Return of the Goddess

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A possible multi-part story about a gang of adventuring women (Featuring a lamia, cupid, and vampire, though this particular segment focuses upon the cupid) and one member’s discovery of a dormant goddess (A land-dragon, or big wurm with a pair of surprises) who does not remain dormant for long after their encounter.]


While the vast stretches of dense forest and mountains to the west of the Tremidian Empire’s borders proper were not unknown, neither were they known. Generations of explorers and their accompanying mercenaries had gone into the wilds in search of new discoveries, new lands, and new wealth. On rare occasion they’d bring back something of note, of value, but never the locations of, say, an untapped vein of gold or vast growths of rare spices. Instead, most of what they brought back were tales of great beasts—monsters.

The thick canopies made for dim travel even during the sunniest of days, which meant that at night there was little hope of seeing the stars or moon. Combined with the rugged, craggy terrain that was at once unique to each step and the same as every other, it was not unheard of for even experienced woodsmen to become disoriented or even lost.

It didn’t take much for one to see unusual things in the ordinary when their nerves were already frayed, their minds harried with fear at never escaping the choking trees, the way they bore down on a person, threatening to trap and ensnare them for the crime of trespass. Simple birds and bats could become winged terrors leering from the branches, every rustle of leaves could herald an attack from a pack of dire wolves. Unassuming ground serpents, common and innocuous throughout the land, grew tenfold in size and would threaten to attack should one’s guard falter.

Some excursions never returned, presumed lost to the land. Most did, and most of their stories were dismissed as frights of fancy.

But, in time, trends emerged in all the stories: A great beast with scales hard enough to repel blade and arrow alike along with pale skin, fiery eyes, and a figure to make men fall to their knees. Some stories told of a woman with an appetite unmatched and others of a scornful beast who wished to be left alone.

Perhaps, then, there was truth to their words. Whispers of a forgotten land-dragon drifted on the eddies of rumor.

Monsters, as they were first called, were not rare. Or even uncommon. Most so-called monsters had, in time, become integrated with humans. Tribe by tribe, region by region, human and demikin, often led by a few visionaries on either side, reached the conclusion that the constant war wasn’t doing anyone any favors. It began with uneasy peace, then came tentative trade, and finally, emigration and immigration, the mingling of peoples.

And that was hundreds of years ago.

The Vast Wood, then, might harbor uncharted species, those with no human contact—the rumored land-dragons. A race cloistered away in its sheltering embrace. Thus, the local marquess issued a proclamation for those demikin interested to delve into the wood and make contact, and hopefully, establish initial relations.

The pay would be excellent. Yet, few responded to the call. Perhaps it was owing to the torrid rumors surrounding the woods, the relatively few demikin that lived in the Tremidian’s western reaches, or even that the town situated nearest to the woods was generally regarded as an unwelcoming place full of people who would much rather be left alone.

At some point, however, the combination of greed and a weariness of sleeping outside yet again is enough to motivate certain individuals.


]] [[


A traveling merchant’s cart pulled up alongside an inn and came to a stop to let off some last-minute cargo that’d hitched a ride.

“And here we are,” said the merchant, standing and stretching out as he spoke.

A motley party of three unfurled and uncoiled themselves and eased off, eager to work out the various kinks and stiffness that’d set in from the three-day journey.

“Much appreciated,” said Vayna, stretching out her arms and shoulders, then arched her spine, sending a ripple through all 14 feet of it.

Brilliant red scales to match her long, back-length red hair whispered across the dirt as she grabbed her sword and shield from the cart and affixed the belt for her short-sword to her exposed waist and strapped the sling for the shield to her back, though the part that crossed over her chest always required some adjustment on the account of her sizeable bust.

“So glad to be off that cart!”

With a flap of her wings, Lynn, the featherfolk-cupid, landed on light feet, her bow and quiver already at her back.

The merchant eyed the lamia and the cupid, but there wasn’t anything new about that; he’d done it the whole journey. Not that either of them could blame him, the hot weather demanded suitable clothing—especially for Lynn, who required her clothing be the least constraining as possible. Which left little to the imagination when it came to her chocolate complexion and ample curves. Of course, it wasn’t just their attire, but the nature of who they were. Lamia and cupids were both well-known for being forward and, at times, insatiable. Likely he’d been waiting for such an advance.

Considering the way he held his stretch, as if buying time, it was reasonable to consider he was still holding onto that hope.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the point of view, the third member received little attention. Unlike the other two with their curves and bosoms heaving with temptation, the vampire was dainty. Petite, even. This was partly because Illmerith was the youngest of the group, in a manner of speaking, and mostly because neither of her parents had any history of curvitude.

Though, “youngest” did grate on her. She was the eldest, by far, if going by the year of her birth. Owing to this and that, she’d been kept asleep by her parents for quite some time. In her induced sleep, she’d not aged a day. If not for Vayna discovering her in the remains of the underground warren, she’d still be the same age as when she was put to sleep. As it was now, a year after waking, she had the face and body of a girl who’d just flowered.

One leg off the edge of the cart, she swung it around, seeking purchase on the ground, but found none. Vayna sighed and helped the diminutive girl down.

Illmerith dusted herself off after coughing into a closed fist to hide her embarrassment, then dragged their luggage off the cart.

“Will you be staying in town long?” asked Vayna.

For a moment the merchant’s eyes lit up, but then sagged once he realized there was no invitation in her words. “No, I’ll be heading back out tomorrow morning.”

“Ah. A shame,” Vayna said, sagging in equal measure. They’d have to find another ride home whenever they were done.

Lynn grabbed at the lamia’s arm, urging her towards the inn, “C’mon, let’s get a room already.”

“What’re you in a rush for all of a sudden?” Vayna said, the turned back to the merchant, “Well, goodbye, then.”

“Safe travels,” said the merchant, glum.

“I’m in a rush because look around us,” Lynn hissed.

Illmerith and Vayna glanced this way and that. In this part of the empire, they were used to curious, inquisitive looks whenever they ventured somewhere. A single demikin was a weekly or monthly occurrence in the western stretches. Three in a single cart was something to make a fuss over, at least in the smaller boroughs.

But this… There was no harmless, or even lecherous, curiosity. Foreigners had come. Intruded. Non-humans at that.

They’d been told as much in the briefing when they’d taken the assignment, but now that they were in the thick of it, well, knowing and experiencing were remarkably different things. Still, they shouldn’t be outright hostile or aggressive. Unhospitable, maybe. An Inn was always going to welcome coin, for example, but they might not get the standard service. Or standard rates.

But, that was just fine. The coin purse at Vayna’s hip, or what would be the hip if a lamia had any, was heavier than it’d ever been. And that was just the advance!

Illmerith dashed for the door and yanked it open, ushering the other two inside after they picked up their travel bags. As it was still only the afternoon and the farmers hadn’t yet come in from their fields for a bit of relaxation, the lobby of the inn, with its myriad tables and chairs, was mostly empty save for a handful of patrons enjoying their drink and a man working the counter.

Or, they were enjoying their drinks until they leveled the same sort of look as those townsfolk from outside wore upon the trio.

“Lords, what is wrong with them,” Illmerith said in a whisper, adding on a snorting ‘hmph’ for good measure, “Act like they’ve never seen a fair maiden before.”

The innkeep said nothing as they approached, keeping his hands on the counter and his stare level.

“Do you have a room available for the night?” Vayna asked.

“Ah’ do.”

“Excellent! How much for a night?”

He narrowed an eye, sizing them up in turn. “20 alm fer each o ya.”

“20 alm! That’s—” Lynn started, but was silenced by a sharp jab from Vayna’s elbow.

“—That’s fine,” the lamia finished the cupid’s sentence. Reaching into her purse, she produced the appropriate sum and laid it upon the counter.

The innkeep spread the coins out, prodding them, as if dubious of their authenticity. Palming the coins, jingling them, he relented and added them to the till. Producing a key from under the counter, he snapped it down on the wooden counter.

“Second floor, third room on the left.”

“Thank you,” said Vayna, picking up the key.

“No trouble, or yer out, got it? No refunds, neither.”

“Certainly,” Vayna said, maintaining a pleasant veneer.

Lynn and Illmerith, however, were about to boil over. The pale vampire had flushed red and the cupid–her chest swelled with so much indignation it threatened to snap the already-strained strip of cloth holding her breasts in check. Not giving them time to voice opinion of the innkeeper’s brusque treatment, Vayna waved them towards the stairs.

“Come on, let’s drop off our things and ask around, yes?”

“Fine, fine,” Lynn said, chest deflating.

When the door swung open, it occurred that they’d forgotten to ask about the accommodations. A single bed greeted them in the cozy room. Granted, it was a decent-sized bed, all things considered, but it’d hold, at most, two of them.

Illmerith dropped her small luggage case and made a face. “This will not do! I’ll go down and ask for a room with more beds.”

“That jerk already charged us triple the going rate! Who knows how much he’d want for a room with another bed,” Lynn said, scowling as she unshouldered her quiver and bow. “Besides…” she continued, under her breath with her gaze fixed upon the lone sleeping spot.

But not under enough.

“Besides what?” Vayna asked.

“What? Oh, uh. Nothing, never mind,” she said, laughing nervously.

“Come now, what have I said about speaking your mind?” Vayna placed a hand to her waist to go with her expectant stare.

To the cupid, the inconvenience was opportunity in a flimsy disguise. Not an uncommon opportunity, at least not in the past, but one she relished all the same. Ever since they’d picked up that stupid vampire, single-bed rooms were no longer good enough—not that were able to afford them most of the time, but that made it all the sweeter when they could.

Lynn chanced a glance at the vampire as she popped open her tiny traveling trunk and placed her lone change of clothes into the dresser.

You damn bat! We were fine for years before you came along. Just fine!

“Nothing, really!”

Vayna slithered in closer, flashing the cupid a lidded, suspicious eye. “Hmmmmmmm.”

The lamia was so close Lynn could feel her breath, see her reflection in those yellow eyes. Cheeks burning, she was appreciative of the fact her tanned skin tone hid her true feelings on the matter.

“You know I tell you whatever I want, ha ha, like how you were s-stupid to accept his deal. Hmph! That’s right, we should have looked elsewhere. This dingy hovel of a town might be small, but there’s got to be somewhere else could we stay. Right?” Lynn leaned to the side, hoping to ensnare Illmerith with a look.

The tiny vampire thought for a moment, tilting her head, “Maybe? Considering this town’s reputation, I was surprised to hear they had an inn at all, really.”

Damn you! You weren’t supposed to say that!

“If you say so,” Vayna went on, willing to drop the matter but the suspicion was still there, “But I agree with Illm. If they weren’t the only place, they wouldn’t be able to get away with charging so much. It doesn’t matter, with any luck, we’ll only need the room for a single night, anyways.”

“Right, you’re right,” Lynn said, eager to jump away to another topic, “Anyways! There’s got to be some people around here who’ll cooperate with us. It can’t be like everyone here hates outsiders.”

“Oh? You mean you wish to go around questioning? I thought you always disliked having to do that.”

Maybe she had been a little too eager. The cupid fussed in place, desperate to find a way out of the hole she’d dug herself. After several awkward seconds passed, and spurred on by Vayna’s crossed arms, Lynn accepted her defeat.

“Yeah, I will,” she said in a half-sigh, “Who knows… Actually…” Lynn had a sudden thought, “Why don’t we all go out together? We should be able to canvas the town within a few hours, if that, if all of us do it.”

Because, Lynn reasoned, if they get all their recon done now, that means more time back at the room, and more time in the room means more time for her to… Well, it hadn’t worked in the past, but it could work tonight. Provided she had enough time. And the vampire wasn’t around to spoil the mood. Hopefully she’d hang upside-down from somewhere out of sight and out of mind.

She wiped a thin trail of drool from her lip and banished those thoughts for later. Vayna hadn’t noticed, but the vampire did. As usual. And, as usual, put on a subtly composed face that said, in so many words, those sorts of relationships were not at all proper conduct for ladies. Wasn’t proper at all. One day she was going to tell Vayna about Lynn’s secret adoration that wasn’t much of a secret to anyone—save for Vayna herself.

To which Lynn replied, in a similar manner, that the vampire would find herself entertaining a new career as a pincushion if she dared. The entire conversation took place in a single breath.

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” said Vayna, “What do you think, Illm?”

“I would rather not, but if it means we spend less time in this dreadful place,” the vampire sniffed, running a finger across the windowsill—which came back a dirty brown—“The better.”

“All right, now to make sure we don’t question the same folks twice…”

While they didn’t have a proper map, the small town had a single road running through it and that single road forked off only once as it meandered off to the south. Thus, conveniently, the town was split into rough thirds. Since Lynn had come up with the idea, she got the largest portion. Much to her delight.

Within minutes of boots hitting the lumpy, uneven dirt road, Lynn was regretting her choice of words more than she’d thought possible. At least it wasn’t just her kind; she oversaw the merchant who brought them to the town engaging in similar brusque treatment at the hands of what may have been potential buyers of his goods.

When she went off the main road and through an alley to a block of apartments, she was glad for her bow and quiver. If the people along the merchant district of the town had been unwelcoming, then the inhabitants loitering about outside their homes and businesses, which she was going to assume would not serve her ilk, bordered on hostile.

None said anything to her, which, honestly, made things worse. Uncouth, and unwashed, ruffians threatening her was something she expected, in an odd, almost comforting sort of way. It was something she knew how to handle. The silent treatment was new. New, given her circumstances, meant unnerving.

Much as she’d rather not and say she did, there was Vayna. If she succeeded, well, that meant Vayna would praise her. Not that she wanted that, or anything, but it’d be nice.

Clearing her throat, she pressed onward and approached the nearest group of three men.

“Excuse me, I’m trying to—”


“Uh-huh…” She turned towards the second member and opened her mouth.

“Don’t know nothin’.”

As if sensing he was about to become the target, the third gentleman spit on the ground for his pre-emptive response. If there was some small measure of comfort to be found, it was that none of them were in a hurry to use force to make her leave. Small miracles.

A short distance away she plied herself again and met with similar success. A third time went as the previous two. If there was one highlight, the curt responses meant she cleared the little residential area inside a few minutes and was ready to move on.

Thus it went for almost two hours until she was nearly finished with her section of town. Granted, there had been ample stops to comport herself. Fear and uncertainty gave way to annoyance, then to indignant anger at her treatment. By the end she was about ready to open a dialogue with an arrow to the throat of the nearest person to make her point clear—seeing as how words were failing.

Coming round a group of buildings and back onto the main road, not terribly far from where she’d started the afternoon, she came to her last stop. Lamenting her empty-handiness, she was about to step foot in the store when a voice called out to her from behind.

“I hear you’ve been asking around about the Great Wyrm!”

Typically when she’d been in a rough neighborhood and someone barged up to her saying similar words, there was a certain tinge to them, a prelude to battle. These words, however, were bright and belonged to a bright-eyed fellow who wore an easy expression to go with his thin build and bearded face. Quite the change of pace.

“Yeah, I have been. Who are you?”

“I am Jhalman, and you are?” He said, sticking his hand out towards her.

Lynn eyed it, but accepted the gesture and shook. “Lynn.”

“Pleasure, Miss Lynn. Might I inquire what has you asking about that particular topic?”

“Well,” she said, clearing her throat, and delivered a speech she’d managed to get mostly through before she’d been cut off in previous attempts.

Jhalman nodded along until she’d finished. “Good a reason as any! Yes, I know how to contact the go—creature you speak of. It’s a bit of a hike through the woods, a three-day journey, two if you’re adept with rough travel.”

“Really? Like, you’re not messing with me?”

He gave her an uncertain look. “Really.”

“Ahh, sorry. Just how everyone has been… Never mind. I mean, great! When can we get started? Where do you want to meet? How much for you to guide us?”

“Oh ho! Excited are we? Patience,” he chuckled, “We must prepare for the journey, but, we could meet tomorrow at day break. You are staying at the inn, yes?”

“Right,” said Lynn, struggling to keep herself in check. Vayna was going to be so proud!

“Very well! As for the fee, how about a hundred alm to lead you there and back?”

A hundred was both a lot and not, especially compared to how much they’d be paid upon successful completion. Yet Vayna had always been the one to handle the monetary affairs.

“That’ll be fine. I think. See, Vayna typically handles all the business aspects…”

“Ah, I see. Well, let her know the offer and I will be along. Okay?”



[[ ]]


In the room, Lynn practically burst with excitement as she told Vayna how her day had gone. Good thing she’d been approached since the other two had no luck. There was only one detail that Lynn had erred on.

“A hundred alm for a possibly week-long journey is low,” Vayna remarked once Lynn had finished.

“Eh? Is it?”

“Even I know that,” Illmerith chimed in from her seat up on one of the roof trusses in the ceiling.

Lynn glared, Illmerith yawned and went back to a thin tome she’d brought along: “Easy Enthrallment for Young Vampires.”

“It’s not suspiciously low, mayhaps wages are not high in this area,” Vayna said to provide some measure of comfort to Lynn, “But we will learn tomorrow after a few more questions.”

“Right,” Lynn agreed, staring on, fists balled up in hopeful anticipation. She even edged a few steps closer, just to make it easier on Vayna.

When her best friend, her friend since they were children, did nothing, she went a few steps closer still.

“Er, is something the matter?”

Lynn’s eyes glistened. “N-no, what do you mean?”

The lamia backed off, “I’d assumed something was on my face the way you approached.”

Something died inside Lynn at that moment.

“O-oh, ha ha ha, noooo, I mean, I thought I saw something, but it was nothing! Who would want to be praised for doing something so easy, anyways? Ha haaa…”

Vayna sighed and stuck out a hand to pat the cupid on the head, “Good work.”

She about melted, but just as quick told herself that it was nothing. Noooothing at all.


The joy was not to stop there as that night Lynn and Vayna slept together, as hoped, and a small cloud of bats dozed—but not before chittering as Lynn crawled in the bed after the lamia—from a somewhat distant perch. There was no fun, not even a cuddle, but Lynn’s hips had rest against Vayna’s backside, and that was good enough for her. She dreamt dreams of the sort her race was famed for giving unto others.

The sheets were going to have to be washed.

In the morning they met. The man was not alone, rather he was with three companions. Bears and especially wolves roamed the forests, so it’d be best to travel in numbers to avoid risking injury—or worse—at the hands of hungry predators. This made Vayna even more suspicious of the price, since a hundred alm split four ways didn’t amount to much, but Jhalman insisted that it was a simple bonus on top of their usual job, which was harvesting forest truffles and other mushrooms. Fair enough, then.

Bidding farewell to the inn and the unwelcoming town, the seven ventured into the woods. The going was rough as they’d claimed, but the two land-bound mercenaries were more than accustomed to traversing such terrain and the vampire simply flew above it all. Progress would have been faster had the men not stopped and picked this mushroom and that, but the trio could hardly afford to pay them not to.

Morning melted to dusk in what felt like no time at all and soon camp was made. Jhalman and the others conversed amongst themselves for a short while after the tents were erected, casting furtive glances at the three all the while.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Lynn asked.

Vayna shrugged and Illmerith had already taken roost on a tree limb with her blanket, like she’d roll around in the dirt with the rest of them.

As if answering her question, Jhalman finished the conversation with his business partners and approached, eying Lynn in particular. “Say, we were discussing—how would you like to cut our fee even more?”

“…How’s that?” Vayna asked on Lynn’s behalf.

“There’s a certain mushroom that’s best harvested at twilight. From now until nightfall it emits a sweet odor, otherwise it’s practically impossible to find—very tiny and easy to step, or slither upon, you see. No offense, Miss Vayna.”

“None taken.”

“So, what, I help you pick some of these and we don’t have to pay you as much?”

“Correct! We’ll offer 10 alm per find.”

“Expensive fungus,” said Vayna, quirking a brow.

“It is. We usually sell them for 20, 25 at market. So, what say you?”

Lynn looked to Vayna, who nodded her assent. “Sure, why not? Anything that makes it cheaper, right?”

Jhalman clapped his hands together and beamed, “Agreed! Come, we’ll explain what to look for…”


[[ ]]


It did take some searching and more than one explanation, but Lynn figured it out soon enough when her nose twitched and she caught a floral, honey-like scent on the dusk breeze.

“Hey, I think I’ve smelled one!”

“Excellent! They’re very small and grow under leaves, so watch your step!”

Stooping low and hunched, Lynn shuffled through dead leaves and sparse strands of grass alike, following her nose like some sort of animal. It was less than satisfying for a hunter like her—a hunter should be hunting, not, not foraging. In reality, she had to accept there wasn’t much difference between the two, all things considered.

Soon enough she found her prize: A tiny white button, flecked in browns and blacks. She plucked the cap from the earth and sniffed. And immediately regret it. The sickly-sweet scent made her head swim and her skin flush. For some reason, her thoughts turned to Vayna. Of Vayna.

“Hey, I think I found one,” she said, eying the mushroom.

“Really? Great!” Jhalman appeared alongside her, “I knew you were the one.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Ah, I meant you were better for this than Vayna would be. Let me see… Yes, that’s the one! Say, would you like to try it? They’re fantastic! And don’t worry, we’ll still deduct the 10 alms.”

“Hmm, I’m not really one for fungus…”

“They taste nothing like a typical mushroom, hence their price,” he mused, then winked, “Go on, it can be our little secret.”

Lynn sniffed at it once more and again the impulse warmed her skin. Interesting. “Sure, why not.”

She popped the tiny morsel in her mouth and chomped. Almost immediately the world spun and she would have collapsed had it not been for Jhalman catching her.

“What, what the fuck?”

“Excellent, excellent,” he said, watching her.

Lynn tried to focus her thoughts, but they refused, and she felt so hot, like she was going to burn up. Not a bad heat, but… Vayna. Oh how she wanted Vayna, more than ever! At the same time, her eyes grew so heavy and her body just wouldn’t respond.

“S-stop,” she mumbled, unable to support herself, “Help…”

The world blacked out.


]] [[


Thoughts returned to Lynn’s growing consciousness one by one in a slow, unsteady amble. Memories wafted along behind them. What she’d been doing, where she was going. Confusion tangled up her mind until one memory crossed the threshold of consideration and detonated, blasting away all the muzziness and hapless, unimportant thoughts.

Senses came alive.

Flames from staked torches danced, casting brilliant light and sharp shadows alike throughout—bleary eyes pivoted—the cave. A large cave, at that. Indeed, there was furniture, rugs, shelving, and, as her skin told her, a massive cushion upon which she rested. Big enough for a dozen people to rest upon comfortably, provided the rough cotton material didn’t chafe too much. Even had a long chain suspended above it, curiously low, but still high enough people could walk underneath it. Looked like it may have held a chandelier at one point.

That wasn’t the only thing her skin told her. Rope bound her ankles and wrists together and some additional length joined the two across her back, forcing her in semi-crescent shape backwards to prevent her from hopping off somewhere. As she wriggled in place, she heard voices coming from around a bend in the cave. The voices, loud whispers at best, grew louder as they neared—they belonged to the men she’d gone foraging with—and their shadows loomed against the wall as they neared.

Lynn glanced around in a furor; no sight of her bow anywhere, nor anything suitable for a weapon, even if she could manage to move from her spot.

It was then another sense made itself heard in a tiny whisper that something smelled wrong. Or, not wrong. It was very right, an agreeable scent, much like that of the mushroom, that she wanted more of, but couldn’t place. Wasn’t a tantalizing meal or the promise of a delightful garden, but something else, something base. Which meant it was wrong.

Yet no matter how hard she tried, even with the men about to discover her, she couldn’t push the scent out of mind.

“Do you think this one will be enough?” said one man as he came into view along with three of his compatriots.

Lynn had closed her eyes and went still as not to alert her captors, though she did keep one cracked. For some reason the men had donned floor-length black robes, complete with hoods they kept up.

Another glanced her way and nodded, “That cupid is no gutter wench, Fyleth will be pleased.”

“It has been some time since our last offering…”

“The Great Wyrm, our Goddess, is understanding. Doubtless in her wisdom she knows obtaining prizes for her is difficult in the face of her command to keep outsiders away.”

“Agreed. Besides, Jhalman is right, the cupid will make for a fine meal.”


Lynn lurched, despite her attempt to remain still.

“Oh ho. It appears she’s already awoken.”

With her cover blown, she saw no reason to hold back.

“Assholes! No one is going to eat me, no matter how great they are! Untie me!” She made an attempt to fume and glare, but there’s a limit to how ferocious one can appear when bound and placed upon a cushion like an appetizer.

The four of them came to the edge of the cushion, crowding around much as they could given the distance between them and her. Lynn expected them to have some sort of smug haughtiness, faces of superiority, instead they all had the mien of… Not fear, more akin to the reverence she’d expect from priests or acolytes at the foot of a depiction of their god.

“See? Not only is she shapely, but brash! Fyleth has said she enjoys it more when they have spirit,” said the robed figured of Jhalman, still speaking in a loud whisper.

“And who is Fyleth?” Lynn demanded, struggling in vain to reach some sort of position that didn’t leave her so exposed, “I’m no one’s meal, got it! Not even a dragon’s!”

“Miss, if you keep being so noisy—Ah, too late,” said another as something deeper within the cave rumbled.

At once, the four of them bowed their hooded heads, not towards Lynn, but behind her. The cupid wriggled to follow their bow; another passage. The dull, short rumble had come from that way. Unlike the well-lit hall the men had come from, only inky blackness lurked within.

Something was coming. Lynn couldn’t hear it or see it, but she could feel it. Or, no. She could smell it, the same scent as before wafted stronger: A rich, heady aroma fighting for control of her train of thought. She shook her head to clear the thoughts, to focus, but a mere shake wasn’t going to work.

From the murk slithered a woman… of sorts.

Four jagged horns sprout from just in front of and above her lamia-like ears. Long, black hair flowed across her shoulders and down her spine, standing in stark contrast to her pale white skin. Orange eyes blazed as the lamia emerged into the light.

But, as more of her appeared, the more Lynn realized this woman was more than a lamia. A wyrm, they called her. Jet-black scales to match her hair began where hips ought to have been, giving way to almost armor-like plates encompassing her serpentine body that seemed to stretch on forever. And what a body both halves were.

Lynn couldn’t help but compare the approaching serpent with Vayna. This Fyleth, she assumed, was akin to her dear, sweet Vayna, only more. The black wyrm rose to at least ten feet, powerful muscle lurked underneath milky skin, and her bare breasts heaved, probably twice Lynn’s already-ample size. Whereas Vayna was attractive in a common, every-day sort of way, this, this wyrm had a face chiseled by the gods themselves, at once handsome and beautiful and… and captivating.

Patches of black scale wreathed the woman upper body, dipping across her shoulders and down her arms. In place of hands were claws, each looking capable of rending and tearing Lynn apart with the barest of difficulty.

The wyrm’s only concession to modesty was a rather thin strip of dark cloth embroidered with gold accents encircling the woman’s waist, dropping some two or three feet down.

Even with the encroaching danger, Lynn couldn’t… Couldn’t help but think that she was about to become a different sort of meal. The scent made her think like that. But that was stupid. It was stupid hope. But no, no matter how strong it was, just, no. That sort of thing never happened, and she wanted to save herself for Vayna. Only for Vayna.

But maybe it would. And maybe…

Lynn forced herself to avert her gaze and clamped her eyes shut.

“The dinner has rung her own bell,” said the wyrm in a voice that was, together, husky and rich, masculine and feminine.

The assembled men dropped to their knees, heads still bowed.

“That she has, Great Goddess Fyleth. Please forgive us for our lack of gifts as of late. We hope you find this offering suitable and will grant us your mercy.”

The imposing black wyrm drifted close on the silent rustle of plate scale. Despite her clamped eyes, Lynn knew the woman was close—closer than the men. It was stupid to think, but the woman, the wyrm, had a presence that could be felt through a non-existent sixth-sense.

“Hmm Hmm. Forgiveness perhaps, if the meal is succulent,” said Fyleth, so close now to the cupid, the dragon-lamia’s being felt as if it were seeping into her skin.

Ah, but what was that; Lynn had been so focused on the here and now that she’d forgotten what this was all about to begin with. Steeling her resolve, bolstered by her mission and pledge to Vayna, she forced herself to stare into the eyes of the beast.

“Hey, you!” Lynn shouted, testing her bonds.

Fyleth cocked a brow, and smirking, pointed a claw at herself. “Me?”

“Silence, cur! That’s no way to speak to the Goddess!”

“You will show her the proper respects!”

Their patron silenced with them a short gesture from her other claw and a quick glance.

“Yeah, you! There was no need to tie me up or drug me! You’re the whole reason I’m out here!”

“Truly? Do tell.”

“Why don’t you untie me first, huh?”

“Hmm Hmm. No. Not yet, young one.”

“Come on! I just, uh,” Lynn stumbled. Those orange eyes held her. No matter how she might try, she couldn’t avert her gaze. In their depths, she saw… Vayna. All of her. With her. No, it had to be… magic, some kind of hypnotic magic. She could fight it. She had to fight it. Especially when the serpent woman slithered onto the cushion, coming to a rest a scant foot away.

“We,” she corrected, as fiery as she could manage, “Were hired to make contact with some sort of hidden race in the woods here. I’m guessing that’s you, right? Can’t say I’ve ever seen lamia like you before.”

“How dare she!”

Again Fyleth silenced the incensed men with a quick motion with one hand and scooped up the girl with the other, carrying her like baggage by the rope between her ankles and wrists. Lynn gasped and her wings fluttered as her arms and legs were forced closer together behind her back, as her chest and stomach were thrust out. Her flexibility meant it didn’t hurt so much as it was simply uncomfortable. And… exposed. True she wore little clothing, but that was practical! To keep her light, unencumbered.

Held level with her face, the lamia woman was still smirking. The rough treatment had shaken Lynn’s transfixation and she was free to look elsewhere… including a close-up of those bare, wonderous breasts, capped by thick, red, suckable nipples. Just like Vayna’s.

All at once, the smirk vanished, replaced by a thin, pressed line. A clawed hand took hold of Lynn’s chin, squeezed in her cheeks. “Lamia? You would dare to insinuate me as a lowly, young creature? A common thing?”

“T-then what, who are you?”

Unable to move, Lynn was pulled back down into the depths of the serpent’s gaze. She felt herself rifled through like a shelf, searched like a roving finger across a tome. “It is true, then,” Fyleth began, voice as strained as her features, “No matter how many I release to herald my return, so many do not know of their goddess. Mayhaps I have been too subtle. This will not do.”


“I must thank you for this offering, my servants. Without it I would have remained ignorant… Or perhaps you have done too well in keeping those who would disturb me from my lands.”

“Please, you have no need to spare such words of kindness upon us. Would that we were not so feeble and ignorant, we would have known of your plight and brought you word and gifts much sooner.”

“Hey! I’m no one’s offering,” Lynn said, but without nearly so much force as she’d intended. In fact, it was all she could do to keep her head on straight and fight at all. So much of her just wanted to go slack and… accept it. Whatever “It” was.

“But you are, small one,” Fyleth’s harsh features softened to a grin, her orange eyes roving across Lynn’s exposed flesh—lingering on those areas concealed by clothing, “And soon you shall be mine. Tell me, was she alone?”

“No, Goddess. She is traveling with a lamia and a young vampire, both women.”

“Excellent! Once you are molded to me, I shall bring them into mine service as well. It is time to let the world know of my return. No longer shall I remain idle, content to renew my strength piecemeal. A change of policy is in order.”

“Are you certain, Goddess? You had seemed so adamant before… I mean, please forgive me for questioning you,” said the man, bowing so fast to cover his indiscretion that he smacked his head on the floor.

“Fret not, young one. I was, but I was also, let us call it, still fatigued from laying dormant for so long. Why, if not for your kind waking me not so long ago, I would slumber yet—and feasts such as this would go unclaimed.”

Hunger spilled into the grin and the first thing that popped into Lynn’s mind was how much she longed for her friend to look at her the same way.

“…It is time the world remembers, but first, I must consume.”

“As you wish, Goddess. Would you like us to remain?”

“Hmm. Yes, I would.”

Imminent danger cleared the haze of lusty imagination, if only just. “You’re not consuming anyone! And you sound like you want to go out into the world or something, right? Well that’s great, because like I already said, we want to talk to you. And your species.”

Fyleth sighed, “Why are the attractive ones always so dim?”

What?! I, I am not!”

“Know this well, young one, I am Fyleth,” her voice dropped to a harsh, serpentine whisper, “The sire of those gifted with my shape. Those you call lamia, wurms, land-dragons,” she said as if the word was a vulgarity.

“No way, that’d make you a…” Lynn swallowed, “There’s no way. The gods left to the heavens thousands of years ago! You’re just some, some strong dragon-serpent, or something!”

“You are not wholly incorrect,” Fyleth smiled, “I see you learned your lesson. Perhaps you are not as stupid as I believed.”

“So if you’re a real goddess,” Lynn chanced, “Why not just… show yourself?”

“And throw myself upon young mercies? Would you have me mingle? That youth would dare conceive such a notion… Yes, I have slept too long. Now then.”

Before Lynn could ask what was going to be now, Fyleth hooked a clawed finger under her top, and with a slight flex, sliced through it. The strained fabric ripped apart, and chocolate breasts, no longer constrained, embraced new-found freedom with a bounce before resting heavy upon her chest.

“What are you—”

The same treatment was applied to her bottom, the skirt tumbled into a heap of cotton. Arched as she was, there was nothing she could do to cover herself, no way to angle or position herself that’d prevent her cunt from showing off to the world. There was a futile effort to conceal herself with her wings, but they came up short, doing little but highlighting and framing her figure, every luscious, chocolate curve and swell.


“Exquisite,” Fyleth whispered, drinking in Lynn’s figure. Leaning in close, a long, forked tongue darted from between full lips, flicking against Lynn, tasting and smelling her in one. Against her cheek, her chin, down her neck and collarbones, and then when she reached Lynn’s breasts, no longer was she content with a mere flick.

Her tongue coiled round a breast, squeezing the soft flesh like a hand, then the other. Lynn tried to struggle, but the binds held fast and her position robbed her strength, leaving her to wriggle feebly. Fyleth’s lips closed round a nipple, fanged teeth glancing light off the sensitive bud of flesh.

Lynn bit her tongue to avoid gasping, but at the same time, her head plunged into some deep, hot pool. The heavy scent in the room doubled in weight, pressing down all logical, reasonable thoughts.

No, it shouldn’t, shouldn’t feel like this. Not from her, not from her! Why, if only Vayna…

A clawed hand glanced down Lynn’s exposed, caramel-hued stomach, inching closing to her bald pussy. The thought of those claws touching her down there was enough to send a terrible shiver through her spine, but, mercifully, Fyleth was aware of the damage she’d cause.

Instead, the goddess hoisted Lynn up further and buried her face against the girl’s thighs. In an instant that same tongue darted out, spreading her tight, tucked-in lips to probe deep within.


Heat burned her cheeks; she’d moaned out despite trying so hard. Fyleth’s tongue lashed deeper, drawing out a second and a third gasp of pleasure.  The cupid’s knees buckled together, half trying to squeeze her thighs together to push the intruder out, half to draw her deeper. Just as quickly as it’d begun, it was seemingly over.

Fyleth drew away, licking her lips. A bit of something glistened down her chin. “Oh, yes, magnificent. You shall be my first apostle. And your friends, if they are anything like you, shall make for fine additions.”

“Wh, what do you mean?” Lynn panted out, body flushing despite her tanned complexion, “You’re just, just a rapist! I’d never, we’d never help you!”

“Hmm Hmm, you will. Even now you are giving in to temptation. To me. The longer you bask in my presence, breath me in, the more you belong to me.”


“Such spirit!” Fyleth crooned, stroking Lynn’s cheek with the back of a clawed hand, “But, of course, to make you an apostle instead of a simple devotee requires you bear my progeny.”

Though her head may have been clouded, there was something wrong with what Fyleth had said.

“How, how are you going to do that? We’re both women,” Lynn said, words tumbling out with all the force of a dribble. It wasn’t until after the fact she realized she’d chosen the wrong words. Asking the how instead of rejecting it outright.

Fyleth answered with a fanged smile and said to her devotees, “Bring one of the leg spreaders.”

One of the men barked off a “Yes,” and made his way over to a shelf, where he returned with what appeared to be a two or three-foot-long length of iron bar capped by padded half-cylinders at each one, along with two lengths of rope.

Lynn found herself dropped upon the cushion and almost as quick Fyleth had severed the binds around her feet—though before she could think of fleeing, the goddess-serpent took firm hold of her legs and spread them wide.

“No! Stop!”

The cupid thrashed in place, but there was no hope of dislodging the wyrm’s grip. The man placed the bar between her ankles and secured it tight with the rope, then wrapped the length that had bound her feet and wrists together around the bar, drawing it tight as to pull her legs up and her arms down until they met in the middle, which her even more immobile, even more exposed than before—Lynn could do little more than rock back and forth in place with the remaining length folded onto her belly.

“Stop, please! I don’t want them,” she cried out, pointing at the men with her eyes.

“You are in no position to make demands,” Fyleth smiled, “But do not fret, young one…”

The serpent goddess undid the knot holding her sash around her waist. As it fell away, Lynn’s eyes went wide and she gasped in shock.

“They are nothing compared to me.”

Two semi-erect cocks hung from her waist, emerging from a concealing slit. Even though they had yet to fully engorge, each was already close to a foot long. They were similar to those of a stallion, circled halfway by a band of raised flesh and capped by a fat, blunt head, yet more at the same time. A ring of soft-looking barbs circled their flared crowns and smaller barbs covered the length of the shafts, all the way to the base. But, that was not all, for the exotic flesh still had more; near the base there was subtle, rounded swelling, a thickening that resembled the uninflated knot of a canine.

Taking each massive slab of meat in claw, Fyleth circled round to Lynn’s head, lording over her—giving the girl a full view.

Lynn’s head swam from the scent—no, the musk. That’s what it was, filling the cave with its lurid odor. Her. Now it was so close, that heady scent practically dripping off those dicks, enveloping her. She swallowed hard, in equal measure fear and anticipation of those barbed behemoths, so unlike anything she’d ever seen or heard of before.

“Tell me, young one, the lamia that was with you. What is her name?”

“Va…” Lynn knew she shouldn’t say anything, but what did it matter? The ones who’d abducted her, dragged her here, knew, “…Vayna.”

“Vayna. A nice name. When I searched your thoughts, I saw her,” Fyleth said, wiggling her body side to side, allowing her dicks to swing above like tantalizing pendulums, “I saw your lustful desires. Your hunger for her. Unfulfilled. She does not notice and you…”

“You are too cowardly, immature,” scoffed the goddess, “But I can aid you.”

No, no, came Lynn’s feeble, tiny thoughts, before vanishing altogether for a long moment, until, Yes, yes…


“Haha! Where has that fire gone, or are you more lustful than I suspected?”

“I’m not!”

“It will not do to lie to a goddess,” said Fyleth, taking hold of the stray length of rope and hauling Lynn back into the air.

Her joints popped and strained in new ways and the ropes bit gingerly into her flesh. To her surprise, Fyleth yanked on the chain over the mattress and lowered it, bringing hook and rope together. The cupid dangled with her back several feet above the ground, her exposed crotch lining up at just the right height.

Fyleth stroked herself, rested her hardening cocks on Lynn’s face and forehead. “I will have to teach you to be honest.”

She wanted to shout out no, but she couldn’t find the will, and deep down, she knew it… it wasn’t true. No! It was, but it wasn’t.

“Go on, lick me. Get me nice and hard.”

As if it were the wyrm and not her that held sway over her tongue, the traitorous organ crept from her lips and dragged along the bottom of one fat shaft. Every sense was overwhelmed—sight, smell, feel, and now, taste. Like the finest meat money could buy. Hungry, ravenous, Lynn’s tongue lapped up the earthy flavor far as it could manage, to get as much as she could.

Her pussy tingled and rushed with warmth, as eager as her mouth to have a taste.

The goddess was more than happy to oblige, rolling her waist back and forth, dragging her pillars across Lynn’s face as they filled and firmed with arousal. Her tongue slurped up the scent, tasting its earthy delight. Every time she glanced over one of the tender, backwards-facing barbs, the land-dragon shivered.

“That’sss it, lick me all over. Worship me…”

Such aroma, such taste! In hardly no time at all the soft, pliable shafts dragging across her face became bars of hot, throbbing iron. Lynn could’ve gone on forever had the goddess not slipped off, but with her departure, her mind was given a temporary reprieve with a rush of air that hadn’t been tinged in the serpent’s musk.

Wha, what was I doing? Oh, no no…

But her eyes caught sight of those massive, hard cocks. Now at full mast, each was now easily over a foot long, thick as her arm, and dripping beading trails of precum. The barbs that had once been laying almost flush were now poised and firm as the flesh they stood upon. Fyleth trailed a claw across one of the blunted heads, dipped the point into her urethra, and then tasted of herself with a satisfied hum.

“You want these inside of you, do you not?”

Unable to say no, but not wishing to agree, Lynn remained silent, save for a needy noise coming from her throat.

Fyleth spun her round on the chain, “Dripping already? Did I not say you must be more honest?”


Fyleth snorted and took one of her cocks in hand and brushed its blunted head against Lynn’s quim. Not even biting her lip could save the rush of anticipation from escaping her mouth.

Grinding her dick against the cupid, but never penetrating, Fyleth made slow circles, smearing copious amounts of precum across Lynn’s reddened lips, mixing their juices together. The tender protrusions along the ridge of her uninflated flare flicked across Lynn’s clit, jolting her body in shocks of pleasure.

Satisfied with how slick the head of her top dick had become, Fyleth brought up her second in a similar fashion, rubbing and stroking and smearing against Lynn’s increasingly-soppy sex, teasing her with a sampling of the delights that would await the winged girl.

All the while the cupid strained—not against her bonds, but herself.

I, I want to wait for Vayna, I’ve alwaaaays waited…

She couldn’t tear her attention away from those monsters, the way precum percolated out of them as much as her own ardor did, the sheer size and girth, the way that musk just rolled off Fyleth, them, how it made her body burn with desire and want and need. Without thinking, she licked her lips.

Everyone always says how good it feels, even my fingers felt so good… Those cocks… Gods how would they feel messing me up? Hollowing, scraping me out?

…I bet it’d be fucking amazing! No!  I have to keep waiting!

“It is positively drenched down here,”  Fyleth snickered, admiring her handiwork and licking her chops, “Yes, I do believe I have had enough of teasing…”

Lynn felt the pressure of one cock pressing against her swollen lips, but to her surprise and worry, the second dick slid between her asscheeks to nestle against her asshole, and like its twin, began to demand entry.

“W-wait, not there!

“They all say that at first, but…” Fyleth trailed off, flashing a fang-filled smile, “Once a youth like yourself gets fucked up the ass by big, thick cocks like mine, they always want more.”

With her dicks in position Fyleth grabbed hold of Lynn’s hips and pulled her close while at the same time throwing her waist forward. Lynn grit her teeth and grunted, cried out as those mammoth slabs of meat barged ahead, forcing her apart. Her flesh held fast, denying entry even as the pressure against her holes became almost unbearable.

“Ah, but you are a tight one! Do not tell me…!”

Lynn’s body gave in and yielded. Her lips and pucker spread before the invaders, stretching impossibly wide to accept the fat cockheads. She yelped and shook, “Stop! It’s too much!”

“You are!”

Lynn’s protests fell on deaf ears and Fyleth barged onward. Lynn’s cunt and ass writhed and squirmed in pain, desperate to expel the cocks set to ravage her, but that only served to delight the dragon-lamia all the more. Every inch fed into her quaking holes made her wince and moan out, every barb that slid and flicked already strained flesh added another agonizing, amazing layer of sensation.

“How you clench around me,” Fyleth breathed out, letting her eyes flutter shut, “A divine feeling!”

Inch by inch Fyleth climbed into the cupid on a nice, slow pace, allowing her ample pre to grease her passage.

“It’s too much…” Lynn repeated in a gasp, eyes clenched shut, words sticking in her throat as the wind was driven from her lungs, “Ssstop…”

There was a slight pause when the medial rings slid against her stretched orifices, the sudden bump against her clit was electric and the tense ‘pop’ of her asshole stretching and swallowing the thick band made her hips lurch. By the gods above and demons below nothing had ever felt like it before; what should have been blinding pain was sublimated to such a sense of fullness she couldn’t get enough of.

More! I need more in me! Ahh! N-no…

Somehow, in mere seconds, the pain was mostly gone. Her body was heating up, no longer resisting. Finally, Fyleth buried herself to the hilt inside the cupid with one final wet pop as her uninflated knots squeezed in.

Looking down at herself, at her stomach, Lynn could see the outlines of the thick, fist-sized cockheads and girthy shafts bulging out her guts.

And all at once Fyleth withdrew so fast until just her cockheads remained inside it felt like a void had opened with Lynn, leaving her feeling empty, hollow. Needy.

“I know that look,” Fyleth said, reaching to take Lynn’s chin in hand, meeting that glassy-eyed face, “You want it. You want it so bad it hurts, yes? Just ask and I will bring you pleasure like you have never experienced.”

At first, Lynn clenched her teeth. It lasted naught but a second until she opened her mouth.

…I’m sorry!

“Please fuck me, I need it so bad!”

“Who am I?”


“Yes, but you are missing something.”

Lynn made a needy whine, “Fyleth the Goddess?”


“…My Goddess?”

“So close!”

I’m so sorry, but I neeeeeed this!

“Fuck me, my Goddess! Make me yours!”

Pleased with her answer, Fyleth again took hold of the cupid’s hips. “As you wish!”

Again Lynn gasped, but this time with joy, as the entire length of both cocks hurtled back inside her, stretching her out in all the right ways. Her cunt had never been so filled, and her ass—she never knew such a thing could feel so filling, so right.

Together, they were both, just…!

Wasting no time, Fyleth set into a hard, steady pace, the clap of scale against assflesh echoing through the cave. Her massive dicks pumping in and out of once-virginal holes, molding the cupid around her, claiming the girl once harsh thrust at a time. The cock up Lynn’s ass made a rhythmic bulging of her stomach for all to see and the other slammed against her cervix, demanding entry to her fertile womb. What should have been unimaginable agony instead served only to fuel her desires, to have that stallion running wild within her break through and dump its load straight into her womb.

Lynn’s eyes rolled back and her body went limp as she dangled from her bondage, suspended from the ceiling like a piece of meat to be used—and used she was. Over and over she was speared wide, stretched and abused, a thing to claim. She loved every second of it. All the barbs scraped her out on the backstroke just as she thought they would, caressing her fleshy folds, setting alight to nerves she never knew she had. She came hard with a long, low scream, squirting all over the relentlessly pistoning dicks, each long stroke drawing out her climax and ensuring she thoroughly drenched the cocks pounding away at her.

“You came fast! Hard to believe this is your first time, but then, that is what I was worshipped for!”

A hunter, a mercenary? Hahaha, she had been so blind—this was her true calling, to be ravaged and made to orgasm again and again and be thoroughly bred.

Fyleth grabbed at her fat tits, twisting and squeezing Lynn’s cherry nipples, gurgling in between the chorus of fuck-drunk noises escaping her throat and lips.

When her orgasm finally wound down enough to leave her capable of speech, she made her demand: “Gods, yes, fuck me! I want more!”

Giving each of her nipples a harsh twist, Fyleth roared, “Then you shall have it!” And buried herself to the hit in a thunderous crack of flesh so fierce it bounced Lynn off the serpent’s crotch over a foot, only for her to slide back down to their base by gravity alone. The barbs had firmed and stood prouder still, catching on her delicate flesh and drumming against her clit as her body eagerly swallowed them up.

The surge of pain sent Lynn over the edge and she came again, her holes and body shivering and trembling with the shock of orgasm, clenching and contracting as if to milk the cocks fucking her ceaselessly, to hurry their release. Every time those cocks buried themselves in her, her waiting womb opened a little more, eager for seed.

Her sudden burst of wetness further greased the dicks pounding away at her sloppy holes, allowing Fyleth to fuck her like a possessed beast, a machine made for the sole purpose of fucking. Even before her second orgasm had wound down she thrashed and howled as a third brutal climax ran through her like lightning.

“Exquisite! Exquisite!” Fyleth shouted, head lolling back as she hammered at the suspended cupid to the accompaniment of lurid squelches and spatters of liquid lust splattering against her body and across the cushion.

When she looked down she could see the way Lynn’s holes clung to her cocks, how her pussy and ass would draw out around her, desperate to keep the hot, hard flesh inside, and how as if by magic, would loosen and allow Fyleth to glide deeper on the reverse thrust.

“Devotees, you have outdone yourselves with this choice bit,” she said, glancing at the four men—as they steel-hard erections peered out from their robes as they jerked off to the spectacle before them, “I believe you deserve a reward.”

“My Goddess!” They said as one.

Fyleth’s rampant, wild thrusting came to a halt, much to Lynn’s dismay, and she completely withdrew herself, cocks flopping out from wet holes with a pop reluctant holes finally gave up their purchase. Lynn felt achingly hollow and her gaped orifices clamped futility around nothing.

“No need to wink at me, you shall be taken care of, my apostle…”

The serpent took Lynn off the hook and placed her upon the ground and there cut her bonds completely. Lynn’s body sagged and flopped after having been restricted for so long, but Fyleth was there to set the girl on her stomach and raise her to her knees—and delivered a sharp crack to her ass that elicited a yelp.

“Have at her mouth and hands as you see fit,” Fyleth declared as she maneuvered behind the girl, clamping her claws at her hips and waist.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Lynn chanted like an incantation, “I need it, I need your cum in me!”

“Haha! How impatient!”

And, once again, Lynn got her wish as her gaping holes were stuffed full of so much wonderful, filling meat. Her cunt clamped down happily and her asshole wrung out the other cock, but this time, she got other treats—four human cocks thrusting at her face. The devotees had not wasted any time, and while Fyleth pounded away at her sloppy holes, Lynn was more than happy to take one cock into her mouth and wrapped her fingers around another two.

Sadly there was nothing for her to do about the fourth man, but she did not have to worry long. The man in her mouth had grabbed her head and set to fucking her face and throat, groaning as he railed into her.

“Thank you, my Goddess!” He cried out and came, blowing a thick wad of salty cum straight down Lynn’s throat.

She coughed and sputtered, but at the same time eagerly swallowed down the gift while she was reamed out by the paired horsecocks. When he pulled from her mouth a gooey strand chased after, one Lynn was quick to clean off her lips and savored. The second man took his place, sliding his cock between her lips and down her throat.

Cum, fuck me full of cum! I need it!

Lynn went slack, accepting her position, relishing it. With every thrust into her holes Fyleth grunted louder and the cupid could feel those thick, stiff cocks swell with imminent release.

Fyleth leaned over her prize, mashing her tits into Lynn’s wings and back. She whispered in the cupid’s ear, “Will you serve me?”

“Agh, Uhh,” Lynn moaned out, gasping for air as the man withdrew long enough to give her a chance to respond, “Can’t… Can’t…”

“Accept your position and I can give you a cock like mine to fuck Vayna with, or… Would you prefer she had twins like mine to fuck you full of seed every night?”

“Yes!” Lynn cried out as the image of Vayna fucking her stupid every night, leaving her a sloppy mess, thoroughly used and dominated. “Yes, yesyes please!”


“Please, my goddess! Make me yours, make us yours!”

“As you wish! Cover her, my devotees!”

Obeying, the three men who’d yet to cum crowded around Lynn’s head, beating themselves off furiously to the tempo of Fyleth’s thrusts and the clap of flesh. Still high on the thoughts and images and sensations, Lynn’s pussy and ass bit down on the thick cocks, wringing them for all their worth as she came again at the same time the men unloaded on her face, covering her face and hair in a thick veneer of pearly cum.

Not to be outdone, Fyleth gripped the cupid’s hair in claw, yanking back just as she drove her massive cocks home one last time in a roar of dominance, pushing herself deeper than ever before. The bulbs of flesh at the base of Fyleth’s cocks swelled and puffed, stretching out Lynn to what felt like an impossible point; so full she couldn’t even scream.

The final push had broken Lynn’s final defense and the fist-sized cockhead in her cunt broke through her cervix and into her waiting uterus where the flare promptly expanded for a double seal with the knot. Two outlines appeared on her stomach as both cocks surged to new hardness, new thickness with fresh blood.

Gripping the cupid’s hair tight in claw and her other clamping round a meaty breast, Fyleth jerked and shivered as her cocks unloaded in the warm, waiting vessel. Pints of thick, virile goddess-spunk lanced in great geysers into Lynn’s womb and ass, filling her up so much to give her a slight belly, hiding the outline of the dicks rearranging her guts. The swollen, fat knots and flared crowns ensured no seed would be spilled, ensured it’d stay right where it belonged—inside the cupid.

“Yessss, a perfect vessel to bear my young,” Fyleth hissed out as she came and came.

Lynn twitched in place, eyes rolled back. Fyleth’s jizz was so hot she could feel it inside her, every heated lance, every surge of her bulging urethras as they delivered another impregnating shot. With every ejaculation she felt herself slip away.

And then Fyleth began to jerk her fat knots in tiny thrusts, not allowing the cupid a moment of rest as she worked herself towards another womb and ass-flooding ejaculation. She would not be satisfied until she’d unloaded at least a gallon of cum into the girl.

Lynn lost count of how many times she came. How many times Fyleth came. After hours, maybe more, Fyleth finally pulled her engorged cocks free with wet pops, half-dragging Lynn across the cushion before her battered holes finally let go. She slumped bonelessly onto her stomach, gaping orifices yawning wide, spilling so much snake-goddess spunk onto the cushion. In one final display of her superiority, Fyleth jerked herself off for a few more pumps, splattering her few remaining alabaster streamers across Lynn’s back and ass.

Lynn had been well and truly fucked, covered from head to toe in semen, pumped full of it in every hole. And she wanted more.

“Now that you bear my seed, my progeny, your will is bound to mine,” Fyleth crooned, appraising the handiwork she and her devotees had accomplished, “When you wake, you will return to your allies and bring them to me… I assure you, I reward loyalty.”

Blackness crept in around Lynn’s sight, nibbled at her thoughts, even as she sought to turn about and grasp at those meaty pillars that had brought her so much joy. “You, you’ll really give Vayna… What you have?”

“If that is your wish.”

Darkness claimed the fallen cupid, took her to the land of dreams and sleep—but not without a wicked grin.

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4 thoughts on “Return of the Goddess

  1. Well, this is my mistake for not reading the tags. That being said, I was pretty much committed by the time it reached the futa stuff, so here goes.

    I liked the premise of an all mamono adventuring party, and each character was distinct enough to feel interesting. Also liked the little hoped-for romantic subplot going on.

    I also liked the mysterious vibe of the too good to be true offer, ran the line between subtle enough to fool the party and obvious enough to the reader.

    That being said, it would have been nice to see the party in action before the main plot went full swing.

    Things kind of fell apart a little after the goddess was introduced, I’m afraid. The introduction of a forgotten deity always intrigues me, but immediately advancing into a ‘rape= mindbreak and enslavement’ was kind of underwhelming.

    Some build-up would have been nice, some subtlety, maybe the goddess using a bit more than essentially snake-eyed paralysis, anything really.

    So all in all, a strong start, but fell apart once things started getting sexual.

    1. Hey, appreciate the feedback. Sadly, as a commission, I am bound within its constraints. That said, there’s always room for improvement and these pieces are a challenge.

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