Monster Miracle Handbook 101 (Chupacabra)

“Now little one be still! N-no there’s no running in the classroom! Oh no-no that is not for you to chew on-oh goodness you’re fast!” Katy could be heard amid the noise of crashing, and bare feet scurrying around.

You didn’t even open the door, and already you were feeling nervous as to what you were going to learn about today.

You slowly peek inside the classroom alerting the two in the class, the mess was everywhere. The seats, and tables were pushed, or toppled over, bite marks evident in some of them, and Katy herself struggling to restrain the lesson of the day. A young girl of gray skin, thick black hair, and fur. Katy herself had restrained the child by wrapping her with her own serpentine tail, and attempting to sooth her with head pats.

“Ah! Anon! glad you are here! I want to introduce you to another more rambunctious child in our care” Katy began.

“Give me your neck!” The little girl squealed.

“…She looks…feisty…” you reply.

“She’s just hungry, and easily excitable, which we will cover in our discussion about her. Meet a Chupacabra!” Katy introduced, still struggling to keep her in her tail.

Her ears were tall, pointy, and furry matching the same black as her hair which was a long, complete mess that stretched to her lower back. Her skin was dark gray, her eyes were glowing red, fierce, wide and staring directly at you. Her smile widening as you stepped closer to get a better look. Under Katy’s tail she wore dark brown overalls and shorts, and under that a striped black and white short-sleeve shirt.

You also take not that she wasn’t entirely sparkly clean, her gray skin was covered in dirt, and dust, several bandaids can be seen on her arms, and legs, and a noticeable scar on her left eye, though thin was still noticeable.

“Huh? Chupacabra? I heard of them, but they’re not categorized in the same spot as beast-kin though right?” You reply.

“Correct! She is in a sub-category all it’s own called cryptid a sort of pseudoscience term for creatures, or animals not officially announced as well…in a common sense, living beings in terms of main-stream scientific research” Katy explained.

“You mean like Big Foot, The Owlman, Loch Ness Monster, and the like?” You ask.

“Yes, but several of those mythical cryptids have been proven false, or related to something already discovered…Big Foot for instance was just an adult Troll who blacked out on several shots of liquor at a party in the woods…Owlman is in fact an Owl Mage who at the time got lost, and wandered into town by accident just in time for a worn down bridge to collapse…as for the Loch Ness…well I can’t give you an answer for that, I’m under oath” Katy said.

“I feel like you’re kind of ruining the mythos, and lore that humanity has clung to for so long…” you reply.

“Yeah~ but~…this little one is here!” Katy cheered

The little Chupacabra just started cackling for no reason, practically showing off her sharp fanged teeth.

“And~ you’re certain she’s a Chupacabra? Not some extra fuzzy Vampire, or Bat with no wings?” You reply.

“How rude! Anyone who’s seen a Chupacabra would never lie…surely they wouldn’t…I certainly hope they didn’t…but you don’t have to worry about me being wrong about her. Her kind have just recently been discovered and properly analyzed by the scientific community as a whole. Problem is there is very little definitive facts about her nature, and anatomy that I can offer. The best we could do is a quick check-up from our doctor, an observation from our head scholar here, and a couple of hours me, and Fubuki spent trying to talk, and care for her” Katy explained.

“If that’s the case wouldn’t handing her over to a research-” you begin.

“I’ll just stop you right there Anon. Sure we could, but she wouldn’t exactly be cared for…more like fed, and tested on. My method may take much, much longer to garner results, but at least we’ll have a happy, docile, and voluntary adult who can teach us a lot about her species, and still maintain her freedom” Katy said.


The Chupacabra started biting the air.

“So if you’re still studying her behavior, and disposition, why are you having me learn about her now?” You ask.

“Because we can’t seem to keep her in her room, obviously she’s gonna escape, and we thought it would be best if you were aware of her presence, and how to deal with her in a random encounter” Katy said.

“Arroz con sangre! Tengo hambre~” the Chupacabra began to sing repeatedly in her native tongue.

We can confirm that at least these beings while in very small numbers do exist…as for the rest of the cryptids that remains to be certain” Katy said.

“I heard Mermaids were also considered cryptids so it’s totally possible considering we have one working with us too, and that many of them are considered for adoption” you reply.

“Exactly! Anyways these children come from…huh? Where do you come from little one?” Katy wondered staring intently at the Chupacabra still wrapped in her tail.

“Screeching wails of tiny lands! Big pools of wet deserts, and dry ponds! Medium drink of cold blood please!” She cried out.

“…Translation Katy?” You turn to the founder.

“…Well South of the Equator would be a good start, but they have been spotted in several other continents as well, though very few, and even less credible sightings, and descriptions. Origin wise theories speculate from all over the place, even to the outskirts of outer space. An undiscovered animal in the evolutionary tree, a genetic mutation made purposely in a lab that had escaped. Even an alien creature abandoned by a passing UFO and dumped for us to deal with. And while these children are more or less sentient, they are unable to bring us any closer to where they came from…in a sense the same can also be said about us though, so I wouldn’t think about it too much” Katy said.

“Okay~ so is the scene here an idea of what it’s like to live with them?” You ask as you glance around the classroom.

“Only when they just wake up from their nap and ready to start the day. These little ones are bursting with a ton of energy, and thus they are near insatiable when it comes to their main food source. On the bright side once they tire themselves out, they become very heavy sleepers, and thus I can guarantee once they sleep, they won’t wake up for a good eight hours or so” Katy began.

“Do they have some sense of self control?” You ask.

“Of course they do…but like most children they just like to play, and scream, and run. They are a true test of even the most patient Buddhist, but rest assure they can learn, and can adapt” Katy said.

“I can smell your blood flowing! I can hear your heart pumping! Pump! Pump! Pump!” The Chupacabra cried out.

“So if what we understand of Chupacabras is accurate, her insatiable appetite is blood?” You ask.

“Correct…but she’ll also put up with blood soaked things…like raw meat for example. Still, blood is her favorite, and she even has particular taste in blood too. For example Vampires prefer the blood of humans, and even Elves and mermaids in some cases, but Chupacabras often prefer the blood of live-stock, even the beast-kin live-stock of sheep, or cow girls. I often catch her trying to sneak up on one of my little ones for a snack, and that is a very big no-no missy!” Katy explained.

“Sheepy-Sheepy~ Sleepy-Sheepy~” the Chupacabra sang.

“Let’s not bother Sheepy any more little one, she’s scared stiff as it is, and you know how cranky she can get when you interrupt her nap-times.” Katy scolded.

“So soft and cuddly…and juicy~” the blood loving child added, licking her lips.

“You know…it appears as if she’s a beast, but…her tone says otherwise…I mean I don’t want to say she’s crazy, but…I think she has an imaginative personality…and I think her school life will be full of misunderstandings” you reply.

“…Yes, I think a hearty breakfast, and a packed lunch will have to be enough to sate her through her school time. Be very sure she’s full so she doesn’t start hungering for more. Vampires have self control, but these children sort of have to learn it. They are a little on the wild side in these kinds of situations and don’t take kindly to being domesticated, but that doesn’t mean they can’t live with us in harmony…she just doesn’t have to be hungry is all” Katy said.

“Got it, does she at least treat her siblings as siblings, and not as snacks?” You reply.

“…It’s kind of a stretch you see…well she may playfully nibble, and chew on her siblings out of boredom or attention. There are also cases where they wrestle for the title of ‘Alpha’ of the family against her older siblings, thus the sibling acts as a sort of mentor to keep her in check, and they yearn to be nurtured by someone stronger in order to become stronger themselves. As for treating their younger siblings, they can be surprisingly nurturing, and protective of their younger brother or sister. You see they way they act while happy, hungry, and excited…just imagine what they can do if they catch someone bullying their little brother, or sister…” Katy hinted.

“Legs falling asleep! Legs sleeping!” The Chupacabra whined.

“Oh! I’m so sorry little one, I suppose you were starting to calm down a little…alright you’re free to go” Katy released the child.

Almost immediately her smile grew wider as she stared at you.

“…What do you taste like!?” She cried out lunging at you.

She grabs your waist, and clings to you with her arms and legs, and bites down on your shoulder. You feel your blood rushing upwards to meet her mouth as she suckles you rapidly.

You could hear Katy calling out to her, but your vision grows blurry, and you feel your body growing cold, and limp. It isn’t long until you pass out.

You wake up in the same room, cool air blowing as Katy fans your head. Everything still felt cold…then again you were resting your head on her tail, which was just under room temperature.

“Oh! You’re awake! I was able to yank her off you, but she had already drank quite a bit of your blood it seemed…it’s okay though, you’ve only been out for about ten minutes or so.

You groan loudly, trying to sit up; it felt like you were twice the weight you were ten minutes ago, the process slow and arduous, but with Katy’s help, you manage. You turn to the side, and spot the Chupacabra who attacked you, her head down, her tail slumped to the floor, and her body fidgeting. She took one glance at you, and quickly turned away.

“Now, now! That’s not how we apologize is it little one?” Katy gently scolded.

The Chupacabra reluctantly took a few steps forward, she gripped her arm, and forced her head to face you.

“…Mrmrmm~I did a bad thing…*grumble*” she sounded genuinely guilty.

“Getting better~ remember, keep eye contact, I know it’s hard for you, but trust me you’ll feel better for doing so.” Katy assured.

“…And, I’m…s-sorry…” She murmured as she practically forced herself to look up at you doing so.

As simple as an apology was, she was visually shaken, and even a little scared, and full of guilt. Her blood red eyes, were wide, and glistening on the verge of tears, her breathing heavy as she tried to push back her crying.

“You see Anon, this was the first time she tasted human blood, and the initial reaction caused her to drink more from you than what was deemed safe. She may lack self control in biting others, but she does at least recognize when she’s taking too much…it’s just this time her curiosity outweighed her carefulness” Katy explained.

“…Oh! Well…um, hey it’s fine. I’m not dead so that’s a plus” you try to cheer her up with some light humor.

“…You don’t hate me…?” She murmured.

It seemed to have worked, her voice stopped quivering, and while she was still speaking softly, it was steadily rising in volume.

“Go on, kneel down and keep her at eye level, it takes a lot for a child to apologize, let alone a wild one like this little one” Katy urged.

You nod, and crouch down to your knees, her eyes constantly shifting to the floor, and back to you.

“Nah, I don’t hate you, in fact; I think you’re interesting, I bet if we just hung out a little more you’ll be a lot better at controlling yourself” you reply.

Seemed to have worked, her smile wasn’t wide, and toothy. Rather it was a faint, stress relieved smile.

“…Hugs?” She suddenly asked.

“…Uh~ sure? Why not?” You decided to let your guard down one last time.

She didn’t disappoint, she jumped in your arms, and squeezed you tight, her mouth perfectly ready to take another chomp at your neck, but she held herself back, and was content with just giving you a hug.

“Aw~ I love happy endings like this! Chupacabras thrive in work areas that can benefit her near boundless energy, and their sense of smell; especially when it comes to blood considering it is rivaled only by a shark’s smell of blood. Meaning they can track down lost travelers deep in woods, and with their exceptional speed and swiftness they can find them rather quickly. Their speed is especially impressiven and when she grows up she’ll go through a bit of an odd growth spurt, her body will appear more lanky, and taller, but her speed will increase exponentially. Faster than most beast-kin even! Take note of that when you raise her” Katy concluded.

“~So warm mister…like blood…” her eyes started to shine again as you felt a drop of her drool fall on your shoulder.

“…I think you should stop hugging her” Katy warned.

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