She has a spider

I was alone in my apartment, the clock dully glowing. It was 9:30pm and my spider roommate was out doing god knows what. It was fine because I could walk around naked in peace instead of her teasing me that my human body wasn’t as good as her spider one. It sometimes sucked that she had a holier than thou attitude. It wasn’t hard being a woman in a city of mg, all the rumours of about us transforming and that crap were mostly a lie, hell a lot of it was a lie.


I placed my headset on as I booted up steam. Time for Life is Strange. As I played, I was mesmerized by the characters. I wanted a relationship like that, a lewd relationship where another girl would eat me out. My hand slipped into my panties as I thought about her, her eyes looking up as me as she licked my tender spots, her teeth teasing my clit as her hands rubbed my ass. I kept rubbing myself.


I let my hand run over my leaking pussy as my moans fill the apartment. I was enjoying myself, the naughty thoughts filling my mind until I felt a hot breath on my neck.


“HAAA!” I jumped, my headphones falling off as my hand shot out from my panties, tapping them in the face. I felt it grab my arm and sniff it


“You smell wonderfully dirty~” The feminine voice giggled. I knew that voice, it was my roommate, her hands rubbing me as they sought to get under my shirt.


“W-What the fuck are you doing home?” I stammed out, her breasts pressing against my back as as her long, slender arms wrapped around my belly.


“It looks like we’re having sex~.” she whispered as her fingers slipped into my soaked panties. I huff in shock, her long black hair falling over her shoulder as her warm hand spread my lips. I gasped as she giggled, my already dripping pussy soaking my panties. Her fingers teased me, spreading me wider as her palm rubbed my clit. My body writhing in the chair as she slowly pulled out leaving a slimy trail.


“Oh, I need to taste this.” Her sultry tone filled my ears as I watched her hand, soaked in my fluids as it shimmered past me. The smell of myself was overwhelming as I felt her body shift. I looked over to my side and watched her mouth open. She licked a trailing string, then slowly slipped her fingers in. As they went deeper her slurping got louder, filling the still room as I waited for her to finish. Would she let me go? Part of me wanted her to keep going, to punish me for being caught.


She slowly pulled her hand out, it now covered in saliva and swung it around, right under my nose. I could smell myself and her mixed together. It was heavenly.


“Lick it.” she said, her breast pressing into my back. My mind raced as I felt her nipples dig in. hesitantly, I stuck out my tongue, still fighting my actions, until my tongue touched it. It tasted eroctic, the perfect blend of sweetness and acid. I wrapped around my lips around her digits, my tongue lapping and sucking it as I pushed her hand in deeper. She smiled as she spun the chair.


“Hmmmm, fuck thats hot.” She grinned as she pulled her hand out of my mouth.  “You have a good tongue.” She said biting her lower lip and looking down at me as she stood up taller.


“Now you’re gonna lick me.” She demanded lifting her skirt and revealing her puffy lips. It looked so good, so eroctic under her panties. There was no more fighting as I nodded my head. I slowly lurched forward, feeling her wet hand softly pet me. I could smell her, my nose inches away from her feminine lips, my hands moving to her soft ass as I moved in.


I grabbed her black lacy garment with my teeth and pulled it down, my eyes looking at her perfect muff as the fabric fell to the wayside as she moved her pedipalps. She sang as I buried my tongue in her. Her heavy sighs filled the room as I went to work. Licking the outer lips as I tasted my new lover’s feminine juices. They were much stronger, more acrid than her saliva, but I loved her taste, her smell.


I drove my tongue deeper, the taste of her folds egging me on to make her cum. She moaned as I massaged her ass cheeks, kneading her ample flesh as my heavy breath teased her clit. Her girl lube filled my mouth as I licked and sucked, sliding down my throat, filling me with want and need. Was I really doing this? Being a slutty little fuck toy to my roommate. That didn’t matter to me when her pedipalps wrapped around my head. She pushed me in hard, my nose rubbing up against soft pubes. I was loving it, her  gasps and moans became wails and howls, her hips thrusting into me as her hand griped and pulled my hair. She wanted it worse than me.


Soon I brought her to the edge, her walls clamping down and sucking my tongue, almost milking it. I let my teeth tease her clit as I pushed up, her walls clamping down hard as she twitched her legs, spasming with each movement of my tongue. I slowly start to slip my fingers deeper into the flesh of her ass and then it happened. She screamed as her walls clamped down on my tongue, a sweet liquid poured into my mouth as I heard my roommate’s voice peak. Her hands gripped me hard. It hurt, but I loved it. I loved how her cum was filling my mouth, dripping out and making me a mess, How she was using me like a toy, how her smell filled my nose. I swallowed as much as I could, letting the rest of her feminine juices mark me and soak my t-shirt.


She sighs, pushing me away as strands of her cum and lube glistening, thinning as my chair rolls to the wall.


“Fuck.” She huffs. “Your good.”


My heart jumped as she walked over


“Now it’s my turn.”


What would she do to me?


“Let’s get you out of these soaked clothes~” She smirked as her hands pulled off my shirt, the sticky fabric making my hair wet. Her soft hands slowly traveled down my head, caressing me as she reached my arms.


“Let’s make sure you don’t move.”


I felt her arms lifting me up and pushing me back into the wall. With a soft thud I was quickly pinned, her legs wrapping me in hot, sticky web. Her body moved faster than I could see. Soon a cocoon formed around my legs and arms, her face smiling as her fangs pressed into those soft, supple lips. She backed away, rubbing her breasts in admiration her handy work.


“I’m going to enjoy eating you out~”


I shuddered as the words left her mouth. She looked deep into my eyes as she moved in, her hand pinching and twisting her ever stiffening nipples. I open my mouth, but she cuts me off with a kiss, all eight eyes looking at me with glee as I tense up. I feel her tongue slip in and writhe around, her sweetness and texture making me squirm in the web. More saliva fills my mouth as I let her tongue violate me. It feels wonderful as her hands hold my face, tilting it and forcing herself deeper, licking my tonsils as my muffled moans fill her mouth.


We drool as I feel her breasts press up against mine, our hard nipples circling each other as they push in, denting our soft flesh. My moans become louder as I feel her warm hand slip down, her soft skin toying with mine as she outlines my belly button, soon moving down to my sensitive spot.


Her nail teases my clit as she slowly rubs it, her thumb circling my lips as she drags it up through my soaked lips and pitches me. I struggle in her web, twitching under the pleasure as she slowly pulls out her tongue. I feel every little movement as it tangles with mine, it slithering out. My tongue slips out as we part, our saliva drooling onto our breasts.


“M-More p-please.” I beg, trying to catch my breath.


“More what?” She asked, her cocked grin taunting me.


“Please master, I-I want more.” My drooling mouth said.


“Fuck.” She said biting her lip. “You’re so fucking cute.” She teases as she moves to my breasts, her hot breath making me spasm. She gives my hard nipple a tentative lick and smiles ever harder as I yelp. Her eyes look up at me her teeth start to tease me, my spasms becoming harder as my thighs become sticky and wet.


She bites down, her mouth grinding my sensitive nub as her tongue flicks it. Her hand grabs my other breast, sinking in as she pulls and squeezes. I moan and squirm uselessly as she assaults my chest. With her free hand she traces my side, moving down to my soaping wet pussy. I feel myself nearing climax, and her hand moving closer isn’t helping.


I shudder as she suckles and teases my ever sensitive nipples. she slowly backs away, stretching my tit as my pussy soaks the wall and floor. I’m going to cum soon. As soon as those words cross my mind I cum.


With a loud pop the spider pulls away, her hand rubs my pussy sending my fem-cum through the air coating my roommate in me. She looks up, her eyes blinking.


“S-Sorry.” I stutter as she starts to laugh.


“PFFFF, Hahahaha, you’re adorable.”


“N-No more.”


She just laughs as she passes my belly button.


“Look, I’m not sleeping with you this wet.” She goes back and with her tongue skilfully laps up all of my fluids, her hands resting on my belly as her tongue licks my sticky thighs. My hips buck as she switches. The feeling of her tongue tickles me as I spasm in the web.


“P-Please n-no more” I beg I begin to feel weak. She ignore me as she continues to lick and kiss, her tongue moving up against my folds. She keeps looking up at me as I feel my cunt twitch. around her tongue. She knows I’m going to cum again, and so soon. Her hands slowly travel down as her face gets close. I feel her breathing on me. I want her.


Her warm hand hits my clit and my whole body shakes as I cum once more. She happily gulps down the less powerful torrent of cum. She starts spinning her web as she sits back, admiring her work.


“I didn’t think that you would cum so quickly.” she smirks starting to wipe me down with her newly made towel. “I never even got to lick you.”


“I…feel weak.” I huff.


“You are always so needy. But fine, might have been too rough.” As she said that, the web holding me to the wall broke. I fall, but she catches me, setting me down as she keeps drying me off.


“Thanks for that.” I say, blushing hard as she picks me up.

“Shush, thank me in the morning slut.”

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