Mors Funebris Inter-Lewd 2

Mors Funebris Inter Lascivas. Temerata Terrae- Duo.


Author’s Note- This takes place During Mors Funebris Ch. 4 P. 2


 After her meeting with Arawn, Mara decided to hobble herself down to her apartments. She knew it would take her longer than she desired, even with the aid of her walking cane.

Along the way, she paused at the elevator door and thought about using it instead.

‘No.’ she decided firmly. ‘I can’t get stronger by lazing on a lift.’ Therefore, she continued walking until she found the stairwell entrance.

It took her the better part of ten minutes, and a whole lot of panting on her part, to tread the stairs safely. But eventually she emerged onto her hallway floor in one piece. There, she resolutely continued on to her door, determined to build her endurance.

When she arrived, she paused as her nose caught a familiar scent. and breathed in deeply through her nose. The scent she detected brought a smile to her face.

‘Oh my, Juanita.’ She grinned lewdly, ‘You certainly are horny today. I can scent you all the way out here. Well whatever your decision will be, I will have you!’

Once Mara entered her apartment, both Boto and Juanita turned their heads to her. While Boto was still dressed in her pinafore and dress. Mara noticed that sometime during the last half hour, Juanita had changed into her EMS uniform.

‘Hello Boto!’ Mara thought cheerfully.

‘Mama!/Joy’ Boto thought/felt back at her as a big grin brightened her face. She then ran to Mara and embraced her tightly. Mara hugged her enthusiastically back.

‘Well did you enjoy yourself?’ Mara called down to her adopted daughter.

‘Much so./Gratitude.’ Boto replied as she looked up at her. Then she drooped and let out a big yawn.

“Oh is someone tired?” Juanita cooed from her position on the couch. Boto nodded her head.

‘Tired’, she continued as she began to rub at one of her eyes with a hand. ‘Take nap.’ She replied wearily.

‘You don’t have to take a nap if you don’t want to.’ Mara replied. Boto glanced over to Juanita, and up to Mara.

‘Juanita/Mama play time.’ Boto replied, as a drowsy smile began to form on her face.

We could all play a game.’ Mara suggested. Boto smile faltered as she tried to fight off another yawn.

‘Juanita/Mara, Adult-play/Smug.’ She grinned briefly up at her. ‘First-Mama-Papa did in life.’

‘Oh.’ Mara giggled, feeling slight embarrassed for some reason.

‘‘Serving much tea,’ Boto continued, yawning again, ‘Exhausting.’ She thought drowsily as she gave Mara another hug, then went over and gave one to Juanita. Then she went to her room’s door and closed it behind her.

“Did I scare her off?” Juanita asked nervously, as she looked somberly at Boto’s bedroom door. “Even though I can hear you just fine. I can never quite understand her.”

‘Give it time and practice. It’ll come to you.’

‘Uh Mistress, if you would? I’m having trouble getting mine to work today.’

‘Of course my pet.’ Mara thought in reply. Then, after a moment more, she reached out a finger and placed it on the middle of Juanita’s forehead.

‘Odd.’ She thought when she encountered a momentary resistance.

‘What’s odd Mistress? Have I done something wrong?’

‘No you haven’t. Pay it no mind. Let us speak of other, more important, matters.’

‘Yes Mistress!’ Juanita squealed delightfully. ‘Why does mindspeech make everything feel so much better?’ she wondered.

‘That’s because I can not only hear your thoughts, I can sense your desires. As you can mine by now. Can’t you?’ Mara thought back.

‘Somewhat yes. Though what I do feel the most is your desire for me. It’s like a bonfire!’ Juanita thought as she closed her eyes and reveled in it.

‘If I allowed myself, I would consume you.’ Mara reminded. ‘But you seem to like that idea, don’t you?’

“Oh yes, Mistress!’ Juanita thought-moaned, and shuddered delightedly at the thought.  Then after a few seconds, she stopped and frowned as her emotions turned fearful.

‘What is wrong?’ Mara said upon noticing.

‘It just occurred to me. Can Boto hear us?’

‘Yes she can, and she does.’

‘Did I drive her off?’

‘No, I can assure you that she really is tired.’ Mara informed her, and then changed the subject to try and calm the nervous Latina down.

‘Working soon?’ she asked, indicating Juanita’s EMS uniform.

‘Uh yeah.’ Juanita sighed. ‘I got called in to cover Anabelle’s shift. But it’s not for another couple of hours.’ She grinned coyly.

‘Well that is more than enough time to perform the Rite of Eternal-Enslavement. Assuming that is your decision.’ Mara though as she reached out a hand towards Juanita.

When she did, Juanita smiled eagerly, stepped forward and took it. Once she did, she enfolded it with both of hers and lovingly pressed her lips to Mara’s knuckles, one by one.

‘Apparently it is.’ Mara grinned as she licked her lips in anticipation.

‘Yes, Mistress.’ Juanita murmured, as she began to breathe deeply. She was so eager to complete what she knew what she truly wanted for so very long! She then opened her eyes and looked up at Mara. Mara could see her irises already beginning to dilate.

With her other hand she took ahold of the back of Juanita’s head and gently, yet firmly guided her head towards her own.

As their lips came closer, Juanita tried to drop her hand, but Mara made then maintain their grip.

Softly, their tongue tips met first as then both initiated a soul kiss. Then Mara tilted her head so that she could envelop Juanita’s lips with her own.

Once there, she pressed her lips over Juanita’s tongue and gently sucked at it. As she did, she also withdrew the tiniest bit of Juanita’s Essence. Who moaned and shuddered in response.

‘Ah the sweet irony!’ Mara thought amusedly. ‘The energy you willingly give is just the right amount I need to bind you.’ That amount was also enough to allow Mara to cast her cane aside for a short while.

In that moment, Mara’s smile grew in equal measure to her desire to corrupt Juanita’s remaining innocence.

Mara held their kiss for as long as she dared, then she began to pull away with a gentle sigh. As she did, Juanita leaned forward to extend the kiss a little longer.

‘No.’ Mara thought firmly, as her fingers pulled the back of Juanita’s skull. Juanita opened her eyes and gave her a forlorn look.

‘Patience.’ She reproved as Juanita pouted with disappointment. ‘I do not wish to make a mistake in your binding. None that would allow you even the slightest chance of escape.’ Mara purred.

‘Hey!’ Juanita huffed, ‘You’re the one who’s been teasing and tormenting me for the last three days.’ she whined then grinned slightly. Mara reached up and traced her thumb along Juanita’s lower lip.

‘It was necessary.’ She started, ‘your people call it: Prep-work.’ Mara replied.

‘Speaking of which.’ She said as she let go, and stepped back.

 ‘Clothing interferes with the casting.’

‘Oh?’ Juanita looked shocked for a moment. ‘Shall I take them off for you Mistress?’ she asked, as she reached for the buttons on her uniform blouse.

‘Stop!’ Mara ordered. Juanita’s hand froze, as she looked up at Mara expectantly.

‘Hands at your sides.’ Mara commanded. Juanita swallowed once nervously as she lowered her arms.

‘Eyes down!’ Mara commanded once more and then smiled when Juanita lowered her head.

Then, Mara raised her right hand and paused for a moment to enjoy the heady feeling of Juanita’s submission.

 ‘Ah my Juanita.’ Mara shook her head and grinned. ‘Your inherent submissiveness will make it easier to bind you.’

‘Do I please you Mistress?’ Juanita asked suddenly as she bit her lip nervously.

‘We shall see.’ Mara stated mysteriously as she took a step back, then she waved her hand once.

After she completed the wave, Juanita gasped loudly when every bit of her clothing vanished. Presenting her to Mara in all her naked glory.

‘Mmmmmm.’ Mara mused triumphantly, as Juanita suppressed her natural urge to cover her nakedness with her hands.

‘Stand still and allow me to gaze upon your body.’ She thought, as her eyes roved hungrily up and down Juanita’s shivering form.

Mara’s eyes roved from the top of her cinnamon brown tresses that swept down past her waist. Then over to the untrimmed bush of pubic hair that covered her slit. She licked her lips when she remembered the taste of Juanita’s vulvic folds.

Mara breathed in deeply as her sight lingered on Juanita’s small, yet firm breasts that beckoned at Mara’s lips and teeth.


‘Yes, Juanita?’

‘Where is my uniform?’ she asked nervously, her eyes searching the room.

‘They’re over there on the coffee table.’ Mara thought as she nodded towards it. ‘They’re neatly folded and stacked. They will be ready for you, afterwards. Your binding comes first. Of course.’

‘Of course.’ Juanita echoed, relaxing and smiling her thanks for Mara’s thoughtful reassurance. Mara then began to circle Juanita, akin to a Tiger circling her prey.

Eyes closed!’ Mara admonished her when she saw Juanita following her. She obeyed, and shut them tightly.

Then as Mara paused behind Juanita’s back and contemplated her luxurious skin. She reached out with the tip of her tail and grazed its tip once lightly across Juanita’s buttocks.

“Ah!” Juanita gasped audibly as she shook slightly. Automatically, she began to reach up with her arms.

‘Juanita!’ Mara began crossly. ‘Keep your arms down! How many times must I tell you!?’ Mara huffed.

“I’m sorry Mistress!” Juanita yelped audibly, as she forced her hands back to her sides.

‘Mindspeech only!’ Mara continued, still slightly angry.

‘Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry Mistress!’ Juanita apologized.

‘You’re being especially naughty today.’ Mara observed as one corner of her mouth rose.

‘Whatsoever shall I make you do for penance; I wonder?’ Mara thought as she continued to make her way around Juanita. Then she stopped, leaned over and blew a slight breath across Juanita’s bare shoulders.

‘Aaah!’ Juanita gasped, both audibly and mentally. Mara smile grew when she saw a number of goosebumps race across Juanita’s skin. Then her smile turned into a grin, when she saw Juanita’s ample nipples stiffen and harden.

‘Oooh my.’ She purred as she reached out a hand and cupped Juanita’s right breast with one hand Juanita groaned then, but she didn’t pull away.

Then, without letting go, Mara stepped back behind Juanita and pressed herself into her back. Reaching around with her left hand, she cupped the other breast, and then gently pressed Juanita to herself with her arms. All the while she clutched tightly at her breasts until they began to bulge between her fingers.

‘Aah Aah!’ Juanita gasped mentally as she leaned back against Mara. Mara then leaned over and took Juanita’s ear into her mouth, and began to tease and suckle at it.

Juanita couldn’t help it then.

‘Ooohhh!.’ She began to squirm and moan in unison. As she did, Mara’s nose caught a familiar scent. She grinned as she resumed her gentle suckling of Juanita’s ear. Simultaneously she reached down with the spade-end of her tail to explore her sub’s vulva.

‘What do we have here?’ Mara thought when her tail encountered some wetness. She then rubbed that end just a little bit too roughly for a second. Which caused Juanita to wince slightly.

Then Mara lifted her tail tip up to her mouth and suckled at the treat that now adorned it. Her mouth filled with saliva when she tasted Juanita’s Essence.

“Oh, my Juanita!” she mentally declared as she savored the taste. ‘You’re just brimming over with Essence today. I was right to start cultivating you!’ she growled pleasurably.

‘Cultivating?’ Juanita whispered then, surprised.

‘Yes, it’s what Demons do with our love-slaves.’ She thought as she released Juanita from her arms, who then moaned in protest.

‘The things I could do, If only I could take you to Royal Makai!’ Mara sighed as she speculated.

‘Things? What kind of things?’ Juanita asked as she swallowed, curious.

‘For starters I would refashion you into a Tongue-Slave.’

‘Tongue-Slave?’ Juanita’s mental voice rose sharply with interest. ‘What would that entail?’ she swallowed again as her saliva threatened to overwhelm her control.

‘Exactly what it sounds like, Juanita.’ Mara breathed huskily into her ear.

‘Your tongue would service whomever I wanted you to, and you would do so eagerly.’

‘Oooohhh!’ Juanita moaned and squirmed at the thought.

‘But first, I would train you correctly with my body.’ Mara thought hoarsely then, ‘Your tongue, probing every single crevice of mine, to cleanse them endlessly!’

‘Yeeesss!’ Juanita thought breathlessly, ‘I want it!’ she moaned. ‘Please! Make me your Tongue-slave!’ she begged.

‘Do you wish that Juanita?’ Mara asked, truly curious. ‘Truly want it?’ she demanded.

‘YEESSS, MISTREESSS!’ Juanita hissed through clenched teeth. ‘I want that! More than anything!’ she declared fiercely. Mara’s eyebrows rose in wonder when she sensed the depth of Juanita’s desire.

‘Yes, I finally sense.’ Mara gaped, ‘that you truly do.’ She blinked in awe.

‘Very well then! First I will give you a demonstration of the degeneracies I shall inflict upon you!’ she paused, as she swallowed the surge of saliva that threatened to overflow her mouth.

‘Are you ready?’ Mara demanded. Juanita nodded her head, unable to reply she was so ecstatic.

Mara grabbed Juanita by her shoulders and forced her to turn around quickly. Once she was facing her, Mara reached down and roughly grabbed ahold of Juanita’s small, yet ample breasts. Juanita panted a couple of times when she did.

‘MINE!’ Mara growled as she began to herd Juanita over to the couch, using her breasts to guide her.

Once there, Mara sat herself down and then she pulled Juanita even closer. Then, when she was ready, she twisted and pressed Juanita’s breasts close together, until her nipples were almost touching.

Mara leaned forward and took both of Juanita’s nipples into her mouth, and began to suckle at them harshly.

‘Aaaah!’ Juanita moaned as she licked her lips and attempted to press her nipples deeper into Mara’s demanding mouth. Mara twisted her eyes up to Juanita’s closed ones and paused.

‘This!’ she thought, ‘Is why Mindspeech is better Juanita. Because I know right now that I’m not sucking hard enough! Isn’t that right?’ She growled.

‘Yes Mistress!’ Juanita thought back and nodded, as she began to quiver in anticipation.

Mara shifted her head to her left, and pressed her lips around the areole that awaited her. Once she ensured she had a good seal, Mara sucked mightily at Juanita’s breast!

‘MMMMMuuuuhhhhyyyyeesssss!’ Juanita winced/moaned then, as she stiffened her body in response.

“Ah!,…Ah!,…Ah!’ she continued as Mara continued her fierce sucking, as she waited to see if Juanita would pull away, even though she knew she wouldn’t.

Then, with a small ‘pop’, she let go and leaned slightly back to admire her handiwork.

‘Yes!’ she thought as she gazed at the raised and reddened spot she’d created around Juanita’s brown areole.

‘How delightful! Your nipple sticks even further out now.’ She complimented her. Then she gave that nipple a slight nip of her teeth.

“Ah!’ Juanita gasped, and began to pant desperately. ‘Please Mistress! Do it again!’  

Mara growled deep in her throat as she slowly shifted her head to Juanita’s untouched breast. Then began to blow her breath across to it.

‘Oooh!’ Juanita moaned in anticipation of what was about to come!

‘Grar!’ Mara snarled mentally as she repeated her attack on Juanita’s other breast, this time with all her might!

Mmmmmmhhhhhh!’ Juanita squealed silently between her pressed lips, as she tried to endure the full pain. But after a full 20 seconds she began to twist and moan.

“Ow!’ she trilled finally, at which point Mara released her. Without a second pause she pressed Juanita’s breasts together and clamped her teeth upon both of her nipples- hard!

“AH!” Juanita screamed slightly as she tried to flinch away. She even raised her hands and almost touched Mara’s horns.

‘Hands down!’ Mara commanded. Slowly, haltingly, her eyes clenched tightly shut, Juanita forced her hands back to her thighs.  Mara then began to nibble lightly at Juanita’s nipples, savoring the tang of her Essence in her sweat that bore just the slightest hint of blood.

Juanita could take it anymore!

‘Please.’ She begged, when she made eye contact with Mara, ‘It hurts’ she whimpered. Mara stared balefully at Juanita for several more seconds, and then opened her jaw, releasing her.

When she did, Juanita gave out a shuddering breath of relief. Even then she didn’t pull away. She closed her mouth and wet her lips, and continued to pant.

‘Now, Juanita the Binding will begin in earnest.’ Mara paused to let Juanita’s breathing slow, ‘You’ve had three days to think about that question I asked. What was it?’

‘If I wanted to really be your slave,..’ she began.

‘No!’ Mara interrupted her crossly. ‘It was this: Do you Truly-Wish to become Mine in All Things?’

‘Yes, I remember now.’ Juanita replied.

 ‘Now It Begins.’ Mara thought as she closed her eyes, emptied herself of her desire and every other emotion. Thus prepared. She licked her lips and spoke aloud.

“SIT INCIPIERE TENEATUR!” She invoked. After she did, both she and Juanita felt a chill, as the air in the room began to move across their bare skin. After which, the air grew heavy, humid.

‘What was that?’ Juanita thought, ‘It feels like there’s a storm coming.’

‘What you are feeling is the universe preparing.’

‘Preparing for what?’

‘To drain away the last vestiges of your freedom.’ Mara thought cryptically. ‘Will you desist?’ she asked.

Juanita began to shake her head as she opened her mouth to say a ‘no’.

‘Don’t answer me yet!’ Mara admonished her. ‘First, I must give you the smallest example of what your existence as mine, would be like.’ Juanita closed her mouth and pouted.


‘Listen and feel, Juanita! Pay close attention.’ Mara commanded. ‘Now close your eyes.’ Juanita did so.

‘Bee. Dee. Ess. Emm, Juanita. That’s what the humans of earth call it. My people call it something different, but that’ doesn’t matter right now.’ Mara thought as she began to explain.

‘Bondage & Discipline; Your body. My pleasure.’ Mara taunted her, as she leaned forward and kissed each of Juanita’s nipples lovingly.

‘Domination & Submission; My wish. Your command.’ She said as she pressed her fingers into Juanita’s breasts and forced her to stumble about.

‘Sado-Masochism; Your pain. My thrill.’ Mara paused, and bit lightly at each of Juanita’s nipples. Juanita winced each time.

‘Your Soul, your Life, your Essence. All mine to do with as I please. My source of sustenance. Forever!’ Mara grinned as she sucked lightly at both of Juanita’s nipples, and drew out just the tiniest bit of her Essence each time.

‘That is what your slavery would be, Juanita. An eternity of hellish-torments and ecstatic-pleasures!’ Mara stated as she licked her lips and savored that Essence.

‘Open your eyes and look at me in mine, Juanita!’ Mara commanded. Juanita obeyed, when she did, she felt herself falling into their depths.

‘Now that you know what I expect. Do you Truly-Wish to become my Mine in All Things Juanita?’ She declared formally.

Is that what you truly would have?’ she demanded, her eyes burning with a furious lust. As she continued to stare back at Mara, Juanita licked her lips and swallowed nervously.

‘Yes.’ She nodded. ‘Yes! I would!’ she declared, this time with more feeling. ‘I have contemplated and prayed about it, Mistress! I have made my decision. I want to be yours in every possible way!’

‘Good.’ Mara replied, as she tightened her grip on Juanita’s breasts. She then firmly pulled both of them downwards. Which forced Juanita to stumble and then to kneel awkwardly in between Mara’s spread legs; until they were both at a mutual eye-level.

‘I hunger for you and your Essence.’ She thought as she maintained her eye contact with Juanita. Suddenly Mara let go of one breast.

Then she reached out and took ahold of something. After a second, she smiled and lifted it up so Juanita could see it what it was. Her eyes widened when she did.

‘A dog-collar?’ Juanita shuddered with a mixture of hopeful pleasure, and trepidation.

‘No.’ Mara grinned wickedly. ‘Something better. Look closer. At the name tag. What does it say?’ she demanded, still grinning wickedly. Juanita squinted her eyes for a better look. Then her eyes widened when she saw the inscription.

‘Juanita’?’ she read.

‘Yes.’ Mara said, as she flipped it over. ‘What does it say here?’ Mara grinned.

‘I belong to Mistress! Oooh!’ Mara sighed in delight.

This is what your world calls, a Devil’s Mark. It is a mark of my ownership of you. But only if you accept it!’

‘Oh!’ Juanita gasped and shuddered again at what that promised.

‘If you truly wish to be mine. Then prove it!’ Mara smiled widely, as she shifted it closer to her Juanita’s face. ‘Accept it and put it on.’ She ordered.

Breathing heavily with her own desire, Juanita reached out and took ahold of it. Then she began to draw it towards her. Without a warning Mara tightened her hand, stopping its progress.

‘But be warned Juanita!’ Mara stated ominously. ‘You should know that whatever a Demon desires. She will either devour, or destroy it!’ She grinned knowingly.

‘It’s a little late for warnings, Mistress. Don’t you think?’ Juanita grinned back.

‘Indeed.’ Mara smiled.

‘Oops.’ She mock apologized as she released her hold on her Devil’s-Mark.

‘Devour me, huh?’ Juanita smiled thoughtfully as she admired the studded black leather collar in her hand.

‘What does that mean, exactly?’ she questioned.

‘What it means, my little sweet-meat-treat!’ Mara teased as she placed a hand alongside Juanita’s temple, and began to pet her.

Do you remember what nearly happened to you back in the Infirmary? You nearly died when I almost sucked out every drop of your Essence.’

‘Yes, I remember. I still get wet every time I think about it.’ Juanita nodded as she pressed her head against Mara’s hand, eagerly. For some reason, it didn’t feel strange, that she found herself yearning for her own destruction.

‘If you submit to my ownership.’ Mara continued as she reached up with a hand and grasped at the collar.

‘I will be able to do more. Much more, than suck you dry.’

‘Such as?’ she asked hungrily.

‘In addition to my gaining greater access to your life-force. Eventually I could rip your soul from your body, and devour it!’

‘Oooh!’ Juanita trilled, her eyes flaring with desire at the thought. ‘I think I’d like that. What would happen to,.. to my soul then?’ she wondered.

‘I would savor it over countless years. Slowly, bit by bit, your soul would dissolve. Then, all that you are. All that you were, and all that you could be; would merge with my soul!’ Mara sighed dreamily then.

‘You would be: Consumed, overwhelmed, absorbed! You and I would be together forever as One!’ Mara declared.

‘Do you swear it?’ Juanita demanded as she tried to yank the collar away from Mara.

‘I swear it.’ Mara replied as she released her grip.

 Her smile grew as Juanita all but snatched the collar away from her. Then she tried to fumble it open. Within a few seconds, she was crying in frustration when the latch refused to release.

‘Allow me.’ Mara stated as she took ahold of the collar, and then easily undid the latch.

‘Thank you, Mistress.’ Juanita smiled gratefully, as she retrieved the collar and then quickly wrapped it around her throat.

‘I must be the one to lock it.’ Mara stated as she raised her hands and then deftly latched the catch. As it caught, Mara invoked the first binding.

 “Sit Corpus Vinctum.”Then both of them heard a small crackle of thunder some distance away. Mara looked upwards and smiled triumphantly. .

‘Is it done?’ Juanita asked tremulously, as she tried fixing the collar in place. ‘Am I yours now?’

‘No. Not yet.’ Mara replied. ‘I have just bound your body. There are two more things you must do to make it complete, Juanita. Next you must speak your oath of submission to me audibly.’

“Like this?” Juanita grinned.

“Yes.” Mara nodded. “Now repeat after me.” She stated solemnly. Juanita nodded eagerly, as Mara leaned over and spoke into her ear.

“I,…Juanita….” She whispered.

“I,…Juanita….” Juanita echoed, and then continued, “Do solemnly swear,…to pledge my body,…my mind,…and my soul!” Juanita shuddered with pleasure at the thought.

“To you Mara!” she breathed gleefully.

“To do with,…whatever you desire!,…from this moment forward,….forever and ever!” she laughed delightedly, as Mara leaned back into the couch and silently intoned the next invocation.

‘Let Tenetur Mens Sit!’ Mara invoked and another, louder, peal of thunder crackled overhead outside the building. Mara looked up again at the sound, grinned and licked her lips in anticipation.

‘Soon!’ she breathed happily.

“What was that about?” Juanita asked, her eyes alight with her need.

‘Mindspeech!’ Mara admonished Juanita again. ‘I have just bound your mind. Eventually, you will be able to know what I desire, before I am even aware of it.’

‘Ooh! What’s next!?’ Juanita trilled, as she quivered agitatedly, ‘I want this so bad it hurts!’ she continued as she grimaced with frustration.

‘This is your last chance Juanita. If you complete this ritual, there’s no turning back, EVER!’ Mara warned as she waved a finger in Juanita’s face.

‘TELL ME!’ Juanita barked angrily, her fists clenching tightly at Mara’s thighs.

‘Very well.’ Mara grinned happily. ‘Our pact will be sealed when you kiss me on my lips.’

‘Finally!’ Juanita declared, as she began to rise and lean forward. She then stopped in confusion when Mara placed two finger on her mouth.

‘Huh?’ she asked.

‘Not these lips.’ Mara replied, as she removed her fingers and pointed to her mouth.

‘These.’ She smiled as she reached down and begun to tug the hem of her dress upwards.

‘Oh!’ Juanita grinned. ‘Yes! Much better!’ she thought as she began helping to pull Mara’s dress clear. Once that dress’ hemline was past Mara’s knees, she paused and admired the sight of her Mistresses’ naked vulva.

Even though Juanita had not once touched Mara’s genitals for several days. Her lips and tongue still yearned to connect with them.

As she watched, Mara’s gleaming inner smaller lips began to swell well past her outer larger ones.

‘Yum.’ She thought as she licked her lips in preparation. Mara growled audibly when her tugging stopped having a noticeable effect on her dress. Then she did something unexpected.

She stood up and noisily ripped the bottom half of her dress away, leaving herself exposed from her hips, down.

‘What?’ Juanita goggled at the unexpected surprise. Mara smirked as she loomed over her.

‘Lie back.’ She ordered Juanita, as she made another gesture. This time the coffee table moved itself out of the way. Allowing Juanita plenty of room. Confused, she did what she’d been ordered to do.

Mara’s triumphant grin got bigger as Juanita lay down flat. Mara lifted a leg and stepped over her, then positioned herself so that when she looked down, she could see Juanita’s face just above her pubic mound.

‘What?’ Juanita wondered for a second.

‘Oh!’ she smiled in delight when Mara began to crouch. Then Mara sat herself Seiza just so, her vulva just above Juanita’s mouth and nose.

 ‘Drink of me.’ Mara ordered her then. Juanita smiled in anticipation as she tilted her head back and inspected Mara’s vulva up close.

‘Mistress, You’re so beautiful.’ She thought, as her eyes pored over every single one of Mara’s details above her.

‘So delectable.’ She continued, as she slowly stuck out her tongue and used it to part Mara’s vulva at its base, near her anus. Then, she lingered for a moment as she felt a slight tingling begin at her tongue’s tip.

‘Yes.’ Mara sighed. ‘Continue.’ She commanded. Juanita blinked her assent and began a slow slide of her tongue tip upwards towards the top. Ending near the one remaining tuft of Mara’s trimmed pubic hair.

Then, once there, she paused and pressed her face upwards to Mara’s nether lips and encompassed them all with her mouth lips. Then she suckled them gently deeper in.

As she did, Mara pressed her hips downwards, so that Juanita’s nose pressed into her tuft; forcing Juanita to breath in through her pubes.  A single stray hair tickled a nostril when she did.

‘Oh you smell so delightful!’ Juanita proclaimed, and then she suckled harder at both sets of Mara’s lips. When she did, her tongue began to tingle again, when she encountered Mara’s nether moisture. She was surprised when Mara’s juices surged and overflowed her mouth to soak her face.

Mmmmmm!’ Juanita moaned softly as the slightly salty, yet tangy wetness began to flow freely. She did her best to collect it all with her tongue. then she swallowed it all, eagerly!

‘Oh!’ she jerked in surprise, her eyes widening, when that swallow made her tongue burn and tingle pleasantly as it traveled downwards. Then that swallow continued to create a trail of burning pleasure all the way down to her belly.

‘Yes, Juanita. Drink my juices.’ Mara commanded her then. ‘Drink it all! Every. Last. Drop! Promise me!’

‘Yes Mistress!’ Juanita mentally replied as she began to tickle out more of Mara’s Nether-Ambrosia.

‘I promise that I’ll take it all!’ she stated as she greedily continued her suckling and nibbling of Mara’s vulva and clitoris. For the next couple of minutes Mara basked in Juanita’s adoration. Then,…

‘Your tongue!’ Mara thought suddenly, fiercely, ‘Is like a snake! Let it penetrate deep into my cunt!’ she demanded.

‘I obey!’ Juanita called back. Then she moved her head slightly and stuck her tongue out.

Quickly its tip encountered Mara’s vaginal opening. She was surprised at the resistance she encountered.

Determined, she forced her head and jaws upwards. Until suddenly, a good third of her tongue thrust upwards into the depths of Mara’s crevice.

When it did, Mara clamped down with her vaginal muscles and held Juanita’s tongue tightly.

‘???’ Juanita thought then, surprised, as Mara’s vaginal muscles began to draw her tongue deeper and deeper in! Until she felt the roots of her tongue stretch out painfully. Only then, after several seconds did Mara release her.

‘That was a good start!!’ Mara mentally moaned. ‘I shall work on lengthening your woefully short tongue.’

 ‘Continue!’ she demanded as she ground her pelvic bones into Juanita’s face. Encouraged, Juanita did the best she could with the rest of her now slightly bruised tongue.

In and out of Mara’s cunt, Juanita plunged her tongue. Every time she pulled it back, she could feel even more of Mara’s juices sliding down her tongue, and into the depths of her mouth.

‘It’s delicious!’ she paused to savor. ‘She’s never tasted so good before!’

‘Eat me!’ Mara commanded. ‘Don’t stop!’

‘I obey!’ Juanita moaned, happy to comply, as she continued her oral ministrations.

‘Yes, continue Juanita, I’m getting close!’ Mara mentally groaned, while she writhed with her pleasure. Then she reached down and grabbed a double handful of Juanita’s hair. Then she used it as a sort of bridle to force Juanita’s head further into her pussy.

‘Do you remember your promise Juanita? To swallow every last drop of my juices?’ Mara demanded suddenly as she continued to grind her hips into Juanita’s face.

‘Yes, I do. I will! I promise!’ Juanita replied, wondering why she was so insistent about it. As she redoubled her efforts, Mara began to moan audibly.

“Aah! AAaahh! AAAaaahhh!” she began to pant and moan, as she began to arch backwards.

‘Close.’ Juanita realized happily. ‘Yes Mistress! Cum for me!’ Juanita begged. ‘Give me your blessings!’

“NO!” Mara screamed suddenly as she stopped her writhing and leaned forward. She sunk her fingers into Juanita’s scalp, and jerked her head until both of them had made full eye contact.

“NOT A BLESSING!” She screamed fiercely, her eyes burning wildly as she peered into the depths of Juanita’s soul. 

‘Wha?!’ Juanita thought fearfully, deeply scared.

“PROFANE!” Mara corrected her. “Profane you! I will give you my profanings!” She instructed her and then waited for an answer.

‘Yes Mistress! I’m sorry, please PROFANE me!’ Juanita thought quickly, She couldn’t speak, since her mouth was otherwise occupied.

“Better!’ Mara mentally hissed as she began to rock her pelvis back and forth once more. All the while still clinging fiercely to Juanita’s head.

Even though Juanita’s jaw and face was beginning to tire from her exertions, she continued to do as best she could.

‘Profane me Mistress!’ Juanita called out again.

Thankfully, Mara was already close before her outburst. She soon returned to the level of pleasure she was less than a minute before.

“Aah! AAaahh! AAAaaahhh!” she continued audibly. ‘I will defile you Juanita!’ she thought in the depths of her pleasure. ‘Make you mine forever!’

‘Yes Mistress! Profane me! Defile me! Make me yours forever and ever! I want it! I need it!’ Juanita thought back as she suckled ever harder and harder at Mara’s labia and clitoris. All the while she did her best to penetrate her cunt as deep as she could manage with her tongue!

Then finally, after what seemed too long a time, and yet also not soon enough,

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Mara screamed echoingly as she arched herself backwards. She paused in her writhing, as she squeezed her legs into a vise like grip around Juanita’s head. Which forced Juanita’s lips into an unbreakable seal against Mara’s vulva!

‘YES!’ Mara howled as she began to squirt her orgasmic-cum into Juanita’s mouth.

Juanita was confident at first, when the first few squirts arrived. So she was able to easily swallow every squirt. Then her eyes widened fearfully when she realized that Mara’s cum just wouldn’t stop flowing.

‘What the?!’ she blinked, suddenly nervous when Mara’s squirts became a torrent!

‘DRINK!’ Mara growled down at her. ‘Keep your promise! I’m holding back just enough, to keep you from drowning!’ she hissed. Juanita, shocked at Mara’s ferocity, held her breath as she began to gulp just as her mouth threatened to overflow.

She gulped once, and then twice more. Even then, she almost wasn’t able to keep up with Mara’s production.

‘Every last Drop!’ Mara reminded her then, as she smiled triumphantly, her tongue lolling against her lower lip.

 ‘GGRRAAaaahhhh!’ she moaned as her eyes rolled back into her head. Juanita continued to gulp, then thankfully, as she neared the end of her breath. Mara’s cum-flow suddenly became a trickle. Then it stopped.

Once she’d finished her last gulp. She began to pant, to catch her breath. Then that breath caught in her throat when she realized that Mara’s cum tasted so different this time.

“Ergo Non Tenetur Ad Animam!” Mara yelled upwards to the ceiling then.

As she finished the last syllable. A third, much louder, peal of thunder boomed so loudly overhead, it shook the building. Suddenly, one of Mara’s windows developed a diagonal crack!

‘YES JUANITA!’ Mara exulted, as she panted in triumph. ’THOU ART MINE FOREVER NOW!’

‘What?’ Juanita asked as her eyes darted back and forth in confusion. Mara looked down at her and grinned fiendishly.

‘You feel it. Don’t you? The burning?’ Mara asked. Victorious.

‘Yes, I think I do. It feels like I ate too many jalapenos. Only better!’ Juanita smiled. ‘What is it?’ she asked blissfully.

‘That burning. Is my life force infiltrating into you Juanita. My,…Demonic Energy! What you swallowed wasn’t just my cum! Oh no! That was my Nostrum!’

‘Your Nostrum? What’s that?’ Juanita blinked, as she began to perspire as that burning in her belly began to multiply and spread out inside of her.

‘It’s part of my soul. It allows the one who eagerly accepts it, to be corrupted quickly. You are being converted Juanita.’

‘Converted? Into what?’ Juanita begged, scared again.

‘Anything I want.’ Mara thought-cackled madly.

‘Want? What do you want?’ Juanita asked again. In reply, Mara forced herself into standing position, turned and reached out an inviting hand down to Juanita.

Juanita hesitated, and then grasped at it to pull herself to her feet Once there, Mara cupped her hands alongside Juanita’s head.

‘Hmmm.’  Mara mused as she searched Juanita’s face for an answer.

 ‘I don’t know yet.’ She paused. ‘You’re a Chupacabra? A Goatsucker? Yes?’ She demanded.

Staring nervously back at her owner, Juanita swallowed and nodded once.

I suppose I could refashion you into a Baphomet-Sucker instead.’ Mara sighed. ‘Wouldn’t that make the Sabbath squirm?’ Mara said to herself.

‘Uhhhhmmm.’ Juanita thought fearfully. Mara turned and winked at her.

“Just kidding.’ She shot back.

‘For now, at least.’ She said ominously as she lay a possessive hand on Juanita’s shoulder. Then she turned and swooped Juanita into a one-person carry. One arm under Juanita’s knees, and the other around her back.

‘Where are we going?’ Juanita asked, her head darting around, as Mara began walking.

‘Where else?’ Mara grinned. ‘Into my bedroom of course.’

‘What’s wrong with the living room?’ Juanita asked.

‘Too confining. I want you in my lair.’ Mara smiled as she kicked open her bedroom door. She marched in, and then with a chuckle, she tossed Juanita onto her doublewide bed.

Mara turned, firmly shut the door and locked it.

Once Juanita had stopped bouncing, she laughed.

‘Locked? That won’t be necessary. I’m happy to be here.’ She giggled as she squirmed further backwards onto the bed.

‘That may be what you say now, my pet.’ Mara grinned evilly, as she came forward and grabbed ahold of Juanita’s ankles.

She took a firm hold, then she swiftly drew her down to her end. Then when Juanita was sitting over the edge. Mara leaned over and kissed her deeply.

‘You might say different in a few hours.’ Mara thought/promised as she plunged her tongue deeply into Juanita’s mouth.

‘What?’ Juanita asked, when she realized Mara wasn’t kidding.

‘Back!’ Mara ordered her mentally again, as she pushed Juanita backwards with the heel of one hand. Then she kneeled in front of her.

Juanita smiled widely when she realized what Mara was about to do.

As Mara shifted herself comfortably between Juanita’s knees. As she grabbed ahold of her bent legs with her arms, she pinned Juanita’s knees into a bend with a supinated grip.

‘My turn!’ Mara growled mentally, as she kissed the inside of Juanita’s leg, near the knee. She then moved her head over and kissed the inside of Juanita’s other knee.

‘Your turn for what? I’d have thought you’d be satisfied by now!’ Juanita grinned back.

‘Hardly! I have invested a significant portion of my own life-force into you.’ She licked her lips in anticipation.

 You can still feel it can’t you? Tingling inside of you, as it spreads to your furthest reaches?’ Mara thought as she continued kissing the insides of Juanita’s legs, inching closer and closer down to her vulva.

Juanita realized then that she was getting more and more turned on as Mara’s tongue approached.

‘Yes, yes I can. It’s almost painful now, will it ever stop?’ Juanita asked suddenly, nervous.

‘Of course it will. Just stop fighting it. Allow it to permeate you. Cultivate you.’ Mara instructed as she began to breathe on Juanita pubic hair, which caused her to quiver with anticipation.

‘Cultivate me? You mentioned that before, what does it mean, exactly?’ She asked.

‘Even though you are a monster of this world, you’re not a Demon. This means instead, that you’re a wellspring of life force. The very essence my kind, we demons, feed upon.’ Mara began, as she lowered her mouth to Juanita’s pubic mound.

‘Yes?’ Juanita gulped then, as she felt Mara’s thumbs carefully penetrate her vagina. She then carefully pulled the outer walls widely apart, to create a largish cavity. One that would soon be full.

Juanita quivered again when Mara gently blew some of her breath upon her naked nethers.

When Juanita glanced down, she could see Mara looking back at her. Her eyes above the level of her pubic bush.

‘I shall demonstrate.’ Mara thought as her eyes squinted slightly when she smiled. Then she lay the tip of her tongue lightly onto Juanita’s clitoral hood. ‘Because I want a return on my investment. Right NOW!’

“AAAAHHH!” Juanita breathed in deeply when suddenly, a massive wave of pleasure billowed through her.

Instead of ebbing, as it normally did when Mara held her tongue there. It remained at its crest, akin to a tsunami-like cascade. 

That pleasure was so deep and wide that Juanita felt she was drowning in it! Dimly, she became aware that her vagina was filling a deluge of her lubrication. Then, just as she was on the verge of blacking out, her pleasure ended!

Juanita then began to pant deeply as innumerable stars beckoned at her from the edges of her vision.

“Wow!” she panted. ‘That was amazing! Why didn’t you ever do that before?’ she asked, staring crosswise at the ceiling.

‘Because it would’ve killed you.’ Mara answered from her position near Juanita’s folds. ‘Most mortals can’t withstand that level of pleasure.’

‘I can now?

‘Indeed. This is part of the cultivation I mentioned earlier.’ Mara smiled back up at her.

‘The more we make love Juanita. The greater your endurance for pleasure will grow. The more you grow, the more I will be able to harvest from you.’ She replied as she began to nuzzle her nose into Juanita’s vulva.

‘Harvest? Harvest what?’

‘This.’ Mara replied, as she covered Juanita’s genitals with her mouth and began to lightly suckle at the now-filled cavity she’d made within Juanita’s vagina.

‘Madre de Di..’she began, and then, “AAH!” she yelped in pain. She did so when Mara bit down just a bit too painfully on her clitoris.

“What are you doing?” Juanita demanded aloud, as she tried to pull away. Her heart began to beat faster when she discovered that Mara was so strong, she couldn’t pull herself away.

‘Do not!’ Mara growled up at her mentally, as she glared at Juanita with her eyes burning an angry red.

Do not ever mention that god again! Do you hear me?!’ she hissed fiercely.

“Yes, yes! I hear you!” Juanita shot back fearfully. ‘What name should I say instead?’ she begged.

‘Call out to me Juanita. Unlike your puerile deity, I will listen to you!’ she huffed mentally.

‘I will! I promise!’ she shot back.

‘See that you do. Because if you ever make that mistake again, I’ll,…oh I don’t know what yet. But I promise you that you won’t like what I come up with!’ Mara smiled evilly up at her.

Juanita shuddered fearfully again.

‘Uhhhmmm. Madre,…de,…Mara?’ she tried.

‘Better!’ Mara sighed, ‘Much better!’ she thought as she resumed her suckling.

Juanita was hesitant at first, as Mara began to slurp at whatever it was down there.

‘What is it?’ she wondered. ‘It feels like so much!’

‘It is what I’m cultivating Juanita. Your juices!’ Mara paused in her licking, and made eye contact.

‘It is where I can access most of your Essence!’ she said as she made a vacuum seal with her mouth, then she poked her tongue deep into Juanita’s crevice.

As she did, she slurped a mouthful, not once, not twice, but three times and swallowed deeply each time.

‘Aaaaah! Yes…Delicious!’ Mara moaned then as she noisily licked her lips. ‘Ah, it’s been far too long since I could drink so much.’  She thought and then her eyebrows shot up as she looked at something. Juanita couldn’t see what.

‘What is this?’ She sighed suddenly. ‘Impossible!’ She thought as she released Juanita from her grasp, and got up.

‘What’s wrong?’ Juanita asked shakily, not wanting her pleasure to end.

‘My corruption has been stymied! I do not understand this!’ Mara said, perplexed.

‘I don’t understand.’ Juanita replied. Mara didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Instead, she got up, swooped an unresisting Juanita into her arms again, and then lay herself down with her at the head of the bed.

Once there, she tenderly laid Juanita down and snuggled her close. Finally, only after she had wrapped both of them with her duvet, did she speak.

‘I do not like this Juanita! It is almost as if something is preventing your corruption! I have no idea what though.’ Mara frowned in frustration. Then she sighed.

Unfortunately, I must err on the side of caution and cease for now.’

Juanita frowned in thought as she pondered her Mistresses’ words.

‘You could go too far now, you know? Devour my soul right now? You know I want you to.’ Juanita admitted.  Mara then smiled indulgently as she leaned over and kissed Juanita fondly on her forehead.

‘Yes, I know I could. Thank you. But no.’

‘Why not?’ Juanita nearly whined then. ‘You said you wanted to.’ Mara smiled indulgently down at her.

‘I do. I really, really do. Juanita.’ Mara sighed regretfully. ‘But, how do your people of this world like to put it? That would be my like killing the bird that lays the egg of gold?’

The Goose!’ Juanita corrected her crossly, as she folded her arms resentfully. ‘It’s the Goose who lays the golden egg.’ She huffed. Then she turned and gave Mara a challenging look.

‘Use me!’ she demanded. ‘Feed upon me! Take it all! I want it!’

‘I will one day, I promise. Right now, I don’t want to lose you.’ Mara admitted finally.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I can still cultivate you Juanita. Change you in other ways.’


‘Haven’t you complained that your ‘boobs’ aren’t big enough, yes?’

‘Uh-huh!’ Juanita replied thoughtfully as she grasped at them. ‘You could do something about that?’

‘Yes, I can. Now. When you gave yourself to me, you gave me control over everything of you. I could remake them into any size you wanted.’

‘Ooooh!’ Juanita moaned at the thought as she clutched at Mara tightly. ‘How’d you do it?’ she wondered.

‘Efficiently. The best way would be to make your body think you’re pregnant.’

What!? Pregnant! I don’t want that!’ Juanita frowned.

‘Hush my pet, I said your body would ‘think’ its pregnant. Not actually be pregnant.’

‘Oh.’ Juanita calmed down. ‘Sorry. Uhm, how would that make my boobs bigger?’ she asked. Mara smiled indulgently, as one of hands strayed down and tightly grasped Juanita’s right breast.

‘When a woman is pregnant, her body adapts for the child’s arrival by preparing itself in many ways. One of which is by enlarging her breasts in preparation to discharge milk.’

‘Oh? I forgot I knew that.’

‘Yes.’ Mara nodded, ‘I would merely enhance the natural growth of them, until you’re satisfied. Of course it would also give me a fringe benefit.’

‘What kind?’

‘More of your juices for me to feed upon. Your milk.’

‘Oh wow! I hadn’t thought of that!’ Juanita smiled enthusiastically then. ‘Some of the other Nightbreed Mamacitas tell me that nursing is erotic for them!’

‘My mother said the same. Your milk would contain a vast amount of your Essence. Which would also allow me to feed upon you far more easily. Far more than I could upon your nethers.’

‘When? When can you do this?’ Juanita demanded eagerly, her eyes alight with desire.

‘Soon. Soon my pet. But it will have to wait. Even now your body still fights against my Demonic Energy.

‘I’m sorry. I don’t mean to.’

‘I know my sweet. It’s only natural for your body to try and fight it. But it will lose eventually. I just have to keep overwhelming it with more and fresher doses. Hmmmm.’ Mara mused, as an idle thought occurred to her.

“Yes Mistress?’

‘I’m musing. I suppose I could refashion you akin to a bee. I could send you out into the wide world. Make you visit other sweet and succulent flowers, to collect’ their ‘Love-Honey’. Then have you bring it home for me to drink.

Could we do that together?’ Juanita asked.

‘It’s possible. But I still need to heal up some more first. After all, I’m still self-conscious of my scars and all.’

‘Mistress.’ Juanita whined. ‘Please don’t be! They’re not something to be ashamed of. You earned them!’ she began.

‘Yes, I know I should Juanita. Someday I won’t be ashamed.’ Mara conceded. ‘But, there’s something else more important right now.’

‘What’s that?’ Juanita asked as she looked up at Mara expectantly.

‘Your next shift starts in 20 minutes.’ Mara grinned.

“What?!” Juanita yelped aloud then. Then she squinted at the digital clock in the corner. “Oh my G,…!” she started and then froze. Her eyes shifted to take in Mara’s imperious gaze.

Oh, My Mara!’ she enunciated, and then she grinned. ‘Better?’

‘Yes, my pet. Better.’ Mara beamed. ‘Off you go! Before you’re late!’ she shooed her. ‘Because if I make you late again, Arawn will have my head!’ she continued.

‘All right! All right!’ Juanita squealed mentally as she rolled her way out of Mara’s bed. As she got up, she tried to tug at her collar.

‘Hey! It won’t let go!’ she exclaimed as she came to a stop. Mara smirked at her then.

‘Of course not, my sweet! It’s my Mark upon you. It will remain there until the day you die. Which will hopefully be never!’  Mara grinned triumphantly.

Juanita glared at her despairingly.

‘Don’t you want that?’ Mara asked, suddenly disappointed.

‘Yes. Yes, I do!’ Juanita twitched nervously. ‘I’m just concerned what everyone else will say when they see it!’

‘Don’t worry about it, Juanita! Only you or I will be able to.’

‘oh.’ She huffed. ‘That’s Okay, I guess.’ Juanita sighed. Mara tilted her head and then went over and embraced her. Juanita leaned into her when she did.

‘I can sense your turmoil. What’s wrong?’ Mara asked.

‘I don’t know. Part of me wants to stay and have more fun. Another part of me wants to run screaming to the hills. Another part of me can’t wait to see what else you have in store.’ Juanita smiled up at her.

‘Isn’t today your Friday?’ Mara asked.

‘Yes, it is.’ Juanita replied coyly.

‘Well then, once you get off of work. Come back down here, and I’ll make sure you get off many more times.

‘You promise?’ Juanita asked with hope filling her eyes.

‘You can bet your life on it.’ Mara replied, which made Juanita grin madly. Then after several seconds, she did a double take.

‘Uh Mistress?’ Juanita asked spontaneously.


‘Uhhhmmm; You’ve got something caught in your teeth.’ Juanita smiled as she pointed to Mara’s mouth.


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