Pyro and Fizzshire: Tasty Toys

Pyro licks her lips, eyeing the chocolate delight as her paw slides down the front of her healthy ash-black body, awaiting the taste of her favorite snack. She brings the cookie to her mouth, her bushy tail wagging as her massive tongue wraps around the treat, pulling it in with a sloppy slurp.

Moans leave her mouth as the chocolatey drool-stained crumbs fall. Her bed squeaking as she rocks her hips, her paw rubbing the dampening striped panties. The hair on her paws becoming more slick as she presses harder and harder, the feeling of her drool making her hot.

She moves her panties to the side, strings of sticky girl lube gripping the fabric as it moves. Wondering what she would taste like, she grabs another cookie with her slick paw. She circles her hard pink nipple with it, moaning as she brings it down her body, its rough texture teasing her as it draws closer to her wet lips. She reaches her clit and spasms hard.

“AWOOOOOO!” She moans as she plays with the makeshift toy, the chocolate melting from her heat. Lowering it slowly to her hole, the hot fluids coating the treat as she plays with her lips. She slowly dunks it in, moaning as it becomes coated in her musky juice.

She pulls it out, a string of her juice shimmering in the light. She looks at it with lustful eyes, her face becoming a hazy red mess at the thought of what she was about to do.

Her massive tongue slowly pushes out of her lips as her scent on the cookie fills her nose, her breaths becoming more ragged as her tongue got closer, her body’s temperature skyrocketing.

She licks it, her body shuddering to the lewd taste, her muscles tensing as she snaps. Her tongue wraps around it, quickly darting it into her mouth as she sucks it, rolling it around as her saliva mixes with the tainted juices.

Her paw immediately drives into her pussy, the textured palm pad rubbing her clit as her fingers part her lips, thrusting in and out of her wetness. her other paw pinches and gropes her ample chest, panting as she enjoys the blissful feelings.

Sloppy food filled moans left her mouth, drooling on her chest as her paw rubs it in, her fingers driving deeper into her pussy as she teases all of her sensitive spots, reeling in pleasure as she hit them. Her voice reaching new octaves each time her paw slammed down on her clit, she rubs herself faster and harder, pushing herself to climax.

She buckles backwards as she thrusts into the air.

“MOoooOOOREEE!” Her voice peaks as she comes, jets of girl cum shooting into the air. She lays still on the bed, tongue panting heavily. Her drool soaked chest rises and falls as her juices slowly trickle out and soak her sheets.

She looks down and starts to lick the drool off her chest, her paw pushing her breast into her mouth. She sucks her nipples, nibbling the hard pink flesh. She continues to lick her chest clean, then looks at her fingers, the wetness making them shimmer. With a hazy smile she takes them into her mouth, deep throating them as her tongue licks the stickiness off, sucking them hard to make sure they were clean.

She shoots up on the bed, realising that her package of cookies was where she had launched her cum. She darts over the side, her heart racing, and what she sees are her delicious cookies covered in her delicious cum. She picks up another one, only to start the processes once more.

By the time she was at the last cookie, she was a wet messy hound, covered in her own cum and drool. Her tail wagged as she softly pushed her fingers deeper into her ass and cunt. All she could do was rock her hips as begged for more.

A smug grin steps from the corner, a naked cheshire stood there, a double ended strap-on slowly being pushed inside her as she mews in pleasure. The hound instinctively spread her legs, her sticky paws wandering to grip the cock.

With a high pitched moan, the cheshire hilts her end, buckling up the belt as she saunters forward, taunting the dog with her smile. She mounts the bed gripping the hounds leg with her padded paw, rubbing it as she runs her textured tongue along her fluffy thighs, planting kisses as she reached the heel of her foot.

Pyros paws grip the shaft, the cat wincing in pleasure as she tugs and lubes the big green cock. The cheshires paws massage the thick legs of the hound, her tongue licking the padded sole of her foot, reaching the fluffy toes and planting a kiss each one.

The hound whimpers as the cat slowly rocks, taking her big toe into her mouth, the warm cavern making it wet as her tongue dances around it, softly sucking as she grinds the cock against the hounds puffy lips.

The hound rubs the green cock harder as the cat begins to bob her head and look down, her eyes lustfully staring as the hound paws guides the cock past her lips. They both moan as it slowly sinks in, the hounds needy walls clamping down and vibrating the 11 inch toy. Fizzshire’s teeth lightly bite down as she thrusts her hips, sinking the last 5 inches in fast, moaning out as drool leaks down the fluffy toes.

The Cheshire giggles as she continues to suck her toe. The hound smiles as her sticky paw grabs her ears and rubs them.Purring the kitty sucks off the toe with a loud pop, moving to The ample chest of the hound, she softly rocks as Pyro continues to pet her, her thick thighs moving to wrap around the cats waist.

“Nyaa~” The cat smirks as she takes a hard pink nipple into her mouth and teases it, her tongue lapping at the sensitive flesh as her teeth graze it. Fizzshire softly humps the hounds needy pussy as her pads rub the soft flesh of her arching back.

“MORE!” Pyro demanded as her legs pumps the cat’s hips. Fizzshire orgasims at the suddian speed, her whole body shuddering and twitching as her torrent of cum spurts out her hole.

She cat tries to pull out. The hound stops her as she pulls her ears.

“FUCK ME!” Pyro screams

The cat jumps, hilting all 11 inches with a loud smack. The cat doubling over as the hound pins her to her chest, there pussys milking the green shaft as their juices mixing as hound nears climax.

“YES!” She screams as she pulls the cat in and out, her legs forcing the cat to fuck her with reckless abandon. The cheshire eyes shoot open as she bites down hard on the nipple, her claws digging into the hound’s sides, her high pitched nyaas spring the dog to go faster.

“I-IM GONNA C-CUM, AWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!” The hound cums violently, leaving the cat hilted as she spasms, her thick thighs pinning the cat as she bucks, torrents of her cum splashing out. At the same time Fizzshire cums again, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her tongue drools on her chest. She weakly try’s to get up but the hound keeps her pinned.

Pyro keeps fucking the poor cheshire, flipping her over and using her limp body like a toy. Her paws dig into the cheshires skin as she bounces on top of the bed, her tight walls enjoying the cock, the hounds claws dig into the cat’s breasts as she gropes and pulls on them.

Hours pass as they both cum, the hound slowly tiring out as the room fills up with there musky scents.

“HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The hound moans as she cums for the final time, her body collapsing on the limp cheshire. The final trickle of cum leaves her body, hitting the soaking wet bed. She sighs and dismounts the cock, picking up the cat by the scruff of her neck.

“Sorry, Fizz.” She says as she slides off the bed.

“Lets get this off of you.” she says, removing the device. As she pulls it out, a cascade of cum rushes out, splashing out on the floor. Sighing, Pyro hugs the cat, pushing her head into her chest as she lays down in the bed, throwing the covers over as she pets the tired cat, nibbling her ears until she falls asleep.

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