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Five Star Calculator:

Perhaps you’ll find it useful, perhaps not. 

5-Perfect, 4-Excellent, 3-Good, 2-Fair, 1-Lacking.

The above hyperlink may be useful to those who wish to keep track of how their Stories are getting Rated.  If you’re getting all 5-stars, then you really don’t need it.

BUT, if you’re getting something other than an even number, like say 4.09, or such, then it will be. As of this writing, I’m going to go with  Frosticle’s: As It Was Made To Be; currently at 6 votes with a rating of 4.17 to give one an idea of how it can work. (No, I’ve not read it yet, I will soon.)

With the hyperlink, I entered the number ‘5’ on the four star line, and the number ‘1’ on the five star line. For the ‘3’, ‘2’, and ‘1’, I entered a zero. Tapping the calculator tab, I end up with a calculation of: 4.1667. Rounding  up- 4.17. 

Yes, i realize that this ‘Tutorial’ may seen nonsensical. But who knows, maybe someone else is curious as to see what their Star Ratings are, also. If anything else, it’ll give you an idea that someone is in fact down-rating  you.  As to why they’d do that, is beyond me. In all of the stories I’ve stumbled across in TFT, I’ve found only a couple of stories truly worthy of such a rating. Usually, if I can’t read the story, I just leave it alone and don’t star it. 

That being said, personally I both Love and Loathe the star rating we have here. It’s nice to see when I get a whole bunch of  Five stars, and  yet it isn’t. Because, more often than not, I’m not sure WHY I managed to get a Five star from so many. (It has happened a couple of times, though it never lasts.)

Personally, I’d like to know WHY I’m getting those ratings, both good and bad.  Yes, I’m human, and yes I’d probably be irate for any negative feedback. But, I’ll get over it, and eventually put the suggestions to good use. Now what I’d prefer, is some Honest-Constructive-Feedback.

For example: Tips to improve. What I’m doing wrong in your humble opinion. Or, what it is about my writing you like.  Naturally, I’m assuming that the criticizers wish to be mature in their praising/condemnation.

Hopefully, even the One Star Drive-by’er is as well.

Update, 03/11/2018, 1652 Local (Pacific DST)

Currently the rating for this tutorial is: 2.14 (rounded down). Using the calculator, it comes out to: 1- One Star, 4- Two Star, and 2- Three Star; = 2.1429.

See? That easy.

LackingFairGoodExcellentPerfect (11 votes, average: 2.36 out of 5)

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