Monster Girl Encounter: Mothman Bonus Chapter

Hey everyone, Alleskeins here. Since I’m in the process of shutting down my Patreon, due to multiple reasons, I’ve decided to release the Bonus chapter I made for it. See it as kind of an epilogue for an earlier, regular chapter. If you like this one, let me know. I have a few others half finished and am going to finish and publish them, should you want to see more like it. Hope you enjoy


It had been five years since I met Zephyr. Five of the most fulfilling years in my entire career as a weaver. Not many moments in ones life can be considered life changing, but this one certainly was.

I looked at her and the beautiful daughter she gave me everyday, and wondered how I could’ve gotten so lucky. My family was never rich, nothing noteworthy or special. And now I owned the most contracted weaving business in the region.

Even after my parents passed away with me as the sole heir, I continued day in and day out working on new patterns, commissions, colors, weaving techniques. It’s all I knew and I never knew life could have so much more in store for me.

It’s thoughts like these that cross my mind when I see my little girl Sapphire sitting on the stool I used to sit at, humming a sweet little tune to herself as she finished up one of our smaller commissions. Just like her mother, she adored flower patterns, so she was over-the-moon excited when we got commissioned to produce tulip themed patches for the local city guards’ uniform. Our town had become somewhat associated with flowers so we decided to wear that badge with pride.

With the last few new customers being dealt with, I sat at the front counter and watched my little girl with a smile. She seemed to have so much fun stitching these little patterns together and her fingers moved swiftly across the cloth canvas.

I didn’t even notice my wife sneaking up behind me. I smiled when I felt her hand slide over my chest and her all-too-familiar fluff press against my back. She rested her head on top of mine and even without looking, I just felt the air of happiness radiating from her. “She’s growing up really fast, isn’t she? And already so interested in her dad’s work. She’s so cute when she’s trying to be like you, Archie.” Zephyr fawned on me, softly squeezing my head against her from behind.

I laid my hand on top of hers and chuckled. “She’s got that from her mom more than anything else. You looked like that the first time as well. Just like a giddy little kid too.”

She squeezed me once again, just enough to make it hurt a bit. I could practically feel her pouting. “Aww, don’t say I was like a kid! I was curious. I’ve been living in your closet for the most time before that. Of course I’d be interested in the stuff you do after a while!” Her being ‘mad’ wasn’t really convincing when she was clearly aware of how childish she could be sometimes.

I craned my head a little and looked up at her, laughing as my hand caressed her cheek. “Why would I not say that? It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you. You were so damn cute. Even back then.”

“And what about now?” She asked with a little bit of a frown.

“Now you’re even cuter. And you’re making it harder and harder for me not to notice.” I gently guided her face to mine and gave her a little kiss on the lips. But as usual, once I gave Zephie an inch, she took the whole mile. She cradled my head like it was the most precious thing in the world and passionately kissed me back way deeper than I intended. I chuckled in my mind, thinking how silly I was to expect anything else.

I knew better than to stop her when she was like this, so I happily let her do as she pleased. Her cute, tiny tongue snaked into my mouth and tried its best to overpower my own. Most definitely an emphasis on ‘tried’. I helped her along, giving her some way for our tongues to snake around each other and tasted the sweet saliva that was dribbling down into my mouth. I don’t think any other woman in this world would be able to make me feel the unconditional love I felt in Zephyr’s kisses. It was moments like these that made me aware of how much more of my time she actually deserved. And that day, it was about time I gave it to her.

Zephyr and I would’ve continued peppering each other with kisses for longer, had it not been for a little, gentle hand tugging at the hem of my shirt.

I snapped back into regular position as I noticed Sapphire, her pair of crystal blue eyes inquiringly looking up at me. Zephyr was visibly still flushed after we parted and clearly not done yet, but she put on the most kind, motherly smile as she spoke to our daughter.

“Nghh… hey sweetie. Sorry, your mommy and daddy were a little distracted. What’s up?” She bent down a little and rubbed the head of Sapphire while she beamed proudly.

“I finished the badges! Look! They’re like a rainbow when they’re all together!” She presented her patches of cloth like they were a deck of cards and indeed, she used as many different colors as she could for the tulip petals. Everything from blues and purples to yellows and reds. And put in order, just like she said, like a rainbow.

“Wow, you’ve gotten quite a lot better on the stitching patterns. You might even just knock me off my throne one day.” I chuckled, joining Zephyr in petting Sapphires head.

She folded the pieces together and jumped onto my lap, giggling with pride. “I’m not THAT good, daddy. Not yet anyways.” She said with a cheeky, playful smirk. I laughed with her and tickled her sides, making her wings and antennae wiggle along with her body.

Suddenly, she froze up like she just remembered something. “Ah, how late is it?” She asked, worriedly looking at the fading sun outside. “Must be around 7. Don’t worry, you’re still on time.”

After hearing these words, Zephyr, who was the only one of us three who had no idea what I was talking about, cocked her head. “On time for what, Archie?”

Sapphire was quick to answer that question. “Daddy said I could sleep over at Annabelle’s house tonight. I didn’t want to go during the day because of the sun so I finished the badges first!” She explained.

I continued as Zephyr looked at us confused, hearing this for the first time. “I thought she deserved it after helping us out so much in the shop. Also, I think she’s old enough now for our big girl’s first night at her friend’s house.” I petted Sapphire’s wings gently as she flung her arms around me and squeezed me tightly.

Zephyr seemed like she wanted to say something, but when she saw her daughter this happy, she was pretty heart-pressed to say something to stifle her enthusiasm. “Well, I hope you’ll have fun with Cheeko. Maybe your dad’s right. You really ARE a big girl now. Just make sure that you’ll stay safe on your way.”

“It’s just across the road, mommy. I’ll be careful, I promise!” She beamed at us reassuringly, pulling her mother into the family hug and giving her a sweet little kiss on the cheek before she enthusiastically hurried to the door. “I’ll be back tomorrow by noon! Love you!” She waved us one more time before she went out the door into the orange-glowing evening streets.

The second the door swung shut, Zephyr’s demeanor changed to that of confusion and slight frustration. “Why didn’t you tell me that she was having a sleepover? I thought we always talked these things through before we do them. I thought we were a team.”

“I know.” Zephyr was surprised by my serious tone as I got up from my chair and faced her directly with my arms crossed, looking at the ground with a bit of guilt that I hadn’t told her. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately. You and Sapphire… I kind of dragged you both into my business. I know you two like doing it, and I’m happy about that. But above all, we’re a family and you and Sapphire deserve to have some off days now and again. So I figured if Sapphire had a chance to be a regular kid and visit her friends and we closed the shop a bit early…” I trailed off as I shortly reached past her and flipped our ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’. “…I’d get 2 birds with one stone.”

I planted my hand on the door, cornering Zephyr between it and me. We were so close we could feel each other’s body heat radiating from each other.

“You do know I… I don’t mind working with you as long as we do it together, right?” She shyly looks away, her increasing embarrassment written clearly on her expressions.

I smiled gently and whispered to her. “I know Zephie… I know.” I opened my lips slightly and guided hers onto them. Her body felt frail. Almost like it was melting against me. My heart raced as I felt her soft warmth. This time it was me who invaded the cavity of her mouth and I was ready to taste every inch of it. As I pushed Zephyr more and more against the door, flattening her breasts with my chest, I kissed her deeper and deeper.

My hands, which had done nothing but work all day, finally got to grab something smooth and pleasant in the form of her malleable ass. But just as I was about to get too into it, I stopped myself. “Not yet.” I thought.

I popped my lips off of hers, leaving a string of saliva behind and Zephyr moaning in desire. I was pretty out of breath myself and had just the same urge to keep going. So I went straight to the point. “Zephyr… I want to show you something. A place I’ve wanted to take you to for a while. Follow me.”

She accepted my gentle hand as I guided her out of the house. The streets were already plenty quiet and no one seemed to be around. So it didn’t take us too long to reach my destination. A bathing house. I had made an arrangement with the owner of it that would give us full access to the bathing area inside, all to ourselves with nobody else in the building.

The inside consisted of a massive pool with royal blue tiles covering the floor and walls. All of it reaching up to a clear glass ceiling that gave a serene view of the moon shining down on us and illuminating the bath.

There we sat on the edge of said pool with steaming hot water beside us. Zephyr had demanded I sit down on a bathing stool so she could wash my back but that pretense soon turned into a recreation of earlier in the shop.

She started out by dunking a sponge in a basin of soapy water and slathered my back with it. But over time, she moved closer and closer to me until her wet body pressed up against me. Her fur was practically soaked in water and clung to me, lathering me even more in the suds she was originally spread with the sponge.

Just like before, she reached her head over my shoulder and demanded me to kiss her. I happily obliged. It immediately became apparent to me how much more pushy she was than before. I guess I made the right decision in giving us some alone time away from work. The bath for that night, turned into our own little love nest.

In between kisses, Zephyr’s breath became more and more ragged and heated as I felt it on my lips. “Archie…” she muttered, longing for even more contact between us. “…my head is getting… fuzzy. I want more… but I don’t know what to do… what I’m supposed to do…” Her voice trailed off as if she was mulling it over in her head.

I smiled and reached behind me, gently grabbing one of her hands. I gave her one more deep kiss before guiding her hand to the shaft of my by now rock hard erection. “Don’t worry… just do what comes naturally.”

With an absent mind and even hotter growing breaths, she started to rub my cock with her slippery, soap-coated hand. After she began to fall into a rhythm, it was hard to tell whether it was precum or soap that was covering it.

But I wasn’t going to be the only one getting off on this. In return for her deft handjob, I lifted up my hand and cupped her sudsy breast in my palm. As we continued to kiss over my shoulder, I began to grope her, eliciting small moans of hers that echoed in the cavity of my mouth. The fur on her breast foamed as I squeezed it, sucking my fingers even more into it.

I responded with equally pleasured gasps and moans as her dainty, deft hand squeezed and pleasured my cock as best as she could from her position. It was a steamy mix of sensations coursing through my body. Feeling her breasts on my back and in my hand while having my cock stroked by her squelching, soaked hand. Our bodies were already glistening from the water, but even without it, I think we would’ve been glazed with sweat.

I dug through her chest fur until I discovered her prodding nipple and clenched it in between my digits, toying with it. Zephie let out a gasping yelp and doubled her efforts in pleasing my cock by circling the underside of its head.

My heart started to beat faster and my body began to jerk sensitively. I knew I was close, but I wasn’t about to cross the finish line alone. I assaulted her breast with even more zeal and moved my lips to her neck, craning my head towards it.

With an O-shaped mouth, Zephyr couldn’t bring herself to speak another word and instead she only let out shallow breaths and a wavering voice of indecipherable noises.

She bit her lower lip, as did I when we both let out a final sigh of relief, echoing in the bath and both our bodies convulsed as we orgasmed in unison. Like a fountain, my cock spurted out cum like I hadn’t cum properly in weeks, which was most likely the case, though I couldn’t even imagine how me and Zephyr could’ve neglected our sex life this much.

I felt Zephyr’s body collapse against me from behind, her mouth right next to my ear as she caught her breath. From the corner of my eyes I saw Zephyr’s hand down at my crotch, covered in milky white liquid. You couldn’t even distinguish anymore what was soap and what was my seed.

She drew strings of it as she moved her hand away and despite knowing what that concoction was, I held her hand and intertwined my fingers with hers. She squeezed back, embracing me from behind, but she didn’t expect what I would do next. I turned around, her hand still entwined with mine and pushed her onto the wet, warm floor covered in soap bubbles.

I loomed over her, the moon that shone through the ceiling reflecting in her eyes and combed a couple of wet hairs off of her cheek. We were still breathing heavily and still recovering from our little combined fondling session but we still found the time to laugh about it a little.

She looked up at me with her glistening eyes and cupped my cheek. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it. And here I was thinking I was the only one holding out. You always did have a hard time showing how you felt.” She giggled as she pulled me closer and whispered into my ear. “I’m glad you let me be a part of your life, Archie.”

I felt my erect member sandwiched in the creases of her genitals. Almost as if they were kissing it. As her legs locked around my waist, I knew that was exactly what she wanted. Her upturned eyes almost looked like they were asking me if we could do it. She could be so innocently adorable sometimes. I smiled down at her and pulled my hips back a bit, making my tip prod her entrance. “Thank you for being a part of it.”

Our lips locked in conjunction with me thrusting into her in one fell swoop. The familiar shape of her insides immediately sucking me in. Even after the long time, her pussy was still a perfect fit for my cock, leaving no room for anything else.

The wet slaps of our crotches crashing against each other, echoed and reverberated in the bath. Zephyr’s dripping body underneath me, I pounded her even more into the ground. Her pussy stretched and her butt bounced as I rammed my cock into her welcoming depths.

I held her tight, desperately wanting to have as little space between us as possible. I had this deep urge to connect with her in every way I could. Her breasts flattened against my chest and her hair brushed against my face as I kissed her, as did her feelers.

We made the pool of liquid underneath us froth even more, creating a bed of bubbles around us. It was hard to keep gouging her as much as I wanted to as her body began to float and slid underneath me, but that wasn’t what this was about. We couldn’t have cared less how intense the sex was. Our minds were fried by the pure fact that we were after all these years, this compatible, this deeply connected and this attached to each other.

For the longest time, I felt like our work was driving us to be more separate but this night proved me wrong. We were just as into each other as we’ve ever been and I couldn’t have imagined anyone else to have with me in that bath, moaning and squirming underneath me. She was the one and only perfect match for me.

As Zephyr’s screams grew louder, despite being muffled by my mouth, I took things slower. I reduced the speed and intensity and instead ground and stirred around inside her. I kept my dick deep in her cavity, only making short but deliberate thrusts to push her over the edge. I wanted to make sure that every ounce of my seed would land inside of her womb.

As our breaths grew more ragged and strained, we still didn’t let go of each other and continued until the end, our bodies basically melding together into one shape.

In between my thrusts and gasps for air, I exclaimed over and over to her “I love you Zephie. I love you… I love you…” as if it were never enough.

Zephyr responded with the same words, mindlessly rattling them off over and over again with her tongue loosely hanging in the air. “I luv you! I luv you, Archie!”

Her neck arched backwards as I hit my limit. As I intended, every drop of my cum sprayed out onto and into her baby room. My hips tightened up, jamming my cock all the way in to plug anything from leaking out.

And like that, we each let our moans of pleasure ring out, orgasming underneath the light of the moon. With our minds at ease, knowing that now and forever, there will always be Zephie and Archie.

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