Pi-Rats of the Sea

A single crew member was in the hold of the ship, taking count of the cargo they had to ensure none of it had moved from departure. They always made sure it was secure when loading it onto the ship, but straps come loose and it was best to minimize damage if any were to occur. Seeing that everything was in check, he headed off to the main deck to report all was good and continue with his duties.

The hold was silent, save for the gentle groans of the wood as the ship made its way across the water.

Hearing nothing, a pair of ears peeked out from their hiding spot near the bow of the ship and into the hold, ensuring that they were alone before finally looking around with their own eyes.

“Is the coast clear?” a voice murmured from behind as they leaned against the lookout.

“I think it is.” Another rang as they too did the same.

“You sure?” a third one asked, following suit.

Before she could respond, they all fell over onto the ground as the lookout gave in to their combined weight, dropping her hat in the process.

“Get off me!” she barked.

The two mice girls and siren quickly did as they were told and stood at the ready for their captain to compose herself from their blunder. A dormouse lazily made her way to the line, yawning as she rubbed her eyes and awaited orders, not noticing that her captain was still on the floor.

Grabbing her hat as she steadied herself, the mouse girl captain adjusted it and brushed her oversized worn out clothes. Her skin was covered in bruises and odd markings, much like the rest of her crew, not that it bothered them but it would certainly scare the crew that belonged to this ship if they were spotted. The other girls were in similar attire, save the dormouse whose clothes were the least damaged amongst the group.

“Alright girls. We’re on a trading vessel. A small one at that.” She commented, taking a look at her surroundings. “There can be anywhere between 10 to 30 men aboard this ship. You know the drill.”

She turned to the two fellow mice.

“Mimi, Kiki. Find out where they keep the food and where they sleep.”

The two nodded repeatedly.

“Cassidy. Find out what we got. See if we can get that ledger. If we can’t then help out these two.”

The siren gave a confirmatory interjection showing that she understood.

“And most importantly, make sure no one sees you. Got it?”

They all nodded, one less motivated than the rest.

“Liz! Do we have enough?”

The dormouse continued to nod, yawning once more before retrieving a trio of corked bottles, each just larger than the length of her finger. They were hardly uniform, and the glass was cloudy, but each was filled with a clear liquid that stuck against the walls of its container. The crew each took one, hiding it on their person and dispersing into the ship. Leaving the barely conscious dormouse and captain alone.

“Here’s… yours.” She managed to say, pulling out a smaller vial,

This one was a medicine vial, the smoked glass still clear enough to see through it, but bearing a simple string around its neck so as to act like a pendant. At the center of the cork that sealed the concoction within was a metal rod with a brush at its end.

Taking the brew, the captain immediately hung it around her neck.

“Thank you. Make sure to find a good hiding spot.”

“Okay… wake me up when we’re… we’re done.”

Liz turned around, heading back towards the bow of the ship to curl up in a ball and return to her dreams.

The captain couldn’t help shake her head, but said nothing of it. Instead she made her way to the barrels with the crew’s beer rations. Removing the cork, she began to lather the attached tap with liquid. Once she had ensured that it was coated, she began to search for the cups.

Later that night.

Coming out from their hiding spots, the mice and bird made their way out into the hold, ensuring to keep noise to a minimum. The two crew mice and siren handed over their now empty bottles to the dormouse who silently tucked it away onto her person, its purpose having been fulfilled. She lazily looked over to the captain who shook the bottle dangling from her neck, revealing that a small amount was still left inside. Liz simply nodded, turning around, and headed back to the bow.

The captain looked onto the rest of her crew, silently affirming that they knew what to do, each one nodding in unison. The siren, Cassidy, began to make her way to the top, onto the main deck so as to finally spread her wings and take flight under the moonlit night after being grounded for so long. The two mice scurried off to the back of the hold, where the ship’s crew had turned it into their sleeping quarters. And finally, the captain waited a few moments before heading up so as to pay a visit to her future cabin.

Out on the deck where the cool ocean breeze blows the ship’s crew could be seen making their rounds, ensuring the ship stayed on course. Or at least so it seemed. Many of whom were veterans of the sea could barely keep steady from the gentle rock of the waves they had grown so accustomed to. Some rested on the railings to keep balance, whilst others couldn’t even keep their eyes open and were making their ways to their post from memory alone.

Looking down to the ship, Cassidy silently glided across the sky with help of the high winds, taking note of the lone watcher at the crow’s nest. She smiled, clearing her throat as she readied herself for her performance.

With the ship as her audience, she began her song, releasing an angelic melody from her very being to any of those able to hear her. The warmth in her voice pierced through the cold night air, reaching the ears of the weary sailors who seemed to melt away from her a cappella. The softness in her tone brought about an unseen comfort in the old warped wood that made the ship, as if though it were made from weresheeps wool. Any who heard the siren’s lullaby would struggle as their eyelids grew heavy with each measure that was sung.

As the melody came to a close, she flew down towards the last of the crew members gripping at the edges of consciousness, the lookout within the crow’s nest.

Making her silent descent, she landed on the edge of the barrel like structure, her voice never ceasing as his sense of duty continued to fight off the tempting allure of sleep. Without noticing her step into the cramped space, she lowered her voice to a piano, so as to whisper her song to him and him alone. She wrapped him in her wings, protecting him from the harsh winds, pulling him down until the two were seated with his head resting between her breasts.

With her song done, she would now wait in silence until the signal was received. But until then, she looked down at her now sleeping catch and noticed the slight bulge in his trousers, a side effect from her performance. She smiled once more… perhaps it was time for an encore… at least until it was time…

Down in the hold the two mice girls were sneaking through the sleeping quarters, ensuring that the crew were in a deep slumber thanks to their handiwork. But to make sure that everything went smoothly by morning they had to add one finishing touch.

Approaching the hammock of each sailor, they would lick their lips and lightly press them against the sleeping man. A goodnight kiss. Occasionally they would even slip their tongue in if they left their mouth open. Although they were most likely already infected, this added step would take care of any who managed to slip by and speed up the process so that the symptoms appeared by morning.

They were nearly done with the crew thanks to the concert from above, even if it was muffled, enough could be heard down below for it to have an effect on the already sleeping crew. Well… most.

Just as they planted the final kiss on the last crew member at the farthest back corner, he began to squirm.

They quickly sprang into action. Removing a spare rag, one jammed it into the sailor’s mouth as a gag whilst the other removed his pants. It happened so quickly, as if though this were a practiced motion, that the groggy seaman didn’t have enough time to react to it all. With his trousers removed, one of the girls bit straight into his thigh, causing him to let out a muffled yelp from the gag and the small hands covering his mouth.

Although her bite would not have the same effects as her dormouse cohort, it would get what they wanted much more immediately than just a kiss. The other mouse did the same, biting him near the base of the neck. Now they just had to make sure he didn’t wake anyone else up with his flailing. He wasn’t fully awake, either from what little of the siren’s song made it to him, the dormouses saliva that was coated onto the plates and the food, or from just being tired after a hard day’s work, but whatever it was it was working in the girls’ favor.

His arms began to lose energy, and his squirming died down as his excitement only sped up the effects. In a matter of minutes, he was as docile as a puppy. A very lazy and sleepy one, but a puppy nonetheless.

“Shh… just go back to sleep. For me?” Mimi asked whilst straddling his chest.

He murmured tiredly, as if though agreeing. She then began to pull out the gag from his mouth, but as she did he began to squirm once again.

Turning around to check on her partner, she found out the reason for his movements. She was rubbing the palm of her hand against his now erect member… guess he was into biting.

“Hmm… maybe if you stay quiet…” she whispered to him with a single finger over his lips, “…we’ll give you a nice reward.” As she finished, she began lifting her blouse to reveal her small breasts to him.

Leaning down onto his face, she placed her nipple onto his mouth and he instinctively began to nurse on it. Licking it and suckling as the other mouse began to do the same with his erection.

The captain won’t mind; they were following orders after all.

Making sure the crew would be theirs by morning.

Stepping up onto the main deck of the ship, the captain strolled passed the barely conscious seamen who couldn’t even take notice of her thanks to her dormouse and siren’s combined talents. One even stared directly at her as she passed, only to immediately slump down and succumb into a peaceful slumber.


It never ceased to surprise her how they could overcome a boat of strong burly men with such a small tightknit group, even after doing so time and again. Truly, a blessing from this disease.

She made her way towards the end of the ship, spotting a familiar face at the helm above her destination. At the wheel of the vessel was a member of her crew, the narcoleptic dormouse, Liz. She was steering the ship next to an unconscious crew member that fell victim to the siren’s song. How did she get here? Was there a hatch they hadn’t noticed?

It didn’t matter, probably for the best that she was there, as any sudden turns from the ship would likely tip off any member of the crew that wasn’t completely subdued. Even if they were drugged, the crew had them outnumbered by a fair margin.

As she approached towards the cabin, it was then that she noticed that Liz was in fact asleep at the wheel… did she manage to sleepwalk all the way over here? She’ll deal with this later…

Shaking her head, she made it to the captain’s cabin.

Seeing that this exchange would be from captain to captain, it was best to be courteous in these matters.

She knocked.

To her surprise, there was a response.

“Come in.” A voice commanded.

Hmm. Even the calmest of waters has its waves.

She opened the heavy wooden doors and entered the cabin.

It was a small and cramped space, not for her but for most people. A small cot was put up in the corner of the room above a set of shelves. Just a few steps away from it was a desk where the captain of the ship was seated, scribbling away at some documents. Off to the side of his table was an untouched meal of dried salted fish with a helping of beans, all to be washed down with a serving of rum.

Looking over towards the door and past the map table at the center of the room, he focused on the dimly lit large mouse standing at his doorway. Immediately standing and knocking his chair to the ground, he swung his candle lamp closer to her to ensure his eyes were not playing tricks on him.


He drew upon one of the cutlasses that sat by his desk and pointed it towards her, focusing his sights onto her as she too drew out her own weapon, a dirk.

“No…” he murmured as he noted her appearance, “The plague? Don’t tell me…” he knew right away that his men had already been dealt with.

He had to finish this quickly. There was still a chance to save his crew if they were treated soon enough.

Stepping towards her, the two circled around the table, neither making any progress in reaching the other. Once they had done a full rotation, he raised his leg and kicked the table over to her, sending out a myriad of tools and paper flying. Naturally, she nimbly dodged the attack, slipping out to the side and instantly raised her blade to parry the oncoming blow. The two remained in this position, the captain of this vessel using his size and strength to his advantage as he began to put pressure down onto the feeble mouse. She would not win this battle if she continued as such… but this was no duel, there were no rules to this fight!

She spat at him between the gap of her front teeth, shooting a well-aimed salvo to his face. He instantly backed away, wiping away at it in fear of what this small contact would do to him. Taking her chance, she lunged towards him, swinging her knife sideway towards him. The blade missed the captain’s torso since he was already stepping back, instead managing to hit its true target. Smacking the lamp out of the man’s hand and having the protective glass shatter as it crashed against the floor, the candle went out, taking what little light it provided with it. The room was lit with only by moonlight now.

Once the captain returned his gaze to her, he had lost her. His eyes had yet to adjust to the darkness, allowing her to slip into the shadows she was so familiar with.

He cursed himself under his breath, his eyes jumping between each corner of the room trying to spot where she had gone. Where was she? The room was much too small to allow for anyone to hide in it, yet somehow, she managed.

Hearing the floorboard creak beside him, he swung his cutlass at full force to his right, only managing to jam it into the wooden post of his bed.

“Nice try.” A voice whispered.

As he turned his head towards the sound, he was kicked in the leg from behind, forcing him down onto his knee and pulled back. His grip on his sword was instantly released as a sudden pain exploded from his forearm, losing all balance in the process as he was tossed to the floor.

Before he could collect himself, the cold touch of steel grazed his left arm as it passed through his sleeve and stabbed into the wooden flooring, leaving his arm unharmed. With a foot pressed against his sword arm, he gazed up at the diminutive rodent as she spat out the bits of cloth that had gotten stuck in her teeth from the bite.

Looking down, she smirked, thinking she had won. Taking ahold the bottle she wore around her neck, she popped the cork and poured the contents into her mouth. She dropped down, pressing her body against his arm as she leaned towards his face. The look in her eyes, a look of desire, of greed… of lust. She pinched his nose shut and leaned in to plant the wettest kiss onto him, all whilst spitting that concoction from her maw into his own.

He struggled, trying to get her off of him, only managing to tear small bits of his sleeve with each motion of his arm. He continued to do so until the blade cut through the fibers of his clothing, freeing his arm, and grabbing onto the amorous rodent so as to push her off of him.

Lifting himself up onto his feet, he spat out what he could and drew the dirk out from the ground, aiming it towards its previous owner.

The rat smiled, enjoying the dance between the two as she drew upon one of his many cutlasses, which seemed comically large for someone her size. But that smile faded quickly once he lunged towards her.

He jabbed the blade repeatedly towards her, forcing her backwards as she was unable to counterattack due to her weapon’s weight, only barely managing to divert his blade once every few attempts. Soon, her back was to glass against the wall, the sound of the waves making their way to the cabin as they stood in silence. He watched her swallow the lump in her throat, knowing full well what this meant for her.

“It ends here you plague-ridden rat!”

With one final push, the blade made its way forward and into the glass, breaking it and allowing the salty cool salty air in followed by the thud of his cutlass hitting the ground.

“What in the world?”

Looking down, a tail slid between his boots, truly showing the agility of these pests.

He spun in place, spotting the mouse pulling out the cutlass he had lodged onto the bed post and readying herself for the continued battle. If it were not for the situation, he would be impressed.

With the dirk pointed towards her, he reached down and picked up his cutlass, now wielding two weapons against her. There was no way she would be able to defend herself against two blades at once.

He took a step towards her, she took a step back. He took another, and so did she. He stepped back, she stood still. His footing went to the left, but his vision spun to the right.


He lodged the blade into the floor, trying to keep himself balanced, but with each passing moment his legs grew weaker.

“What… did you do to… to me?”

She smiled, baring her teeth to him as he kept the dirk raised to her.

“Can you feel it? The room spins while you stand? Your arms and legs growing weaker with each passing second? Each blink keeping your eyes shut longer and longer?”

“Rat! Witch!”

Lazily swinging the blade, he couldn’t hit her. She wasn’t even within reach. Soon, the blade fell onto the ground as his fingers lost their grip.

All of those movements he did only hastened the effects, allowing it to seep into his blood quicker.

She cackled as she walked around him, rubbing her hand across his arm and back as she approached his desk.

“This boat, your crew, and now you. It all belongs to me now. Captain Marcelle!”

Grabbing the untouched glass filled with the captain’s rum, she downed it all in a single gulp.

“Ahh… now, as for you.”

Stepping towards him, she kicked the sword away from him, forcing him down onto his knees as his eyes became cloudy. Positioning herself in front of him, she undid her belt and dropped her pants onto the floor to reveal her pussy to him.

“Eat.” She commanded, grabbing the back of his head and pushing him into her crotch.

Morning came, as did Marcelle.

Removing herself from atop the former captain of this vessel, she began to peruse through his dresser to find something less torn up to wear. Rolling up the sleeves and tying down the waist to fit her more snuggly, she stepped out of the cabin to check on the crew.

They were going about their duties, under the guide of Mimi who had replaced their commanding officer. Each one bore a similar black spot on their skin much like their own, showing that they too had become infected. Kiki was nowhere to be seen, most likely in the hold. Cassidy, who could not be spotted either, could very easily be heard giving out a ‘private’ concert of sorts high up above in the crow’s nest. And Liz… at the helm… steering the ship… with her eyes shut… again.

The captain sighed, and began to make her way to the wheel.

The plague was not the deadly disease everyone made it out to be, but it was dangerous and had its consequences. It would erase thought and reason from the mind, making you the equivalent to a zombie and susceptible to influence, following orders without question and leave the host infertile, unable to bear children. Without proper guidance, one would starve themselves or forget to drink water, simply because they did not think to do so. The marks and bruises were the sign that it had taken hold, warning other to not get near. It was not without its cure, but would require the assistance of a unicorn, and several weeks of isolation to ensure a full recovery. As this was difficult to come by, the plague was still very much feared.

But, while to many this was a curse, to some the plague was a blessing. To certain mice and harpies, the plague enhanced their thinking, granting them insight and wisdom that was barred to them before. It still left them with markings and without children, but those were a small price to pay for what they got in return.

Making it to the helm, she took control and asked Liz to go check on what Kiki was doing. It was only then that she noticed that Liz too was wearing another man’s uniform. This girl was full of surprises.

With a fresh crew, a fresh ship, and fresh cargo, they set sail to fresh waters.


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