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I wake up to the sound of my timed alarm spell, a simple yet useful spell for a student of magic.
In the past it was useful to avoid an earful from my old teacher whenever I failed to have his breakfast ready before he woke up. Or to make sure I didn’t overbrew the potions, which usually resulted in me having to procure the wasted ingredients using my own money (as well as another scolding).
Other uses included timing the drying of fresh ink on parchment so smears and more scoldings could be avoided, timing any food that was being heated, and keeping track of when the arrogant man who held the title of ‘Librarian of the College’ would be back from his break, as his absence provided one of the few chances I had to actually study magic.

Now I’m using this handy little spell to, again, wake up at an appropriate time in a place where magic is studied. The main difference is that now, unlike before, I’m actually looking forward to the coming day.
For you see, my old hometown had a bit of a run-in with what the mages at the college I slaved away at would call ‘soul sucking harlots’, and now it’s been turned into a demon realm. I no longer reside there however.
Basically what happened was the following. During the attack on the town, the self-proclaimed ‘important’ mages had barricaded themselves in the college. All the enchanted barriers they had put in place were, however, shattered by a lone witch who wore a dark green robe with what looked like an eye motif on the front. Said witch easily rendered all the mages unconscious, but spared me.
After collecting everything magic related in the college (into what appeared to be a bottomless bag) and examining me for a bit, she offered me to come to the reasearch institute of magic that she belonged to, more specifically the Shirokuto sabbath.
After a few promises that no one was going to eat my soul, I hesitantly agreed. I have never regretted that decision.

So, now that I’m fully awake and dressed, I head for the main library, taking care to not wake my master up as I sneak past her door, which is right next to my door.
On my way there I pass a few people and bid them good morning. Even though they all look like young girls, every last one of them is most likely a lot older then me.
Most of them typically call me ‘boy’ when they talk to me, yet unlike the way I was spoken to at the college of mages, it doesn’t feel condescending.

I arrive at the great library, and take a moment to let my gaze wander across the countless bookshelves. This sight never fails to impress me. I move over towards a nearby table where a gazer sits, her many eye stalks all reading separate books while her main eye is focused on the parchment she is writing something on.
If my guess is correct, she is trying to combine multiple spells into one, an activity that is akin to doing a (relatively simple) seesaw puzzle to her.
Seeing this, I know that she is not immersed in anything that demands all her attention and can therefore safely be spoken to.
“Good morning Bella.”
The gazer in question looks up from her parchment. “Oh, good morning Eric.”
I try to look at the books she has spread out all over the table. “Creating a new spell?”
She shakes her head. “Not really, I am simply combining the various spells needed to construct a large scale terrestrial transfer ritual. I thought it would be more efficient if one person could cast it instead of needing a group to set it up.”
Hearing this, I smile a little. “Relaxing your mind with something simple I see.”
She rolls her large eye. “Yea, translating Merulian Codex Runes does take it out of me after an extended period of time. But, you know, I thought I might as well produce something useful as I wind down.”

I smile to myself. Most of the time I don’t understand half of what the members of this institute talk about when we discuss magic. However, I still have no trouble holding a conversation with them even with my limited understanding, something that seems to have made me somewhat popular as a conversation partner for many of them.
That is only until my master arrives though. Being half snake she is slower in the mornings then me (especially when I use my alarm spell), but once she shows up she usually demands all my attention until she finishes the work she has set for herself for the day.

As it happens, The door behind me opens and my master Vera slithers through. She is dressed in the same green robe and hat as the other sabbath members and has the same petite, young appearance, yet she is unmistakable even at a distance because of her signature snake tail covered in azure shimmering scales, as well as the unique trait of a medusa. Her hair forming into snakes.
Her hair/snakes does not share her main body’s color though. The hair part is golden blonde while the snakes are covered in bright red scales, giving her a rather striking appearance. The snake’s eyes share the yellow color of her own though. Like most of the witches, her hair/snakes reaches well below her hips. Also, unlike some medusa, the tip of her tail is rather slim and soft. She usually holds it pointed upwards because it’s sensitive, and she doesn’t like dragging it along the ground.

I hastily excuse myself to Bella and walk briskly towards Vera before she spots me.
“Good morning master, shall we continue where we left of yesterday?”
She looks at me without looking into my eyes. “Hmpf, of course we are. We can’t very well leave important work half-completed now can we?”
I shake my head. “No, of course not. That was a silly question.”
She puts a hand on her hip and holds her other hand out with her palm turned upward. “So then, what are you waiting for? Go get the Lexicon Besturthas and find the page we were on.”
I bow respectfully, something that would have seemed comical had I not known that her age doesn’t match her appearance. “Yes master. Right away.”

You might think that this doesn’t seem all that different from my old life at the college if you only observed it casually. However, in my eyes things couldn’t be more different.
Whereas my old workplace only made me feel like some mule being taken advantage of, here I feel appreciated despite not being capable of performing the level of magic that we research.
Why you may ask? Because even if they sound strict, the witches and other various magic practitioners of this sabbath don’t speak with any contempt towards me. In the case of my master, she may sound harsh and have me do all the legwork, yet she never fails to thank me for my efforts.
There are other reasons as well, but we will get to that.

Our morning is spent continuing our current project, to figure out how to do cross-dimensional weather manipulation. It has proved to be quite a challenge, as we have already spent several days on the subject.
After being at it for several hours, my master leans back in her chair and groans.
“Argh, this really shouldn’t be that difficult! Both control weather and dimensional rift are simple spells, why do they mesh so poorly? I feel like a novice here.”
I hold back a chuckle while wishing my old teacher could have heard that while I saw his face. Both those spells were highly difficult to perform, control weather in particular due to it’s many, many component spells. And Vera could easily cast them while sipping tea and reading a tome if she wanted. That old, arrogant man would turn several shades of green with envy. 

Forcing my voice to sound neutral, I speak up. “Master, forgive me if I’m incorrectly assuming things, but it seems to me that the core of the problem is that the various spells that make up control weather get all mixed up while they go through the dimensional rift, and end up in a mess once they reach the other side.”
She turns towards me, looking at my face while only just barely not meeting my gaze.
“Humpf, a substantial oversimplification. Yet, you are not wrong. That is more or less what is happening.”
Encouraged by her display of interest (yes, really), I continue.
“Forgive me master, but to me this looks like the problem where two people are standing a long distance apart from each other and trying to communicate via yelling, but the distance and the strong winds between them is distorting their words, making communication almost impossible.”
Vera makes a gesture with her hand for me to continue. I nod.
“As such, consider the following. The two people in this situation can, if they are unable to close the distance, write down their words on paper and send it between each other via courier. They can then read the undistorted words just fine.”
I point towards the various documents and scrolls on the table. “Would it perchance be possible to finish constructing the control weather spell here, then bind it to some medium that could keep it intact while it traveled through the rift, then release the spell unscrambled on the other side?”

Vera’s pose stiffen for a brief moment. She then pulls a tome out of the pile beside her and starts to quickly turn the pages until apparently finding what she was looking for.
After reading intensely for a few minutes, she slides down on the floor and turns towards me.
“I need to run something by master Shirokuto. It will probably take a while and I will most certainly end up expending a lot of mana on the experiment I have in mind. You know what to do, right?”
I respectfully bow. “Of course master. I shall make preparations in your quarters for when you return.”
Nodding, she turns and quickly slithers of, leaving me with a happy grin on my face. As it happens, I don’t mind in the slightest if she acknowledges my contribution or not. The reason being that whenever she gets an excuse to do experiments, what follows is typically the best part of my day.
I quickly leave the library, waving at Bella as I pass her on the way. I can see a knowing smirk at the corner of her mouth. On my way through the corridors I pass a few other men, recognizing one of them as Bella’s husband who looks like he is heading towards the library with a plate of neatly cut apple pieces, her favourite snack during work hours (specifically because he can slowly feed her the pieces while she sits in his lap). He notices the slight spring in my step and gives me a short nod, the knowing smirk on his face perfectly mirroring that of his wife.

When I reach Vera’s quarters, I first enter my own room since it’s right next to hers. I move to my workbench and grab a few parchments and books, then bring them over to her room and start studying. I am currently working on a fly spell.
I spend a couple of hours reading and writing before I hear the door opening.
As I turn my head, I see Vera entering and closing the door behind her. I notice the snakes on her head seem a little restless, always a good sign.
She turns towards me (again, just barely avoiding meeting my gaze) and speaks.
“Well, don’t just sit around scribbling. You have an important job to do.”
“Yes master, right away.”
I put my things down and move to the large couch in the room, lying down on my side after removing my shoes. Vera slowly slithers over and sits down with her back towards me, placing her hat on the table next to the couch.
Now fully uncovered, I can marvel at the close up sight of her beautiful golden locks and ruby-red snakes. Two of the longest ones eagerly slither closer to me and gently bump their heads against my hands.
I spread my fingers, allowing the two snakes to rub the top of their heads against my palms almost like lovesick cats. Smiling, I pet their necks with the tips of my fingers and their chins with my thumbs.

More snakes rise and move towards my face, their slim tongues dancing over my cheeks. Others rub their heads against my arms and chest, while Vera stoically sits still without turning around as she speaks.
“Why are you making me wait? You won’t refill any mana at this rate.”
“My apologies master. I shall begin now.”
“Hmpf, just make sure to not leave your job half done. I had to spend a lot of mana because of that crazy idea of yours.”
I smirk to myself since she can’t see it. “Yes master.”

I reach out with my arms and slowly wrap them around her small, soft body. She is still a bit stiff, but now is the time to work on that.
Very slowly, I pull her down next to me. She soon ends up in the little spoon position wrapped up in my embrace. I can feel her heartbeat starting to pick up its pace a little, even through her robes.
“T-that’s better. You still need to work a little harder though.”
“Right away master.”
I very slowly start to move my hands around. Gently caressing her modest chest through her clothes while my other hand moves down to stroke the scales just below her hips.
I grin again as her hair snakes rub themselves against me more eagerly even as her mouth mildly protests. “D-don’t be rough with my chest. It’s very sensitive.”
“Yes master.”
Even as I answer I completely ignore her request and grab her breast just a little harder. I an rewarded by a slightly sharper intake of breath from her and her tone of voice turning somewhat meeker.
“Geez, w-were you always this bad at listening to people?”
I act like I have no idea what she is talking about. “Sorry master, but I didn’t do anything. Maybe my hand acted on it’s own.” As I say this, I move my other hand up and under her robe, touching her smooth belly directly. She yelps cutely in response.
“I-if you get too full of yourself, I might have to force you to stop you know.”
She says this while making absolutely no effort whatsoever to either stop me or get away from me.
“I understand master.”
I start to slowly move my hand on her belly in circles, feeling her stomach muscles shift slightly whenever I complete a lap. All while continuing to massage the soft mounds on her chest.

I soon notice that not only are her hair snakes getting more frisky, but the tip of her tail has moved and gently coiled itself around my ankle. This is the sign I have been waiting for, her body starting to get impatient.
I know that if I continue to push at a slow pace like this, it will slowly stop listening to her and become more honest. Smiling, I continue my caresses while answering her occasional protests, only to completely ignore them a second later.
Once her tail starts to tug on my ankle in a manner similar to how a shy girl would tug on your sleeve to get your attention, I decide to step it up a little.
I move my face close to her pointy ear and gently blow on it. A shudder quickly spreads throughout her body, closely followed by more protests.
“W-w-wait, you can’t just do something like that!”
“Hmm, then perhaps you would like this better then.”
I close the small distance and take her ear into my mouth.
Her back arches, ironically pressing her back harder against my chest and making it easier to cover her whole ear with my lips. She closes her eyes and whines.
“Nnnngh, no stop, this is to much stimulation!”
She tries to pull her head away from mine, but can’t move it an inch.
“Hah, let go of my head you brute!”
I answer by squeezing her breast and rub her belly, reminding her that my hands never even came close to her head. She soon realizes what is going on.
“No way…”
Her hair snakes have wrapped tightly around my head, preventing either of us from moving away and firmly sealing her ear within the confines of my mouth. She is at a loss, and I intend to take full advantage of the situation.

I trace the tip of my tongue very slowly along the edges of her ear, feeling her body heat up as I do. I move to lick the ridges on the inside of the ear, making sure to cover everything I touch in saliva.
When I’m done, I start to slowly suck, making slurping noises right where she can hear them the most.
I catch see her covering her mouth with a free hand, trying to keep her moans in. Not being of a mind to let her get away with that, I increase the intensity of my mouth movements and both hands.
Her eyes are tightly closed as she does the best she can, but she can’t hold it in forever. Eventually, a soft moan finally escapes from behind the fingers trying to cover her mouth.

Feeling the snakes wrapped around my head relax, I know the moment has come. I quickly move my hands to the front of her robe, grab large fistfuls of the fabric and tear it open, revealing her entire chest, belly and sex.
The robes worn by members of this sabbath are made to be worn in an experimental environment. They are large with a lot of material, but it’s easy to tear of individual parts in case they catch fire or something else happens. They are also made to be easy to repair.
The fun part about their design is that it also makes them perfect for us husbands to peel of our wives bodies like this.
Before she has a chance to speak, I sit up on the couch and lift her up in my arms, turning her to face me. I then open my pants, revealing my rock hard member, and lower her dripping, soft pussy down right on top of it. The wet folds swallow my entire length as if it’s starving, and I am rewarded by a long, passionate moan.
Then, I embrace her and simply stop moving.

We simply sit there for a while, her pussy putting a constant, soft pressure on my dick while my arms hold her firmly against my body. I can’t see her face as she is pressing it against the top of my chest, just under my chin. Her hair snakes are coiling all around me and, ever so slowly, her tail is moving more of its length behind my back.
Finally, I hear her whisper something, and the next second my clothes are on the floor. I know what this is, it’s her undressing teleportation spell, and she only uses it on me when I manage to push past most of her defences.
Her body is now starting to act entirely honest. Her tail coils around my torso, the tip ending up caressing my cheek. Her tongue extends, gently licking my throat. The walls of her folds heat up and begin to massage me at a slowly increasing pace.

I simply hold her in my embrace and sit still, because I know her mind. She desperately wants to be honest towards me, yet she can’t bring herself to do it unless I slowly dismantle her barriers bit by bit like this.
Once I reach my goal, she starts feeling guilty about feeling good on her own, so now she wants to repay me.
What she doesn’t know (or at least, I haven’t told her) is that seeing her stoic attitude slowly crumble into the cute, meek girl before me now gives me immense satisfaction, so when she starts servicing me, I begin to feel like I want to return the favor. So I start rubbing her head and move my other hand down to caress her butt.

In this way, our intimacy and affection towards each other becomes a self-reinforcing positive loop. Almost like how spirit energy and mamano mana enhance each other in a positive loop.
I sometimes wonder if the mana behaves that way due to the influence of the demon lords personality, but now is no the time to focus on such matters.
I carefully grab the back of her head and tilt it upward so that our eyes finally meet. As our hot breath flows over each other’s faces, the last part of her body finally yields, her mouth.
“K-k-kiss me, p-please.”
I give her a warm smile and close the short distance, her mouth opening to welcome my tongue into it.

I kiss her deeply, covering her lips with mine and extending my tongue as far as I can, letting it explore all the corners of her mouth. She does her best to caress my tongue with her own, while her hair snakes, arms and tail wrap tightly around me.
I move my hands down and grab her slim hips, lift her up slightly, then finally start making love to her properly.
I can feel the soft flesh of her walls adapting its ministrations to my pace, and once we are in sync I slowly increase the pace, letting her catch up as we go.
Her tail starts to undulate around me as her pleasure builds. She also makes sure to rub her soft breasts and their hard nipples against my chest every time I move her up or down.
We are breathing harder through our noses, enough to feel the heat on each other’s faces, yet we maintain the kiss. I keep swallowing her cute moans, delighting in the faint sounds that make it to my ears. It is like music to me.

I soon feel pressure build in my loins, the result of holding back for such a long time. Vera notices and increases her efforts, squeezing and coiling around me as much as she can. I respond to her efforts by thrusting into her more strongly.
I give in to my primal urge to fill the womb of the woman I love and spray rope after rope of thick, gooey seed into her depths.
She gives in to her primal thirst for my seed and spirit energy and eagerly sips it all from my cock, while finally breaking the kiss to lean her head back and scream in pleasure. I take the chance to run my tongue along her exposed, soft throat to push her orgasm higher.
I can feel her whole body rubbing against me in different ways everywhere, and my own body shakes in satisfaction.
When we slowly come down from our orgasmic highs, our eyes meet. Vera’s beautiful, yellow eyes now look straight into mine, radiating happiness.
We kiss again, slowly, because we are farm from done yet. Her now creamy pussy is still massaging me, keeping me hard.
She pulls her head back and nods, I return her nod and start thrusting again.

Some time later, long after I stopped counting how many spurts I shot into her, we finally lay down and just hold each other as we slowly slip into the realm of sleep. No doubt pleasant dreams await.

I wake up and slowly sit up as I blink a few times. The room slowly comes into focus, and I’m greeted by the smiling face of Vera (she has repaired her robe now and put the hat back on).
She leans forward and kisses my cheek. “Welcome back, sleepyhead.”
I smile. “Where you watching me sleep?”
She nods. “I did. Your face is just so cute when you have happy dreams.”
Noticing my cheeks getting hotter, I awkwardly stretch my arms in an attempt to hide it. “Ahh, guess I’d better get dressed.”
I look around and find all my clothes neatly folded on the table next to the books and parchments I brought earlier. When I move to the table and pick them up, I notice several notes scribbled in Vera’s handwriting on several places. They point out errors I made and suggests various improvements, all of it written in a lighthearted tone and with little hearts after some of the words. My chest feels just a little warmer as I read them.

Once I’m fully dressed ant turn towards Vera again, she looks slightly embarrassed and is poking the tips of her index fingers against each other in a very cute manner. I realize she wants to ask me something and move over to her.
“Hey, what’s on your mind?”
Her eyes shift down towards the floor as her cheeks flush. She then looks at me in such an adorable way that my heart almost skips a beat.
Knowing that she prefers to whisper embarrassing words, I get down on one knee and grab her hands. She hesitates slightly, then leans close to my ear.

When we return to the great library, several eyes widen a little in surprise. Vera is sitting on my right shoulder, her tail wrapped twice around my neck with the coils in the front hanging down a little like a loose scarf. Said coils also wrap around her right hip, holding her securely in place thus allowing her to rest her left arm on my head while reading a book. The remaining length of her tail hangs down from my left shoulder in a straight line that reaches my hips, almost like a slim mantle.
I move over to a bookshelf, grab a few tomes and bring them to a nearby empty table. Vera hands me the book she is holding and points at the next one she wants. I give it to her and then grab a quill, ready to take notes as she speaks them. Her hair snakes continuously rub themselves gently against me, and I take a moment to scratch one of them under the chin.
Vera starts speaking, and I put the quill to the paper. I pay close attention, ready to give her another excuse to waste more mana then necessary on an experiment.

In the corner of my eye, I see the witch who once recruited me to this sabbath walk past, talking to her husband. Her eye briefly meets my gaze, and I give her a slight nod. She smiles approvingly before turning back to her conversation.
Feeling an immense gratitude towards her, I return my attention to the current task.

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