Mors Funebris Ch. 1 P 6

Mors Funebris Chapter 1 Part 6


“Arawn!” Tia yelled finally, slowly getting to her tarsi. Somehow, she managed to stumble her way over to him. But she didn’t know what to do to assist him. She saw then, that he was foaming at his mouth with his eyes rolled up.

‘It’s like he’s been injected with Spider-Wasp venom!’ she thought to herself.

“Tia! Stay here and attend to him!” Andra ordered, as she got to her feet. MEDIC!” Andra shouted loudly, trying to get the attention of one.

“What can I do?” Tia yelled out as she crouched herself as close to Arawn as she dared. “I don’t know what to do!” she cried helplessly. Below her, Arawn continued to convulse mindlessly, rapidly approaching the point of no return.


“Aaaahh!” Arawn inhaled violently, as began panting to regain the air that he so desperately needed. He had no control over his thoughts nor his movements. Lacking his usual control, Arawn felt himself drowning mentally as a barrage of psychic images, impressions, and memories, bombarded his mind. In reaction to the mental flood, he felt himself convulsing.

Somehow, in amongst that cerebral din his mind began to register the sounds of shouting voices nearby.

“Hold Him Down!” one voice commanded, as Arawn’s sense of self crumbled.

As he began to lose himself…Arawn saw what should be his hands darting across the control panel of a teleportation platform…but they couldn’t be his…his weren’t adorned with black and white fur…

“I’m trying!” said another voice desperately. “He’s stronger than he looks!” said another, familiar voice…

…more images…a petite Mamono with green hair and cat-like ears…covered in tentacle-things…. they envelope her…penetrating her…fighting a losing battle …in danger…exhaustion…limits reached…weakening…help…

‘Help!’ Arawn yells silently, his body continuing to convulse. But no one hears him.

“Wait!” shouted the first voice. “Why is his fist glowing?!”

…dozens of city cats…all twirling about on the floor of a dank dark cavern…some lash out…some mewl hungrily…all prisoners… seeking release…

‘Release!’ Arawn demands, as he fights against an unseen foe who wishes to ensnare him…

 “Look out!” came the second familiar voice. “He’s about to cast a spell!”

…overwhelming Arawn is a sense of menace…an imminent threat approaches…implacable…terrifying…

“That’s impossible Tia!” dismissed a third voice.

…utter helplessness… memories from another time rise ….. endless torment… infinite pain…a laughing Demon comes nearer…Orcus…

‘Orcus!’ Arawn shouts mentally.

“Your ward is no condition to…”

The third voice stops abruptly when Arawn releases his Blast-Punch spell from his right hand, carrying with it an ear-splitting explosive flash that momentarily blinds everyone present.

Luckily, Corporal Tia had ahold of Arawn’s right arm. Instinctively, she had lifted it upwards prior to his spellcast. Which caused his innate Blast-Punch to dissipate harmlessly up into the rafters of the Teleporter Pavilion. After that, he stopped convulsing.

“What in the Maou’s Name WAS THAT?!” Said Luge nervously. The Porter Medic found himself shuddering in fright after Arawn’s spontaneous display of magic.

“Good catch Tia! Now keep your ward from doing that again!” Sergeant Andra ordered, not quite as shocked as Luge. But she remained wary. Both Luge and Andra sat staring without seeing, trying to blink the spell’s flash out of their eyes.

“His hand’s stopped glowing, so we should be alright. I’ll keep an eye on it, in case he does it again.” Tia spoke carefully, as she laid his arm back down to the ground and released her grip. Everyone else followed her lead and reluctantly let go of him.

“Good.” Tia continued nervously. “He’s stopped convulsing. What did you do Luge?” Tia demanded, turning her attention to the Pavilion Medic.

“I did nothing!” Luge barked back, his ears ringing. He was still rubbing his eyes, as he started to cautiously lean over Arawn for a closer inspection. He jerked himself back when Arawn suddenly sat up, bending at the waist.

“Yokai Arawn.” Luge began, startled. “Are you all right? How do you feel?” He inquired, as Arawn began to pant furiously, his eyes closed. Luge opened his mouth to ask once more when his eyes shot open, yet he didn’t seem to focus on anyone or anything.

Arawn then looked around himself in an impersonal manner. After a cursory inspection, he began speaking loudly enough for all those around him to hear. What he said made no sense.

“Quintus! Status report!” Arawn demanded. Tia noticed that as soon as he finished speaking, he cocked his head to one side as if he expected a reply. He did, but not the one he expected.

“Arawn? Who is Quintus?” Tia asked concernedly. Arawn’s gaze passed over her as he continued to look about himself. She noticed the he moved his head in spurts and jumps, in an almost mechanical like manner.

Arawn then looked dispassionately over at Luge, blinked once at him and then began to recite.

“Luge, Chief Medic, Lieutenant, Human/Incubus.” Arawn spoke emotionlessly as he stared at the Medic. For his part, Luge was perplexed at Arawn’s near miraculous improvement in such a short time.

‘A few minutes ago he was convulsing and frothing. Now he acts like it never happened!’ Luge thought disbelievingly.

Arawn moved his head and took note of Sergeant Andra, blinked once more, and spoke again.

“Andra, Master Porter, Dark Sergeant Second Class, Mamono/Salamander.” Arawn categorized woodenly. Andra was taken aback by Arawn’s curt tone.

‘Is that all that I am to you Majin? Something to be categorized?’ she wanted to yell, but she held her tongue when she realized that there was something amiss with him.

Arawn then turned his head and looked over at Tia. He blinked once at her as well.

“Tia, Journeyman Porter, Corporal, Mamono/Arachne.” He stated unemotionally. Tia felt herself chilled by the cold expression that was on his face in that moment

‘He looked at me like I’m not here.’ She shuddered. She was about to say something to him, but Arawn spoke first.

“Quintus! Answer!” Arawn spoke to seemingly no one, again. He paused for a second and started up once more.

“Secundus! Tertius! Quartus! Anyone! Answer!” Finally, Tia noticed that Arawn finally began to show something akin to an emotion. He swallowed as he began to shiver, a look of consternation passing over his face.

‘He seems painfully lost.’ She thought automatically. Arawn then had himself a whole body shudder, then his arms and leg started twitching violently. Yet, it also marked an improvement in his mental condition.

“Where am I? What is this place?” he asked suddenly in a normal sounding voice. Tia noticed that his eyes were shut tightly, when he covered his face with his hands.

Luge moved over and tentatively placed his hands on Arawn’s shoulders. Arawn’s spasmodic twitching began to slow when he did.

“You are in the Teleportation Platform at Fort Eequor, Arawn. Does this help?”  Luge spoke softly to Arawn. Apparently it did, as Arawn stopped shuddering, and then grasped one of Luge’s hands with his own, as if he were seeking support.

“Wait!” Arawn said suddenly, raising his head and opening his eyes.

“Where is Corporal Tia?!”” he asked looking about himself worriedly. A look of relief washed over his face when he caught sight of her.

 “Are you all right Corporal?” he asked her tensely. Tia hesitated for a second, checking herself quickly before nodding. Arawn saw it and visibly relaxed, his relief palpable. He allowed his head to drop as he attempted to calm his breathing.

Luge chose to remain silent, so as to allow Arawn the chance to collect his thoughts.

Luge then noticed Sergeant Andra opening her mouth to say something, but he caught her eye and shook his head curtly. She chose to obey him, turning her head to keep Arawn within her sights. Luge matched her gaze.

“Do you remember what you were doing before, Arawn? Luge questioned.

“Mental Bridge,” Arawn began after a moment, raising his head.

“Tia and I were connected in a Psychic-Mental Bridge. We did this, in an effort to have me learn Teleportation-basics as quickly as possible.” He spoke haltingly in recollection.

“We were interrupted.” He stated flatly, as he turned to look at Sergeant Andra full on. When he did, a cloud passed over his face. 

“Any kind of interruption during a Psychic Link carries an inherent risk, potentially a fatal one.” He replied with venom directed towards Sergeant Andra. She felt her outrage burn hot at his impertinent tone, as her tail fire flared to match her mood.

“It appeared that you two were engaging in active dereliction of duty by engaging in foreplay!” she fired back as she shot to her feet, and hunkered herself down.

Arawn matched her actions by jumping to his feet smoothly. That smooth motion of his was spoiled by his staggering at the apex. Luckily, Luge was already there and steadied him. Undaunted by his weakness, Arawn continued.

“I do NOT engage in sexual intercourse during desperate situations, SERGEANT!” Arawn shouted.

“Now, doesn’t qualify as a desperate situation, YOKAI!” Andra shouted back, sticking her nose centimeters away from his.

“Just because you’re inconvenienced by Colonel Alenoth’s orders DOES NOT make this situation desperate!” she continued, flaring her eyes at him, as she raised an arm threateningly.

Arawn’s eyes flared in response as he raised an arm to block hers. Both Tia and Luge interposed themselves between Andra and Arawn to prevent the incipient fight.

“I am not referring to myself!” Arawn yelled at Andra over Luge’s shoulder.

“I am referring to the one who is trapped!” he lowered his voice in an attempt to get his point across. Andra opened her mouth to scream back at him in that moment, then stopped when his words penetrated her outrage. She blinked.

“What are you babbling about?!” She demanded in something less than a shout, around Corporal Tia.

“There is one amongst your number who is unaccounted for, yes?” Arawn clamored.

“Maybe.” Andra replied neutrally, as she narrowed her eyes at Arawn. “What do you know of this?”

“She is a Mamono that I have not encountered yet. Petite in form, approximately a meter in height. Jinko-like ears, green hair,…”

“YES!” Andra shouted, surprised. “That sounds like Winnie! She’s gone AWOL! What do you know of this?”

“Winnie.” Arawn spoke almost quietly as if he were attempting to recall a memory.

 “Yes, Winnie. Gremlin. Yes, I believe so.” He lifted his eyes back to Andra’s impatient eyes. “She is trapped.” He stated quietly.

“Trapped?! Where?! Explain!” she demanded as she pushed her way around Tia.

“After you interrupted Tia and I’s mental bridge.” Arawn grimaced at Andra momentarily.
“I was able to pick up on Winnie’s thoughts while I was convulsing. I, that is to say we, need to attend to her!”

“You didn’t answer my question, Yokai Arawn. Where is she?” Andra spoke as evenly as she could. Arawn rolled his eyes at her in response.

“She is HERE!” he shouted in exasperation as he gestured vaguely at the porter platforms.
“I will access one of the platform’s control consoles to,..” he began, but was interrupted by Andra’s outrage.

“You will do nothing of the sort!” Sergeant Andra angrily shouted at him then.

“You will not use this as an excuse to commit more damage, you Saboteur!” she said as she drew her ever-present Demon-Silver sword from its sheath.

She then crouched herself into a dueling stance in preparation to defend her Platforms. Everyone else there, noticed that her body scales began to glow red with her fury.

“Do not approach that console!” She ordered him resolutely, raising her sword.

“Sergeant No!” Luge shouted, alarmed. A number of Tia’s fellow Porter techs turned to see what this new ruckus was about. None of them sought to intervene.

Frowning, Arawn lowered his head and concentrated momentarily. Unseen by all, his right hand began to glow with its own magical light.

“I will not allow your prejudice to get in the way of a rescue!” Arawn shot back, as he stepped towards the nearest control console, raising an arm to touch it. He knew that he was provoking Sergeant Andra, but he felt that Winnie’s rescue was more important.

Unflinchingly, he slowed his time-sense when he observed Sergeant Andra’s expected attack. As she stepped forward, she swung her sword into an arc towards that filthy-bachelor hand that dared to sully one of her precious consoles.

Noticing, Arawn instinctively released the power that had collected in his fist. But, instead of another Blast-Punch, this time it was modified into a Wakazashi-like energy sword.

All observers there were shocked, when Arawn produced a long-curved glowing blade that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Even Andra was caught off guard, when her Demon-Silver sword’s progress was arrested by the flat of that light-like blade.

But, instead of allowing herself to react like a swords-novice to this unexpected development, she shifted her weight once more and forced her inertia to twirl herself around. This allowed her sword to lag behind momentarily, as she fashioned herself into the fulcrum of a slashing pirouette attack. Within a half-second she rapidly pushed her sword around faster than the eye could detect.

Arawn felt his mouth open in surprise, when his mind registered that her blade had missed his face by scant millimeters.

Shortly after, he felt his Energy-Blade ripped from his grasp as she continued in her spin.  When she did this, his blade flared momentarily after he lost contact, then it vanished as if it had never existed.

‘Blade lost, energy dissipated.’ He realized in that instant, alarmed, yet undaunted.

Arawn noticed that Andra was pressing her advantage by reversing her sword up and over.

 In response, he chose to crouch himself down in preparation for her next assault. He then lowered both his arms to his sides as he extended his senses to everything around him. His ‘time-sense’ allowed him to become rapidly aware of Andra’s sword.

‘Threat analysis: Extreme threat. Sword tip on approach vector, 187 centimeters and closing.’ He noted. His awareness shifted to Luge.

‘Threat analysis: Luge. Immobile. Neither a threat, nor in danger.’ His awareness shifted to Tia.

‘Threat analysis: Tia. Possible threat. Tia has crouched, perhaps to jump. Jump Target- unknown. Insufficient information.’

Shifting his awareness back to Andra, he noticed that her blade’s point was halfway in its forward journey to his chest. He then lifted both of his arms in a pose of what could be considered nonchalance.

But it wasn’t.

As Andra’s sword tip rapidly/slowly approached, Arawn flexed his right hand’s wrist outwards in a preparation for a slap.
When the right moment presented itself, he then slapped the point of Andra’s blade to the left with his right hand, while he simultaneously turned his hips in the same direction, he then shifted his weight and leaned back. Which allowed the rest of Andra’s blade to miss his chest as it passed him by.

When Andra had nearly completed her thrust, he then forced his left hand down onto Andra’s left wrist and took ahold of it firmly.

Andra began to snarl in anger, when she felt his grasp. She then tensed herself to fight him for control of her sword.

What he did next, both surprised and unsettled her. Instead of attempting to grapple, he instilled some of his own turning inertia into her forward momentum.

Pulling his left arm out with all his might. Andra squawked in surprise as she felt herself falling forward off-balance. As had been Arawn’s intention.

He shifted his own weight onto the balls of his feet, then used his own torso as a fulcrum against her body. Pivoting, he moved in a spiraling motion that forced her forward and upwards, he then twisted her arm back against herself as she continued to fall forwards to the floor.

Andra’s fury was momentarily forgotten, when she felt her face roughly impact itself into the Pavilion’s stone flooring. Arawn continued moving forward as she hit the floor, not letting up on his advantage for even an instant.

Andra’s outrage and anger returned in full force, when she came to a halting stop. Alarmed, she found herself on the floor nearly face down, with her thrusting-arm firmly chicken-winged behind her back. She let out a growl of outrage, when she noticed that Arawn had deftly removed her sword from her paw.

Her growl at her sudden predicament was cut short, as she felt the tip of her blade’s tip pointed underneath her jaw. Looking up, she saw that her sword was now firmly in Arawn’s grasp, as she felt her sword arm immobilized with his other hand.

Instinctively, she tried to slap him with her tail but ceased, when Arawn pressed her blade tip still further into the skin beneath her chin. She winced when she felt the tip penetrate her skin.

“YIELD!” Arawn whispered acidly.

Andra’s first instinct was to deny him, as she began to struggle despite the pain she felt underneath her jaw.

“Sergeant Andra! One of your own is entrapped beyond the confines of the Porter system.” He stated flatly. “I need your help in freeing her!” He then did something that was completely unexpected.

He let go of her.

In mounting surprise, she watched as he dropped her sword to her side and walked backwards slowly. He then let go of her arm that had been pinned to her back, while carefully avoiding her flaming tail tip.

Warily, she pushed herself upright, all the while never letting him out of her sight. Pushing a stray lock of hair from her eyes, she then picked up her sword and gave it a cursory inspection.

She caught his gaze and stared back at him for a short while, and considered his words silently. After giving him one final glare, she spoke.

“Why?” she demanded, with a goodly portion of her anger now spent.

“You possess technical knowledge that will aid in Winnie’s rescue. Will you help?” he asked, bowing. Her eyes widened in surprise at his gesture, feeling taken aback. Finally, after several more seconds of carefully considering his words, she replied.

“What do you need me to do?” she huffed, nodding with just a hint of respect in her voice, as she resheathed her sword.


Five minutes later, she was shouting angrily at him again.

“What do you mean, you think that there’s nothing wrong with the Teleportation system!?” she demanded in a shrill voice as she waved her scaly arms about her, gesturing vaguely at all of the purple whirlwinds and chocolate dildos.

Tia, standing next to Sergeant Andra, felt herself nodding her head in agreement.
Luge remained neutral as he stood off to one side, carefully keeping an eye on Arawn, half expecting him to go into shock.
Along and behind him, were a number of other Porter Techs of various Mamono species. They were all curious as to what the newcomer had to say, frustrated as they were with their own repair efforts.

“Are you blind to what is going on around here!?” Andra demanded of Arawn, who closed his eyes and sighed as patiently as he could.

“Technically no. There is nothing wrong with the system!” he stated again, staring back at her equally coldly, while quelling his anger.
“Furthermore no, I am not blind.”

“Then what,…?” she started to demand, but was interrupted.

“I BELIEVE!” Arawn hissed furiously for a second, his eyes blazing in preparation for a nasty retort. He caught himself quickly and began breathing in a calming pattern, his fists held stiffly at his sides. Sergeant Andra patiently decided to wait him out. It didn’t take long.

Arawn calmly focused his eyes on Andra as he began once more.

“I believe,” he continued, “that everything we see around us, is indicative of a message being sent from Winnie.”

“What kind of message?” Andra asked patiently, looking at him levelly.

“A message of distress.” Arawn replied, raising a hand to forestall Andra’s next question.

“What led me to this conclusion is thus: During my recovery from that interruption which destroyed the mental bridge that Tia and I shared.” He began.

“What the hell was that anyways?” Andra injected with her arms crossed. Arawn suppressed the next set of words that would have come out of his mouth. If he hadn’t, he would have been court-martialed on the spot for Extreme-Insubordination.

With an Adamantium-like control, Arawn managed to calm himself once more. He then began to patiently explain to all present, what he and Tia had been up to for the last half an hour, less the recovery time.

“You make it sound like you two were involved in something intimate.” Andra half-smiled at Tia and Arawn.

‘It was rather intimate.’ Tia realized, as she felt herself blushing blue with embarrassment, pointedly not looking at anyone. Arawn cast a droll look towards the Sergeant.

“Physically? No. Now, may I continue?” Arawn replied coldly. Andra nodded with a smirk.

“During my recovery phase, my mind picked up on Winnie’s plight. That is to say, I touched her mind momentarily. As near as I can tell from the impressions I received then, she is imprisoned against her will.”

“Is she in pain?!” Andra demanded suddenly. Arawn shook his head, stopped and thought about it, and then nodded.

“What?! Make up your mind!”

“Yes. And no!” Arawn explained. “That is the best I can tell you. She is experiencing intense pleasure, yes. However, it has been going on for so long, that it has become exceedingly painful to her.” Andra frowned at his response, thought about it for a moment, and then a light went on behind her eyes.

“Wait!” She exclaimed, “you said she was imprisoned. Who took her?” she demanded crossly.

“I have no idea.” He replied, then he saw Andra begin to speak.
“At this time!” he finished hastily.
“We will not know who did, until we have had time to debrief her AFTER her retrieval.” He emphasized.

“If you don’t know who captured her, then how can you think she can be retrieved?” Asked one of Tia’s fellow Porter Techs. Arawn turned to her.

“As I said earlier, I was able to touch her mind briefly and I experienced her memories. I believe that I can replicate the conditions in which she was taken.”

“But!” he started. “I have a plan that will involve something out of the ordinary to make it work.” He spoke authoritatively.

“Now before I get into details, I need to know, are there any other Gremlins stationed at the Fort?” Andra nodded once, suspiciously.

“Good! Send for that one.” Arawn stated, then he began to detail his plan.

When he finished, Sergeant Andra didn’t know if she wanted to laugh at him, or slap him. Instead, she chose to calm herself and ordered that the other Gremlin be sent for, all the while shaking her head in disbelief at his outlandish request.


“You want me to,” Corporal Jinks the purple-haired Gremlin paused, blinked and then asked, “say that again!” she finished as if she couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. Arawn opened his mouth to explain again, but was interrupted.

“You have GOT to be kidding me!” Jinks exclaimed outraged. Arawn sighed.

“No, I am not ‘kidding’, as you put it.” He replied quietly.

“I am quite serious when I state that I need you to masturbate with one of these Chocolate Dildos.” He continued, holding up one of the ‘Ported’ Dildo creations so that she could see it. That particular one was made of white chocolate.

“You should preferably do so in between a pair of the Teleportation Platforms.” He explained patiently, as Jinks focused on it momentarily, then shifted her attention back to him with a skeptical look.

“In plain sight, where anyone could watch?” she demanded. Arawn nodded, and continued.

“I am attempting to replicate the conditions in which Winnie disappeared. From what I have gathered, she was in the midst of a bout of self-pleasuring when she was taken.” He stated as impassively as he could. Jinks continued to stare at him coolly while chewing on a lip. After a minute had passed, Arawn began to fidget under her prolonged stare.

 Looking back over his shoulder, he noted that nearly everyone else present, was desperately trying to keep themselves from laughing.

He noticed with a jaundiced eye, that a couple of Tia’s fellow Porter techs had already failed in their laughter suppression. Jinks noticed his gaze and followed it, then froze when she saw her fellow techs snickering.

“You’ll hurt yourselves if you’re not careful!” She loudly shot back at them. Which made them laugh all the harder.

“All too often, we are called upon to make sacrifices to help our comrades,…?”” Arawn began in attempt to motivate her, then stopped when JInks raised a hand to forestall him. She then applied that hand to her face and rubbed it for a second. After she was done, she cast him a dirty glare before she continued speaking.

“FINE! WHATEVER!” she growled. “I’ll do whatever it is you want me to.” She breathed, in half anger/half humiliation.

“Let’s go ahead and get this over with.” She stated coldly, as she snatched the chocolate dildo from his hand. Then she stomped herself over and sat down at the spot that Arawn had indicated earlier. She moved to start disrobing and then stopped, fixing Arawn with a glare.

“Hey!” she shouted at him then. Arawn nodded his head at her questioningly.

“Two conditions!” she stated.


“First condition!” she stated, holding up one finger. “I’m not doing this in front of everyone!” she turned and glared at the assembled crowd of Mamono Porter Techs.

 “Get rid of everyone who isn’t ‘necessary’!” she finished, baring her teeth at him.

“All right.” Arawn replied with a nod. “That is reasonable.” He then looked over at Sergeant Andra momentarily. Andra caught his eye and nodded her head in acknowledgment.
She then ordered everyone else there, away. Most of them departed with a sour look on their faces, as they were most curious to witness such an unorthodox method of Magi-Tech repair. Once all non-essential personnel had departed. Arawn returned his attention to Jinks.

“What is your second condition?” he inquired. Jinks smiled for the first time since she arrived and raised up her hand with two fingers pointing up.

“At the very least, you owe me a set of drinks and a dinner.” She stated, toothily grinning from ear to ear, all the while looking at him smolderingly. Arawn sighed heavily as he covered his face with a hand.

“Fine, fine!” he replied, his lips pursed. Hearing something, he then quickly glanced over at the small remaining group of Porter personnel: Andra, Tia, and Luge.

“All right, which one of you just laughed?” he demanded acerbically. All three of them looked back at him, shaking their heads with innocent expressions on their faces. Arawn turned away with a sigh.

 ‘Whatever!’ he growled silently to himself. ‘I only wish that at least one of my not-brothers were awake now.’

‘I am!’ Secundus said then, with a mental yawn. ‘What is going on? (2)’ he stated blearily. Arawn then filled Secundus in with what had been going on, along with his proposed plan. Secundus was silent for several seconds. Then he spoke.

‘Are you serious!? (2)’ he demanded, laughing. Then he laughed all the harder, when Arawn affirmed it.

‘Let me get this straight.’ Secundus asked, barely suppressing his glee. ‘You think that you can replicate the conditions that Winnie was caught up in, by having another Gremlin masturbate herself?! (2)’

“Excuse me?” The purple haired Gremlin asked suddenly, breaking Arawn from his mental conversation.
“When do you want me to start? I don’t have all night, and it’s cold here!” she complained.

“You may proceed now, if you please.” He waved a hand at Jinks. Who then obeyed as she started to strip while she kept an eye on Arawn. She displayed her best ‘come hither’ smile to him, but to no avail.

Arawn forced himself to keep his demeanor neutral, and to not grit his teeth back at her. Despite the fact that Secundus had continued in his chorling.

‘Yes, Secundus,’ he began patiently, while keeping one eye on the Gremlin, ‘I believe that the circumstances can be replicated sufficiently. I will need your assistance in this matter, and Will You PLEASE STOP LAUGHING!?  (1)’ Arawn demanded angrily. After a few seconds, Secundus managed to get his mirth under control.

‘*Snort!*, Sure thing Primus! What do you need me to do? *cough cough* (2)’ Secundus wheezed.

‘Monitor the local background space/time matrix. Maintain a vigil for any flux in the fabric between worlds. (1)’

‘Will do!’ Secundus acknowledged ‘Mind I record the Gremlin in these circumstances? I have not yet had the opportunity to view a female perform sexually. (2)’

‘Whatever you desire. Though I do not know why you wish to bother, as she can barely be considered a female in form. (1)’

‘What makes you say that? (2)’ Secundus asked petulantly.

‘Consider her body, she is nearly completely lacking anything by way of feminine curves.’ Arawn sighed dismissively. ‘Now, are there any signs that any of our other brothers have regained consciousness yet? (1)’ Arawn remained silent when Secundus answered to the negative.
Arawn continued in his silence while keeping his watch on Jinks.

‘It appears that I may have been premature to dismiss her lack of physical geometry so readily.’ He observed as she continued disrobing.

Sparing a glance away from Jinks, he frowned thoughtfully when he observed the platforms operating as they’d done all day: A purple whirlwind that spiraled into existence for several seconds, then vanished as another chocolate dildo appeared of seemingly nowhere.
Since the entire group of Porter technicians had been ordered to vacate the Pavilion floor area, Arawn noted that there was an ever growing number of dildos piling up on every platform.

“Hey!” JInks shouted suddenly. “This floor is cold! I refuse to do this on a cold floor!” she demanded.

“I believe I can retrieve a cloak for you to lie upon.” He replied helpfully, looking about. But was stopped by her next statement.

“NO! That’s not good enough! I don’t want an impersonal piece of cloth between me and the floor!” Jinx whined then.

“Then what do you want?” Arawn demanded, exasperated.

“I want you to hold me in your arms!” Jinx demanded with a leer, patting the ground alongside her with one hand.

“What?!” Arawn yelled, surprised. “Absolutely NOT! I will do no such,…!” he continued, but was interrupted by a paw on his arm. Stopping his tirade, he noted that the paw that was holding him was covered in red scales.
Silently, he turned his head and saw: Sergeant Andra.

“What?” he asked her tightly. What she said then, made his blood run hot.

“All too often, we are all called upon to make sacrifices to help our comrades. Wouldn’t you agree, Majin Arawn?” Andra said sweetly at him then, happily throwing his words back at him.

Watching him, Andra saw a panoply of emotions cross his face. Outrage, anger, humiliation, and then finally, resignation. He jerked his arm away from her, then not quite stomped his way towards JInks. Seeing him approach her, she bestowed upon him a triumphant smile, happy that she was getting her way.

Arawn sat down cross-legged next to the elf-sized Gremlin, all the while frowning furiously. He also continued to refuse to make eye contact with either Sergeant Andra or Corporal Tia.

JInks then hopped into his lap with a chirp, and settled herself down, making sure to rub her buttocks as much as she could into his groin.

“Is that really necessary?” Arawn hissed at her, feeling some base urges rise up within him. Her only reply, was to leer up at him through sultry half-lidded eyes.

“Put your hands on my shoulders!” She ordered softly. Arawn was slow to comply, but eventually he did.

“See, that’s much better! Now I feel much more comfortable about this, and I think I’ll be able to get into the ‘right mood’ fairly quickly!” she continued talking as she allowed her body to conform itself to Arawn’s. She then raised her newly acquired (White) Chocolate Dildo to his head.

Arawn looked at it with stupefaction for several seconds as Jinks waved it in front of his face.

“Lube it!” she demanded then.

“With what?!”

“Your spit! Haven’t ever made love before?” With a deep sigh, Arawn spit on it a number of times. Satisfied with his response, Jinks then started to lower it down to her genitals.  For a moment, all seemed well.

“HEY!” She yelped, sniffing the dildo. Arawn, concerned, turned his head to check on her.

“What is wrong?” he asked, concerned. She smiled back up at him, still sniffing.

“You’re single!” she giggled. “So am I! Why don’t we discuss it later?” she asked hopefully.

“Just get on with it!” Arawn ordered, coldly. JInks stuck her tongue out at him in response, then she started to slowly run the fingers of one hand all over her torso.

Outwardly, Arawn maintained his silence as best he could. He tried everything he could to remain dispassionate. But, it was difficult as the purple haired Gremlin was determined to unsettle him.

It was a good thing that she was unaware of his inner turmoil.

‘OH YEAH!’ Secundus crowed excitedly. ‘Now THIS is what I am talking about! (2)’ Arawn/Primus found himself mentally fidgeting something fierce, in response to his not-brothers newly awakened sexual enthusiasm.

‘Secundus, please. Do not make this any more difficult than it already is. (1)’ Primus pleaded, grimacing as Jinks sounded off with a melodramatically loud moan, as she began fiddling that dildo onto her vulva.

‘Is it really necessary for her to moan that loudly?’ he sighed to himself.

‘You do not see me complaining! (2)’ Secundus commented, obviously eavesdropping. Arawn was about to make a reply, but he was distracted when Jinks said something then.

“Hey!” she huffed at him. “Are you paying attention? Or do you have something more important on your mind?” she demanded with a slightly hurt tone in her voice.

“I apologize.” Arawn stated. “What was it that you asked?” She huffed once more, then continued.

“I SAID, that I want you to put your arms around me. Let me feel your hands on my tummy!”

“But!” Arawn replied, attempting to forestall her.

“Just DO IT!” she ordered, “Or else you can find another Gremlin to Jill off for you!” she hissed.

‘She means it Primus! (2)’ Secundus warned.

Arawn sighed once more, then moved to comply with her order. Reluctantly, he moved his hands down from where they were on her shoulders. Gritting his teeth, he slowly moved his hands underneath her arms and inched them forwards around her waist, until they finally met and interlocked upon her deliciously soft belly.

“There, that’s not so bad, now is it?” Jinks breathed into his ear, as she began to stroke herself in earnest.

Shortly thereafter, Arawn began to notice a musky scent that filled the air all around him. For some reason it reminded him of motor oil.

‘Oh Great Maker! I do believe that she is,…(2)’ Secundus began.

‘I am quite well aware of what is occurring! Thank You! (1)’ Arawn tersely interrupted his not-brother. To Arawn’s relief, Secundus chose to remain quiet for several long seconds. At least until Arawn let his scientific nature kick in.

‘Odd.’ Arawn thought raising an eyebrow, ‘her love juices have an oily sheen to them. (1)’ Arawn couldn’t help but notice, when he espied that dildo in her hand pulled out at its full extent.

She continued to pinch herself in spots softly here and there. All the while sliding that dildo in and out of her. As she did, a set of obnoxious squelching noises occurred intermittently at first, but they multiplied with an ever-increasing frequency and in decibel level. As she did, her other hand lazily traced circles around one of her nascent nipples with the occasionally prolonged pinching.

‘Well, such liquid is meant for lubrication. Is it not? Gremlins and Mechanics, it stands to reason it would be oily! Oh Great Maker! How does she manage to engulf so much of that dildo’s length within such a small frame!? (2)’ Secundus wryly pondered then.

Arawn tried his best to ignore him and failed. Instead, he began to feel his skin flushing with,…embarrassment. To Arawn’s increasing chagrin, he felt one of Jinks’ arms deliberately start bumping against his. Doing so every time she plunged that alabaster dildo deep within herself.

 ‘Oh of course what you are feeling is just,…embarrassment! (2)’ Secundus quipped, as Jinks let out an exceptionally long drawn out moan with her solo-pleasuring.

“Feel free to jump in at any time!” JInks whispered huskily up at Arawn then. A suggestion he pointedly ignored.

Arawn couldn’t help but overhear Tia, Luge, and Andra’s conversation then, due to Secundus’ decision to amplify his hearing.

“Well!” Tia began, “She certainly does seem to be enjoying herself, doesn’t she?”

“Unfortunately, she seems to be the only one who is!” Luge pointed out, hiding a smile behind his hand.

“A real male would’ve noticed such an obvious invitation.” Andra observed. “What is he made out of? Ice?” she complained sourly, forgetting her earlier admonishment concerning ‘dereliction of duty’.

And in such vein, did the trio’s conversation continue for several more minutes until finally, Arawn heard something interesting.

“Wait!” Andra spoke then, surprised.

“I think I see something forming in the air above Arawn and Jinks!” she shouted excitedly. Arawn turned his attention upwards and narrowed his eyes. He thought he saw a certain blurriness.

Secundus! (1)’ Arawn shouted mentally.

‘Eh, what? (2)’ Secundus replied.

‘Are you picking up anything? (1)’

‘Wait, what? Say that again! I can just barely hear you! Speak up! (2)’

‘I said, are you picking up any,…!(1)’ Arawn replied, lifting his mental voice up.

‘I am sorry Primus,’ Secundus interrupted. ‘I cannot hear you over the sound of Jinks’ moanings and whimperings! (2)’ Secundus cheekily replied.

It took all of the Arawn’s self-control to not lash out at his not-brother. Despite his valiant effort, Arawn let loose a small growl.

Jinks smiled happily when she heard him growling, mistaking it for interest on his part. In response, she languidly looked up at him as she continued to play with herself.
She moved her head around to catch his eyes and licked her lips lasciviously at him, in another vain attempt to coax him into a greater degree of participation. After a few more seconds of not getting a reaction from him, she pouted most mightily. But, she continued in her self-pleasuring despite.

Before Arawn could return his attention to admonish his not-brother, Secundus continued.

‘Primus! I am now picking up a distortion in the Space-Time Continuum overhead. I am also detecting a spike in the ambient teleportation matrix as well! I would recommend a cautious approach in the next few minutes. (2)’ Secundus warned. Barely had he finished, before Arawn noted the nascent beginnings of a Portal forming in the air above him.

Seizing the initiative, Arawn took a firm hold of Jinks’ shoulders and picked her up and set her gently aside. As he stood up for a clearer view of the Portal, he had to ignore the Gremlin’s plaintive whining that his callous indifference had elicited from her.

Squinting, Arawn peered into the Portal, but all he could see was darkness, along with some vague shadows moving about within.

‘Secundus! Vision Augment! (1)’ he ordered. Secundus obeyed, and within a few seconds, Arawn was able to see a bit clearer, but he still lacked details.

With nary a second thought, Arawn invoked a spell.

‘Iugis Lux.’ He commanded mentally. In his right hand a brightly glowing sphere appeared, which he then tossed through the portal’s entrance.

When he did, both Arawn, and the trio of Luge, Tia, and Andra, were able to see much more clearly within the Portal. What they saw, shocked them all.

There, through the ever-widening hole in space, were many things. They all saw a vast cavern lit by Arawn’s light spell that changed from a yellowish hue into a greenish one, as soon as it had passed the threshold.

Underneath that light were manifold strange looking objects that littered the floor of that vast wall-less cavern. Numerous statue-like creations lay there as well, most of whom remained where they had fallen an unknown time previous. In amongst those statues, were hundreds of other smaller objects that were moving about in an ever-seething mass of confusion.

Amidst them all was their target: Winnie.

She was naked and engulfed by an enormous agglomeration of slime-covered multi-colored tentacles that held her in suspension above the cavern floor. Those odd seeming tentacles penetrated and abused her every orifice, endlessly.

Arawn was frozen in place for a moment, paralyzed by the tableau that lay above and before him.
 Winnie’s eyes sprung open when Arawn’s light passed over her head, and within a second she became aware of the Portal. She then weakly reached out a beseeching hand, her eyes silently begging for release.

‘SECUNDUS!’ Arawn roared mentally. ‘TELEKINESIS! NOW!! (1)’ Secundus obeyed without his usual sarcasm.

‘Psi-Tendrils away!’ Secundus instinctively reported. ‘Contact made, initiating retrieval!’

Arawn braced himself firmly on his side of the Portal. While he clenched his right hand to augment the Telekinetic-hold he had on Winnie. With a visible strain of effort on his face, he began to psychically pull Winnie towards the portal.

‘Careful!’ he admonished himself. ‘Not too much force, too quickly! Winnie is fragile, she would not care to be damaged in transit!’

Unnoticed at his feet, Jinks continued in her single-minded pleasuring, using both of her hands on her dildo to rapidly achieve her desired orgasm. All the while, she was doing her best to ignore everything else around her.

A look of hope appeared upon Winnie’s face, when she realized that she was being moved away from her tentacle imprisonment. Unfortunately, that look rapidly turned into one of despair, as the mass of tentacles began to resist Arawn’s pull.

‘Shall I increase the power? (2)’ Secundus asked in that moment.

‘Negative! Winnie would be torn apart! (1)’

‘What then? (2)’

‘Standby! Maintain what we have. (1)’ Arawn turned his head to the trio behind him.

“I need your help!” he shouted over his shoulder. Automatically, all three stepped forward to assist. Before any of them could ask; ‘What?’, Arawn barked out a series of orders.

“Luge! Attend to Jinx and help her to masturbate! She’s starting to falter!”

“But she’s not my woman!” Luge protested.

“Duty Calls Medic!” Arawn demanded in response to Luge’s dumbfounded look. Luge swallowed, nodded, and then crouched alongside then began assisting Jinks in her efforts.

“Don’t just hold that! Twist it!” he overhead Jinks berating Luge then. Arawn blinked for a second while attempting to not speculate, he then turned his attention to the Salamander. Simultaneously, he rapidly searched through his Tia-memories. Quickly, he found the information he desired.

“Andra! I need you to enhance the Pavilion’s stabilization field matrix!”

“Why?!” she demanded.

“Doing that will help keep this portal open temporarily, after Jinks has reached her orgasm!”

Andra hesitated, then nodded as she hurried to obey, all the while biting down on her tongue to suppress the retort that had automatically come to her lips.

“Tia!” Arawn half-shouted. “I need you to enter the Portal.”

“What?! Are you insane?” Tia replied, all of her eyes widening in fear.

“Probably! I need you to attack the tentacles that are holding Winnie in place. You must distract them, so that I can get a chance to pull Winnie back here!” Tia faltered as Arawn’s words penetrated her mind. Then she smiled.

Smiling, she drew her Demon-Silver sword from her Bandolier and brandished it in preparation. Looking over at Arawn, she readied herself to Jump into the Portal, waiting for his signal. Within a few seconds, she caught it. Then she did her Jumping Spider species proud.

Almost instantly, she pushed off as strong as she could into the Portal and passed through in a graceful arc. As she transited through the membrane that separated the Pavilion from that eerie Cavern, she felt a momentary wave of dizziness that quickly passed.

When she hit the ground in that odd Cavern, she was already skittering. Raising her sword to attack the nearest tentacle, she was momentarily distracted when she noticed what those innumerable moving objects were, that she’d witnessed earlier.

“Cats! They’re all cats!” she cried aloud in astonishment, as she carefully avoided every one of the creatures underneath her tarsi.

‘What are they doing here?’ she exclaimed. ‘Never mind Tia, you have a job to do!’ she admonished herself. Soon, she was near Winnie, and immediately she began a series of slashing attacks on the odd-looking tentacles that held her friend captive.

The tentacles reacted quickly to her onslaught, and began to fight back. At first Tia thought her efforts weren’t having any effect. For every tentacle that she slashed and drained of energy, another soon replaced it! Unseen behind her, Arawn continued pulling resolutely with his Telekinetic hold on Winnie.

Slowly, within a half-minute, Tia’s effort started to show some progress. Panting with her efforts, she noticed something.

“Wait!” she panted. ‘Yes! Winnie is being drawn out!’ she silently yelled in triumph.

Like a released avalanche, suddenly Winnie was yanked out rapidly through the portal, and back into the waiting arms of Arawn.

Tia had to suppress a giggle, when she saw Arawn get bowled over by the Gremlin when she impacted him.

Simultaneously, Jinks, with Luge’s tender ministrations, finally reached her overdue orgasm. Simultaneously, the Portal’s edges spasmed once in response. Alarmed, Tia noticed that the edges had begun to contract.

Luge then left Jinks behind to try and take over Winnie’s care. Who, by then was showing signs of extreme exhaustion.

“TIA!” Arawn shouted, as he attempted to stagger himself upright, “GET OUT! You have only seconds!” he yelled, as he handed the sobbing Winnie to Luge.

Afraid, Tia began running towards the portal’s entrance, deftly avoiding the remaining tentacles that reached out to ensnare her. Eagerly, they sought to fill the void that Winnie’s absence had created.

Skittering as furiously as she could manage, Tia prepared herself to once again do her Jumping-Spider heritage proud.

She would’ve succeeded too, if it weren’t for one of the dozens of cats that continued to run pell-mell all about the cavern. As she began her preparations for the final push-off, a golden tabby did its own species proud, by getting underfoot.

Instead of leaping, Tia found herself tumbling, after her right third leg tarsi impacted the cat, causing it to screech in outrage.

When she finally came to a halt, she found herself dazed and confused, unsure of what to do, or what her situation was. Unnoticed by her, dozens of tentacles continued to seek her out.

“NO!” Sergeant Andra shouted vehemently, as she latched fiercely onto Arawn’s arm. “DO SOMETHING!” she ordered.

‘Secundus! (1)’ Arawn mentally shouted questioningly as he watched the ever-shrinking Portal.

‘Insufficient energy reserves for another Telekinetic Pull! Winnie almost wiped us out! (2)’ Secundus reported sadly.

‘How much is left? (1)’ Arawn demanded. Secundus told him.

‘There is something I can do. (1)’ Arawn stated firmly.

‘What? (2)’ Secundus demanded perplexed. Arawn didn’t immediately reply, instead he reached out with his Psi-tendrils and made contact with Tia. To his surprise she reacted and held her head up to make eye contact.

‘Arawn! Help! (T)’ she psychically implored him across the short, yet soon to be vast, distance that separated them.

‘Standby Mentor! (A)’ he replied, as he readied himself. Sparing a quick glance to the angry and outraged Sergeant Andra, he flashed her a silent apology.

He then drew upon the last of his mana reserves, and spoke a single word as he concentrated on his Mentor, while reaching out a hand as if to grasp her from afar.

“CASTLE!” He shouted loudly. The effects of that last final spell of his, were immediate. Andra was blinded by the nearby flash of teleportation energies that Arawn had invoked.

Blinking rapidly so as to regain her sight, she began to open her mouth to scream out a number of imprecations for his actions. But then she stopped, when she beheld Tia sitting collapsed next to her, on the Pavilion’s floor.

“What?!” she said confused, then she noticed Tia’s surprised look and followed her gaze to see what she was looking at.

There, deep within the darkening Cavern was Arawn. In the final moments before the Portal finished closing, both of them witnessed Arawn collapsing wearily to the floor of the Cave. He was utterly spent of his mana, and unable to defend himself from the tentacles that began to eagerly twist and wind themselves around his unmoving form.

“Arawn!” Tia shouted, aghast at the realization of what he’d done. Like unto a game of chess, where the King-piece is whisked to safety in the maneuver known as: Castling; so too did Arawn do the same for Tia. He exchanged his place of safety, for Tia’s vulnerable position.

“No.” Tia cried quietly in negation as the portal closed at last, cutting off her view of her ward. She felt her mind going blank, as she witnessed someone she was responsible for fall into darkness.

For her.

Unnoticed by her, but not by Sergeant Andra, the entirety of the Teleportation Platforms ceased their creation of purple whirlwinds and chocolate dildos. After a moment’s hesitation, Andra stiffly walked over to the nearest platform console and quickly initiated a system wide diagnostic routine. After a few seconds, the results were clear.

All platforms were ready for operation, there was no evidence for any dildo production routines anymore.

Looking about, Sergeant Andra noted that Luge was leaving with Winnie, aided in his carry by a now-dressed Jinks, along with a pair of Porter Techs. The Infirmary his intended destination, undoubtedly.

Calling over a pair of techs, she gave orders that all platforms were to be returned to working order as soon as possible. The porter techs moved quickly to obey.

Andra noted that Tia still remained where she’d been: sitting utterly still, as if in shock. With a heartfelt groan, Andra approached Tia and sat down next to her. Looking over, she scrutinized Tia’s face.

‘I know that look.’ Andra said silently. Laying a comforting hand on Tia’s shoulder she began to speak.

“I’m sorry Tia.” She said quietly. Getting no response, she tried again.

“Corporal!” She shouted. After a moment, Tia turned her gaze from where the Portal had been minutes ago and faced Andra.

“This is what being in charge,…no! Belay that! This, is what being in ANY kind of command is like, Tia.” She began.

“If you would be in charge of someone, anyone, Tia, You’ll have to face the very real possibility that when someone goes into harm’s way, they won’t come back.” Andra explained as levelly she could, trying to cover the emotions that her words evoked from within. Tia blinked once in response, as tears started to form in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Tia. I’m sorry that I misjudged your ward. I’m sorry that this had to happen to you so soon. THIS.” Andra spoke firmly, lifting a hand to indicate the now vanished portal.

“Is inevitable in the life of the Maou’s Army. It’s what we do, what we have to do. All to protect the ones we love, and the ones who will come forward in the future.”

“What of Arawn?” Tia asked as levelly as she could. Which wasn’t much. Andra smiled sadly at Tia as she got to her feet.

“I don’t know Tia. I have no idea about what we could do to try and rescue him. But, I do know that I am sorry for misjudging him Tia. I was wrong in thinking that he was a waste of breath.” She closed her eyes for several seconds, trying to think of something to appropriate to say. Finally, she opened them when she thought she had it.

“In the end, he proved his worth.” She whispered. “He chose to accept the death that was meant for you.”


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