Once you pop…

Manticores and Pringles?

How hilarious would it be to watch a manticore attempt to eat the last few dozen pringles in the bottom of a pringle can?

>She’d suck them out with her tail.

B-But would she? Would you think eating pringles with a vagina analogue pleasant?
Unless they just went “ffffFFFTHWONK” and she calmly picked them off her tail pussy.

Are manticore’s immune to their own poison? Barb chopsticks.

Would it be amusing if manticores /weren’t/ immune?

>Manticore gives up on her goofy paws, and starts using a barb to pick out pringles simply on pissed off impulse.
>She finishes the entire can feeling happy, becasue you feel happy when you get those last few fucking pringles out of the can.
>She feels happy… and strangely /really/ horny for some reason?
>Looks at her right paw. Sees the barb.
>Looks at her left paw. Sees the empty pringles can.
>Looks down. Sees her thighs totally slicked in her need that’s only now just hitting her.
>Looks at the can in her left paw again. Just how many inches long and wide is a pri-No.
>A crying manticore retires to her bed with the pringles can.
>Zoom in on Mr Pringle, and he winks.
>”Once you pop, you just can’t stop!”

>Imagine your own pringle covered manticores at will.

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