Pornstar for a day

Art nudged his breakfast with his fork, the red faux leather in the booth squeaked as he shifted around. “What am I going to do? Rents due next week and I’m going to be short because of that asshole that rear ended me on the way over here!” Art thought as he took a bite of his hash browns. He chewed slowly and took a sip of orange juice. Getting the rear bumper on his car fixed would easily cost $500, not counting the damage to the trunk and wheel wells. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice the woman trying to get his attention.


Art flinched as she brought her hand down on the table. He trailed his gaze up her arm to her face. The woman wore a stern expression and had piercing yellow eyes. Fluffy ears topped her head and a striped bushy tail extruded from behind her. She was wearing an expensive looking suit with black leggings and red heels. “Is this seat taken?” Art looked at her for a moment then realized she asked him a question.

“Oh! Uhhh, no?”

Without another word the Danuki sat down across from him.

She looked at Art intently, eyeing him up like one would a fine painting. In one quick motion she pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.

“Um, I don’t think you can smoke in here.”

“What are they gonna do, throw me out? Besides I own the place.” There was an awkward silence between the two; Art was the first to speak up.

“So, can I help you with something?”

The Danuki crossed her legs and took a puff of her cigarette. “Actually you can…” She narrowed her eyes and cracked a mischievous smile. “I’m doing some talent scouting for a “movie”, and you look exactly like what I need.” Art didn’t like the look she was giving him,

“what kind of movie?”

The Danuki laughed a bit and tilted her head back “Ahh, why am dancing around it? A porno, kid.” Art blushed a bit

“Umm, can I ask why you’re filming a porno?”

The Danuki tapped her cigarette. “Well you see, I consider myself a kind of social activist.” She took a drag and slowly let the smoke out the side of her mouth “I want to see relationships between monsters and humans improve. Monsters have a tender side that humans rarely see and what better way to show that side then porn?”

Art thought for a moment “I guess that makes sense… “But why are you asking me to be a part of it?” The Danuki chuckled,

“well for starters you look like a normal everyday guy, the target audience of the film will be able to identify with that. Plus can you’ve got a nice looking build and a cute face. I know what I’m looking for and I like what I see.” She pointed at him with her cigarette, Art took a forkful of eggs and sighed

“I don’t know…” He started chewing “I haven’t exactly been in a lot of pornos.”

“Come on!”

She laughed and playfully poked his shoulder. “I can only get the girl I have lined up because she’s in heat! Plus, she has a thing for brunettes…” Art raised his eyebrows at that last part, but still wasn’t convinced. The Danuki uncrossed and recrossed her legs, “Tell ya what, I don’t need much footage so let me lay this out for you.” She took another drag on her cigarette and produced a small piece of paper from her jacket “show up at this address, fuck for about, say… an hour and leave $600 richer.” Art almost choked

*Cough, Cough* “$600!?”

The Danuki had a smug smile on her face, she knew she had him. “So? What do you say?” Art looked at the paper

“I mean, I guess I could give it a shot, I don’t really have anything to lose.”


The Danuki extinguished her cigarette on the table and extended a hand to Art. “The name’s Samantha, what’s yours?” He gave her a small smile and a firm handshake


“Well Art it’s been a pleasure, try to get there around 3:00 tomorrow” Samantha stood up and headed towards the door, Art looked back at his breakfast “Also!” He looked back up at Samantha, she had her hand on the doorknob. “Don’t worry about paying, it’s on the house.” She winked at him “See you soooon~!” The bell above the door rang as she left. Art looked back his breakfast and this time started eating. One thought was present in his mind

“What just happened?!”

Art glanced at the piece of paper Samantha had given him. “5th floor, room 472” he looked up at the apartment complex that stood before him. It was a pretty nice place, he wondered how Samantha had managed to swing it, before remembering that she was a Danuki. He approached the front door, stopping just before he walked in. Art took a deep breath and psyched himself up “You can do this! Don’t wuss out now!” He entered the lobby and confidently walked over to the elevators. He pushed the call button and looked down at his watch. “3:10” “Crap, I’m late.” His confidence started to deflate as he waited for the elevator. With a ding it arrived in the lobby, as he stepped into the elevator car he came to a sudden realization “Samantha never told me what kind of monster I’d be with…” Art’s anxiety grew as he rode the elevator up, he gulped when the elevator stopped on his floor, the doors opened and he stepped out. After a bit of searching he found the apartment, he put his hand on the doorknob and tried to comfort himself. “It’s not like she would pair me with a dangerous monster, right?” Art stepped into the apartment and saw buck naked Jinko stretching with her back to him, “shit…” he said under his breath.

The Jinko’s ears twitched and she turned around, her brownish-orange eyes lit up when she saw him.

“Ohhh~ are you my partner?”

She asked excitedly, her tail darting back and forth. It was a combination of fear and the Jinko’s massive breasts that caused Art not to respond right away.

“Jesus christ she’s stacked! Those must be H cup at least.”

Hypnotized by her chest, Art failed to notice that she had gotten closer to him “So are you?” She licked her lips. This time she sounded eager. Art shook his head a little, bringing himself back to the present.

“Oh! Ahh, y-yes I am”

She smiled and started to walk around him, like a tiger getting ready to pounce. Art stood stalk still and took in the sights of her muscular frame. Her arms were as big as branches and ended in massive paws, they were covered in a coat of thick fluffy fur. She looked like she could rip a door off its hinges if she wanted to. Her waist was chiseled, defined and free of any kind of fat. He shifted his gaze down to her legs. He could see the muscle definition on them every time she took a step. They were equally as fluffy as her arms, depending on what they were doing today Art was at risk of having his head cracked open. He looked up at her thighs, they were bare but still looked incredibly soft. The inside of her legs looked slick and shiny

“Jeez, she’s already soaking wet”

Her legs stopped moving, Art looked up and saw that she was hunched over, her face directly in front of his. She started moving in closer, Art leaned back until he was against the wall. She stopped for a moment and looked into his eyes, he could feel her hot breath on his face. Slowly she extended her tongue and gave his cheek a long lick, it felt rough and left a slimy trail.

“You’re a cute one.”

She gave Art a big smile, he could see her rows of sharp teeth. Art gave her a nervous smile and response


The Jinko giggled and took his hand in her paw. Art knew better than to question/resist what was happening. The Jinko lead Art from the entryway into the living room. The room had been rearranged a bit, Instead of a couch there was a bed in the center of the room along with all kinds of lights and some expensive looking cameras. Samantha was there, talking to some men from what looked to be the camera crew.

“Ah! I see you two have already gotten acquainted”she smiled a bit. “Well we’ve got no time to waste, stand in front of the camera and have a little fun.” The Jinko led Art to the foot of the bed.

“Take your shirt off… slowly” she said it gently but Art knew she wasn’t playing around. He did as she asked and slowly removed his shirt to reveal his above average build. If there was one thing Art was proud of, it was his ability to keep to his gym schedule. “Mmmm~” the Jinko started to slowly rub her crotch with one paw and Arts chest with the other. Art closed his eyes and and gently moaned, the sensation he was feeling was completely new to him. He had heard good things about beastmen’s paws but had no idea it was like this. Her paw pads felt like they were filled with gel and almost seemed to mold to his chest. They provided a nice contrast to the fur that coated her paw. It was soft but in a different way, it felt like satin and was very warm. Art giggled whenever it would brush against his nipples, slowly she moved her paw down to his stomach. Her breath quickened as her paw got closer to his crotch, when she reached it she removed her paw from her crotch and wrapped it around Arts back, giving him a tight squeeze and burying his face in her breasts. She started massaging his undercarriage through his jeans. “Oh myy~ you’re getting so hard!” Art couldn’t keep his moans quiet this time, she sped up her paw’s movements, massaging his balls with her fingers and kneading his cock with her palm. After a short period of time she slowed her movements and looked down at Art. “Ready to go?” Art excitedly shook his head.

Without another word the Jinko hopped on the bed and got on all fours. She spread her lips with two of her furry digits, revealing her snatch to be a lovely pink color. She looked back at Art and winked, wiggling her ass a little, “Don’t keep me waiting.” In a flurry of movement Art tore off his shoes, jeans and underwear. He hopped on the bed and positioned himself behind her. She reached back and positioned his cock in front of her dripping entrance. She gave it a few playful pumps and guided Art in.

“Wow she’s tight! I guess she really is all muscle”

Art grit his teeth as the soft, wet walls of her pussy clamped down on him. He went as deep as he could, eliciting a cry from her. “AHH! Keep going!” Art happily obliged as he slid his cock back and thrust forward again, the sound of colliding flesh filling the room. Her ass rippled as he thrust away, he kneaded the soft skin with his hand, giving it a loud smack every once and awhile, causing her to cry out. Occasionally he would switch his hands position to her clitoris and rub gently with his middle and index fingers, making her moan loudly into one of the pillows on the bed. This cycle of thrusting, smacking and rubbing continued for about 15 minutes.

As hard as he tried Art knew he was fast approaching his limit

“Come on dammit, make the lady happy.”

He thought to himself as he tried to fight the sensation building in his loins. The Jinko on the other hand showed no signs of climaxing anytime soon. Art began to slow his movements until he felt her paw tightly grip his leg, the claws digging into his thigh.

“Don’t you dare!!!”

She hissed through clenched teeth and glared back at him with a feral look in her eyes. Art let out a small whimper and sped back up. With fear spurring him on he reached his breaking point. Art let out a loud “GAAHH!” And blew his load deep inside the Jinko, firing strand after strand of hot jizz, coating her insides a sticky white. He fell on her back, his cock starting to go flaccid and slip out of her.

“Fuck… shit… god dammit…”

Art swore between breaths. He felt the Jinko emit a low growl as she leaned back into him. Art found himself pinned underneath her ass, legs on either side of him. She turned her head back and looked down at him with a cocky smile.

“Was I really that good? I’m glad…”

 her smile faded and she narrowed her eyes “But we’re not finished until I’ve cum!” With that she grabbed Art’s fluid covered shaft started working his length. He shuddered as she started to pump, his cock still sensitive from the first round of fucking. She used long slow strokes, alternating between squeezing his tip with her index finger and his base with her pinky. The pads on her paw hitting every sensitive spot on his shaft. Within a minute and a half he was rock hard again. She looked at him with a wild grin. She raised herself up and positioned his cock just below her still dripping entrance, he felt little drops of fluid hit his tip. Art gasped as she dropped down with a loud smack.

Her pussy was still maddeningly tight and felt even slicker. Without warning she raised herself up and slammed down again, the sounds of slapping flesh again filling the room. Before Art could get used to her movements she started to quicken her pace, thrusting down faster and only going up to half his length. Timidly, Art grabbed her waist and slammed her into his pelvis whenever she came down, trying to speed up the process.

“She had to be getting close, right?”

After about 20 minuets Art felt like he was going to pass out. She was relentless in her assault and had rode him through his second orgasm, not letting him go flaccid again. His pelvis was on fire and his dick was painfully hard. Art shut his eyes and tightly gripped the bed sheets, he started pleading to no one in particular “please, please, please…” If Art had a guardian angel they were looking out for him that day. With one final thrust the Jinko started to shake and her pussy clamped down; hard. She let out a loud roar as a gush of fluids washed over Art’s cock. Red faced and out of breath Art lay immobilized under the Jinko, his chest heaving and his heart pounding in his ears. After a minute the Jinko spun herself around as Art’s cock slipped out of her with a wet pop. Still pinned he looked up at the beast towering before him. Her sizable chest moved up and down in time with her breaths, beads of sweat slid down her muscular frame. Her face was red but not due to exertion, this time there was a certain gentleness in her eyes. She gave Art a warm smile and started to gently caress the side of his face. She started giggling and leaned her face in close

“hey there.”

She brought her lips down and gave Art a long, passionate kiss. Her tongue exploring every inch of his mouth. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, a thin trail of saliva connecting the two. “Let’s finnish together this time” Art nodded his head.

She started wiggling her hips, bringing his half erect member back to full mast. Art reached his hands around and started to massage her ass, pulling it apart and squishing it together. While he was preoccupied she raised herself up and took Arts cock in her paw. She positioned it under her and started to rub his tip into her labia. She took another look at Art and dropped down. She went slow at first, moving up and down his length at a steady pace. After a bit she sped up, the desire growing in her eyes. Art wanted to reach the end as badly as her. He started moving his hips, meeting her when she was half way up. He could feel her body shake more and more as they continued, her pussy becoming slicker with each thrust. She took his hands in her paws and moved them up to her chest. Art gently squeezed her breasts as he traced circles around her nipples with his fingers. Panting and fast approaching her climax the Jinko cried out

“I-I-I’m g-gunna cum!”

She brought her head back down and gave Art another tongue filled kiss. He returned it this time, putting his hands around the back of her head, their tongues intertwined in a dance of passion. Her pussy clamped down again, this time Art came with her. They both moaned into each other’s mouths as a torrent of semen and feminine fluids came spilling out of her. After her orgasm had subsided she broke the kiss and threw her head back, out of breath, her chest bouncing even more. Art tilted his head back and looked at the camera at the foot of the bed. He gave it a tired, red faced smile. He felt the Jinko pat his chest, he looked back up at her. This time she had a playful look in her eyes “Now for the fun part!” Art’s eyes went wide.

The Jinko fell backwards onto the bed, Art sat up and looked at her. She had her paws curled and a bashful look on her face.

“W-will you rub my stomach?”

She asked timidly, Art just looked at her, puzzled. “Pleeeease~” she tilted her head to the side and looked at him with puppy dog eyes. Art chuckled,

“Umm, sure… I guess.”

He crawled up the bed and laid down next to her. He Propped his head up on his arm and started to rub her stomach. Art whispered to himself, “So that’s why they’re called ‘washboard’ abs,” he could feel each individual ab as he rubbed away, slowly moving his hand up and down her stomach. The Jinko squirmed with excitement as Art rubbed, occasionally giggling when his fingers brushed against her sides. Eventually she settled down, a content look forming on her face as she began to chuff quietly. Art chuckled as he looked at the once intimidating Jinko, now putty in his hands. He looked up from her stomach to her face, she smiled when their eyes met. Without warning she wrapped her paws around Art’s neck and pulled him into her chest, she rolled on her side and slid one of her paws down to the small of his back. She started to gently rub the back of his head.


Art’s response was muffled by her chest


she put a leg over him and began to chuff louder. Art felt himself falling asleep, he was exhausted from the fucking, her warm fur and tight embrace only sped up the process. The last thought in his head before he lost conscious was of how nice it felt to be held like this.

And that’s a wrap! Good job you two.”

Samantha clasped her hands together “this is going to sell so well!” She thought to herself as she cracked a massive smile. “Alright now I need you guys to clear out, I’m doing another shoot in half an hour.” The Jinko raised her head and looked at Samantha.

“Umm, could we stay like this for 10 more minutes?”

She asked timidly, Samantha looked at her watch, then she sighed and smiled.

“Ok, but only 10”

the Jinko laid her head back down. She rested her chin on top of Arts head and began to chuff again. She gave him a tight squeeze and smiled to herself.

When Art woke up the Jinko was gone, he was splayed out on the bed and his pelvis hurt like crazy. He heard someone shifting behind him, groggily he rolled over and saw an Ushi-Oni, completely naked. She was excitedly tapping her legs and dripping to the floor.

“A-are you my partner?”

The look of need in her eyes was way beyond that of the Jinko’s. Art sat up and frantically looked for Samantha, thankfully she was still in the room. She saw the terror in Arts eyes and walked up to him.

“Relax, I wouldn’t make you go with an Ushi-Oni after you lasted and hour with a Jinko.”

She whispered something in the Ushi’s ear and pat her on the back. The Ushi walked away, a sad look on her face. Art took a deep breath and placed his hand on his heart, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and took deep breaths. “Man you must be beat! You didn’t even move when she left!” Samantha handed him his check and a business card, the card had a gilded Tanuki Raccoons face on it, along with the company name: Money Shot Productions “I don’t mean to be blunt but I need you to leave, I’ve got another shoot in 5 minutes. Give me a call if you ever want to be in another one of my movies, I’d love to see you in action again” Samantha winked at him as she pulled out a cigarette, then headed towards the apartments patio. Art looked down at the check and grinned


He thought to himself. He put on his clothes and left, On the way to the elevator he was stopped by a man.

“Hey, do you know where room 472 is?”

Art pointed down the hall.


as Art waited for the elevator he heard a voice yell “Partner!” and a door slam. He stepped into the elevator and rode it down. Exiting the lobby he stepped outside and felt the cool summer afternoon air on his skin. He took a deep breath in through his nose and let it back out through his mouth. “I did it!”

Art looked down at his watch “4:35” “Hmm, guess I should head home.” He folded the check in half and placed the business card inside it. He slipped it in his back pocket and felt something, it was a piece of paper. He pulled the note out of his pocket.

“I had an amazing time! I hope I wasn’t too rough, here’s my number and address in case you want to swing by and pick up where we left off ;). My names Vanessa by the way!”

There was a little tiger face drawn after her name. Art looked at the note and pulled out his phone and thought for a moment. He slowly dialed Vanessa’s number as he walked towards the train stop. He got to the stop and looked at his phone. The number was dialed, all he needed to do was hit call. Art thought again “She was fierce, intimidating and almost made me pass out.” His train arrived… He hit call, “but dammit she was really cute.” As his phone dialed he stepped on the train and grabbed one of the hand rails.


“Hey! Vanessa right? It’s me, the cute brunette”

“Oh hey! How are you doing?” He could hear her excitement through the phone.

“Sore and tired… But I wanted to take you up on your offer, does 7 o’clock work for you?” He heard a squee on her end

“That would work perfectly! By the way what’s your name?”


“Art… What a cute name! I’ll see you then”

“Um, real quick before you go, in your note what did you mean by ‘pick up where we left off?’”

“Cuddling of course!” Vanessa hung up and smiled. “And maybe a little something extra as well”

It was 9 o’clock, Vanessa was alone in her apartment, crying. “Maybe he forgot?” She looked at her phone, “no missed calls, no new voicemails” she set her phone down and hugged her stuffed tiger. “B-but he wanted to see me again!” Vanessa buried her face in it and wept, “he would’ve called if he changed his mind, right!?” She wept more then took a deep breath. She looked at her reflection in the TV. She remembered all the flings and one night stands she had when mating season came around around. She remembered how her partners would struggle and resist, all the times she lost control… All the times they begged her to stop; all the times she woke up alone, not even a note on the pillow. Vanessa took another deep breath, “I’m always too rough” She stood up from the couch and got ready for bed. “All I want” she put on her pajamas “is somebody” she brushed her teeth “who won’t run away” she turned off the light.

There was a knock on the door, Vanessa looked at her phone “10:00” “who could that be?” Sleepily she got up and walked to the door. She opened it, rubbing her eyes with one paw and holding her tiger with the other.

“Hey, sorry I’m super late. I crashed right away when I got home. When I woke up it was 9:15, I’m really sorry I didn’t call on my way over!”

Art gave her a tired smile. Vanessa’s eyes lit up a bit, she dropped her tiger and slowly reached out towards Art. She lifted him off his feet and put him in a sleepy bear hug, burying his face in her mane. Art responded by rubbing his cheek against it

“I’m so happy you came.”

Vanessa’s eyes started to tear up, without even asking she walked back to her room with Art in tow. She set him down opposite to her on the bed, he stripped down to his underwear. Vanessa threw back the covers and laid down on her side, She extend a paw to Art and beckoned him over. He gladly took it and once again found his face buried in her mane. Vanessa pulled the covers over them and squeezed Art tightly. “You’ll still be here when I wake up, right?” Art sleepily nodded his head

“uh huh.”

Vanessa smiled and closed her eyes. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, with Art wrapped in her arms.

 Pic done by Ittla 

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  1. I spotted a few mistakes, like misspelled words: semen, orgasm: and there was an instance of a missing space: in case. Might have been a few more I didn’t spot. GJ, I give this a 6.8 in the likes, would have given a higher score if there was more of the ‘feels’ stuff, such as a longer description of the cuddles, and a bit less of what seemed like a touch of scorn, making the Jinko a bit sweeter…

  2. Well naturally I had to come by and check out the original piece after reading the sequel/collaboration you did with Breakaway Republic.

    I like this one too.

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