Pokémon: Day of Ascension

Are you sure you want to know what really happened?” I could tell I must have sounded agitated when I asked that question but couldn’t help that. This guy was so hung up on this little piece of info that pointed in my direction. Arthur was so damn sure I had all the answers.

Yes. If it’s true then this will change everything!”

I should have guessed this little interview would be more trouble than it was worth. The last thing I need is this guy going to print or airing his story on the five o’clock news and let everyone know just how crazy I sounded back when this started.

No.” I said flatly before putting the Master ball back on it’s stand. “It changes nothing.” But no matter what I said, the interviewer remained persistent. The only thing that stopped his jawing and my rising frustration was a tap at the window.

Papa, are you done? Come outside and play with us!” It was a little girl, one of my youngest daughters. The mane around her neck and the tip of her tail are much more lighter than the rest of her brown hair and fur. Her tail is fluffy and her ears look like diamonds. She’s an Eevee, a Pokémon with many different evolution opportunities. She could turn out like an Umbreon like her mother or just as easily take on a more electrified appearance as a Jolteon. It was hard for us to come up with a name that would be fitting no matter what evolutionary route she takes later in life but we found a beautiful that I think is really fitting.

Just a few more minutes Annabelle. I’ll be done soon.” We both smiled at each other before she scampered away from the window. I turned to face Arthur and sighed. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.

Off the record?”

This was probably a really stupid idea.

Of course.” He gave a big smile.

Not like anyone would believe it if you published the story anyways.” I opened the top drawer in my desk and pulled out a photograph. Sliding it across the desk meant there was no going back.

Ever seen anything like her?” I asked. His face got screwed up as he tried figuring out what he was looking at.

No, not really. The membranous wings look like a Zubat but that’s where the similarities end.” Arthur continued looking at the picture for a few more beats before his gaze came back up to meet mine. “I’ve never seen a Pokémon like this before.” I had his attention now so I figured I would ham up this next part as much as possible. Oh he would loose it after this.

Arthur.” I began before clasping my hands together on the desk and leaning in closer to him. Maintaining a straight face and never breaking eye contact were both nice touches to the performance. “What makes you so sure she’s a Pokémon?” That was all it took. I could see the color drain from his face before he regained his composure.

W-well she’s not a human, that’s for sure. She has the membranous wings like a Zubat, the end of her tail is shaped like a spade, just like a Houndoom, and it looks like she has horns sticking out of her head.” The reporter did a good job speaking without completely stuttering and slowly began gaining confidence in what he said, mentally assuring himself that she couldn’t be anything other than a Pokémon.

She could be a rare breed of Pokémon, if we do a little research we could find out what she looked like before she changed-” I held up my hand to silence him. For one thing, I didn’t want to go on another wild goose chase trying to find her again. Secondly, even if we knew every species of Pokémon, I’d wager good money that we’d never find one that matches her physical description.

Are you ready to hear the full story?”

— Seven Years Earlier—

9, February

Being important to a cause or having a lot of influence sucks up all of one’s free time. Daniel and his team never had any chances for shore leave. That was true even when the action dulled down to a standstill. And that’s exactly what it was like right now. Business, as they say, was dead slow. So his companions were all loafing around in boredom while he caught up on a mountain of paper work.

Daniel couldn’t have imagined a ragtag group like the Peace Front growing to have such a massive paper trail. Requisition forms, regional reports, bills of sale and appropriation receipts. That was the tip of the iceberg. He leaned back in his chair. “Why did I need to deal with this?” Daniel thought to himself.

Couldn’t we recruit someone for a secretarial position to sign off on these for me?” He groaned to himself. But the answer was nope. Not without adding at least twenty more signatures onto the pile. That really did it for the Admiral. He screamed in frustration.

It was really bad.

All of Daniel’s Pokémon that were present got startled by his outburst. Five underlings immediately ran into the room and more followed soon enough.

Admiral Sir, is everything alright?” One of the grunts asked.

Do you need help?”

It’s okay. I stubbed my toe, that’s all.” It took a little more convincing than that to get them out of the office but once they were gone he slumped back in his chair again and grumbled. It’s never fun needing to lick one’s wounded pride after stunts like that.

Roxy trotted over to rest her head on his lap. She is a Houndoom. Easily one of the fiercest creatures in existence. They are said to guard the doorway to the underworld. Their frightening howls will send most other Pokémon scurrying back to their nests. Packs of wild Houndoom will fight each other for the right to lead using the ram like horns on their head. The toxic chemicals in their body burn, allowing them to breath fire. She could have easily been mistaken for an intimidating Doberman guard dog from Hell. That is if they hadn’t known each other since a very young age. To Daniel, Roxy was just adorable. She looked up at her oldest friend with those big red eyes, telling him in her own way that she understood he was stressed and would always be there to comfort him.

I think a vacation would do everyone some good.” Came Daniel’s voice in a soothing tone. Though it wasn’t actually him saying it. Sitting in a chair beside the door was a near perfect illusion of the Admiral created by Kimi.

There are few Pokémon as mysterious as a Zoroark. Few ever see what they truly look because of their illusions. Once in a while a trainer might go walking along in the woods and in a small clearing spot a fox covered mainly in dark grayish fur. The Zoroark would likely notice the trainer and respond by standing upright. So there the individual would stand. Stunned that he or she is making eye contact with a fox that stands slightly over five feet tall. They are very captivating Pokémon. Though they don’t have tails, their red and black manes go all the way down to their legs. A small portion of the mane at the bottom of the ‘ponytail’ is separated from the rest by a teal bangle. There is a red rim around their teal iris eyes.

Because of their normal appearance, Kimi’s kind are just as beautiful as they are misunderstood. Normally they would defend themselves with illusions but they are provoked, a Zoroark could start racing towards the trainer on its forelimbs and cut into the human with the three red claws on each of it’s paws and feet. That’s a generalized description of how Daniel met Kimi. From what he knows about her species, they are all very protective of their family and habitat.

So even though she is a mischievous prankster, Kimi was still unanimously designated the team mom.

Thanks. Glad I thought of it.”


The rest of his team was currently being stored away for the time being but Daniel knew they would agree with Kimi’s idea. So he picked up his pen and went back to work on the objects of his frustration. As the Admiral applied signatures to paper, he carefully planned his next move.

— Four Days Later—

13, February

He pushed the pedals as hard as he could. Climbing straight up and over the hill wouldn’t have been too hard with the mountain bike. But Daniel wasn’t taking that route. The course he set was easier though still proved to be a good workout with everything that was stuffed into the backpack weighing him down. The race was on to reach the top and see the little getaway.

A little beach surrounded by hills and rock formations. It had everything. Fresh air and plenty of space to move around. Sand, grass, and a cave system to explore. The team had been stuck aboard airships or back at Regional Command for so long that they almost forgot what It’s like to be standing in the sand or swim in water.

Daniel thought this was more like it.

Once the Poké balls were activated, they opened and a bright light shot out towards the ground. Once the light faded it revealed Daniel’s six beloved companions. He could tell they were as excited to be away from the paperwork, orders being shouted and the strategy meetings as he was. Now it was time to get the fun started.

Last one down is a rotten Exeggcute!” Daniel bolted down as fast as he could. It wasn’t that steep but he still picked up a good lead on his bike. Kimi raced ahead of him on all fours. So much for the initial lead.

Valiant, boldly showed everyone else up by flying circles around them. Valiant is a flying dragon type Pokémon that looks like a large blue bird with wings that resemble clouds.

Daniel had a blast racing down to the shore on the bike. Sure, he only scored fourth out of seven but that wasn’t the point. He could feel the blast of air against his face as he raced down. The Admiral felt like nothing could slow him down. Then he panicked a little when he couldn’t stop his bike. His brakes were unresponsive as he zoomed on down towards the shoreline.

Seal compartments and brace for impact!”

The bike flipped. Everything slowed down for Daniel as he was hurtled away from his ride and landed in the sand. That was when the waves came washing in. Fortunately he was alright. Getting injured when the seven of them just got there would have blown and Daniel wouldn’t have forgiven himself if he ruined the Valentines vacation for everyone. He waved away any help from his Pokémon.

Once Daniel pulled himself up out of the water, a thirteen foot sea dragon effortlessly pushed him back in.

Hakuryu…” Daniel sat up in the water and attempted to glare at the snake-like water dragon but it didn’t work. Either the serpent could see through his angry facade or Daniel wasn’t putting enough effort into his act. Either way they were both having fun. Dragonairs love the water and his trainer knew Hakuryu just wanted to play.

The dragon had a blue upper body and a white underbelly. A small horn protruded out from it’s forhead and it had little white wings often mistaken for ears. Seeing this majestic creature playing in the water could always help the Admiral feel good.

Daniel got up and walked the bike and his pack away from the water

Squelch squelch squelch…

The first thing he did was take his shoes and socks off so they could dry. Once that little task was taken care of, he proceeded to set up the camp. Setting up the tripod grill for the camp fire was easy but he needed Kimi and Cobalt’s help to setup the canopy.

Cobalt is a Lucario. Daniel once went to a museum and saw depictions of an ancient deity with the body of a human and the head of a jackal. That’s the basic description of a Lucario. Further features include a single spike sticking out from the back of their forepaws as well as one in the middle of their upper chest. The fur on their torso is a cream color and the rest is a mix of blue and black. Their paws are black and the black fur on their faces resembles a mask. Four small black appendages on the back of it’s head resemble dreadlocks. Lucarios actually use these sensors to detect and manipulate an energy known as aura. Cobalt is considered a steel and a fighting type Pokémon.

Cobalt would likely try to spend the whole vacation training away but Daniel wouldn’t have it.

Thanks for the help with the tent.” Daniel said to Kimi and Cobalt before putting his attention squarely on his Lucario. “You will be participating is some of the games… right?”

Cobalt looked away like a child that was caught stealing cookies before he ever got near the jar.

Come on. You’re always training so use this time to relax a little.”

Cobalt growled. Daniel had been with the four foot tall fighter long enough to recognize it as a “harrumph.” Time would tell if Daniel actually got his point across or not. After spreading the blanket out under the canopy, he joined the rest of his companions out in the water. Even Valiant was splashing around in the water.

The rest of the day was spent just screwing around and playing with a beach ball. While gathering sticks and brush for the fire, Daniel got a funny feeling. He couldn’t describe it at first because it was a completely new to him.

Am I being watched?” He muttered to himself. He looked around but couldn’t see anyone. The trainer did his best to shrug it off and continued grabbing wood for the fire.

As the sun began it’s descent on the horizon, Daniel and the Pokémon at cooked meat and fish over the fire and snuggled up together on the blanket. He was glad he made the decision to go ahead with the Valentines vacation plan. Fighting crime lords and terrorists for the sake of Pokémon and trainers alike didn’t leave much room for meeting ladies and hooking up. So there wasn’t anyone else he would rather be with than his six teammates. They had been through a lot together and overcame many struggles in the past few years. Daniel enjoyed every moment spent with them.

Daniel could see Cobalt glaring at him from the glow of the fire. At least he thought it was a glare. He couldn’t be certain. There’s just something about a Lucario that always gives it a fierce look.

Whats wrong?” Daniel asked. “Is this about the mission?”

Cobalt nodded.

Even though he had a lot of pull within the Peace Front, he wasn’t sure he could secure shore leave for his team. In order to ensure that they could pull off this little excursion, Daniel told the leader of the PF that they were following a potential lead on a rare Pokémon. The legend of this ancient Pokémon was a bullshit story he concocted on the fly as an excuse to leave for a few days. If their search came up empty then it was a loss he could accept. Sometimes you just can’t win them all. But Cobalt never broke eye contact with Daniel and the Admiral eventually relented.

Fine.” Daniel sighed. “It’s not like we weren’t going to explore the caves tomorrow anyways. You happy now?”

Cobalt nodded before settling in with the others. Each and every Lucario is prideful and has a strong sense of justice. Daniel figured Cobalt didn’t accept playing hooky under the cover of supposedly searching for a legendary Pokémon on moral grounds. But if they did try exploring the caves and really did search then at least the team would have done what they claimed they set out to do.

So we’ll look around in the caves before noon. If we can’t find anything then we’ll carry on and enjoy the rest of our Valentines Day.” Everyone excepted that and they slowly drifted off to sleep.

Everyone was suddenly awoken early in the morning when Shade began growling. The fire was reduced to little more than glowing embers and the sun hadn’t risen yet.

Shade, a small creature with both vulpine and feline traits. Her sleek black fur is only broken up by blue luminescent rings encircling her ears and tail, and round blue circular patterns on her forehead and on each upper leg. It was too early for the sun to rise but not late enough for the moon to vanish so the blue rings on Shade’s body glowed while under the moon’s light. This beautiful little creature is called an Umbreon.

What is it girl? Anything out there?” Daniel and the rest of his team stood around the camp, looking out into the darkness. Shade was nocturnal and Cobalt could navigate in the dark by detecting aura. Admiral Carson was sure that if whatever was out there stuck around then someone on his team would have seen it.

Must have scurried off… whatever it was.”

They all snuggled together again but everyone was too excited to get any more rest.

A few hours after sunrise and eating breakfast, the team set out into the caves. They had scoured the entire area around the beach but couldn’t find any tracks leading towards nor away from the camp.

Getting through the cave was tedious work for the team. Many Zubats flew over head and more than a few tried to attack Daniel and his Pokémon. They explored many different tunnels and most were just dead ends while some were drop offs. One path just kept getting narrower and narrower until no one could fit through, not even Shade.

That left only one path. The team krept along slowly and tried to stay as quiet as possible. It wasn’t the easiest for a team of seven to accomplish but they managed. If whatever had been stalking them was really down at the end of this tunnel then the last thing they wanted to do was frighten it.

It wasn’t long before the team could faintly hear a woman’s voice echoing through the cavern. Shade, Cobalt, Hakuryu, Valiant, Kimi, Roxy and Daniel all continued to follow the path and the voice until the tunnel opened up into a large chamber.

The room was riddled with luminescent crystals that provided plenty of light. Daniel could see a woman with white hair crouched down beside a pool of water. Since they were so close to the ocean, it was likely that it lead all the way out to sea. At least ten tentacles were coming up out of the water and were approaching the woman cautiously. The Admiral thought it might be the woman’s Pokémon considering how it wasn’t frightened by her.

There that’s it.” She cooed in a sensual voice as the tentacles reached out and gently grabbed hold of her limbs and began exploring her body.

Oh yes, just like that.” The mysterious woman moaned as one of the appendages found it’s way between her legs.

Daniel stood there with his mouth agape as this scene began to play out. His whole team was shocked by what they were seeing. No one could utter anything as the spectacle unfolded. The trance was broken when Daniel accidentally dropped his flashlight and the sound of the impact echoed throughout the chamber.

The jellyfish Pokémon let go of the woman and vanished into the underground pool. The woman looked at Daniel and his team but didn’t seam to be embarrassed over being caught in such a compromising act. She looked Daniel in the eyes and walked towards him. As she came closer, he became more enamored by her beauty. He found it hard to think clearly or take his eyes away from this white haired woman.

What are you doing down here?” She asked in a seductive tone.

W-we’re looking for something.” He answered her without hesitation. Even though he knew nothing about this woman, he couldn’t stop himself from answering whatever she asked.

Yes. I thought you would. I’ve been watching you.” She came closer and Daniel’s Pokémon noticed a white, pointed tail swishing back and forth behind the woman. They tried to get his attention and point this out to him but Daniel was unresponsive. He couldn’t break eye contact with her.

Your beauty is beyond measure…” He trailed off.

Thank you kindly. I get it from my mother.” She smiled sweetly at the helpless young adult before her. The Pokémon were less convinced by her innocent demeanor. If she came any closer, they would take measures to protect their trainer from her. But she stayed

These creatures. They are formidable monsters, yes?”


Strong enough to kill you?”


But they never would. Your bond with them is stronger than that.” She adamantly declared. “This bond you share with them. Is it normal between humans and these…” She trailed off and began uttering words under her breath. She searched his mind for the appropriate term. His language and vocabulary had already been memorized by her the previous day but she un-admittedly stumbled when dealing with a particular word.

And these Pokémon?” She was now convinced that was the proper word and smiled.

Many people form bonds with Pokémon. We coexist in this world and live side by side.” Daniel sounded like he was in a trance as he answered. Roxy was getting angry at this strange woman and getting ready to attack if this continued much longer.

The woman stopped smiling at Daniel and began muttering another incantation under her breath. She raised an eyebrow.

Many, but not all?”

Some people use them for selfish gains, experiment on them, even kill them. I… We… Oh god…” Daniel started showing emotions for the first time since this hypnotic exchange began. His heart rate was increasing and the woman expected he was becoming distraught.

Shh… Don’t fret over the past.” She whispered soothingly. “You walked away from that path a long time ago.” The trance like state began to fade and Daniel appeared refreshed as nothing just happened. When it seemed like her beloved trainer had snapped out of his hypnosis, she became less aggressive towards the woman but stayed by his side to protect him.

One last question.” The white haired woman declared. Daniel only vaguely remembered their being any previous questions but thought better of bringing that up. He had so many questions of his own that he didn’t know where to begin. He just now notice the white horn like perturbations coming out of her head. Those eyes that he spent so much time staring into yet only now realized that they were red with black sclera.

Just what the hell was she?

Do you desire to have a stronger bond with Pokémon?”

What?” He stammered at the question. It wasn’t one that he was expecting. Again, she asked the question.

Do you desire to have a stronger bond with them.” She nodded towards the companions that surrounded Daniel.

Well of course I do. What trainer wouldn’t?” He smiled and looked down at all of his team members.

So shall it be done.”

Before Daniel could ask what she meant, the woman took them all by surprise as a large pair white wings spread out behind her. Daniel grabbed a camera and snapped off a quick picture before a pink energy began to envelope the woman and quickly overtook the entire cavern. It was so dense that the Admiral couldn’t see his own hand in front of him.

What are you doing!” He demanded to know but she said nothing. Then, the pink cloud swept through faster than it had appeared.

The white haired woman was gone.

Daniel couldn’t hear the sound of footsteps racing off towards the exit. There weren’t any splashes in the water either. He couldn’t explain her white wings and tail or anything else that just happened. As much as he wanted to detain her for questioning it wasn’t going to do any good. Much like his control of the situation moments earlier, she vanished without a trace.

How are we going to explain this… or should we even try?” He walked forward to where she had been standing and kicked at the ground. “What do you-” He turned to his companions and the words died before he could finish.

Something was happening to them.

Shade the cute little Umbreon was growing until she was just barely shorter than Daniel and was standing like a human. It wasn’t noticeable at first but most of her fur had disappeared. It only remained from from her paws and stopped once it reached her elbows and knees. It was hard to tell since her skin was black just like her fur. Shade’s face became completely human with the exception of her red eyes irises and the blue ring on her forehead. Her tail and long pointed ears were still there.

Daniel what’s happening?” She said timid but human voice.

He couldn’t answer her. He stood there in shock and his legs felt like jello. He tried to take a step back but lost his footing and fell backward. Daniel watched as his six closest friends all went through the same transformation.

Roxy now stood taller than Daniel. Her paws became less like a canine’s and more prehensile like hands. Her horns and demonic looking tail remained while her muzzle disappeared. In fact all of their facial features looked strikingly human. The Houndoom walked over and knelt down beside Daniel.

You didn’t hurt yourself did you?” She asked her voice was full of concern.

C-could this be an illusion?”

Oh, I’m certain this is real.” Kimi answered with her new milf-y voice. Not much changed about Daniel’s favorite Zoroark in the world. She became a little taller, the black tuft of fur that covered her chest was gone except for a mane around her neck. The tribal look of the red markings around her eyes went well with her teal irises. She still had that signature ‘ponytail’ that went down to her thighs.

Damn. Ancestors must have praised and offered up gifts to those thighs.

Cobalt snapped Daniel back to reality when he… she walked over to help Roxy pull their trainer to his feet. Her muzzle might have been gone but Cobalt still had the same fierce look in her eyes. The bewildered trainer only held eye contact for a moment before his gaze trailed downward. Cobalt’s chest spike was now just a small rounded nub above a gorgeous pair of Double Ds, further down she was a well toned abs and a little patch of hair her new femininity.

Daniel’s face turned deep shades of red as his head slowly rotated to look at his five other companions. Valiant, Cobalt, and Hakuryu were all male before but whatever powers were at play now made them all strikingly beautiful woman and Daniel was the only one that seemed aware of their nudity.

I was sure that was an aspirin I took this morning…” He said as he tried to break his gaze away from his beautiful, curvy, very naked friends.

It’s not a hallucination Admiral-kun. We have changed.” Hakuryu assured Daniel as she slithered closer to him. She was now a woman with claws but her lower half was still that of a serpent.

Daniel wasn’t entirely convinced so he reached out with his hand and poked Hakuryu’s shoulder.

Come on, lets get him some fresh air.” Kimi spoke up and Cobalt and Roxy obliged by walking beside Daniel and keeping him steady. He could definitely feel their soft mounds of flesh as they pressed against him the whole way up to the surface.

Paperwork was the last thing on Daniel’s mind as they exited the cave and Valiant spread her wings and took to the sky. The Admiral couldn’t tear his gaze away from his companions as they’re hips seductively swayed back and forth with every step. His excited, hard member was pushing against his pants and it made him feel uncomfortable to walk. The idea of being alone with those six apex examples of sexiness for the rest of the day was both completely horrifying and absolutely wonderful at the same time.

Valiant noticed something at the camp and dived down for a closer look. There was a strange basket that wasn’t Daniel hadn’t brought with them. She landed and beckoned the other six to hurry over.

Shade picked up the basket and pulled out a bottle with her other paw. It had a note tied to it.

Daniel, what does this say?” She handed it to him and began looking over the other items in the basket.

He only got as far as the first sentence before Kimi reached under Daniel’s shirt and began stroking his chest. Cobalt helped Kimi relieve him of that pesky article of clothing while Hakuryu began undoing the button on his pants. He tried to protest but was rendered silence when the woman’s serpentine tongue gently flicked against the tip of his erection.


In the basket you shall find two bottles of Satyros Wine, a jar of honey, a Manticore supplement and chocolates. Share the wine, honey and chocolates with those lovely ladies but the supplement is for you. I’m confident any man in your position can handle the rest. XOXO

Happy Valentines Day~!

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