Monster Estrus Isle: Elf Encounter

You are a human male on an island of amorous monster women. You are being hunted by the humanoid female natives, who want to sexually assault you. You are currently on the run from a few girls, momentarily hiding in an abandoned cottage. You check around for supplies, and maybe a weapon or tool to defend yourself with, but there’s nothing in the house. 

Suddenly you feel a hand on your shoulder. You whirl around to see one of the native girls. She is much bigger than any of the other women. In fact, she is about the size of an ogre.

You stagger back in an attempt to put distance between yourself and the inhuman girl. In your frantic stumbling, you look to identify her species: Orc. Half orc? Half ogre? She has the same brownish hue as the orcs you’ve seen, only much bigger.

The orc lady advances towards you slowly. Her hand moves towards her belt, where you see a long blade and a club.

You dash away in a full-on sprint through the house, knocking over shelves, small furniture, and basically anything else you can quickly make a mess of behind you as you go in an effort to put as much clutter between you and your latest pursuer as you can.

“Wait! Hold up!” the big orc woman calls after you. “I ain’t gonna hurt ya, just wanna suck on yer cock a bit! HEY!”

You run out of the cottage and into the nearby woods. As you push past trees, you hear bestial howls, like a dog crossed with a boar. The big orc lady is on your ass!

“Argh! Human! Get yer sexy, STUPID ASS BACK HERE!”

You keep running, leaping over roots and ducking under low-hanging branches. 


Monster Estrus Isle
Elf Encounter


After a few minutes of running which seems more like an hour or two, you find that you have reached the end of the woods.

You decide to stay close to the tree line, but head in another direction that does not directly lead back to the orc lady, knowing that you probably haven’t lost her quite just yet.

For some time, you continue to move further along the edge of the woods, but you start to hear howls of lament in the distance. The orc lady must be giving up.

It is then that you hear a new sound. Yelling. Loud growls. Slapping sounds. Fists pounding.

You don’t know what it is, but you don’t want the sources to know you’re here… but still, you can’t help but want to find out what is making all that noise, so you cautiously, quietly head towards the sounds.

As you weave through the brush, you discover something unexpected. A huge encampment lies before you, and of course, it’s full of monster women. The large tents all have different kinds of warriors in them: ogres and minotaurs with painted blue and red tattoos, odd hybrid creatures with part human, part canine features, and lastly a single tent with a giant holding a large spiked ball on a chain, a single purple skinned lady with a large pair of wings beside them. 

The majority of the creatures are fighting each other with oversized swords, each that would probably be more than enough to cut through your body if they struck anywhere near you. The giant and her demonic associate calmly watch the spectacles from their position.

The one thing they are all lacking is any men. This fact gives you a rather unsettling feeling inside your gut. All these female monster women, and no males to sate their… impulses. If you were to ever get caught…

You find your gaze drawn towards the purple skinned woman in particular, and much to your surprise, and horror, her head calmly turns, and her eyes lock directly onto you.

She then smiles in your direction… before turning away and doing nothing more. What? Why isn’t she alerting anyone or something?

As you stand there watching her turn away from you, unsure what exactly is happening, your arm is grabbed from behind. A strong yet slender hand curls around your bicep and pushes you forward with incredible strength. You are hurriedly marched forward, through the midst of the camp and into one of the many large tents before you have the chance to even look at the person moving you along. Many eyes look in your direction as you pass by, all activities ceasing within your presence. 

You’re soon thrown inside the tent, landing roughly on the dirt floor. You scramble further inside and try to see who or what brought you in here. A large feminine figure steps through the entrance and approaches you. You can’t see her face, hidden behind a large iron helmet, her body geared in lightweight yet sturdy-looking armor… and you spot a short blade in her hand.

You stand to your feet and back away from her slowly, taking note of two other female natives slowly entering the tent from behind the armored one in front of you. They seem curious, but not afraid, like they are ready for a fight… or sex? Sex wouldn’t be a surprise, as tat seems to be what most every native seems to be wanting from you… or claiming to want.

“What’s going…?” you start to ask, before the armored figure suddenly swings her blade forward, stopping it just before it strikes your neck. You immediately freeze and remain silent, suddenly fearing for your life.

“Be still,” she commands, “or I’ll open this pretty neck of yours.”

The other females stop approaching, and both of them stand ready in anticipation of a scuffle. It isn’t sex they are wanting after all… and yet, you aren’t sure if you like this alternative.

The armored figure slowly steps towards you, blade kept raised and held close to your neck.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she says in a surprisingly pleasant tone, your nervousness calming somewhat, “but I need information. Who are you? Where did you come from? And most importantly, why are you here?”

You decide to be honest. You tell her your name. You tell her that you’re stranded on the island without knowledge as to how or why you’re on it. You tell her that you’re only here because you heard the camp after being chased through the woods by a giant, horny orc lady. You tell her everything you know, hoping that it’s good enough for her to let you go. 

Fortunately, she seems pleased with your answers.

“…Interesting,” she finally says, stepping back and lowering her blade. “I’m delighted to meet you, human. I am Herran. That is all you need know of me at this time.”

She then proceeds to inform you on your situation. 

“I am loathe to tell you this, but there is no route off this isle. No one comes, and no one goes. As for how you came to be here… this, I doubt anyone could tell you. However, you are not the first, and I feel you certainly wont be the last. Human men usually find themselves stranded here… somehow… but it is never an ill fate. For there are many natives here who would be most interested to… accommodate for your kind.”

She tilts her head in affirmation and gestures towards two monster women waiting on the sidelines. “These are two native females who would be more than happy to see if they could assist you with any… needs, that you might have.” Her head turns to point at the tent flap. “But I think we should give him time to rest first, ladies. Come back later.”

The two monster women slink out of the tent, leaving you and Herran standing there. You feel slightly uncomfortable under the intense stare of Herran’s hidden gaze behind her helmet. 

“At least enjoy yourself while you can,” she says, “for, I feel this could be but the first of many surprises that await you in the future.”

She gestures towards the bedrolls and the pile of supplies. “Eat, human. Rest if you can. Tomorrow we will talk once more.” 

With that, she takes her departure and goes back outside, leaving you alone in the tent.

You don’t know what’s going on, but it seems the camp residents aren’t about to be hostile to you anymore. You decide to do as requested and help yourself to some food… all the while pondering on the bits of information that’s been brought to light. Sometime after, you find yourself crawling into one of the bedrolls, and soon you drift off to sleep…

The next morning, Herran comes back in and sees you still sleeping. She motions for the other two females from before to come over, who both watch over you as you sleep. In Herran’s absence, they pat your head and stroke your hair affectionately, though every now and then one would brush against you with one of their hands in what could only be interpreted as sexual suggestion.

You aren’t aware of any of this, only that you stir awake as Herran is coming back in to check on you. You sit up groggily and rub your eyes, only to see the armored female bend down next to you and hand you a cup of some water. 

“Drink,” she says. 

When you take a few sips, she pats your head and walks out of the tent, motioning for the other two to follow her.

As for you, you lad about for a while before getting up and dressing yourself, and you try not to miss any details about what is going on outside the tent. You hear mild chatter from between several monsters, but they all seem to be remaining at a significant distance from your location. After about a half hour, Herran and her companions arrive back in, and the armored woman nods at the other two to head back outside. They seem reluctant to leave, but obey all the same. 

“We have time for a quick session of eating,” Herran tells you, taking a seat on the floor beside your bedroll and patting it, gesturing for you to take a seat, “and then I shall explain everything to you.”

You have no real desire to refuse her any further hospitality, so you sit down and hold out your hand for Herran to give you some bread. Once you’ve stuffed yourself with it, you eagerly down some wine she’s provided for you, and you soon ask for more. While you’re drinking, Herran keeps the cup in her hands and holds it for you, tilting it as you sip so the last drops can slowly pour into your mouth. 

“Slowly,” she whispers, “or you’ll choke.”

After your glass is empty, Herran tells you to lie back down and relax. “We have time,” she says. 

She begins with mild chatter, and it takes about half an hour before Herran starts explaining things about your situation to you.

She then drops a bombshell.

“Every native on this island is female, and they will want you as their own. To breed with,” she says, looking down at her belly, “and produce more native children.”

Your eyes widen in realization of what she means. “So there aren’t any men? Anywhere at all? Is that why everyone I’ve encountered so far has been like… that?”

“Yes,” she nods. “And that is only the beginning of their desires towards you.” 

She puts a hand on each of your cheeks and looks into your eyes. “Do not worry, human. They will want to take care of you and ensure your survival… and your comfort, among other things. But they will want sexual access to you whenever they wish. If you agree to it, then none of this will be a problem. But if you do not wish to have sexual contact with any of them, then we must part company here.”

Before you can respond, she reaches up and removes her helmet, finally revealing her inhuman species to you: long white hair cascading down around her face and neck, a youthful face free of any marks… long, pointed ears protruding from the sides of her head.

Herran is an elf.

You sit in silence for a while just staring at her in wonder. Then, all of a sudden, a surge of emotions floods through you: shock, disbelief, awe, happiness, nervousness… all hitting you at once, which causes you to sit bolt upright in the bed and speak before thinking.

“You’re beautiful!”

You find yourself bewildered that you just said that out loud. But the way Herran’s eyes lit up… it was like she was hearing those words for the first time from someone else.

For a moment, there is a genuine, profound gladness within her demeanor.

“… Thank you, human.” 

She shifts onto her knees and looks into your eyes. She’s looking at you is so intimately, it makes you feel warm all over. The way her long white hair flows down around her face makes her look so serene and peaceful… almost holy. Her eyes… those deep blue eyes full of mystery and a sense of magic. Her unblemished skin… like something out of a dream. You stare into them, unable to look away, as if into the very core of life itself. 

“I need to ask you something.” The tone of her voice makes you shudder in anticipation.

“S-sure,” you whisper back, barely able to contain yourself.

“What would you do,” she starts, a mild blush reddening her cheeks, “if I was to… kiss you? Would you allow me to do so?”

You feel like you could answer that question with just a single word, but you don’t. Instead, you take a slow, deep breath and exhale nervously before speaking again. 

“I’d… I wouldn’t exactly… stop you…” You look into her eyes and see a twinkle that implies she knows exactly what you would do. You know what you’d do as well, so much so that it almost scares you.

“I’m glad to hear it”, she smiles, leaning in closer towards you. 

Your heart beats rapidly in your chest as her lips inch closer to yours… until they finally meet. The feeling is indescribable: her lips are soft, supple and sweet. Their touch transports you to a different world altogether, a place where anything is possible, and everything is wonderful. A place where dreams become reality.

After about a minute, Herran pulls away. Your whole body tingles in pleasure all over, and your mind feels woozy and light-headed from the experience. She looks at you for a few seconds longer, then gets up from her position on the floor and speaks to you once more.

“Thank you for sharing that moment with me, human.” She looks down at the ground for a moment, then looks up at you with a warm smile. “I had fun.” 

With that, she walks out of the tent and leaves you alone once more. What just happened? What was that all about? Did she really just kiss you? You’ve definitely never felt an experience like that before… no, scratch that. You’ve had lots of good experiences before, but this was special somehow. The way she looked at you when she kissed you… it’s going to be engraved into your mind forever. The moment she pulled away from your lips, the moment she got up from the floor and left the room, those feelings of ecstasy and bliss faded away, but your memories of that beautiful creature will stay with you forever and ever.

The rest of the day passes by like a blur. You spend most of it lying on your bed, thinking about what happened with Herran the elf and trying to process it all. There’s a part of you that wants to seek out more of these encounters and relive that wonderful experience again… and then there’s another, bigger part of you that wants to go further and do much more than a mere kiss.

Your thoughts are interrupted when the entrance to the tent is opened and then closed once more.

“Hello, human. I’m back.”

You look up from your bed and see Herran standing before you once more. However, she’s now completely out of her armored attire, this time wearing a plain white dress with no signs of protection whatsoever on her body. Even though you’re unsure of how this will play out, you’re still enticed by what might come next. There’s also a plate of chicken-like drumsticks in her hands. She notices you looking at them and then she smiles.

“I brought your evening meal. I hope that’s okay. I prepared it myself, as well, so it should at least be edible,” she says with a smile. “Here, human. I’ll feed this to you… Now then, please sit up for me… That’s it…”

As she talks to you in a caring yet somewhat controlling manner, you find that you’re becoming less hesitant to obey her every command… that is, if you were ever hesitant before, especially after she took that damn helmet off. You comply with her every request as she feeds you from the plate. As you chew through the tender meat in your mouth, you find it surprisingly palatable, even if a bit dry.

You gaze at her as she feeds you every bite, and notice she’s taking great delight in doing this for you. It’s almost embarrassing, the way she looks at you with so much… adoration. While she was wearing the armor, you could barely feel anything from her direct gaze; however, now that she’s unmasked, her stare is even more intense than you could have expected. Is this woman seriously into you or what?

She must have taken off the armor because she wanted to make your experience here as comfortable as possible… or for another, more intimate reason. You eventually finish eating, and Herran is quick to produce a napkin, even going so far as to gently wipe your face clean.

“Thank you, human. I hope my cooking was to your liking. Now then, I believe it’s time for us to talk some more. Lie down for a bit.”

You comply and lay on your bedroll as she sits beside you.

“Now then, before we begin, I need to ask you a question, human. Are you able to give me an honest answer?”

“Of… course.” You reply, wondering what this could be.

“Good. Then please answer this for me. In your heart of hearts, do you feel fondness for me?”

“I… think I… yes.” You answer, trying to remain honest as you develop a heated blush.

“Ah, I suspected as such! Although, you’re not entirely sure, are you?” She continues, not even attempting to hide the knowing smile that spreads across her face.

“Well… erm…”

“It’s alright, we can take it slow. Just nod or shake your head to answer.”

You mildly grunt through a nod, and she continues talking.

“That’s good to hear. It’s also okay if the answer changes over time. Just please remember to always tell me the truth.” She puts one hand on yours as she speaks. “Now then, since you seem to be honest so far, I’m going to be as well. I want to be honest with you from here on out. We’ll both be happier for it.”

Her words and actions are enough to make you shiver slightly, despite the heat welling inside you.

“I want to get to know you better human. Do you have any interest in getting to know me better?”

“Erm… I… wouldn’t be against it…” You stammer, wondering where this is going.

“I want to have sex with you.” She says bluntly, as if reading your mind.

This revelation causes you to flinch despite yourself and then blush furiously. Does she mean… is she actually offering herself to you? You figure that it shouldn’t really be that much of a surprise, since Herran is one of the natives and all. Still, you don’t know what to think, let alone say. Thankfully, Herran continues speaking before you have the chance.

“I want us to have sex, human. This is my expression of honesty. Do you feel the same?”

“Y-Yes…” you choke out before clearing your throat, “I mean no.” 

You then quickly attempt to correct yourself, “I mean… erm…” You start sweating again, not because of the temperature, but because of how heated the elf is making this moment.

She then leans over you, the elven beauty looming over your prone form as you stare up at her; her hands are placed onto the bedroll on either side of your head, her light hair falling around your faces and hiding them from the rest of the outside world.

Slowly, deliberately, the elf leans in.

“If I were to… attempt to have sex with you,” she asks in a whisper, her lips just millimeters away from your own, “would you try to stop me?”

You can feel her hot breath on your face as she stares into your eyes, awaiting an answer. The look in her gaze is so hopeful and pure that you can’t help but give in. This is too much of a temptation for you to resist.

Before you can even nod or shake your head in response, she presses her lips against yours.

The kiss is surprisingly gentle, much more than the one she gave you earlier… at first. Slowly, she opens her mouth and deepens the kiss, gently coaxing your own lips apart. When you don’t react in any other way than to hold completely still, she tentatively uses her tongue to slowly slide its way between your lips and into your mouth.

The pair of you taste each other’s saliva as you both begin to open up your throats and let out low grunts and groans. Your hands slowly move themselves up and down Herran’s back as the two of you continue to kiss each other. The elf takes complete control of the kiss, pressing your head down into the bedroll and even holding your head in place with surprising strength. However, it isn’t really unpleasant… in fact, it’s quite pleasurable.

While the elf is clearly more experienced than you in this area (and perhaps more importantly, domineering), you aren’t exactly unhappy with how this is going. If anything, it’s making you feel very excited; your blood is pumping, your heart is beating erratically, your skin tingles all over, and your manhood feels like it’s about to bust through your trousers. Hell, you might even cry if this keeps up for too long…

You sense a hand move away from beside your head, and soon you feel it on your stomach, sliding up beneath the hem of your shirt. Your skin breaks out into a cold sweat as your stomach muscles tense up. Then, slowly but surely, the hand moves up your abdomen and up to your chest. The elf has stopped kissing you and has instead moved her head down and is now lifting up the front of your shirt. She moves her face in just enough that she can breathe directly upon your skin and touch it with her cool lips and breath, sending delightful chills running all over your body. This is more than enough to cause your member to twitch violently.

Her eyes never leave yours as she lifts your shirt up over your head, tossing it onto the floor with another random bundle of clothing. Next, she glides her hands along your arms and up to your shoulders as she slowly leans in again… But doesn’t kiss you this time. Instead, she whispers directly into your ear.

“Do you want this as much as I do?” She asks.

“… Yes.” You breathlessly reply as you feel the warmth of her breath on your ear.

She stifles a small chuckle at your answer, which sends another rush of excitement throughout your body. Then, she whispers into your other ear.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“… No.” You reply confidently.

The elf smiles at your answer and gives a final nuzzle into your neck before pulling back and looking at you once more. She plants a quick kiss on your cheek, before reaching down once more and starting to undo the belt to your trousers. Then, she begins to slowly pull them off you. You’re so overwhelmed by the thrill of the moment that you don’t even notice that she’s also taken off your footwear as well.

Soon, you’re left in only your undergarments as the cool air of the interior of the tent mildly chills your skin. The elf then stands up and begins to disrobe her dress, giving you quite the deliberate show as she strips from it bit by bit.

She pauses to give you time to admire her in just her undergarments, before going even further and removing one article at a time.

Herran starts with the wrappings around her ample bosom, which ends up being much larger than you originally anticipated as the two large melons bounce free from their restrictive bonds. Next, she turns around, revealing a large, rounded ass as she takes the ends of her panties and bends forward, away from you, and slowly pulls them down. She shows you everything, her bare, perfect cheeks and her undefiled mons veneris. You catch just a glimpse of her slit begin to wink open when she stands straight once again, discarding her underwear before turning back around to face you.

In a final display, she raises her arms above her head and turns around once again, giving you a clear view of her slender back and her shapely, maidenly derriere, as if you didn’t get a glorious view of it the first time. She then tosses her hair to one side while turning back towards you in one smooth motion, before walking seductively towards you and stopping directly in front of you, opening her legs slightly to grant you the glorious sight of her puffy mons… Then, she sits down right next to you.

You look at her with total captivation, and she giggles a bit before leaning forward, her bountiful breasts dangling like a large pair of hanging fruits of flesh as she whispers into your ear…

“I want you inside me.” She says with a playful tone. “But first, we must remove those undergarments of yours. Allow me…”

She leans in and kisses you once more, lips trailing along your neck as she reaches over and slowly slides a hand down along your navel, until it slinks into your underwear. She slowly begins to caress around in there while she kisses you deeply and with vigor. You don’t know what to make of any of this. Her warm mouth on your neck, her gentle touches on your private parts, the atmosphere of the entire thing… It’s all too much for you to handle. You need relief. You need to come… And you need to do it now.

As if sensing your impending climax, the elf smiles and bites gently on your ear before whispering into it once more…

“Tell me when you’re ready.”

The feeling is too much, and you release in her hand… and in your trousers. You don’t care though; you’ve never experienced anything like that before. After releasing, you collapse backwards into the bedroll with a deep sigh.

“Ah, I said to… oh never mind,” she says with a delighted smile. “That was an unexpected but very welcome turn of events.”

You just pant for breath as you look up at her from under heavy eyelids. You’re still reeling from what just happened. Your body is exhausted, but that euphoric high still persists within you.

“Are you ready to continue?” She asks with a curious smile.

“Huh?” You utter with confusion.

“It is best that we continue our activities now while we have time to spare… I never exactly told anyone what we would be up to. I’m quite sure the others will be most jealous should they happen to discover what is transpiring… what has already transpired thus far.” She remarks with an impish grin.

With this new information, your heart skips a beat as adrenaline courses through your body…

Herran proceeds to remove your last article of clothing, careful to not get any more of your spunk onto you than what’s already coating your member… and her hand, which she proceeds to lick clean, before turning to you and swallowing the white essence in a single gulp.

Without a word, she slowly, delicately mounts your sprawled body. It takes some prodding and pushing, but eventually she’s all the way down your entire length. The whole thing feels surreal; being inside an elf who just swallowed your release isn’t something you ever thought would happen to you. But here you are, buried to the hilt inside the girl who had a sword to your neck not too long ago… and now she’s looking at you expectantly, eyes filled with luscious desire.

“Now… shall we begin?” She asks once more.

With those words, she begins to grind her hips against yours in a slow circle. Your hands go to her perfect, delicate hips as you run your thumbs across her smooth skin as she grinds herself against you. This sight is almost enough to put you over the edge again, but you fight to hold on for a bit longer. As beautiful as this is, it’s not enough. You need something else.

You reach a hand towards her sizable bosom as it bounces about in rhythm to her movements. You trace along the valley between them as your hand grasps one firmly, kneading it while your other hand caresses up and down her thigh. Her head falls back as her whole body shudders in ecstasy and she lets out a pleasured moan… and it was the single most beautiful sound your ears had ever heard.

She closes her eyes and seems to become even tighter around your cock as she continues to moan in pleasure. The sensations coursing through her are enough to push you over the edge as well… but you don’t want it to end yet. Not like this. She needs to know how much she means to you.

“H-Herran…!” You moan as you thrust upwards into her, giving a few more pushes, “I-I love you…!”

She opens her eyes in surprise and gives a quick glance down at your manhood as it pushes against her insides before meeting your gaze once more. A mixture of emotions cross her face in that moment; surprise, embarrassment, and… elation? There’s no other way to describe it, except that she looks pleased that you’re feeling what she’s no doubt also feeling right now.

And then you see it: a single, shed tear, trickling from her eye as she warmly beams with a joy you never thought could possibly be expressed by a living soul. It’s what finally forces you over the edge, and you pour your liquid love deep inside her elven womb. She continues to smile as she becomes filled with your essence, and she watches you fall limp against the bed. The elf then leaned down to meet you and moves her mouth towards yours, giving you a long and passionate kiss as she holds you close.

“I love you too,” she whispers, before you find yourself drifting to sleep in her embrace…

In the morning, you awake in a more relaxed state than you were the day before. You’re fully clothed, you slowly realize, and still in your bedroll. You could have sworn… Was it all just a dream? No, impossible. She told you she loved you last night, and the memory of it is burned into your mind now. What you can recall is from when you woke up, and saw her looking at you with that same warm expression on her face. You felt so happy then. That had to have been real.


A wave of depression wells up within the core your soul as you consider that it might have been a dream. Or perhaps some sort of hallucination brought on by intoxication… although you were sure you hadn’t drank too much wine, back when you were provided it. That was the only other explanation, wasn’t it?

“Good morning, human,” A voice greets you as you open your eyes, “You slept like a infant.”

You spot Herran peaking into the tent… or rather, her helmet. She’s completely adorned in her armored attire, and this only cements the idea that the lovemaking between you both must have been all a dream or hallucination after all. 

You desperately want to punch something and cry.

“… Good morning,” you instead quietly reply.

“You don’t seem… well. Is something troubling you?”

You sigh in frustration, “No, I’m… fine.”

Herran hesitates before taking a quick glance outside. She then calmly enters the tent and seals the entrance behind her.

“Are you, perhaps… regretting what happened last night?” She asks sheepishly.

“What?” You ask, confused by the sudden line of questioning.

“You know… what we did. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you, human, if that’s what you’re thinking… but I’d thought that, given the situation and our feelings, perhaps…”

“Oh! N-not at all!” You nearly shout, startling Herran as the poor elf visibly flinches, before you collect yourself, “I mean, no. Last night… I was just thinking that… well, I thought that maybe I had only dreamt it or something, so… um…” 

You exhale deeply as your look away in mild embarrassment.

“… I’m glad to hear it.” Herran replies bashfully. “That you truly don’t regret it.”

“Of course I don’t! It was the best experience I’ve ever…” your face begins to burn up as you realize what your saying. “… I’d like to do it again sometime, maybe… if you want…” 

You’re surprised at how easily those words came out of your mouth. Surely elves don’t like to have sex as frequently as many a human might want to… right?

“I would love to do that again sometime, human!” Herran says as she sits next to you, an evident joy in her tone. “I think we need to spend more time together, and get to know each other even better. In fact…”

She glances behind her, towards the closed entryway before bringing her helmeted gaze back to you. “If you want, I’ll be happy to let you take me right here and now… The bottom half of my armor is easier to take off than it looks. I can do a quick round… or several, if you like. I… won’t force you into anything, of course. It’s entirely up to you…”

You blush deeply as your eyes dart from side to side as if inspecting every inch of the tent in an attempt to find something, anything else to look at. But there’s nothing interesting to look at… except for her.

“Then again…” she says suddenly, leaning in to whisper in a sultry tone, “if I were to, let’s say… start undoing your belt… would you stop me?”


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2 thoughts on “Monster Estrus Isle: Elf Encounter

  1. I will keep this short as I have already stated my opinion in your previous upload, but I really love the simplicity and buildup of this one. Both characters are honest when it comes to their rooted inclination for another, and it shines through in the little details that were put on display. It is arguably a tad short in comparison to your previous work, but it leaves the ‘cultured’ reader with a desire for more. I could really see a sequel working here where we get to understand the reasoning behind Herran’s origins inside the camp, and how she was able to so easily claim the protagonist for herself, as I can imagine the other inhabitants craving the same. Anyway, that’s up to you of course since you are the designer of your own lore and story.

    Honestly though, if you continue to gift us with AI dungeon stories of this level, I might have to actually check out the premium version, like you recommended in the aforementioned post.

    But nonetheless, you once again have my gratitude for presenting us with another look at the Estrus Isle,
    I’m looking forward to the next one. 😛

  2. Despite being the most simplistic of the three stories you’ve posted in this setting, it definitely doesn’t lose in quality.

    Also, it seems like too many smut stories with elves make them the victims, and I can’t say I’m a fan. Was kind of refreshing to see one where the elf was dominant and you know, happy.

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