Monster Estrus Isle: Manticore Encounter

You are a human male on an island of amorous monster women. You are being hunted by the females natives, all who want to fuck you. You are currently on the run from a few humanoid monster girls who have been following you for some time now.

You have no weapons, and it is not looking good for you.

Fortunately, you sense someone else in the vicinity. You hide yourself quickly, and then find out that they are approaching your location. Another female monster, this one just as humanoid as the others, appears in front of you.

She is beautiful, yet terrifying in her own sort of way. Tall, curves in all the right places, long brown hair, and fawn eyes. She’s also stark naked, with enormous mammary jugs hanging freely from her chest, and a groomed patch of hair covering her nether region… What is most notable about her, however, are the parts which are clearly not human.

Sharp teeth, large claws attached to furry digits, tall feline ears crowning her head, a collar of fur serving as a mane at the base of her neck… giant bat’s wings folded behind her slender back… and a long, scorpion-like tail with a fleshy bulb covered in spines at its tip. What the fuck is she, some kind of chimera?

Her large, pointed cat’s ears swivel about as she slowly slinks by, seemingly unaware of your presence as she listens intently. Is she looking for you? You suppose she might be, if any of your past encounters with the other natives were anything to go by.

You wait patiently, but she does not move on. Instead, she circles back around and looks to the ground, sniffing here and there. Her tail slowly begins to swing back and forth, the bulb tip pulsating like a lax heart. She gently lifts a flower from the ground and cradles it in her hand-like paws.

What flower could it be, you wonder? Nothing so humble as a daisy or violet blooms here. These plants are strange, and exotic.

You then catch her staring in your direction, and you keep completely still and instinctively hold your breath. You don’t think she can see you in your hiding place among the foliage, yet her eyes seem to be fixated on your position. Does she know you’re here?

You see the flower fall away from her claws as she drops it and turns to you, eyes widening with feral intensity as her wings begins to unfurl and loom high above her. Her long legs, thick with voluptuous curves and powerful muscles, slowly begin to creep closer and closer to your location, and her body arches as if getting ready to pounce. 

Before she can close the distance further, you decide to flee, and you burst from your cover. Unfortunately, she is faster than you are, and she charges with a bellowing growl.


Monster Estrus Isle
Manticore Encounter


You turn and race through the undergrowth, but she pursues. You take a route through a cluster of trees, and she chooses that moment to fly above you, blocking the sun as she glares down at you with piercing golden-brown eyes staring hungrily at you through the treetops.

With a sweep of her wings, she dives down to your right as soon as you enter a clearing and soars around to intersect you. She lands heavily upon the ground directly in front of you with a terrible quake, making you stumble before you’re met with a brutal backhanded swipe that knocks you backwards and onto the grass. You land on your back and desperately roll to your feet, but before you can even begin running again you’re hit with another blunt strike, this time with the midsection of the beastwoman’s tail.

You collapse onto your hands and knees, and she leaps on top of you and holds a giant hand-like paw to your spine. She shoves you down into the grass when you try to crawl away, and you struggle against the immense power that pins you.

The monster woman looks down at you, and snarls. She lifts her other hand, flashing long, sharp claws that could easily tear through your flesh. You wince and close your eyes, expecting a gruesome end… but the attack never comes. Instead, those deadly-looking claws palm your head and comb through your hair. Her paw is massive, and could easily envelop your entire head in its squishy pads.

You’re kept pinned down on your stomach as the monster woman continues to simply paw at your face.

“What a delightful catch I’ve stumbled upon,” she coos.

She flips you over, and you find yourself staring into the face of the same terrifying yet admittedly beautiful monster, now wearing a less monstrous expression. The paw holding you down finds itself resting firmly on your chest, and the claws running through your hair begin to prod and fondle experimentally at your body. She’s HUGE. How can a creature be this large and… voluptuous… and still have the ability of flight, let alone the acrobatic capabilities she demonstrated upon you moments prior?

“A human!” she marvels, almost lovingly. “So few of your kind come upon the island. Such a rare delicacy…! I have an urge to hold you down and feast upon your flesh here and now, human… but I shall let you live, for a while. I wish to play with you for a bit before I sate this appetite of mine. Do you have a name, handsome?”

You do not respond, mostly too caught up in fear and wonder to respond.

“Ah… I’ll make you one then. How about… Meat. That’s your name. Meat. You’re my new toy, until I grow bored of you. My name is Nycta, and you’ll do well to remember it. Speaking of… you are quite the catch, aren’t you?”

You’re struggling to say something, anything, but you can’t find your voice. The claws running through your hair begin to run down along your cheekbone, and Nycta smiles.

“I think we’ll do very well together, my dear.”

She leans in, her lips brushing against your cheek, and then your jawline. Your chin, your neck…

“You smell… delicious. I can’t wait to eat you up later, after I’ve had my fun and you’re too utterly exhausted to do anything about it. Let’s play, hmm?”

The beast woman finally lifts off from you and gives you some space, and you tentatively sit up on the ground. She squats down in front of you and folds her wings, yet she’s still so much bigger than you. Massive, exotic… alluring in her naked female glory. A mixture of emotions you aren’t sure how to deal with flood your mind, but you keep in mind that she’s a terribly lethal threat, who apparently plans to kill you after you’ve given her what she wants.

She saunters slowly towards you on all fours, and you crawl backwards on the ground. She moves with amazing grace, powerful muscles coiling with her every step and her body sashaying seductively, her giant boobs swaying heavily beneath her. It’s so erotically hypnotic… you almost forget she’s after your life.

You crawl further backwards, and she continues towards you. You pull yourself to your feet, and she stops just short of lunging. Her head’s nearly reaching the same height as your own as she continues to prowl, a testament to her enormous size. You step back, and she takes a step forward. You step back again, and she does too. You keep this up until you’re nearly against a tree, and Nycta follows suit.

She stops, staring at you expectantly. You look behind you, and the tree you’re against is too streamline to climb. Nycta follows your eyes and licks her lips, seemingly entranced by you. She lets out a feline growl akin to that of a lion, and you feel the hair down your nape stand up.

“Are you not going to run for me, human? Are you not going to try and escape?”

You look into those golden eyes, into the unfathomable abyss of her mind, and you know you could never escape her. You feel the immense power she holds over you as she stares at you with her piercing gaze, and you feel as if you’re about to pass out from fear. You see death itself in her eyes, and you almost don’t want to give her what she wants. Almost.

There’s always a slim chance… and so you break your gaze and turn away, resentfully running into a full sprint through the trees. You hate that you’re being forced to play this “game” of hers… to be released and then hunted down all over again. You know it’s unlikely you’ll actually get away, but you can’t throw away this opportunity, no matter how small your chances are.

There’s a prolonged silence before you hear the beast chasing you, her long strides keeping pace with your own. You look back, and she’s nearly upon you. You race through the trees, hearing the pounding of her massive, clawed paws bounding across the forest floor. You spot a clearing ahead, and you hear the whooshing of flapping wings take flight from behind. You don’t make the same mistake from earlier and grant the flying monster girl an opening, sticking to the trees in your running pace and avoiding the clearing altogether.

However, the sound of crashing branches reaches your ears form above and you’re not quick enough to avoid her next attempt. You feel a clawed hand close around your ankle and drag you down, and you tumble forward with a scream into the dirt of the forest floor. You’re smacked in the face by the landing and lose consciousness.

When you come to, you find yourself being held down by Nycta. The monster woman’s lustrous skin is dark with sweat and debris from shattered branches and torn leaves, and her gigantic breasts are mashed against your chest, enveloping it completely as their owner rests atop your sprawled form. Her face is just inches from yours, panting and quietly growling, and her eyes… her eyes seem to devour you.

You stare into them, drowning in golden pools of pure, untamed desire. You see the predator in those eyes, but it’s mixed with something else… before they relax somewhat.

“So you aren’t dead after all, Meat. I was about to be sad that our playtime had come to a close so soon after just getting started. Still… you look so delicious when you’re limp and unconscious. Such a picture of perfection, my little prey. I very nearly devoured you whole as I waited for you to awaken.”

“Please, I…” you find your voice not working properly, but Nycta doesn’t wait for you to continue.

“I’ll make you a deal, Meat. If you do exactly as I say, when I say, for the duration of our time together, I’ll spare you the doom I’ve threatened on more than one occasion. So… what do you say?”

You don’t speak, and you feel the hot breath that fogs your mind with desire.

“Speak, Meat.”

“I… I… agree. J-just… please…”

“Good boy.”

You feel Nycta’s weight lift slightly as she rises to her feet, her full, monstrous standing height as she unfurls her wings briefly to give them a stretch. You’ve never before felt so incredibly small in the presence of another being in your life… she was simply so large in comparison.

Still, she’s given you a chance to live, and the adrenaline of fear and the prospect of surviving has given you the energy to attempt to rise off your back, and you wince violently at the pain coursing throughout your body. The aching of overworked muscles, the sting of multiple cuts and bruises, the headache wracking your brain… you can’t bear it, and you gently collapse back onto the ground.

“You’re weak,” Nycta says, standing over you. “I’ll give you a while to gather your strength, but once I’ve taken care of that?” She leans in, breathing in the scent of your neck before licking you with her warm tongue. “I’m going to take you back to my den, where you’re going to entertain me some more. After that, we’ll see where this goes.”

You try to respond, but all that escapes your lips is a pained moan. Nycta giggles, snarling with delight as she combs her claws through your hair.

“Don’t worry, my delicious morsel. You’ll learn to enjoy your new fate… or not. Time will tell, but you’re going to be the main event. And I’m going to indulge in every second of it.”

With those last words, you’re monster captor saunters over to a nearby tree and relaxes against its trunk, and the two of you remain in silence as you slowly recover…

A short while passes before you’re able to regain your strength, and as soon as you can move without too much trouble you find yourself snatched up by Nycta’s massive arms. She holds you tightly from behind, her enormous tits shoving into your back. You cant help but wince in mild pain from the embrace as your body has still yet to fully recover.

“Come on, little prey,” she says. “I’m carrying you back to my den.”

You lurch in mild agony as she lifts off the ground with a powerful beat of her massive wings, taking you into the air above the trees with her. You look out to the expanse of forest around you, before your eyes dart over to one of the nearby landmasses.

There, in the distance, you see a towering plateau, and in one of the walls high above the base of a particular cliffside, you spot a cave. The sight of the cave grabs your attention, and you can’t help but stare. That’s where she’s taking you, you realize, and you hang limply and in dull pain as your carried through the sky towards your destination.

When you arrive, Nycta flaps into the entrance and sets you down on your feet a ways in. You sway, and you can’t help but stare around at your new surroundings… and what might just be your new home for a bit. The cave you’re in is vast, with other passages leading off it in all directions. It’s dark, save for the dim light that seeps in from the mouth of the cave and a few glowing insects that buzz around you, but it’s… cozy, somehow. Lush, with large rocks and earthy dirt. There’s even a few large bones strewn about, probably from animals that have been eaten by the monstrous female behind you.

It’s Nycta who first breaks the silence.

“Welcome to your new home, little prey.”

She gives you a gentle push in the back, sending you stumbling forward as you struggle to keep on your feet. The aching muscles in your legs combined with the rush of blood to your feet from that flight session almost have you collapsing on the spot. Almost.

“I’ll… I’ll be alright,” you say, shaking your head to clear it.

You hear a snarl and spin around. Nycta stands there, staring at you, and you stumble backwards.

“Don’t worry, little prey,” she says, sauntering forward. “I’m not going to eat you. I’ve said I’d spare you, remember?”

You nod quickly, shaking your head.

“R-right. You said that. I just… need to get used to the idea, that’s all.”

Nycta giggles, and you wince.

“Don’t worry, my delicious morsel. You’ll get used to it. I have plans to keep you around for a long, long time.”


You don’t get to finish that question. Nycta has wrapped her fingers around your throat and lifted you into the air. Your feet leave the ground as she leans in, kissing you on the lips with her mouth wide open. You gasp, not expecting such a move from her, and the pressure around your throat is immense. Your tongue hangs uselessly in your mouth, and you can barely breathe.

She suddenly drops you, and you collapse to the ground, hacking and coughing as you try to get air into your lungs. Nycta gives you a devilish grin.

“That there?” she asks. “Just think what else is in store for you, little prey.”

You crawl around the cave and attempt to grab hold of a nearby root, desperately trying to pull yourself to your feet. 

Nycta chuckles behind you, and within a moment you feel her looming over you, her oversized bust weighing heavily on your back as she reaches around and places a massive paw over the hand you’re using to grasp the root. You freeze as her hot breath tickles your ear with a misty heat, and your stomach muscles become tense as you feel the monster’s other paw embraces you from below. 

“I want to enjoy you for a long time, my delicious little prey,” she whispers hotly into your ear, her giant wings stretching out and forming a canopy around you both. “That’s why I want to keep you alive. To keep you as my pet… and my plaything. Understood?”

You manage to nod, terrified of saying something wrong and prompting a painful demise.

“Good. Now, I’m going to lift you up off the ground and carry you. Don’t struggle. If you try to put up a fight, I’ll just knock you around again. And again. Until you accept what’s going to happen.”

“I… accept.”

“Good. Now, let me lift you up…”

You wince as you feel her grasp under you tighten, before you feel yourself being hoisted into the air. Nycta turns around and starts walking with you, carrying you in front of her in both arms. You wince at the sudden movement, before you realize she’s entered one of the tunnels. The glow of the insect’s wings provide just enough light that you can see by, and your savior walks along the path with you in her arms like you’re some delicate flower.

You don’t struggle, and after a few minutes of walking, you come out of the tunnel into what looks like a large, open room. Nycta walks you into the center of it, where you find a large, circular bed of furs. She lays you down on it, and you stare up at her as she looms over you, her naked, massive breasts hanging an inch from your face.

“Don’t worry, my delicious little prey. I’m going to take good care of you,” she says. “But, first, we need to do some things. Just relax, and let me take care of you…”

Nycta crawls onto the bed on all fours, her wings stretching out to either side as she positions herself above you with her knees situated on either side of your prone form, her forepaws clutching the furs below with your head directly between them.

“I’m going to pleasure you, my delicious little prey. I’m going to make you feel so good that you’ll be begging for me to keep going. And I will. For a very long time, I will. Because you’re my prey now. You belong to me. And I’ll do whatever I like with you.”

Nycta leans in, her lips an inch from your own. Her massive chest crushes into your own with a heavy weight.

“Say you’re mine,” she demands, her voice a low growl.

“… I’m yours,” you hesitantly whisper.

“Good boy. Open up. I want to get inside that throat.”

You pinch our lips together as a heavy blush embellishes your features, but after a brief moment you part them as instructed. Nycta leans down, pushing her tongue inside. She dominates the kiss, as you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by the strength of her oral prowess. She swirls her tongue around your own, pressing deep inside you as you weakly grab at her forepaws.

She pulls away after a few moments, and you gasp for breath.

“You know, you’re going to make a very good prey, little Meat,” she says. “You’re practically melting in my mouth. Your soft lips are sweet and succulent. Even better than I thought they would be. I could happily devour you like this for hours.”

You wince, and Nycta giggles.

“Don’t worry, little prey. You have a long, long life ahead of you. I’ll be sure to savor you for as long as you’re worth eating. Now… how do you like what I’m doing to you? Tell me everything.”

“It… feels good,” you rasp, barely able to form complete thoughts. “But, I’m still… sore…”

“You’ll be even more sore after this,” Nycta promises, “But you’ll like it. I give you my word as a manticore that it will be worth it in the end.

“You’re a… manticore…?” You ask, barely audible.

“I am.”

Nycta leans in, planting her lips onto yours in a deep, penetrating kiss. Her tongue pushes inside your mouth again as she grabs your head with both paws, enveloping most of your head while holding you in place as she kisses you. After a few seconds, she breaks away from the kiss, her breath coming in short pants.

“I’m glad you liked that,” she says, grinning. “Now… I need to get you inside me. And these clothes have to go.”

She places a single claw into the collar of your shirt, and with a single motion she tears through it with a downward swipe. You gasp as she rips through the cotton, before her paw clamps down around your throat and she shoves your head into the furs below you. She’s rough, but the fur cushions are enough to keep you from hurting too badly.

You flush with embarrassment as you see her eyes staring directly at your exposed chest.

Her gaze trails along the area where you were struck by her tail, back when you were first trying to evade her, and her eyes wince ever so slightly as she leers down. You can only assume the spot is heavily bruised, but you’ve never had the opportunity to check since the event.

“Can you take anymore punishment?”

You try to shake your head, but she keeps your neck pinned to the bedding. “I-I’m… really sore…”

“That’s what I figured. No, I’m not going to harm you. I’m just going to… take things a step further. Now, let’s get your pants off. I want to see you all the way naked. Nothing between me and my prey.”

Nyca easily tears your pants off with a claw, and they fall to the ground with a thud. She tosses them aside, leaving you in only a partly shredded pair of underwear. She wastes no time being of those too, and you’re soon lying beneath her in total nakedness. You feel incredibly self-conscious… and much more vulnerable than you’ve felt thus far.

“That’s much better. Spread your legs.”

You hesitate for a moment, before spreading your legs apart. Nyca grins as she climbs on top of you, hovering over your groin.

“You’ve got such smooth skin… and a tiny bit of muscle in certain places. I want to see those muscles twitch,” she says. “Now, keep your legs spread. I want to ride this little prey for a bit.”

She grips your shaft and slowly lowers herself down onto you. You gasp as she takes you inside, and she begins to slowly grind her body on yours.

“Does my little prey like what he feels?”

“I… y-yes…” you pant.

“Good. I want you to like it. I want to feel your cock swell inside me as you begin to cum, and I want you to push yourself inside as deep as you can. Do you understand?”

“I… think so.”

“Tell me, little prey. Do you have any safewords? That can can be used to tell me you’re uncomfortable.”

“What… safewords?” you ask, baffled.

“Let’s say… I start hurting you. Do you have any safewords that can be used to tell me to stop? If I hear them, I’ll stop.”

“I don’t… know any safewords.” You shyly admit.

“Really? That’s a shame. Safewords can help you feel more in control in situations. Now, we seem to have hit one of those moments. What do you want to call out?”

“I… don’t know.”

“Oh, come on, Meat. Try better than that. You need a safeword to tell you when I start hurting you, otherwise… you might find yourself in a world of hurt.”

“I don’t know!” you yell. “Help!”

“Help?” Nyca chuckles. “I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s clever enough. How’s this sound?”

She leans in, and breathes a single, all-to-familiar word into your ear.


The hair stands up on the back of your neck, and a wave of disdain runs through you.

“N-no! That’s…!” you lament, struggling around the paw still holding you down at the throat.

“Oh…? Could it be that you’ve grown a bit attached to the nickname I gave you?” Nycta asks.

You find yourself glaring up at her, against your better judgment. “I haven’t…”

“Liar. Now, we need to come to some sort of agreement. Do you want to feel good, or do you want to be in pain?”

You feel your cock twitch inside the manticore, and a mild wave of pleasure courses through you. You groan, and feel a mixture of shame and lust running through you.

“I… want to feel good. Please, don’t hurt me anymore.”

“Alright… Look, you’re growing on me. I’ll give you one last chance. I’m going to choose another word, and if you don’t like it then tough luck. I’m gonna fuck your brains out with or without a safe word… I’m only suggesting one in the first place because I’m thinking of you, you know.”

She leans in, nuzzling her head against your shoulder.

“How about… flower?” Nycta asks.

“What?” you ask, confused.

“Flower.” She repeats. “I like flowers. They smell nice… and so do you, in a different way of course. I was looking at one when I first found you, too.”

You feel her tongue trace along your jaw, and you close your eyes as she tilts your head to the side. The kiss the manticore planted on you earlier still lingers, and you feel a pang of longing for her affection. You open your eyes once more to meet her glowing yellow ones, and she smiles at you.

“No objections then?”

“I… not really… I guess,” you mutter.

“Alright then, I guess we have an understanding. I’m going to fuck you now, Meat. I’m going to thrust into you so hard that you’re going to see stars. You’re not going to know what’s going on… and you’re not going to be in control of any of it. You just let yourself go, OK? And remember…”

She plants another kiss on you, touching noses with you as she continues.

“The safe word is ‘flower’.”

Nycta lowers herself onto you, and you’re soon filling her up as she begins to rock back and forth atop you.

“Nycta…!” you moan.

She giggles, and begins to speed up her motions with a steady, quick pounding.

“Do you like that, Meat?” she whispers hotly into your ear, licking your cheek. “Do you want me to go harder?”

“I-I…” you moan, hardly able to keep up. “I think I can… keep up…!”

“Good,” she pants. “Because you’re going to have to.”

Nycta rides you hard, and you do your best to endure it. You try to speed up your own movements to match her, but… you’re simply not fast enough to keep up, and you’re still sore all over.

“Nycta, please… I can’t…!” you plead.

“Oh? Can’t keep up, can you?” she smiles, leaning down to sniff the side of your face. “I thought you said you could… want me to stop? Wanna use our safe word?”

“No!” you yell. “I just… I-I…”

You’re at a loss for words. You feel your face turn red, and you feel the blush rushing to your cheeks. She giggles softly, continuing to grind into you.

“Then just do your best to bear with it, little prey…” she growls into a purr, licking your mouth as she touches noses with you again; she gives you half kisses when she speaks, her lips brushing yours amidst every uttered word. “Because the only thing that’s gonna stop me is that little safe word… but once you say it, this all ends.”

Nycta continues to ride you, her movements faster and faster. She continues to kiss and lick your lips, eyes closed and pearly white fangs bared whenever she lets out a moan of pleasure, hot misty breath washing over your face and into your mouth and nose. Her massive tits bounce and slap heavily against your chest with every one of her thrusts, wracking your sore body with just a bit more pain. But, somehow, you don’t care.

It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except the sensation coursing through your body, sending you to new heights and depths as she rides you like a beast in heat. You don’t know how long you last, or how long she keeps going. All you know is your mind is numb, your body weak, your senses on overdrive and your heart pounding.

Eventually, the peak is reached. You groan in unison with her as you release, shoving your length up into her depths despite your sore muscles and aches, and she holds you tightly as she rides out your climax, moaning happily into your ear. After, she lets slowly releases her gentle hold around your neck, breathing heavily as you’re left drained and limp.

“That was so… delicious,” she purrs.

“I… think my legs are…” you pant.

“Oh, yeah. That took a lot out of you. I suppose you’re a bit worn out, aren’t you?”

“Yes… I’m…”

You can’t answer. Instead, you just pant as you try to catch your breath and deal with the throbbing of your aching body, lying on the warm bed of furs with your arms sprawled and your legs splayed. Nycta nuzzles your cheek.

“I knew I wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you,” she smiles.

“Wh… what…?” you weakly utter.

“You heard me. I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since the moment I first saw you… even back then. It was so much fun seeing you so frightened and vulnerable. The way you looked at me with those big eyes of yours… You can’t blame me for wanting to scare you a little bit, not when you’ve got such adorable reactions!”

“Nycta…?” you groan through your pain.


“Are you… serious? You never wanted to…”

“Eat you? As in, literally? Of course not! I wanted to mess with you. It’s not like humans like you are high on my list of food choices. I’d never actually eat a human. Not when I can fuck one instead.”

“For real…?”

“I’m telling the truth, you moron.”

Your arms spasm as you try to grab her, but you’re too weak. She laughs as she looms over you, leaning down to press her forehead against yours.

“I should… punch… you…” you mutter between pants.

“I’d like to see you try.”

You can barely even grip the fur of her forearms, much less throw a punch. Nycta smiles as she slowly sits up, pulling away from your weakened grip as her sheer weight puts pressure onto your hips. She grinds herself into you with your dick still inside her, and leers down at your sprawled form. She licks her lips as she drinks in the sight.

“I’ll admit, this view is… nice,” she admits.

She finally lifts off your limp body, your cock pulling out of her slit with a wet pop. A clawed finger digs into her dripping snatch at she backs away and steps off the bed of furs, her eyes trained upon you all the while with a lust-filled gaze. You give her a tired stare, and you see her barb-covered tail bulb rise up behind her shoulder. The mass of flesh is larger than your own head, and it pulses with life… or is it anticipation? You’re not sure if you want to find out…

Nycta walks forward with her clawed feet, snarling as she prowls around the bed and towards your head like a cat… or a demon. Her eyes gleam and she lets out a growling purr. She steps forward, crouching over you as she slowly lowers her giant breasts down, dropping them onto your face before beginning to rub her body against yours. Her hand-like paws find your chest, claws tracing lightly over your pecs and stomach. You’re blinded as your whole world is enveloped in tit-flesh, and you breathe amidst her cleavage as your head finds itself trapped within it.

“Nycta…” you moan.

She giggles, the vibrations from her laughter massaging your body. The thumping of her heavy heartbeat echoes into your ears and throughout your head, creating a soothing melody that seems to relax your nerves. You find your eyes beginning to shut, as you relax into the bliss of her body…

Until you feel a foreign, hot and tight wetness envelop your genitals. You gasp, and you’re engulfed by a sea of wet heat. Nycta laughs as you feel your dick sucked, pulled on with vigor as your hips are pulled upwards and your length taken inside to the hilt of whatever is latched onto your groin.

“Do you like the feel of my tail, Meat?” You hear the manticore chuckle through the mammary walls encasing your head. “It’s good to see you’re not completely… deprived. This tail of mine… she sucks so hard and so good, doesn’t she?”

She’s using her WHAT? 

You become tense, visualizing that fleshy bulb shoved into your groin… those terrible spines so close to piercing your body. You feel fleshy walls of muscles squeeze your dick, and a wave of pleasure overtakes you despite yourself.

“She’s so good at what she does,” the manticore laughs, her tail slowly beginning to reduce its suction and let you slide back out of it a bit before sucking you back inside. “And she wants to… make you happy. Won’t you let her do that? Let her. Give her your milk. Will you let me milk your cock for you, handsome?”

You let out a shaky sigh into Nycta’s cleavage, too weak to fight what’s being suggested. At least you’re finally starting to grow numb to all the pain in your body…

“Tell me, Meat. Do you want to feel good again?”

A chill runs down your back as you feel those horrible spines against your skin, rubbing against you in a threatening manner. You try to utter your concerns to Nycta, but your voice is lost amidst the enormous boobs covering your face.

“It’s up to you, Meat. Do you want me to stop?”

You… don’t want Nycta to stop. But those spines… 

You shake your head slowly between her tits.

“Good choice, handsome. Now let me make you feel good…”

You feel Nycta’s body twist as her hand-like paws knead your chest and massage your stomach, the bulb of her tail pushing down into your groin and speeding up its ministrations to a frantic pace. It pumps you aggressively, but never recklessly as you don’t ever find yourself punctured by any one of her spines. Instead, you’re simply treated to the pleasure of your approaching climax as it builds and builds…

And then Nycta milks you dry, forcing your seed to flood inside her tail with your release. She collapses forward, releasing a low, guttural growl of satisfaction as she massages her breasts against your chest and midsection, and you inhale a gasp of fresh air as her tits are dragged down past your chin. The manticore woman’s toned stomach presses lightly against your face, and you plant a gentle kiss against it, eliciting a breathy purr from your inhuman lover. 

You’re entirely spent, completely worn out from the day’s compiled events… being chased… knocked around… made love to. The day has been far too long, and you can’t wait for tomorrow to come.


You pass out on the spot.

You wake up in the night to a growling stomach. And your body wracks with a terrible ache, the soreness returning with a vengeance. You’re still lying in the bed of furs, but you find yourself surrounded by Nycta, your manticore lover’s giant body curled around you as she rests with a blissful expression on her face. You’re both still completely naked, save for a few fur pelts from the bedding that drape over you and her.

Your stomach growls again, this time louder.

“Mmmn… I’m here, preyyy…” Nycta breathily whispers, her voice slow and groggy. You wonder if she’s talking in her sleep, until her golden-brown eyes slowly peek open and gaze at you. A warm, sleepy smile stretches across her face. “Is someone… hungry?”

You groan as you try to shift, your whole body aching.

“How are you feeling?” She asks, a yawn briefly forcing her mouth open to flash you her maw of sharp teeth. “Still sore?”

You utter a mild whine as you weakly nod, and Nycta’s eyes close as she lets out a low, guttural purr, leaning forward to kiss you on the mouth. One of her massive paws hugs you gently against her giant breasts.

“Let me hold you… just for a bit,” She says sleepily. “I’ll feed you when I wake up a little more… Let’s just enjoy each other’s warmth some more. For a few more minutes…”

You feel a slight nudge amidst the furs by your crotch, and can’t help but let out a weak gasp as you feel an immense, alien bulge pushing against your flaccid manhood. The pressure is slowly beginning to stir your manhood to life once more.

“N-Nycta… I’m… Please, not now…” you plead, only to hear your inhuman companion snore a heavy purr in response. 

You can’t fight the instinctive lust filling your body. Your cock twitches, growing against your wishes, and you feel an surge of arousal within your gut. Still, you know you can’t go for another round of lovemaking with how sore you are right now, but you’re completely helpless to stop what is to come. Again, you feel the manticore’s mound of tail flesh prone against your member, and soon it’s slipping the tip inside itself…

“Nycta… Please…!” You begin to beg, until a thought strikes your mind. “F… f-flower… The safeword, Nycta… Flower…!”

Your quivering voice falls on deaf ears as your predatory mate takes your length entirely inside her tail bulb, and a low purr of pleasure rumbles in her throat as she begins to subconsciously pump you.



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2 thoughts on “Monster Estrus Isle: Manticore Encounter

  1. Enjoyable, but compared to the other entries it didn’t really stand out. Manticore wasn’t as interesting a character.

    Still sexy though.

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