Slutbucks #2 The Blues

Ch 2 The Blues

Mark rose out of his bed the next morning, stepping out wearing only his underwear. “At least living down here I can get some sun,” he said looking out to see the morning sun shining on the palms near his bedroom window.

“Well, the good thing is, I can skip breakfast and just eat at work… well at least the safe stuff,” he said turning on the shower.

After his shower, he fixed himself up, tossing on his uniform which consisted of a black button-down with the company’s logo on it and a pair of plain black slacks.

“Well, time to head in and see the manager, I have some more things to ask about this job,” he thought to himself as he walks out his front door, locking it tight.

It didn’t take Mark too long to get to work since it is right across the street from his new home.

Mark glanced over to his car as he crossed the street, brushing off his uniform to make sure he looked decent for his first day on the job.

As he opened the door and walked inside, he noticed his boss was Alexis behind the bar where the Demon was yesterday.

Her eyes looked over to him before smiling and motioning for him to join her with her furry digit.

Mark walked over to the counter to face his new boss. “Morning Ms. Alexis,” he said, giving her a gentle smile.

“I am surprised to see you here, most men go running,” she greeted, opening the small wooden gate next to the counter to let him in.

“I need this job, Ms. Alexis,” he responded as he stepped behind the counter.

From there, there wasn’t much out of the ordinary. A register along with a card reader sat on the counter in front of him. Behind him was a glass case which seemed to carry most of the sweets and snack, to the side the glass case was a tall fridge which kept everything that needed to be kept chilled like the fruit salad he had yesterday among other items.

“Now Cynthia will be helping you the second her shift starts. In the meantime, I will be helping around back here until she arrives,” Alexis said, placing her paw on his shoulder. “Do you know how to work a register?” she asked.

Mark had worked his fair share of retail in his teen and early adult years so he simply replied: “Yes I can.”

“Good, I’ll just give you a general rundown of it then,” she explained. Mark listened intently as she showed him the button layout, coffees in this corner, snacks on this side, adding fresh or cold mana to an order, cancelling orders, and so on. “You think you got all that champ?”

Mark nodded.

“Excellent, because it looks like our first customer is walking in right now,” Alexis said just as someone had arrived to the door.

Upon entering, it was obvious to see that it wasn’t a human customer making their way inside. In fact, it appeared to be a Dark Elf.

The woman approached the counter whilst lifting her sunglasses up and resting them atop her head. She was quite attractive, flawless dark skin, flowing raven black hair, plump thighs, roughly D cup breasts, all while wearing a black suit blouse with a skirt and a pantyhose to match.

“Well hello there miss, how may we serve you?” Alexis asked her while gently nudging Mark in front of her towards the counter.

“Latte, tall, extra mana. I am in a hurry this morning,” she replied, pulling out her wallet.

“Fresh or cold mana?” Alexis asked her.

“Wait, you have fresh mana again?” she asked as her ears gently wiggled a bit up and down.

“Yes we do,” she said leaning her head gently on Mark’s shoulder.

“Ugh, I don’t have time right now to sample those goods. Maybe after work I can come back for a sample, but for now I’ll take the mana cold,” she said.

“Well as you wish,” Alexis said, turning Mark around and leading him to the custom espresso machine. “Let’s get the lady her order before the morning rush comes in.”

“These are the dispensers for coffee, just turn this knob right here, the nozzle right here will turn to the right faucet for the brew you selected, then press and hold the button until the coffee is filled up or leave room for extra ingredients,” Alexis instructed.

“What about the mana the lady requested?” Mark asked not seeing it labelled anywhere on the contraption.

“I am here Ms. Alexis,” a voice spoke.

“Cynthia, just on time, latte with extra mana in this brew,” Alexis said to her before leaving Mark to continue attending to the customer.

Cynthia eyed Mark for a moment, scanning the matching uniform he was now wearing as she made her way behind the counter.

“Didn’t I see you yesterday?” she asked as she reached down to open the cabinets under the counter to reveal the hidden minifridge that was stocked with a variety of bottles and creams.

“Yes, yes you did, but now I work here,” Mark replied watching her pull out a stainless-steel cylinder with a piece of painter’s tape labeled ‘MANA’ across the side along with a carton of Holsty milk.

She looked at him and smiled.

“Well then, this will be some fun, now won’t it,” before running her thumb under the top button on her blouse and letting it pop off to reveal her cleavage. All whilst still placing the canister into the machine, pressing down onto a small unlabeled lever three times and finishing with a push of the brew button.

Mark couldn’t help but stare down at the top of her luscious blueberry orbs.

“You were looking at them yesterday too,” she said chuckling a bit.

“S-Sorry ma’am,” he replied before looking away back to the customer who was receiving her change from Alexis.

“We work together now, so please call me Cynthia,” she said with a flirtatious wink as she poured the Holsty milk into a small steel jug.

Mark nervously chuckled before saying “Alright Cynthia.”

At that time the coffee had finished brewing and was beginning to dispense the mana-infused espresso into the awaiting cup below. In an all too familiar motion, Cynthia grabbed a rag and wiped the steel tube pointed downwards from the machine followed by turning a knob just above it. A blast of steam escaped from it before she turned it off.

Grabbing the jug, she raised it to the nozzle until it touched the bottom and began to steam the milk until it reached the right consistency. Upon reaching it, she removed the jug, placing it on the side and wiping the nozzle with the rag as she let out another small shot of steam out to ensure it was clean.

With that, she grabbed the cup with the mana-infused espresso and began to pour the steamed milk into it, her hand ensuring a proper swirl throughout until topping it off with a sideways motion towards the end.

“Here you are ma’am,” Cynthia said as she popped the disposable lid atop the cup. “Enjoy your coffee.”

The Dark Elf nodded and made her way to the door.

“So, we now have another man working here with us. I wonder how long you’ll be able to last,” Cynthia thought aloud.

Mark smiled nervously before responding: “Well I will certainly try to keep up with the duties of this job, I got a taste yesterday with the boss.”

Cynthia giggled before gently caressing his chest with her hand and saying “Well then you should be alright, she can be a tough woman.”

Mark giggled nervously while looking at Cynthia.

The door rang a bell as it opened, making them break eye contact to see the flow of people entering the shop.

“Now look here newbie, we got work to do, we can flirt more on break,” Cynthia said looking at the line that has just formed in front of the counter

“Mmm, fresh mana you say?” said the Wight first in line after ordering her triple shot latte as she eyed Mark.

“Yes, ma’am. I assume you care to sample or add it by hand?” Cynthia asked giggling looking back at him.

Mark stared at the customer, she looked to be a bit shorter than him, with long flowing white hair, plump breasts, full curvy hips, and smooth pale legs.

The lady giggled and followed it up by a smug grin before saying “You know I am not just going to fondle any man and make him cum, someone here is going to have to do it for me because unless I know his mana is good, I don’t touch.”

Cynthia gave her nod before grabbing Mark’s hand leading him away through the doorway and into the back with a familiar but empty steel canister.

Mark knew what was about to happen as he was led into the storeroom near the boss’s office.

“Come on let us get this underway,” Cynthia said gently leaning Mark’s body against the corner of the back wall.

“Just hurry please Cynthia, it still feels really weird doing this,” he said looking at her.

“Don’t worry, we can’t keep the customers waiting. So just tell me, do you want my hand, mouth, or my ass?” she asked him unbuttoning his pants

Mark’s head was spinning, he had no idea whether to be aroused or just give up and quit already but he needed this job to pay the bills until he can find a better place.

“Come on Mark, we don’t want to keep her waiting. There is a line behind her too who might also want some,” Cynthia said putting her hands on her hips.

Mark sighed before telling her: “Whichever you like Cynthia, just hurry.”

“Mouth it is,” she said quickly dropping to her knees and pulling his cock out of his underwear before shoving it into her mouth.

Mark wasn’t sure what the demon did to him, but as soon as her tongue touched the top of his penis, he became fully erect.

He let a small moan out as Cynthia worked her tongue around his hardened length.

“Be sure to tell me when you are going to cum, so I stop sucking dear,” Cynthia instructed with a wink before going right back to work on him as she began to reach up his shirt to feel his chest a bit with her free hand.

The awkward feeling started to be replaced with gentle moans of pleasure from Cynthia’s oral services. Small jolts of sexual electricity flowed through his body causing him to shake gently.

“Maybe this will make the process go smoother,” Cynthia said pulling his length from between her lips with a small pop. She released his twitching member from her hand and let loose her plump blueberry breasts from her uniform. “Come on, please cum,” Cynthia begged while massaging his length while staring up at him with her red eyes which stood out against her black sclera. Mark looked down into her eyes as well as taking a glimpse of her lovely blue orbs before starting to leak precum on to her face. Cynthia giggled a bit before licking it off her cheek and saying “Mmm go on release it all. Cum and cum good.”

Those words drove him over the edge before he began to reach orgasm.

“Good boy dear, cum nice and hard for me,” Cynthia lewdly spoke placing the stainless-steel bottle near the tip of his length. Mark gasped and moaned gently letting a few decent length ropes of cum spray into the empty canister. Cynthia smiled and licked the excess semen from the tip of his cock before standing up.

“Come on now, get those pants back on and let’s get back in there we have more customers,” Cynthia said as she popped her tits back into her blouse before walking out of the storeroom

Mark panted for a moment until finally pulling his pants up and walking slowly out of the storeroom. As he walked back to the counter, he noticed how the line of ladies were all trying to get a good look at him and were all smiling in a slightly flirtatious way. Mark shook off the stares and kept his mind on his goal, finding a new job asap.

Cynthia had already begun to brew the wight’s latte, ensuring to use the fresh batch of mana. As Cynthia worked the machine, Mark went to the register to make sure to actually charge the wight for the order, along with the fresh mana.

The wight pulled out a silver credit card bearing the Warm Delights logo on it, beneath it the words Platinum Member were printed on it in cursive. Mark ran it through the machine and handed the card back to her along with the receipt.

As he finished up, Cynthia went over to the register to hand the wight her latte.

“Here’s your order ma’am.”

The wight took the drink and raised it up to her face, breathing in its aroma as if though it were a fine wine before finally taking in a sip. She raised an eyebrow as the savored the freshly made brew, making Mark even more nervous than he already was, until she finally swallowed and smiled.

“Very well done,” she commented, reaching into her cleavage and pulling out a business card.

“If you ever get too stressed out with the new workplace, do stop on bye, and let me and my girls take care of the rest,” she winked as she slid her card across the counter.

It was for a massage parlor a few blocks away called From Beyond Relief. Massage, Spa, Therapy, and more.

Mark gulped the lump in his throat before looking back up to the wight, who in turn just winked at him and made her way to the door.

“Don’t worry, she just likes to tease the newbies. She won’t do anything unless you tell her to. And her parlor is actually one of the best around,” Cynthia whispered to Mark.

After the wight made it out the door, Cynthia turned to the line.

“So, anyone else wants some fresh mana or is the morning rush too much for a serving right now?”

To Mark’s surprise, each of them shook their heads and looked at either their phone or watch indicating they were in a hurry. “Alright come on newbie, let’s get to work,” Cynthia said smacking Mark’s ass playfully as he entered behind the counter area again.

Mark and Cynthia got the line empty quickly and orderly in under 20 minutes. “That was just a taste, lunch rush is a whole different beast,” Cynthia said running her fingers through his hair. Mark sighed deeply before saying “I bet it is.”

Cynthia stopped caressing his hair before tilting his face to hers. “What is wrong you Mark dear?” she asked gently caressing his face. “I-It just feels weird doing this job you know, I just don’t feel myself,” he said. Cynthia chuckled slightly before saying “Look dear, don’t quit. I can tell…”

“Wait, Mark, you aren’t thinking about quitting already, are you?” Alexis asked approaching the counter.

Mark looked at his boss as she placed her paw on her hip. He didn’t want to lie to her, it just felt wrong doing this job, and he had to tell her.

“I kind of am Ms. Alexis,” he replied to her looking down at his feet.

Alexis sighed and shook her head from left to right slowly before saying, “Come on, to my office. We need to have a chat,” she said motioning for him to come over. Cynthia nudged him with her elbow to go to her. Mark looked down and sighed again before leaving his post to chat with his boss. Alexis placed her paw on his waist and led him upstairs to her office.

“Go on take a seat anywhere,” she said closing the door behind them. Mark sat down on the couch, the same one for his interview yesterday. “So, you are thinking of quitting already, why?” she asked sitting next to him.

Mark looked up at her, watching her place her paw around his shoulder. “I don’t feel right, I feel like I am just whore for every woman that walks in here,” he replied to her.

Alexis smiled and ran her paws through his hair massaging his scalp with her pawpads before saying, “Look I should have told you this yesterday to ease some of the stress off, no woman, not even staff is allowed to touch you without consent. You providing your semen for some of our beverages and some food is also up to you. In other words, if you aren’t feeling up to it, you don’t have to do it,” Alexis said to him while still massaging his scalp with her digits.

Mark sighed with relief in hearing those words. “I understand Cynthia took you in the back and gave you a bit of oral pleasure, I was watching on the camera’s” Alexis added with a giggle. Mark looked down once again embarrassed even though the woman next to him milked him dry the day before. “Don’t act so embarrassed Mark, I saw what you were capable of yesterday and I noticed how she pushed your buttons so easily,” Alexis said pulling him against her chest. Mark gently laid against her breasts, they were soft and a quite comfortable. “Now if you aren’t comfortable with Cynthia making you do the deed for a customer’s beverage, if you are feeling up to it, of course, my office is always open,” she said leaning his face up to hers and gently caressing it with the pawpad on her index finger. Mark looked into her eyes and for once, as shortly as he has worked here, he felt relaxed and quite safe.

“I feel better Ms. Alexis, thank you,” Mark said to her.

Alexis smiled gently and said “Go on then, get that cute ass to work,” before standing up with him and smacking him playfully on the ass just like yesterday.

Mark chuckled a bit and said “Yes ma’am,” before heading out the door. Alexis smiled and sighed before saying to herself “I am going to have to give him a try someday, not just for his ingredient but the full course, he has such potential.”

Mark made his way down to the counter in the front again. “I take it that the boss talked you into staying,” Cynthia said with a smile on her face.

Mark nodded at her before speaking “Yeah I am going to stay. She gave me some guidelines not mentioned before.”

Cynthia clapped her hands once together and smiled accidentally sprouting large bat-like wings from her shoulder blades knocking over a fresh fruit display onto the floor in front of the counter. “Shit, I hate when that happens,” she said looking at the ground at the mess before turning to Mark and snapping her fingers making the wings disappear.

Mark stood in disbelief upon seeing those appendages. “I am sorry, I normally keep them hidden with magic but I guess the excitement broke the spell.”

Cynthia bent over and her skirt didn’t cover a thing, she must have asked it to be extra short because all Mark saw was her panties which had no back to them. Her ass was certainly something to behold, perfectly round shape, and with no back to her panties he could see all her assets. But her pussy was actually covered with what looked like some kind of paper even though her asshole was completely exposed, looking puffy and slightly moist.

“Ah here we go all picked up but they will have to be tossed out and replaced since they landed on the floor,” Cynthia said standing back up to face Mark who was still staring in the same position as if she was still bent over.

Cynthia laughed and said “Well it looks like you enjoyed the view,” Mark finally then came back to reality looking back up at Cynthia. Cynthia laughed again and said, “Oh come on dear, don’t act as you have never seen something like that before.”

Mark wasn’t super experienced in the bedroom area. He had been with a few girls in his college days but nothing too serious. “I actually haven’t,” he replied to her laughing.

Cynthia smiled at him and said, “Well I will have to educate you soon.”

“I don’t know about all that Cynthia,” Mark said with a chuckle. Cynthia laughed a bit harder before stepping back behind the counter and whispering into Mark’s ear.

“By the way you were looking, it seemed you would have taken me from behind right there on the ground.” Cynthia wasn’t exactly wrong the thought crossed his mind for a moment, even more so because she offered it to him earlier when taking care of the customer’s order.

“W-Well not out here but the thought did cross my mind, Cynthia,” he said nervously chuckling.

Cynthia’s eyes lit up hearing those words before whispering into his ear from behind this time “Mmm is that so? Well, in that case, I would either like to take it here or at your place after work.”

Shivers went down Mark’s spine hearing those words.

“Do I detect arousal? We Demons have a 6th sense for it,” she whispered into his ear once more while gently caressing his inner thigh

Mark stood silently trying really hard to not get aroused at all. Cynthia’s voice was starting to become a trigger for him.

“Being silent huh dear, well don’t worry, we will be getting down to business soon enough but for now the lunch rush is starting,” she said giving him a gentle nibble on his earlobe

The lunch rush was exactly what Cynthia said a mess, customers pouring into the shop, mostly human to Mark and Cynthia’s surprise.

“Hmm, I am surprised we don’t have more ladies in here,” Cynthia said looking at the tables watching the men and few Monsters enjoy their lunch.

“Don’t speak too soon,” Mark said looking at a group of ladies walking in.

“Local gang, all dog girls, they come in once a week,” Cynthia said now moving in front of Mark at the counter.

She was right they are all of the canine variety with a massive Werewolf leading the pack.

“Cynthia you know the order, 5 large, black as can be, quintuple espresso shot,” the leader of the pack said to her.

“Well, well, well a new employee and a male at that,” the leader said looking down at Mark licking her lips.

“Y-Yes ma’am,” Mark replied to her slowly looking upward due to her height.

The head of the pack had to be at least seven feet tall while her crew barely over five foot five. Her hands, legs, and feet coated in thick dark fur. The crop top she wore could barely contain her breasts which were roughly the same size as Cynthia’s and did little to cover her tanned skin abs below.

“Well girls, what do you think, should we let him sit with us while we enjoy our drinks?” the pack leader asked.

“He is an employee, he cannot just sit with you on shift,” Cynthia said placing her hands on her hips.

Cynthia really seemed annoyed at the pack just assuming they can take Mark for a spin the second the saw him.

“Cynthia isn’t letting us have fun today girls, don’t worry, stick around newbie and we will show you the ropes and maybe enjoy a few,” the pack leader said walking away with her girls behind her to the giant conference table in the center of the cafe

“They are going to be in here more often now that they know you are here,” Cynthia said as she started to prepare the girls orders.

Mark turned around and begun helping her as much as he could before asking “I am not surprised, is this the reason men have quit this job?”

“Actually no, most men quit because Alexis didn’t pull them aside like you and explain the finer details of the job. I believe the boss has hope for you… and/or a crush,” Cynthia said giggling while finishing up two of the six drinks.

Mark chuckled a bit hearing that before saying “I doubt the boss has a crush on me, but the hope is something I could believe.”

“Look, let’s just get out this order before more people come in,” Cynthia said, working on the second brew for the pack that were eying Mark at the counter.

Mark nodded and turned around to help Cynthia with these unusually strong brews. “These brews could wake the dead. I like my coffee strong but lord have mercy these would kill a normal man,” Mark said as he stirred up the third cup.

Cynthia chuckled a bit at that before saying “This is the normal order for them, just stay relaxed and they won’t give you too much trouble,” she said finishing up the fourth cup.

“Yeah I figured, the leader is really intimidating though, she is ripped,” Mark said starting on the last cup of black death.

“She has to keep up a strong appearance if she wants to stay leader of the pack,” Cynthia said placing the finished drinks on a serving tray.

“Makes sense,” Mark said finishing up the last cup before placing it on the tray.

“Go on, you take it to them while I take care of these customers,” Cynthia said.

Mark nodded and picked up the black tray adorned with the company’s logo, walking it over to the table.

The pack grabbed the cups before their leader grabs hers. “Well, it is nice to have some eye candy when we come in,” the leader said reaching out with one paw and rubbing a finger on Mark’s chest.

Mark trembled a bit at her touch before putting his customer service face back on and saying “I appreciate it.”

“Enjoy your drinks,” he said before turning around to head back to Cynthia behind the counter.

As Mark walked away, he was grabbed by his arm and pulled back to the leader of the pack. She licked her lips before saying, “Look, I know me and the girls aren’t allowed to have a taste today, but you can bet your sweet ass that we will soon,” before letting him go.

Mark quickly walked away trembling at the promise that he was just given. Cynthia had breezed through the line by the time he had gotten back.

“I hope they didn’t give you a hard time,” Cynthia said.

Mark sighed as he stepped behind the counter. “They are adamant about having a taste,” he told her.

Cynthia sighed as well before saying, “Look as long as you aren’t working alone, they cannot bully you into doing something with them.”

She then turned around and started to prep a coffee. “How do you take your coffee? You look like you need a pick me up,” she said.

“Yeah you are right, I just need to relax a bit and calm down, just sugar,” he said smiling a bit.

Cynthia grinned from ear to ear before removing the magic that kept her demon features hidden, revealing her spaded tail. She then started to stir his coffee while pouring in a touch of sugar to bring out the flavor before doing something unexpected dunking the tip of her tail into the brew.

“Uh, Cynthia why did you do that? Isn’t it scalding hot, I don’t want you to hurt yourself,” Mark said, watching her re-hide her tail with magic.

“Don’t worry about that, I am used to it at this point, you will like it,” she said, handing him the cup of coffee.

Mark took a pull of the coffee and sighed gently. “Well, that is a different blend, very dark and bitter,” he said before taking in another sip. He couldn’t help but almost immediately take in another mouthful every time he finished one.

“Cynthia, what blend is this, I feel better than ever?” Mark asked her slamming down the rest of it before noticing more customers coming in.

“It is our energy blend, dark roast, Apophis venom,” Cynthia said smiling, “and a slight infusion of demonic essence.”

“Huh?” Mark’s head started spinning, he rested his head on the counter pondering the side effects of this concoction that Cynthia had given him.

“Relax Mark, the stuff is in such a small dosage you should be alright from the extra ingredients,” she said rubbing his back with her hand relaxing him

Mark leaned up off the counter straightening himself out. “Alright, you know this stuff better than me Cynthia,” he said putting his smile back on.

“Oh, here they come,” Mark said noticing the pack approaching the counter. The leader immediately pinched Mark’s face in her giant paw while caressing his face with thumb pad. “Now look cutie, you are going to be seeing a lot more of us and we will be seeing a lot more of you,” the pack leader said leaning in and kissing his lips roughly before it was broken up by Cynthia.

“Hey look, he didn’t consent to that, paws off!”

The leader smirked and released him before walking out with her pack not before giving Mark a flirtatious wink on the way out the door.

“Ugh, she is just so entitled because of her size,” Cynthia groaned as they left.

“I feel like I need a shower after feeling her lips against mine,” Mark said sighing.

Cynthia looked out the window to notice the pack leader still staring at Mark behind the counter. “Come here,” she said, pulling Mark to her and kissing him passionately on the lips while running her hand through his hair.

Mark was caught off guard by the kiss but he melted into it, kissing her back just as deep while placing his hand on her soft thigh. Cynthia felt his hand on her thigh and swiftly grabbed it and placed it on her soft ass. Mark instinctively squeezed it tightly in his hand causing Cynthia to moan while kissing him.

Cynthia broke the kiss before grabbing him by the shirt and saying “To the back now, come on,” while tugging at him to follow her.

Mark started to stumble around his words. “L-L Look we are still on shift Cynthia,” he said taking her hand off of him.

“No excuses, yes I wanted to show off to that dog outside watching you but you had to arouse me too so now you have to take responsibility,” she said reaching under the counter to grab a sign that read “Be back in ten minutes.”

Cynthia placed the sign on the counter before dragging Mark into the back room where his services were required earlier. “Come on, drop the pants unless you want to do this clothed,” Cynthia said dropping her skirt to the ground.

Mark looked down for a moment only to be lost in her luscious blueberry thighs which had her juices lightly trickling down them. Cynthia continued to undress while Mark’s eyes just gazed at her lower body.

“God you take forever,” Cynthia said dropping to her knees and pulling down his pants and swallowing his cock into her throat just like before.

Cynthia this time wasn’t just blowing him for a customer’s brew, this time she wanted it all for herself, using her tongue to wrap his shaft milking him into her throat. Mark gasped gently at the pleasure he was receiving. Looking down Mark noticed a small puddle has been growing under Cynthia from her dripping pleasure.

The oral pleasure stopped before Cynthia uncovering her hidden appendages, the wings and tail. “Now that you are up and ready finally, we can get to this,” Cynthia said standing up and bending over in front of him before her tail wraps around his cock rubbing it between her ass cheeks.

“I-I thought you were joking about this Cynthia,” Mark said grabbing her hips tightly.

“You better fill me, I have been wanting this,” Cynthia responded before her tail inched his length into her ass causing her to groan out in more pleasure

Mark grabbed on to her hips tighter as he inched his cock deeper into her hot blueberry ass.

“Every inch Mark, you better not hold back,” Cynthia moaned before thrusting back forcing him completely inside of her, then leaning up pressing her back against his chest while firmly keeping him fully enveloped inside of her.

Mark gently started to pull in and out of her ass while Cynthia grabbed Mark’s hands and made him cup her breasts in his hands. “Come on, harder, I know you have it in you,” she said teasingly as she moved along with his thrusts.

Mark listened to Cynthia, starting to thrust harder and harder inside her ass, causing a wet slapping sound as their bodies collided with each other.

“Unf, ah yes, keep going,” she pants deeply leaning her head back kissing him again grinding her ass on him as he keeps pulling and out of her.

Cynthia continued to bounce her ass on Mark, not letting up using her smooth inner walls to milk his cock.

Once the kiss broke, she returned to her previous position bent over still moving her ass against Mark’s gentle thrusts. “F-Fill me up!” she loudly moans before going to back to heavily panting.

Mark grabbed a hold of her hips again continuing to fill her depths with his length. Mark couldn’t last any longer with the intense pleasure that her ass was giving him. He bent over a bit himself grabbing her hips tighter than before filling her ass up with hot sticky cum.

Cynthia feels the cum enter her ass and causes a gasp of pleasure. “G-Good boy,” she said before leaning back up and kissing him once more along with a nibble on his bottom lip.

Mark kissed her back panting deeply feeling drained after filling her ass.

“C-Come on hot stuff get dressed, we should be getting back out there,” Cynthia said before pulling Mark’s length out of her ass with a bit of cum leaking down the back of her thighs.

“I-I-I cannot believe I just did this,” he said pulling up his pants slowly catching his breath.

Cynthia smiled still gently panting herself before saying “You did nothing wrong, you did everything right.”

Mark quickly straightened himself out and waited for Cynthia to do the same. “Alright let’s get back out there,” she said leading him out the back room.

As Mark and Cynthia walked back into the main lobby, every patron that must have come during their absence of them must have heard them in the back going at it because all eyes were on them.

“Well, I was louder than I thought,” Cynthia said with a laugh before casually grabbing Mark’s hand.

Alexis was in front of the counter with her arms crossed tapping her foot against the ground not happy that they just walked away to fuck.

“Cynthia, look I am not going to reprimand you for this little stunt, but for future, you need to get a replacement here so you can fill your urges. Now as for you Mark, I like the way you handled it, you took responsibility for your actions along with handling a high demon in intimacy,” Alexis said.

Cynthia and Mark both sighed in relief before saying “Thank you.”

“Now get back to work you two,” Alexis said before heading back up to her office before smacking Mark on the ass on her way past them.

“Come on Mark, back behind the counter,” Cynthia said as she headed back behind the register grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and one for Mark. “Here’s some water, take it,” she added passing him the bottle as he got back behind the counter.

Mark took a huge gulp of the water instantly feeling better after the insane sex in the back room. “S-S-So um what is with the thing down-“

“You mean the seal?” Cynthia interrupted along with a chuckle. “I was wondering why you didn’t question me when I just shoved you in my ass, the seal cannot be broken until I am married when my then husband signs a wedding contract,” she said.

“S-So anal only until then?” Mark asked her taking another sip of water and wiping his head of sweat.

Cynthia chuckled again before saying “Yep, a girl has to get pleasured somehow, you certainly didn’t mind.”

Mark chucked a bit at that before saying “Well I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. As you said, I had to take responsibility.”

The rest of the work day went by without issue, nothing but regular customers, a few get flirty with Mark and even Cynthia. The Dark Elf from earlier came back for her fresh mana latte only for her to dirty talk him while Cynthia stroked him off into the canister under the counter.

“Alright Mark, the shift is over you did great for your first day. I expect you back same time in the morning and I will get you your schedule,” Alexis said approaching the counter as Cynthia was prepping a drink.

Mark smiled, feeling a bit better about this job now. He can relax and not having to do anything that makes him feel uncomfortable.

“Yes, Ms. Alexis,” Mark said stepping from behind the counter. “I will see you tomorrow,” he added waving at Cynthia and Alexis before getting his ass smacked once more by the meaty paw of his Anubis boss.

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