Saturday Breakfast

The bedroom door flew open as Danny carried Allison across the threshold. Their lips were locked together and their tongues intertwined. The kiss was only broken when Danny laid Allison down on the bed. He quickly dropped his pants and grabbed her tail before lining it up with his growing member. Before he went in Allison stopped him.

“W-wait! I wanna try something different…” Danny gave her a puzzled look. Allison slowly slipped down her pants and pointed to her crotch. Danny’s eyes widened a little and he nodded his head. He crawled onto the bed and positioned himself over her. He lined himself up and looked at her.

“You sure about this?” Allison blushed and nodded her head.

“I’m sure, I-I love you Danny.” Danny smiled,

“I love you too Alli.” He went down and planted a kiss on her lips.

Danny woke up to something poking his nose. It started slowly and got faster when he didn’t open his eyes, a voice started to accompany it. “Dad? Dad? Dad! Wake up!!” He slowly opened his eyes and saw his daughter Abby in her PJs, holding her pillow. Danny groaned and raised his head off the pillow.

“What time is it?”


Danny flopped back down on the pillow and shut his eyes.

“Come back in half in hour” Abby puffed out her cheeks.

“Come on dad! You said you make me pancakes if I got an A on that test!”

Danny groaned again and rolled over “I can’t hear you all the way in dream land.” Abby stomped her foot and started to hit him with her pillow

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

Danny groggily raised his hand and tried his best to block the incoming hits.

“Ow! Quit it!”

Using her wings for a little boost Abby hopped up on the bed and continued her assault with a not so deadly weapon.

“Only if you wake up!”

Danny sunk into the bed and shut his eyes tighter. Abby eventually ceased her onslaught and took a moment to pant. The fact that there were no pancakes in her belly really put a hamper on her ability to wake her dad up. She dropped to her knees and slowly crawled up alongside Danny. Danny tried his best to keep a straight face

“Just a little closer…” he thought. Once Abby was close enough he sprung his trap. His eyes shot open and he put his daughter in a bear hug before spinning her around and going straight for her weak point. Abby thrashed against her dad’s grip as he tickled her stomach. She twisted, turned and wiggled but just couldn’t break free. Her face turned redder and redder as her dad continued his attack.

“S-s-top it!” 

Danny giggled and feigned a sad voice “Only if you say you’re sorry.”

“I-I’m s-sor-ry!”

Danny smiled and released Abby from his clutches. She flopped down on the bed, red faced, limp and panting. Danny propped his head up on his fist.

“What kinda pancakes you want?”

Abby didn’t need to think about her response.

“Chocolate chip?”

“Lots of syrup?”

Abby nodded her head. “Lots of syrup.”

Danny picked Abby up and went downstairs, dropping her off at the table before heading into the kitchen.

“You want anything to drink while you wait?”

“Milk, please.”

Danny poured her a big glass and set it down next to her.

“They’ll be ready soon.”

Danny rubbed one of her ears and Abby batted at his hand. Danny smiled and went back into the kitchen to make the breakfast Abby had worked so hard for.

Six pancakes served with raspberries and blueberries with an “A” spelled out in syrup for his wonderfully smart, cherry haired six year old. Danny brought the stack into the dining room and set it down in front of the surprisingly patient lion cub. “Congratulations baby.” Danny planted a small kiss on her head.

“Thanks dad”Abby took a bite and chewed slowly before a small smile formed on her face. Danny sighed happily, his cooking had met her “incredibly high” standards. Danny headed back into the kitchen to clean up the mess he had made. He had one bowl in the sink when he heard the front door open. Moments later Allison walked into the kitchen wearing a sports bra and those form fitting shorts Danny loved so much. She was covered in sweat and panting.

“Hey, how was your run?”

“Oh you know, same ol’ same ol’”

Without warning Allison walked up to Danny and gave him a big hug. She pushed his face into her mane and rolled his head around with her paw. Danny’s nostrils were filled with a mixture of her scent, sweat and that lilac shampoo she used. Allison eventually let him go, Danny stepped back and wiped his face off. He looked down and saw the huge sweat stain on his pajama top. Allison suppressed a small giggle.

“Looks like we both need a shower now.”

She shot him a small wink and stepped behind him. She placed her paws on his shoulders and guided him to the upstairs through the dining room.

“Morning mom” Allison stopped and tousled Abby’s hair

“Good morning sweetheart, congratulations on your ‘A’”

“Thanks momma” Abby took another bite of pancakes, Allison’s face lit up.

“That reminds me!” She plucked a barb from her tail and held it up in front of Danny’s face, giving him a clear view of the bead of venom forming on the tip. “I still need to eat breakfast…” Danny whimpered and Allison giggled mischievously as she hurried him up the steps. Abby continued to eat and swung her legs a little, sighing when she heard the bathroom door slam.

“They need to work on being more subtle”                                     

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