Smutty Ant Greentext

>Getting jumped by ant girls on my way back home.
>They found my wallet. Oops.
>They are heading home too.
>Seems like their nest is just down the block from me.
>(I don’t remember any ants moving nearby.)
>We walk and talk.
>Big one is Annie, and the two relatively little (same size as me) ones are Tess and Flora.
>They work at the Topps plant in town putting the plastic over Ringpops.
>Oh, I work down the street at a second hand shop that refurbishes industrial trash.
>What a coincidence.
>”See ya around.” 
>Get home. 
>Watch some Food Network. 
>Food network was a mistake. Am now hungry for greasy diner trash.
>Curse Guy Fieri
>Dinner options limited.
>Order Dominoes.
>20 minutes of browsing TFT.
>Phone buzzes. Pizza’s here.
>Ant girl delivery girl. Weird.
>”Is there a problem?” She asks, peering over my shoulder.
>I say no. Take pizza.
>Wait, was she scoping out my apartment?
>I’m just being paranoid.
>Settle in for evening. Watch local news.
>”And now we go to the phones for Talkback 16.”
>”Today I was flying through Westside when I saw a shiny thing in the grass, but it was a broken bottle of glass! Don’t litter! Harpies like collecting shinies for mates!”
>The rest of Talkback is old people complaining about potholes and how the road crews are all lazy, leering golems more interested in catcalling men than fixing the street.
>Get tired. Clean up. Undress.
>Huh. Did I turn up the heat?
>My thermostat is at 78. 
>Must be a glitch.
>Turn down heat. Open a window. It’s a nice 60, slightly wet.
>Try to get up.
>See Annie the big ant. I’m being bridal carried.
>”Good morning,” she says as I begin to panic.
>We are underground. I can see Flora and Tess and the pizza ant girl following closely behind.
>”What’s going on?” I shout as I fruitlessly struggle against the soldier ant.
>She pats my head like a teacher comforts an upset child.
>”We really like your work,” Tess says.
>”Yeah! And we are kidnapping you!” Flora adds.
>”I’m Isabelle,” the pizza ant demures.
>The four of them take me to a big chamber in the colony. Two dozen other ant girls gather at the foot of a throne… wait, is that a chair I made? Oh crap. I helped make all this furniture. The throne is made from a fancy car seat adorned with copper filigree. There are benches I helped make from old bowling ball retriever units.
>There is a matronly ant woman in the throne. She sits with her front appendages crossed. 
>Other men here are bound and gagged by their ant captors. An older man next to the queen is waited on by his younger daughters.
>The queen introduces herself. 
>”The season of brooding is upon us. I’m so glad to see my daughters were successful in obtaining the objects of your desires. As per custom since we arrived in this world, we honor the old Queens with a small sacrifice.”
>Get very nervous. 
>Notice the ants all have glasses of a red liquid near them.
>They pour out a little, then drink the rest.
>Annie, Tess, Flora, and Isabelle do the same.
>Their faces get incredibly red.
>”Do you want some sweetie?” Annie asks as she pushes the glass near my lips. 
>It’s a potent blackberry wine.
>I take some not to be rude.
>I feel very warm.
>Tess creeps close.
>”I hope you’re ready for a long night.”
>”I don- What about my job?” I blurt out. 
>I definitely have a fear boner.
>”Our younger sisters have already dealt with the details. Just focus on us.”
The ant meeting ends. The Queen’s husband wishes everyone fun before they retire to their bedchambers.
>Annie’s big bust keeps bopping me in the face as she and her sisters take me somewhere new.
>Not too far away is an alcove with 3 cozy looking mats, a clean, twin sized bed on an old box spring, and heaps of blankets.
>”This is our nest,” Annie confidently declares. 
>The smaller ants go to the mats and watch me and Annie.
>Annie gently set me on the bed. 
>She brushes my hair down with a soft touch and steps away.
>They all seem a little nervous and look down and away when I look at them.
>The longest minute of my life passes.
>I get more confused.
>”Uh, what’s going on?”
>”Well we drew straws to see who goes first,” Flora says. She contemplates what to say only for a second. “Fucking you, that is, and…”
>”And it was me,” Isabelle interjects. “But I’m nervous, and you seem really nice, and my sisters are very supportive of me, but-“
>Isabelle laments her status as ‘first’ in an impressive, if rambling, self-pep talk.
>”None of you have, um, done it before?”
>Tess jumps in first. “No, this is our first season of brooding.”
>”But we watched The Queen fuck lots!” Flora loudly chimes in.
>Annie stoically nods along.
>There is the echoing of other ants and men having sex coming from just down the tunnel.
>”I mean, thank you for returning my wallet,” I start. I hop down from the bed. 
>The ant girls get anxious for a moment, but relax as I walk over to the sitting Isabelle. 
>She’s maybe a few years younger than me, with a cute smile, and short, black hair frazzled by the Dominoes hat she wears probably all day. She stands at my height , with her human torso and head meeting mine. Yet, it’s clear she is a Mythfolk, with her arms and lower body plated in glossy black exoskeleton like her sisters. Nothing of theirs looks particularly sharp, but I could imagine a shirt getting caught on their segmented joints.
>I offer her my hand.
>”Let’s go slow, okay?”
>I’m bluffing quite a bit. 
>I only ever got to second base in college with a werewolf before she blacked out, drunk. 
>I lead her to the mattress and ask her to sit down.
>She rests her thorax and folds her back legs on the bed.
>”Let’s start with a kiss.”
>The others’ heady stares intensify as I draw closer to Isabelle’s upper body.
>I cup her soft, warm cheek with my right hand, and touch her lips with mine.
>She melts for a second, and I catch her with my other arm, but she recovers quickly.
>She takes the lead. She pushes back against me, and I can feel four appendages at my back. A pair of armored hands hold me closer, while stiffer, stronger legs embrace my lower half and bind me to her.
>I can briefly hear the other excitedly speaking, breathing heavily, and dancing on the stone ground, but my attention returns to Isabelle.
>Well, my attention is on the burning erection I feel pressing up against her loins.
>We break apart for a moment.
>Isabelle’s face is now a bright red, and she takes in a deep breath before she speaks. “I’m so happy we picked you.”
>I’m easily uprooted by the increasingly crazed ant girl. She spins me around, and  pins me to the bed with her inhuman legs and pedipalps. 
>I watch with bated breath as she works off the denim shorts looking cover from her midsection, discarding them like a scarf, and revealing her dripping pink pussy. 
>”My eggs are throbbing right now,” she whispers as she takes the lead. “I want you to dye them all white with your seed.”
>She presses down, and I am overcome in an instant as she swallows my member in a single motion. I don’t even have a chance to stay as I cream her insides.
>”Sorry, I was so worked up I couldn’t even…”
>My cock is still being strangled by her tight flesh. I felt like I came, but my proud lad is still firmly at attention.
>”The Queen shares with her daughters,” Tess exposited. “The wine is her special brew. It was loaded with enough drugs to keep you solid for hours.”
>Oh. Oh no.
>Isabelle’s frantic pace picks up as she gets closer and closer to climaxing. 
>I can hardly move save for thrusting upward to meet her downward ramming.
>Her expression is no longer soft or reserved, but flush with passionate madness like a hungry dog in front of a bloody steak.
>I lose count of how many times she pushes me over the edge, until finally her whole body surrounds me as she shivers, shakes, then collapses on top of me.
>Her grip loosens.
>She fell asleep on top of me.
>Stuck, but no longer feeling trapped, I look to her sisters who are eagerly working themselves into a damp frenzy as well.
>”Who’s next?”
>”Me!” Exclaims Flora.
>Annie cradles the unconscious Isabelle and moves her to her sleeping mat while >Flora replaces her.
>”I always knew Izzy was a fiend at heart, but I think you’ll like me best!”
>She pulls me up from my resting spot and holds me like a ragdoll. 
>I haven’t the strength to resist her.
>”My pheromones are much, much sweeter.”
>Flora blows a little on my face. Her breath smells earthy and spicy, almost bitter before a potent, burning sensation reinvigorated my body.
>I jolt upward in her loosening grasp as my thinking mind evaporates in an instant.
>I become a spectator of my body. I watch Flora get tossed onto the bed with her upturned legs welcoming me.
>”I want my first time to be ravaged!” She states with a playful bite punctuating her lewd expression.
>I dominate Flora. In an instant I’m thrusting inside her, grunting and groaning as the fire she set animates my body beyond any natural limitation.
Her insides are even hotter than Isabelle’s, and my every thrust is met with muscles pulling me back deeper with each go.
>My attention is focused solely on the pleasure traveling from her nethers and up my cock.
>The old box springs wheezes and rattles as I am able to push the bed around. 
>Flora is playing with her nub in one hand, while  arching back and pinching her left nipple in the other.
>This infuriates me for some reason.
>I become more violent. I’m bundling her legs in my arms, then using this unnatural strength to slowly put pressure on her.
>The sisters realize something is wrong.
>Flora squeals in delight. Her exoskeleton creaks.
>”We need to stop this,” Annie says.
>I watch as Flora finally climaxes, just as a bucket of water is dumped onto both of us.
>I collapse where I am standing, the fire quenched
>I look up at Annie and Tess.
>They are concerned.
>Annie lifts me up again, while Tess scolds Flora.
>She’s done this before, I guess, with another ant. Tess calls her a masochist and an idiot before dragging Flora back to her mat.
>I can’t move.
>Tess holds my hand. She looks upset.
>”She’s such a selfish brat.”
>Tess is the oldest, I think. She wears her hair up in a bun, her makeup is put on with precision and highlights her sharp eyes and marble smooth face. She smells like fresh cotton candy.
>She leans in to kiss me. She is more practiced than Isabelle, and smuggles something liquid between my lips. 
>I taste more of their Queen’s wine which she forces me to swallow.
>Once she is certain I have done so, she breaks the kiss.
>The second dose eases my joints and revives my muscles. My erection never wavers, but the fatigue at my hips disappears.
>”Annie, if you could be a dear and set our husband back on the bed.”
>I’m soon sinking back into the mattress.  It reeks of sex and fluids at this point. 
>”The show must go on husband. The Queen’s brew only keeps its um, potency for a few hours.”
>She straddles the bed. Her dripping sex is aimed right over my cock.
>”However, we are both patient, loving partners. Think of it as a cool down to a hard workout.”
>Sex with Tess is slow and methodical. 
>She likes to dip her waist down and experiment with every direction, every combination of which way I bend and twist and gasp I make.
>And she talks.
>”I have always wanted little hatchlings of my own. Little legs shuffling around the floor, happy faces, smiling, and a husband of my own to share that with.”
She traces her finger from our connection to her humanish midsection.
>”I doubt you have ever seen a pregnant ant before. Our kind is very protective.”
>”You see,” she places her palm over her stomach, “only a single egg is gestating at a time in here, but then how are whole colonies staffed and managed?” She again points to her slit, but then turns and points to a second abdomen. “Bug type Mythfolk are incubating up to five or six hatchlings in our lower halves. That’s where workers like me are in-sem-in-a-ted. 
>I groan as I cum again.
>Tess dismounts, but she still keeps my attention on her human torso.
>”Our more specialized castes are incubated here.” 
>She takes my hand and brings it to her body. Her midsection is firm and toned.
>”I can’t wait to see what kind of child we give birth too.”
>She motions for Annie to step forward.
>”I have things to take care of love. Unlike my layabout older sisters, I have some responsibilities to attend to. Annie will see you through the night. Feel free to ask her about anything your little heart desires.”
>Tess scuttles outside the alcove.
>The commotion of the other ants nearby seems to have settled down as well.
>Annie kneels down next to the bed and me.
>”Tired?” She asks.
>Close up, and without her large breasts in the way, I see the family resemblance. The four ant girls share a similar facial structure, almost round, with cute, button noses. 
>Annie is that, but scaled up in size. She still towered over me kneeling down. She possesses muscular definition where her sister are deceptively lean. She reminds me of a boxer, whereas the others were more akin to runners or joggers.
>”A bit,” I joke as tension eases away from my back and calves. “How do you want-“
>”It’s okay. I want to stay like this.”
>Annie’s soft gaze wrenches whatever masculine pride I have left from my stubborn gut.
>”Are you okay?” 
>I move closer to Annie’s side.
>She looks uncomfortable.
>”I’m fine. Really.”
>She smiles as she brushes her hand along my head again.
>”My Queen used to do this when I was younger. It helped me relax.”
>I say nothing as she pets my head. I wanted to help her.
>Minutes pass. 
>Annie’s caresses stop.
>I’m barely awake at this point.
>”I’m a soldier,” she whispers. “I-I might hurt you if I go any farther.”
>”It’s okay. We can do whatever you want to.”
>Her amber eyes glance down, then away.
>”I don’t know what I want.”
>I try to recall whatever romantics I may have ever known.
>”I have an idea, if you’d like.”
>She hesitates.
>”It’ll be safe, promise. Just um, do you mind if I climb onto your back?”
>She nods, but she looks uncertain as I stand up.
>From the bed I carefully place my right foot and right hand onto Annie. After seeing her non-reaction, I lift myself onto her thorax. I inch towards her upper human half with steady steps.
>”Now relax.”
>I can reach her shoulders, if barely, and I start to knead the dense muscle near her neck.
>Annie gasps.
>”That-that feels really good.”
>”Good. I guess my years of watching early morning massage commercials before my parents woke up are paying off.”
>We both share a chuckle as I do my best to relax Annie’s posture. 
>She is like a solid wall of unflinching muscle at first, but as I work my knuckles and elbows her guard starts to falter.
>”I know it was sudden, but I’m glad I met you all too. I’m sure my parents will like you four as well. Well, I’ll talk to Flora first, but I’m sure-“
>”Your parents?”
>Annie looks around, flabbergasted. 
>”You don’t hate us?” Her voice was uncertain. I couldn’t see how she reacted.
>”Surprised? Sure. But I had sex ed in high school. I know how Mythfolk have their own customs and stuff.”
>I work in almost silence with Annie’s approving gasps and happy purrs guiding my hands. 
>She eventually falls asleep sitting.
>I feel exhausted as well, but I think of a final gesture, of sorts. 
>I coax her upper body onto the bed with some effort, and I position myself just under her head with her to my back.
>I fall asleep with her breathing.

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