Slave Market

“Thanks again for helping me out, keeping those debits and credits straight is tricky,” I said, packing up my bag.

Steph beamed, practically shined, and shook her head. “It’s no problem. The accounting class is probably the worst part of the business major. Fortunately, my dad’s an accountant, so I can just pester him for help.”

“Ah, I’m on my own there,” I said with a sigh, “With all my classes.”

“Hey, that just means you get to be the one who starts up the family dynasty when you’re a tycoon,” she said with a wry grin, reaching out to place a fluffy paw on top of my hand for a moment. Her triangular cat ears homed in on me.

“Maybe,” I said with a sniff, “But first I need to pass this damn class. Only one that’s been giving me trouble. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what I’d do. Well, fail, probably.”

“Aw, don’t be like that. You’d be fine! It’s not like I’m not telling you anything you can’t find on the internet or whatever. Besides, gives me something to do,” she said, glancing away for the last few words.  

I’d asked her a few questions after our first class in Accounting 101 since the teacher was ruthless in assigning a mountain of homework on that first day. We were sitting next to each other, so I figured why not. Since then, it’d become a thing where Steph would help me for an hour or two after each class. She was a cute werecat, with a tri-color calico pattern on her fur and bright green eyes. She was more hybridized than most, her cat-like grin being the only evidence on her facial features of her heritage, though her fluffy arms and legs extended at least to her collarbones and mid-thigh. If her fluff continued further up her thighs, well, it was something I’d thought about. I’d have to wait until nicer weather to find out, or maybe…

“Yeah, it’s fun,” I said, “We’ll have to hang out this weekend again, too. Anyways, talk to you later!”

Concern washed over her, knitting her brow together. “You know you shouldn’t be going home alone now that it’s dark out. At least let me walk with you. It’s not far to your place, right?”

“It’s okay, really,” I said, taking a couple steps away from the table with my hands held up. While I would’ve liked her to come over, I also didn’t want her to see the shithole I lived in with two other guys. Two guys who had, apparently, never heard of the concept of cleaning. “It’s just a half mile, what could happen? Not to mention it’s cold out. No one is gonna be hanging around out there.”

Steph sighed as she packed her own bag. “If you insist, but be careful, okay? You should ask one of the guards to walk with you at least part of the way.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, turning away.

I would say she worried too much for no reason, but even the student handbook said not to go anywhere off campus alone – especially the guys. What made it a real shame was because not all that long ago it’d been a much nicer area, but then two major businesses decided to pack up and move their headquarters elsewhere, killing a couple thousand jobs and left us with the ocean ports as the source of most of our jobs. And they weren’t the best paying around, from what I’ve heard.

Wasn’t just muggings and robberies, but there’d been a few disappearances in recent weeks as well. They were all over the news, with a couple guys vanishing in the last few days. But, They’d all been on the west side of town. The south end had been free and clear, so I didn’t feel like I had anything to worry about.  

The cold nipped at me through my jacket, making me regret not bringing something heavier. It was getting to be that time of the year, wasn’t it? Felt like I’d just started my classes a week or two ago, but now we were getting into the full swing of winter.

One of the security guards patrolling the walkways on campus stopped me to ask for my ID and told me to be careful. I thought about what Steph’d said, but nah, I’d be fine. My place wasn’t even a mile away. Took no time at all, even walking at a leisurely pace.

As I trundled along, my thoughts turned back to Steph. Maybe she was waiting for me to make the first move? She was one of the more passive species. It was so hard to tell sometimes, different species with their own dating habits. Make one wrong move and whoops, that’s it – just like with that werewolf from senior year in high school.

The further I walked, the more I envisioned what Steph’d look like under those baggy clothes. Even through a hoodie it was easy to see she had a decent chest, and some nice hips…

A honking car snapped me out of my fantasy. I staggered back, noticing I’d completely missed the ‘do not walk’ signal and came rather close to getting run over. Shook my head and took a deep breath to calm my now-racing heart. While waiting for the signal to change, I happened to look behind myself.

Two people were walking up from where I’d just came. Even nearly a block away, I could tell it was a duo I wanted to do nothing with – a manticore and one of those red-skinned ogres. They were both bad news, even if thinking that made me feel a pang of guilt. The more I waited for the signal to change back, the closer they got.

It wasn’t like they were running, or even walking fast, but the gap between them and me was narrowing with each step. I fidgeted, waiting and waiting and decided to just cross. No cars were coming. Getting my feet moving brought a sense of relief, but I kept checking behind myself, trying to appear as nonchalant as I could.

The signal had cycled by the time they arrived at the crossing, but like me, they kept on walking.

I sped up, moving as fast as I could without breaking into a jog or run. Who knows what’d happen if they saw me run – Shit, I should’ve asked for Steph to help, but what what she have done? We’d both be robbed. Or would I? I mean, they’re just out for a walk. Maybe they had classes on campus and lived this way.

Every time I looked back, they were only ever walking, maybe half a block back. But didn’t that mean they were keeping pace with me?

A jolt shook my body and I fell backwards, right onto my tailbone. Pain lanced up my spine, stars exploded white. Wha – did I run into a wall–?

“Well, well, look what we’ve got here,” a husky, yet feminine voice said.

I shook my head, clearing the starbursts. Looming over me was a wall of muscle and fur – from the looks of it, a pure or almost pure Minotaur, standing over seven feet tall, maybe even eight. The yellow sodium lamp nearby cast her shadow over me, making it hard to make out any finer details, but her bestial face and massive horns were enough to go on. Her long cow-tail whipped back and forth behind her.

“You should be watchin’ where you’re goin’. Could get hurt, you know.”

“S-sorry,” I muttered, extending a hand into the air.

She acknowledged my hand with a snort, but didn’t move to help me up at all. I guess she was pissed at me, but I could’ve sworn no one was coming my way before I checked behind that last time. I glanced around as I picked myself up; had she come out of one of the shops with its barred windows? There was a narrow alley between two of them…

When I got to my feet, she cocked her head, jingling some kind of rings that were around her horns – and now that I was closer, I could see each horn was easily a foot long, curled to point forwards.

“What’ve we got here?” Said a voice from behind.

Shit! Shit shit, I’d forgotten about them.

“Trouble?” Said a third voice.

“No trouble at all,” I said, putting my head down, “I accidentally ran into this lady and now I’ll be leaving. Sorry again.”

I started to walk forward. The minotaur shifted to the side to block my way.

“Not so fast.”


“Look, I’m sorry, but I really need to get home, please just let me go, okay?”

“No can do,” said the minotaur.

Behind me there was a jangle of metal; the ogre rolled up her jacket sleeves, exposing arms covered in corded muscle and wrapped up in what looked like steel chains as some kind of bangle. The manticore’s wings twitched.

“Damn it, fine, just, just take it,” I said in a rush, digging my wallet out and thrusting it at the minotaur. “Please…”

She quirked a brow and one side of her mouth hooked into a smirk. “So willing. How adorable.”

“Maybe this one won’t take so long to train,” said the manticore.

“Maybe,” the minotaur repeated, sizing me up and down, “You picked out a good one.”

A massive knot of iron formed in my guts. “W-what? What do you want?”

Her pair of horns and red eyes pointed down at me and she flashed a wicked grin. “You. Now, you can come along quietly, or— “

I didn’t wait to hear the rest, bolting around her fast as I could manage. My bag slapped against my back; fuck it, I shirked it off my shoulders. Terror pumped my legs harder than they’d ever moved before. Blood pounded in my ears.

One block. Cars, where was a car?

Two blocks. Fuck fuck there was a car just seconds ago!

Three blocks down, someone – anyone!

Right, then left, four blocks down. I was so close to home!

Pain exploded in my right leg. The world slid out from under me. Agony tore through my hip and shoulder as I slammed to the concrete and slid. Before I could even think of recovering, of trying to get up and sprint away again, something heavy drove into my stomach, doubling me over on the ground.

The minotaur towered over me, her shoulders heaving with every pant. I clutched at my guts, struggling for breath that wouldn’t come. Fire consumed my chest.

“You’re a fast fucker, aintcha? Good, they like ‘em in shape,” said the minotaur, her chest heaving with exertion. Bag ‘em.”

Laboring for breath, the manticore produced some kind of canvas bag, hauled me to a sitting position and dragged it over my head. My world went dark. Panic made it harder than it should have been to suck air into my lungs. Someone hauled me into the air and threw me over their shoulder like a roll of carpet. I thought I heard the jingle of chain. The ogre must’ve been the one to pick me up — unlike the other two which had been leaner, the ogre had a power-lifter’s physique.

I don’t know how long it took for the hammer in my head to stop pounding or for me to finally take a real breath to quell the inferno in my lungs, but I finally managed to blurt out “Please, let me go, I’ll give you anything!”

“Anything?” said the voice belonging to the minotaur.


The one carrying me laughed. They all did.

“Then we’ll take you.”

“P-please… Just let me go, please!”

I heard some kind of door roll up, like a garage door. Or one on the back of a truck. I was thrown, but rather than a short fall to the ground, I hit something right away and slid. Two of them stepped next to me.


“Fuck it,” said one of them, ripping my hood off.

It was the back of an enclosed truck. The manticore tried to wrap my legs with rope, but I struggled and kicked at her. The ogre snapped my face to the floor with a backhand. I kicked again. The manticore lifted me off the deck with a foot to the midsection. Lightning and fire again coursed through me. I threw up some stomach acid.  

Couldn’t breath, couldn’t think, couldn’t fight back.

“Much better. Fuck, he’s a feisty one. Who’d have thought after he threw his wallet at us?” The manticore jeered.

The ogre grabbed my face in her hand, forcing me to look into her eyes. She wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my jacket and studied my face for a moment as I gasped like a fish out of water. She had the strong features of her race: A wide nose, prominent brow, and and wore her black hair pulled back into a knot. “This one’ll fetch a good sum, it’ll be worth the extra effort.”

She then produced what looked like a sock from a pocket and stuffed it into my mouth.

“Hopefully,” said the manticore as she finished with my legs and moved to secure my hands, “Gettin’ real fuckin’ sick of this cold already. Can’t stay ‘round here much longer.”

The ogre grunted.

Her job of binding my arms and legs finished, she slid the hood over my head. The door clanked shut, the engine fired up. I made one last attempt to struggle, to find something to rub against to cut through the ropes.

“Stop moving,” said the manticore, tapping me with something heavy, “Or I’ll make sure you can’t move.”

I laid still.


The fire in my guts began to fade, but the ache in my leg and hip was exacerbated by the bouncing of the truck. After what felt like 20 or 30 minutes, we finally came to a stop. The rumble of the engine ceased, the door opened and in an instant my nose was flooded with the salty scents of the ocean. I could even hear the waves.

Renewed panic filled me, but all I could do was let out muffled cries and noises through the sock in my mouth.

They dragged me out, cut the ropes on my legs and tried to make me walk, but my leg gave out, spilling me to the ground with a groan of pain. It wasn’t broken, I didn’t think, but who the hell knew what damage they did.

“For real?” said the minotaur with a long sigh, “Kids can’t take a hit these days.”

“Your fucking hooves are going to ruin anyone’s day when you kick ‘em,” said the manticore. “And you say I’m too rough with the merch.”

“Whatever, get him up and inside.”

One of them, probably the ogre, hauled me up and threw me over her shoulder. Another few minutes of walking later, and the sounds of the ocean were replaced by the sharp echo of footsteps and hooves on metal decking. Old hinges creaked open and doors clanked shut.

I was thrown down, but instead of hard floor I bounced on something. Felt like a mattress. They plucked the hood from my head, revealing that I was in some dank, dark room with steel walls. The minotaur and ogre were standing in the room with me.

“Welcome to your new home, meat,” said the minotaur, her red eyes peer down her cow-like nose at me. She drew close, leaning down to eye-level. “I am going to remove that sock. If you so much as make a whimper, you will regret it. Understood?”

I nodded. She removed the spit-soaked sock, pinching it between her fingers and tossing it into a nearby garbage bin.

“Good. See, I don’t like noisy things. Things that always yap and yowl when they’re supposed to be quiet, just…” Her nostrils flared, washing my face with hot air. Her lips pulled in a sort of grin people flash just before they snap, “Makes me upset. Understood?”

My mouth moved to begin to say “Yes,” but I remembered myself at the last moment and nodded instead.

She clapped her massive hands together. “Fantastic. Though there will be times we want you to be noisy,” she said as she cut the bonds on my hands.

“Now, drop your pants,” the minotaur demanded.

I hesitated, looking between the two of them. The chains around the ogre’s wrists clattered.

Without any alternatives, I did as I was told. The cool air raised goosebumps on my legs. The minotaur scooped up my jeans and plucked my phone from within the pockets, handing them off to the ogre.

“We’ll be back for you later.”

And with that, they left me, locking the door behind them with a clunk of finality.

It was all I could do to keep myself together; breaking down here wouldn’t help me any. People would notice I was missing. They’d contact the police. Everything would be fine, even if it might take a day or two. 

…Were any of the victims of the other kidnappings found?

No, I couldn’t think like that. I shook my head and focused on the now, on my surroundings. A dingy metal box of a room. I was expecting to see an old stained mattress, the kind that’d probably be harboring all sorts of disease, but it was in good shape and even the blankets were in good condition. A bit worn, but they were clean. Ish.

My biggest concern was the apparent lack of a toilet. Not even a bucket. Though, after staggering around the room, I discovered there was a drain in the center of the floor. That’d take care of problem one, at the least.

With nothing left to explore in the otherwise empty, windowless room, I sagged into the mattress and covered up with the blankets. Steel creaked, occasionally the ship would roll a little this way or that.

Several minutes later, or maybe an hour, I couldn’t tell, the door opened.

In walked a new face – a fox woman, probably a Kitsune, mostly human save for several tawny-colored tails and two tall, pert ears atop her head. She was almost entirely nude, wearing nothing but a pair of white panties and a red collar around her neck, framed by her mid-back-length hair. Her skin was pale white, her breasts smallish but shapely. Lithe. As she turned to close the door, I noted she had some rather ornate tattoo work on her back, shoulders, and even on her thighs. Couldn’t make out what exactly it was from the distance, though. She was also holding onto some kind of small box.

“Hello,” she said, walking towards me.

I clutched at the blanket, raising it like a shield.

“It’s… okay, we can talk. I’m here to look you over.”

“Look me over? For what? Who are you?”

“Well, they said your leg was hurt. And you can call me Sowon.”

She set the box on the mattress next to me and opened it, revealing its contents of ointments, bandages, and medications.

“Okay, Sowon. I guess you can call me Conn- “

Sowon snapped a finger to her lips and made a harsh shushing noise. “Don’t say that!”

“What? Say what?”

“Your name. They hate it. Don’t let them ever catch you saying it, or they’ll… hurt you. Okay? Never.”

“They? Aren’t you one of they?” I said, glaring at her.

Her ears flattened across her head. “I… don’t want to be here, either. I’m kind of like you. They even keep me naked like this to make it harder for me to escape or hide anything.”

“It’s so degrading,” she added, sagging.  

“What even is this place? Who are they?”

“Show me your leg,” she said.

I was still suspicious, but it wasn’t like I had any choice. I dropped the blanket and pulled up my boxer shorts a bit to show off my hip. There was the beginning of a dark blotch there, but I knew it’d turn into a hell of a bruise later on.

“They’re slavers,” Sowon said as she pulled a tube of something or other from the box and squirt a dab onto her fingers. “Tyrana is the boss of the group, I guess. She’s the minotaur. If you obey her she’s not too bad, but if you make her angry…”

Sowon pressed the cold ointment against my hip, causing me to gasp in shock.  

“Oh, sorry,” she said with a quiet giggle. She produced a small syringe and stuck it into my leg before I could begin to protest.

“Ow! Hey, what the fuck is with the needles? That shit hurts! What’d you stick me with?”

“Sorry, hurts less when people aren’t expecting it. It’ll help with the pain. I know what I’m doing – I used to be a nurse. Also, sorry but I’m going to need to work more of this into your leg.”

“At least warn me before you get out the needles,” I grumbled.

Sowon hummed her response.

All I could do was clench my eyes and let out a hiss through my teeth as she pressed harder still into my tender flesh. I did notice, though, that a warmth was spreading through where she’d injected me. A pleasant, numbing warmth. Whatever it was, it worked fast. Something I could appreciate given all my aches.  

“Lym is that red ogre, she’s a brute, though I guess you figured that one out already. Then there’s Amari – the manticore. She’s the one who finds targets. Probably observed you for a couple days to figure out when you’d be most vulnerable. Mean as fuck, too. Don’t cross her if you can help it.”

“I see… What kind of slavery?”


I had no words, though I did yelp when she worked more goop into my skin. Glaring down at her, I noticed she was smiling.

“They’ll train you, then ship you off somewhere to be bought. A bunch of other guys have already come through here. Some are still here, but not many. Once they finish with you, this whole ship will leave, I think.”

“Fucking knock it off! You’re just making it worse!” I tried to shove her away, but managed instead to grope one of her breasts. I blushed and looked away.

“It’s… okay. That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?” She said, quietly. Fingers danced up my inner thigh. “Better to do it willingly, you know?”

“What are you – what’s wrong with you?” I shouted, jerking away from her touch. She just put on a smile that was anything but happy. This place was what was wrong with her, I realized. Who knows what she’d gone through. If they were sex slavers, then she…

The door opened again, this time Tyrana was there. “Is it ready?”

Sowon looked at me, pressing her finger to her lips again. I nodded.

“It is,” she said.

“Good. Come with me.”

As Tyrana led us down one hallway and then another, the warmth had spread through me, dulling the aches and pains to the point there were a barely-there itch.

I did notice as I followed behind Tyrana, some areas were warmer than others. From behind, only a few feet away, I couldn’t help but notice her ass. Big, yet firm, every step she took made it jiggle just so, a quick bounce in those tight jeans. Here I was, a prisoner, and I was ogling this woman’s rear.

Tyrana led us through a hallway lined with doors until we got to a large open room with one massive bed four-post bed in the center. The other two who’d been there when they captured me were there.

Right. Training.

Instead of fear that I thought I should be pounding through me, all I could imagine was Tyrana’s ass, free of those pants. I imagined grabbing big handfuls of her, squeezing and groping…

Tyrana prodded me forwarded, then Lym hoisted me and literally threw me onto the bed. I tried to scramble away, or at least into a less prone position, but Amari and Lym held me onto my back, stripping me of my shorts, jacket, and shirt and forced my limbs apart. Sowon moved to each post, taking a length of rope and fastening my hands and feet to each one. The entire time she wore a blank expression.

I was left naked and tied down with three of them peering at me and one with her eyes closed with her hands held together in front of herself.

“Look, Meat is half-hard already,” Tyrana said with a sinister smirk. “Let’s start with the basics, shall we? See what it can do.”

“What are you—“ I tried to demand, but was cut off by a backhand from Tyrana. “You are not here to talk.”

I didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything except endure the sting.

She let out of a grunt of approval, and then grabbed my face with one hand and leaned over me. Her bestial features didn’t let her lock her lips to mine, but that didn’t stop her from kissing me. Or maybe kiss wasn’t the right word. Her broad tongue battered its way into my mouth, ravenous and hungry. Her saliva mixed with mine as more and more of her tongue fed into my mouth. I struggled against her, but my cries of protest were muffled into little more than a whimper.

Greedy, avaricious – her tongue slipped down my throat, licking and slurping and probing. She was so forceful; I was so helpless. There was no way for me to resist, to fend her off. She sucked at my lip, even bit lightly, pulling my lip back and out all while her tongue was ravaging me.

I tried not to, but I couldn’t help but think this was what I wanted, to be at her mercy. It’d be easier to go along with it willingly, wouldn’t it?

My erection sprang to its full height and I could feel it throbbing as Tyrana mouth-fucked me with her tongue. So much of her was in my mouth and down my throat I couldn’t breath, left to gasp and suck on her tongue, which served to pull it even further down.

Tyrana let out a low moan.

Spit trickled out between my lips and hers in thick strands, coating my cheeks. I coughed, choking on her thick muscle, completely subservient to her. Finally, she pulled away, leaving me to gasp for breath and wiped her mouth off with a sleeve.

“Mmm, not bad. Not bad. Needs work, though. At least pretend to put up a fight. Now then,” Tryana said, looking around. Her eyes fell to the kitsune. “Sowon, suck him off.”

“As you wish,” she said flatly.

Sowon climbed up onto the bed, kneeling between my legs. Tyrana and the others began to strip off their clothes. Lifting her shirt over her head, Tyrana’s tits were lifted up for a moment before they fell down heavily, swaying before coming to a rest. They had to be close to the size of my head, maybe even larger. They had to feel so soft and amazing…

Next were her pants, the buckle on her belt came undone and she began to shimmy out of them—

Something hot and wet slid down the head of my cock, diverting my full attention to Sowon. She had a long, pointed tongue, hanging what had to be a foot out of her mouth. The tip coiled around my head and snaked down my shaft, leaving a trail of saliva. My whole body shivered and my legs tugged at their bonds. Her tongue slithered around my entire length and thickness, leaving no bit of sensitive skin untouched.

And then she found the spot at the underside of my crown, right under the ridge – her tongue licked and searched, teasing me and sending my back into an arch off the bed.  Saliva drooled out of her open maw, snapping off tendrils on my crotch and inner thighs.

“How’s the taste?” Tyrana asked.

“Naht bah,” said Sowon, the vibrations of her voice adding an edge to her ministrations.

Beads of pre-cum were forming at my tip, only to be slurped away by the powerful, agile fox tongue. Her head dropped further; I could feel her breath on my cockhead. She paused for a moment to stare into my eyes with her own, a brilliant blood-red. Opening wide she took me down to the hilt in one go.

I felt myself spear into her throat, wet and hot around me – and then she began to hum and her tongue glided around me even while she sucked her cheeks in and her lips formed a seal around my base.

My attempted cry of bliss was cut short by a shadow – A fat ass, and plump thighs looming overhead.

“Time for your meal, slut! Eat up!” Tyrana bellowed, dropping her black-furred ass down to grip my head between her thighs and force her vulva against my face. Her back faced Sowon, allowing Tyrana to stare down into my eyes and grip a handful of my hair in one of her hands. Her pussy was covered in a fine, downy fur right to the edge, with a tuft of longer fur just above her slit. Something glistened in the light, a small ring piercing her clit or the hood in which it was nestled.

She was musky and hot, filling my nostrils with her scent. Tyrana rocked her hips, smearing her juices across me.

“Get to work,” she commanded, tugging at my hair.

It was difficult to focus, to think about what I needed to do with Sowon’s throat milking my cock. My tongue lashed out, finding purchase in her meaty folds, spreading her labia apart. More of her juices flowed, tart with a hint of something metallic.

“Mmm, that’s it,” she cooed, relaxing her grip on my hair.

Her other hand rose up to pinch one of her thick nipples, nearly the size of bottle caps and pierced through with a barbell. She tweaked herself and kept her hips rolling, grinding herself into my face.

Sowon’s skill with her mouth was bringing me dangerously close to the edge already, but maybe my twitching or rapid heartbeat signaled my imminent arrival and she backed off, letting me out of her mouth with a wet pop. I felt warm spit puddle out and around me, trailing off onto the sheets.

“Getting there so soon? That won’t do,” Tyrana sneered, “Maybe meat like you will make up for it in volume?”

Like Sowon, Tyrana’s eyes were red, full of raw emotion. “Get that mouth of yours to work and maybe you can cum. Otherwise, you’ll just be left hanging.”

With that cue, Sowon grasped me with her slender fingers and gave me a few test pumps, but backed off before I could get too close.

I delved into Tyrana’s cunt with purpose, straining to reach as deep inside her tight passage as I could manage. Her powerful muscles contracted around my tongue; I couldn’t help but imagine what she’d feel like around my cock, her ass slamming against me, tits jiggling and swaying with each impact…

Tyrana’s hips set into a slow roll, grinding her stiff clit and the ring against my nose. She alternated grabbing handfuls of hair and gentle caresses of my scalp.

“Good, good, just like that…” She encouraged, and I even drew a shiver from her thighs when my tongue pressed against one particular spot. I focused there, lapping at folds like an eager puppy.

“Yes, yes!” She cried out, pinching her nipple hard.

I kept at it, lashing out at her in the only way I could, spreading and parting her flesh. She squeezed around me in rolling undulations, like her cunt was trying to milk my tongue. Her slow rolling turned to frantic bucking and her clit ring jangled against my lips. Not wanting to waste the chance I seized it, holding it between my teeth and flicked around her sensitive bud with my tongue, tossing the ring back and forth.

She went tense like she’d been hit with lightning and then cried out, clenching me hard between her powerful, furry thighs and nearly ripping my hair out by the root as she drew in a sharp breath through clenched teeth. She loosed an outpouring of her liquid ardor, running out and down my cheeks in a wave, and then again as I kept at it, nibbling and sucking and licking, keeping her orgasm going.

Sowon resumed her duty, engulfing my cock with her sweltering mouth. Her tongue was my reward for a job well done, so slick and inviting. Her delicate touches had kept me at the cusp and now that I was in her mouth, her fingers wandered to my balls and gave them a squeeze, rolling them between her digits as if testing their weight, as if encouraging me to unload them in her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down, every time my length slid down her throat she made a wet gurgling noise. My balls were her playthings to tumble, to tug and toy with. I wanted to grab her head and force it down to my crotch and thrust as far down her as I could manage, but all I could do was yank at my bonds in frustration.

Every squelch of spit that was forced out between her lips and my cock brought me closer to the edge, and I swear I could see her throat bulge out when she sucked me deep.

One final flick of her tongue set me off and I throbbed powerfully, my cock bucking between her lips as my first thick jet of cum blast into her mouth. She gripped my balls hard, squeezing them in time with every spurt. I could hear her gullet glug with every generous load she swallowed, and I kept cumming and cumming, surprising even myself.

Hot, sticky fluid rolled across my thighs, apparently too much for Sowon to handle. She coughed and sputtered, falling off my cock to let one final rope of cum blast into the air and splatter across my stomach.

“Not bad,” Tyrana said, twisting to get a look at Sowon. She dismounted from my face, which allowed me to get a good look at my handiwork.

Sowon had all the appearance of someone who’d been on the receiving end of a bukkake session. My semen clung to her cheeks and chin, forming long tendrils before snapping off to plap against my legs or the sheets.

Somehow, despite the massive load I’d unleashed, I was still hard. Throbbing, even.

Lym and Amari, who had been watching, took up their positions. Amari’s tailpussy swung over her shoulder, poised like a scorpion about to strike. Lym took the opportunity to straddle my face, her inner thighs already drenched with her arousal and sweat.

She was larger than Tyrana, heavier, and more bitter-tasting.

They’d all get their turn with me.

Amari’s tailpussy struck like a snake, engulfing my cock me with a wet squelch. Tight and powerful, its muscles contracted in a steady rhythm from base to tip, milking and sucking like a vacuum. I writhed in agony and bliss, still too-sensitive from Sowon’s messy blowjob.

“That’s the shit,” Amari said, licking her lips as she slid a paw down to rub her clit.

“You call this head?” Lym grunted. She shifted backwards, to sit on my chest, squeezing me so hard I couldn’t breathe. Her hand gripped my neck. “You better put some fuckin’ work into it. Got it?”

I couldn’t even nod, just blinked at her in desperation. That was good enough as she resumed riding my face.

Unlike before with Sowon and Tyrana, there was no backing off until I made the one with her snatch on my face cum. Amari’s tailpussy sucked its first load out of me in almost no time, maybe only seconds. My back arched, but with the massive ogre on me and the restraints, there was nothing for it. The tailbulb kept working, kept sucking, no matter how much I cried out into Lym’s bald quim.

What bliss there was was subsumed by agony, the feeling of all my nerves firing off at random. I was made to cum again and again, and was stuck by something that once again spread warmth throughout me. I tried to cry, to scream and please but hands and paws grasped my throat to silence me, gripping me tight, especially when I came. Every time I fired off into that tailpussy they made sure to choke me, smack me.

When Lym was done it was Amari’s turn, but she didn’t ride my face. She just bit at my shoulder and clawed my chest all the while her tailpussy never let loose.

It turned to a blur, then darkness as agony overwhelmed me.


The following day when I woke up, it took several worrying minutes to get a handle on my situation. Memories replayed as if I was viewing them through an old, static-ridden television, though towards the end they became even fuzzier, indistinct. The only thing I could remember with any clarity was a deep desire for it to just end.

My body ached. My cock ached. My balls ached. The bruise on my hip had blossomed into an impressive mark, but to my surprise it was one of the least painful spots. Guess Sowon’s treatment had worked. As I looked myself over, I noticed I had new bruises, a chest covered in bandages, even a bit of purple beneath one of my eyes.

I had a vague recollection of Tyrana hauling Amari off me, even fighting her, but I couldn’t be sure.

Fatigue hung over me and I laid back down, trying to warm up with the blanket. They’d left me naked. I stank like them. I felt used, dirty, for every reason and then some. At least they’d left me a few bottles of water and some bread. By they, it had to be Sowon. She was their bitch.

Just like me.

With no windows I had no idea what time it was, or how much time was passing. I don’t know how long I stared at the wall, or even if I drifted to sleep and woke again. I pissed twice into the drain in the floor. Finished off all the bottles of water; I was thirstier than I had expected, but considering how much I’d orgasmed… Didn’t feel much like eating the bread, though.

I felt like I wanted to cry, that I should cry, but I was still in a state of shock from the prior night. Like it wasn’t real, even with all the pain screaming at me just how real it was.

A clank from the door heralded Sowon’s arrival. This time she was completely nude, not even any panties. Her shaved labia showed off a thin slit with no hints of her inner lips peeking out. She had another tray of water and what looked like a sandwich. There was also a collar on the tray, a near perfect match to hers.

I watched as she set the tray down and sat next to my balled up form.

“You need to eat,” she said, then noticed all the empty plastic bottles. “You’re drinking at least, that’s good. Also, if you need to, uh, number 2, knock three times on the door and I’ll take you to the bathroom. Okay? If you go on the floor they’ll be mad.”

I didn’t say anything. Why was she even bringing up shit like that? I supposed she was just trying to be considerate, or nice. Small miracles. It helped.

“We also need to get you cleaned up. I’m sure you could use a nice hot shower, right? It’ll make you feel loads better, I promise.”

“I guess,” I muttered.

“Great,” she said with an odd smile, and ran one of her hands across my body through the blanket. I twitched.

“And I have something for those aches. But first, you need to eat. Here.”

She handed me a paper plate with a turkey sandwich on it. My stomach growled when I got a whiff of the meat.

“I could eat,” I said, taking the plate and sitting up. I took a bite; It was bland as could be, just some turkey between two slices of cheap bread, but it was food nonetheless.

“That’s good. Oh, yeah, it’s six in the evening. You were asleep for a while. Guess you can’t be blamed, with what happened and all.”

I kept eating.

She fidgeted. “Also, before we can get your shower, or something else to eat, you’ll need to wear this,” she said, holding up the collar.

“No way,” I said, accidentally spraying a mouthful of crumbs all over her.

Something flicked through her eyes as she wiped her cheeks off. Her upper lip twitched.

“Er, sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she said, having recomposed herself, “and I know it’s a sudden demand. But trust me… if you don’t put it on…” She tilted her head to a side and frowned. “When the ocean is this cold, the decomposition process is slowed. Parts don’t break away for a while… They’d be long gone.” Her vermillion eyes locked onto mine. “And you wouldn’t be the first one.”

I froze up. They’d murder people that didn’t cooperate? I mean, it’s not like they could just let me go. My hopes of rescue waned for a moment. It’d only been a day. A missing person’s report would probably have been filed by now.

“Please put it on, it’ll make things so much easier for you if you do it on your own.”

The police would act in another day or two. A search would take another day at least… I had to last until then.

“It would… make me happy, if that means anything to you.”

I stared at her. She was my only link of sanity in this hellhole.

So what if it was a collar? What good was pride if I was dead? Or they beat me until I wished I was dead?

“Want me to put it on you?” Sowon asked, giving me a wan smile. “It’ll be a bit easier than trying to do it yourself.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, hanging my head.

Would the police rescue me? Why was I getting treated like this? Anger welled up inside me.

Sowon slid the leather around my neck.

Fuck these bitches, slave traders? In this country, in this time? Who the fuck even buys slaves? My thoughts turned to what I’d considered yesterday, about those who’d been abducted before me.

She fed the end through the clasp and secured it in place, cinching it shut. I grabbed her hand, startling her. This time I held her eyes. “What if we escaped together?”

Her mouth hung open. “W-what? We can’t! We’d never make it! You have no idea what they do to people who try to run.”

“Is it really better than sitting here, doing nothing? I heard about all those other kidnappings, but,” I said, straining against the rising knot in my throat, “I didn’t hear about any of them ever being found.”

“But if we get caught…”

“It’s worth it,” I said, “You can go back to your family, you don’t have to be scared of them. I mean, how long have you been here?”

Sowon looked away, turning her back to me. “A while. A real long while.”

Up close, I got a good look at her tattoos. Intricate, stylized designs of golden foxes with multiple tails, some of them eating people on her back. The design continued down her thighs, a fox’s paw on either side. Her tails twitched.

“I don’t have a family I can go back to anymore,” she said softly, “I don’t have anywhere but here.”

“Anything is better than here, better than being a slave!”

She sighed. “Is it? Out there I’d struggle to find a job, find a place to live. Here I don’t have to worry about money.”

“That’s stupid! Are you serious?” I shouted, grabbing hold of her shoulders and spinning her to face me.

She glared at my hands on her shoulders, then at me for a split second before her features softened. “Of course I am. You know, a lot of slaves don’t live too badly. Like me, when we’re back at our main… base I guess you could call it, I actually have a nice room. Comfy bed, warm sheets. Good meals. Tyrana can be all right sometimes, too. You know, I’ve seen some masters who are pretty nice to their slaves.”

“What? What are you talking about? You’re still a slave!”

“And you’re not?” Sowon muttered.

“I mean, right now I might be held captive… but before I could whatever I wanted. No one owned me, I was free.”

“Were you? I’m sure you weren’t going to school because you wanted to. Just wanted to make more money, right? And if you didn’t get a good job right after, you’d be stuck with all that debt…”

She wasn’t making any sense, or at least I thought that at first. She did have a point; it was one I’d talked about with my friends before – wage slavery – but I could still choose my career, choose what I did. Being a sex slave and having to work were to completely different fucking things. I could only think of how warped her mind had gotten being here with these… animals.

“Look, those are two way different things, all right? But anyways, we need to escape. I’m sure you know a way off, right?”

She shivered and bit her lip, taking her time to respond. “I… Yes. If you’re sure we could do it. We can’t for a couple days, but…”

“That’s fine, and we will get away. I’m sure of it.” I touched her leg, not meaning anything by it, just sort of a comforting touch – the sensation of her warm, bare skin reminded me we were both nude. I quickly took my hand away, but she grabbed it and placed it on her leg again, this time on her inner thigh.

“If you’re sure. I appreciate it, but I’m not sure I can hope for it. Here I… know what to do, who I am. You know?”

I shook my head. “I don’t. That seems pretty fucked up.”

“I think you’d understand if you thought about it,” she said, “Freedom can be… intimidating. All those choices…”

I scratched at my cheek in thought. “I mean, I guess? But still…”

“Well, never mind… We can talk more later. Right now I need to get you cleaned up and take a look at your bandages and wounds. If we take too long they’ll get upset. I’ll be right back, okay?”

She stood and left the room, leaving me for a brief minute before she returned with a familiar case. With deft fingers she removed the old bandages, making me wince, and applied some water-proof replacements. She seemed happy to work, smiling as she tended to every cut and bruise. Nursing must’ve been her passion before she was abducted. She insisted I finish eating while she worked, which was a bit odd to have her prodding and rubbing at me while I stuffed myself with a sandwich.

Again she stuck me with whatever her pain-relieving shot was, and in a couple minutes my aches began to fade. “That’s some good shit,” I said with a laugh, “Is it morphine or something?”

“Not quite, it’s just an extract of some plants and herbs from my home,” she said, snapping the lid of her kit shut. “Please follow me to the showers.” She stood and took my hand, leading me out of the room.

Walking nude through the place was about the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done, but at the same time I got a good look at Sowon’s naked rump. While I much preferred big, springy asses like Tyrana’s, Sowon’s pert little butt had its own appeal. Her tails flit back and forth, obscuring and revealing her ass, making it a sort of tease show. I remembered the warmth of her skin, and the softness of her breast.

Blood and warmth rushed to places that made it hard to hide, even walking hunched over with my free hand covering my package. We reached our destination and Sowon turned. She noticed my erection immediately, then smiled. Something about her reaction seemed out of place, somehow wrong, but it also meant she liked what she saw.

If she liked what she was seeing… Her tight, lithe body would feel amazing.

Wait, was that the only thing that was wrong?

“Like my ass, do you?” She said with a chuckle, guiding me into the locker room and the rows of showers in the large room. No individual stalls, just the kind you’d see in an old school gym locker room or something. A few towels were already laid out on the benches.

“Don’t know what’s come over me,” I said, attempting to cover myself.

Sowon took hold of my hand and pried it away. “Nothing to be ashamed of. I got a mouthful of you yesterday, remember?” She added a wink to her sly smirk. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up, I have everything over here already.”

Her comment got me blushing, which only made the experience worse, but at least it got my mind off my situation – and onto her.

She bent over to pick up the shampoo and turned on one of the shower, revealing the tight, pressed-together lips between her legs. They looked so tight and inviting; there was even a sheen on them. Looking over her shoulder, she curled a finger. “Let’s help each other out, shall we? Water’s fine.”

It took all my power to not plunge into her depths right there, to make her cry out, gather up her tails and give them a tug and hilt myself in her…

I joined her under the shower, expecting it to be cold – It was hot, a nice, relaxing heat that washed away the last of my aches and pains. Sowon’s tails had all gone limp and heavy with water, but that didn’t matter. She pressed a bottle of the soap and a loufa into my hands.

“Do me.”

My cock jumped. Be still, I told myself, this was all part of the tease, the allure. I squirt out a palm-full of the soap and worked it into a lather between my hands and then set about rubbing it into her hair, and ears, paying careful attention to the base. She brushed up against me, pressing the small of her back against my cock to signal her pleasure.

Finished with her hair I roamed down her body, using the poof and my hands to lather her breasts. I teased her nipples, eliciting happy gasps from the fox, and shimmied further down her slender frame to her waist. More shampoo in my palms and I worked over her tails, making sure to get every strand of wet fluff. As a test I gave one a light tug and she responded by moaning and looking over her shoulder with those smoldering eyes of hers.

Fuck I was hard.

“Don’t forget here,” she said, leaning forward, pressing her hands against the shower wall and spreading her legs. “It’s so dirty down there, you know?

She was full on display, her pussy seemingly sealed shut all the way around, her puffy pink asshole was as soft and inviting as her snatch, the kind of hole on girls who always needed something in their ass to really get off. I started with her firm asscheeks, and with the loufa I scoured her clean. Her asshole flexed and her back arched with each vigorous rub.

“Clean it,” she said in a smoky voice, raising her tails, “With your tongue.”

Thought she’d never ask! I dropped to my knees and dove in, spreading her cheeks apart with my hands. My tongue roamed a circle around her freshly-cleaned hole, the hot water cascading down around us.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she hissed, reaching back with one hand to ruffle my hair and encourage me further.

A few more trails around her hole and I pushed in, her sphincter slow to yield to my tongue. When I finally slid in, Sowon let out a squeak and jumped up onto her toes. Rare to find girls who really liked this kind of thing, though I did wish her ass was bigger… like Tyrana’s. Sowon was clean outside and in, just a hint of taste, certainly not enough to slow me down.

My lips mashed around her star and I pushed my tongue as deep as it’d go, twirling and pressing wherever I could. Not wanting to leave her hanging too long, I searched out her pussy with a hand, running a finger up and down her well-lubricated slit. She was drenched, and it sure as fuck wasn’t the water. Slipping a single digit into her was almost hard, her clenching passage fighting me the entire way. I slid a second finger in, spreading her wider and getting both her holes to clamp down around me.

She gasped and hiked up even higher on her toes, her hand tugged at my hair, even slipping for a moment to drag her nails across my cheek. The splash of hot water stung, but I paid it to mind.

“Just. Fucking. Like. That.”

I curled my fingers inside her pussy as if to rub a spot within her, about a few inches in, and then slammed my hand in and out of her as fast as I could. She tensed like she’d turned to steel and then let out a low, rolling growl. Within a minute of my anal and vaginal ministrations she contracted around me so hard she nearly took my fingers and tongue off. I pulled back to watch, looking up into her snatch as I finger-fucked her into oblivion. Her growl turned into a scream of delight and she sprayed her climax out, her body wracked by tremors as she came hard, drenching the floor, wall, and even me with her squirt. I ran a finger across my cheek and popped it into my mouth. Tangy.

Her orgasm passed and she went slack, her legs quivering.

Doubtless she’d repay me, giving as good as she got. The steady trail of precum from my cock burgeoned, leaving me dripping onto the shower floor.

“Fuck, wasn’t expecting that. See, they just aren’t… Never mind,” she said, turning to face me.

“Never mind what?”

“It’s nothing,” she said, shaking her head. “Now then, as for you…”

“As for you,” another, gruffer voice interjected from the entrance to the shower, “You are mine now.”

Tyrana. When the fuck did she get there?

Sowon glared at her, unusually fiery considering what she’d told me not long ago. However, her piercing stare fell away and she bowed her head, walking out of the shower to dry herself off. I wanted to call out to her, but I knew better. Tyrana sauntered up to me, nude, her huge breasts swaying with each clack of hoof on tile.

“You learn your place fast,” she said with a snort, her eyes lingering on the collar. “Up.”

I stood. Tyrana walked around me once, then stood in the hot stream of water with a look of expectation. “Come on, what are you waiting for?”

Begrudgingly I began the same thing I’d done to Sowon to Tyrana, but her height made it difficult to reach the hair and fur at the top of her head, requiring me to stand on my toes. However, unlike the slim Sowon, I soon discovered just how soft Tyrana was. The fur across her whole body was soft and velveteen, my fingers sunk into the warm fat of her breasts and played across her stiffening nipples. The more I touched her, the more I wanted to touch her. It was addictive, the combination of her muscle with the layer of softness on top…

She hadn’t said anything yet, just standing with her back to me as I went across her body, exploring and prodding like I’d never touched a woman before. I lingered on her breasts, relishing the sensation as they formed around my fingers, enveloping my hands in soft, warm flesh – my cock felt like it was going to explode. I was on an edge I’d never found myself on.

I left her breasts and moved down her waist, hard muscle greeting me through the thin layer of fat when I played over her abs and sides. The lather in her fur was washed away by the water just as quickly as I’d worked it in, leaving a residual floral scent to her fur. Then I got to her ass, and what an ass it was – so much more magnificent than Sowon’s, so soft and springy.

My hands sunk into it, I felt like I could’ve kneaded it for days. I could feel her tense and she began to sway back and forth, her long cow tail whipped against my chest. She was starting to get into it, too.

However, unlike Sowon, she didn’t ask me to eat her ass, much to my dismay. She turned quickly, grabbed me by the neck and slammed me against the wall.

“I’ve had enough of the appetizer, time for the main course,” she said, her nostrils flaring. She hoisted me off the ground until I was eye level with her, and then leaned in to kiss me, just as rough and aggressive as the last time.

She stole my breath, invaded me, left me gasping for air. Her powerful muscle dominated mine, leaving me defenseless to her conquering kiss – if it could even be called a kiss. She was devouring me.

We both began a descent and she pulled away for a second, leaving tendrils of spittle to thin and snap before she caught her own breath and dove in for seconds. She mouth-fucked me all the way down to the floor until I was on my back and she was on top of me, my cock rubbing against her vulva, adding my torrent of pre-cum to her own lubrication.

“You better be able to last, because if not…” She trailed off, dredging up the memory of how last night ended.

She rested most of her weight on me, crushing my pelvis beneath her bulk. Water dripped from her onto me. Her hips hiked up and she reached down to take my cock in one of her large hands and angled me just so – and then dropped herself down.

In an instant I was plunged into her pussy as far as I could go and then some, her weight crushing down to force all of me inside her. Her insides were hot, wet, and tight as I imagined when I was eating her out.

She lifted off and came down again, her expansive ass shaking as she landed with a crack of wet flesh.

“Mmm, not a bad cock,” she said with a hum of approval, “But let’s really get into it… I like it rough and hard. Oh, and you can talk now – tell me how much you like my cunt. I bet you fucking love it, don’t you?”

I kept silent. She stopped moving and quirked a brow. “Or don’t you?”

I made a feeble attempt to thrust up into her, but she took more weight off her hooves and shifted it onto me. I was totally pinned underneath her. Trapped. My cock ached so much, especially now that it was wrapped by such a hot, wonderful hole. Even still as we were, her cunt contracted and relaxed in a steady rhythm, enough to make me feel like melting away but I knew it’d never get me there by itself.

 Didn’t take long for my resolve to break.

“Yes,” I muttered.

“What was that?”

“Yes! I love your cunt!”

“That’s better!” She said, and then rose up and came down again. Her sodden hole squelched around me and another crack of flesh reverberated throughout the tile locker room.

She braced herself by placing her hands on either side of me, letting her pendulous breasts dangle just in front of my face. With her new-found support she picked up her tempo, hammering down onto me over and over. My hands searched out, roaming up her thighs for support, grasping what handfuls of supple hip and ass I could. Her tits shook in front of my face, her hard nipples and barbells slapping against my cheeks and forehead.

Over and over, her cunt squeezing me so tight as she lifted off like it didn’t want to let go — I could just picture her inner lips clinging on so hard they’d pull out slightly, and then she was so inviting on the down stroke, welcoming me into her depths.

“Keep saying it! How much you love it!” She panted out.

“Fuck me!”

“Say it!”

“I love it, please keep fucking me!” I said, the last of my shame bubbling away. “I can’t get enough of your ass and tits!”

“That’s it! Whatever I want,” she leaned down, to whisper into my ear, “You give it to me. All I care about is your cock and your mouth.”

Vulgar and coarse, just the way she liked it. Every time I screamed out she clamped around me. Tyrana wicked into a furious pace. Her heat and flesh overtook me, she felt so amazing, and somewhere inside me, it was such a relief to have her take command, to hunger for me.

The locker room was filled with the sounds of our pants and gasps, of our wet and ruthless fucking.

Gods, her cunt was sucking me like Sowon’s throat!

Heat welled within me, pining for escape. Tyrana hadn’t reached her climax yet, but I was rapidly approaching the cliff. I grit my teeth, tried to focus on something else, like how much the tile hurt, but she demanded I keep praising her.

“Do you wanna cum in me? I bet you do, come on, how much do you want to unload in my cunt? Fill me up with all your seed?”

“Yes, I want to come in your cunt!”

“You better blow a whole herd into me, you filthy little cumpump! Fuckin’ do it!”

Like that, I couldn’t hold back anymore. The dam broke and I grunted as the first thick wad of semen lanced up through my dick and painted her womb alabaster. She grunted her displeasure and approval at the same time, “Told ya what’d happen if you came first!”

My head swam and my vision dimmed. I could barely hear her; the only sensation in my mind was my cock and how much I was pumping into her, jet after jet. She kept riding me without halting or slowing, her muscles contracting around me and massaging to milk out every drop I could offer. She wanted this – I wanted to breed her like the fucking cow she was, with her big fucking tits swaying in my face and her ass shaking the entire time.  

When my last drop was spent, I regained my senses, only to be immediately assaulted by them. It didn’t matter I was hypersensitive or that I was writhing under her, she kept her pace going and even went a step further, arching her back to lick my cheek before she plunged her tongue back into my mouth. Her arms wrapped around my back, holding me close and tight.

I was at her complete mercy, a toy for her to use. She didn’t care about how I felt, not at all. Over and over she slammed down into me, no respite, no pity. Drool pooled from her mouth into mine and then across my face.

Her searing, cum-clicked cunt milked me with abandon. She was wetter, noisier, my cum churning into a froth as she kept pumping me in and out of her well-seeded hole. Another load boiled up from within, headed by a familiar warmth. My back arched as much as it could and I let out a long moan with her lips pressed to mine, her tongue halfway down my throat. My second load filled her to the brim and whenever she hiked up, thick blobs of semen mixed with her juices drooled out of her hole, only to have a fresh shot delivered straight to her womb when she slammed down onto me.

Fuck, she was so hot, so wet, and just knowing I’d filled her to capacity – it didn’t matter that it hurt so bad, it began to hurt so good.

“Yeah that’s a good little slut,” she said in between panting breaths, breaking away from her voracious kissing, “You’re just a fucking stud. Pump my cunt full. Bet you’d love to get me good and knocked up, wouldn’t you? Just keep fucking away, day after day, filling all my holes.”

There was nothing I could say. She knew what my answer would be.

“A life full of fuckin’ every day, blowin’ thick loads. Could a piece of meat ask for better?”

No, I didn’t want it, but fuck, why was this happening? It shouldn’t feel this good! I’d never been able to cum this much before, not by a long shot.

I strained under her, and then she pressed one of her tits to my mouth. “Go on. Suck.”

Though the barbell made it a bit difficult, I managed to take most of it into my mouth, nibbling gently on it. I sucked around it, and Tyrana let out a low moan. Within seconds a spurt of hot milk dumped into my mouth. “Yeah, that’s it…”

She was getting closer, she was getting tighter, like her thirsty cunt couldn’t be satisfied no matter how much I blasted into her. So close to the last one, my heighted sensitivity urged me on further and further. Cracks of flesh, her warm, wet fur rubbing against my chest and stomach, her black nipple in my mouth and the sweet liquid contained within coaxed out a third orgasm.

This time she came with me, sitting up and then falling back onto her hands as she finally came to a stand still. I got a perfect view of her cunt lips around my crotch, my dick buried completely within her. Her strong muscles clamped so hard they nearly prevented me from being able to erupt into her. I gasped in anguished pleasure, sparks flying in my brain and in my vision.

Every rope of hot semen that lanced into her, the more of our sexual mixture leaked out from around the imperfect seal.

We stayed like that for a short while. I was worried she would keep going, but also wanted to her to keep going. Mercifully, maybe, she was satisfied. Her climaxed faded and she wiggled her hips side to side before standing. Once my cock fully withdrew from her thoroughly-filled vagina, a truly massive outpouring of thick, whitish fluid ran out in long strands and plopped onto me and the tile where it was washed away by the hot water.

“Wash yourself up, cumpump,” she said, pausing only long enough in the stream of water to wash her inner thighs and crotch.

For several long minutes, maybe more, I just laid there panting and gasping under the shower. How could I have enjoyed that?


After I’d returned to my room, Tyrana showed up a few minutes later bearing an orange shirt and pants, complete with a number on the back and over the breast. Jail-house hand-me-downs, I suspected.

“Here,” she said, throwing them down on the bed next to me. “Put them on.”


“Did I say you could speak?” She snapped, narrowing her eyes.

I swallowed. She didn’t answer my question, but she wasn’t leaving, either. Despite the fact she’d just fucked me senseless and probably still had quite a bit of my cum in her, I found myself embarrassed, hesitant. One deep breath later I tossed off the blanket and shimmied into the clothing that was at least two sizes too big for me. At least the pants had an elastic band to help keep them snug just above my hips.

The number across the breast was 1287.

“Hey,” Tyrana said, “That number works out. 1287, and you’re the twelfth one. That worked out nicely.”

All I could do was give her a puzzled expression.

“Your name, meat,” Tyrana said, crossing her arms under her bust. “Makes it easier on us.”

What the fuck was this? I already had a name!

“Something you want to say? You may speak, Twelve.”

“My name is— “

A sharp backhand snapped my head around and left my cheek stinging.

“Twelve,” Tyrana said. “Your name is Twelve. You belong to us now and soon you’ll belong to someone else.”

Rage, hatred burned deep within. My fists clenched. Attacking her would be stupid, but this was pure bullshit. Just as I was about to make a suicidal dive on her, I heard a whisper in my thoughts.

Just take it for now, accept it…

 They echoed Sowon’s voice.

Attack her and you’ll probably wish you were dead if she didn’t finish the job… Bide your time.

“What’s wrong? Don’t like your name, Twelve?” She smirked. Taunting me.

How I would love to push her face into the dirt and fuck her ass raw until she begged for mercy.

“I don’t,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Tough shit. Maybe your next master will give you one more to your liking.” Still smirking, Tyrana turned to leave.

Sowon’s whispers may have kept me from physically assaulting her, but they couldn’t stop the question that’d been on my mind ever since I was captured.  

“Why?” I blurt out, “Why are you doing this?”

She paused and quirked a brow. “Didn’t think you were that stupid. What, you think we’re just gonna give you away to some rich, prissy-ass who hasn’t worked a day in her life? Those princesses pay out the ass for toys like you.”

“Of course I know it’s about money! But, why? How can you kidnap people and sell them?”

Tyrana approached, close enough her tits glanced my my chin. I tried not to, but her imposing bulk forced me a half-step back. “What do they say? Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?” she said through a malicious grin, then shoved hard, spilling me onto the bed. “No more talking.”

I thought she was going to come down on top of me, have her way with me again, but she just laughed and strolled out. Doing what she loved. So much for the tiny sliver of hope I had she was just some, some kind of victim in her own right. Well, it meant I could fantasize about hate fucking her without any guilt.


Days passed. Probably days, anyways. It was hard to tell without windows or clocks. Felt like weeks, even.

Every so often they’d force themselves on me, going on about how it was time for my training. Afterwards Sowon would tend to me, and we’d get a chance to talk a bit. Our chats were the only thing keeping me sane. Without her, there was no doubt I’d have broken.  

I kept asking her when we could try to escape, and she’d always tell me later, tell me she needed the right opportunity to present itself. I’d just need to trust her.

Eventually even our talks and her companionship weren’t enough to stave off the impending death of my sanity. When I was teetering on the brink, peering down into the void, Sowon came by and said to prepare for that evening. Tyrana and Lym would be heading into town to purchase groceries and supplies, leaving Amari as the sole guard. I’d asked about freeing any other guys that were here, but she shook her head. They were too far gone, too much of a liability. It had to be us alone. I hated the idea of leaving anyone else, but I hated the thought of staying even more. She left, saying she’d be back in a few hours.

Not having any way to tell or pass the time was torture in a whole new way. With hope came dread anxiety. Failure here would mean no further opportunities. This would be my only chance at freedom, because if I failed, they would never allow me the chance again. At best they’d simply disallow Sowon from seeing me ever again. At worst, I’d be dead.

The door clunked, giving me a reprieve from the endless racetrack of thoughts. My heart, already fluttering, just about stopped.

“Ready, Twelve?” Sowon asked. She’d managed to find some normal clothes – a loose fitting black shirt and blue jeans. I was so used to seeing her nude or almost nude it was as if she were a different person.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said nervously, “Where’d you find the clothes? Any for me?”

She tugged at the edge of her shirt. “I managed to sneak into Amari’s room, that’s why everything is so baggy on me. Unfortunately, nothing for you, but it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s almost eight at night, so we shouldn’t have to worry much about being spotted.”

“Figures,” I muttered. “Cold?”

“Probably. There’ll be a bunch of jackets all over near the exit. They’re such slobs sometimes,” she sighed, rolling her eyes, “We’ll grab them as we leave.”

“All right. Well, lead the way,” I said, slipping on my shoes – the one thing they’d let me keep.

Sowon lead me through dim corridors that’d become familiar enough I could navigate them with my eyes closed. This way and that, and then we reached a door I’d never seen the other side of. She produced a key from her pocket and slid it into the lock. It opened with the same worn clunk as all the others around here. Difference was, I had no idea what lay beyond.

More of the same narrow passages, but they were new, unknown. A quick right and we reached a set of stairs, the first I’d seen in the entire place. We went up one flight, then three, and finally five. The sounds of the ocean had changed, the waves no longer lapped at the hull. I could also hear voices, which put me on guard, but Sowon seemed unconcerned.

“Over there’s the exit,” Sowon gestured to a door across an otherwise unremarkable room.

 A couch and television took up one wall; so that’s where the voices were coming from. To think it’d been one or two weeks since I’d last seen one. I could already taste freedom.

There was also a square table with some cards scattered around on it, along with a few chairs – some of which were draped in coats.

“I don’t see Amari anywhere. Now’s our chance. We’ll grab the jackets and run, the door should be unlocked.”

Sowon poked further into the room, straining to glance down another hallway. Her tails flit about and her ears swiveled, straining to pick up any noise. My legs tensed up.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Summoning all the strength I could, I hurtled forward in a dash towards the coats. Sowon, despite of, or maybe because of her small frame, managed to stay ahead of me. We each grabbed a jacket and made for the door. She went for the handle.

“The FUCK?!”

Sowon froze, we both did. Amari was standing there in the other hallway, holding a plate loaded with food.

“Get the fuck back here, you two shits!”

She dropped her plate, and broke into a sprint before it’d shattered on the ground.

“Hurry!” I shouted

Sowon trembled. I shoved her aside, wrenched open the door, and shoved her through it. The rush of cold air, maybe the bright moonlight, snapped her out of her indecision and we both took off.

“Follow me!” She barked, grabbing my hand as we sprinted down a gangway.

Amari was hot on our heels, through the doorway before we were halfway down. She glared at us from the railing as we ran, and for a brief second I thought she wouldn’t follow.

Instead, she clambered onto the railing and jumped off with her wings spread wide. Amari shot like a missile through the air, pulling up at the last second to drop herself square at the foot of the gangway. Sowon managed to jump several feet straight up, landing on the guard rails with the delicacy of a cat, then hopped off the side onto the concrete pier. Lacking her agility, I had to settle for leading with my shoulder with my head down and hope for the best.

Pain shot down my arm and into my back. Amari spilled to the ground, snarling like a wild animal, but I managed to stay upright and inertia carried me clear.

“Get the fuck back here!” She howled, scrabbling across the ground on all fours before she managed to right herself.

“C’mon!” Sowon yelled, already a good distance ahead of me.

In front of us were stacks of cargo containers. To the left, containers. Same with the right. It wasn’t more than maybe three or four dozen feet before we vanished into one row of them, stacked high enough that Amari shouldn’t have been able to climb them.  

The path was one way for a while, but it twisted and turned, like something out of a bad movie. Why weren’t they lined up straight? How could anyone find anything in here? How could anyone find their way out?

We skid to a halt at a T-junction. My lungs burned, both from the exertion and the gulps of frosty air. Sowon was panting as well, looking down one path and then the next, cycling back and forth.

“Shit! I don’t know which way!”

“We’ve turned around so much,” I groaned, “No idea which way is which…”

A roar cut through the air from behind. Amari had been in hot pursuit, just now rounding a corner some 20 or 30 feet back.

“Fuck it! This way!”

We took off running once again.

“We…Gotta…Do…Something…About…Her!” I managed to gasp out between lungfuls of air.

“Like what!?”


There was another junction, this one four-way – only we didn’t have time to hesitate. Sowon vaulted to the left, pressing herself against the steel wall. I did the same.

“What are you doing?”

“Anything!” She said in a harsh whisper, bringing up her arm, elbow pointed out.

Two or three seconds later Amari rounded the corner and into a fully-cocked and loaded elbow from Sowon, straight to her solar plexus. Amari’s eyes bulged out of her head and her mouth hung open, drool spilling down her chin. She collapsed to her knees, clutching at her stomach and sucking wind.

“Go! Go!”

The fox who looked like she’d double in weight if her tails were loaded with water had dropped the manticore. I was awe-stuck, or I would have been had there been time.

We ran for another solid two or three minutes, and somehow, either by fate, luck, or a miracle, we escaped the container maze. The edge of a forest was right in front of us.

I let out a happy cheer, but Sowon didn’t seem all that excited. She kept going, pausing to glare at me and wave me on. “We’re nowhere close to being safe, come on!”


The tree line had been thin, but within 20 seconds of running it thickened considerably. The craggy, root-strewn ground forced us to slow down and step with care — a twisted ankle would doom our flight.  

Running for so long had taken its toll on both of us. Despite the cold, I was drenched in sweat and every muscle in my legs burned like I was standing in a camp fire. Even breathing had become a labor I wouldn’t be able to endure much longer. Sowon wasn’t fairing much better, letting her jacket slip off her and down her arms as she plodded along, her head struggling to stay up.

“Do, do you hear her?” I asked, leaning against a tree.

Sowon’s big ears focused on the direction from which we’d come. She closed her eyes, though I didn’t know if that was because she was trying to concentrate or because she didn’t have the energy to work them both at the same time.

“No, I think we’re good. Let’s rest for a minute.”

“Good idea.”

We both collapsed onto some raised roots. I kept a mental tally of each second, and apparently I wasn’t the only one; just as I was about to hit 60, Sowon had stood. “Okay, break time over, we have to keep moving.”

My legs turned to jelly when I tried to stand, but Sowon caught my hand with hers and tugged me upright. We caught each others’ gaze, and I found myself getting lost in her eyes. We had escaped, and I owed it all to her. When this was over, I was going to have to find some way to repay her.

“Careful,” she said softly.

I managed to steady myself. “Sorry, been a while since I’ve run this much. Or maybe ever.”

“Probably the same for me,” she said, setting off further into the woods at an easy jog.

We kept at that pace for another 10, maybe 15 minutes. It hurt to keep moving, so much of me just wanted to lay down.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

Even jogging as we were, I was starting to get cold. The jacket I’d grabbed had been some flimsy windbreaker. The fabric in my orange prison fatigues was worn so thin, I may as well have been wearing nothing at all. Every time the wind blew, the cold cut straight through me. Some windbreaker.

Soon the trees began to thin and then Sowon shouted. “A road!”

We both stood on the shoulder of the road. I had my arms crossed in front of me – the instant I stopped moving, I began shivering. Shit, it was worse than I thought. Sowon, at least, seemed fine in her actual jacket.

“I, I know this road,” I said, taking a long look down one way, noting some familiar-looking buildings. “If we follow it, it’s like two miles to the downtown area. There’ll definitely be some place open, or even the police station.”

“Here,” Sowon said, handing me her jacket. “You’re freezing.”

I noted my teeth were chattering.

“W-won’t you be cold?”

“Nah,” she said, wrapping her tails around herself. “I’ll be fine for a little while.”

“Th-thanks,” I said, trying my damndest to keep my teeth from chattering too much. The inside of the jacket was damp from Sowon’s sweat, but still warm. Hot, even. Just like that, the cold didn’t bother me anymore.

Each step got easier. Freedom, freedom!

We passed a couple stores, but they’d all closed for the night. It was hard to find anything open past six or seven PM, since when the harbor workers got off shift there was no reason for anyone to travel this road.

And then, even better – a car was heading our way from the direction of the town. Didn’t even need to get to town.

I was so happy I felt like I could cry. I’d get my life back and those fucking whores would get what they deserved.

We waved and flagged the car down, and to my surprise, it was a police car. It pulled over and a female officer, some kind of big reptilian species stepped out.

“Something the matter, folks?”

I think I did actually cry right there as I babbled out everything that happened in a rush.

“Whoa, whoa, slow down. Slow down, son. You were what?”

Again I went over the big points: Kidnapping, slavery, ship in the harbor.

The big lizard woman looked at us each in turn. “You serious?”

“Yeah,” said Sowon. “Every word is true.”

“There might even be someone chasing us right now!”

The officer looked over my shoulder, eying the tree line. “Well, let’s get you two down to the station. You’re safe now,” she said, opening the rear door of her squad car.

The back may have had uncomfortable, hard plastic seats and the cage separating the rear from the front area made me a little nervous, but I could finally relax.

“We did it,” I said to Sowon as the car pulled away.

“We did,” said Sowon, leaning a cheek onto my shoulder. Her fingers fidgeted with the zipper on my jacket.

“You know, I owe you everything,” I said, reaching to put my arm around her and pull her close, “I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

Sowon giggled. “You’d still be in that ship right now.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I chuckled.

“What are you going to do now?” Sowon asked, leaning away from me. She was staring at me, as if she already knew what the answer would be.

“I guess go to the police station, fill out the paperwork, get those assholes arrested… Return to my old life,” I trailed off, eying her, “Maybe with you at my side?”

“Aw, that’s sweet of you,” she said, raising a hand to her mouth to cover a smirk. “But I’m afraid not.”

I deflated. “How come? You said you didn’t have family or anything, right?”

“Mmm, true, I don’t,” she said, still staring at me. Her vermillion eyes seemed to flicker with an inner light.

Something was nagging at me from the back of my mind, like a warning. I put aside our conversation and peered out the window – the squad car hadn’t actually turned around. It was still heading towards the harbor.  

“Wait, isn’t the police station that way?” I asked the officer, pointing out the rear window.

She looked at me in the rearview mirror. “Yup.”

“So why aren’t we…”

No. No no. No no no! I jerked on the door handle. Nothing happened. I searched for a lock to pop open. Nothing.

“Kinda pointless to let it open from the inside, don’t ya think?” The officer said with a laugh.

“Sowon!” I shouted, expecting her to be in the same sort of panic I was.

Her eyes were half-closed and I’d never seen her smile like that before. Her fangs were exposed. It cut deeper than any wind had tonight.

“See, I’m just not interested in buying you. Sorry, Twelve.”

That name! She’d called me by it before we left!

“Ha ha, come on, quit joking around. We, we escaped together, right? We were rescued, right?” I stammered, pleading to both of them, like it was just some kind of cruel prank they were playing on me.

Then I screamed. “What about everything you, we went through?! You were always naked, you listened to Tyrana when she ordered you!”

Sowon began to laugh, a low chuckle that elevated into loud, shrill cackle like she’d just heard the funniest fucking shit in the whole god damn world. “I know, isn’t it great? Isn’t it? The look on your face! Oh! Makes playing that role so worth it!”

She gasped, her cheeks reddening to the same hue as her eyes. She slid a hand down her pants, her fingers came back glistening. “Soo worth it…”

I should’ve wanted to fight, to struggle, to punch and kick and bite. I should’ve. Instead I slumped against the door and laughed. “This can’t be real,” I repeated, over and over and over and over.

Sowon pressed against me, her breath blowing against my cheek. “You should know better than to trust someone with such a flimsy, obvious story. Even I was surprised, you know? You were so vulnerable to just a little bit of suggestion.”

Why was she like this? Why was anyone like this? Tears boiled in my eyes, I couldn’t stop them. The hot trails on my cheeks only served to hollow out my heart even more with shame. “Kitsune are supposed to be good,” I said through clenched teeth, her face blurred through tears.

“They are, but I’m not one. How could you even think that? You even saw my tattoos – impressive, no?”

She started to grind her crotch against me and bit my earlobe. I shoved her off; her touch hurt me more than I would have thought possible.

“Ka-kakaka! Or are you really that stupid?”

“…Kumiho,” I whispered, clenching my eyes shut. I really was. So stupid, stupid stupid for everything.

“You got it! But don’t worry, I got my liver fix a few days ago. Besides, slaves are hard to sell if they’re missing certain, vital parts. No one wants a dead sex toy.”

Sowon kept laughing, until the officer asked for payment for her role.

“Yes, yes, I don’t have any cash with me. Had to play the part, you know. Tyrana will pay you.”

Everything had been a plot. Probably from when I first asked her to escape with me. No, even before then. She’d come up with it before she ever saw me.

The car pulled into the harbor. Familiar containers rolled past, and then a familiar ship came into view. Tyrana was waiting for us.

“I really had fun with you,” Sowon said in a throaty growl, resting against me once again. I couldn’t find the strength or will to shove her off. “But there’s more to be had, you know. I’m so fucking wet you wouldn’t believe it, and now you need to take care of my little problem.”

Tyrana opened the door on my side. “Have your fun?”

“You know it,” Sowon laughed.

“Amari is fucking pissed at you.”

“She’s a cunt anyways. She needs to get knocked on her ass every now and then.”

Tyrana shrugged. “Ain’t that the truth, still, might wanna watch out for the next couple days. That shit aside, seems we need to deal with the escapist here.” Her tone had gone icy.

I was still somewhere else, refusing to believe I’d been so close, only for it to all be a lie.

Tyrana hauled me out, wrenching my arm behind my back to ensure my compliance. Not like it mattered. She seemed taken aback by my lack of fight, my lack of reaction. “Shit, what’d you do to him?”

“Nothing much. He just wasn’t very durable. But it’s okay, we’ll get a reaction out of him, won’t we?” Sowon said, slipping out of the car, “Oh, and please pay the woman for her services.”

“You deadbeat.”

“Not like I could take my wallet with me, you know.”

They led me back up the gangway and into the ship, to the room with the large bed. My clothes were torn off. I was shoved to the bed, landing on my back.

Was I really so powerless? Maybe I should accept it. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, after all. It’d be better to let go.

Sowon slipped out of her clothing and climbed up after me. She sat on my chest. “How was it? To have all that hope come crashing down? Even now I can see it in your eyes. Fuck it turns me on,” she said, slipping her fingers between her milky-white thighs. Her tails fluffed out and a gasp rolled through her throat.  

If I didn’t accept it, what was there to do, what would fighting accomplish?

Amari appeared, staring daggers at Sowon. “Fucking bitch,” she cursed, which only made Sowon happier; something warm and wet hit my chest, right where she was sitting.

“Can it,” Tyrana spat out. “Give me one of your spines.”

“Whatever,” the manticore growled, plucking one of the barbs from her tailbulb and throwing it to Tyrana. She stormed back out of the room, but not before getting in one last withering glare at the kumiho.

“You know the shots I was giving you before was diluted venom, with a few painkillers in it,” Sowon crooned, “Now you can sample the full treatment.”

Tyrana jabbed the spine into my thigh. I lurched from the pain, but Sowon’s weight kept me in place. Within seconds the familiar warmth spread through me with each heartbeat. Only, the warmth ramped into an inferno. When it reached my head, my thoughts swam. Some drowned. Sowon’s red eyes gleamed, holding me transfixed.

“Isn’t it nice? Since we picked you up, you’ve been getting fucked daily, sometimes a couple times a day. Better than that silly dance you were doing with the cat, no?”

It… was. No pressure, no guessing, no worries.

She leaned in close, running her fingers through my hair, smelling me. Her fragrance wafted into my nose, stronger than ever before. One of her hands grabbed my balls, giving them a good squeeze before she took my half-hard shaft into her grip. She began pumping with languid strokes.

“That’s right, isn’t it? You like this – being used by us, fucked by us. You’re getting far too hard to be unwilling…”

In just a few movements of her arm, I’d become a pillar of iron.

“What’s the matter, nothing to say?”

She kept her pace lazy, I tried to look away.

“I can keep this up all night. I wonder what it must feel like to not be able to cum for hours?”

My panicked expression drew a smile of cruelty from her lips. “You just have to say it. You want want us to fuck you, right? You want to seed our holes, don’t you? Why, you might even get one of us pregnant.”

Why should I fight? But giving in went against everything I believed in. Or thought I believed in. It was so hard to focus, to think. It’d be so much easier to go along with it…

“Y-yes,” I muttered through grit teeth.

“What was that?”

“Yes! Please, mistress, I just want to be fucked!”

“Good pet! And let it not be said loyalty doesn’t get you anywhere…”

With her free hand she tilted my chin up and planted a kiss on my lips. Her tongue snaked its way into my mouth, inch by inch, until my cheeks were bulging. Her organ slid down my throat at the same time her hand’s pace on my cock quickened. I moaned around her tongue, eliciting a pleased sound from the kumiho when my throat tightened around her muscle.

She kept at it, throat-fucking me and jerking me off at the same time. Deep within, my climax was building to a crescendo in a hurry, but just before I could reach my peak she broke off.

“So eager! You need to pace yourself.”

She turned to Tyrana. “See, you don’t always have to use brute force. Besides, no one wants to buy bruised fruit.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I don’t have the same fox bullshit you do.”

“Say, it’s been a while since I’ve been really stuffed. Why don’t you grab that one double-ender of yours?” Sowon said, her tails waving about behind her.

Tyrana stroked her chin, “Sure, why not,” she said, leaving the room.

I was left alone with Sowon, along with my throbbing erection. By now the manticore venom had saturated every nerve. I could scarcely recall what I’d even been thinking before, my thoughts were dominated by one overwhelming desire.

“Poor boy, I bet you need to release all of this,” she said as she rolled my sack around in her hand. She tumbled each orb in turn, giving them an affection squeeze, “They’re so heavy.”

She even bent over to kiss one a gentle kiss before she crawled on top of me on all fours, then flipped around so her tails and back were facing me. She sat down on my crotch, my cock sliding across her sticky, hot vulva. She brought her thighs together, clamping my dick between them and against her pussy. She started raising and lowering herself, sliding me between her supple flesh, coating me in her lust.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall flat to the bed. She felt so hot, so slick and good.

Sowon giggled, her tails waving and brushing against my arms and legs, even curling around them. Suddenly her tails went taught, snapping around my limbs and pulling them in four different directions with strength I wouldn’t have thought possible.

Her thighs opened, releasing me. She grabbed hold of my dick and positioned herself, rubbing my crown against her slit, just enough I could feel her lips just starting to part around me. “Do you want my nice, wet pussy?”

“Yes, please,” I said quietly, almost mewling.

“Tut-tut,” she said, she probably would’ve wagged a finger at me if she wasn’t busy supporting herself, “Yes what?”

“Yes, mistress,” I corrected myself.

“Too bad!”

She changed the angle and dropped her hips. My crown pressed against a knot of hard flesh, unyielding at first, but it slowly spread and enveloped me. Sowon let out a low, long moan as more and more of her body wrapped around me until her ass came to a snug rest against my crotch. It was a different feeling, hotter, with one point of incredible tightness around the base of my shaft.

Sowon clamped her whole lower body, making her guts squirm around me in a way I’d never experienced before.

“How’s my ass, slave?”

She wiggled her hips, making it my turn to vocalize my pleasure. “I-I think I like your ass more than your pussy, mistress…”  

“Mmm, needs work, but I’ll accept it for now…”

Using her hands and tails wrapped around me for leverage, she began to bounce on my cock in short, jerky thrusts, taking only two or three inches of me out of her at a time before they all rushed back in her quaking hole. Liquid excitement trickled from her snatch, covering my cock with extra lubrication. Each thrust became slicker, easier, until there was no resistance at all, yet still tight as ever.

“Been too long since I’ve had a nice cock in my ass,” she said throatily, as if she were in a dream, “Ah! And here’s Tyrana.”

I strained my neck to get a look. Tyrana was naked, carrying a massive double-ended dildo that had to be a good two feet long and thick as a beer can.

“Ready, slut?” The minotaur grunted.

Sowon shivered. “The real question is: Are you?”

Tyrana shuffled onto the bed, getting herself into position. Sowon had stopped moving, leaving me buried to the hilt in her ass. Her ring contracted around me every few seconds, and I swear I could feel her heartbeat through her slick walls.

It was impossible to see exactly what was going on, but I could hear it. I could feel it. Tyrana wasted no time in jamming the massive rubber toy into Sowon’s dripping cunt. Sowon let out a cry of joy and I could feel the fake cock through the bit of flesh that separated her pussy from her guts. It pressed down against me, making her tight anal passage even snugger.

Tyrana fed the other end into her quim and climbed over the top of Sowon, pinning the fox’s body between us. Another tail coiled around my head, blocking my sight and muffling my sense of hearing.

The minotaur’s knees were to either side of me, carrying most of her weight instead of driving me deep into the mattress.

She began to pump, pistoning the big toy in and out of both their holes at the same time. Sowon immediately cried out and tried to arch her back, but had no room to move. “What, what’re you waiting for, slave? Fuck my ass,” she breathed out, letting my hands free from their fluffy handcuffs.

My hands searched out her hips for something to hold onto. Once I got a good grip I shifted under her as much as I could for leverage and began to hump in a frenzied, animalistic lurch. Her tails tightened almost painfully and her maddened fingers carved red welts down both my sides.

I slammed into her as hard and deep as I could from my position, relishing the tightness and heat of her depths – and the dildo in her cunt provided all kinds of stimulation against the bottom of my cock. I could even feel the veiny textures on it. Every time I barreled into her quivering hole, it relaxed to welcome me, and her guts sucked me in, coiling and spiraling around my length. On the outstroke they clung and held on, desperate to keep me inside her.

Tyrana grunted and strained from above, shaking the whole bed with her movements. Sweat from both of them trickled onto my skin. Tails coiled around my shoulders and upper arms.

Sowon had been reduced to a shuddering pile of moans and cries, no longer able to articulate her words.

“You slut, wish I had a real cock so I could inflate your belly with my cum,” Tyrana grunted out, her thrusting sending the kumiho’s thighs into a ripple with every crack of flesh.

I couldn’t see, but it didn’t matter. All my senses had focused on my cock and Sowon’s magnificent ass. I hammered into her with desperate, primal need, and her body gladly urged me on. The boiling from deep within reached a head and I gave one last mighty thrust upwards and let out a moan as I exploded.

The fake cock mashed against my urethra, flattening it, but it couldn’t hope to stop my need. The first fat wad of cum exploded into Sowon’s ass and my vision went white.

“Fuck yeah! It’s so hot, fill my ass, you filthy cumpump!” Sowon howled.

Load after load lanced into her, my balls quivering in relief. But no matter how much I shot into her, they didn’t feel empty, and neither did I. I kept pumping into her, thrusting through my orgasm.

When it finally faded, I was still hard as steel and she still felt as hot and amazing as ever. There was no slowing down, no stopping. Again and again I plunged into her depths – It felt so good it hurt, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted to flood her with everything I had and then some.

My cum churned and trickled out of her well-fucked hole, forming a pool around my crotch that tickled down my thighs. Every thrust brought with it a loud squelch, her hole inundated with lubrication.

Sowon came with a low growl, her nails carving up anything they could get ahold of, raking down my sides once again. A deluge of her squirt covered us, leaving my hips and waist in a pool of sexual fluids. Tyrana slowed and pulled out, which made it all the easier for me to work Sowon’s asshole.

“Look at Twelve go! It’s like a machine,” Tyrana said.

Sowon reached to grab a handful of my hair, “You’re so obedient, and you just love my ass, don’t you?”

Before I could say anything, Sowon sat upright and turned herself around to face me. “Don’t you think you should get to experience the joy, too? Having something in your ass is simply…” Her body shook as a small orgasm shook her frame.   

Tyrana ran a finger through the sexual mixture and pressed it against my backdoor. Fear ran through me. Sowon laughed, her forcing my arms behind my back and binding them together.

She leaned forward and began to roll her hips, dragging my cock its full length in and out of her sweltering ass. The ridges on my crown caught on her asshole and she clamped down hard, sending a shiver through me. She held there for an agonizing moment, her hole squeezing and relaxing before she took me back into her comforting depths.

Tyrana’s thick finger was pressing harder and harder, I felt myself opening up around her. It hurt, even burned, but also set alight new nerves I didn’t know existed. More of her digit slid inside, pausing at the first knuckle and then the second.

“Now where is it,” she said in an amused tone. Her finger curled up and she pumped her hand back and forth – and then, part way through the motion, my hips jerked up and I let out a gasp. “There it is!”

“Oh my, our pet is very sensitive,” Sowon crooned.

Tyrana circled the spot inside me, pressing up and massaging in time with Sowon’s movements. When every inch I had was buried, Tyrana would press against that spot in me, forcing my hips to buck. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, like there was some sensitive part of my cock that’d never been touched before finally getting the attention it always wanted.

The combination of Sowon wrapped around my dick and me around Tyrana’s finger, the tingling shocks of pleasure radiating out from that point made me want to pass, to shut down.

I could feel precum leaking out of me and into Sowon’s ass, every thick dollap pressed from my prostate. Their two-fold attack on me had me cresting again in almost no time. Like Tyrana had pressed the release button on a catch for a crossbow, I let loose another volley of semen, crying out in pain with every spurt.  

It was agony to cum so hard, I began to beg for it to end.

They both laughed. Neither of them stopped. I thrashed against my fluffy bonds, but they did not yield. Tyrana’s pace increased and Sowon sat upright to bounce up and down on me, her cum-slicked asscheeks slapping wetly against me.

With each hot jet it felt like my balls had shrunk, that there was nothing left to give, but there was a pool, a reserve somewhere I didn’t know about. Sowon’s ass drank deep and greedy, happy to accept every rope of jism I could blow in her. She rubbed her hand across her belly and made a satisfied noise.

“So much of you is in me… It’s great. It makes me so happy to see you’ve accepted your role.”

Sensory overload scrambled me, left me unable to think or see or comprehend. Slaps of flesh, squelches, scents of fur and blissful agony. Hot on the heels of the second, I came a third time, and then a forth.

Everything shut down.

When I came too, Sowon had hopped off the bed. Cum was pouring out of her asshole, forming a lewd trail across the floor. I must’ve only been out for a few seconds, but it was still enough for them to claim victory.

“Did you think that was it?” Tyrana said, looking down at me.

She laughed. Then I saw Lym in the doorway, flicking a spine through her fingers.   

“Don’t worry, I won’t let her bruise you too badly.”




I stood under a tent, gazing out across the throng of people. It wasn’t a particularly large market, but there were still a few hundred people and slaves.

My feet were bound in chain. My hand still ached from the tattoo on the back of it, a simple design in black ink. It marked me as property. They’d put it on me just before the ship docked in this unfamiliar land after a week-long voyage across the sea.

Tyrana was lounging in a cheap-looking lawn chair. At her side was a man I’d never seen before, but he bore a similar brand to mine.

At my side were six others. We had to stand in a line, on display.

Whenever a customer came by, the man who was in Tyrana’s service would speak to them in their native tongue and translate for her. Customers would approach us for inspection. We’d turn around, they’d feel our flesh, make us strip off what little clothing we had to get a better look. They’d ask questions about us, but never to us. Tyrana would always answer.

I didn’t know where we were, but many had facial features similar to Sowon. Most had the pale skin of aristocracy, some were tanned and weather beaten. We could be house servants, play things for women and sometimes men alike, or work fields. I doubted the crop we would be tending to would be for food.

When the day started, there’d been a dozen of us.

Two, Three, Six, Eight, and Eleven had been sold off. Tyrana had been especially happy with the sale of Eight to an older raccoon-looking woman with skin so white it reflected the sun like snow. The instant she stripped him and saw his plus-sized cock, she licked her chops. Apparently, Tyrana was able to negotiate a much higher price than normal for him.

Eventually, sometime after the sun had crested in the sky, a towering, middle-aged tiger woman approached, along with a smaller, younger version of her. They had orange and black striped fur on most of their bodies, human faces except for a flattened, cat-like nose and rounded ears.

“Let me see what you have,” the older woman said in accented English.

Tyrana nodded. “Anything in particular you’re looking for?”

“Something for my daughter,” the mother said with something of a sigh. “We had a perfectly good toy for her, but she’s developed a taste for foreigners, so now he’s been relegated to housework duties.”

Behind her, the daughter smiled nervously. “It’s not like I won’t ever use him again…”

The mother lifted a brow. “You say that.”

“Certainly, certainly,” Tyrana said, “Well, you’ve come to the right place. All our stock has been specially trained for bedroom use. Submissive, dominant, and everything in-between.”

“Excellent. Go on, Ying,” the mother said, giving us all a quick once over, “Pick whichever one you like.”

Ying came over to us, poking and prodding and inspecting. Her tight-fitting cheongsam showed off her slender, athletic build. The cut on the dress was also high enough up her thigh to reveal she was going without underwear.

When they reached me at the end of the line, Ying clapped her paws together. “Oh, I like this one’s face!”

Without asking permission, she took my chin into her paw. Despite appearing to be in her late teens, she was already taller than me. She turned my head this way and that, humming her approval.

“Twelve was our last catch before we sailed here. Former university student. Very tame and docile, thanks to some special work from one of my employees,” said Tyrana. She spoke like she was rattling off the features of a car. “Eager as well if you provide the right motivation. This one has a preference for thighs and posteriors.”

Posterior. Somehow, the word ‘ass’ was a vulgarity here.

“Is that so? How does it handle rough play? I admit I tend to bite and claw sometimes.”

“Twelve handles it very well. Here, take a look,” Tyrana said, and then indicated to me I should remove my clothing.

I did as I was told, folding my clothing and setting it neatly on a nearby chair. The marks from Amari and Sowon across my body were mostly healed, but the manticore did leave some fresh ones on me from an encounter the other day.

Ying ran a furred digit across one of the fresher wounds. It still stung, but other than the twitch of muscle underneath, I didn’t react.

“Oh! Good, good,” she said, her eyes wandering down. She reached out and took my penis in her paw, giving it a few test pumps.

It was difficult to be aroused, considering the situation, but she pivoted to a side and drew up her dress. Bit by bit more of her skin was revealed, edging across her bare mound to her slit. “Do you like what you see?” She whispered with a wink, “Because I can be a very good master…”

For the first time all day I felt a twinge of emotion, even a spark. She drew close, pressing her chest against me. She smelled good, hints of lilac combined with her natural scent. “Go on, stick your fingers in.” She nibbled on my ear.

My hand caressed her plump thigh, rounding it from outside the in, and then towards her waiting mound. She cooed affectionately. Getting even one finger in her was a surprising challenge, her canal gripping me all the way in. With her perfumed scent, her steaming twat wrapped around my finger, and her stroking my shaft, I rapidly hardened in her grip.

And just like that, she pulled away. “Good response, you weren’t exaggerating,” Ying said to Tyrana. Though I couldn’t help but notice she seemed just a little disappointed. “Though not as big as I like.”

“They never are,” her mother commented.


“She can be a size queen, so don’t mind her. He’s plenty big. Besides, I’m sure you know it’s not all about their equipment,” her mother said to Tyrana, who nodded in understanding.

The mother gave me a lingering look. “If he’s good with his hands and mouth, I might have to make use of him as well.”

“I assure you he is.”

I felt a bit insulted, mostly because I knew I wouldn’t be able to fetch as high of a price as Eight.

“I like this one, let’s get him,” said Ying.

“Excellent,” clapped Tyrana.

The trio negotiated my price for several minutes. I was allowed to put my clothes back on, though after being teased like that, I couldn’t numb myself again. My gaze played up and down their bodies, daughter and mother alike. The mother had filled out some with age, but it went to all the right places – her ass was nearly as big as Tyrana’s.

Some deliberation passed before they settled. Money exchanged hands. Ying bounded up to me with a smile and produced a leash, which she clipped to my collar.

“Twelve won’t do,” she said, bunching her lips together on one side of her mouth. “You need a new name, a proper name. Something foreign, too. Oh! I know, what was your original name?”

I gave her a blank look. It was a question I should’ve been able to answer instantly, but I couldn’t. Gears that’d grown rusty and corroded clanked and strained.

“Conner. I think,” I said.

“Conner? Conner,” she said, as if testing the word. “I like it. Conner it is! Come along, Conner, I want to see just how capable you are. It won’t take us long at all to get back home!”

Ying laughed a light, girlish laugh – completely at odds with her imposing presence, and tugged the leash.

“Yes, mistress,” I said, stepping forward. I looked behind, expecting something from Tyrana, but she’d just sat back down.

I was guided to a fancy car, driven by someone who had also had a brand on his hand. He was dressed so well I wouldn’t have known his status otherwise. His smile upon seeing his masters return seemed genuine, as well.

Ying and I sat in the back seats, her mother in the front.

“We’re going to have so much fun together. We’ll get you some new clothes, give you a haircut, though you’ll grow out that stubble into a proper beard,” Ying said, ruffing my hair and tugging at the orange pants and shirt. “How’s that sound, Conner?”

I didn’t know why, but it… actually sounded really good.


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  1. Oof.
    That was about as uncomfortable to read as I expected it to be, well done. Wasn’t quite able to enjoy the sexy bits with a premise like this, but I’m sure this is the tits for anyone actually into this. Good job on this.

  2. Waaaaiiiiittttt a second here!

    How did his wallet manage to end up back inside his pant’s pocket (when he was told to strip by Sowon that first time), after he’d thrown it away in an effort to distract Tyrana from chasing him the first time?

    The future of menfolks in a world dominated by Mamono. Ah how the wheel of fortune turns, eh?

  3. You have to make a part 2 where he escapes!
    Grows out of his weakness. Trains under a
    Kanoichi. Tracks these mofos down and goes John wick on their @$$es. The injustice ive read in this needs be resolved ! Like i got really into the story and i want my weak and helpless protagonist whom im invested in now. make him JOHN WICK.

    1. I’m thinking more of a poetic justice here. Dude screws enough women to become a powerful incubus. Ying ends up falling in love with him instead of owning him, and her love illuminates the injustice of it all, and she reawakens his sanity. And together, they track down the slavers, and give ’em a taste of their own medicine. Perhaps with some raging mushrooms involved.

      That’s what I’d, do, anyway.

  4. It’s truly a sad thing that even something as mind-numbingly and brutally hopeless as this can cause a being to beat off furiously. Story’s well-written I suppose, but like the first guy mentioned, the sexy is pretty much nonexistent despite all the smut due to the overly cruel overtones depicted. Cheers to whoever commissioned you for this….story. They most definitely got their money’s worth.

  5. awful. made me sick, angry, and sad all at once (mostly sick though). i just..euegh. despite this story being made by someone with a writing talent, this has got to be the wort thing I’ve read on here. i mean even when i saw the twist coming i expected some kind of resolution. i expected connor to finally snap in the cop car and unleash his rage on sowon, or maybe he gets the sympathy of the ogre and the manticore and they fight with sowon and the minotaur, or just ANYTHING. but instead we’re left with another sickening smut and the protagonist becoming exactly what the antagonists wanted in a dissatisfying, infuriating way. im peeved. this ruined my evening, and probably the rest of my week. thhankssssss

  6. Looks like my “monstergirls kidnap men and traffick them” ideas spread. Dark but nicely written. I tend to go lighter nowadays in literotica.

    You can guess who I am, or ask Republic. 😉

    I’m watching y’all, despite the site owner being a cretin.

  7. That said, I have greatly disliked the obvious “plot twist” and “all for nothing” chase of the protagonist at trying to escape, rather than fleshing out the exotic land and the people, the language, and the market.

    Rather than the market or his new life with his buyer, which was a hurried excuse ending at best, all we had was an endless, obvious dead end chase where he would despair at being simply abused for cruelty’s sake.

    Could be less edgy, but good writing.

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