Monster Miracle Handbook 101 (Cyclops)

Today was going to be the first of many days you will spend studying, and interacting with specific Mamono’s the Orphanage houses. Katy had mentioned that every now and again she will call you up to the classrooms where you’ll get an in depth understanding on properly raising her little ones.

You were also glad that you were technically getting paid to be lectured since she allowed you to clock in while she educates you.

Entering the building and looking through your map you discover the fastest route to the halls where several rooms acting as classrooms are located. The ‘school’ side of the building, if you will.

Opening one of the doors you are greeted by the founder herself; the Echidna, Katy.

“Well little one let’s see how much info your brain can take in” Katy greets you.

“Real quick, just wondering if I can pick someone I want to learn more about in the future?” You ask.

“…Sure, and maybe one day I’ll be Queen of the Nile and be married to a porcupine…if he ever calls me back” Katy pouted.

“Oh, okay. I guess I’ll just go back in the closet where I belong” you mutter taking your leave.

“Oh you know I was just kidding! Yeah sure one of these days I’ll let you pick, but for now we already have someone coming in-we’re a little earlier than I asked her to come-oh! Here she is” Katy said as the double doors opened revealing a child in the Orphanage.

A tall girl clad in a tan leather apron approached the room. Underneath it she wore denim short-shorts, and a white tank-top with dark brown heel boots. Her purple hair was done in a shoulder length braided pig tails. Her skin was almost the same shade of blue as Katy’s skin. However; what really set her apart from humans and even most mamono you’ve seen was her light-purple large single eye staring blankly at everything. her expression lacked emotion, but did not hide her youth, her height  being two heads shorter than you was further proof. Her age appearance appeared to be somewhere in the twelve and under side.

“Bet you weren’t expecting someone like her right? But she is within your level of nursing skills so she’s a perfect candidate to talk about. May I present to you, a Cyclops” Katy introduced.

She simply nods her head, her best hello in recent time.

“Good morning” you wave back.

“I gave her a heads up that she’ll be our next lecture so she can work on a little surprise for you” Katy said.

She reached into her pocket in her apron and pulled out a serrated blade with a red bow on the black handle.

“…Kitchen knife for bread” the Cyclops muttered as she presented her gift.

“Wow, thanks! This looks really well made…wait, we have a foundry, or a smelter?” you marvel at the sight, and ask a question.

“Part of our arts and crafts program, not everyone can work with wood, and finger paints” Katy explained.

“…Thanks” the Cyclops simply replied to your compliment.

“Wasn’t that sweet of her? Anyways Cyclops live deep in mountains and hard to reach places, mostly any place devoid of human or other kind of settlements. They are very solitary creatures even as children so when raising one you have to give her some personal. It is essential to making her happy…yes I can understand they may not show it, but deep down they’ll be sunshine and rainbows. So! What I would recommend is a room on the second floor, or even the attic, the higher the better” Katy said.

“Oh~ I see, I hear most of them live on the mountainsides so they like living higher up than most” you add.

To reassure this the Cyclops nods her head in approval.

“It’s not often you see a mamono who wants her privacy like that. Won’t it be a little straining in the parental relationship? Especially as they grow up?” You ask.

“Perhaps, but don’t take their private nature as social recluses, they will come down, and amuse themselves with family often enough. They have a secret side to them only family members know. They can be quite boastful about their projects when their young. They’re always yearning for that praise that their craft is getting better” Katy hinted.

“I see, so what do you like to eat?” You ask the Cyclops girl.

She stares blankly at you, she shrugs her shoulders before answering. “Food?” She replies.

“Ehehe…if I can be more specific-*ahem*! A Cyclops can eat just about anything, food isn’t going to be an issue, but finding what she’ll personally like and dislike will be the hard part. Be very attentive of the slight changes in expressions she’ll give when given her food. Little one, what do you like to eat the most?” Katy asked her this time adding a bit to the question.

“…Peanut butter and jelly…without the crust” the Cyclops revealed.

“It took us about a week to figure that out on our own, let’s hope if you or anyone else adopts a Cyclops that you figure things out faster for her sake” Katy said.

“I understand, I’ll admit, the charm of such a calm, and quiet daughter is there, but with it comes some complexities” you comment.

You don’t know whether she took your comment personally or not, but you did detect a darker tint in her cheeks as she meekly glances at the door to her right, and fumbling about in her fingers.

“Cyclops are, and don’t take it the wrong way little one, but they’re difficult to understand. One would think that if they are constantly like this, that they are content with their lives, or at least uncaring of anything, but it’s the opposite. While they won’t respond as strongly as others, they do still feel emotions. They get happy when complimented and loved, and sad when mocked and attacked at school but I wouldn’t worry about them getting hurt, a child even as young as ten can have the strength of a fully grown adult, and she will only grow stronger, but words can cut deep and some, not all may feel insecure about their one eye…it’s not something that’s a common occurrence after all” Katy said.

Againt he Cyclops nods her head as if agreeing with her.

“I heard they are also great with metal, does that mean they can do smith work as children?” You ask.

“Oh why yes, all children are born with a natural instinct and some level of skill with metal work, it just comes naturally to them. But they are not perfect, get a first aid kit and something to deal with burns just in case” Katy said.

At this the Cyclops displays her arms and you notice small burn marks and a few bandages on her arms and fingertips.

“Don’t worry they don’t scar easily and they recover very quickly of course” Katy assured.

“Can I ask her something?” You ask.

“Why certainly, here you go” Katy said pushing the Cyclops closer in front of you.

“Do you like to do anything else besides weapons?” You ask.

The cyclops’ eye widens and she turns away briefly before reaching into her pocket and pulls out a metal duckling.

“…Bathtoy…” the Cyclops answered.

“…Does it work?” You ask.

“…No” the Cyclops revealed.

There! Just for an instant you notice her eye lowered and her lips formed a brief frown.

“You tested it didn’t you?” You ask.

The Cyclops nodded.

“It sinks doesn’t it?” You press on.

“…Yes…” the Cyclops answered.

“Can I make a suggestion?” You ask.

The Cyclops nods her fastest, for brief moment you saw desperation in her eyes. She really likes her metal ducky.

“Maybe if you gave it one of those rubber rings that kids use when they can’t swim it’ll float easier” you suggest.

The Cyclops eye widens again at the sudden discovery and she had a hint of hope glittering in her eyes. She turns to Katy as rubber is not her expertise.

“Well…how hard can it be to make tiny floaties? We’ll make it work” Katy assured.

The Cyclops elicits a quiet gasp and a tiny smile forms on her lips if only briefly.

“(Now if we can only make it squeak)” you think to yourself.

“Wow! We’ve never seen her smile! Should have brought my camera” Katy grumbled.

The Cyclops as if realizing what she’s done turns away hiding a small blush.

“So~ how’s her relationship with children?” You ask.

“Uh~ that’s a little difficult to wager. They keep to themselves after all, they’re docile and expressionless, friends will be coming and going around her life but nothing I can guarantee would stick. Some kids might even find her personality to be weird for a child, if not that, her eye can drive people away. If I had just one wish, it would be for everyone to love one another regardless of appearance, but it seems even during these more accepting times people still distance themselves. However as they grow up and their bodies develop into a more curvaceous and boisterous in certain areas they may garner more male attention. And their skills in metal can garner positive feedback from the boys working at metal or wood-shop” Katy explained.

“I bet it would be nice to work on a project with a special someone” you ask.

The Cyclops thinks about it for a moment before smiling and blushing to herself as her mind races at the idea.

“Sounds so romantic, I wish I could find someone to build a dungeon with me, it’ll be the best love dungeon ever~” Katy swooned at the thought.

“So how are they with careers?” You ask.

They didn’t hear you, it seems like they are both deep in daydreaming about their ideal date of building things with a loved one.

“…I think I can guess the rest on my own” you figure. “Mechanic can be a good one, and building weaponry and armory can be something very important and useful for military use. I wouldn’t be surprised if we can find them a job as an artist making things out of metal too. Probably some time at construction would be good too” you explain.

“Oh~ honey where are you putting that gear!? O-oh my~ here let me play with your screwdriver first, and then when were done you can screw something else besides that~” Katy squealed as her daydreaming turned…romantic.

“So~ I guess I’ll go back to work” you reply as you slowly make your way out of the classroom leaving the two girls to dream on.

Later that night, the Cyclops takes a brief bath under the night sky. She props her metal duck equipped with a new rubber ring and gives it a test run. To her joy it floats idly by in front of her, and she continues to play with it for the remainder of her bath-time.

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