Showering Anubis

> Your Anubis wife grabs you and smiles

> “You smell awful.”

> She sticks her tongue out

> She pulls your arm and you get up from the chair

> Smiling, she leads you towards the bathroom

> “We’re having a shower.”

> You sigh as she undresses in front of you.

> Her tail wags as she looks over her shoulder

> Her back is exposing the delicious brown skin

> She grins as you look up and down her body, she in turn and looks at your still dressed form

> She puts her paws on her hips and pouts

> You just stand there and look

> She says nothing as she undresses you, merely drinking you in in silence.

> You’re amazed by her paws removing your clothes; how nimble could hands that meaty be?

> In about a second you were naked

> She grabs your shoulders, burying her face in your chest

> You wrap your arms around her head and hold her

> “Your scent is a bit too strong.” She smirks

> She backs away leaving her hand on your chest

> She leaves it there and traces your chest

> As you look down she flicks you

> She giggles as she turns on the water, grabbing your hands and pulling you in.

> The cold water hits you, leaving you breathless as she starts to snicker

> “What kind of face was that?”

> Before you can respond she starts washing your chest with her sud soaked paw

> You giggle as the hairs tickle

> Just as she reaches your groin she turns around

> “My Turn!” she yips, turning around.

> Her tail sways as you begin plying her body, watching it flex and react with every motion

> She barely contains her moans as you move ever lower

> Eventually you make your way down to her ample ass, your fingers tracing around the soft supple skin

> You move ever lower and drag your fingers down the back of her calves

> She braces herself on the wall as you make little circles behind her knees

> Just before you can bury your face in her toned cheeks, she turns around and pushes you to the wall, her boobs pinning you as the water runs down

> She smiles and grabs your package

>”Let us skip the tongue and get to the fun part.”

> You look at her with worry, She smirks in response

> Her head darts for yours and she kisses you, the water flowing over your tongues

> She lets out a giggle, her hand reaching for your groin.

> “This is what you wanted, was it not?” she sighs looking at your red face

> “It’s always what I want…” you huff

> She plays with your tip, the soft pads rubbing your sensitive spot.

> Her hand gets slicker as pre leaks from your cock, mixing with the water

> She removes her hand, leaving a gooey string

> She looks at it and starts to lick her fingers giving a lewd smile

> You whimper she turns around, bending over and spreads her ass for you

> “Which hole will it be?” she giggles as you grab her hips

> “Both.”

> You position yourself at her puffy vulva rubbing her folds with your tip

> She moans out as you tease her, then without warning, she backs into you

> “Unf, wonderful…”

> You bottom out in her as the unexpected move pins your back against the wall

> She starts to move back and forth, her walls sucking you in deeper

> The ribs and folds taunt you to cum, begs for your seed

> She grins as you throb inside her

> “Don’t you wish to fill me up, love?” she asks

> “Dear god, yes!” you cry out

> You start to piston yourself, thrusting harder and harder

> You bend down and grab her swaying breasts

> She yips as you pull her nipples, making her walls tighten, the feeling sends you to the point of no return

> You thrust as hard as you can as the pressure builds,then with a final thrust, you cum, sending jets of spunk deep inside

> You’re both left panting

> After  a short time you remove yourself causing her you let out a small yip

> She turns around and looks at her dripping snatch, her eyes slowly moving to your still stiff cock

> “Want me to be on top?” she pants

> “That sounds just lovely.” You breathlessly respond

> She giggles

> “It will be more than lovely.” You smirk

> She lowers you in the tub such that the water hits higher on both of your bodies

> The spray hits her back as she straddles you, positioning your cock at the base of her anus

> You cry out as she teases you

> “Still sensitive I see.”

> Before you can respond she rubs your tip on her back door

> She grins, knowing you won’t last

> She grinds her way down your shaft, the heat and texture making you call out her name

> She leans in, sealing your voice with her tongue

> You feel her hot breath in your mouth, her saliva as well

> She rises back up and assaults your mouth

> Her muffled moans and yours mix with every movement, filling the shower with the lewd music of your pleasure

> She sinks down, slowly, every inch of her ass squeezing your member as she takes you in

> She rises back up and breaks the kiss

> “You should hang on to me love.” she says with a wink

> You grab her hips

> She slams down on you

> Over and over

> The smacking sound fills the bathroom

> You can feel her tail hitting your legs at it wags

> You know you won’t last long

> You make a move for her chest and start to suck her supple tits

> She calls out your name, shouting it.

> “I’m going to cum!” she screams

> Her ass tightens up and you feel the jets of sperm fill her guts

> It starts spilling out as she moans, her tongue hanging out as you bury your face in her bosoms

> You finish and watch it leak out of her as she rest her head on your shoulders.

> You stay like this for a while, both panting and letting the water hit you

> After your shower you both dry each other off, teasing each others’ bodies a bit more as you do.

> She wraps her arms around your neck after you don your robe

> “Why can we never stay clean?”

> You shrug as you head off to the bedroom for your usual post-coital cuddle

> “Probably because it’s more fun to get dirty.”

> The next day you are at the table eating your cereal as she grabs the mail

> She places it on the table and grabs her cup

> It was a gift you gave to her, it looked like it was made from LEGOs

> She sits down as you grab her paw

> You press one of her digits to pop out a claw and start to open the letters

> You take a look at the contents

> It’s the water bill

> $94.12

> You damn near choke

> She pats your back and sighs

> “Guess we’ll just have to stay dirty.” she says as she smirks


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