My Amazoness from Pellucidar 5 of 6

My Amazoness from Pellucidar Part 5 of 6


After that ceremony, I was designated as: Missy’s lover, mate, and slave. Less importantly (to me at least) I was now officially an accepted member of her Ring.

Now despite the fact that Missy had accepted my pledge to be her slave. I wouldn’t permanently be considered ‘Hers” until such time as the Great-Rite had been performed properly.

The Great-Rite being that which would bind me, Body, Mind, and Soul, to my beloved Mistress for all time and eternity. A concept I found appealing beyond all measure. A permanence of matrimony that even the Chief God of this world, and my own God eschewed.

Unfortunately, Missy had neither the authority, nor the ability to make such happen on her own.

Only a Juanita could, and only after I’d qualified to join the Cult of Mara. In order for that to occur, I’d first need to learn and memorize the appropriate prayers to pray, when to pray them, along with their subsequent meanings.

To that effect, my Mistress requested that everyone in the Ring take every opportunity to quiz me on my assignment. Whereupon they’d report to her my progress. Missy would subsequently give me feedback on my performance at the end of the ‘day’.

Whether or not I got to enjoy her embraces afterward, was dependent on my progress. Unfortunately, I did not get to enjoy any of them during the first Clutch of Sleeps.

However, due to such motivation, my performance improved dramatically after that. By the end of the second Clutch, Missy held me within her arms for two of our sleeps. The third Clutch, 5. The fourth, all 8. Another bundle of Clutches later. I was deemed worthy of an interview with the Pellucidar Juanita.

She, was the Deaconess equivalent from another Mara-Ring. They were located on the far side of the Pellucidar plains, near the nation-state of Atvatabar.

I had no idea who she was when she first arrived. Save only that like always, when an Amazoness showed up at my wagon, I must see to her horse’s needs. Of course, I would also show her a proper deference.

Which I always did. As any poor performance on my part, would reflect poorly on my Mistress. Mara forbids.

After I finished shoeing her horse, she took an extended amount of time to inspect every hoof. All the while, I found myself sweating bullets. Sure, that I’d missed one important detail or another.

Finally, she finished her inspection and came over to stand in front of me, as I remained kneeling, waiting for her judgment.

“Samuel Adams.” She began imperiously, and left it hanging.

“Yes. Milady.” I muttered, as I stared at her bare feet. (The only Amazoness whom I would call Mistress, was Maseha’e (Missy). All others would only receive the lesser honorific, unless my Mistress deemed otherwise.) I had to admit, this one had nice feet.

“Do you know who I am?” she asked, her voice softening.

“No Milady, I do not.” I admitted.

“I shall tell you. Behold Sam Adams, I am one of Mara’s Juanitas. And I am here to interview you to see if you are worthy of joining the Cult of Mara.” She stated, just a bit too dramatically for my taste.

“Thank you, Milady!” I exclaimed, both happy and severely nervous. “I look forward to any challenge you would task me with.”

“We shall see Sam Adams, we shall see.” She replied cryptically.

“First, I would sit.” She declared. At which point I got her hint. I bowed my submission to her, then retrieved my wagons wooden folding chair, cleaned it off and presented it to her. After a moment, she sat herself down, and indicated that I should kneel down in front her. I did so with alacrity.

“Now,” she said. “We shall begin.” She paused. “Who is Lady Mara?”

“Thank you, Milady,” I replied automatically with the phrase Missy taught me to say.

 “Lady Mara is,” I began, as I searched my memory for the correct words. “Our Lady of the Cubs. She who walked through Fire. The One who desires to bring love to us all. She who renders Aid to they who cry out for Succor.”

“That is a good beginning. However, even the youngest of us can give that answer. Now, I begin with a much difficult testing. Are you ready?”

“I am Milady.” I replied honestly.

“Now quickly, recite to me, The Juanita’s Prayer!” she demanded.

Almost instantly, I answered.

“O my Mara, forgive us for not sinning, save us for the fires of thrill; lead all souls to Mara, especially those in most need of her tongue.”

“Hmmm, Impressive.” The Juanita smiled. I almost smiled. Then her demeanor changed, and I knew something was coming.

“Hail Mara!” she snapped. Almost as soon as she finished, I was speaking.

“Hail Mara, full of grace, the Lady is with thee; profane art thou with women; and profane is the fruit of thy womb, Juanita * Holy Mara, Mother of Desire, prey for us sinners, now and at the hour of our orgasm. WOman.” I finished, feeling smug.

Unfortunately, the Juanita seemed to sense it. She reacted by raising an eyebrow.

“Hmph!” she grunted. “What is the Fourth Decadence of the Unholy Mysteries?” she demanded. Ok, I hesitated on that one. I felt a cold chill as I racked my brain. Then, suddenly, it came to me.

“The Binding of the Mind.” I replied, as I sighed with relief. I wasn’t given much of a chance to relax.

“First Decadence of the Depraved Mysteries?”

“The Agony of Mara’s Pleasure.” I replied, quicker than the first.

“Fourth Decadence, Profane.” She tried again, this time leaving out details.

“The Triumph Over Grendel.” I shot back. So, it went. I swear, that she and I went over each and every one of the Decadences, of each of the Mysteries at least a dozen times. All to see if she could make me stumble, no doubt.

After that, she required that I give a description of each Decadence, and their meaning. To which, I gave good measure.

Finally. She stopped her questioning, and pulled out a bundle of cloth. She untied that bundle and removed a Jiary. As she began to let it hang from her outstretched hand, I recognized it.

“Do you know what this is?” she demanded haughtily.

“I believe so Milady. It appears to be the Jiary that my Mistress has been lovingly working on. Ever since I began my quest to become worthy of serving Lady Mara.”

“You are correct. Up until my arrival, it only needed a proper profaning before it could bestowed. Which I have done, prior to your shoeing my horse.” She smiled, and then handed it to me. Right then as I received it, I felt a thrill of,…something indescribable.

 Yet in a way it seemed familiar. As I contemplated my Mistress’ gift. I recalled the memory of the first time she and I touched hands. I realized that that thrill then, and the thrill now, were one and the same.

“You have two more tasks to perform before I will consider myself satisfied. Now that you have your own Jiary. Sam Adams, I want you to pray the Jiary in front of me appropriately.” She declared.

“Yes, Milady. “I acknowledged. “What say you the focus of my prayer?” I requested.

“What is your fervent wish, Sam Adams?” she inquired.

“That the days till my permanent enslavement to my Mistress be swift.” I admitted.

“Then pray for that.”

“Yes, Milady. Thank you, Milady.”  I stated, as I began, trying my best to not show how excited I was

First, I kneeled before her and began to contemplate how far I’d come to this moment. I thought about the events of my first life in Oklahoma, through whatever it was that conveyed me to this world, and everything else that led me to this moment.

I made the Sign of the Crux. Then, I began to recite the Vasile’s Creed.

“I believe in Maou, the Mother almighty, Creator of Makai and love, and in Mara, her favored daughter, our Lady, who was,..” and so it went. I said an Our Mother on the first large bead, then a Hail Mara on each of the following beads. A Glory Hole on the next large bead, and then paused to masturbate on the thought of the first Mystery: (Sinful), and so on,…

Until finally, I said the Prayer of the Jiary on the Mettle, in which I asked the Maou and Mara to watch over us, guide us, and help us become better adherents of debauchery and sin. Then I made the sign of the Crux to end my prayer.

After that, I kept my head bowed, unwilling to risk the ire of the Juanita.

“Arise Sam Adams, you have done well.” She smiled, and I finally got the chance to get off my knees. (Whew!). I stumbled a bit as I got to my feet, much to the Juanita’s amusement.

“Sam Adams, I find your performance to be pleasing. You have but one final task.”

“Thank you, Milady. May I be so bold as to inquire the nature of the final task?”

“You may.” she grinned, and then waited. After a second, she added. “No really, go ahead and inquire.” She said, and stuck out her tongue at me, momentarily.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, as I valiantly resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “Thank you, Milady. Uhhmmm. What is the nature of the final task?” I requested as humbly as I could manage.

“I have already seen the quality of your work, Sam Adams, and I am pleased with your shoeing. You do you and Mistress proud.” She paused, and then leaned forward with a lecherous gleam in her eyes.

“Your Mistress mentioned to me another talent of yours, I believe she called it,…A Nipple-gasm?” She leered.

“Yes, Milady.” I replied, and then I got to work.

Well, I did well on that task too. So well that she requested three encores.  Until, at the last, she stated from within my arms.

“Congratulations Sam Adams, I declare you now to be a Novice in the Cult of Mara!” she said proudly. As she finished, all around me the rest of the Ring cheered, and began to applause. I had not seen their approach, seeing as all of my attention had been focused on the Juanita.
My Mistress was there, and she was grinning proudly from ear to ear.

“Well done, my Pet!” she shouted, “In this Light, we shall celebrate!” she shouted gleefully. I looked forward then to see what ‘prize’ she’d reward me with.

“Nipple-gasms for every one!” she continued. Which left me more than a little dumbfounded.

“eey-ook.” I squeaked, unable to speak any more coherently than that.

Thankfully, since my Mistress had been so generous with my Talent, it didn’t take me near as long for my arms to recover as the first time.


During the subsequent sleep. I received a Dream-visitation.

True, I’d been told to expect it, but nevertheless, it did come as a bit of a shock.

Where mere moments before, I had been in blissful repose, wrapped in the warmth and sanctity of my Mistresses’ arms. Suddenly, I found myself kneeling in a gloomy room.

As I lifted my head and looked around, I noticed several things. The first of which, was the fact that the room I found myself in, seemed vaguely familiar.

Second, were a number of strange objects siting on various tables. All of which drew my attention. Yet when I tried to squint at them, they all shifted into a soft focus. In fact, the entire room was as well.

At that point, I noticed some movement in front of me.

“Arise Sam Adams!” stated a feminine voice. Looking to the source, I then saw someone who could only be none other than Lady Mara herself!

“Lady Mara!” I exclaimed, delighted. “You honor me!” I said as I got to my feet.

“Indeed, it is I.” she smiled fetchingly, her black sclera eyes blinking fondly at me. “Since you have devoted yourself to the point to warrant inclusion in my Cult. I have deemed you worthy of bestowing you with my presence, on this,…” she paused and looked at the palm of her hand. Almost as if she were checking some crib notes. “Sleep period.” She frowned. “In what will hopefully be the first of many Visitations, I will profane you with. So as to help guide you through your life.”

“Thank you, Lady Mara!” I replied, and then I was about to say something more, but stopped. Because that was when I noticed something sitting on the desk in front of her.

 It seemed out of place to me for some reason. I then leaned over and began to squint at it, in an effort to see what precisely it was.

Lady Mara didn’t notice my attention shift, at least at first.

“You must be feeling truly worthy, Sam Adams.” She continued, not noticing my inattention. “Indeed, you are. For if you continue to serve me faithfully, I shall make one of our subsequent visits a memora,…”she paused as a confused look crossed her face.

Then she stopped and looked in front of herself, in an effort to see where I was looking. After a second, she turned back to face me and snapped her fingers a couple of times, getting my attention.

“Ahem!” she said, clearing her throat significantly. “I’m sorry. Is there a problem?” she asked, annoyance lacing her voice.

“Uh, uh, uhmmm,…no Lady Mara. There is nothing wrong. I apologize for my lack of manners.” I replied embarrassedly, as I returned my attention to the Most Unholy of Lilim.

“Right.” She said dryly, and then sighed as she stared back at me silently for a second.

“Well anyways,..” she began once more. “As I was saying,…” She started and then stopped. She stopped because my attention had wavered again.

“What is so bloody interesting that you can’t pay attention to your Deity!?” Lady Mara demanded of me angrily. As she spoke, her eyes started to tinge red as her wings began to unfurl menacingly behind her. 

She looked down at her desk and then back to me. I knew then I’d better say something, else I risked being punished by an extremely annoyed Lilim/Deity, in ways most unspeakable.

“Uh, Lady Mara,” I began, “Is that a computer on your desk?” I squeaked. As soon as I said that, Lady Mara’s eyes bugged out as her mouth flopped open in surprise.

After a second of speechlessness. She drew herself back, shrugged her wings back into place, and bestowed me with a look of utter puzzlement. I took that as a cue to continue.

“Because if that is the make and model, I believe it to be. Then I’d recommend you get yourself a newer, more efficient one. That model won’t stay operational for much longer, I reckon.” I finished.

All during my speech, Mara kept looking back and forth between her desk and me. When I finished, she stared at me with a major frown.

“Sissy!” she shouted, as she snapped her fingers. “Turn off the soft focus!” she demanded. Then in the next instant, all of the blurriness in the room disappeared, replaced with a sharp delineation.

“Thank you, Lady Mara.” I replied, as I rubbed at my eyes. My eyes were starting to hurt.” I thanked her.

“Who are you?” Mara demanded “And how is that you, a human male from Pellucidar, is aware of what a computer looks like?” she growled.

“I’m not actually from Pellucidar. Wherever that is.” I sighed.

“Where are you from then?” she asked, suspicious.

“I’m from a place called Oklahoma, in fact,..” I began, but she interrupted me.

“OKLAHOMA!?!” she screeched, loud enough to make my ears ring. I winced.

“How did someone from Oklahoma manage to get himself into Pellucidar?!” She wondered, as she looked at me with her eyes crossing slightly. “I’ve been trying to find a way in there, for years!”

When I opened my mouth to reply, she stopped me by placing a finger on my lips. It felt nice there.

“Hold on, let me sit down. Also, I need to find my mental-voice recorder. This shouldn’t take more than a minute.” She stated as she began to rummage through the pile of items that overflowed her desk.

As she busied herself, I looked around the room. It was then I saw that it wasn’t just any room, but an office! Off to one side I noticed that what I thought had been a wall painting, was in fact one big picture window.

Through that window, I could see a human city skyline. Peering closer I noticed a line of hills off in the distance. As my eyes panned them, I noticed a set of white letters standing in sharp contrast to the forests behind.

Hollywood?’ I thought in surprise.

“Wait! I exclaimed, “is this, Los Angeles?” I inquired.

“yes, yes, it is!” Mara acknowledged absentmindedly, not looking at me as she continued in her search.

‘If this is Los Angeles, then logically I must be in the Iron Foundation Complex.’ I realized. ‘Oh my!’ I quavered.

“Ah! Here we go!” Mara stated as she stood up and then came around the desk. As she did, she pressed a button on a rather odd-looking device inscribed with runes and sigils.

“No need to modulate your voice or anything. Just continue to speak normally.” She instructed. “Now, I want you to tell me everything that’s happened to you prior to your arrival at Pellucidar, to now, and everything in between.” She smiled warmly at me.

I had to admit, despite my best efforts at trying to not be attracted to anyone other than my Mistress. Lady Mara did look good then. Yet somehow, I managed to get a word in edgewise.

“Before I begin, I’d like to ask a question.” I grinned. When I did, her smiling countenance went flat. She inhaled deeply and let out a big sigh.

“If you must.” She sighed. “Go ahead and get it over with.” She waved her hand at me.

“Where IS Pellucidar?” I asked, exasperated.

“You don’t know?” she asked, blinking in wonder. I shook my head.

“Have you ever heard of the Hollow Earth?” she asked, I shook my head again. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Edgar Rice Burroughs? At The Earth’s core? Iron Mole?” she rattled off, then she said something that go my attention. “A1976 movie starring Peter Cushing,…”

“Oh wait! Peter Cushing!” I exclaimed, then I paused as a flood of memories welled up in my mind.

“Now I remember!” I exclaimed, as specific details cropped up.

“Hmph, I have to say. The movie isn’t as good as real life!” I began, and was about to continue, but stopped when Mara cleared her throat.

When I looked up, she was holding up her mind/voice recorder in one hand significantly and tapping her finger on the microphone with the other.

“Oh yeah.” I said, “Sorry. Uhm,, where to begin? Oh yes. I would say that my journey began in a place called, Binger Oklahoma.” I stated. Lady Mara smiled encouragingly at me then.

So ayah, I told her everything. From my first call from Carl, then everything in between, and up to the moment I fell asleep for my Dream Visitation. At the end of it all, she snapped her recording button with a satisfied ‘snap’.

“Well Sam Adams,” Lady Mara purred as she set her recorder down onto her desk and began to seductively flounce her way over to me. “You’ve done your Deity a Great Service Today!” she grinned wickedly. “Howsoever should I reward you?” she said, mostly to herself, as she began to kneel in front of me. I gulped.

“Uhhmmm. Service to the Lady Mara is reward eno,…” I began, but Mara shushed me with a wave of her hand.

“Pish-Posh! I have decided to give you a Mark of My Divine Favor. Hold still.” She growled/purred as she began to tug on my pants zipper. Which I found to be odd for two reasons. One, since I was in Pellucidar, I should’ve been wearing leather trousers, not cloth pants. Two, my Mistress always insisted on us sleeping together naked.

That was when I got to enjoy the Best Damned (ahem) Blowjob of my life. She was phenomenal in her technique. She took me to places I didn’t even know existed.

Until finally, I ejaculated more semen that I ever managed to do when I masturbated as a teen.. Not that I did of course.

As I did, I screamed out: “Mara!”

Whereupon, I felt her pause ministrations upon my member. I lifted my head to look down. Whom did I see?

None other than my Mistress eyes staring back at me, her mouth engulfing the entirety of my penis.

Slowly, she pulled back her head up, keeping her lips tightly wrapped around me every inch of the way. Then, with a slight ‘pop’, my glans jerked from her mouth, and swayed a bit.

She then pursed her lips, and swallowed.

 “Well then my Pet.” She began, as she wiped at her lower lip with a fingertip. When she did, I noticed a bead of white liquid was now adorning it. She licked that bead off and spoke again.

“Would you care to explain,…why that wasn’t my name on your lips, when you came?” she said dangerously. I gulped.

‘Ooops.’ I thought.


As it turned out, I didn’t get into trouble. Well, too much at least.

Oh, Missy was a bit annoyed at Mara doing what she did. But, how can one stay upset with a Lilim/Goddess of Love and Sex?

I know I couldn’t. Blowjobs aside.

Still, Missy remained a bit peeved for a while. Apparently, Mara’s ‘Mark of Divine Favor’ bestowed the recipient not only with the Prestige of same. But also, with a number of fringe benefits.

To give you an idea of what it meant. Mara’s ‘Wet-Visions’ with her adherents? They were rather common place. Every time she came to a worshipper. Both she and her recipient, would invariably come together. In more ways than one.

I think you can guess what I’m saying. Which I decided, was a nice bit of positive reinforcement. Too bad the Blessed Virgin Mary,…

*ahem*. Never mind.

Oh yes, the fringe benefits of Mara’s Mark of Divine Power. Apparently, with that staining my soul. Another one of the things I could do, was initiate a Vision,with someone else of my choosing.

Dream-Walking it was called. Actually, no it wasn’t. It was called something dirtier. I don’t care to repeat what.

I won’t go into too many details. But this allowed me to communicate with anyone else I wanted to. Provided I knew who they were ahead of time. Through their dreams, ‘Our’ visions, would remain as damp as either I, or they desired.

Naturally, I gave thanks to Lady Mara for it. Just as I was also secretly glad that I hadn’t had this ability, when I was teenager. That would’ve caused no amount of scandal, and headaches

But enough about that. To my credit, I only used it when Missy instructed me to. Because my abuse of it, would’ve reflected poorly on her.

But the revelation of where I was, Pellucidar, left me discombobulated for the longest while.


My initial thought, was that I’d been transported to an Alien world. One far from my own in the depths of space. A world Tidally locked with it’s parent star. Then after I met Missy, it appeared that I’d been transported to the World of the Chief God.

And so, I had. Atlantis, Lemuria, Doggerland, Lescatie, Polove, Royal Makai, even the Realm of the Queen of Hearts. They were all accessible here. If I had had enough time and resources, I could’ve played tourist and visited them all.

Which I thought was odd. Because according to the Mamono of Earth, The Great Maou had indeed succeeded in her Grand Plan. She had triumphed in her battle with the Chief God, when she combined her world with ours.

But nowhere was it ever explained, what had happened to the Old Countries. According to some, they’d appeared in the Pacific Ocean. But then they went away. No one knew where.

Now I know where they did.

For when the Maou combined our two worlds, she created the Hollow Earth. Leaving the sum total of her world, crammed forcefully inside ours.

Literally overnight. Makai and the other Demon Realms, truly became- The Underworld.


Then came the time, not long after. That my ‘Eclipse Prediction Talent, came to the fore.

That day, Missy had been negotiating with a troublesome tribe of nearby Centaur, the Choréftria.

Troublesome because like all Centaur, they didn’t have enough males to go around. These, were worse off than most. Despite the fact that their tribe was about the size of Missy’s Ring, they had no males to call their own.

Apparently, the last male they had acquired? He had gotten tired of being the Tribal-Husband, and managed to escape. To make matters worse, he eluded their best trackers. Which wasn’t a good thing to do; insulting a Centaur’s pride.

Their leader, Audrare, was especially interested in acquiring a Farrier of their own, and had apparently come to ask for some advice from Missy. I first learned of just how desirous she was of such, when I overheard her and Missy talking.

“I appreciate your offer, Audrare.” Missy sighed patiently as she and that Centaur stood and observed me shoeing one of Audrare’s tribe members (Evestra). “But he’s not for sale.” Missy stated firmly.

‘Who’s not for sale?’ I wondered idly, as I concentrated on scraping the last bits of detritus off of Evestra’s hooves. Occasionally during the process, I had had to pause, to remove and redirect one of her wandering hands.

‘It seems that the Wandering Scholar was correct concerning Centaur lustiness.’ I thought annoyedly, when I felt Evestra’s hand lightly groping at one of my buttocks, for the third time. ‘Someone can’t take a hint.’

I’ll admit, Evestra was a fine-looking blend of human and horse. She had a chestnut brown coat on her horse part, that matched her head hair perfectly. Along with the curve of her under-boobs, that kept ‘accidentally’ peeking out of her tunic; she made for an eye-catching display.

But I had a job to do. After my ignoring her groping for too long, she graduated into a deliberate fondle. Which resulted in some drastic measures on my part.

Without skipping a beat. I deftly took ahold of a small flog that I had previously designated as my ‘Centaur-Adjustment-Tool’, and gave her hand a light ‘snap’ with its tips.

Evestra’s hand disappeared, and I got back to work. A few seconds later, I heard her giggle. Thankfully, she got the point, and I was able to continue with my task unmolested.

Just as I doing the finishing touches on her hoof, was when I got the ‘Sensation.’ I stopped, stiffened, then stood up to look around.

When I did, I saw that Missy had noticed my change in behavior, and had raised a hand to stop her and Audrare’s conversation. Audrare was looking puzzled, her ears swiveling in confusion.

“Sam? What’s wrong?” I heard Missy call out to me. Her conversation with Audrare interrupted. I kept silent as I continued to look around. Then when I made sure of my sensation. I turned to her and spoke one word.

“Eclipse.” I uttered.  Missy’s eyes went wide, and she began to shout.

“ALARM!” she yelled, and then began shouting directions to her Ring. I knew what I had to do, so I went and grabbed a hammer. I immediately began beating a loud staccato on my anvil, that resounded all around the encampment.

I struck my anvil tree times rapidly, paused and struck it twice more, then I repeated the pattern. It being the coded sign for an imminent threat. The danger of an approaching eclipse.  All in our Ring had been instructed what to do when I made that alarm.

They didn’t disappoint. Within a minute or two, our Ring’s Men (other than me), Muroc, Cirle, Eso’kere, and Moon-Hawk brought in all of our children. Not just theirs, but also the adoptees. They made the children take refuge underneath my wagon. Since that was the best spot to avoid aerial predators.

Unfortunately, a Bundle before my arrival, our Ring had lost one. They were determined to prevent a reoccurrence.

As they worked, so did the rest of the Ring. Horses were brought in, Weapons were readied, Watch-guards were set, and everyone took up their preassigned positions.

When the Watchfires sprang up, I knew that I could stop my anvil banging. When I did, I saw that Audrare and Evastra were standing nearby, observing everything and not saying a word.

When Missy rejoined them, I head Audrare speak.

“What is going on? What’s happening?” she demanded. “Are we under attack?”

“Patience Audrare. A Dark is on its way. We need to prepare.”

“What are you talking about?!” Audrare demanded haughtily, “No one can predict an Eclipse!” she asserted.

“Rest assured Audrare, my Husband can. He’s done it before, several times.”

“Impossible!” Audrare scoffed, “Even in the Old Songs, no one has ever,….” She began, and then stopped. She stopped, because the otherwise bright and sunny day, had begun to darken, and not because of a cloud.

It was an Eclipse. Audare looked shocked, as both her ears laid back onto her head. She then turned to look at me with something akin to awe.

“I can see why you refused to sell him.” She muttered, mostly to herself. “Such a talent is priceless.” She admitted.

Finally, what she’d said got through to me.

‘Sell? Me? What are you going off about?’ I wondered, as I turned and face her full on. As the darkness deepened, and my eyes began to adjust the sudden darkness, I lost sight of the pair of Centaurs. But not before I noticed the sheer volume of lust on Audrare’s face then.

“Does that talent run true?” I heard her say.

“We don’t know yet.” I heard Missy giggle.


Thankfully Audrare didn’t try anything that day.


A Clutch later, three more of her Tribe came in. Ostensibly to barter. One of the three hobbled in with a limp. She (Monanie) claimed to have gotten a stone stuck in her shoe. Would I please have a look? Monanie had asked.

No problem. I had replied, unaware. After I began an inspection of her hoof, I was confused. There were no signs of any stones, anywhere. I was about to ask her about that, when she kicked me lightly in the head. Not enough to damage, but enough to daze me.

The next thing I knew, I was being carried. At first, I assumed that I was being carried to the nearest healer.

‘Odd,’ I thought as a wave of vertigo passed over me, ‘It’s taking an awfully long time…’ I thought blearily. It was only when we forded the river, that I began to realize something was amiss.

“Hey!” I said as I began to struggle. At which point my carrier put her hand over my mouth, and clutched me tighter.

“HSSSHT!” Monanie hissed, trying to silence me. “I’m taking you to your Chieftain!” she lied. I wasn’t having any of that. So I tried to get away from her.

Unfortunately, she resorted to knocking me lightly on my temple. Knocking me unconscious.

A while later, I came to. Due to the torchlight, I could tell that we were in a sandstone cave. We, being Audrare and I. No one else.

“Great.” I muttered, when I noticed a chain wrapped around my waist. It led to a nearby iron bar affixed to the wall of the cave.

“Are you thirsty?” Audrare asked me in a reasonable tone. I was then, very much so. But I didn’t reply, I was too angry. When she saw I wasn’t going to talk, she smiled.

“I know I am.” She said, as she lifted a bucket to her face, and began to quaff the contents. As she did, the water spilled alongside her face, and flowed down her neck to wet her tunic. I had to admit, the view was nice. Wet T-shirts couldn’t hold a candle to wet-Tunics.

Particularly when the tunic in question is just barely covering the chest of an amply endowed Centaur. Even though I wasn’t a full Incubus, yet. I still had enough of it in me, to contemplate my options.

Still, somehow, I managed to force myself to look away. It’s amazing how interesting sandstone can be, when you’re a geologist.

“Tell you what.” She tried again. “I’ll trade you some water,” she said, and then I heard something sloshing. Turning my head, I saw that she was offering me a cup of water. I so desperately wanted it then.

“,…for a kiss.” She finished. I frowned in response.

‘It’s just one kiss,..’ I began to think. Then I caught myself.

“No.” I said aloud. “That’s not going to work.” I replied, and stared challengingly back at her. She smiled, and then without missing a beat, she poured the contents of the cup onto the sand underneath us both. I felt a surge of regret at the sight.

She got up to all fours and turned herself around. As she did, she picked up the bucket of water and sloshed it meaningfully.

“You’re not the first.” Audrare began, “who thought he could resist.” She continued. “But you’re still a male, and partially an Incubus to boot. Now, sooner or later, I and my Tribe will get what we want from you.” She grinned, as she poured the contents of the bucket onto the sand.

“Rest well.” She announced as she exited the chamber. When I watched her depart, she flicked her tail at me insouciantly.

‘There’s one thing you don’t know about, Elmer.’ I silently growled at her retreating form.


And what was that one thing?

Mara’s Mark of Divine Power. The one little fringe benefit, I called, Dream-Walking.

Eventually, I fell asleep. Unfortunately, apparently everyone in the Ring was wide awake. Probably out scouring the countryside at Missy’s behest. Not to mention the loss of face, at ‘losing’ their Farrier so easily, despite the dirty trick done.

It took three more rests before I finally made contact. At which point I was almost at my breaking point,

I managed to get ahold of Tessera. She of the four horns.

She seemed to be agitated when we made contact. Which was normal for her. Her tail was lashing back and forth wildly with impatience.

“My apolo,…” I began. Then her eyes flared

“No, no, no!” she admonished me, “You’re supposed to be sitting down, there! On the stool!” she instructed, pointing.

‘???’, I thought, but I looked to where she was pointing, and noticed a three-legged stool. It was then that I remembered what the Juanita had warned me about, concerning Dream-Walking.

“Play along with whatever dream they’re having. Gently guide them. Too much too soon, can cause problems.’ She had said back then. So, I played along. I sat down on it.

As soon as I did, Tess calmed down.

“Now,” she said eagerly, as she presented herself before me. As she did, I looked up at her, curious as to what she’d been dreaming about. When we made eye contact, she got a gleam in her eye, as an eager smile crossed her face.

She hunched over slightly, as that eager smile turned into a slight leer.  She slipped behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. Then she leaned over and breathed huskily into my ear.

“I’ve been a naughty Amazoness,…”She began demurely. I blinked in surprise, when I realized where this was going. She began to rub her breasts against the back of my head, as she reached down with both arms and began to stroke my arms.

“And, I need to be punished,…” She continued, as she shifted herself and began to wind herself into my lap.

“Uhhh, Tess?” I asked, then. She ignored me. Instead she continued moving until she had laid herself down across my lap, face down. Buttocks up.

“With a nice, long, spanking,…” she purred as she waggled herself into a comfortable position. For some reason, this dream scene was starting to make me sweat.

“Uh, Tess.” I gulped. She interrupted me by putting a finger on my lips. When we made eye contact. I could see her eyes were turning pink.

“I’m thinking that my hairbrush,…” she began, as she held one up in front of my face. When I looked at it, I noticed that it had a long handle, and short bristles, Of the kind designed for brushing a Succubus’ hair between her scalp and horns. “Will do nicely.” She finished with a soft growl.

“TESS!” I said firmly. Which finally got her attention. She froze and stared at me in confusion for a second. Then she blinked once.

“Sam?” she stammered. “Are you Dream-Walking?” she whispered hoarsely.

“Yes.” I nodded. When I said that, her eyes widened in surprise, and she all but flew off of my lap.

“Oh, my Mara!” she yelped, as she turned away and started patting down her hair, and brushing out her few garments. “Well,…” she stammered again. “This is awkward.” She giggled non-committedly, and cleared her throat.

“Uh, Tess?” I said, pretending to not notice her discomfort. “I take it everyone is searching for me?”

“OH YES!” she shouted then, obviously eager to change the subject. “Yes we are!” she said then, just a little too eagerly.

“I need your help.” I said.

“What can I do?” she said quickly, still fixing her hair and patting her clothes.

“I wanted to let someone know, where I am. I appear to be in some sort of cave.”

“Oh, that’s good to know.” She replied, “Wait, caves? What kind?” she asked, finally getting serious.

For the next little while, she asked me a number of pointed questions, concerning where I thought I was. What was happening? She pumped me for every little detail she elicit.

Finally, when we were done. I thanked Tessera and then invoked the command to end the Session.

I was befuddled, when nothing happened.

‘Odd.’ I thought, and tried again. Still nothing. I was about to try a third time, but that was when Tess interrupted my thoughts by clearing her throat.

“Dream-walking only ends when both parties decide it’s over with.” She informed me.

“Ooookkkaay.” I began, feeling confused. “Is there something else we need to talk about?” I asked.

“Ummmm, No….” she evaded as she looked coyly away from me.

“Then why are you stalling? Every minute we delay, could mean that Audrare might succeed.” I replied, trying to get her motivated.

“That’s a good point.” She agreed as she turned away and looked coquettishly over her shoulder at me.

“Tess! I don’t understand!” I growled impatiently. She started batting her eyelashes at me then.

“Why are you being so naugh,…” I began. Then I stopped when I realized what it was, I was about to say aloud. Our eyes met then from across the way. When I looked back at her. I noticed that her eyes were smoldering. I sighed.

“Tessera,” I said sternly, getting into the act “You’ve been a naughty Amazoness.” I stated as I sat myself down on the stool. When I did, she came over and immediately lay herself across my lap.

“Can we make this quick?” I begged.

“Maybe.” She simpered.


Well, after I woke up, I was extremely thirsty, and Audrare’s patience had worn thin.

Apparently during my sleep, she had my wrists and ankles bound with chains, in such a way that I was now spread-eagled on the floor of the cave.

It was obvious what Audrare had in mind. My suspicions were confirmed when two Centaurs showed up, both naked. One carried a pitcher of water, and a funnel. I realized then what they intended.

“No!” I rasped defiantly. To which the pair of them smiled indulgently. Then they got to work.

Silently they knelt themselves down next to me. Then one of them restrained me by holding my head firmly against her bosom. I tried to jerk my head away from her. But she was determined.

Once she was satisfied my head wouldn’t shift. The other reached out with her hands and began to try and pry my jaws open. Naturally, I fought it every step of the way.

“Now, now!” she growled, when she realized she wasn’t getting anywhere. Then she played dirty. She slapped me once, lightly across my genitals. It hurt, not enough to damage me, but enough to make me yelp.

Which made me open my mouth, just enough for her to insert the small end of the funnel. I tried to spit it out then. But she must’ve been an old hand at it. She prevented my every attempt.

“You will drink voluntarily, or else you will drown. Your choice.” She informed me quietly, as she poured a small amount in. I gave up then. I did try to sip it slowly, prolong it as long as possible. But I was too parched to resist. Once the pitcher was empty, Audrare showed up, also naked.

“You may go!” she said to the two previous Centaurs. They left reluctantly. “Oh, before you do!” Audrare said to them, “Send in some food. I’m sure Sam here is starving. I know I am.” She said suggestively, as they departed.

“Well, you’ve been a naughty one.” She stated, as she knelt herself next to me. She then began tracing her finger in my chest hair.

“But it’s all been for naught.” She continued, as she started to stroke my chest with her hand, as she slowly began to snake her hand down to my belly.

“Why go to such extremes?” I asked. Her hand froze.

“Do you really need to ask?” she inquired, not looking at me.

“Enlighten me.” I shot back, determined to stall. She looked over at me, she was about to say something, then she got a confused look on her face.

“What is taking them so long?” she wondered. “No matter.” She said dismissively

“Eclipse Prediction.” She whispered hoarsely, and then she sighed. “Only in legend was such even hinted at. “It would give any Mamono an advantage. The Plains of Pellucidar are dangerous, even to us.” She went on.

“The fact that you have it, suggests it might be inheritable.” She continued, as she shifted herself over, until she had her front leg knees, close to my crotch. “I intend to find out.” She sighed despondently the.

“Of course this would’ve been easier if you’d been cooperative. Perhaps in time, you will be.”

“What would’ve been easier?” Someone else spoke. Audrare froze at the sound of it. She then turned and looked to the source, as did I.

I was rather happy to see who that someone was.

It was Missy, she was covered in sweat and some blood. Her jerkin and trousers, were torn in spots, and she had a number of bruises, cuts, and scrapes.

What I found most surprising? That overly large Bastard Sword she carried over her shoulder. She carried it well, like a natural.

“Hello Mistress, it’s good to see you.” I replied, feeling very happy right then. Audrare on the other hand, wasn’t.

“Oh Fiddlesticks!” she pouted.


Though I wasn’t in the best of shape. Missy told Audrare that she was going to carry me on her back the entire way home.

Surprisingly, Audrare didn’t protest much beyond a resentful look and a muttered curse. Once I was on her back, I automatically reached my arms around her human torso, to stabilize myself.

When my skin touched hers, I felt her shudder. When she turned to look at me, I realized that her shuddering wasn’t humiliation, but lust. She was happy I was there. I looked away, but it gave me something to chew on.

When I came out of the caves, I was surprised to see not only most of Missy’s Ring waiting outside. but several others too. They all raised a cheer when they saw me.

“What the,….?” I said, awestruck by the sight. There must’ve been hundreds of Amazoness in attendance. When Missy saw my look, she leaned over and spoke into my ear.

“Audrare broke her word. Even worse, she broke Hospitality.” Missy offered by way of explanation. “Such cannot be allowed to pass unpunished.” She stated, as she gave Audrare a withering glare. But Audrare didn’t seem to care.

Before we could go home. Every Chieftain of every Ring met in a conclave. There to decide what Audrare’s fate would be. One of them was chosen by lot, to be Arbitrator.

As the ‘victim’ I got to attend it. Otherwise my being male, I’d have been excluded. Even then, many of the Chieftains and their lieutenants gave me some sullen, even resentful stares.

As the offended Chieftain, Missy laid out her case. When she finished, Audrare was allowed to give her defense. Including her motivations (My Talent). Then, what I feared the most would happen, did.

Those sullen looks directed my way? Changed into speculation. Simultaneously, While the other Chieftains had given Audrare looks of disgust and anger? Now, they became looks of sympathy.

‘Great.’ I muttered under my breath. ‘It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see where this is going to end up.’ I contemplated, chilled at the thought. Even now, I saw a wave of calculation pass over a number of the Chieftains’ faces. When I looked back at Audrare, I saw the same look on hers.

I stood up then and interrupted the current speaker.

“Excuse me. I wish to speak.” I said, loudly, forcefully. The Arbitrator looked annoyed, but surprisingly she allowed it. I thanked her, and the speaker. Missy looked surprised, even slightly angry. But when we made eye contact, she tamped her anger down.

“I wanted to thank you all, for supporting Missy and I in my rescue.” I said honestly. There was a wave of bowing heads in response. Then I continued.

“I think that whatever punishment this Conclave comes up with for Audrare, will be insufficient.” I began. When I said that, I saw Audrare’s eyes narrow. But her lust? Unchanged. I noted.

“She will never give up coming back for me. Will you Audrare?” I asked her. When she stared back at me, she smiled. Everyone else saw it as well.

“Do you have an alternative?” The Arbitrator piped up.

“Yes, though I don’t think my Mistress will appreciate it.” I amended.

“My feelings are irrelevant, Husband.” Missy interjected then. “I will abide by any decision this Conclave makes.” She chastised. I nodded my apology.

“Yes, Audrare needs punishment. But also, I need an extra line of defense against being captured again.” I paused, and I noticed then that I had the rapt attention of everyone there.

“I have a horse by the name of Rosco.” I began, and I noticed that everyone was listening. “He was already getting along in his years, when he came to me. Eventually, I will need to put him to pasture.” I continued, then I looked directly at Audrare.

“I will need his replacement.” When I said that, Audrare’s look of lust, swiftly transformed into one of outraged indignation. She tried to spring to her feet, but her bounds prevented her. Still I saw her sputtering and cursing.

I smiled at the resulting laughter that passed over the Conclave. They seemed to like my idea.

“A centaur isn’t a horse.” The Aribtrator pointed out. “Sooner or later, she’ll escape and cause trouble. In fact, such a punishment would inspire other Centaur to try come and free her. Even if that didn’t happen, others will still try and snatch you away. What you suggest makes no sense.” She pointed out. I nodded in agreement.

“My people,” I countered, “Have a saying. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” I stated. “I think I have a way of preventing both her attempting to escape, or any rescue.”

“Speak.” The Arbitrator replied.

“When I take on the responsibility of a beast of burden, I see to their every need.” I stated, and then I repeated myself as I looked directly at the still outraged Audrare.

“Their EVERY need.” When she heard me say that, she looked confused at first. But as I continued to stare silently back at her, she realized what it was I was saying. As she did, a smile grew across her face and she settled down.

“I get what you’re suggesting.” The Arbitrator said then, grinning at the thought.

“Yes, Audrare will be motivated to prevent my being captured. Because if I were, then her opportunity to be rendered pregnant, would lessen.” I finished.

“Hmmm,” The Arbitrator began, “That would be logical. Wouldn’t you agree Maseha’e?” she asked Missy.

“I find his logic annoying.” Missy complained, but then she smiled. “Yet pragmatic.”

When I turned to the rest of the Conclave. I noted that everyone there, including Missy, were nodding their heads agreeably. On the outside, I smiled.

‘Life can be such a pill.’ I grumbled inwardly.

Later, as I rode on the back of the now compliant Audrare, a thought came to me.

“Mistress? I have a question. “Are you too terribly annoyed with me?” I sighed. “The reason I ask? I don’t know how I’ll be able to sufficiently divide my sexual energy between the two of you.”  When I said that, Missy laughed good naturedly.

“What? I expected you to be upset.” I said in surprise. She grinned.

“Obviously Husband, I need to explain to you what an Incubus is capable of. When it comes to sex.” She replied cryptically.

Eventually, I was most surprised and delighted, to find out what she meant.


In addition to my proposal, the Conclave decided on additional stricture.  They judged that Audrare be required to wear a collar at all times. When she wasn’t hitched to my wagon, then she was required to be leashed. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t very happy about it.

She set up a fuss with every person who held onto her leash. Every one, save one.


When I had ahold of it, she was still feisty, yet docile. Almost compliant.

I asked her why the difference?

Her reply?

“Because when you have ahold of me?” she said as she took ahold of the leash and yanked it, hard. This had the effect of drawing me off balance, and straight into her waiting arms. Whereupon, she drew me to her bosom and held me tight.

“Understand?” she smiled down at me, as I struggled to get away. But, as before, she had a grip of iron. After I quit struggling, she asked me a question.

“Do you want me to let go?” she purred.

“Yes.” I muttered.

“I shall. But,” She replied as her smile turned into a grin. “A kiss first.”


Unfortunately, my problem with blood clots proved to be an issue, much sooner than I’d hoped for.

Then finally, came the day I’d long dreaded. Despite the best efforts of Missy and her fellow Amazoness. Their locating an efficacious herbal blood thinner had proven to be difficult.

Oh, there were many a nasty tasting herb or potion I’d swallowed. But, in the end, it was difficult to gauge their efficaciousness. One major blood clot would be all it took, to find out it hadn’t worked.

Too bad for me.

The day it happened, started out like any other day. Missy waking me up as her wont. Then we breakfasted on each other. Then I had another breakfast, served to me by Audrare.

Then it was time for food.

If there was a river, then we’d all wash up.

It seemed to me that every day at least one of our Ring’s horses’, or Audrare’s Centaurs’, shoes needed replacing or some repair work. It wouldn’t take me long to do, but it usually filled a couple of hours. Then it was clean up afterwards.

But, during the last few Bundles, ever since I’d joined the Ring and become Missy’s de-facto groom, and Aurdrare’s Master. I’d been noticing annoyances every now and again. Little things at first.

Occasionally, one of my toes would start hurting. Almost as if Audrare had stepped on it. But she was careful to never do that.

It’d swell up a bit and feel hot to the touch. Then, within a Sleep or two. It’d go away.

When it happened more and more often, I could feel a chill run down my back every time.  When I felt that chill, I looked over my shoulder. Every time, I could see her. Usually at a fair distance away.

My Dullahan.

She would be silently staring back at me with her notched scythe in one hand. Her body as translucent as always.

Oh, I’d wave to her, every time. But she never made any indication that she’d noticed. If I looked away for a second and look back. She’d be gone.

Which told me all I needed to know.

The indicators came more often over the next couple of Clutches. I guess I should’ve said something to Missy before then. But what could I have said that would’ve changed anything? We’d already done all that we could.

Every one of us, had seen their Dullahan before in dangerous situations. The fact that they could talk about it, allowed me my excuses to continue.

Besides, all sentients, are good at denying what’s right in their face. Until it’s too late.

Another group of Centaurs had stopped by that morning, their horses needed shoeing, along with their won.  I had my work cut out for me.

I was working on shoeing the horse that belonged to Perope, the band’s leader. She and Missy were talking over Audrare’s head, as she sat nearby as always. What did they talk about? I don’t know what. It didn’t matter.

Because that was when it happened.

I stopped in my hammering, as I felt something pass through my heart. It could only be one thing. A blood clot.

A big one. Big enough for me to feel it, as my heart valves pinched it once on its way through.

That’s when I knew, I was done for.

I stopped what I was doing. And looked up. The world had gone silent.

There she was. I beheld my Dullahan standing just a few feet away. She was out of reach of my arms, but I wasn’t out of reach of her Big-Black-Scythe.

I saw many details in that moment. How sharp her scythe was. How dispassionately my Dullahan stared back at me. The way her long silken black-hair flowed in the breeze that wasn’t there.

She was a bit of cutie, in her own gothic way. She kind of resembled my Samantha. But that negligee of hers that barely covered her cleavage? Samantha would’ve never worn something so scandalous.

“Sam?!” I heard Missy cry out then. I guess she noticed me staring. As I turned to look at her, I sensed my Dullahan raise her scythe. I also felt the pain that accompanies a major Pulmonary event.

What’s that like? Like any other Heart attack.

You break out in a cold sweat. You suddenly feel like someone is stepping on your chest. It becomes so hard to breathe, that you start to pant. Then you get that overwhelming sense of ‘DOOM’.

“SAM!” I heard Missy scream then, from some place far away. I notice then that I’m on my knees, and still collapsing. I see the ground below me. It’s like I’m in a tunnel.

I could feel Missy’s hands on my shoulders. She’s saying something to me over and over. I don’t know what. Then I do.

“Sam! Sam! What can I do?” she begs. As she does, in the corner of my eye, I see my Dullahan raise her scythe in preparation to swing. As I turn to face her, my left arm feels like someone had hit me with a hammer.

She and I make eye contact then. I can sense her feelings. I know that she takes no pleasure in it. But, like everyone else. She has a job to do.

When I nod to her my forgiveness, she is perplexed enough to hesitate. Which is just long enough for me to turn to Missy and notice how beautiful she is, even with all of the tears she’s crying then.

“Sam!” she quavers. We share one last final moment.

“Do me a favor.” I whisper.


“Take care of Rosco for me.” I ask. When I do, Missy gets such a confused look on her face that I have to smile.

It’s not there long.

Because that’s when I lost the strength to keep my eyes open, and I sense my Dullie step forward as she began her strike.

I felt a sharp jab of pain in my left arm that cascaded all the way through my body to every pore!

Then, I felt,…




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