Sleepy Love

“Home again home again jiggity jig.” James said to himself as he threw the car into park. He stopped for a moment and looked out the car window. The snow was falling gently and the woods were a lovely shade of blue, a steady wind howled through the trees and the faint howls of wolves could be heard. A couple feet ahead of him was his humble abode. A cabin in the woods, not very original but it was his favorite place on earth. A comfy couch, a cozy bed, a stone fireplace, a modest kitchen and most importantly someone to share it all with. James smiled a little as he thought of Emily in her “Hug the Cook” apron. She always made such a mess when she cooked, James always had to help her clean up after she finished (not that he minded too much).

It had been just 4 months since they had tied the knot and James couldn’t be happier. Waking up everyday to a pair of soft fuzzy arms wrapped around him and then looking into her beautiful blue eyes always filled him to the very brim with joy. Her warm and eager hugs combined with her bright and optimistic demeanor only made him love her all the more. James killed the engine and stepped out of the car, he let out a long breath and watched the vapor trail off into the air. He looked at the windows and saw the familiar orangish glow radiate through them. James approached the front door and noticed the lack of fog on the windows as he did, his heart sank slightly at the realization of not being able to enjoy one of Emily’s various homemade dishes, especially since he had just returned from a business trip. While James didn’t have much to complain about at work, business trips were one of them. They always meant boring work and cold beds far away from the one he loved. This one was a long one as well, a week and three days away from his dear heart, the longest he had ever been separated from her since they got married.

James shook his head and smiled a little as he laid his hand on the door knob. All of that was in the past and he was about to be reunited with the love of his life. Would they make dinner together? Would they go straight to bed? Or would Emily insist on taking a hot bath with him? James secretly hoped for the first option since he hadn’t eaten anything since lunch on the plane ride that day. “Honey I’m home!” He proudly announced, the only response that came was the gentle crackle of the fire and the hoot of a distant owl “Emm? Are you home?” James shut the door behind him and removed his shoes before venturing any further. He walked slowly through the house and realized how unusually cold it was before he stopped in the living room. The fire was close to becoming a smoldering pile of embers, James crouched down and threw another log on. The fire slowly sprang back to life as the log was consumed by the flame, James warmed his hands and cracked his neck. “Where is she? Did she go out to chop more fire wood?” A soft moan came from behind him, James smiled a little and turned around, relieved that he wouldn’t have to wait any longer to see her.

Sound asleep and clad in her snowflake pajamas was Emily, her arm was hanging off the side of the couch and a small drool stain could be seen on the pillow. James walked to the couch then took a knee, smiling wider than before as he could now finally be with his snuggle bug with the snow white fur. James gently tapped Emily’s nose and rested his hand on her shoulder. The yeti’s eyes fluttered and she slowly opened them, revealing the brilliant shade of blue that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the world. Emily yawned a little and looked at James for a few moments, processing what was in front of her. When it finally clicked that her husband was home and kneeling right in front of her she sprung up and pulled him into one of her signature hugs. Emily planted a huge wet kiss on James’s cheek and buried her face in his shoulder. James gladly returned the hug and smiled as he felt the familiar warmth over take him, James could have fallen asleep in her arms there and then, if it hadn’t been for one thing… Emily was trembling. James pulled back and looked into his wife’s eyes with a concerned look on his face. “Emm, are you okay?”

The Yeti shook her head and pulled him back into a hug. “I’m so tired” Emily began to sob gently, “I couldn’t sleep the entire time you were gone. I’m just so tired”

James pulled back and looked into her eyes again. “What do you mean?”

“I tried everything! Deep breathing, long walks, exercise, counting sheep but nothing worked!! I even tried wearing the scarf you gave me.” James hadn’t noticed it but Emily was wearing her favorite scarf, the one he had wrapped the engagement ring in. James felt thousands of nails pierce his heart as he listened to his wife sob more. He squeezed her tighter and put his nose against the unruly mop top that topped her head. “I just missed you so much, your warmth, your heartbeat, your embrace… I just couldn’t sleep without you”

James kissed the top of her head “It’s okay, it’s okay” he whispered as he picked her up “I’m home and I don’t have another trip for a long while, lets just go to bed.” James quickly walked to the bed room and laid Emily down  on the bed “I’ll be right back, I’m just gonna get changed” James retrieved his suitcase from the car and hurriedly changed into his pajamas. He laid down on the bed and was almost immediately pulled into a hug. Emily wrapped her legs around his waist, anchoring him in place, she then planted a kiss on James’s lips and touched her nose to his “How do you feel?” He asked

“As snug as a bug in a rug” James smiled a little, the Emily he knew and loved was coming back. Emily fell asleep almost immediately, James gently rubbed the small of her back and drifted off to sleep with her. 

James awoke a number of hours later, warm, relaxed and limp in his wife’s warm embrace. He kept his eyes shut and concentrated on the dream he had just awoken from. It was Emily and him having a snowball fight, laughing and playing in the snow. Ending with him tackling her and interlocking his fingers with hers. They shared a kiss under the falling flakes and held each other tightly. James had only woken up when the ground had started to shake, which he was trying to figure out the cause of currently. James’s stomach let out a loud growl and he groaned quietly with it. Carefully worming his way out of Emily’s grip James traded his body with a pillow and made his way to the kitchen. He slowly brought up the dimmer for the kitchen light and took a peek in the fridge. Leftover pot pie, some unknown item and a pizza box. James took the box out of the fridge and found half a pizza left. Cold and solidified but tasty regardless, James hurriedly tore a piece free and wolfed it down.

He tore into another piece and fetched himself a glass of water to wash everything down. Sluggish foot falls could be heard coming from the bedroom, and when James turned around, he saw Emily slowly making her way towards him. The yeti sleepily rubbed her eye before she held out her arms and went straight for him, like a Frankenstein’s monster hell bent on giving hugs. James melted into her sleepy embrace and smiled. “Come back to bed”

James snatched another piece of pizza and bit into it “Lemme finish this pizza first, I haven’t really eaten much today.”

Emily took James’s hand in her paw and led him back to the bedroom “You can eat and walk” James hurriedly finished his third slice and laid down on the bed. Emily snuggled in close and looked into his eyes for a moment before lovingly cupping his cheek. The yeti unraveled the scarf around her neck and laid it on James’s.

“Now we’re both warm, hooray!” She said sleepily, James wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead

“I missed you cuddle bug” he said with a yawn,

Emily nuzzled her face against his chest and sighed contently “I missed you too” James made a few mental notes before sleep took him again. Negotiate less travel or some how make it so Emily could come with him on trips. Neither would be easy, but they would be things worth fighting for. He never again in a million years ever wanted to see Emily like that. James rested his cheek against her head and took a deep breath. Everything in his head were things that he would worry about tomorrow, hopefully after a big delicious breakfast that they cooked together. James smiled and focused on his wife’s gentle breaths, it was good to be home.


Pic done by Ittla

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