The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Section 1
Continuing the Tradition




Out in front of the Covet Corner Hotel was a group of mamono along with a middle aged man who were all taking their yearly photo by the entrance of the hotel. The man in the center of the group was none other than Gramps, while the several women around him were the floor managers of the hotel along with Lilly.

“I think that one came out pretty good!” said the man behind the mounted camera, shaking the developing photograph.

The man walked up towards the group, continuing to shake the photograph he just took as if though it would develop quicker if he did. Handing the gradually clearing picture to Gramps, the group quickly smothered him to get a good look at it themselves.

“Aura! You didn’t look at the camera again!” exclaimed the werewolf as she looked down at her large mouse co-worker.

“You’re kidding me Aisha!” she stated before snatching the picture to take a look at it herself, “Dammit! Every year you all distract me with that cheese trick!”

“But Aura,” Lilly said, “we told you we were going to say it right before we took the picture.”

“It’s a natural reaction for mice like her to turn their attention to food. You can’t just ignore instinct.” explained the smiling inari as she ran her fingers through the large mouse’s hair.

Aura moved away from the hand before fixing her hair.

“Stop treating me like a small child Violet, I’m just as old as you are.”

“Aww, you know I’m just teasing you.”

“Alright girls, hurry up and get to your posts everyone; we’re gonna have a busy day today.”

With those words, everyone began heading to their respected floors to start on their daily duties. The only two left outside with the picture were Gramps and Lilly.

“Thanks again for taking the photo.” Gramps acknowledged, handing the camera man a few coins to pay for the fee.

“Oh don’t worry, it was my pleasure.”

The man began to pack up his equipment as both Lilly and Gramps begin to walk back into the hotel. The lobby has already begun to fill with its regular morning crowd, luckily no one seemed to have been checking in or out at the time so the main desk was still empty. The two returned to their usual spots, Lilly swinging her feet from her high chair while Gramps dug through the items beneath the counter.

Within a few minutes Gramps was somehow able to find an old dusted book from under the counter and placed it on his lap. He cracked the book open right through the middle before flipping through a few more pages to reach one labeled ’20’. He carefully places the picture in the empty space provided from the page before closing it and placing it on top of the counter.

Seeing Gramps dive back under the counter to organize his mess before returning the old book back in its place, Lilly decided to take a look at it herself before having it be forgotten until next year. She took the book off of the counter and instantly opened it up to the first page with a picture in it. It was an aged photo, having begun to gain its browned color from its original black and white. It had two men with their arms around each other’s shoulders; both wearing an overwhelming smile as if achieving something great. Behind them was a small wooden building labeled ‘INN’ in large letters above the doors. The one on the left seemed to be in his thirties, he had short curly hair along with a little facial hair; he was wearing a pair of old brown pants, a loose white shirt and a small vest. The other man seemed much younger, perhaps in his twenties, he had long dark hair with no facial hair; he wore long loose fitting clothes over his body that covered most of the markings that crawled out onto his hands and neck.

“Gramps? Who are these two people in the picture?”

“Depends,” Gramps says without moving out from under the counter, “which page are you on?”

“The first one.”

“Oh! Well that’s me and Coyote back then when we ran the inn.” He told her, finally removing his head from the enclosed space.

He gave out an almost nostalgic sigh as the memories rushed through his head.

“It’s been over twenty years since we started this whole idea of running a place, and two years later we started making this place.” Gramps stood up and took a deep breath. “It’s amazing how time flies.”

“So what happened to the inn?” asked Lilly, since this was the first time she was ever made aware of it.

“What happened to it? It’s still open! That used to be the main entrance to this place back before we finally managed to get the doors spread around everywhere. I should probably pay a visit to it one of these days…”


Having her questions answered, Lilly continued to look through the pictures within the book. The next page was another photo of the two men wearing different clothes in front of the same but much better decorated inn. After turning over a few pages, one particular image caught her attention. This photograph was taken in front of the hotel undergoing some renovations with the younger Gramps, an over-towering red oni that barely fit in the picture itself, an Elf, and man covered in so many bandages that he seemed like a mummy.

“Gramps, what about this one?”



Gramps looked up and out from under the bottom of the counter again as the memories rushed through his head once again.

“Is there a man, one covered up in bandages?”

“Yeah. Is he a mummy? I didn’t know mummies could have boys.”

Gramps stood up, leaving the mess he had made from moving everything as he brushed some of the dust off his knees before walking up behind Lilly to take a look at the picture himself.

“That’s because they can’t, he’s human. I’ll be damned… I had nearly forgotten about him.”

Gramps continued to stare at the picture, seeming to have difficulty remembering his name. This surprised Lilly, considering Gramps had never forgotten anyone of the staff members names here in the hotel, and still managed to remember the names of several guests.

“Charles… Charles Steatoda the Third.”

“Hmm. That’s a fancy name.”

“Yeah, he and his brother came from a noble Order-based family line.”

“WHAT?!” she yelled in disbelief.

“Yep, it’s been fourteen years since those two barged into this place along with her.”


Chapter 8 Section 2
The Unwelcomed Visitors

14 Years Ago

An armored man walks down the halls of the citadel, causing the many people walking by to hush down and make way for a Knight of the Order. His once shining armor was covered in dried blood and dirt, dented from battle, and the cape that once held his family crest was nothing more but shreds dangling on his back.

The man stopped upon reaching the end of the hall before the double door entrance, removing his helmet and holding it on his side. He took in a deep breath in preparation until finally knocking on the door.

“Come in!” called a voice.

The knight opened the door to reveal what seems to be the chancery with two individuals working on a document behind the desk at the end.

“Sir Alexander of Payens, here to report on the hunt in the Mountains of Despair, Master Bervach!” announced the knight before kneeling.

The man looked up from the document before turning to other man in the room.

“I think this will do nicely,” he said as he rolled up the document, “have the scribes make copies of this and post them around the city.”

The man nodded, took the document, and closed the door behind him as he left the room.

The man known as Master Bervach let out a sigh before taking a seat behind his desk.

“Rise Sir Alexander. What happened?”

“Master Bervach,” the knight began as he got up, “the hunt was a failure. Two of our men have been corrupted, eight have suffered minor injuries, four have suffered major wounds, and two are reported missing. In the civilian sector, there have been fifteen casualties, and one man has been reported missing. The two have been corrupted are now undergoing the purification process.”

“Okay, now back to the original question. What happened?”

“Well,” Alexander swallowed, “as you know, we have been receiving reports for the past two weeks that the farmers near the mountains have had their livestock taken. We had reason to believe that it was a minotaur living in the mountains as it had been occurring with the other towns within our region. We prepared ourselves to fight at most three of these beasts and heading up into the mountains… and…”

“And? What was it?”

“We were wrong. The sentinels couldn’t detect it until it was too late. We couldn’t fight her off!”

“Alexander! Get a hold of yourself! What was it?”

“It was… an ushi-oni.”

Master Bervach’s eyes widened upon hearing the type of beast his men fought.

“Impossible! Are you certain!?”

Alexander said nothing, only staring into the eyes of the elder with visible fear as the memories that were etched into his mind replayed in his head.

“Dear God Almighty. An ushi-oni that close to this city, let alone that village, could have brought the demon realm up to our gates. How in the world did that thing end up here…? Those damned creatures were said to only be found on that forsaken island across the world. Tell me everything that happened.”

“It was terrible. She came down from the cliffs and knocked out the sentinels before they could tell us where she was. They were the lucky ones. We reacted the best way we could, drawing up arms and running into battle. The men were being thrown left and right, two were thrown off the mountain and are fortunate enough to be alive. When we finally did manage to hurt her, three of the men were bathed in her blood.”

“What happened to these men?”

“Two began to feel hot, and soon the enchantments on their armor began to itch and bother them. That was when we figured out that they were being corrupted by the beast’s blood. But the third, his armor began to burn him, so he tore it off and before we could to anything he ran into the mountains clenching the sides of his head.”

“The poor soldier must’ve been undergoing the transformation into an incubus. I assume he’s one of the missing soldiers.”

“That is correct.”

“Very well, continue.”

“Of course Master. As you know, our weapons can disrupt the flow of demonic energy, keeping mamono like her from fighting as effectively or healing themselves in battle, but upon seeing that she ran down the mountain and headed towards the village. We left a few of the men to treat the wounded as the rest followed her into the village of Tempus. It wasn’t difficult to follow her since she destroyed almost everything in her path. One of the men we brought was raised in this village, and once we entered the village we heard a house collapsing. Within a second, this soldier was sprinting in the direction of the sound and we followed him, but he was too fast. We lost sight of him.”

Master Bervack nodded.

“Right after we lost sight of him, we heard another one of the nearby houses collapse. But by the time we got there, nobody was there. Our man, the ushi-oni, and one of the locals just suddenly disappeared.”

“Did you find out who these two were?”

“Well, our man was Sir William Steatoda, and the civilian was in fact his brother, Charles Steatoda.”

“And we have no idea what happened to these two along with the ushi-oni?”

“No. When the sentinels woke up, they scanned the area and found no traces of the ushi-oni. It’s as if she just disappeared.”

Master Bervach rubbed his goatee in concern as he took in this report.

“This is not good. Even to other monsters, she is one of the most feared amongst them. It would take a small army of experts to take her down. And now she’s gone missing WITHIN the village. This is not good at all. Not only that, but you also let loose an incubus into a monster-filled mountain range. Anyone undergoing a transformation that quickly will go weeks breeding with anything it can find before it finally tires out… if it tires out… Within a few months, the population of those monsters in that area will have double. We’re going to have to purge the entire mountain to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“What shall we do Master?”

“Ready a search party to find and kill that incubus. It’s too late to save him. We also need a group of sentinels working night and day in that village until we can find out where that ushi-oni ran off to. Send in at least fifty of our finest men to guard that village. We are not leaving until we find out what happened!”

“But Master, what about the two men who disappeared with her?”

“If they’re lucky,” he sighed, “they were killed within minutes after they disappeared.”

“And if they weren’t?”

“Then may our Lord have mercy on their souls.”


Two Days Ago

“So,” asked the red oni in a security officer uniform as she peered over the counter, “why does everyone call you Gramps?”

A man with only a few strands of gray mixed into his hair wearing brown pants and a white shirt was rummaging through a few boxes under the counter before getting up with a fresh stack of clear plastic cards.

“It started back at the inn,” he began, “when a local kid started saying that I reminded him of his grandfather.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, and then he told the other kids in the town about it and they all agreed that I reminded them about one of their grandfathers. Soon enough, the whole town has a grandfather I remind them of, even the grandparents!”

“That’s funny. But now that you mention it…”

“Don’t you da-”


“What the hell was that!?”

Across the lobby on the wall was a gaping hole at least ten feet in diameter, but not many could see it past the cloud dust that it had created. As the cloud cleared, it became more and more visible that there was a man standing on top of some form of creature. But as the seconds went by and the dust settled, panic quickly began to overtake the guests at the Covet Corner Hotel.

“Sir, are you alright?” asked a small girl as she approached the man.

“Yes, I am. But what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be- GET BACK RIGHT NOW!”

“What’s wrong?” asked the small red-eyed girl, “Maybe we can help.”

“I said get back!” he screamed, drawing his dagger and plunging towards the young lilim.

The cloud had cleared to reveal three bodies on the floor with a single armored man standing above them all.


Screams were heard as mamono and humans alike began to run in all directions. The knight known as William didn’t notice it at first with all the dust in his eyes, but he was completely surrounded by mamono. He had to get out of here before they all figured out that he was the one who was outnumbered. Preventing himself from falling into a state of panic once again, he stumbled off of the ushi-oni that he impaled with his sword and began to run towards the hole in the wall.

Before he could manage to get out, something grabbed him by the cape on his back, pulling him backwards until it swung him into the nearest wall. The ushi-oni, with the sword still impaled through the right side of her chest, had gotten up to finish her fight with him. She grabbed the sword by its blade, hearing it burn her skin due to its holy enchantments, and pulled it out with a gush of blood before tossing it to the side.

She growled as she neared her now unconscious prey, breathing heavily as her wounds began to take her toll on her. When she was just a foot away from his slumped body, she raised her left arm above her head, ready to lay the final blow onto her opponent.

Or at least, she would have, if it weren’t for the man who began to hang off her arm.

“Don’t you dare,” he managed to spit out, “set another finger on my brother!”

The ushi-oni looked upon this feeble man, surely not as skilled or well-equipped as the one she just took down, and bared her teeth with a smile as saw her new prey.

With a single swing of her arm, she threw her prey halfway across the lobby and readied herself for a charge.


Charles got up as quickly as he could and ran towards the counter whilst the beast took aim. She snorted, lowering her upper body so that her horns were at chest height with her target. She scraped the ground with her hands twice until finally bolting towards the counter as he jumped over to the other side.


In a single upward swing of her body when she hit the counter, managed not only destroy it into pieces and send everything on it into the air, but also fling Charles forward into the wall. He collapsed onto the floor, unconscious, as the items on the counter scattered on and around him. She smiled victoriously, chunks of wood still stuck on her horns, with only one final task in mind. Take out her would-be predators. The first one reeked of blood and battle, a smell she was all too familiar with; whilst this one had an odd odor about him that was similar to the other, and was therefore a threat as well. She would take care of them both, and maybe then she could be left alone in the mountains.

She raised both arms over the unconscious man, gripping both of her hands together so as to finally finish this.


The room was spinning, and she was falling. Her prey was so close to her, she could reach him and finish this if she tried. But why was she so heavy? Why was the room getting… so… dark?


“Thank god that’s over with. Good job Gia.”

“Holy crap,” said the red oni as she inspected her club, “she dented it!”

Sure enough, her three foot long kanabō had been left with a dent that was at least one inch deep.

“Shit, this is not good. Alright! Everyone, I suggest you go back to your rooms! If you had any plans today, I think this would be a good excuse to cancel them! Gia, could you get the golems in here? We need them to take these two into the infirmary. And make sure she’s put under heavy sedatives.”

“Gramps, are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I’ll explain why later.” Gramps said.

He walked to a small group of onlookers who were too scared to run away and could only watch the whole scene.

“You four men in the group, snap out of it!” he barked at them, “I need one of you to pick up every weapon that Order Knight had while the other three help me take off his armor and move him to the infirmary. We need to strap him down and sedate him before he gets back up. Got it?”

“Y-yes!” managed to respond one of the men before running in the direction of the knight.

The group began to walk in the direction of the unconscious knight before Gramps notice another problem.

“You three keep going. You know your jobs.”

He walked off to the side, kneeled down, and picked up the bleeding lilim.

“You are not dying on me, just hold on. We’ll get you fixed up in no time.”

Chapter 8 Section 3
The Unlikely Duo

“All of that happened here?” asked Lilly

“Yeah, and to top it all off, it happened right before inspection.”

“Gosh,” she said while looking back down at the picture, “is that why the hotel was getting fixed?”

“Yep, the hole happened right on that wall.” Gramps stated, pointing to the wall across the lobby.

“And then? What happens next?”


“God…where am I?”

“Gramps! He’s awake! Are you alright hunny?”

“Uggh… my head… where am I?” Charles managed to murmur before attempting to open his eyes.

“You’re in the infirmary hunny. Things got pretty nasty down there didn’t they?”

“Who…who are you?” He asked, squinting as his vision began to clear up.

“I’m Merona, what about you hunny?”

“I’m Char- oh god…”


Charles was frozen in fear; his vision had finally cleared only to be greeted with wool and horns.

“Is something the matter hunny?” asked the weresheep.

“Ag-eh-ug-I… am I going to die?”

“If you did, I wouldn’t be doing my job, now would I?” said Merona with a wink.

She turned around, causing her tail to swing side-to-side as she began to fill out her clipboard. She was wearing a four-piece nurse outfit which consisted of a halter peasant top, a skirt, the head piece and a matching G-string which Charles could not see. Her arms and legs were covered in a light layer of wool, while here neatly polished hooves could be heard clopping with each step she took. Her horns were similarly polished with her tiny nurse’s headband placed neatly between them.

“I have to get out of here.” Charles said aloud, as he removed the blanket over him.

“And where do you think you’re going? You are staying right there!” Merona stated with a stomp of her hoof. “You are not ready to check out just yet. If you try anything, I’ll have to hug you. Mind you, I just got sheared last week, so I’m still a little restless.”

“I have no idea what that means, nor what will happen.”

“It means, stay in bed or I will make you stay in bed. Got it hunny?”

“You better listen to her boy,” said a voice as it entered the room, “she’s not herself after a shearing.”


The door on the opposite side of the small room opened to reveal a young man wearing a white shirt and brown pants as he casually walked in.

“So, you’re finally up. Finally someone can tell us exactly what happened.” Gramps began.

“What are you talking about? Why am I even here? Who the hell are you people?!”

Gramps gave out a sigh, taking out a small notepad from his back pocket before flipping through the pages.

“Merona, do you mind giving me the clipboard?”

She nodded, handing him the clipboard she was previously writing in.

“And could you do me another favor? Could you please leave the room for a few minutes while I talk to the new patient?”

“Umm, sure.” She said, obviously feeling a little odd having to leave her area.

She left the room and closed the door behind her. Her hooves could be heard clipping and clopping against the floor as she walked away from the door.

“Alright,” Gramps sighed as he dragged a chair next to the bed Charles was in, “we’re going to have to cover a lot of ground. Look, let’s start off simple. What’s your name?”

“Charles. Charles Steatoda the Third.

“Fancy name”

“My turn, what’s yours?”


“That’s not a name.”

“No, but that’s what everyone around here calls me, so I’m sticking to it. Want to try again?”

Charles pondered for a moment, trying to think of what he could ask without being cheated.

“What happened to me?”

“Now that’s something I can only partially answer. Almost two days ago you, an Order Knight, and an ushi-oni busted through the walls of this establishment. From what little I could gather,” he stated as he flipped a page through his notepad, “you all came from either the area near Tempus or Newind. Is that correct?”

“Yes, it was Tempus.” Charles nodded.

“I thought as much. When you three made your crash entrance, not only did you destroy part of this building, you also harmed quite a few of the guests here.”

“This place is filled with monsters. What does is matter if a few get hurt? They would have been better off ki-”

“DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT!” Gramps yelled, standing from his chair, “That knight deliberately attacked a child!”


“That ‘noble’ knight almost killed an innocent girl. All she did was offer help and he just sliced her up. That girl is lucky to be alive and I don’t know if she’ll ever be the same. Hell, I don’t know if anyone who was down there would ever be the same. Don’t you dare talk like that in front of me, ever. It’s because of these so-called monsters that you’re even breathing right now.”


Gramps snorted before beginning to read off of the clipboard.

“Time: 17:23, Species: Human, Gender: Male, Injuries: Three cracked ribs and a broken ulna (LEFT); that’s your arm by the way. Nurse put in charge for this patient: Merona Summers the weresheep. Expected time required for full recovery: Three days.”

“Three days? What sort of sorcery is this?”

“The healing kind. Mind you, Ms. Summers was only in charge of the fix-me-up. The one you should really be thanking is the red oni known as Gia that stopped the ushi-oni from crushing every little bone in your body.”

Once again, the room fell silent and stood still. Gramps let out a sigh, seating himself once more in the chair he had brought up.

“My god… did that all really happen?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“But…brother would never hurt a child. Why would he do that?”

“Wait. Brother?”

“Yes. That Order Knight is my older brother. He must have been in the group in charge of stopping that beast.”

“Alright, I shared my half of the story. Now it’s your turn.”


“Excuse me.” A man interrupted

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. How can I help you?” Lilly asked

“My wife and I would like to spend a week in the eighth floor Oasis Suites.” Said the man as his demon wife approached the counter.

“I got this Lilly. Hello Jonathon. Good evening Ely.” Gramps greeted them as they both smiled and nodded at him. “So you want to spend a week in the Oasis Suites? A little vacation near home?”

“Yeah, something like that.” Jonathon replied.

“You know it’ll cost a little extra compared to the regular rooms here.”

“We know.”

“Alright, could both please hand me your room cards?” Gramps asked, holding out his hand.

The couple handed they purple room cards labeled 624, which Gramps then proceeded to jam into a slit located on a small box with a turn dial.

“So, when will this vacation be starting?”



Gramps turned the dial in a left twice, right once, and then left again before pushing on the dial to cause a clicking sound to be heard from the box. The cards suddenly formed a golden O on the bottom half of the card before the box clicked once more. Gramps removed the cards and handed them back to the couple.

“By tomorrow morning, there will be a number in the center of that O telling you which suite you’ll be staying in.”

“Thank you Gramps.”

“No problem, I’ll send you the bill afterwards.”

The couple walked off leaving Lilly and Gramps alone at the counter once more.

“Okay and then what happened?”

“Hold your horses; I’m not just gonna end a story halfway. Now then, where was I?” he asked as he tapped his chin, “Oh yes, so he told me how he was at home finishing up a meal when all of a sudden his wall broke down…”


“I got up and ran towards the back door to my house, but as my luck would have it, it was jammed. When I turned around to try to see if I could find another way out, she was right in front of me, staring me down. I panicked, starting begging God to get me out of there, and the last thing I remembered was seeing the beast turn around to watch my brother come out of nowhere and tackled it. Next thing I know, here I am.”


“What is it?”

“The whole situation just seems a bit… odd.”

“How so?” asked Charles

“For starters, an ushi-oni. I don’t know why or how she got there, but either way, she would never go into a village unless it was going to get a man. And even then, it would only go in, get what it wants, and leave immediately. Of course, considering that the Order was involved would mean that the ushi-oni didn’t have much a choice except to go to the village. But I doubt the Order would ever have allowed that. Something still isn’t quite right.”

“And that is?”

“Why would the Order go hunting for an ushi-oni? They would sooner move an entire city than get enough men brave enough to face one. The only reason I would think they would even think attacking an ushi-oni is if they had either experts against them or seasoned veterans…or…”

“Or? Come on Gramps, don’t end an explanation half way through.”

“Or, they didn’t know that they were facing an ushi-oni.”


“Gramps! The nightmares got the info!” yelled Gia into the room

There was an awkward silence as the red oni and the newcomer stared at each other, neither really too sure what to do.

“Gia, this is the recovery room for a reason. Why are you slamming doors open and screaming into them?”

“Sorry Gramps, but it’s important. Here’s what the nightmares managed to get from that knight.” She stated, handing Gramps a few written pages.

“Alright, let’s see what the real reasoning behind all of this was. Oh Charles, this is Gia, the red oni that saved you. And Gia, this is Charles, the Order Knight’s brother that you saved.”

Another odd moment was shared between the two.

“You’re not going to start attacking everyone in here like your brother, right?” Gia finally managed to say.

“Well, you did save me. And you’re not attacking me, so I don’t think so.”

“Okay, but I’m keeping my eyes on you.”

“Okay…and thank you…for saving me that is.”

“Part of the job.” She said with a proud smile.

“You two done?” Gramps interjected

“Hmm? Oh sorry. What does the report say?” Gia responded.

“Well, the knight’s name is William Steatoda, comes from a once noble Order-based family line. The only family member left is his brother, and he is driven by the image of his late father to bring honor back into the family name. Other than that, the first page is just filled with his preference in women. He prefers them tall, strong, independent, hot-tempered… if he liked red skin and horns you might have a chance of changing his ways Gia.” He said with a smile.

“As if I would go for an Order Knight.” She pouted

“Now let’s see… here we go, recent memory log.” Gramps skimmed through the page until reading a single line aloud, “With the recent disappearance in livestock, we were sent into the mountains to hunt down a Minotaur…” Gramps smiled before turning to Charles, “See, exactly like I said… although, not that I approve of this either…”

“So Gramps, what do we with them?”

“Well, seeing that it wasn’t really his idea to pop in here and wreak havoc, we can’t really blame the knight. And according to here, he panicked when he saw what he thought was a succubus and attacked on instinct. As much as I’d hate to say, it’s not his fault.”

“So, what do we do?” Gia asked again.

“We’re gonna have to send him back.” Gramps sighed, “Give him something for his efforts… Trim off the ushi-oni’s horns and give him one of them. Make it look like he tore it off, that’ll make him seem like a hero. Also, tell the Nightmares to make him dream that he won the battle against ushi-oni somewhere in the forest or a cave where the body can’t be retrieved.”

“Is that it?”

“Yep, go tell the others and make preparations for that. I still have to talk to Charles about something.”

“Okay.” Gia said affirmatively, before quietly leaving the room.

“Now we have one final question. What do we do with you?” Gramps stated, pointing at Charles.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, under normal conditions we would let you choose to either live here peacefully or go home. But, we can’t let you go home after pulling a stunt like that.”

“Why not?”

“You getting in the way of an ushi-oni, although brave, was incredibly stupid. Because of that, you became the final target of that monster of a woman. Now, no matter what we do to hide you from her, she will find you, and take you as her own.”

“Wait, what?!”

“The last thing she remembers was you, and now not even the Order itself can protect you.”

“Then what the hell am I supposed to do?!”

“There is only one thing we can do… and you are not going to like it. We’re probably going to have to give you up to her.”


“Look, she isn’t going to kill you, at least not intentionally. You stood up to her, and she’ll hopefully respect that-“


“Calm down. Even if she doesn’t, since you are no longer a threat to her she won’t kill you.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because this hotel matches up random people with other random people who are the best fit for each other. And,” he began whilst taking out two cards from his back pocket, “we found this in one of her gashes, and this in your hand.”

Held in his hand were two identical silver cards with the numbers ‘228’ labeled in an aqua-green color that seemed to glow.

“And those are?”

“This is the ushi-oni’s room card and your room card. Welcome to the CC Hotel.”

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

Chapter 8 Section 4
Trapped in the Spider’s Web

“You’re in luck, we just finished adding floor about two weeks ago.”

“This is a floor? First the elevator, and now you’re telling me we’re still in the building.”

Up in the seventh floor of the Covet Corner Hotel were two men, Gramps and Charles. The halls were fairly dark, only dimly lit with the glow of the crystals that lined the walls and floor of these caves. Stalactites were scattered across the roof of these halls, the same crystals were occasionally embedded within these stalactites. Spaced out along the floors of this hall were stalagmites with a single sizable crystal about four feet above the ground. Each of these crystals had a single slit across, just large enough to allow a room card to enter it. And on the walls just above these stalagmites were carvings of numbers indicating which room they had just passed by.

“Anything to make the guests feel more at home.” Said Gramps

“I don’t see how anyone could live in here.”

“Oh don’t worry. The rooms themselves are usually quite nice, but I’m not too sure about yours…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” Gramps pondered for a moment, “to be perfectly honest… your room is more of a cell than it is a room.”


“For starters, the room itself is specifically made to keep things in. We managed to tweak it so that we can let you out… but only occasionally. Also, you don’t have a kitchen, so we’ll have to send you food into your room on a daily basis. Same goes for the wastes. There’ll probably be a pot or vase somewhere in the corner, just put everything in there, put the lid on it and it’ll take care of itself.”

“God, it already sounds like a shithole. Anything else I should know?”

“Actually, there is. The majority of the security team lives on this floor. In fact, I think Gia lives right across the hall from you.”

“And what exactly does this security team consist of?”

“Mostly red onis. I mean, we have quite a few lizardmen, and the werebats are usually in charge of the nightshift. Maybe a minotaur or two… I’m not entirely sure.”

“Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“Oh don’t you worry, you’ll be fine. Anyways, we’re here.”

They stood by the empty space situated by the stalagmite with the numbers 228 engraved on the wall behind it, just visible enough to be read with the little light provided.

“Go ahead. Slide the card into that slot.” Gramps instructed, pointing at the slit on the crystal.

Charles thought Gramps was crazy, but perhaps he was crazier for going along with this while he slid his card into the crystal.

The wall next to the engraving groaned as a small section of it receded further into the wall and slid towards the left to reveal the room. The room was lit significantly better than the halls, having both the top and bottom third of the wall being completely made of the oddly luminous crystal.

“Also, before you go in.” Gramps began


“Your roommate is already in there. Good luck! Bye!” Gramps said in a rush before pushing Charles in and having the doors close behind.

“Wait,” Charles turned around and started to pound on the door, “how do I open this from the inside!?”

A groan followed by some movement could be heard in the corner of the room behind Charles. He turned his head to the side to watch the monster sit up from having slept face-down on the floor. She hadn’t noticed him yet; in fact her eyes were still shut as she let out a loud yawn that could be heard throughout the room. She clicked her tongue a few times before rubbing her eyes and looking around the room.

“Fuck…” Charles whispered to himself

The ushi-oni turned towards the sound and looked at the frozen Charles in a half-placid stare. Her eyes gradually widened in slight interest as the scent of fear finally reached her and her vision finally cleared to show she was not seeing things. She stretched her arachnid legs for a brief moment, picked herself up, and slowly walked to her old prey.

The towering beast was no more than a foot away from Charles who was frozen in fear against the door with no way to open it. She looked down at Charles, giving the same victorious smile she gave the last time. Seeing that he was no longer a threat to her, she would do with him whatever she so please. Perhaps fight him one more time, maybe even eat him. She had never eaten the flesh of man before, and was always curious as to why all the other mamono constantly captured these feeble preys. She lowered herself until she was at head height with her former opponent, taking in the smell of prey. Fear, it was an intoxicating smell, she could take it in all day… sniff… but something was off.

She held her prey in place and began to sniff his neck; if it wasn’t for the fact that her horns had been trimmed, Charles might have lost an eye that day. It wasn’t his neck, it was further down. She continued to smell that odd odor, a stench that stuck in her nose that she could not remove. What was it? The further down she went, the stronger the smell became. It was right there; she placed her face right into his crotch and took in a whiff. She knew that the source of that smell was there in his groin, but what in the world was it?

She pulled down his pants and undergarment in one tug to reveal his flaccid member. The stench seemed to permeate from this small extension of his body. It was a bit hairy at its base, but she couldn’t form many opinions about it since it was her first time seeing one.

The smell was unique, odd to say the least, but pleasant all at the same time. She couldn’t stop smelling it; this odor was more addicting than smelling her enemies cower in fear. She brought it up to her nose, taking in its mind-numbing smell. With all movement going on in his no longer private area, his penis slowly began to gain its erection.

The ushi-oni was definitely intrigued by the sudden development from her new toy, for as it raised its smell intensified. She couldn’t help but drool a little, something about the smell was doing something to her that she had no control over. If this was how it smelled, imagine how it must taste.

With that thought in mine, she licked the head which was now pointing straight at her. The taste wasn’t quite as amazing like the smell, it was actually quite bland. But for some reason, the aftertaste it created made her want more. Why couldn’t she stop herself, she did not know. As she licked the penis from base to tip, all she knew was that she would never give this man up now.

She decided to take this man’s… ‘little leg’ into her mouth so she could enjoy its taste. Precum was dribbling from his penis, adding a slightly salty flavor to it. For some unknown reason, she felt the need to bob her head back and forth to truly enjoy the flavor of this rod.

Charles was staring into the ceiling, gritting his teeth while this spider…cow… thing was blowing him. What is it with this woman? The last time they were both together, she tried to kill him; now she was going down on him. And worst of all, he was nearing his orgasm a bit too soon.

Within the minute, Charles shot his load into the mouth of the now surprised ushi-oni. His cum stuck to the roof of her mouth was now the center of her curiosity. Its consistency, its texture, the taste; it was all a new experience. No wonder the harpies were so happy whenever they caught a man. This thing they produce was delicious! She must have more!

She continued to bob her head, not letting Charles sensitive member have a moments rest before noticing something else about her body. Her body felt warm, and her womanhood was itching as if though waiting for something to go inside of it. She wondered… if this was how good it tasted, how did it feel?

She decided it would be best to find out… immediately. She raised herself back up and reached out behind her, keeping one hand on Charles to make sure he wouldn’t get away. Pulling out her silk from her spinnerets, she picked up Charles, turned him around, and tied his arms together from elbow to fingertips. With his arms incapacitated, she dropped him to the ground where he fell down face first.

“Oww.” Charles said without noticing that she was tying his ankles together in the same silk.

“Shh! Quiet….”

Charles rolled over onto his back to look at this woman, not believing his ears.

“You can talk!?”

The ushi-oni simply snorted back as a response.

Humans… they couldn’t follow the simplest of directions. She leaned down and with one hand grabbed the bottom of his jaw so as to have him open his mouth for her.

“Wha- nnnngghh?”

She gagged Charles with her thread and was now ready to continue with her assault. Removing the cattle skull she had gained a few weeks ago, she revealed her moist vagina that was barely visible by the surrounding fur. Lowering her body onto her victim, she rubbed her sex over his stomach leaving behind a small trail of her juices until reaching his member. She raised herself over his staff, positioning herself so that the lips of her fold touched the tip of his rod. And in one fell swoop, she took in its entire length with her fur touching his.

“Ugghh” she moaned.

Her spider appendages pushed her up and let her drop onto Charles while she held him in place with her paws. With each passing second, her pace quickened. This was a whole new world of sensation for her, for she had never experienced the ecstasy of lovemaking before. She pounded away wildly, squeezing her left breast while her right hand kept Charles in his place.

The door opened as a man walked in holding a key card.

“Hey neighbor, you left your key in the-“

The ushi-oni turned to see the intruder, but did not stop her motions on her man. Instead, she simply slowed down, growling at him occasionally, and refused to break eye-contact with the intruder.

“I see you’re busy… I’ll just leave this here then…” the man said, placing the card on the floor and leaving the room.

The ushi-oni snorted once again before continuing her advances.

Regaining her previous speed, she mercilessly smacked her folds against his groin, taking in everything she could with each push. She was putting in everything she had, taking in no consideration from her partner. The more she pounded against him, the more the sensations intensified, swelling up inside of her like a balloon ready to pop.

And with one audible gasp, she had climaxed. If she was a more attentive lover, she might have noticed Charles had an orgasm of his own alongside hers.

More. More! MORE! She wanted this. No, she needed this now more than ever. But to her great dismay, her provider had passed out and there was no way of beginning the cycle until he had rested. She pouted upon realizing this unfortunate fact.

She let out a sigh, removing herself from atop of her toy. She went to the corner of the room and within a few minutes had constructed a web big enough to fit at least two ushi-onis. She picked up the unconscious Charles and departed for their freshly made silk bed. As she lied down, she held the still tied up Charles close to her and nuzzled him to her with a visible smile. He was now hers, and nothing would ever change that, ever.


Two Weeks Later

“So, how do you like your new position?” Gramps asked

“I guess it’s okay… but are you sure I can’t carry my club around?” Gia responded, tugging at the belt of her new uniform.

Back in the lobby of the hotel, Golems and giant ants can be seen walking back and forth with construction materials as they finished the repairs needed in the lobby. All of this was occurring while Gia and Gramps were at the front desk discussing Gia’s change from security guard to floor manager.

“No, you can’t. We have to look professional, not scary.”

“But I looked professional before when I carried it around!”

“Still, a lot of guests would think you look more approachable without the two-ton weapon at your side.” Gramps stated.

“Fine… I’ll get a one-ton weapon…”

Before Gramps could respond to that statement, someone fell down to the floor right by the counter.

“Ma’am are you alright?” Gia asked, picking up the mummy.

“Yeah I’m alright, but I’m not a woman.” Stated a familiar voice.

“Charles, you managed to make it down here! How’s everything up in your room?” Gramps said

“Everything’s fine… you know, following a simple schedule. Eat, sleep, fuck, and sleep. But things are becoming easier.”

“That’s nice to hear… but what with the getup?” asked Gia.

“Oh this?” Charles said, pulling on one of his bandages, “Apparently someone sent this up along with the food and Nia decided to use this instead of her webbing to tie me down.”


“Nia, that’s the ushi-oni’s name. She finally told me last week.”

“She can talk?!” Gia exclaimed

“I know, it surprised me too when she spoke. But, I think she’s warming up to me. She’s actually letting me finish my meals before tying me up and fucking me. And she’s actually kind of cute when she isn’t trying to screw me until I pass out.”

“Alright you two, you can catch up later. We have to take the annual photo Gia. Charles, would you like to join us?”

“Sure, I still have a few hours until Nia wakes ups.”

The three walked down the lobby, past the group of Golems, and outside in front of the entrance of the hotel. By the entrance were a photographer and an Elf waiting for them to arrive.

“God it’s bright…” Charles muttered

“That happens when you don’t see daylight in two weeks.”

The photographer looked at the small group a bit confused.

“Is this everyone?” the photographer asked

“Unfortunately, yes. Everyone else quit after the ushi-oni incident two weeks ago.” Gramps replied.

“Oh. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Just give me a minute to set up.”

The photographer quickly set up the camera at the same distance he did the year before.

“Alright, if the red oni could take a few steps back… and that’s fine right there! Say cheese!”




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