Pyro And Fizzshire


The hellhound held in her paw a dripping wet licking fruit. She peeled the reddish skin, the pulpy white fluid leaking out as its sweet scent filled the room. She opened her mouth, her large dog tongue drooling as she softly placed the wet fruit on it. Her fluffy paw grabbing her hair, pulling it back as she licked it .


I watched from the corner of the room, my invisibility keeping me hidden as I held in my giggles. The sound of her lips smacking and sucking the fruit covering my own noise. My own paw making its way to my lips. I softly tease myself to the lewd display of the hound.


She pulled her hair back harder, her muffled moans filling the air followed by loud slurping. She took the fruit right to the stem, pulling it deep as her panties become soaked with her secretions. She swallowed it with a gulp, sighing as the lewd fruit bulged her throat and slowly slid down, licking her lips and throwing the peel to the into the trash.


Her wet panties soaking the bed, the smell of it intoxicating me as her paw rubbed her lips, kissing her fingers clean of her meal. I wanted that. My purple and black paw reached out, becoming visible as I mounted the bed. She was pulling her hair harder as more intense moans fled from her mouth. A fluffy black paw slid down the side of her chunky body slipping inside her panties. I Placed a fluffy digit inside the hound’s mouth, her tongue reaching to lick and suck it as I bit my lower lip. She didn’t care that I was there, she only wanted to cum.


Drool dripped out of her mouth as she bobbed, sucking hard as I felt her textured tongue roll over my pad. It felt wonderfully hot and rough as she looked at me, her hazy cheeks and glowing red eyes pleaded me to help her cum. I moved my other paw to pussy, resting it on hers as she rubbed herself.My paw pushing a digit into her soft folds as she cry’s out. Her other paw reached for mine, cutting the thin fabric and moving her pad over my clit.


I moan out as she toppled over me, taking off her panties and pinning me down, my paw stuck as I pushed it inside her. She pants over my head as I moan out, her tongue hanging out, drooling in my mouth, the sweet taste makes me beg for more.


“P-Please…” I barely manage to get out. The hound darts to my face, her long tongue swirling around mine as our saliva’s mix. She tasted wonderful, sweet. I force my tongue into her mouth, her paw fingering me fast as we moan into each others mouths.


She sits up, grabbing my legs and placing them over her shoulders. My paws were next. she grabbed them and pinning me down on the bed, her hot lips pressing on mine as her body pinned me on my back, her mouth returning to our passionate kiss.


Her hips started to press down hard, her clit circling mine as she forced more saliva down my throat with that long, erotic, tongue. All I could do was mew as she rocked her hips, her pussy rubbing mine, our stickiness mixing as we leaked.


Her tits pressed up against mine, our hard nipples pressing into each others skin. She was heavy as they slid over mine, are nipples clashing, Me softly biting her tongue in response.


The dog was in bliss, using me as her moans became louder and louder in my mouth, vibrating my head as we sucked. her eyes darted open, her fire brows crackling as she started to rub faster. She started to become hot, almost burning as the bed started to sizzle, the wetness turning to steam as she pounded me to climax.


As I came, I broke the kiss


“Cum for me you useless bitch.”


She howled, My orgasm outclassed as I felt a flood of hot wetness cover me. She went limp on top on me, her hips thrusting in weak spasms. I teleported back to my room, quickly cleaning off and grabbing a new corset. I still smelled of sex but I quickly covered that up with some lavender.

A half hour later she came bursting into my room, still dripping. Her eyes were filled with rage.


“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” she screamed. I shrugged.

“Nyaa~, I did nothing, now go away, you reek of sex.” I was hopping that she was to horny to remember what I did.


She looked down her face becoming deep red as she realized she was standing completely naked and dirty from the romp. She looked at me, her eyes tearing as she ran off to her room.

I got up and closed the door my facade finally braking as I let out a big sigh, then a giggle.

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