s head slowly pushed past her throat, causing her to gag. The dragon looked down, disappointed with the girl’s bulging throat.

“I hate breaking in new toys.” The dragon sighed, slowly pulling out, coating the girl’s head in the slimy mixture. With a loud pop, the cock sprang free, bouncing in the air as the girl whimpered.

The dragon’s tail rustled through the stacks of gold coins, pulling out a golden bottle. The girl drooled as the dragon squirted the thick, oily substance into her scaled hand, tossing the bottle away. Her hand moved to her cock, the oil dripping down onto it as it throbbed, smearing the oil along her pulsing shaft.

The girl cried out “P-please” as she watched the dragon pull her foreskin back, only to let it spring forward.

“What’s this?” The dragon cooed. “Someone wants more? Who knew such a hungry little cock sleeve had stumbled into my cave… Is that what you are?” She teased, her eyes glowing yellow.

“Y-yes, I am a dirty little c-cock sleeve”

Smirking, the dragon repositioned her tip. “Is this what you want?” The dragon asked.
The girl’s only response was her tongue slipping out of her mouth, licking up the oil that coated her new mistresses’ cock. She grabbed ahold of the dragon’s pillowy ass, pulling her in.

“Greedy indeed” The dragon sighed, enjoying her toy’s tongue. The dragon pushed herself in deeper, the metal balls all sliding past the girl’s lips as she soon hilted herself. Looking down at the bulge, the dragon moaned.

“That’s more like it.”

Slowly pulling out, the dragon could feel the girl kneading her soft cheeks and her tongue lapping up the thick oil. “Such a greedy little toy will soon be filled with spunk,” she said, ramming her cock down the girl’s throat once more.

The girl let out a loud gurgle as the dragon’s balls slapped her nose, she found herself enjoying the rough treatment more and more as she could feel her mistress’ cock pulsing in her esophagus.

The thrusts became more violent as the dragon’s wings expand, her scaly hands tugging and pulling the girl’s nipples. The girl moaned around the dragon’s cock, her drooling pussy leaking onto the floor as her eyes rolled back. Through the dragon’s grunts and moans she could feel her impending climax, her head bulging out as it filled her, the slick metal balls still easily sliding in and out.

Without any warning the dragon hilted herself, not moving as her balls churned. Laughing, the dragon teases, “You’re going to have to suck it out if you want me to fill you” The girl’s tongue greedily licks around the girthy shaft, trying to get her mistress off. The lack of oxygen making her vision darken as all she could hear is the dragon laugh. Her hands grew weak as she slapped the dragon’s ass.

“Must I do everything?” The dragon sighed as she started to thrust. The girl arched upwards, her body jolts with each powerful thrust. The dragon’s cock making itself apparent as the outline of the head stretches the skin.

With one final thrust, the dragon climaxes, her cum jetting out into the girl’s stomach causing it to bulge out. The thick jets continued to inflate her belly as her cock pulled out, finally allowing the girl to breathe.

The thick cum filled her mouth as she tried to savor her master’s flavor. After the fifth jet, she could take no more, her master’s cum spilling out of her lips and nose. The dragon pulls out, continuing to stroke her cock and letting the last remaining pulses coat the girl’s body.

The girl sighed, burping a bubble of cum as her face blushes through the thick white spooge.

“What a toy indeed”

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4 thoughts on “The Dragon and the New Toy”

  1. “Oh look, TFT’s favorite faggot-cat uploaded a new story! Let’s see what it’s about… okay, those tags are definitely fizz worthy.”

    >nine inch uncut dragon cock
    >burping up cum bubbles

    “Yup, definitely the faggot-cat we all know and love.”

    Good story you irl shitposter

  2. How were they positioned exactly? So the cocksleeve (whom I’m assuming was human?) was on her back, how was the dragon positioned above her?

    If the dragon used her arms to pin the cocksleeve(‘s shoulders?) to the ground, her dick would have to start around the cocksleeve’s midsection and there’d be no way to bottom out in her throat.

    If they were in a 69-style position however, with the dragon’s head near the cocksleeve’s crotch, the dragon could get her balls on the cocksleeve’s nose but it’d be really difficult to balance her weight to not fall over while manhandling the cocksleeve’s breasts.

    Also, every “it’s”should be “its”.

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