Monster Girls 2020: Monster Date 2-Puppy Love

First off, I just want to say, this story really kicked my butt, and I probably won’t do another like it. Portraying bullying in a way consistent with how I actually saw it versus Hollywood tropes is actually really taxing on the creative brain. You might have noticed that picture I chose for the featured image, so I hope no one is surprised that this story is about a Cu Sith, one of the furry girls from KC’s MGE. I’ve always liked the siths, and I don’t think they get enough love, so that was caused me to write this. Sadly, there is only the barest amount of smut in the story, and if you want to read this only for that, I feel you will most likely be disappointed. Please enjoy the second in the Monster Date series. The next one will focus on “The Mail Order Husband” service, which I’m looking forward to writing.

Alex wasn’t much for surprises. So he wasn’t especially thrilled when Alan’s girlfriend showed up to the coffee shop uninvited.

Alan was a goofball, slightly chubby, but otherwise a fun guy. But Alex did not understand in the slightest his newest girlfriend’s attraction to him. She was a slender girl with pale skin, black hair, and big blue eyes. Just Alex’s type, really. She had that cute upward nose he liked. She had freckles and dimples. And she even had nice wide hips and a relatively small bust. Alex’s favorite combination.

But there was one thing that put Alex off, and stopped him from being envious of his friend. The girl was a vampire. Not a typical Hollywood or romantic novel type of vampire, but a vampire, nonetheless. She had long fangs about 2 inches long that she showed off every time she smiled. Which was a lot. She was a very bubbly person. She also had long pointed ears, and two bat-like wings that she could fold into a cloak.

“Hey Alex! Have you seen Alan around?”

“Yeah, he just took the garbage out, he should be back in pretty soo-”


Alan entered with an excubrent cry, happy to see his girlfriend. A little too happy, Alex thought.

Alan’s uniform was too tight on his chubby Mexican body, but Veronica didn’t seem to mind. With an exuberance matching hers, Alan grasped his curvy girlfriend and planted a big sloppy kiss on her.

Alex looked away in scorn, and perhaps a bit of jealousy.

He continued sweeping the floor as he overheard his friend make plans with his girlfriend to go to the waterpark on the weekend. Alex took a deep breath, trying very hard to be happy for his friend instead of jealous. He succeeded as he remembered that the cute girl was in fact a monster girl, or Mamono they liked to be called.

From what Alex could see, monster girls would get with anyone. They were basically neet-destroyers and incel-conquerors. Well he wasn’t either of those things. He wasn’t a Casanova by any means, or a chad, but he was well built, he went to the gym. He may not have owned a house, but he rented one. That was basically the same thing, right? He had a decent job, too.

So why couldn’t he get a girlfriend? He grimaced as he heard Alan making out with his girlfriend again. Damn, not being jealous was hard. Thankfully Veronica left after a few more smooches and Alex and Alan went back to work. Though Alex couldn’t help but grimace every time he saw his friend’s dumb smiling face.

Alex wasn’t as good at hiding his emotions as he thought he was and Alan noticed his friend’s less than pleasant mood throughout the day. He also figured out why his friend was in such a sour mood when a fedora wearing man came in with a petite little imp on his shoulder. Alan had never seen Alex that close to losing it before. He’d been unable to take their order, so Alan stepped in and took it while the surly Alex stepped away to make the order.

Alex was a man of average height with a muscular and very well-toned body and whose hobbies consisted of going to the gym and watching anime. He hadn’t always been so muscular, of course. He used to just be another skinny white kid who liked anime and didn’t know how to groom or dress himself. That’s still sort of how Alan saw him, even though now Alex looked more like an Instagram model than the skinny dweeb that he watched Naruto with in middle school.

Alan, despite his looks and nerdy hobbies, had always been a social butterfly. He’d been more than the class clown, he was the guy everyone wanted to hang out with because he just got along with everybody. Alex, his best friend, not so much. He’d never dated in high school, and he’d never gone on a date in college. He didn’t go to parties, he didn’t go out drinking. He didn’t do much of anything.

However, he had shaped up quite a bit in college. While his grades were great, as they always were, what had really impressed everyone was his new dedication to improving his appearance. He had changed his clothes, his haircut, and begun rigorously going to the gym and counting calories. At the end of the four years, Alan was amazed Alex was even the same person.

But of course what gave it away was that while his appearance had become a stunning ten out of ten… he was still the awkward Alex of high school when it came to any kind of social interaction. Alan would drag him to parties and bars, and every time, Alex would miss out on any kind of social cue that a girl was into him. He even missed out on cues that guys wanted to be his friend. He wasn’t autistic as far as Alan knew, but Alex was quiet, even when drunk, and stewed in his thoughts and feelings.

“Hey, Alex, man, what’s up? You ok? You seem out of it.”

Alex was quiet for a few seconds, thinking over what to say.

“You ever wonder what monster girls get out of it?”


“Monster girls, or Mamono or whatever they want to be called. What do they get out of it? They come out of nowhere, latch on to just… anybody. And then what? Like, what are our leaders doing? Its just weird. Its like they’re invading us.”

Alan chuckled. So that was it.

“Hey man, don’t be jealous.”

Alex’s face flushed red, confirming what Alan already knew.

“I’m not jealous. I’m just curious is all. I mean did you see that guy? He had a literal neckbeard.”

“Look man, why don’t you just date a monster girl for yourself? Veronica is the best girlfriend I’ve ever had. For real. You just need to introduce yourself. Its that easy! Totally different from a normal chick.”

Alex ignored his chubby Mexican friend, mulling over his words instead.

“You really think I should? Its not like… giving up? I mean if they just go for anybody…”

Alan waved his hand dismissively.

“Man, no guy ought to look to women for approval. You want a girlfriend, right? So who cares if she has a tail, or wings, or whatever. I mean, most girls wanted a tail or something in middle school anyway. And I don’t mean like they’re ‘easy’ easy, you know? I just mean… like, they just meet you halfway. I mean, you’re always complaining about that right? When you’re on tinder or bumble or whatever?”

Alan’s words hit Alex pretty hard, but he didn’t show it. The two continued working as the day went on and they changed their conversations to more mundane things. When closing time arrived, the two parted ways as Alan reiterated his belief that Alex should just give up on normal girls. Alex, on the other hand, despite finding the idea entertaining, just couldn’t bring himself to agree.

Alex came home tired and near ready for bed despite the sun still shining. However, today was Friday, and that meant it was leg day. He hadn’t gotten to where he was by skipping a workout. So, after a quick change of clothes he got into his car and went to the gym. His car, much like the other things in his life, was old. It was an old family sedan that he’d held onto ever since his parents had given it to him as an 18th birthday present. Being a barista wasn’t the worst job in the world, but it didn’t exactly lend to an extravagant lifestyle.

As he entered the gym and made his way to the squat rack he made note of the fact that his gym had some new members. Quite a few new members, in fact.

Several hyper-muscular, yet curvaceous, monster girls were taking up several machines and free weights. He was actually taken aback by the sheer number of them. He’d noticed that lately there were more and more of them coming in at work, but he thought that might have just been him. Like how when you buy a new car, and all of a sudden you notice all the cars of the same model. He thought it was just his own confirmation bias making him see that their city was being flooded with monster girls.

But now, seeing the beastly beauties taking up his gym, he realized there really were much more of them now than there had been four years ago. He wasn’t like some people, completely ignorant as to what certain girls looked like. He could make out red and blue oni, as well as ogres and high orcs. Even a few dragon girls were doing rope pushdowns.

As he looked about, not at all hiding where his eyes lingered, he spotted a rather well-built yet lithe Wererabbit on the bench press. Unlike the others, she seemed to be lifting a normal amount of weight. She was lifting a respectable 160lbs for a few reps as he passed by her. But just as he was about to start stacking his weight for his squats, he saw her starting to struggle. He looked about briefly to the other patrons in the gym, but no one else seemed to notice.

So he decided to walk over just as she failed her rep, and helped her. He didn’t say anything, he just waited a few moments to make sure she couldn’t lift it before he reached down and started assisting.

She looked up at him with bright amber eyes, surprise on her sweaty face. As the weight was racked, she sat up, her sandy blonde hair sticking to her sweating face. She turned to him, smiling.

“Thanks a bunch! I was in real trouble there for a second.”

“No problem. Was that your last set?”

She placed a finger on her chin as her rabbit ears twitched at the question.

“Let me check.”

She pulled out her phone from her shorts, which Alex found far too tight for his liking as he averted his gaze. Though he did admire her shapely well-toned legs. Even if they were rather bestial.

“I have one more set. Do you think you could spot me? I’d really appreciate it!”

Alex looked over to the squat rack, mulling it over, but when he saw another person take it, he gave a sigh and nodded his head. He might as well help her. She thanked him, and after a few seconds she got back to it, Alex spotting her.

She cleared the first rep but failed the second. She was rather cute the way she seemed frustrated that Alex had to help her. He briefly wondered why she was even at the gym. Not that he didn’t think everyone could benefit from it, but ogres and orcs he understood, a wererabbit though, that wasn’t exactly a muscle monster.

They lowered the weight for the next four reps, and she was able to finish. With a smile, she thanked him.

“Thanks a bunch! That really helped.”

“No problem.” Alex said, his eyes already looking over to see if the squat rack was free.

Seeing that it was, he started heading over. But then the wererabbit grabbed his wrist as he was leaving, and he turned to her, curious.

She seemed a bit embarrassed, her cheeks flushed. Immediately Alex’s thoughts became swarmed with romantic feelings and questions. But he squashed them as soon as they popped up. This was the gym, and no matter how cute a girl was, or how well toned their body, this wasn’t the time or place. Even if he was really lonely…

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“I’m Barbara. Hey listen, this might be a silly question, but could we exchange numbers? You seem like a really nice guy and-”

Alex’s previous protestations fell dead, swept to the corner of his mind. He pulled out his phone and let himself smile. Suddenly, Alan’s words seemed to be ringing in his head. Who cared if they had tails, or funny ears? They were still girls. Cute girls too.

As they exchanged numbers, Alex let himself daydream a little bit about Barbara. He’d just met her, but he decided a little fantasy couldn’t hurt. Barbara didn’t help his imagination by giving him such a huge smile.

“Oh this is perfect! Sam’s always so lonely, saying he doesn’t have any friends! This is going to be great.”

Alex’s fantasies, mostly about cuddling naked on a couch, came to a halt. Who was Sam?

“I’m sorry, I’m a little confused. Who’s Sam?”

The wererabbit, completely unabashed, smiled up at him as she rolled her shoulders.

“My boyfriend! He gets lonely when I’m not around and doesn’t make friends because he works all the time. But I meet loads of nice people! Like you! So I thought I could make friends for him. He’s really great, you’ll like him a lot. He doesn’t work out, but he’s still a super cutie~. Not that that would matter to you, I guess… but he’s loads of fun! Plays this game called Warhammer? I think that was the name.”

Alex felt a weight in the pit of his stomach as he realized what had just happened. He clenched his jaw and did his best to politely excuse himself as he went to workout. The rest of the time, Alex’s mood continued to sour, his thoughts turning bitter every time he saw another monster girl, or normal girls for that matter. He worked himself into a particular sore state this time around, just to get the fresh memory out of his mind.

He knew he shouldn’t be angry; he didn’t ask her out or show any romantic interest, but for some reason it still felt like rejection. He had even ignored her at first. But it wasn’t just the one incident. For some reason, it just brought back all of the memories he had of more malicious rejections in high school. Even though he wasn’t the gangly dweeb he had been then, he still seemed to feel like the same person.

As he drove home in the dark, he turned on the radio to his favorite rock station, hopefully it could make him forget about his girl troubles. Alas, that was not to be. As he turned the station on, he was disappointed to find that there were no tunes. Instead, a commercial was on.

“Hey there. Are you feeling lonely? Feeling like you’re tired of living life alone? Do you dream of a beautiful girl who has eyes only for you?”

Alex scoffed.

“What kind of messed up ad says that in the current year? Surprised they haven’t been banned off the air.”

The ad continued.

“With now over 1 billon users, Monster Date is the hottest most successful dating app of the past decade. More marriages than and Eharmony combined! And now, if you just don’t know what you want. Don’t know who you want, we have a brand new feature, for the daring and spontaneous! Date Roulette is a brand new feature that will instantly set you up with a monster girl within a 10 mile radius for an instant date! Try it now, completely free on any smart phone.”

Alex was relieved when a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers came on, and he could forget about girls for a bit. Lately it seemed the whole world was just slamming him for being single. Alex let a smile play on his face, rare for him, and simply enjoyed the music as he got back home.

The next day was his day off, and he was happy to sleep in before fixing himself a breakfast burrito.

As he sat at the table in his underwear, happily eating a very spicy breakfast burrito, he browsed his phone to see what was new on Instagram. Apparently a lot of crazy stuff was happening across the pond. Wars he didn’t even try to understand. He came across an ad for the same app that he had heard about in his car ride home last night. Monster Date.

He groaned for a moment, frustration on his face. But at the same time, he began to think that if he had just gotten to the wererabbit first, she’d be dating him. That was the key then, wasn’t it? To monster girls? Just be there first? He shrugged his shoulders and decided to click on it. The whole world seemed to be telling him to do it, so he figured he’d give it a shot. What did he have to lose?

The app’s logo was pretty simple. It was a black heart with horns and devil tail in a red circle. He tapped the screen and he was taken to the download page. It had a lot of positive reviews, which helped mollify his mood. He noted briefly that there were also quite a lot of negative reviews. Mostly from women with colorful haircuts and prematurely balding men with horn-rimmed glasses. That made him laugh.

It stated that it would take 30 minutes to download. He clicked his tongue and put his phone away. He supposed he had other things to do until then. As the app downloaded in the background, Alex got out his computer and decided to waste time watching YouTube videos. There were a lot of videos about the current world war.

Before he knew it the time was up, and he pulled up the app proper.

The interface was sleek. Purples, pinks, reds, and blacks were the primary colors, and it seemed they were going for a more futuristic sci-fi type feel, which wasn’t exactly what he’d expect from a dating site. It asked for five photos of himself and asked that he complete two quizzes before granting access to any matches. That seemed excessive to him, he’d thought it would be like tinder or okcupid. But he had nothing to do today, so he decided to go ahead and go through with it. He already had five pictures, so that was easy enough. He briefly wondered if it was a problem that they were just of his face and his abs, but he didn’t really go anywhere and his friends never took pictures of themselves like groups of girls did. So he figured they’d just have to do. When he was done, he was directed to a long personality quiz. It asked some pretty personal questions, and he was tempted to just stop, but after a few seconds he decided to just get on with it. He wasn’t a virgin, so the first question wasn’t so bad, but the second question, how long had it been since his last sexual encounter, was a bit more agitating.

The questions only got worse with time.

How often do you masturbate?

What’s one fetish you have that you’re slightly ashamed of?

Do you like viewing furry porn? What kind if so?

Do you believe marriage is between a man and a woman?

If you had the option, would you like to be in a loving polygamous relationship?

Are some young girls sexy? Those around 14 years old?

What are your religious beliefs? How serious are they?

Are contraceptives wrong?

Is abortion murder?

Do you dream about love and sex mingled together, or just yearn for one?

Would you be willing to relocate to the Free Umbral Kingdoms if you met someone who really wanted to marry you?

He was giving far more information about himself than he liked, but whenever he thought about closing the app, he would recall Alan and Veronica, or that wererabbit from the gym. He’d set his jaw, then get back to answering. He was going to see what all this fuss was about. He was going to go through all these ridiculous hoops and come out the other side.

There were more questions, over 500 of them. Some asked about hobbies, or experiences he’d had, others about more sexual matters. They’d ask about favorite positions and blowjobs with one question, then ask if he liked to travel or not in the next. He spent far longer on the questions than he thought he would have, each being a short essay like question with very few being multiple choice. However, he soon came to the end and to his surprise, as soon as he hit submit he was granted a grade.

Thanks you for your application! You have passed selective screening with a score of 78%! Our girls will be happy to have you! Please wait one minute while we unlock your account.

Monster Date is an arbiter of love, and we ask you to be respectful. Mamono love to be a little raunchy, and if you do not like this, feel free to block individual members. Please do not report them, as this is not against the rules.

You will be given a list of ~1500 girls that match your preferences. We recommend being selective in your responses. Mamono cannot initiate messages unless you go to your profile and unlock that feature. Please be aware that you will receive a lot of attention! If at any time you are overwhelmed, feel free to turn it back off.

We welcome you to the exciting world of Monster Date!

Alex let himself smile as he finally got into the actual app. It was decorated in purples, pinks, and blacks. At the top was a selection to edit his profile and add pictures. He was surprised to find he could add up to 30, far more than your typical dating app.

There was also a section where you could narrow your preferences. including radius of available matches, age, even species. Alex rubbed his chin in thought.

There were over 200 types of monsters in the Free Umbral Kingdoms, the place where all monster girls came from. He had recently heard that there may very well be over 300. But he wasn’t too heavily knowledgeable about these things.

Just as he was about to see who was available in his area, a flashing red wheel in the corner of the app caught his attention. It said Date Roulette in a big bold font. He remembered the ad on the radio from the day before and decided to tap it.

He was greeted with a large animated roulette wheel with a devil-horned and devil-tailed heart on it. There was a nice body of text on it, and he decided to figure out what this was all about.

Date Roulette is our newest addition to the Monster Date experience. It is a handy instant-date feature that matches you up with a girl who is also playing within a 10 mile radius, and picks a local business that has partnered with Monster Date for a quick romantic rendezvous. You have no say over the girl or location! It is semi-random, taking into account the answers you gave during your interview process. Once you click on GO! You’ll be matched within 5 minutes, and have 15 minutes to get to the location.

If you fail to show up, your account will be put up for review by our automatons and may be subject to a ban! So please do not use this feature if you do not intend to follow through! If the other party says that you tried your best, but something came up, this penalty will be waived.

This is also a blind date! You will not be given a picture of your date until you make it to the location! So please be aware of this fact.

Alex scrunched his brow at the seriousness of the text. He hadn’t been expecting that. They took their dating seriously, it seemed. But, somehow, that actually made him smile. He liked that they took it seriously. Why shouldn’t they? It didn’t say anything about the girl not showing up, which worried him. He decided to let that thought pass and checked the time. It was nearly time for lunch, he’d been at this for a while.

With a shrug, he decided he’d try this roulette thing. He clicked GO! And waited. It only took 3 seconds to match him up.

Alex’s eyes bulged, not expecting that at all. He quickly got up out of his seat and got dressed. He combed his hair and brushed his teeth in record time and put on some nice form-fitting dark jeans and button down shirt, sleeves rolled up. A pair of Chelsea boots came on and out the door he went.

He checked his phone, and found that Monster Date also had a GPS feature, and showed him the fastest route to where his date was taking place. It was a local frozen yogurt place he’d actually gone to a few times, dressed up like the 50’s and 60’s with red leather seats and checkerboard tile. It was called Randy Andy’s, and it was cool place with great atmosphere. He let himself smile. If he didn’t like the girl, at least he’d get to go to one of his favorite spots.

He couldn’t help but feel excited. He hadn’t had a date in years and now he had one, just like that! This Monster Date thing was pretty great.

As he rolled up to Randy Andy’s, a chrome building with a neon sign and cartoon frozen yogurt mascot, he eagerly brought up the Date Roulette to see what the girl would look like.

The first picture was a little blurry and showed what seemed to be a black girl with very long and very thick hair on her head wearing a pink sweater and tight jeans, along with some rather stylish high-heeled sandals.

She seemed cute, but he couldn’t really make it out. He swiped to see another picture, and then he realized that it wasn’t black skin he was looking at, it was black fur.

This picture was very clear, practically a model shot, with some pretty impressive lighting. But that’s not what caught his attention. No, that was the very canine-looking face of the girl in question. She wasn’t like the wererabbit, with bits and pieces of animal stuck on an altogether human frame. No, she was a meld of big black shaggy dog and short voluptuous girl.

He had conflicting feelings looking at her. First off, he wasn’t even sure what this shaggy black dog girl was even supposed to be. Some kind of hellhound variant? He checked her profile and saw that she was a Cu Sith.

Ah, so that was it. She was one of the rare, “furry” girls. They were loved by a lot of people and hated by a lot of people too. Mostly hated by people who hated the humans who dressed up as cartoon dogs and drew obscene amounts of questionable porn. He wasn’t going to lie, he’d seen some nice looking drawings once or twice, and he briefly wondered if he was paired with her because he had answered “yes” on the furry porn question.

But he wasn’t a furry, and he was not so sure he wanted to date something so close to looking like an actual dog. Looking at the pictures, he could admit that she was cute. Very cute. But she was cute like a dog, not like a girl.

He rubbed the back of his head, wondering what he should do. He couldn’t bail, or he’d lose access to his account. But he really didn’t think he should go on a date with what essentially looked like a puppy in a wig.

He sat in his car for a few moments, looking at the timer that the app was counting down from. He sighed and decided to just go through with it. A date was a date, he didn’t have to sleep with her, or kiss her, or even hug her. He would show up, be polite, have a froyo, and then go home and try again. With his mind made up, he got out of the car and headed in.

The place was a lot more packed than he normally saw it. All human, which surprised him. Lately it felt like monsters were taking over everything. He didn’t see… suddenly Alex realized he didn’t have the Cu Sith’s name. He pulled out his phone and saw her name was Roxy. He thought that was rather amusing. Her name even sounded like a dog’s name.

Anyway, he didn’t see her there yet, so he sat at a booth and waited. He didn’t have to wait long. Not 30 seconds had passed before a timid figure entered the shop. Immediately Alex was struck by how adorable she was, which made him shake his head trying to clear that thought.

She was short, only around 5 feet tall, and had long shaggy black hair that went down to her waist. It matched the color of her fur, which was similarly thick and clumped in tufts. Her eyes were very clearly intelligent, darting about the store looking for him. He was reminded of when he read the Narnia books as a child. When you could tell the difference between a talking animal and a dumb one by their eyes alone.

She wore a sweater, just like in her picture, but this one was lavender, and she wore a short pleated skirt that matched it. The sweater, while loose on her arms, strained against her bosom. Her breasts were quite obviously very large. And while Alex wasn’t really aware of breast sizes, he was quite certain he’d never seen a pair so large on such a thin girl before. Not in person, anyway. She also wore white thigh-high socks and black open-toed shoes with a slight heel to them. He was surprised her thick fur didn’t mess with the socks, but if anything, the garments gave a nice look to her shapely legs. He did see, however, that her feet were rather dog-like, much like her snouted face. The socks hugged her paws, and he could see them rather easily through her open-toed shoes.

He met her eyes as she scanned the room, her ears flat on her head. She was obviously nervous, so he decided to stop her suffering and got up to introduce himself.

“Hey, my name’s Alex. I think I’m your date.”

He smiled and held out a hand.

She looked up at him, and he could see a big fluffy tail behind her begin to wag as her ears perked up and her amber eyes looked over his body much as his own had been doing to her.

“H-Hi! My name’s Roxanne, but everybody called me Roxy. Its nice to, uh… meet you.”

She took his hand, and Alex was interested to note that her hands were very paw-like themselves, with little paw-pads just like a real dog’s. She gave him a little shake before smiling up at him.

“S-so, um, have you been here before?”

Alex nodded and lead her to the line where people were making their orders. It didn’t go unnoticed by Alex that a lot of people were staring at Roxy. He couldn’t blame them, she stood out a lot in the small shop. Any monster girl would, but a Cu Sith would especially. The furry girls were pretty rare.

“Yeah, I’ve been here a few times. Its pretty nice. I like to get the salted caramel. How about you?”

“Oh, I just like chocolate. Chocolate cookie-dough, chocolate chip, chocolate mint, chocolate everything.”

He looked at her, slightly confused.

“Can you eat that? I mean… wouldn’t it make you sick?”

Roxy shook her head no.

“I may look this way, but I can eat everything you can. After all, I’m a Cu Sith, not an- not an actual dog.”

Alex looked at her cute little face, which very much looked like a dog’s, and then at her wagging tail, and gave her a half-smile. He could admit she was cute, but he definitely wasn’t attracted to her sexually.

When it was their turn, the cashier, a heavy set man with a mustache, gave them both a look over.

“So you two from that Monster Date thing, right?”

Alex expected Roxy to say something, but she just stood to the side, her ears plastered to her head, looking nervous. He decided to answer.

“Yeah, that’s right. We’d like-”

The man held up a hand.

“Hol’ up there. Since you’re from Monster Date, you’re entitled to a discount. That is, if you let us take a photo of you two for our wall.”

He looked to Roxy, who he thought might have an opinion, but she just looked up at him with her puppy-dog eyes. Alex thought about it for a second. He wasn’t going to date Roxy, but he was going to come back to Andy’s eventually. Did he really want a picture of him with a girl he wasn’t ever going to see again?

“How big is the discount?”

“70% off.”

Alex decided it was worth it.

“How about it Roxy, want to get your picture taken?”

“R-really? You wouldn’t mind?”

“Nah, not unless you do.”

Roxy gave him a smile, which looked rather interesting on her face. Luckily the line wasn’t very large, so they didn’t mind as the man came out from behind the counter and pulled out a camera. Alex wasn’t sure what pose he should go with, but soon found that was out of his hands as Roxy slipped an arm around his waist and pressed into his body in a side hug. A side hug which pressed her sizable breasts into him.

Suddenly thoughts of her just being like an excitable pet fled his mind as the thought of touching more of the soft pliable mounds filled his mind. Thoughts came to him unbidden, of a curvy Roxy naked and cuddled up with him on his couch. His face flushed red and he swallowed as he banished the thought away.

He groaned, knowing that he really must be lonely if this stupid fantasy was the one that popped in his head every time a pretty girl gave him attention.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and smiled as the man took their picture. He gave them a smile and got back behind the counter. He didn’t bother showing them what it looked like or reviewing it. One and done.

“Alright then, what can I get you two?”

“I’ll take a salted caramel cup with mint chocolates.”

Roxy’s ears perked up at that, and she happily wagged her tail. She was very easy to read.

“Ooh, that sounds good! I’ll take that too!”

The large man gave her a smile and yelled back to the kitchen. He gave them their ticket, and Alex was happy to pay for both of them.

Alex and Roxy sat down in a booth and for the first time, Alex got a bit nervous. He never really knew what to say in these situations. But then he remembered that this wasn’t really a date. Well, it was, but he had already decided that it would just be this one date, so maybe he could just use it as practice for other dates.

“So, Roxy, where are you from?”

“Well, I’m from Albion, the northern part. But I moved here when I was a kid.”

“Ok, I think I know where that is. What can you tell me about it?”

“It was nice. Very calm and quiet. When my mom asked where I wanted to be in America, I just said, ‘anywhere nice and quiet’ I think she did a good job.”

“Ha, well, I like to think this place is alright.”

“Oh I didn’t mean anything bad about it! I just like… a slower paced life. I visited Pandemonium once, and I really didn’t like it.”

“Pandemonium? Is that another kingdom in the FUK?”

Alex caught an older woman looking at him with disapproval from the booth over. He saw that she was eating with three young boys and saw that one of them was staring at him with big wide eyes. He smiled at them and waved, but the old woman only shook her head.

He decided to ignore them as he listened to Roxy.

“Yeah, Pandemonium is a kingdom that’s always night. Its like… if a nightclub was a city. And everything is neon. And everyone is wearing… uh… v-very little.”

She shrunk back, almost embarrassed from her own memories.

Alex found that kind of funny.

“Well if it’s a nightclub city, that would make sense. I mean, I assume. I don’t really go to nightclubs.”

“I’ve been once or twice. Invited by friends. Well… former friends.”

“That sounds like a story.”

Alex was surprised how well he got along with Roxy. She was a very demure girl whose mood was plain on her face, completely open. Her entire body screamed her every little emotion, and he found it very adorable. Especially how she’d wag her tail while eating her froyo when it finally arrived.

However, it became very obvious that her slight anxiousness was born from a rather rough time in high school, which she’d recently graduated. He sympathized with her, and they swapped story after story.

Like him, she hadn’t had many friends, but it took her a while to realize that. Apparently she was a rather gullible person, and she had been sent to an ordinary public school as opposed to a private Mamono one like most monster girls. She had been teased a lot thanks to her appearance. Since she was so close in appearance to a dog, she had been targeted for quite a lot of jokes.

He heard tale of how people would run up behind her and clasp a collar around her neck or throw a dog treat and chew toys at her in the hallway. Other times, people would steal her lunchbox and make her ‘sit’, ‘stay’, or ‘shake’ to get it back. Another running gag during her time in school was asking her “who’s a good girl?” which she confided in him that she liked at first. But eventually the term became bitter when it was said often with derision when she made an embarrassing cultural gaff or when she tripped or otherwise embarrassed herself. She eventually had the courage to tell a teacher, but that only made it worse.

She had a few girls she thought were her friends who she confided in, but later found out in a rather bad way that that was a mistake.

Alex was engrossed in Roxy’s tales, finding them both abhorrent, and ashamedly entertaining. His heart really went out to the poor girl.

The final story Roxy shared was how she learned that she had a lot less friends than she had thought. It was her 18th birthday, and her friends had invited her to a party with a plan to hook her up with a guy she had a crush on.

Roxy hid inside her hoodie as she normally did, skulking down the halls. She hadn’t always hid herself away from the rest of the student body. When she had transferred she’d been quite bubbly and outgoing. But slowly over time, she realized she was a prime target for most of her peers to get in a good laugh at her expense.

She hadn’t minded at first, trying to laugh with them at the jokes. It was small stuff at first, harmless. Someone would call her a good girl when she answered one of the teacher’s questions right. And that actually had made her happy, her tail wagging. But it had spiraled out of control rather quickly.

Someone filled her locker with dog treats one day, which she thought was kind of funny. But she tripped on them as she was picking them up and someone called her a good girl. She didn’t find it funny, but everyone else did, and that was when the term turned sour as everyone laughed at her as she crawled on her knees picking up the treats. She was still sent pictures of that day with rather hurtful captions. Some people just took jokes too far.

Roxy got to her locker without any fuss, no one bothering her. But as soon as she opened it, she heard snickering nearby. Her locker was filled with pictured of black dogs with her face photoshopped on them. She gave a whimper as she picked them up and placed them in her pocket. She’d throw them away later. She picked up her books and got to moving.

She was one of the first ones in class, and as she usually did, she sat in the corner, at the front of the class. It was safer there. In the back, the teacher couldn’t stop some of the rowdier kids from going to far.

Roxy sat in her desk and brought out her book, ready for the day, and sighed. This was the last week. After this, she could go back home. Her mom was adamant that they live one extra year in America after high school. But if Roxy had her way, they’d be on the next plane out. She’d miss Rachel and Ashley, but everyone else was such a jerk. Well, except Lance. He was nice. But he had never even said a word to her. And she lacked the courage to break the ice herself.

“What’s up little pup?”

Roxy’s ears perked up at her friend’s voice.

Ashley sat down next to her with a smile on her face, which Roxy returned.

“H-hey Ashley, excited for the last week?”

Ashley was a black haired girl with heavy eye-shadow and a slim figure. She had her hair cut short, really short, boy short. But the way she wore her makeup made her look really pretty and girly. Roxy liked it. She was always a bit jealous she could never wear makeup because of her fur-covered face.

Ashley also wore tight black jeans, holes cut in the knees, and a deep v-neck that, if she had boobs, would reveal quite a bit of cleavage.

“Pssh, ready to get out of this hell-hole. I’d skip if I could, but I won’t graduate if I skip. Too many absences.”

“Y-yeah. I can’t wait for it to all be over. School didn’t turn out how I thought it would at all.”

“Yeah, it sucks. But what’re ya gonna do? Any plans for Saturday? Lot a big parties happening.”

Roxy’s ears flattened against her head, and she hid her face in her hoodie. Ashley noticed her behavior and quirked her eyebrow. After a few moments, Roxy spoke, though it was too quiet for Ashley to hear.

“Speak up. Babe, can’t hear you.”

“I…uh. Well, it’ll be my birthday on Saturday.”

Ashley blinked twice before a huge smile graced her face.

“No shit!? You for real? Oh that’s just perfect. Roxy, girl, we are going to have the biggest party ever. Its gonna be fuckin’ lit.

Before Roxy could stop her, Ashley got out her phone and began texting several people. Roxy groaned and grabbed her hood, pulling it down over her muzzle. This was so embarrassing! She just wanted to get through the week and convince her mom to let her go back home. As she tried to disappear in her clothes, she heard someone else come in the room, and sit down by Ashley. Roxy peeked out from under her hood and saw her friend Rachel, a pretty Latina with dyed blonde hair and too-pink lipstick sit down.

“So I heard Roxy’s hosting a big party at your place Ash, what’s that all about?”

“Get this, its her birthday on Saturday! What crazy timing, right? I was thinking you and me could invite a few guys and send her off right. She’s thinking of heading back to where she came from, so It might be the last time anyone sees her.”

Roxy wasn’t sure, but it seemed to her that the two girls shared a smile between them that seemed a little too devious. She gave a little whimper as the two of them looked over at her.

“C’mon guys, this isn’t funny. I don’t want a party. No one likes me anyway.”

Rachel chortled, and waved her manicured hands dismissively.

“You’re always so negative. Plenty of people like you! You just can’t take a joke sometimes. C’mon, let Ash and me take care of it. All you gotta do is show up. It’ll be loads of fun.”

Ashley piped in.

“Yeah, babe, don’t worry your cute little puppy brain. My Mom and Gary are out all week. I got the whole place to myself. It’ll be like a fuckin’ Hollywood party. Booze, boys, the whole thing.”

Rachel gave Roxy a smirk as the Cu Sith tried to make herself small.

“Oh I think Roxy’s only interested in one boy. Isn’t that right, Roxy?”

Roxy pulled down her hood again, embarrassed.

Ashley smiled as she petted Roxy’s head through her hoodie.

“Aw, is little puppy wuppy embawised about Lancey Wancy?”

“…stop it guys. C’mon.”

The two girls laughed and let Roxy be for the moment, sharing stories about times they got drunk, and rumors about promiscuous classmates. It took little time for the rest of the class to meander in, the teacher was the last one to waddle in, an older and rather fat black woman named Mrs. Walton.

As soon as the older teacher came in she cleared her throat and waved at Roxy.

“Hoodie off girl, I tell you every day.”

Roxy moaned as she sat up and removed her hoodie, her long black shaggy hair flowing down her back now that it was loosed. Though some of it thankfully covered her face, keeping her hidden from the world.

Mrs. Walton didn’t seem amused at the unkempt mane of hair, but she didn’t say anything.

“Alright, so this is the last week, and none a you are gonna be listening t’me anyways. So we’re gonna be watchin’ a movie. Hope ya’ll like Disney movies.”

There were a few hollers of approval as Mrs. Walton put on Beauty and the Beast. Roxy actually smiled. She really liked Disney movies. Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad.

Roxy soon lost herself in the movie, elbows on her desk, face in her paws as she leaned forward and happily engaged in the story. Her worries melted away and for a brief moment she forgot where she was. Her tail began wagging behind her unbidden, thumping against her back seat.

“Hey Fido, keep it down. I’m trying to watch the movie.”

Roxy turned behind her to see her tail blocking the view of the boy behind her, and apologized before tucking her tail away. It was hard to control it.

By the time Gaston began gathering up the villagers to rescue Belle, someone threw a piece of paper on to Roxy’s desk. She heard snickering from the back, but she had no idea who had threw it. She knew from experience not to open it. It would only hurt her feelings.

But Ashley caught sight of it and plucked it up before Roxy could put it in her pocket to throw away for later. Roxy gave a little whine, but Ashley ignored her as she opened it up. She gave a little smile as she looked at the drawing inside and placed it back on Roxy’s desk.

It was a pretty decent drawing of Roxy in Belle’s dress titled “Beauty and the Beast.”

Roxy wasn’t sure what to make of it. The picture seemed too cute to be making fun of her. Was someone just sharing a pretty picture? She looked around to see if anyone looked like they could have been the one to draw it. She then caught sight of her crush, a tall blonde boy named Lance. He gave her a smile and a little knowing nod as a few boys next to him continued giggling.

Did he draw it?

She smiled at him and waved. And then he did the same. Her ears perked up and her tail started wagging again.

“Yo! Fido! I said stop it! Bad girl!”

Roxy grabbed her tail and turned around, smiling. Did Lance actually like her? It seemed too good to be true. But the picture was so cute! She took it and put it in her pocket, not to throw away, but to keep.

As the class ended, and everyone poured out into the hallway, Ashley and Rachel wrapped their arms around Roxy and led her away from the crowd, big smiles on their faces.

“Oh girl! Lance has it hard for you!” Ashley said.

“Y-you think so?”

Rachel looked at Ashley with a knowing look.

“Oh babe, we know so. That drawing? So cute.”

“So… you don’t think he was making f-fun of me, do you?”

Ashley shared a glance with Rachel that Roxy couldn’t quite read.

“No way, he’s totally into you. Which is why I invited him to your party on Saturday.”

Roxy’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head.

“You did what?! Ashley!

Rachel laughed and patted Roxy on the head dismissively.

“Relax! We invited, like, everyone. He’s not gonna think its weird or anything.”

What?! Guys, I really don’t think-”

But she was shut down by the two girls who shushed her and continued to make plans ostensibly about her birthday party. But the way they spoke, Roxy got the idea the party wasn’t entirely hers. She didn’t like alcohol for one, and they seemed to be talking about how to get a lot of it.

The rest of the day Roxy was made more and more uncomfortable by the various suggestions of her two friends. The birthday party that she really didn’t want was turning out to be a very big affair. Ashley was inviting practically the entire school to her house on Saturday. Ostensibly, it was all to celebrate Roxy’s birthday.

The entire thing just made Roxy nervous as everyone kept looking at her and laughing while talking to their friends whenever they saw her. She assumed she was being paranoid, but she had a bad feeling about the whole situation.

“So what was the party like?”

Roxy had gone quiet, apparently not wanting to continue. Alex felt engrossed in her tale, and a very sad and sneaking suspicion that the party was a set up by her friends. He’d never experienced any kind of high school drama. Or even bullying. But he’d seen others get bullied, not usually out of malice, but out of a sense of humor that bordered on cruel and callous.

As Roxy continued her silence and instead became fascinated with her froyo, she changed the subject, and asked Alex about himself. He did his best to make his life sound interesting. But as it turned out, being a barista wasn’t interesting at all. Roxy was very polite and asked all kinds of questions, but Alex wasn’t much of a story teller.

Still Roxy seemed intrigued, and asked about Alan, his best friend from college and beyond. As the stories turned from work to college, Alex was able to talk about a few parties at college he had gone to.

Nothing too crazy or Hollywood-esque. But there were a few drunken fights, races, late night taco bell adventures and the like. One particular fun story was when Alex and Alan went to Halloween party dressed as Greek gods. Alex was Poseidon, and Alan was Zeus. They met a complete stranger at the party dressed as Dionysus who challenged them to various drinking games. Alan eventually won, and the two switched costumes. Alex was still in touch with the Dionysus from that day, whose real name was Ben.

Roxy rather liked that story as she wagged her tail back and forth.

“Wow, college sounds fun!”

“Well, it can be. But for most of it, I was just trying to get my degree. Truth be told, I don’t get drunk as often as my stories might make you think. Didn’t even have a glass of alcohol until I was 22. Honestly I focused too much on my studies. Especially since I just ended up a barista.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a barista, though.”

Alex gave her a smile and nodded.

With a jolt, Alex felt a hand slap down on his shoulder. Startled, Alex looked up, only to see a smiling chubby Mexican.

Alan was looking down at him with Veronica by his side, her arm wrapped up with his.

“Hey man! Didn’t expect you here! Who’s your friend?”

Alex smiled up at him, and gestured to Roxy.

“This is Roxanne, and we’re kind of on a date, man.”

Alan seemed pleasantly surprised as a broad smile erupted on his face.

“No kidding!? Hey, good to meet cha, my name’s Alan.” He reached out to shake Roxy’s paw, which she tentatively accepted. “and this is my girl, Veronica.” He gave his vampiric girlfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Roxanne, nervous at first, relaxed as she realized this was the Alan from Alex’s stories. She smiled up at him and her tail began to wag.

“Its nice to meet you. Alex has told me a lot about you.”

“Oh he has, huh?” Alan sent an accusatory look Alex’s way, but the mirth in his expression showed he wasn’t serious. “You telling lies on me, boy?”

“Nah, worse. Telling the truth, amigo.”

“Hey now, you know I don’t speak Spanish!” Alan teased.

Alex and Alan laughed at their little joke before Alan spoke up again.

“Hey, Veronica and I were gonna go play mini golf, you two want to come with? We can make it a double date.”

Alex wasn’t so sure, as he didn’t want to get Roxy’s hopes up for another date after this one. But Veronica seemed to love the idea and clapped her hands together as she squealed.

“Oh that would be so fun! How about it…” she turned to Roxy with a smile, that slowly morphed into confusion. “uh, I’m so sorry. I forgot your name already.”

“I-I’m Roxy. And its okay with me… If Alex is okay with it.”

Roxy gave Alex her big puppy-dog eyes, and his heart melted. He cursed internally, unwilling to turn his friend down. He groaned and nodded his head.

“Yeah, its… fine by me. I’m not gonna take it easy on you, Roxy. Hope you know.”

Alan laughed.

“Way to be a gentleman!”

Alan and Veronica got their froyo before they invited Alex and Roxy to ride with them. All four of them hopped in Alan’s car and headed to the mini-golf course. Alex sat in the back with Roxy and could tell that she was getting nervous as the car began moving.

 She kept looking around with her eyes, as if she were afraid of being trapped. Her ears laid flat on her head, and he saw her gently shaking.

Alex was beginning to think of this date less and less as a practice date, and more and more like a real one. Though he himself didn’t realize it. He only felt a well of protectiveness for this very cute and vulnerable girl. He laid his hand on her paw, which caused her to flinch for just a moment.

But as she whipped her snout away from the passing lights of the window and to Alex’s smiling face, her worries faded.

“Hey, you okay?”

Roxy’s face was easy to read, and the truth was she was still nervous, and it was apparent. But she smiled and nodded her head anyway.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Its just… you seem nice, but I mean… this is, uh…”

“Going kind of fast?”

Roxy nodded her head as she tried to hide in her seat, becoming smaller.

With a gentle squeeze of her hand, Alex gave her another smile.

“Its okay. If you want, we can turn around. Alan’ll understand.”

She smiled, a bit more genuinely this time.

“No, It’s okay. I like you. Its just… I get nervous easy.”

She left it at that, and Alex let the conversation drop. But he decided to keep holding her hand. She had held his in return, and hadn’t let go, and Alex was happy to let her hold on to him. They only stopped when the car stopped, and they had arrived at the course.

It was dark now. The moon hung in the night sky, full and ripe. The stars were invisible, the bright neon lights of the mini-golf course drowning out the natural lights of the sky.

The mini-golf course was one Alex knew about but hadn’t played at since he was in high school. Galaxy Golf, a cheesy 80’s sci-fi themed place with décor that was legitimately from the 80’s. Once upon a time it was just out of touch, but now with the 80’s becoming popular again, it was experiencing a boom from the “retro” themes and games. He was pretty sure the old man that owned the place had never bought anything new to replace any broken machines, just repaired them over the years.

As the four of them made their way inside, Alex noticed that a lot of people were about. Most of them teenagers. It was odd thinking that he wasn’t one anymore. He hadn’t been one for almost a decade. But somehow seeing all of them here in the neon blue lights really reminded him of his age. He put on a bit of a frown, not particularly happy about getting older.

But all that was forgotten as Roxy held his hand again, and Alex met the little dog girl’s eyes as she smiled up at him. He shared her smile as he gave her hand a little squeeze and followed Alan and Veronica inside.

Galaxy Golf was a popular hotspot. It had a cheesy dark blue rug with planets and stars all along the interior, and to the left of the entrance was a large arcade center with classic 80’s arcade games such as pacman and galaga. They also sold pizza, hotdogs, burgers, and ice cream just before the entrance into the outdoor course, which was a series of poorly chipped aliens and spaceships.

Roxy was in awe of all the cheesy light-up signs and futuristic lighting that was adorning the walls. But Alex was focused more on the bits of food on the floor and the chipped paint on the walls. The place was obviously not a high-end establishment.

Alan turned to Alex and Roxy with a handful of dollar bills.

“Hey, Roxy, Veronica. Why don’t you two go get tickets for the golf course? Alex and me’ll get something to eat.”

Alex laughed.

“Bro, we just had froyo.”

“Yeah well I’m hungry. C’mon, man.”

Veronica smiled at Roxy and wrapped an arm around her, leading her away from Alex. She struggled against it, at first, but Veronica didn’t seem to notice.

“C’mon girl, let’s go let the boys get us some refreshment. We deserve it!”

Roxy seemed nervous at being touched so suddenly and shared a worried glance at Alex. But her gave her a reassuring smile and that seemed to ease her nerves.

Alan led Alex over to the line for food, while still eating his own froyo which he and veronica had elected to take with them rather than eat at Randy Andy’s.

When the girls where in line to get the golf balls, Alan gave a knowing smirk to Alex and clapped him on the shoulder.



“Don’t ‘what’ me man! Just yesterday you were moping about being all alone. Now I find you on a date with a monster girl! And you were giving me such shit about it too. Pfff.”

Alex had the decency to feel a bit sheepish.

“Sorry. I just downloaded that app, Monster Date? Anyway, I didn’t expect things to go so fast. I tried the new thing, Date Roulette. Before I knew it, I was in my car.”

“Yeah? That’s pretty cool man. Didn’t know you were into furries though. Kinda shocked me. But that’s cool, that’s cool.”

Alex scoffed.

“I’m not into furries. The roulette thing is a blind date! I had no idea who I was meeting up with until I was there. Besides, she’s not a furry. She just happens to be a bit more monster on the monster girl scale.”

Alan smiled and held up his hands defensively.

“Sure man, whatever you say. All I’m sayin’ is she’s covered in fur and has a big fluffy tail. And a snout. She does have some nice sweater puppies though!”

He ribbed Alex in the chest with a playful smile.

“Get it? Because she’s a puppy dog? Sweater puppies? Because she had big boobs?”

Alex batted away Alan’s elbow, smiling slightly at his friend’s antics.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it.”

The two friends continued bantering as they waited in line, ignoring screaming kids and the occasional too-loud teenager. From behind them, Alex picked up a conversation. He wasn’t paying too much attention to the teens in back of him until he heard a name. Roxy. It piqued his interest. They weren’t talking about his Roxy were they?

He let his mind block out Alan for just a moment as he focused on the teens behind him. Sadly, he couldn’t make out the conversation, but he did manage to get a good look at them.

There were four, two boys and two girls. The boys were skinny, one was blond and the other brunet. The blond one was tall and laughing with an arm around one of the girls. The smaller brunet one was laughing with him but had his hands in his pockets as the girl next to him just smiled.

The girls were an odd match up. A Latina with bleach-blonde hair and a white girl with her hair way too short. The Latina wore too much pink, and the white girl wore too much black.

He tried to hear what else they were talking about, attempting to determine if they had actually mentioned Roxy’s name.

Sadly, he couldn’t hear them over the dull roar of the crowds and he and Alan went to go meet their dates without him hearing anything else. He spared one last glance at them, and found the tall blond one meeting his gaze. The teen gave him a smirk, and suddenly Alex felt like he really didn’t like him.

He found Roxy and Veronica laughing together and getting along surprisingly well. The vampire’s bubbly personality helped Roxy get over her shyness and he was happy to see her smiling.

Roxy bounced over to him, her small yet full frame giving off a very pleasant show.

“Here Alex, this one’s yours.”

She gave him a yellow golf ball.

“Thanks. Though, I’d rather have blue.”

“Oh… Well, that’s okay.” She made to give him the blue one, but Alex noticed Veronica glaring at him. He took the hint.

“Well now, if you have the blue one I don’t want to take it from you.”

“N-no, its okay.”

She produced the blue ball and he pushed back, smiling.

“I mean it.”

Alex didn’t let anything else be said. He plucked the yellow ball out of her hand and the four of them began playing. The course was better maintained than the arcade inside, all of the goofy statues and obstacles freshly painted.

They were eccentric scenes that were so atypical that Alex guessed that they were one of kind to the place. There was a scene of a big two story house with a flying saucer overhead, abducting a sleeping man. There was a tentacled alien with a bulging yellow eye, tentacles, and purple spots. There was one where a dashing hero in a retro 60’s spacesuit saving a girl from a space gorilla, and there was Alex’s personally favorite, a water trap with a big motorized alien monster blocking the course every few seconds with its claws.

Roxy was having a blast and was surprisingly good at the game. Alex, not so much. He was in last place most of the night, but he didn’t really mind. His anxieties and doubts were gone from his mind as he just got to have fun with what he was really beginning to see as a very nice girl. Cu Sith or no, he was really beginning to like her. She was always laughing at his jokes, listening to his stories, and generally interested in him.

“I hope real aliens aren’t so scary.”

Alex laughed.

“Which one is scary? All of these guys look pretty goofy to me.”

She gave him a pout and pointed to an obstacle that looked like the owner had bought an old King Kong statue and painted it green and purple.

“That guy? Nauseous King Kong?”

“He’s scary!”

“Pssh, not even.”

The two of them had let their guards down finally, and as a result both of them were starting to see the other just a bit differently. Roxy had thought Alex intimidating at first. But as she got to know him, she realized he was just as self-conscious as she was, he was just bigger and less likely to cry.

As the night got longer, she opened up a bit, got a little closer to him on the benches as they waited for Alan and Veronica to play through. She was feeling butterflies in her stomach every time Alex smiled at her, or asked her about her life. She’d never had anyone ask her about herself before, and she was eager to share.

On Alex’s part, he’d never had anyone show this much interest in him either. Roxy wasn’t as sexually forward as other monster girls, but really she was even better. She would playfully touch his arm, laugh at his jokes, twirl her fingers in her hair, all the signs he knew to look for.

The one thing that worried him was how occasionally she’d look past him, and off to something in the distance. He tried to figure out what it was, but most of the night it escaped him.

Then, finally, on the windmill (which in this case was an octopus painted orange and given antennae) he was able to follow her gaze before she caught what she was doing. She was looking at the four teens he had seen earlier, the group of two boy and two girls. Alex looked back at her, and caught her ducking her head, embarrassed. He put two and two together.

“I take it you know those four?”

Roxy didn’t answer at first. But after a moment she nodded her head.

“Those are… Lance, Ashley, Rachel, and… probably another one of Rachel’s boyfriends. I don’t know.”

Alex nodded, he figured as much.

“You want to leave? I can just tell Alan we’ll see him later. He won’t mind.”


Alex was surprised at her outburst.

“I-I mean no. I want to finish o-our game.” Then she smiled at him. “A-after all…I’m winning.”

He returned her smile, and in an instant where his body moved before he gave it a second thought, he hugged her.

In an instant Alex thought he had made a mistake. Roxy had gone stiff and wasn’t returning the hug. Alex, embarrassed at his actions, and not totally understanding them, he made to let go.

But before he could, Roxy grasped him tightly, returning the hug with desperate need.

Alex was struck about how much he really enjoyed hugging her, and it was then that he decided that this was no practice date. It was a real one, and he wanted to go on many more with Roxy. So the fact that these people were causing her distress bothered him a great deal.

What could they have done to hurt her so bad?

The two only broke their embrace when Alan told them it was their turn to play. The release was slow, and Alex shared a soulful gaze with Roxy.

“…you never did finish your story from earlier.”

Her ears were laid flat against her head again, but she nodded her head and began to speak.

Roxy had talked at length about if she should go to her “Birthday Party” with her mother. She had secretly hoped her mom would be opposed to it. Instead, she had encouraged her to go. In fact she seemed rather happy to hear that Roxy was going to go hang out with friends.

As a result, Roxy was now at the doorstep of a house with blaring music from the inside, and a litany of colors peaking out from the windows. Roxy wore tight jean shorts her mother had helped her pick out and much to her mother’s consternation an oversized dark blue hoodie that she used to try and hide her sizable breasts.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to show off, it was jut that she had learned that any kind of attention she got from her peers over it was usually just teasing from other girls. The guys never said anything, positive or negative about them.

That and the hood helped her hide her ears so her moods weren’t so easy to read.

With a sigh, she rang the door-bell and waited until Ashley opened up. She wore a black tank top that was too big for her, and jeans that were too small for her. She smiled as she saw Roxy and pulled her in.

The inside of the house was something out of a Hollywood movie, dancing lights all about the house, music blasting out of several speakers with far too high a volume, and tons of laughing drunk teenagers everywhere.

Roxy instantly regretted being there.

“Roxy! Girl, where have you been?! You’re late! C’mon, let’s go meet the boys.”

With a forceful grip on her wrist, Ashley led her through the crowd. She was surprised at just how many people she recognized from school. Every clique she’d ever seen was there, no one was excluded. Nerds, geeks, goths, those guys who wore Naruto head-bands to school. Everybody was there.

Ashley finally got her to the kitchen, where Lance was hanging out with several of his guy friends. Roxy immediately tried to break free of her friend’s grip. Ashley wasn’t having any of it though and held tight.

“Alright guys! Birthday girl is here!” Ashley hollered.

All at once, several people started hollering and gathering in the kitchen. Though many people ignored Ashley and stayed talking and drinking in other parts of the house.

There was a lot of movement, and Roxy couldn’t keep up with all of it. But at the end of it all, Roxy was sitting at a table with a cake in front of her, and several brightly wrapped presents.

Roxy’s jaw dropped, amazed that this was actually a birthday party… for her. Had she been wrong this whole time? Was Ashley right? Did they actually like her and she just didn’t know how to take a joke?

When she saw everyone smiling at her, and saw how pretty the cake looked, she began tearing up.

She wiped her tears quickly and smiled up at all the people. She couldn’t believe everyone did this all for her!

She spotted Rachel off to the side, wearing a rather revealing pink dress with her arm around the waist of a tall black boy she didn’t know the name of.

“Alright, girl! Time to dig in!”

The music was cut off, and Roxy suddenly became very anxious at the silence that seemed far louder than any music. It didn’t last long.

Lance, to her surprise, was the one to break it. He began singing her happy birthday. Then, slowly, everyone else joined in.

With a smile that surprised her, she sat still as the entire crowd finished singing. And as they finished, Ashley told her to dig in.

Roxy grabbed a knife and fork, along with a plate. A few people seemed disappointed, as if they thought she was just going to eat the cake face first like a…dog. She shook her head, trying to banish that thought from her mind.

Instead, she just focused on the fact that everyone was here, Lance was here! And despite all the teasing, they actually did like her. With her own slice of cake on her plate, she made to make more for everyone else, but no one wanted any.

She was highly confused.

“C’mon, guys. Nobody wants some?”

Rachel laughed and was shushed be the boy she was with. Ashley just smiled.

“We all want you to have the first bite, Roxy. Its your big day! Have a bite already.”

“Oh, okay I guess. That makes sense.”

Without further delay she took a big bite.

And immediately she spat it out.

She curled her snout a bit at the revolting taste. What was that? She stuck out her tongue and began scraping it with her claws. It was at that moment that she noticed nearly everyone was recording her on their phones.

“Wh-what’s the deal guys? W-what flavor is this cake?”

Lance laughed as if she had made a joke. He had his phone out and was grinning from ear to ear.

“Roxy take another bite!”

Roxy looked to Ashley for answers, but she was laughing too hard to say anything. Roxy was feeling strange, but with Lance continually telling her to take another bite, she felt like she didn’t have much choice. Then before she knew it someone else was telling her to take another bite, then another, and another. Pretty soon everyone was chanting “One More Bite!”

With a grimace, she took a small bite.

Another roar of laughter erupted from everyone gathered and she spit it out again, it was just as gross.

She looked about, trying to make eye contact with Rachel and Ashely, but they were laughing so hard they didn’t notice. Tears welled up in her eyes and she began to realize that what she most feared had become reality. She was the butt of everyone’s joke, the entire “birthday party” bit, was a façade, a farce.

She smelled the cake, and with a sickening pit in her stomach realized it was made out of dog food.

She looked at the presents gathered and grabbed one as everyone continued laughing. She opened it quickly and violently, only to find a chew toy. The next one was a collar, another a leash, another a dog bowl. Tears were flowing freely now, and as she looked to Rachel and Ashley to see if maybe they had a real cake, or real presents, or… anything. But they were just laughing.

The other guests walked away with their drinks, back to the party proper. The music started blaring again. Roxy pulled her hood over her face and ran out of the house.

No one tried to stop her.

Alex felt… pity was such a poor way to put it. Despondent, grief, sorrow, or perhaps more accurately, sympathy for Roxy. He wanted to believe that her account of events were colored wrong, or she interpreted something malicious in actions that weren’t meant to harm.

But the entire thing was cruel, especially if it had been planned by her friends. He heard laughter off to the side at another hole and caught sight of the four teenagers from before. From descriptions he could tell who was who. Roxy was such a sweet girl though; it didn’t make sense to him that she’d even hang around such obvious trouble-makers.

Well, the guys seemed harmless he guessed. They weren’t obviously, but any girl that dressed like Ashley was trouble, and Rachel wore such an obnoxious shade of pink that it seemed like just as big a red flag. But maybe he was just seeing things through cynical eyes.

“Stick by me the rest of the time we’re here. I’ll talk to them if they try to start something.”

Roxy didn’t seem to like that, and her tail reflexively shot between her legs.

“No! Don’t do that! Just…I wanted someone… I wanted you to know.”

Alex caught something off about her voice.

“…did you tell your mom about that?”

Roxy shook her head.

“How could I? Honestly, I’m kind of surprised I told you.”

Alex hugged her again. It was so strange; he wasn’t a touchy kind of person. But he felt she really needed one. He was right, and she squeezed him hard. The rest of the time Alex made an active effort to stand between Roxy and her former classmates.

He wasn’t sure if Roxy noticed, but if she did, she said nothing. Alex knew they were likely to notice her eventually. After all, she was rather unique. Cu Sith were rare and stood out more than any other monster girl he’d run across.

But it wasn’t Roxy who noticed. It was Alan. They were actually almost done, at the 18th hole, when he said something. He approached Alex as Veronica engaged in conversation with Roxy over the best way to get past the next obstacle.

“Hey man, You really like this girl?”

Alex stared at his friend dumbly.

“What makes you think that?”

“You’ve been standing really close to her the whole night. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you two had been dating for months. You know, instead of having just met a few hours ago.”

Alex scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah, man. I like her. But I feel bad for her too. She told me some stuff about those guy over there,” Alex nodded in the direction of the four. “ and they aren’t exactly Roxy’s biggest fans. Bullied her pretty hard.”

“Like… ‘bullying’ bullying? Or like, bullying bullying?”

“They threw her a fake birthday party and fed her a cake made of dog food.”

Alan did a double take at that.

“That’s fucked up.”

“Its worse than it sounds. Apparently nearly everyone she knew was there. And she just graduated high school. She didn’t even have one person to help her though it. Those two girls? She hung out with them and they were the ones who threw the party. She didn’t have one real friend. Man, I never got bullied, but I don’t know what I would have done if I went through high school without you.”

Alan, almost always smiling, didn’t smile this time. He just put a hand on Alex’s shoulder and they shared a nod.

“Hey, how about you and her go have some fun without Veronica and me bothering you two? Maybe get out of here? Its not too late at night. Maybe go for a walk around the square downtown?”

“Thanks. But I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else, she wanted to finish her game.” Alex smiled, “After all, she’s winning.”

The two shared a look as Roxy was able to get a hole in one despite there being three water traps. Veronica seemed more excited than Roxy as she bounced up and down, hugging Roxy even tighter than Alex had. Roxy seemed embarrassed at first, but Alex noticed that her tail was wagging.

“I also think she likes having genuinely friendly people around.”

However, Alan and Alex weren’t the only ones to notice Veronica’s outburst. Rachel stopped feeling up her latest boytoy and immediately noticed Roxy and Veronica across the way. Alex and Alan shared a look before they headed over to their dates.

They arrived just before Roxy’s former colleagues. Alex swooped in as if he didn’t notice them, and put an arm around Roxy. She was confused at first, until she noticed who else was approaching. Ashley was the first one to speak.

“Roxy, girl, is that you?! Haven’t seen you in months! Where you been?”

Lance laughed and responded before anyone else.

“Probably getting the taste of dog food out of her mouth!”

That caused Rachel and her date to start laughing too.

Roxy shrunk behind him as she tried to get out of view. The sight brought Alex only anger. How insensitive were these guys? He caught sight of Alan giving him a ‘can you believe this?’ look. He shared it, before responding in Roxy’s place.

“You mind moving on? Roxy’s not in the mood to talk to you guys right now.”

All four of them seemed to just notice he was there, despite the fact that he had been used as a barrier by Roxy as soon as they walked up.

Rachel, the Latina, gave him a look over, and apparently liked what she saw.

“Daaaamn. That’s some mad muscles you got. Who are you? Roxy’s bodyguard or something?”

“I’m her boyfriend.”

That caused them all to do a double take. Roxy as well. Alex realized he might have made a blunder, that she wasn’t ready to go that far after just one date, but to his surprise, she just hugged him from the back. Then, she placed his hand on her waist.

Rachel’s boyfriend, or boytoy, or whatever he was, laughed.

“No shit?! I didn’t think furries came in that shape. Thought you were all fat and gay.”

Lance laughed at that.

“Well, hey, maybe he’s still gay. Who’s to say?”

Alan decided to butt in, not liking the tone of the two boys.

“Yo, dickhead, you hard of hearing? He said he was Roxy’s boyfriend. Who invited you four losers over anyway? Buzz off already.”

Ashley apparently didn’t like that.

“Shut the fuck up fatass, no one invited you. We’re catching up with our friend!”

Alex cut her down.

“You don’t seem very friendly.”

Lance sucked in air from his teeth, annoyed.

“Listen man, we’re just goofing around, you don’t need to take everything so damn seriously.”

“You aren’t kids anymore, stop acting like it. You were very cruel, and Roxy doesn’t want to talk to any of you.”

I want to hear it from her, meathead. I’m starting to think you’re the one who made her ghost us for months!”

“She ghosted you because you were horrible people.”

“Or maybe its because you’ve been a controlling muscle-bound freak who likes preying on lonely girls!”


Ashley and Alex looked down at Roxy, who had finally broken her silence.

“He’s not the reason I haven’t met you guys. Its because you really hurt me! You were my friends, and you laughed at me! You set me up to be laughed at by everyone at school!” She began crying, tears welling up in her eyes. “Y-you made me eat dog food! A-and got all t-those stupid presents, just to make fun of me! What kind of friends do that?!

“You knew I hated it! I told you every day how much I hated it! I came here because I wanted to find love, and friends, and a home! But these last three years of my life have been torture! I hated school! The only reason I didn’t beg my mom to take us back was because of you two!

Ashley and Rachel had the decency to look ashamed. For about a second anyway.

“…it was just a joke.” Ashley muttered.

Roxy was crying pretty hard, and Alex felt that people were staring after all the yelling. He shared a look with Alan who nodded and the two of them guided Roxy and Veronica away. It was time to leave.

Veronica turned to Rachel as they left, and rather than leave things be, as Alan and Alex intended, she spoke.

“Wow, you girls are cunts.”

That was when the situation got out of control.

“Hey, who the fuck are you calling a cunt, puta?

Alan wasn’t about to take that lying down.

“What did you just say, bubblegum bitch?”

Alex didn’t want things to escalate but Alan, fun loving as he was, was also not one to take insults to his girlfriend lightly. The yelling and cursing only got worse, and Roxy hid in her hoodie all the more, sniffling. Alex wanted to get her to the car, as now it just wasn’t possible. Alan had the keys. He also couldn’t go to the car to wait for Alan either, he needed his help in case this turned into a fight.

Alex hugged Roxy tighter as he decided what to do.

He gave the little dog girl a pat on the head as he pried her paws away from his waist and headed over to the shouting match. He approached Veronica, since Alan was alone in his verbal duel with the other four, the vampire looking on.

“Hey, you think you can drag him away from this? We’re drawing a crowd and I think they’re going to call security.”

“I probably could, but I don’t think Alan would want me to.”

Alex sighed and headed over to Alan. Unfortunately, it seemed the others misconstrued his actions. Lance and the boy squared up and jutted out their chests, as if they were ready to fight. Ashley and Rachel didn’t notice and continued to yell insults not only at Alan, but Alex who was approaching. Alex leaned in to tell him something but was suddenly struck on the cheek.

The yelling intensified as Alex stumbled a bit confused. Who hit him? He saw Rachel wind up, as if to slap him again, and he struck first. Normally, he’d never hit a woman, but he didn’t even stop to think, he saw the wind up, and in a flash, he slapped her across the face and she fell to the ground hard, unconscious.

The yelling stopped.

Alan started laughing.

Then fists started flying.

The brown haired boy and Lance attacked him with a sudden viciousness, but neither was very strong or skilled. Ashley began trying to fight Alan, but even though he wasn’t all that strong he was stronger than a skinny white girl. She got pushed down quickly, which caused Lance to deck Alan so hard he fell. But that just caused Alex to get angry. He hadn’t been before; he had just been reacting.

Now he saw red and punched the brown haired boy so hard in the stomach he crumpled. Lance noticed and squared up into a boxing stance to face Alex. Alex matched him, and from the corner of his eyes saw everyone else in the mini golf enclosure begin to leave, as well as some panicked employees talking into cell phones.

“Tell, me roid-rage, that bitch worth getting your ass beat?”

As far as taunts go, Alex had heard better. He stepped into Lance’s reach and blocked Lance’s first punch before hitting him across the jaw with his left hook. The taller boy went down without any fuss. As quick as the fight had started, it was over.

Alex helped Alan get up and told him to go start the car. He nodded, still a little dizzy, and headed off, Veronica helping him stay up.

The group that had started all the trouble were getting up. Licking their wounds and trying to orient themselves. Alex looked over them with unconcealed contempt.

“You guys need to stop cursing all the time. You also need to realize you aren’t kids anymore, out here in the real world, talking trash is gonna get you hurt. Also being cruel to your friends is a good way to lose ‘em. Roxy’s a sweet girl, and you all don’t deserve her.”

Ashley scowled at him.

“Any more advice, you creepy fuck?”

“Yeah, stop dressing like you shop exclusively at hot topic. And tell the Latina blonde hair looks awful on her.”

They said some more words, but Alex ignored whatever they were saying and left with Roxy in tow. She didn’t say anything the entire time they went to the car. Almost just as they were leaving Galaxy Gold, a police car passed them, heading to the parking lot.

Alex shared a look with Roxy in the back seat, and to his surprise, she started giggling.

“Guess we left just in time, huh?”

“Yeah, guess we did… hey, listen, I’m sorry I fought your friends.”

Roxy smiled at him.

“Don’t be. You did the right thing.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. But I’m sorry this is how our first date had to go.”

“Well, you can make it up to me on our second date.”

Alex smiled back at the shaggy black dog girl, that was a clever way to ask him out.

“I guess I’ll have to. You free tomorrow?”

“Hanging out with my mom. But I’m free the day after that.”

They smiled at each other, and Alex gave a nod.

“It’s a date then.”

The rest of the car ride was uneventful as Alan dropped them back off at Randy Andy’s. Alan apologized to both of them for the ordeal, but both assured him it was fine. Veronica gave her number to Roxy and asked her to call her sometime. Roxy seemed grateful and was sad to see the two of them go.

As the two of them watched Alan and Veronica leave the parking lot, Alex took a chance, and placed a hand around Roxy’s shoulder. She looked up at him, and before he could change his mind, he kissed her on the lips.

It was a quick peck, non-lingering, but it caused him to blush furiously. He’d never been that daring before. Roxy however, didn’t seem t mind, as she kissed him back. It was a little odd, with him being so much taller, and her having a snout. But they made it work, and it helped that they both had decided not to use tongue.

After they parted from their second kiss, Alex and Roxy exchanged numbers and parted ways. Until their second date.

One Year Later

Alex took in a deep breath, taking in the fresh spring air. Albion was a beautiful place, beyond his wildest imaginings. He had questioned his decision to move to the Free Umbral Kingdoms, but now he was glad he had listened to his wife. It was better here in nearly every way.

The mountains in the distance were breathtaking, the clouds overhead providing just the right amount of cover form the sun, the wind blowing just the right amount. The grass was green and lush, and everything seemed perfect.

He turned to his side on the soft blanket and locked eyes with his wife, Roxanne. She looked beautiful as always, wearing a white spaghetti-strap dress, but nothing else. Her long black hair was neatly brushed and properly kept, not at all shaggy as it had been so long ago. Her bright amber eyes lit up as he met her gaze.

“Looks like you’re think of something Alex.”

“Just thinking how lucky it was I met you.”

She laughed, as she scooted closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing.”

She gave him a lick on his nose before he grabbed her hips and dragged her under him. She giggled as she nuzzled the crook of his neck.

With a swift motion, his hands moved up Roxanne’s hips and up her sides, tugging the dress upwards. The dress went over her head as Alex laid her bare in front of him. She was as beautiful as the first time he had seen her naked. No. More beautiful.

Her bright amber eyes and her cute little nose were the highlights of a radiant face. Her breasts were large round and firm, the tips of her black nipples showing through her fur. Her hips were wide, and curved in just the right ways. Her legs weren’t particularly long, but they were supple and toned.

He tossed her dress off into the grass as a breeze began rippling though her hair. She had a devilish smirk grace her snout as she gripped her paws around Alex’s obliques. With a tug, Alex’s t-shirt was tossed atop Roxanne’s dress. And in a few more moments, his jeans were off too.

Alex cradled his furry little wife in his arms as he positioned his cock over her entrance. She placed a padded hand on his face and smiled.

“I’m ready when you are.”

He kissed her and thrust his cock deep inside. She moaned into the kiss and opened herself up, to beckon his wandering tongue inside. The kiss was a sloppy, wet mess that got them both heavily aroused. Alex’s thrusts were rapid and furious. He wanted her more than anything else in the world. He wanted to feel her soft fur against his skin, to feel her warmth against his body, to kiss her deeply and sweetly for eternity.

And she very much wanted to do the same. She locked her legs around his waist, ensuring he wouldn’t be pulling out when the time came. Her hands, furred, clawed, and padded roamed about his bare skin, feeling and relishing at its smoothness. She tangled her fingers in his hair as he continued his thrusting.

The two only broke their kiss when Alex finally came.

Hot ropes of seed spilled into her womb, and Roxanne looked very pleased with herself as the two rolled to the side.

“I can still feel you coming inside me.”

Alex laughed and kissed her neck.

“That’s because I am.”

“I want to give you a blowjob next.”

“Sounds fine to me. Just remember we have to go pick up Sarah from your mother’s soon.”

“Let her play with grandma for a little bit longer. I need some alone time with daddy.”

Alex was gently pushed on his back as Roxanne took control. He thought it was cute how despite how short she was, she still liked to play these little role reversals every now and again.

She playfully licked her lips as she came face to face with Alex’s thick erect member. She met her husband’s eyes as she slowly raked her claws over his chiseled abs and settled near his groin. Her mouth opened up, and her tongue plopped out. He could see every fang in her mouth as she came closer to his cockhead, and he could feel her hot breath on him.

His cock twitched at the sensation, and that was her cue to begin. She masterfully engulfed Alex’s entire member into her snout, not letting anything touch her love’s cock but her wet and eager tongue and her succulent lips. Alex moaned as his wife bobbed her head up and down, letting her lips trail all along his shaft, and making her tongue swirl about his dick.

He grasped on to her head, at first for leverage. But then he lost himself as he started scratching her ears. She groaned as he did so, and he could feel her bobbing become more frenzied. She plopped his cock free of her mouth only to begin lapping at his balls with her wide wet tongue, nuzzling his cock with her nose.

His cock was throbbing with need. A need to release. With a smile, Roxanne gave his balls one final lick before moving back to the shaft, and her hands began kneading his balls instead. With a single long lick from the base of the shaft to the head, Alex came a second time.

Pearly white globs of semen splattered all across her black furry face. covering her hair and dripping down over her snout. The sticky cream coated her beautiful face as she smiled at her husband with a big cheeky grin, a string of cum dripping off of her lips.

“I think I want to do that again!”

Alex smiled and scratched his wife’s ears

He wasn’t going to say no to that.





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  1. this was a really good story! wish more people wrote about cu siths, i think they’re one of the more interesting monsters. Roxy was a really cute character, and the story had a good flow to it with a clear conflict and rise and fall. i thought the all the brand names in the beginning were a little weird, and the “one year later” bit felt rushed and the story would have instead benefited from having a second part about their second date (nudge nudge), but other than that, a really great, cute love story. excited for whatever new projects you have to show us! :^)

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